Donna Part 3


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Donna Part 3

A Time to Change

By Tracy Holden

This story contains explicit depictions of sexual acts between Men and Transsexual Women. This story is intended for mature audiences.

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A Time To Change

Donna Part 3

A Time to Change

By Tracy Holden


    It was early in the second year the girls were together and everything had been going extremely well for all three of them. Both Catherine and Donna had been promoted in their jobs and Minnie was made the chief surgeon for OB/GYN at the University Medical Center.

    Although Donna was fortunate to have an extremely light beard and very little body hair, Minnie had gotten Donna with a colleague of hers who did electrolysis shortly after she started work. With two hours a week for a little less than a year, she had totally and completely gotten rid of both Donna’s beard and body hair, though Donna thinks the hormones Minnie had her on definitely helped too as well.

    However, one weekend Donna again voiced her contempt about her tuck and roll and it coming loose, even though it usually lasted a little over three weeks between each gluing session. Both Catherine and Minnie were tired of hearing Donna, so Catherine confronted Donna about it.

    Catherine spoke up, "Are you not a happy person? You are so feminine and everybody considers you to be a woman, Donna!”

    Donna replied, “Yes, I definitely agree with you! Since we moved, since I lost my cloths have been the happiest in my life.” Donna loved both Catherine and Minnie and how much they had taught her. How they had helped her become so wonderfully and convincingly feminine.

    Minnie then said, "Catherine, she feels that the thing that is really bothering her is something you and I do not have to worry about. You know her penis, is that not right Donna?”

    Donna could only say a resounding “Yes!”

    However, before Donna could get the word out, Minnie continued, "Of course it is and something needs to be done for her about it." Minnie had a way of asking the right question. Most likely her training and experience as a doctor or conceivably it is just her intuition. Other than to continue with periodic replacement of Donna’s glue when it came unglued, what could be done?

    Maybe it was as a result of the female hormones Donna had been taking for over a year now, but her intuition was telling her that Minnie and Catherine were planning something for her or they already had it planned. As Donna now thought about how they had discussed and planned how they would change her into a woman neither of them was immediately forthcoming with anything. Except they would redo Donna’s glue procedure for her. Donna did not really like it, but she did not have any better ideas, so she just dropped the subject. She had voiced her opinion and that at least made her feel a little bit better.

    About two weeks later they did get into an interesting discussion of hermaphroditism and the hermaphrodite paradox. What brought this up, was that Minnie, as Chief Surgeon for OB/GYN at the University Hospital had been working with a gal in her late teens. Minnie has said that her normal outward appearance is that of a female, but in actuality she is a male Pseudo hermaphrodite with a defective androgen receptor. Over the time they had all lived together, they had talked quite a bit about each other's work but they really had not talked much at all about what Minnie was involved with at the hospital. Occasional discussion of some mundane female disorder, like a dilation and cauterization and delivering babies, but this was definitely something new.

    Catherine asked Minnie, “What does all this mean? Can you tell us more?”

    Minnie then said, "This type of pseudo hermaphrodite is genetically male though they have a biochemical block that prevents the androgens, testosterone and Dihydrotestrosterone, or DHT, from chemically binding to their cell receptors."

    This was fascinating to both Catherine and Donna but they knew that Minnie would have to give them a bit of a biology lesson for them to attempt to understand. Minnie continued and said, "While at the time of birth, the pseudo hermaphrodite appears to be a normal baby girl with typical external development of the genitals, they are in fact not typical girls inside. In this case testes are hidden in the groin or labia, secreting normal testosterone. Also, a testicular protein called Muellerian inhibiting factor, prevents the development of a uterus, fallopian tubes, and a vagina. Though nearly all are mistaken for girls and raised as females, developing an outward female appearance, their problem is not likely to be recognized until they fail to menstruate."

    Of course, this led Donna asking, “Why are you using the term pseudo hermaphrodite, instead of just saying hermaphrodite?

