My New Life


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My New Life

By Tracy Holden

The rumors had been flying for weeks and everybody was walking on eggshells around the office. I had always done my job as a high paid clerk in the payroll and records department to the best of my ability. I got good performance evaluations and seemed to have everyone on my side. Until Friday, then none of that suddenly mattered.

Fearfully, I watched a progression of guys go into Mrs. Rodgers, the department head’s, office, come out looking shaken, glum, or mad before they started throwing their things into boxes and, after swift good-byes to their friends, leaving early. Of course I knew what was going on.

Tiny, the blustery 300 pound guy who ran the mail room and was an occasional drinking buddy, came out looking pale and stopped by my desk. "Fuckin’ place," he sputtered in his typical vernacular. "Downsizing my ass! She told me they are getting rid of a bunch of guys and that is just cannot be helped. Well then I say fuck them!" Tiny lumbered off mumbling further as he did so.

Later in the day Brian Petersen, a records clerk, who I thought did a marginally good job, went in to Mrs. Rodgers office and came back looking like he was going to break into tears any minute. When I went by to offer my condolences, he only nodded with real sadness and visibly still fighting tears. He told me the same story as Tiny essentially.

"She says their hiring practices have been so screwy for the last five years that they have to reorganize," Brian said. "They have got to get rid of a couple dozen guys, redistribute the work here, and hire some females for several of the departments.” Brian continued, “I guess they have been hiring guys and excluding women on a regular basis so their equal opportunity numbers are all fucked up."

As a guy and as one of the male members of this department I was beginning to worry and I had a right to be worried. Since at 2 o’clock that afternoon my number came up.

"Hi Joe, please sit down," Mrs. Rodgers said. "I suppose you have heard the news by now."

"Yeah, it is pretty hard to miss around here. The place is starting to look like there is a fire drill out there," I said trying to lighten the mood.

To her credit, she looked like she was enjoying this about as much as getting a root canal. "This is really a bitch Joe. I want to tell you that this is very hard for me. I do not like laying people off,” Mrs. Rodgers said glancing at her paper.

I had always thought that was sort of an excuse. They were not really laying people off but they were firing people. There was no intention to ever give them their jobs back in the future. Hearing the words from Mrs. Rodgers struck me hard then. I had a normal number of bills and I lived pretty simply. Losing my job would change that equation completely. Even if they offered some sort of severance pay, I could keep my apartment about two weeks until my rent was due and I would be homeless and on the streets. My car, even though it was not new, was still financed and might last another month or two before they repossessed it. Though that depending on how fast they figured out I was not working. I also knew the prospects for another job in this town perfectly, nada.

Mrs. Rodgers continued talking, "What is a real bitch is that after I get done letting all you guys go I have got to scramble to find somebody competent to do them. There is about as much chance of that as me find a gold brick in my purse."

I had heard that the job market for women was tremendous right now, for some reason lost to me. We had a secretary in the department quit because she got pregnant and had looked for weeks before we found somebody to replace her. I was not impressed with her at all since I had to spend a bunch of my time teaching her what I thought she should have known to get the job in the first place.

"I hope you know how truly sorry I am Joe,” Mrs. Rodgers said again looking down at her desk. You will need to clean out your desk and you final checks will be ready for pick-up on Monday."

I asked Mrs. Rodgers, "Is there any severance or anything coming from the Company?"

With deflation in her voice she responded, "We are required to give a two-week notice and you will get paid off for the two-weeks and any vacation time you have saved up, but that is it. Joe, I am sorry and I know that does not give you much time to find something else but those are the orders."

"There is not anything else in this town," I pointed out and she nodded in agreement. She of course knew the job market better than I knew the market.

Mrs. Rodger empathetically responded, "There are some of these slugs here that I do not mind losing at all. You Joe, I would give anything to keep and some of the other departments are the same way."

I mumbled, "Wish I was a girl!"

"Oh God! I would give anything if you could change. I would hire you with a ten jump in pay on the spot and it would be worth it and then some," expressed Mrs. Rodgers.

