Werewolf Love


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This story started off a lot different then it is now. It was going to be called High School Dramas and there is a book in my library that is called that, but now I have changed it to Werewolf Love. It will be a series of books. Each book will be a year in High School so I hope you stay tuned.

The life of a werewolf who has lost everyone but her puppy and her father. Will she be able to go through High School or will she have to have her last years of education taught to her at home like all the other years.

Will this girl be able to stand up to the bullies and face reality? Will she be able to choose her friends and foes? What happens if there are 2 boys that like her?

This will be the amazing tales of Cara Underlove and her journey through High School.

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Chapter 1 - A Worried Father


“Dad, I need to go to school!” I whine to my father as I set down my puppy. I boop her on the nose and she goes off to the backyard. “I don’t want to be late for my first day of school!”

       “I know! Fine!” my father sighs, looking at my violet ears and tail. Then looking at my ebony hair. “And Cara?”

I tilt my head up a little to look him in the eyes and see a glint of mischievousness. “Yes, dad?”

“You really need to cut your hair!”

       “No!” I yelp, jumping back away from his hands, I saw his claws come out and I am not letting my hair go that easily. I worked too hard to get it to waist length to let it go. Though I do see a single strand of ebony hair fall to the ground, I growl. “What will I hide behind in awkward situations?”

       “I don’t know? You could just run away.”


       “Fine, but just remember, when you go out there, remember that your pepper spray is in your pocket and you have claws. If anyone suspicious is around, bring out your ears and tail and don’t talk to anyone you don…” If I hadn’t stopped my father he would have gone on and on about how to protect myself.

       “Dad, stop!” I growl. “I am not a pup any more, I can look after myself! I mean, I was the best in my sport and self-defense classes in Primary School! Remember that next time you try to cut my hair, ok? And just don’t worry!”

       “I know, I know! I- I just don’t want to lose you too…”

       I look at my dad and sigh. He’s always using that to make me feel bad. Ever since my mum and 3 older brothers died in a car crash, it has just been me, dad and my puppy, Galaxy. “Fine... I will be careful, just don’t come up to the school ok?”

       “Ok, just be back by 4… no 5 and I want you to join at least 1 club!” he explains to me as I open the front door. “And meet at least 1 or 2 people! I want you to be social ok?”

       “Ok!” I mutter, then realizing he didn’t hear me I say a bit louder. “Ok, dad, I will, now good-bye!”

       “Bye, darling!” I turn around and see him motioning to my ears and tail, and then waving at me to hurry. I wave back, hide my ears and tail and then walk to the bus. Hopefully I won’t miss it.

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Chapter 2 - A New Friend


I cannot believe I missed the bus on my first day of school, I think to myself. I run to the school gates and realize that my ears and tail are out. I mustn’t have noticed because I was running. I continue running and as I do I see that there are a bunch of girls in a huddle giggling. I am so focused on them that I bump into someone. I fall to the ground, hitting my bottom on the hard ground. I groan in pain and annoyance. Then I sense the presence of someone. I look up and find myself staring into a pair of beautiful crystal blue eyes.

       “I am so sorry!” explains the boy I am staring at. His voice seems to be coming from all around me and I feel my heart beating at super speed. I quickly realize that he was talking to me.

       “I- I am s- sorry, t-too!” I stutter as I sit up. He reaches out to help me up and I accept his help though I cannot even feel anything. When I stand up, I hide behind my hair. I am so glad I didn’t let dad cut it, I think to myself.

       “My name is Harry! It’s nice to meet you!” Harry, the boy, looks at me with a shining smile. His chocolate brown hair swaying in front of his face, though it doesn’t seem to faze him. His crystal blue eyes are shining brightly in the morning sun. He holds out his hand and I am about to take it when I hear some giggles. I look at Harry but he doesn’t seem to have heard it. I quickly look around and see the group of girls looking at us and giggling. As I am looking at them, I notice that my tail is out, that means my ears are out too.

       “I- I’m sorry!” I mutter, looking down. “I- I have to g- go!”