    Minnie explained, “This is very rare that you find among humans true hermaphrodites, or individuals who possess both male and female sexual organs. However, there are some individuals who are called pseudo hermaphrodites because the sex of those human beings presents an ambiguous appearance. Therefore, at birth, the obstetrician cannot announce, ‘it is a girl’ or ‘it is a boy’ but must confess, ‘I'm not sure what it is.’ In the case I am talking about this girl was born with a vagina and female external organs, but she lacks such internal organs as ovaries and fallopian tubes.”

    As Catherine and Donna listened and continued to ask questions, Minnie continued with the course in biology and genetics. Catherine then asked, “How she was producing male hormones and was it a case like Donna where she was now producing more female hormones within herself?”

    Since Donna had started on the shots and pills, Minnie told Catherine that they really were not sure and there were a couple schools of thought. Part of the medical community though it might be a situation of harmonics, where some external factor causes the opposite sexual hormones to increase production. Minnie then said, "In Donna's case this makes sense. Since she started female hormones and her blood tests have continued to show a much higher level than can be attributed to that which she is receiving. However, I am not now quite so sure if that is really the correct answer or not?"

    Catherine said, “This makes sense to me also.”

    Minnie went on to say, “In the case of the teenage girl she mentioned, instead of ovaries and fallopian tubes she has certain male internal organs like seminal vesicles, as well as testes hidden up in her body that had been discovered during testing.” Minnie also added, “This girls resulting situation was being attributed to a defective androgen receptor.” Donna agreed nodding as Minnie spoke.

    All of a sudden Donna saw a great big sly smile on Catherine’s face as she looked at Donna and then turned to Minnie. Donna new something was about to happen, especially as she saw that same great big sly smile being returned by Minnie. After a few additional moments Donna could not stand it any longer and she felt they both knew what the other was contemplating.

    Donna asked, “What are you both thinking?”

    Like always, it was a barrage of multiple statements, worded like questions, from both of them. Catherine started in with, "You know how every time your penis comes unglued that you start to bitch? And a lot of it is because of all that stuff between your legs that Minnie and I do not have. Well we agreed about two weeks ago that something needed to be done. But we do not want to get rid of your pretty little penis, would you?"

    Donna started to open her mouth to answer, though she knew that Catherine really was not looking for an answer. Then Catherine said, "That is the answer. Why don't we have Minnie do a little surgery and make a pseudo hermaphrodite out of you?

    Minnie said, “You know that would make you happy and us as well.”

    Donna was floored by the suggestion, but as she was putting her thoughts together as Minnie continued saying "Yes Donna, we have a team of women doctors at the hospital and I am Chief Surgeon. I am part of and we already do male to female sexual reassignment surgery or SRS, though we do not advertise it because of all the narrow minded people here in Utah. In addition, we do other types of gynecological surgery though we have never done this, but we have done all the procedures involved many times. I know it would make you happier and you would also like to please Catherine and I too, wouldn't you?” Minnie was getting excited now, “Oh Donna, we just feel that all the girls on the surgical team would love to do it for you. You would make yourself, Catherine, me, and the surgical team happy as well, happy. All the problems you have been complaining about would be taken care of and you would not have to worry about it any further.”

    There was a pause again before Catherine said, “Do it for you, Donna.”

    I was still dumbfounded at this suggestion, but what could she say, the though both excited and scared me. Also, they had pressed the right buttons again like when everything had come gushing out before. All her feelings and emotions, and she had begged for their help to become more feminine. Minnie gave Donna her first shot of female hormones as a present. Everything they had promised was coming true. Donna was now softly rounded and had a very feminine body. Her beautiful breasts are just like theirs. She definitely had no desire to fight but even if she had, then she felt like arguing with either Catherine or Minnie prove they were right.

    Donna then simple said, “Okay.”

    Both ladies let out a squeal and simultaneously said "We knew you would say 'yes' and it makes us so very happy too!”

    Minnie added, "Oh this is wonderful! We knew you would love the idea!”

