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Kyle is taking his annual trip and his first stop is Paris. While at his favorite bistro his waitress gives him the best moment then invites him for a night of passion. Kyle take the leap of a lifetime in doing so.


By Tracy Holden

This story contains explicit depictions of sexual acts between Men and Transsexual Women. This story is intended for mature audiences.

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By Tracy Holden


    Kyle was an advertising executive in the New York area that just spent his days and nights working. Success was what he wanted and money was his reward. From time to time Kyle would wonder what he could do to liven up his life. Friend recommended strip clubs but Kyle saw it as an unwise investment. Why should he pay the women to dance naked for him? Would it not be better to just pick them up and fuck them then leave? The whole things cost him and $40 and he does not just end up jerking himself off when gets home. This is why Kyle would save his vacation all year then head some place for two weeks of sex, food and sex. This year Kyle was going to France because he knew French women loved thick black cocks.

    The trip this year was open in Kyle's mind. He would travel through France and stay where ever the pussy led him that night. If he was with a woman he would save on the cost of a hotel and just fuck in her place. Or if he had to spring for a room so be it just as long as he got to cum.

    Kyle packed a backpack and set off to his trip. New York was his home but the cab ride to the airport was always a sad one for him. He enjoyed the women he had all over town but was always happy to return to them when the trip was over. LaGuardia was busy as always this time of year and the Concord always was a fun trip to get to Europe fast. His current plan was to secure his first piece of ass within six hours of landing after lunch at one of his favorite bistros, but plans can always change on these trip. Kyle liked the flexibility so he could stuff his thick cock into whatever whole he please during his trips

    Security at the airports these days seemed to take longer than the flights. Today was no exception. Families with children crying and people more enthralled looking at their phone than where they were going. After security Kyle and the bar, ordered his drink and watched the people. Within minutes Kyle was eyeing this guy walking and texting and sure enough he was too focused on his phone to see the child train sliding across the floor. The man stepped on the train and did his best "wet bandit" from 'Home Alone' impression. Ass over tea kettle this guy flipped and landed on his ass. Managed to keep his phone in his hand also, not bad skills, but everyone still noticed and chuckled to themselves. Embarrassed the man stood and said, "FUCK!" That was all that was needed to set the Mom off causing the Dad to have to do something. Kyle just shook his head and had his drink looking at the game on the television and mumbling, "What a dumb ass!"

    The score was tied with five minutes left when they offered first class and pre-boarding for the air craft. Kyle slammed his drink and head to the gate handing his ticket to the attractive young woman at the gate then made his way down the jet way to the plane and into his comfy first class seat. The flight attendants came by and gave him a pillow and blanket and Kyle clipped in and lay back. Kyle lay there thinking of the good old days when he could take the Concorde and be in Paris in two hours. Gone are those days and fast travel is on the back burner to stuffing as many people into a plane to get the maximum value out of the plane. First Class being that exception unless you included the over pricing of the ticket. Good thing this ticket was a free upgrade for all the travel over the past year for Kyle. Kyle’s eyes shut as he drifted of into sleep.

    The flight attendant woke Kyle as they were making their approach into Paris. Once on the ground Kyle grabbed his pack and disembarked the plane and made his way through the airport. Being a sox foot tall black man has its advantages when moving through crowd. People had the tendency to move to avoid any contact with Kyle which was one of the few advantages of being a big black man. On the other hand, getting a cab was difficult and Kyle was used to the ‘huff’ and ‘puff’ from the French cabbies as he sat in their vehicle. Then the surprise when Kyle actually tipped them very well for their service in hope the next black man would have better luck. This was Kyle’s own version of “Pay it forward” that he liked to due. Tipping was his way of expressing the quality of the service he expected.

    Arriving at the Bistro Kyle waved to the bartender who recognized Kyle right way and got his drink ready for his server. Francois waved to one of the girl and whispered to her and she walked the drink over and as Kyle if he would like time with the menu. Kyle said he was ready to order and just requested the days special. The young girl left and per usual Kyle was eyeing her up. She was about 5’5” and maybe 110lbs but did have a great little butt on her. Her hair was brown and wavy and seemed long as it was tied up in a bun. The tits were small but fit her body very well at maybe 34B max. Kyle noted to himself that she was not that bad and he should try to see what he could get from her.

    Several minutes passed before the server returned and Kyle began to talk to her, “So what is your name Honey?”

