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My eyes are hazel, with rings of green a hint of brown and when I cry a twinkle of blue. The eyes are the windows to your soul, I can observe a lot of things through people's eyes including my own. Don't try to see me with your logic but feel me with your soul, not everything has to be perfect nor does everything have to be in order. I will write this book backwards if I so please. 

Never write for money, write for love pain and passion. Write to help others and to bring them as many emotions as you can in one chapter. Life is not a competition it is a journey that we all face together. It does not matter who attended Cambridge university and has outstanding qualifications, that person may lack creativity and imagination that a person classed as poor schooling will bring alive in a heart beat. writing is all about the individual author and how they bring fire and hope to your soul. The fancy words bypass my hazel eyes, make me feel something deeper than that, make me long to want to know you. I believe in being "unperfect" I believe in people that learn from mistakes, take chances and never lose that burning fire you can see within some writers eyes.  I no this because I myself have had nothing and I have also had everything. My desk is as messy as Albert Einsteins, My first Business plan was squashed and left beside by bed on the floor next to my unzipped dress I had worn the previous night and a half drunk martini that had been left on my bedside table. My desk was full of sticky notes, bullet points and drawings. I never proof read things, I was a fast thinker with thoughts that would just crash into my mind so fast that I had no choice but to grab hold of a pen and start writing at times the feelings would be so strong I would feel physically sick, I wrote so hard and fast and with so much passion that I would have indents on my fingers and a sore wrist. Afterwards,  depending on what I wrote I either ran the beach with my dog or called up local friends to hang out because I felt so relaxed  and I could happily just sit under the stars in my own bubble while choosing music to fit my mood and listening to peoples life problems, though I never seen them as problems I just seen them as fighters and to me that was what lit my soul on fire. Pain teaches us incredible strength and makes us wonderful human beings with glowing characteristics and mannerisms. There is one type of person that always makes my heart skip a beat, the type of person that has  pain in their eyes however as they make eye contact they then break through with a slow beautiful smile,  this is the most magnificent experience you can feel  because they are telling you so much, they are the strongest types of  people you will ever meet. That overly kind shy person that everyone underestimates is the hero, they do not need to over talk and be boastful. Get to know them on a deeper level and stop copying stereotypical thoughts and you could be blown away by what lays within their soul. Wherever you are in the world reading this we are now connected, you are learning about my soul, my life my everything. I want you to smile, doesn't matter where you are just smile, I can feel a smirk emerging , the corners of your mouth are moving, go on! I want you to know I am smiling back at you. I want to know who you are, it irritates me. Do you have hazel eyes like myself? or eyes as blue as the sea? beautiful brown? well whatever colour they are I bet you have hidden talents, you may be able to relate to me as I share a snippet of my life  journey and my future stories.  I hope life treats you well. You are beautiful. 

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I forgot to mention this in my last comment but this has caused me to rethink my own writing and I'm even half inspired to write something similar to this. Im sorry for double commenting hahah but i do truly find this piece of work to be fascinating :D

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Thank you Crowley, I really appreciate your thoughts. :-) lots of love x

This a fantastic read. I love the idea that writing is your soul and how you show people your soul. you do a fantastic job at relaying your thoughts and I find it fascinating because the way you write often mimics my own, even if its not the same style. I look forward to reading more of this!!

Stef Michelle

You are an amazing writer. I loved this first chapter! Thanks for sharing so much beauty, talent, your world, your words, unique phrases and story! Love the confidence in your voice. Looking forward to reading the rest :)

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Thank you so much for your support :) sending you lots of love and light. x

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