    Minnie walk over to the kitchen and picked up her phone, “I have got to call the team and let them in on this wonderful news and get it scheduled at the hospital!"

    Donna chimed in, “Wow ladies just a moment please, I did not get to complete my sentence!” All of a sudden there was an almost eerie hush as Donna continued, “Okay, I want to know more about what you are planning. What will be involved with the surgery? What the results will be?”

    Minnie replied, "Oh my, is that all?"

    Donna told them that it would be nice to know a bit more. It was her body after all they were talking about doing surgery on. Minnie smiled as she started explaining the procedures and the results in detail. Briefly while under anesthesia, Minnie and the team would remove Donna testis from the scrotum and place them permanently up in the same cavity where they had been pushing them when gluing her. Then, using a technique they had perfected for SRS where the penis was not adequate, they would take a piece of Donna’s intestine and make an incision to create a vagina. Minnie told Donna they had found this to work quite well, including being self-lubricating for intercourse afterwards. They would do it this way on Donna because they were going to leave her penis functional though now it would be her clitoris. Once they take the skin from the scrotum and use it to create vaginal lips. Like the teenager she had told them about, Donna would not have ovaries or a uterus, but with the testis left inside her they would still be able to get an erection with her new clitoris.

    After surgery Minnie would have to dilate Donna new vagina until everything fully healed and Catherine added that she would love to help with that part. But after Donna healed and now having been sexually reassigned surgically as a pseudo hermaphrodite Donna could be sexually active both as a female, with Donna’s new vagina, or like a male, with Donna’s clitoris.

    Although Donna was never eager for surgery or cutting the results of this did really sound wonderfully exciting to her. She also felt that it would make Catherine and Minnie happy. The ladies felt that it would make Donna happy as well which made it a win-win scenario for all of them. Donna though to herself, Why not!

    Donna asked Minnie, “What about the gluing?”

    Minnie said, “I can guarantee you that you would not have to be glued in place any longer after this surgery. The procedure would make you not have a scrotum or testicles visible from the outside. They go inside you and you would have a constructed new clitoris left.”

    Donna thought it did sound like the results of this surgery would definitely be wonderful. Tears of happiness began to fall down Donna’s cheeks making the ladies even happier since they realize Donna is embracing the idea. Donna spoke through her tears saying, “Now with a vagina I will be even more like both of you, which I have always wanted and that you have been helping me to achieve. Definitely yes, yes I want to do this!” With that they both let out another squeal and with tears of joy all around what they had committed there was no turning back for Donna. Though she knew that if she had to do it all over, she would not hesitate to have it done.

    Minnie call her colleagues to inform them of what she proposed, and from what she told Donna and Catherine, they were as excited as she was. She also got everything lined up at the Hospital and the date was set for a month for the procedure. Since Donna had been with this engineering firm for over a year she asked for vacation at that time and it was approved.

    Minnie’s colleagues did want to meet and talk with Donna before so they arranged a small cocktail party at home. Upon arriving, and meeting Catherine and Donna they all at first though that Donna was born a woman and Minnie was pulling a joke on them. They all had a fun time talking and afterwards they all agreed that Donna was an exceptional candidate for surgery, both physically and emotionally.

    As the time neared, Donna was getting a little more nervous day-by-day but the continued support and encouragement Donna kept getting from Catherine and Minnie she really did not have much time to think about it. On the day before surgery Catherine went with Donna to the hospital and everyone was really nice. There were a number of forms to fill out and then she went to the lab for some blood tests.

    Afterwards Catherine and Donna went to a room that had two beds. However, because Minnie was Donna’s doctor she had it all to herself. The reality started to hit Donna as she was changing into one of those wonderfully revealing hospital nightgowns. Donna wanted to wear her own nightgown but Minnie said not until a couple days after the surgery is over.

    A short while later as Catherine and Donna were watching television, Minnie visited. She asked Donna how she was and wanted to check that everything was okay. Donna gluing had come loose a couple days before and there was nothing to remove. She told Donna that one of the surgical nurses would be coming in to shave her and she ask why, since DONNA no longer had a beard? This got both girls laughing and saying not the face but down there, pointing to their crotches. Then all were smiling and chuckling.

