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Author’s Note

“THE DEVIL KNOCKS” is my book based on horror fiction. It is a volume of short stories about supernatural. The stories are fiction but I would still tell you to make sure you switch on your lights while reading them.

And don’t open the door unless you know who is behind it. For it could be “THE DEVIL KNOCKS” at the other end!

All characters and places are fictitious and imaginary. Resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidentally and unintentional.

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As you are about to read “THE DEVIL KNOCKS”


Gautam Mirchandani

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WHEN it rains in Mumbai, the city virtually comes to a standstill. It was happening so on that August night, raining for the past six hours, there was water logged everywhere, visibility was down to ten feet, the rain fell in heavy sheets, turning roads into slippery tarmacs, few people were out on the roads, everyone waiting for the rains to subside and then continue with their respective work.

The Mumbai International Airport was bustling at half its capacity. On that August night there was few International flights and due to the rain most hangers on had kept away from the Airport. A flight from Dubai had just landed and the passengers were at immigration.

Paul Yana sat inside the taxi cursing the rains loudly; he hated the weather, the water getting in the way of his work, getting wet. “Shit” He curse loudly at the weather.

Suddenly the left door was yanked open and his brother Ram into the car. “Dubai flight.” he told Paul.

Paul nodded his head; good Dubai flights had good passengers, rich passengers. He anxiously waited his turn. He was number 9 in the list of queue. Good business today he thought again.

The passengers came out of the terminal, most heading for their cars and some towards taxis.

“Bro, our passenger” Ram said indicating a single man standing with just one suitcase.

“Where to Sir” Paul inquired as he rolled up.

“Cuff Parade” the passenger said getting in.

Cuff Parade the other end of town, good business Paul thought happily.

The taxi left the Airport heading for the highway.

“Sir, the rains are heavy, we might get a little late.” Paul said causally.

“It’s okay, I can understand.” the passenger replied.

Paul and Ram exchange glances.

The taxi reached Armband junction and instead of taking a right, kept moving straight.

“Hey, shouldn’t we take a right?” the passenger asked, a little confused.

“Sir, I’m taking a short cut from Sino, we will reach faster.” Paul replied.

The passenger remained silent. Paul eyed him furtively in the rear view mirror.

The taxi entered the Dual area, the rains were now completely out of control, falling with a vengeance, it lashed anything and everything in its part, it fell in great sheet, following by buffeting winds, visibility was down two feet and all the traffic on the roads crawled cautiously forward.

Paul turned into a small road, driving very slowly; he glanced at his brother Ram quickly.

The road was deserted; the time was well past mid-night. Paul brought the taxi to stop!

“What happened?” the passenger asked a little disoriented as if he had been taking a quick nap and had just woken up.

Paul ignored the query and looked at his brother Ram.

Ram turned around facing the passenger.

“Shut up and give us everything you have.” he shouted above the rains, showing the passenger a long knife that he held in his hand, menacingly.

The terrified passenger held up his hand in horror. “No, no.” he muttered.

Papp turned and hit him lightly. “Do as he says.” he warned.

The passenger removed his wallet and handed it over to Ram.

Ram grinned. “Give me the ring too.” he sneered, pointing at the passenger right hand.

“No, not the ring, it’s a family heirloom.” the passenger pleaded.

“Give it quickly, we have no time.” Paul shouted.

The passenger started removing it, tears welled up in his eyes, and he looked down and removed the ring.

And then he looked up!

Ram screamed in horror and dropped the knife. Paul stares at the passenger in shock.


His eyes had turned blood red and there was blood dripping out of them, his mouth was open in a snarl and all his teeth appeared pointed like fangs of an animal. Suddenly he roared in anger, slashing Ram with his right hand, the fingers had turned into talons, he opened up Ram’s face from forehead to chin, ripping the skin away, there was a burst of red blood. Inside the closed taxi, blood splattering everywhere.

Ram groaned and fainted. The passenger, the creature! Turned to Paul!

Paul sat frozen; his blood had turned to ice.

“Appearances can never be deceptive. Never judge a book by its cover” the creature whispered and then launched itself on Paul.


“Control Room, wireless unit 7 there is a taxi in Mella Road Dual. The taxi driver and another man are murdered inside. Send an Ambulance. Repeat two men murdered, in fact tore to pieces. Send an Ambulance.”


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Gautam Mirchandani



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