    With a look of disgust on her face, the young women replied, “My name is Claudette and I’m not your Honey.”

    Kyle like when woman were strong as he saw it as a challenge to bed them and make them do despicable things to them later in privacy. “Sorry, did not mean to offend you. I just find you to be an attractive woman and wanted to get a chance to get to know you.”

    Claudette was taken aback and decided to proceed cautiously, “Thank you.” Blushing ever so slightly and moving the hair from her bangs away from her face and over her ear with a little smile. “So you are an American?”

    “Yes, I am” Kyle smiled back.

    “Are you hear on business?” Claudette continued.

    Kyle always like to lay it out their right away to see if this woman would be interested. So he replied, “No, I;m just here visiting France and eating and fucking my way around the country.”

Without missing a beat Claudette asks, “Do you have a nice cock then?” reaching under the table and feeling his bulge. Kyle jumped slightly not expecting that response.

“Would you like to see it later?” Kyle replied with a wink.

“How about right now in the bathroom.” Claudette stated and walked away to the kitchen.

    Kyle thought for a second and said why not. He rose and walk to the bathroom. He looked in the two stalls and saw nothing then heard the door open and Claudette walked in and approached Kyle and kiss him on his lips. Kyle leaned down and kiss Claudette and reached his hands around to her ass and cupped them while he kissed her and lifted her off the ground for a moment. Claudette dropped down and pull down Kyle’s Basketball shorts and the his huge cock escape and almost slapped her right in the face. Upon seeing Kyle’s cock Claudette let out a gleeful “YUM!” and suck the head into her mouth.

    Kyle’s cock was huge at nine inches and seven inches of girth but this girl was stuffing all she could into her mouth and slurping as much as she could. Kyle loved to get his cock sucked and this woman knew what to do with a cock. Her tongue was rolling all over Kyle head and shaft and she stroke him and sucked his balls also. She even stopped occasionally to just smell Kyle crotch and saying “She loved when a man was musky!” and licked him all over. Her expertise had Kyle ready to blow his load in just a few minutes.

    “I am going to cum!” said Kyle.

    Claudette licked her lips again and said, “Yummy, I get lunch also!” Then proceeded to lock her lips around the head of Kyle cock and stroke his cock vigorously to get him to cum. With a grunt and a thrust Kyle blew his load into Claudette’s mouth and she swallowed every drop and then stood up and wiped her mouth with her fingers and shoved in the few drops that tried to escape and licked her fingers while looking at Kyle. “You cum is sweet Honey!” Then she turned and walked out on the restroom.

    Kyle was in shock for a couple of seconds and just stood there with his cock hanging and shorts around his knees. Then he bent down and pulled up his short slightly and shuffled over to the urinal and peed. Then he straightened up his shorts and washed his hands and left the rest room.

    “Hey Kyle, Long time no see. How is New York treating you?” Francois asked as Kyle walk past the bar.

    Kyle was still a little shocked by Claudette who was passing by with his lunch and placing it on his table. “Good Francois. How is your boyfriend?” Kyle asked.

    “Ah, I’m back on women. Guys were getting to me. Got two girlfriend right now.” Francois replied. “So is Claudette treating you alright?” Francois asked.

    “Yeah, she has and amazing mouth.” Kyle replies walking back to his table as he look at Claudette as she turns to walk back past Kyle. She smiled when she looked at him.

    “Seriously, I can’t believe that” mumbled Francois in disgust and slams the towel on the bar reaching into his tip jar and removing 20 Euros and placing on the counter. Claudette walks past and grabs the 20 Euros and shoves it in her back pocket as she passes by the bar with wink and a smile at Francois.

    Kyle reaches his table and sits down and wolf down his food running the situation through his head while he ate and then Claudette returns to the table, “How does everything taste Honey?”

    Kyle nods, “Delicious, my compliments to the chef.”

    “I will let him know.” Claudette replies and leaves a piece of paper on the table as she walks away.

    Kyle grabs the paper and flips it over and it reads: “That was fun! Want to fuck all night?” Kyle just smiles.

    Claudette returns and Kyle smiles and hold up the piece of paper and says, “Yes!”

    Claudette smiles and says, “Perfect! Here is my address and keys to my flat. I will be done in an hour. My apartment in number 1276 around the corner and two block up on the left.” She leaves a paper with the address and Kyle’s bill as well.

