Donna Part 2


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Donna Part 2

A Unique Woman

By Tracy Holden

This story contains explicit depictions of sexual acts between Men and Transsexual Women. This story is intended for mature audiences.


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A Unique Woman



Donna Part 2

A Unique Woman

By Tracy Holden


    It had been a wonderful day and they were back at Minnie's home having a glass of wine when Catherine said, "Minnie and I talked this morning, before you woke up, about how perfectly femininity fits you. Also about things that could do to help you feel and look more like a woman. Though we knew you might object. We feel, that really deep inside, you want to be a woman too. Now from some of the little things you have said today you have to finally admit that you really enjoy it don't you?"

    At that point, there was no turning back. Donna just knew she could not any longer get out of admitting the truth and she really wanted to be a woman. The last couple days had been some of the happiest in her life. So, with tears starting to roll from Donna’s eyes, she confessed to both women, “I really do enjoy this experience and how right femininity felt to me.” Donna continued, “The look, the feelings, the inner peace, everything about it seemed so right! Here I was, I had tried to hide or not show my inner feminine feelings for years yet now during the last couple days both of you have pressed the right button.” All Donna’s feelings and emotions, yes everything she had been looking for her entire life and everything she honestly felt came gushing out of her. Without any reservations all of them sat there in Minnie's family room in their nightgowns.

    Catherine leaned over, giving Donna a huge hug and kiss telling her, “You have no idea how happy you have just made me.”

    Then Minnie jumped up and did the same. Tears of joy all around and even now Donna is not sure how to describe it. She then said, “If they would help then she wanted to be more feminine.” Both woman eagerly agreed to help Donna.

    This revelation brought a whole new bunch of hugs and kisses, and instead of being somewhat shy, like she had been most of her life, here Donna was right in the middle of something so feminine and loving every minute of it. After they had gone on for several minutes, Catherine looked Donna directly in the eyes and said, "Donna, are you sure you meant what you said?"

    Donna replied, “Why yes, I would not have said it if I had any reservations.”

    With that Catherine pulled Donna over on the couch, hugging her really close and softly saying, "Minnie had something they knew she wanted."

    As Donna looked back, there was Minnie with a syringe. Before she could say anything, she quickly lifted Donna’s nightgown and plunging the needle into Donna’s exposed rear and squeezing its contents into her.

    Donna exclaimed, “Ouch! What is that?”

    Catherine said, “Minnie had suggested and she agreed that when you said 'yes' Minnie, as a present, would give you a big shot of estrogen to start the immediate feminization of your body.”

    Minnie jumped in with, “Also since you made Catherine and I so very happy by saying 'yes' now it certainly would not be right for us to have softly rounded feminine shapes and soft skin and not you too. All we certainly know is you would not want to continue forever with that tape either. So we thought you would like to have pretty breast like ours.”

    Donna knew this was not meant as a question and if there had been any reservations on her part there certainly were not any now because it was too late. A little later, when Donna’s wife and she went to bed, they made love in a way Donna had never experienced before. It was a shared intimacy through love between two women and they both achieved climax. As a male, Donna always had enjoyed making love to Catherine but this was totally different, in an even more exciting way. It was incomparable, so much more intense, capturing her total being and essence. Donna really cannot find words to describe it. Only she could say that it was light years ahead of anything she had ever experienced up till now in her life. When Donna mentioned this to Catherine she told Donna that she had a female orgasm. That was Donna’s introduction and on how much better it is as a woman, she did not know how much she had been missing. She feared the penetration at first but now seeing how it made her body feel it was just pure amazement to her.

    During the next year a lot of things happened, but a lot of it was relatively routine too. They enjoyed being with and talking to each other, a lot like three gals sharing a dorm room in college only better.

    Minnie who lived in a big house by herself, wanted them to move in with her. After talking it over, Catherine and Donna agreed that we would try it and see how things go. Also, Minnie weeded out her closet and gave a lot of her clothes to Donna that were almost like brand new, but she was tired of already. They are really nice and they fit Donna perfectly, since Minnie is similar in build to Catherine and her but just an inch shorter than her.

    When Minnie went back to work, Catherine and Donna unloaded the truck, both of them were having a grand time. Along the way they came across a couple drab things belonging to Don. Catherine ritualistically dumped them in the trash as Donna cheered on.

    During Donna’s first week of hormones she started to notice that her nipples had become quite sensitive. When Donna asked Minnie about it, she told her that they were starting to bud and the size of the areola would also increase. It was wonderfully exciting to Donna to feel her breast growing and her skin softening, as she feminization continued. Minnie has also proceeded to give Donna shots of estrogen on a weekly basis. After a couple weeks she also wrote a prescription for some pills as well. She has Donna take these pills daily for three weeks then off for a week to balance the hormones and to mimic Catherine’s natural female cycle.

    One Friday they received a call from the police that their car had been found. However, it had been totally gutted and burned so the things of mine that were in it were gone forever. Catherine asked the police to forward a copy of their report to their insurance agent and then she called him to tell him what happened.

