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Y/n's p.o.v

I was sitting in the basement hugging my bloody knees to my chest, crying, why does my father hate me so much? I thought, another tear rolling down my scarred and bruises cheeks, what did I ever do to them... I layed down in the hard concrete and fell asleep, I tossed and turned in my sleep and heard a faint whisper of a familiar voice, y/n.... The voice, it was closer this time, and I have heard it from some where before, but... Where?... I sat up looking around, "Whose there? I know your there and I can hear you, please some out" I said my voice cracking from lack of water and not speaking in a while, "I'm over here.." Suddenly the door to the garage opened revealing outside, "Out... There?..." I gulped nervously, fearing to go outside and what my father might do to me if I left the house, "Yes, follow my voice.. No harm will come to you.. I am here..." I sighed and placed a foot outside the door, the grass was cold and felt nice, I haven't been outside for three years, I have watched kids play outside before but, I have never really 'been' outside.. I started walking through the woods following the voice, but I soon regreted the choice I had made, signs that said 'KEEP OUT' 'MURDER AHEAD' 'TURN BACK' were hung everywhere, some had blood and guts splattered on them and on the ground, I started getting a bad feeling that I should turn back, until I heard a shriek of what appeared to be a man, an Irish man, I stood there frozen and spun around, a twig snapped and I looked over to where the source of the sound was and saw the twig, but not the source of 'who' snapped it, I continued to look around for the source of the Irish shriek I heard and who snapped the twig, I called out if anyone was there.. 

But no one answered back.. I walked down a inconvenient dirt trail leading down a slope through a thicket of trees and brush, I felt something sharp prick at my ankle and looked down seeing needles and knives, I stepped back away and looked up seeing even more, I grabbed the one that was in my ankle and yanked it out and sniffled as blood spewed out from the new injury made from the needle, it was bleeding very badly now and it stung, I ripped half of the bottom of my shirt and wrapped it around my ankle to stop the bleeding and not attract possibly any predators in these woods that might be attracted to the scent of blood, I carefully avoided the knives and needles and came upon a small cabin, it looked like it had been built here not too long ago, I walked up to the door and knocked on it, but it creaked open slowly.. The owner of the house must of not closed it, And I felt something drop onto my head, I looked up at the sky and clouds gathered, making the sky dark and gloomy, then it started raining heavily, I was soaked and cold to the bone, I closed the cabin door and just sat down beside the door, I hugged my knees to my chest and started to doze off, before I knew it, I was asleep..

??? P.o.v

I was walking back home from my 'job', it was quite a messy job actually.. And you would understand if I told you, but you don't need to know.. Heh heh... I saw a little girl asleep by my door, when did she get here? Is she still alive? "Uh, hey kid, are ye okay?" I said crouching down infront of the hopefully sleeping child, she looked up at me, her skin was pale and she was soaked from the rain, "are ye' lost? Come on, I will get you something to eat and we can look at yer' ankle" I said pickings her up gently and opened the door to my cabin snd closed it behind me, I sat her down on the couch and went and grabbed a blanket for her, she looked like she was freezing, I wrapped her up in the blanket and she smiled at me, I went into the kitchen and started making f/s *Favorite Soup* for her to eat, I came back with a bowl of f/s for her and gave it to her and handed her a spoon, I had some myself and the fact that I can't cook very well, it was pretty good.

Y/n's p.o.v

This stranger is being very nice to me, but.. Why? I handed him my bowl and spoon, "do ye want some more?" He asked looking at me and I nodded, he got up and got me some more f/s, it was very good and I hadn't eaten for three days, "I'm Antisepticeye by the way, but you can call me Anti" he said looking at me smiling a little, "M-my name is y-y/n.." I stuttered sndy my voice cracking, "how did you end up here? And why are you here?" He asked looking at me concern written all over his face, "w-well, I heard a voice, and followed it here out of curiosity.. I don't l-live to far from here.." I said nervously and set my bowl down on the coffee table infront of me, "wait, a 'voice'?" He asked his eyes widening a bit, I nodded and he looked out towards the window behind him and a low growl could be heard from outside, "w-what was t-...that?!..." I said getting very scared and started to cry, "hey, your okay its outside and we're inside" Anti said and he hugged me, he sat by me on the couch, I soon fell asleep my head resting on Anti's side.

Anti's p.o.v

She's so damn cute, but her parents might be lookin' for er' I looked at y/n and smiled, picked her up and layed her on my bed, she clutched onto my shirt which I thought was cute, I layed down next to her and she snuggled into me, I soon fell asleep.

Wow, I say this is pretty good! Anyways, I am gonna write another chapter later cuz this took me a bit to write and I need a break off my tablet so BUH BYE!! *POOF*

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Daniella Rockman

Hey can you continue writing? It really good and I can't wait any longer D:

Daniella Rockman

This was really good :)


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