    Early the next morning Donna was ready and they rolled her into surgery. After seeing and talking briefly with Minnie and the other women on the surgical team, one of them inserted an IV into Donna’s arm. After that, Donna did not really remember anything until she came to in the recovery room. It had been about 12-hours since she was in the operating room and they were taking Donna back to her room and both Catherine and Minnie were at her side telling her everything went really well.

    Donna guessed the anesthesia was still working because the next thing she remembers was waking up and it was 7:00 in the morning. Donna could recall feeling some pain between her legs and reaching down. After a light breakfast and getting another shot of pain killer, Minnie and Catherine came in. They asked how Donna felt and she told them though still feeing kind of groggy.

    Donna was curious on how the surgery went and there was this pause as Minnie asked Donna, “Have you felt down there?”

    Donna replied, “Yes, but I am covered with that large sanitary napkin.” Donna could not feel or tell much of anything.

    Minnie turned to Catherine and said "Should I tell Donna now, or should we wait?"

    If Donna’s crotch had not hurt quite so much she would have sat upright in bed, right then. She thought, Tel Donna what? Did something go wrong? What was it? Donna definitely wanted to know. Catherine saw this and nodded to Minnie.

    "Well Donna, I assure you it is not anything bad. Somewhat unusual, but nothing to worry about. In fact it is kind of exciting." Catherine said.

    Then Minnie started to tell Donna about it, “Dr. Abbott, who was assisting Minnie in your surgery, noticed something in the x-ray and called it to my attention. What they had found was that your pelvis has a very decided feminine spread. As if you had gone through puberty as a woman.”

    Catherine added, "But that was not the really big surprise and the most exciting part!"

    Minnie explained that, “As I had told you previously how the procedure would be done, I got to the point where I was making an incision to open the area between your legs. Once opened I would take your testis, which had been separated from the scrotum and relocate them inside your body. However once I made the cut, both me and Dr. Abbott noticed that you already were a pseudo hermaphrodite.”

    Donna was puzzled as Minnie continued to explain, “There inside you was a fully developed vagina which could not be seen in the x-ray because of the pelvic girdle, but we could not located any ovaries, fallopian tubes, or a uterus.”

    “No wonder I had feminine feelings,” Donna said.

    Minnie speculated that it was quite possibly the reason that was why Donna’s body had increased its natural production of feminine hormones. When Donna started hormone therapy already a pseudo hermaphrodite, this stimulated the female portion of her body and kind of jump started her. However, this left Minnie and Dr. Abbott in a quandary. They had found this phenomena in all the male to female transsexuals the team had done SRS on, so that part did not really surprise them, but never one as fully developed as Donna’s. Usually they would either invert the penis, which in Donna’s case was out, or they would take a piece of intestine to create a vagina.

    In Donna’s case she was fortunate, because the surgical team was all women. Being sensitive to women's feelings and issues, they decided to try something new and just create an opening to connect her already fully developed vagina. Everything else went by the book. So Minnie and Catherine were right that it was unusual, but Donna had a functional vagina that had been mine inside her from the start with a big clitoris as well.

    Catherine stayed with Donna the rest of the day and Minnie came back that afternoon with Dr. Abbott. They visited and want wanted to check everything out and also rotate the shunt they had inserted during surgery. At that time Donna had no idea what a shunt was, but she soon found out. After closing the room door, they pulled back the sheets and with Donna’s nightgown pulled up to her breast she could not see anything, but a big sanitary napkin taped in place.

    Minnie warned Donna that pulling some of the tape so they could see might hurt, but she did it so quickly that there really was very little pain. After she got it loosened, she pulled it back and finally Catherine and Donna got a look at what Minnie and Dr. Abbott had done.

