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Chapter 1

Scene 1
(It's a Monday morning after Angela Zulu has just buried her mother and tries to moves on with her life along with her siblings)
Angela: Bafana, Zandile! It's time to get ready for school. (Pause). Please wake up.
Bafana: Angela, come on. (Yawns). Mama never woke us up this early.
Angela: Sorry Bafana, uMama is not here anymore. (Pause). And we must learn to live without her and adjust to changes.
Bafana: I Wonder how life will be without her. (Pause). Is food ready?
Angela: (Looks at the pots and finds that the food is not enough). Yes, you can come eat.
Bafana: (Looks at his sister as she dishes out two bowls). Aren't you going to eat anything Sis' Angela?
Angela: No, boy. (Pause). I'm not really hungry, I'll eat something at school. (Turns her attention to her little sister). Zandile you've hardly said a word since you woke up, what is the matter?
Zandile: (Moans). I just don't know how to react or feel, everything that is happening is all new to me. (Pause). I just do not know how to react to it. (Cries).
Angela: (As she hugs her little sister). Don't cry my Angel. (Pause). God took uMama for a reason, we will be alright as time goes on, just wipe your tears off and believe that we will make it together as a family. (As Bafana comes and hugs them both) Look now you ruined your face with tears and you're going to school. (Pause). Let us go fix your face before you go to school.
Bafana: Sis' Angela, uMama used to give us lunch money. (Pause). Are we still going to get it?
Angela: Let me check. (She checks the wallet and finds that the money will not be enough to last them for a week). Here you go. (As she gives her siblings some cents for school, suddenly there's a knock on the door) Come in! (The door opens and enters MaDlamini).
MaDlamini: Good morning children, how are you settling in?
Angela: (Looks at MaDlamini in distress). We are settling fine Ma, everything is okay.
MaDlamini: (She sees that Angela is not well). Bafana, Zandile. I need to talk to your sister alone please. (Bafana shakes his head).
Angela: It's okay, go to school I will catch up with you now.
Bafana: Are you sure?
Angela: Yes I'm sure.
Bafana: Well, alright. (Bafana takes Zandile's hand and leaves for school)
MaDlamini: My child, I can see that you are not coping. (Pause). You don't have to hide it from me. 

Angela: (Starts crying). It's hard. It really is, uMama left us with nothing. I don't know what Bafana and Zandile will eat. (Pause). I'm a child myself, I don't know how I'm going to be a parent to them. (Cries unconditionally).
MaDlamini: (Hugs her and wipes her tears off). Don't worry my child, everything will be alright. Just believe that all will be well. (Pause). If you ever need anything I'm just a next door away. (Pause). Come now, we don't want you to be late for school. 

Angela: Thank you MaDlamini, me and my siblings really appreciate it. (She locks the door and goes to school).

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Chapter 2


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