    Kyle finished his meal and leaves 50 Euros and walk out of the bar waving to Francois as he walks out. Kyle follows the directions and heads down the street. About five minute later Kyle is at the door and opens it and walks up the steps. At the top of the stairs he opens the door to the apartment and walks in.

    As he looks around her sees that the place is very well kept and clean. Kyle likes a woman that is clean. Many of the women in New York were dirty slobs and their apartments almost made it too hard to fuck in for fear of some rat climbing out from under an pile of dirty closes or dirty dishes. Mind you he fucked them anyways but none-the-less Claudette’s home was quite clean indeed.

    He looked around and noticed that she had a bed by the TV and a bed in her room and thought she might have a roommate. Though with a little more looking around no evidence pointed to that. Only one set of dishes in the sink, only one coat hook and only one towel hanging in the bathroom. “Hmmm? Guess she does live alone.”

    While in the bathroom Kyle decided to clean up a bit for her. He went to his pack on got some cleaning supplies, his razor and tooth brush. Kyle like to be groomed and clean and was meticulous about it in his work environment as well. He shaved his face with an electric razor as to ensure a younger looking face. Far too many men used razors and they always looked to get too old for their time. Kyle had only shaved with a razor about ten times in his whole life. Being in his forty’s people still think he is at best mid-thirty’s and he believe it to be his electric razors doing. Once done shaving he brushes his teeth and turn on the shower. Then finishes and removes his boxer and jumps in the shower.

    Claudette walked into her apartment, managing to get done thirty minutes early, and heard the shower running and got very excited. She took off her coat and hung it on the wall and removed her shoe and placed them below her coat. She moved to her computer in the room and turned in on and made sure the camera was pointed at the bed. Though the monitors on the desk were old the HDMI TV and the HD camera were the best on the market. She logged on and moved through the Internet quickly. Then she stood and took of here cloths and headed to the bathroom. She walked in slowly and heard Kyle in the shower. She saw his underwear on the ground and could not resist herself. She picked them up and shoved them in her face and inhaled deeply. She just loved the smell of a man; it had always aroused her ever since she was a young girl. She dropped the underwear and headed to the shower.

    Kyle was washing the soap from his face when he heard the curtain open and Claudette stepped in behind him. As he turned she said let me get in front and get cleaned a little. She scooted her butt passed his cock and pushed her butt back and little and smiled teasing Kyle a little and he smiled back. She soaped up quickly and rinsed herself while Kyle stood behind her admiring her ass. When she finished Time reached around grabbing her breasts and pulling her ass toward his large cock. Claudette squealed and laughed then turned around and kissed Kyle. Their tongue tangled for a few moments Kyle noticed Claudette poking his cock. As he pulled back and looked down he saw that is was actually Claudette own cock that was poking his and a look of astonishment came over Kyle.

    “You are a man! You have a cock!” Kyle said with high squeaky voice. “What the hell! I thought you were a woman!” He continued.

    Claudette was used to this but new just how to treat him. “Kyle, I am a woman! I was just born with a penis and balls. Believe me, they mean you no harm.” She smiled. “My ass on the other hand is better than any pussy you have ever had and will bring your cock to its knees tonight.” Kyle just stood with his mouth open. Claudette stepped forward grabbing Kyle’s cock and her cock in both hands and stroking them she cooed, “Kyle, see…nothing bad is happening. I know you enjoyed my cock sucking skills and I have another surprise if you are up for it. Just finish up and come on out.” She pulled him down and kissed him then stepped out and took a moment to spread her ass cheeks and show Kyle her clean smooth asshole then winked, giggles and left.

    Kyle was in the shower a few moments before moving running though things in his head. Am I gay? Naw, I’m not gay! She hot as hell though and said she is all woman. I will get to fuck her ass! Kyle smiled. It was rare to find a woman that wanted to have a cock with seven inches of girth to push into their ass. It terrified most women and Kyle wanted to do anal so bad. I cannot turn down this chance! She’s a woman! She’s a woman! She’s a woman!

    Typing on the computer Claudette heard the water stop. She was hoping she did not scare Kyle off. She gave her best speech and should probably answer whatever questions he asks if that delicious cock is ever going to get inside her. She removes her head phones and places them on the desk and then turns in her chair waiting as the bathroom door opens.

    Kyle emerges and begins to talking a deep voice, “I think we can continue. You look all woman to me.”