    The agent said, “You will have to get the report so you can forward it to them for processing.” The agent continued by saying, “They should probably get a settlement check in a week or two afterwards.” That was great news to Catherine because they had to rent a car to get around. The agent also wanted a list of all the things they had in the car and so Donna made the list and emailed it the same day.

    Good things seemed to be finally happening, because a week later they got their check and it was enough to buy another car and some new clothes for Donna as well. Catherine, Minnie and Donna all went shopping that weekend. Donna now has lots of lovely lingerie, a few casual tops and skirts, as well as some really pretty shoes to wear. These things, when added to what Minnie had already given her made Donna a very well-dressed lady for almost any occasion.

    During the second week Catherine went job hunting and low in behold, she landed a sales position with an engineering firm that pays almost fifty percent more that she was previously making. Donna stayed home and practiced her speech and makeup skills, so that she would sound and look more feminine. It was hard work, but she is really exciting learning everything she can.

    Donna’s resume was not a problem, since, like so many in her line of work, Donna had used her initials and surname before and so now when Donna would apply for a job in the same field as a woman, no one would suspect and it would not raise any eyebrows. As for sounding and looking for like a woman, each day both Catherine and Minnie would complement Donna on how well she was doing and how natural it seemed to be for me. Needless to say, this really excited Donna and made her feel good, which she shared with them. This was so unlike the way she had been before the move and that it continued to surprise Donna every day.

    A week later, Catherine and Minnie both told Donna that she really needed something to do besides sitting around the house. They wanted her to go out shopping by herself and to also start looking for a job, but Donna was really uncertain that she was ready. Though when she had been out with them, no one seemed to give any indication that there was anything different or odd, merely three tall good looking women out having a good time. However, going out by myself, now that was a bit scary because Donna would not have one of them to run interference if something happened. Donna had learned a lot, but there was still so much to learn. Catherine did press Donna a bit and to get her off her case Donna finally agreed to give it a try.

    So, on the fourth week, after taking Catherine to work Donna had the car, a few copies of her resume, and the addresses of three firms that were advertising for civil engineers with environmental expertise. Donna was not sure which would be worse, going in to these firms to ask for a job or the wrath of Catherine if Donna did not. Well, Donna got to the first one and parked, summoned up her courage and went in.

    Donna walked in and was greeted by the receptionist, "Yes ma'am, how can I help you?"

    It was such a calming relief to hear her say that and by the end of the day Donna had three interviews lined up. When she got home and told Catherine and Minnie they too were surprised. Donna told them how well it had gone and about the receptionist. To make a long story short, by the end of the week Donna had not one but three job offers. As Donna picked up Catherine from work, she was singing about how much she enjoyed being a girl. Besides needing Donna skills she had been part of a large pool of men, but as a woman she was part of a very desirable group, because there are not that many of females in her field.

    On that Friday morning of the third week the external catheter and all that Catherine and Minnie had glued onto her finally came loose. It happened as Donna was taking a shower and after she got out, dried off and told them, it amazed them all it had kept everything tucked in place for so long. Donna even felt really odd standing there with everything loose and hanging down again. It had been so comfortable and natural that she would completely forget about it.

    Minnie wanted to check Donna out and to make sure everything was alright. Donna, of course, let her since she was a doctor. As she was standing there with the front of her nightgown pulled up and Minnie holding her Donna got another erection. This again amused both Catherine and Minnie immensely.

    Minnie, after fully checking Donna over, said "The tuck and roll we did on you worked really well and your sexual equipment is totally okay."

    Minnie’s reference to Donna’s “sexual equipment” caused both Catherine and Donna to giggle. Minnie also added that, though a blood sample she had taken a week before and tested showed the hormone dosage she had her on was right. The amount of feminization that was already evident together with the fact that Donna still got and erection, just verified the results of the blood test, everything was right.

    That was great news, since it was becoming obvious to them as well as Donna that her breasts and areolas were increasing in size. Donna’s skin was softening a bit and some of her body fat was being moved into a more feminine pattern. All this excited Donna a lot but then she asked, “What can I do since I have to go to a job interview?”

    After a bit of discussion among the three ladies, Minnie had suggested that they leave it loose for the day. Since Catherine felt it was too pretty not to have it loose and available some of the time. On Saturday afternoon they can go to Minnie's office and she and Catherine could do another tuck and roll on Donna’s cock again. Donna agreed, but she certainly was hoping that she did not get an erection at the wrong time. Both of them agreed that Donna probably would not, but to wear a loose full skirt just in case. If Donna felt it starting, they said she should sit down quickly and if someone asked, just say, "I seemed to have gotten a little dizzy" and leave it at that. Well, surprisingly and pleasantly the day was totally uneventful, that way.

    Donna had to admit, it did not feel right, and in fact it felt totally odd to have something between her legs. You would have thought that after so many years with it and only a little over three weeks without it, it wouldn't make any real difference, but it did.

    That evening they all talked about it, as they had dinner. Donna told Catherine and Minnie that it just did not seem right and she really tried to put it into words, but she could not. The harder Donna tried the more frustrated she got, until she finally broke down in tears.

    After a few minutes, Minnie said "I think you understand Donna and also your frustration as well. It is probably as a result of your happiness in discovering your femininity coupled with your natural female hormones and those I am giving you. Maybe you should cut down a bit on your dosage?”