       I turn around and run into the school. I hear the girls giggle again, but I don’t stop, I keep on running even though I don’t know my way around the school yet.

       As I am running down a corridor I have a sudden feeling like I should hide. There’s no spots on the ground and the only spot I can see is on a shelf, so I quickly jump up onto a locker and jump onto the shelf. I am so glad that I am wearing my black hoodie and leggings, so I can fade into the shadows.

       I look down to the ground and see that the girls from before were walking and giggling. As they walk by I hear one of them.

       “That girl with the long black hair, she was so hilarious! I would hate to be her!”

       “I know right, and Harry was being so nice, she just ran off and ditched him! OMG! It was so funny!”

       I stay completely still as I watch them turn the corner. Great, I think to myself, I already made an absolute fool of myself. I quickly look down to make sure there is no one else in the hallway and gently drop to the ground. Meif’wa may be known for being agile and quick, but werewolves are graceful and powerful.

       As I am about to start walking again, I suddenly feel overcome with emotion. I stop mid-step and curl into a ball on the ground, rocking myself. I start to cry and don’t hear the quick footsteps meaning someone is approaching. When I hear it, I just think to myself that someone is just passing by and will completely ignore me like everyone else does. But when I feel a hand on my shoulder I am startled. I look up and see those crystal blue eyes again. I feel my heart racing again, but I am still overcome with emotion and I can feel my tears running down my face.

       “Are you ok?” hearing his voice just makes me cry a bit more. I try to speak to say sorry, but all that comes out is a croaky groan.

       I give up on talking and shake my head instead. Then, as I am looking into those beautiful eyes, I find myself bursting into tears again. I curl back into a ball and feel like I just want to go home. Then, Harry lifts his hand from my shoulder. He probably has had enough of my childish behavior and is going to leave me alone to my crying, I think to myself. Then just like before when I felt a hand on my shoulder, I feel arms wrapping around my body and feel a shiver going up my spine. I look up and through my hair I see Harry looking at me with a worried looking, hugging me. I look down and lean into him, smelling me. He smells clean, a nice smell.

       We stay like this, him hugging me and me weeping, until the bell goes for form room. I start to get up but I can’t feel my legs. Harry stands up and holds out a hand for me. He helps me up and grins at me.

       “Thanks,” I mutter as I look down at my feet. I am finally starting to feel my legs again. “Um, y-you didn’t have t-to help me, but thank y-you…”

       “No worries!” Harry says with a genuine smile. “Um, I never caught your name before, what was it?”

       “Oh, it’s um…” I look up and see someone behind Harry. I look over his shoulder and see one of the giggling girls holding her phone up. Harry seeing the look on my face turns around and looks at the girl with an annoyed face. “Hannah!” he yells at the girl.

       The girl quickly puts her phone away and giggles. “Just wait until Honey sees this!” she runs away, turning at the corner.

       I quickly turn around and start to run again, but as I am about to move, Harry grabs my hand. I stop and turn, looking up at him with pleading eyes. “P-please, I don’t want to cause any trouble!”

       “Don’t worry about them!” he says looking at me with a genuine smile. “If any of them causes any trouble, tell me and I will sort it out!”

       “Thank you!” I say returning his smile. I feel like I could actually go on in this school. “Oh, and my name is Cara.”

       Harry looks at me and smiles, “Well, it is nice to meet you, Cara!”

       “Y-you too!” I say, suddenly feeling shy. “And thanks a-again for helping m-me!”

       “No problem!”

       “Anyway, I should g-get to class…”

       “Do you know where it is?” he asks me, probably seeing as I was just crying in a random hallway.


       “Well, we will probably be in the same class, what room?”

       “4-D” I say looking up at him with a warm feeling in my chest.

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Chapter 3 - A Special Someone

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Chapter 4 - A Black Wolf

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Chapter 5 - A Forgotten Friend

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Chapter 6 - A Scared Friend

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Chapter 7 - A Vicious Wolf

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Chapter 8 - A Scared Soul

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Chapter 9 - A New Me

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