Bar Fights in New York: Irrationality or The Drinking Problem?


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I grew up in East Village, NYC and being a responsible citizen I have always conveyed a message of peace and harmony to my friends in my personal and to my clients in my professional life. The culture of staying up all night and drinking with goons and people from different regions has endured in the state. I often see different food chains and restaurants being open to customers all night and offering different cuisine and types of drinks. These drinks are mixed up by some of the best mixologists in the lush Bars and huts as well. But, as this culture grows rapidly throughout the US we often see unexpected brawls and fights as well as leading to lawsuits and injuries. Whether this is a social problem or a repercussion of consuming alcoholic beverages that influences the newbie drinkers to act strange is still a puzzle that is not solved. How to stay safe and 

1. Avoid Bars that are full of Men

 Things can go wrong in any of these places and you will often see two people knowing each other for a long time getting into a fight that becomes physical. So, you can not avoid facing such a situation if you are a regular drinker but you can still minimize the risk by attending a place that is less crowded with men. Course, you can not tell from a person's physical appearance and Bars with dark themes in West Village and other cities are usually tagged as disruptive.

2. Do not go to places with the high crime rate

 It is best that we avoid blaming any specific community for the violence but there are places where the crime ratio is high. The hoods are one of these places. Although the street fights and gang culture has significantly reduced in New York, it is still not completely gone. Greenwich is another place where seeing bloody fist fights is not very uncommon. In fact, the schools in this place are known for having fights that can lead to a broken hand or a leg and is regarded as normal.

3. Avoid Confrontations with the Drunks

There are drunk people everywhere in NYC at night but it is a general conception that anyone under the influence of liquor is not hundred percent certain of what they say or do. Confronting such a person is unnecessary even if they act aggressively. The neighborhoods with poor population are said to have more fights than the developed ones. I am not sure whether that is true or not but the stats suggest so. The habits where a bunch of white folks will call the N-word to a few black people are still happening and often leads to gang violence.

4. Do not go to places with less Law-Enforcement Presence

The towns with less police presence are known for having these fights. There are also a lot of homeless people and if you go into a New York subway you will often experience physical fights in there but they happen between the teenagers and usually involve robbers as well.

5. Do not go to Bars that are minor-friendly

New York is very strict of underage drinking but there are still black sheep in the business of drinking and alcoholism industry that allows people aged below 21 years to consume liquor in their Bars, restaurants, and clubs. You will often find strip clubs and places with dance-friendly atmosphere crowded with men that are too young to be there. These kids often get their hands of a form of fake id card online and with the help of these they can identify themselves as legally fit to enter any restricted place they want. Irresponsible behavior resulting from the consuming of liquor can prompt these kids to act naive and that often results in fights among them. 

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