    Claudette begins to laugh hysterically, “HA HA! What is with the deep voice Honey! I know you are a man. That is what I like about you. That huge cock you have swinging between your legs is what I want.” Standing she continues, “this tiny cock is nothing to you. Consider it just extra skin. You do not need to touch it. As a matter of fact don’t! I only touch it when I feel I am going to cum.” She sees the calm appear in his face. “Now come over here and get on your knees.” Kyle’s eyes get as big as dinner plates. Claudette laughs again, “Oh, Honey I was just playing with you! You will be doing all the fucking here.”

    Kyle was extremely nervous all of the sudden but Claudette playful attitude was relaxing him quickly except for one area. Kyle’s cock was huge and oozing cum already. Claudette walked over and flicked the pre-cum off Kyle’s dick and sucked it off her finger.”Mmmm. So yummy! Come on Baby I want to show you something.” Pulling Kyle by the cock toward her bed and once he was close enough he noticed the TV was broadcasting the bed.

    “Why do you have the bed on the TV?” Kyle asked.

    Well I like to model and the TV also gives me the chance to see a cock going in and out of my ass in real-time and later as well. Is it a problem?” Claudette says with a flutter of her eyelashes.

    Kyle chuckles then says, “Hell no! I want to watch you take my cock as well. I have not found a woman yet that want it in her ass!”

    Claudette smiles and sits on the bed. “Why don’t you come over here and tell me how big your cock is?”

    Puzzled Kyle walks over to Claudette who is up close to the camera and then he comes into the picture and his monster cock as well right next to her face on the TV.     “Well, it is about nine inches long and I have seven inches of girth.” Claudette grabs the monster cock, looks into the camera and smiles and gasps. Ching,Ching-Ching.

    “What was that?” Kyle asks.

    “Oh, it must be my head phones the volume must be loud” Claudette replies. Ching,Ching-Ching. Ching,Ching-Ching. Ching,Ching-Ching. “Did you have any question about me Kyle?”

    “So you are a woman?”

    “I am a trans-female yes. I was born with a male body with a female mind. I had a very confusing childhood and eventually just started living as a woman since I was 14 years old. I have been on hormones therapy since I was 18 and my breasts are 100% mine.” Claudette says and she grabs hold of her breasts. Ching,Ching-Ching. Ching,Ching-Ching.

    “And you like men but only in the female role?” Kyle asked.

    “Yes, I am a total bottom. My cock does not enter any man.” Claudette says standing and slapping her cock against her own leg.” My five inches only sits there while men fuck my ass.” She then turns exposing her ass to the camera. Ching,Ching-Ching, Ching,Ching-Ching, Ching,Ching-Ching.

    Kyle smiling says, “Then why are you lips not around my cock?”

    Claudette grins, grabs and starts to stroke Kyle’s beautiful black cock. “Gladly, but only for a little while, I want this monster to stretch me open soon.” She kisses the head of Kyle’s cock and suck on the head flicking her tongue in his pee-hole. Ching,Ching-Ching Then raises the cock and stuffs one of his balls in her mouth while she continues to stroke him and sniffs his perineum before sliding her tongue on it with his ball still in her mouth. Kyle moan in approval his cock near full erection. Claudette continues and starts to use a finger to rub on Kyle’s asshole as she comes back to the tip of his cock and slowly lowers her head as far as she can. Ching,Ching-Ching. Ching,Ching-Ching. Even with Kyle pushing on her head she could only get maybe six inches of his cock in her mouth.

    “FUCK!” Claudette said gasping for air. “That is so thick! Why don’t you lie down and let me ride you. I want this beast inside me!” Ching,Ching-Ching. Ching,Ching-Ching. Kyle took a position on the bed so if he leaned to the side he could see the TV. He wanted to watch her take this. Claudette sat on Kyle’s stomach with her back facing him and watching the TV as well. She then proceeded to lube his cock with a bottle of warm lube she had sitting on the bed. With her hand on Kyle’s cock she leaned back and spread her legs and lubed her ass and inserted a couple of fingers inside her spreading lube generously.

    Planting he feet to either side of Kyle’s knees and with her other hand on Kyle shoulder she propped herself up. Kyle grabbed her hips to help support her as he leaned to the side. He could see his cock glistening with lube as she positioned herself. Then begins to sit on the head of Kyle’s cock and it begins to slide. Kyle begins to push and Claudette grunts and says, “Honey don’t push you are too big to push right now. Let me get use to you first.” Ching,Ching-Ching. Ching,Ching-Ching. Ching,Ching-Ching. Ching,Ching-Ching.