    Donna could not see real well, so Minnie got a mirror from the dresser. Although everything from Donna’s new clitoris to her anus was red and there was quite a bit of post-surgical swelling, it looked amazing. No longer were there any big sacks hanging down, but there were now two rolls of flesh and she had vaginal lip. Minnie can still remember how excited Catherine and Donna were.

    Catherine commented to Minnie and Dr. Abbott, “They were truly great gender artists.”

    Minnie then told Donna, “Brace yourself!” Then she took the end of the shunt in her fingers and gingerly twisted.

    At first it really hurt, but soon it slipped and then it was over. Minnie said, “Myself or Dr. Abbott will be coming by two times a day to check and also move the shunt so it would not stick.”

    After they had replaced and re-taped that sanitary napkin Donna asked, “Minnie what does the shunt do?”

    Minnie explained it was like a dildo and they used it to keep the new vagina and the stitching they had done around it, in its proper shape. During the next few days, the pain would definitely subsided and like clockwork, either Minnie or Dr. Abbott was there. Once in the morning and again in the evening to check the healing and rotated the shunt.

    On the third day after surgery, the staff had Donna up and walking and that evening Minnie removed the shunt for the first time. As she had it out, Catherine came into the room and commented to Minnie, "Wow Minnie, you sure Donna is not having her period?"

    They all got a good laugh out of that unfortunately, Donna did not have a uterus or ovaries or fallopian tubes to go with it. By the end of the week Donna was released from the hospital and though still weak, Catherine took Donna home to rest and recover.

    By the end of the next week, most of the pain was gone and a lot of the swelling too, as Minnie removed the stitches. Donna’s crotch was still tender and she sat carefully, but now she could bend over and see more of what had been done to her. Minnie was pleased. Catherine and Donna were ecstatic. She had a fantastic and naturally female look, except she have the advantage of a spectacular clitoris also.

    The following week Donna went back to work and though Donna took it really easy. Everybody was happy to see her back, but she did not tell them what had happened. A couple of the people commented that Donna must have been horseback riding while on vacation, because of the way she was walking. Donna just smiled and said that for some reason saddles seemed to be made of tougher stuff these days.

    By the end of the month, Minnie removed the shunt and Donna felt like a new woman. It was a wonderful feeling for her. Although she wanted Donna to dilate her vagina using either the shunt or a dildo three times a day, there was a feeling of freedom now. After another 15 days, Minnie and Dr. Abbott examined Donna again. All the redness was gone and nearly all the swelling. They were amazed how quickly she had healed.

    Then Minnie took a speculum to look inside the vagina. The stretching did hurt a little, as she said to Dr. Donna, "Come here Doctor Abbott and take a look." Dr. Abbott and Minnie grinned at each other with an amazed look on their faces and then they called Catherine over for a look too.

    Donna spoke confidently, “Okay ladies, it is my vagina and vulva that you are looking at and I really would like to know what is going on.”

    Minnie said "It is extraordinary!"

    Dr. Abbot said "It is just phenomenal, your vagina has healed to the point that she or any other gynecologist would never even suspect you were not born with it like this!"

    After that, Minnie let Donna go for a few days without dilating and then she examined her again. She let it go for a few days more and discovered that there was absolutely no change in the size or shape of Donna’s vagina. Since most post-operative transsexuals have to continue to dilate for the rest of their lives but since Donna did not having to just verify that she was a pseudo hermaphrodite, even before surgery.

    Since then, all three of ladies lives have been great and, yes, they still live together and enjoy each other immensely. If anything, it is even more wonderful now. Donna’s penis is tucks into it sheath between her legs and the ladies still love to lick it and rub it when they are all naked. Donna could not be happier or more content. Donna is truly am a female and pseudo hermaphrodite. If anything, the operation removed the last barriers to living a full, complete and very satisfying life.

    As for the sexual aspects of their lives…well everything works wonderfully and though both Catherine and Minnie use there big a strap-on dildo to dilate and stretch Donna multiple times a day. Donna still has her feminine orgasms but now longs to feel the real live cock inside her and have it explode cum inside her, but that is another story all together.


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