    Immediately Catherine and Donna together said, “No!” This really surprised both of them.

    Both Catherine and Donna agreed that they loved what was happening to Donna’s body and they definitely did not want to do anything that would slow or worse, stop it. Minnie also had the same feelings. They all agreed that if Donna had some mood swings like what had happened today, it was something all of them could deal with. Since it was another sign of Donna’s increasing femininity.

    Minnie also said, “I will continue to keep a close tab on your blood.”

    Donna asked Minnie, “What did you mean by my natural female hormones?"

    Minnie explained, “There is no problem with your blood pressure or chemistry. However when the lab results had come back, they did show a bit higher level of female hormones than should have been evident from what I was giving you. Nothing to be alarmed about though.”

    Minnie gave them a short lesson in biology, telling them that at the hospital they found occasionally when a male or female, when administered hormones of the opposite sex they would have a larger amount noted in the blood. The reason that was hypothesized was a possible harmonic effect. Where the patients system, which naturally produces small amounts of the hormones of the opposite sex would then be stimulated to increase its own production of those hormones. Thus increasing the level above the administered portion making them unique.


    Saturday afternoon, Catherine and Donna went to Minnie's office where they proceeded to redo Donna the glue, just like before. Afterwards they went out shopping and then had dinner out together. Everything remained really uneventful for the three of them but they did have a wonderful time together.

    Catherine’s and Donna’s sex life had really improved since they came to Salt Lake City. Ever since she had brought Donna to her first "female" climax. Almost every evening after they went to bed, both would simultaneously stimulate one another and soon they reached the new high of having their climaxes in the same way and at the same time. Both were having a 'female' climax that was so very much more exciting and intense than anything a 'male' orgasm could ever be, having them together is like a nuclear explosion. There are not words that can come anywhere close to conveying how wonderful it felt to Donna.


    One Saturday afternoon the three of them were in their bikinis were lying out by Minnie's pool working on their sun tans. Donna’s hidden cock and developing breasts allowed her to wear a bikini as well. Maybe it was the wine they were drinking that made them even looser and giddier than usual. After a lull in the conversation, Minnie jumped in with "You know Donna I probably should not say anything, but even though our bedrooms or on the opposite sides of the house, sometimes I hear you two gals after we all have gone to bed. It amazes me that you sound like a couple teenagers."

    This caused both Catherine and Donna to get a really bad case of the giggles. After a couple minutes, Catherine shared with Minnie that both of them were having feminine orgasms together, which really caused Donna to blush.

    Donna wanted to change the subject, so she asked Minnie and Catherine, “How did you guys meet anyways?”

    "It was in college and we were sharing a dorm room together for our freshman thru junior years" Minnie said.

    Catherine then jumped in adding, "Yes and I should be tell Donna the rest. What the hell, we were also were lovers, exploring a bi-sexual lifestyle."

    Again Donna blushed and Minnie asked, “Does that bothered you?”

    “No it does not,” Donna said. “Though this was the first I had ever heard about it,” Donna continued.

    Donna asked a few questions and they talked about it. It turns out that neither had continued after their junior year. Their studies were the primary reason and not finding another partner. Minnie said "If I had found someone like Donna, I would probably have gotten married, but I have not."

    Catherine agreed and to Donna it was all coming together. Both of these gals loved feminine-males. Once again Donna was a desired person, but this time to two beautiful gals who love feminine-males. Donna loved it and she love both of them. Donna proceeded to tell them how it made her feel so good all over. Donna also had a fleeting though of 'what if' go through her head. If they had not moved, if their car and all Don’s clothes had not been stolen, if Catherine and Minnie had not pushed Donna’s button at the right time. It was all too awful and scary to think about.

    Since they were now all such close friends, this opened up a whole new dimension for the three of them. About once a week they have a party together, with each of them stimulating or being erotically stimulate by another. Since none of them is involved with anyone else, it is safe sex and all three of them enjoy it with great abandon.

    Besides the toys, Minnie expressed a great interest in seeing Donna have a female orgasm. Well Catherine taught her how to make Donna orgasm and now Donna has two gals who are eager to get her to have an orgasm. Though Catherine is better at doing it, her and Minnie both continue to try to outdo one another and Donna definitely loves being on the receiving end.

    Over that first year they learned a lot about each other, sharing their inner most feelings. The highs and lows and somewhere in between. They also continued to grow closer to one another and began looking forward to being together when they were apart with work. Both Catherine and Minnie enjoyed teaching Donna how to be more feminine and also watching Donna’s figure develop. By the end of the year Donna was not quite as large in the bust as the others but she definitely could fill a B-cup and her areolas had increased from the size of dimes to fifty cent pieces. Likewise, they were pleased with how feminine Donna’s body had become and she now had a pretty good figure.

    The only frustration that continued to plague Donna, was that continuing saga of having to redo her glue and especially when it came undone. She had to wait for them to glue it again. Catherine and Minnie seemed to not mind though and in fact, they seemed to look forward to it. They knew how much Donna hated it but they never made her wait too long before they redid it.


To Be Continued


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