    Claudette continued and this time Kyle’s cockhead broke past her tight asshole. She paused and took a few breathes. Ching,Ching-Ching. Ching,Ching-Ching. She then began to bounce her hip and before long half the cock was inside her. Ching,Ching-Ching. The pleasure was just amazing to her. The walls of her ass felt fantastic with Kyle’s cock against them and her prostate was tingling inside her. She paused and began to stroke her own cock which had grown and was now full erect. She felt so full and feminine the pleasure she was getting stroking her cock was almost too much. Claudette had never felt so full. Kyle’s was by far the biggest man she had ever been witn and was determined to feel even inch of him inside her.

    Ching,Ching-Ching. Ching,Ching-Ching. The tingle in her balls was something she had to deal with first. She was stroking her cock vigorously and noticed that Kyle was watching her in the TV. Once he made eyes contact his right hand cam around Claudette and he placed it on her cock and began to stroke her cock for her. The pleasure wave this sent through her body was just immense. She began to feel the tingle in her balls she had not felt since she was 14 and discover what jerking-off was and what the result which happened. Kyle increased his speed and Claudette breathing began to get quicker. She reached down and pulled on her own balls in an attempt to prolong her orgasm and she succeed but not for long. Claudette began to reposition her feet as Kyle hand was moving very fast and then she let out a high pitched grunt and cum started to ooze from her cock head. At that very moment Kyle began to push hi cock into Claudette. Ching,Ching-Ching. Once she started to cum she felt Kyle’s cock moving inside her and the pleasure was too much for her to handle and on the second pulse from her cock a wad cum cum flew up in the air and landed on her knee and shin. A third pulse sent a load of cum to her shoulder and Kyle continued to jerk her cock and thrust his own inside her. Claudette head was spinning and had trouble focusing and she tried in push down then realized her ass was resting on Kyle pelvis. A four pulse of cum came from Claudette cock and went just to the left of the HD camera. Claudette breathing began to relax and she focus her eye to see the cock all the way inside her and a since of accomplishment cam over her. Ching,Ching-Ching. Ching,Ching-Ching. Ching,Ching-Ching. Ching,Ching-Ching. Ching,Ching-Ching. Ching,Ching-Ching. Ching,Ching-Ching. Ching,Ching-Ching. Ching,Ching-Ching. Ching,Ching-Ching. Ching,Ching-Ching. Ching,Ching-Ching.

    A few moments passed and her ass relaxed nicely and Kyle’s cock felt like it was pushing against in her stomach. Claudette spun herself around on Kyle’s cock to face him and leaned in to kiss him. “I have not cum like that in years. Thank you for stoking me so well.” She said to Kyle between kisses.

    “My pleasure Claudette Now let get this amazing ass to work my cock for me” Said Kyle.

    Claudette began to bounce and the cock was moving a couple of inches in and out of her. The feeling was ecstasy to Claudette and she braved the monster cock and was now bouncing about four inches in and out of her ass, the ecstasy from before increased two-fold and she realized she want to move as much as she could. Ching,Ching-Ching. Ching,Ching-Ching. She kept the rhythm going and moved Kyle’s hands from her hips and positioned them like he was doing a bench press and placing her palms inside his and gripping his hands. The one foot at a time she managed to get her feet flat on the bed to be able to increase her movement on Kyle’s cock. She was just an animal at this point and was easily sliding seven to eight inches of Kyle’s cock into and out of her ass with every thrust up and down, then up and down. Claudette was receiving so much pleasure she had not even noticed that her cock was erect again let alone that it was slapping Kyle in the neck and chin on her up thrusts. Ching,Ching-Ching. Ching,Ching-Ching. Ching,Ching-Ching. Ching,Ching-Ching.

    Kyle was amazed at how much she was able to do to his cock and was even more amazing when she said “Pump me hard Honey! Fuck my pussy-hole!” Ching,Ching-Ching. Ching,Ching-Ching. Ching,Ching-Ching. Kyle was more than happy to oblige and was thrust up into her with such force that every other stroke on of Claudette feet would come off the ground, she would moan and her cock was slapping his face. Kyle was not looking but he was positive a couple of time his cock came all the way out and then was pushed all the way back inside her. Ching,Ching-Ching. Ching,Ching-Ching. This fact was proven to him when on some of his thrust inside her she was actually farting as the air rushed passed is cock on it was back out. To Kyle it was a sound he actually enjoyed hearing because he was giving this woman all the pleasure he could which was why the first pulse hit him by surprise. Claudette was cumming again. Ching,Ching-Ching. Ching,Ching-Ching. Ching,Ching-Ching. Ching,Ching-Ching. The second pulse cam when his mouth was open and most of that pulse landed in his mouth. He felt disgusted and stopped thrust then started to spit when he realize that it tasted good. By the time Claudette was getting ready for a third pulse Kyle’s mouth was around her cock and he took the load as she looked into his eyes. Ching,Ching-Ching. Ching,Ching-Ching. Ching,Ching-Ching. Ching,Ching-Ching.

    Then it was Kyle’s turn as he began to cum. Claudette was sit half way down his cock as she got the first pulse of Kyle’s sweet juices. Ching,Ching-Ching. Ching,Ching-Ching. She thrust down as the second pulse was inside her. Ching,Ching-Ching. Ching,Ching-Ching. The third, fourth and fifth pulse deposited the lion’s share of Kyle’s cum inside her. Ching,Ching-Ching. Ching,Ching-Ching. It was so much cum that it oozed out of her ass with little bubble farts and dripped down to Kyle’s balls.

    Claudette was sweating and panting and laughing all at once at the joy she was feeling. This man took a load of her cum and she could not count the number of anal orgasms she had had in the last ten minutes. She pulled Kyle’s cock out and leaned forward and Kyle looked to see that her asshole was still quite tight from the TV screen. Ching,Ching-Ching. Ching,Ching-Ching. Ching,Ching-Ching. Ching,Ching-Ching. Then he noticed that her butthole was pulsing in and out, in and out. Almost confused he continued to watch as Claudette was just smiling and staring at him as she propped herself up on her elbow. Ching,Ching-Ching. Ching,Ching-Ching. When looked back to the TV Claudette began to moan and bubbly fart of Kyle’s cum came out of her ass and onto his stomach. Ching,Ching-Ching. Ching,Ching-Ching. Ching,Ching-Ching. Ching,Ching-Ching. Ching,Ching-Ching. Ching,Ching-Ching.

    In all she pushed out about a quarter cup of cum from her ass. Then kiss Kyle passionately and said, “They love when I do this!” She brought her leg over to lay at Kyle’s side and then Claudette looked into the camera and said, “I know from before his cum is very sweet and yummy so I just have to have some more.” Then she slurped up every ounce of cum then swished it around her mouth before opening her mouth and showing the camera all the cum. She then closed her mouth and gulped it all down and open her mouth and stuck out her tongue to show all the cum was gone. Ching,Ching-Ching. Ching,Ching-Ching. Ching,Ching-Ching. Ching,Ching-Ching. She then went down and lick all the cum off Kyle’s balls and did the same thing. Ching,Ching-Ching. Ching,Ching-Ching. Ching,Ching-Ching. Ching,Ching-Ching.

    “Who is the ‘they’ you are talking about?” Kyle asked.

    “Them!” Claudette said pointing at the camera. “The people who were watching us fuck just now.” Claudette could see the look of terror roll over Kyle’s face and she hopped up and ran to the computer and muted the speaker. Then walked back to the bed and continued. “The camera is linked to the internet and I am a model on some websites where people pay to see me do things. Normally I jerk-off or use dildos but after seeing your cock new that my customer would love to see it fuck me.”

    “How much did they pay you?” Kyle replied switching into business mode.

    Claudette smiled, “Let’s find out!” Grabbing Kyle’s hand and pulling him towards the computer. She turned on the monitor and moved around the screen then said, “Wow! I have never made that much!”

    Kyle looked the number and said, “$23,000! ARE YOU SERIOUS?”

    “Actually that number must be divided by 10 to get the amount. Oh, and that is Euros not dollars.” Claudette said.

    Kyle’s mouth was once again open and Claudette reached up and closed it again. Then she asked if Kyle was all right. Kyle closed his mouth and turned to look at Claudette and said, “I can be ready again in thirty-minutes for us to make some more cash! If your ass can handle another fucking that is?”

    Claudette smiled and said. “For that beautiful cock and your cum, of course I am ready. But next time we are going to do some different things so be ready to get freaky! Glad to see you are not mad by the way.”

    Kyle smiled and just slipped a finger into Claudette butt.



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