I looked up at her trying to share a little bit of a smile even though I felt like someone had kicked me in the testicles. What was funny was that the thought crossed my mind that what I had said would solve all the problems. Mine problems and her problems. Maybe it showed on my face as she smiled back. I am sure my face changed along with hers.

First she seemed to look at me critically, then she looked kind of surprised. Finally she shook her head as if to clear it and the slight smile returned as she said, "Unfortunately, that is impossible." For some reason, I heard a question mark at the end of her sentence. I thought about it and only after a long stretch of silence di I dismissed it.

On Monday morning I, along with everyone else apparently, registered with the local Job Service and three different private job search places with the same results, ‘Do not hold your breath Joe.’

Though one of the services had a job in a city 120 miles away that the lady said would be an "easy" commute. She obviously had never added two to three hours on the front and back side of her job before. I was not about to start either doing so either for that matter. Besides, the job did not sound like that great of a position and paid less than what I had lost.

Monday afternoon came and I went in and picked up my final check. Hoping beyond hope that Mrs. Rodgers had changed her mind by the time I went to her office. "Hi," I said leaning into her office.

"Oh, hi, Joe," she said with a smile. "You do not know how I wish I had you guys back here already. This place is falling apart and there is just nobody out there to take your places."

We chatted quickly but learned that there was no way she could hire me back. I went to leave more depressed than when I had walked in and that was pretty bad since I had been on the edge of tears when I came in. She stopped me with a statement as I reached for the doorknob, “Joe, if you decide to have that sex change let me know."

"Are you serious?" I said with really wonder. What was strange about the exchange was that it took about ten beats before she finally shook her head and smiled rather strangely and said no.

"Of course not." But she did not sound believable for some reason.

As depression set in I ventured down the street to a tavern. Now I know that booze is never the answer to a problem. In fact, going to a bar is the worst answer to financial problems because you not only do not find the answer in the bottom of a glass but you spend what little money you have much faster than if you bought a six pack and took it home.

But I needed a little noise, companionship, festivity. I could not stand my own depression that just seemed to feed on itself, the fear and the frustration. Thoughts of revenge on the world and all that. I did not need to sit in my quiet apartment, that might not be mine at the end of the month, and let it feed off itself until I was nothingness.

I had already thought of the possibility of shooting some EO type and gotten one of my few smiles during the day at the thought but of course, imagining the satisfaction and knowing the reality were two entirely different things. At any rate, there were some of us former employees gathered there to ‘celebrate’ our last paychecks apparently.

The place was fairly quiet and somber except for Tiny was there with a couple of his red necked buddies and none of which weighing in under two-fifty. They were being far louder and more obnoxious than usual. Usually, Tiny was a noisy and slightly obnoxious drunk about ten when he gave it up and staggered home. Noisy but fairly funny in a macho sort of way. Tiny was already drunk at five, as noisy as ever, and not even a little bit funny. He was talking loudly and seriously about "kicking some butt" in that "faggot, girly joint." He spoke of starting with that "faggot cocksucker Jansen,” the company CEO and ranging through the entire male staff.

Tiny did not speak to me and I certainly did not speak to him in the level of toxicity that he currently found himself. I figured he might decide I was a member of the "faggot" society that had pitched him out be a potential target for him and his friends. He was well beyond noticing that I had gotten fired as well or even listening to me tell him that tidbit of information.

Brian was already sitting at the bar nursing a mixed drink as I pulled up a stool and ordered a beer. I asked him, “How are you doing Brian?” What he said was almost a carbon copy of my experiences on the day. The gal at the job placement place had even offered him the same three hour commute and I found myself getting a little miffed that she had been so loose with "my" job offer.

A guy I had seen at work a few times but who worked at the other end of the building in the executive offices came over after a while to get a drink from the bar. He asked, "You are Joe Michaels, right?"

I replied, "Yeah. Mike, isn’t it?"

"Yes, Mike Reardon. I have seen you around the office. Were you one of the people got riffed Friday?" I nodded as he asked.

"Yeah. And this is Brian Petersen. Him too," I noted as Brian said hello.

Mike continued, "Me also. I guess it was pretty much across the board. I sat there at the boss’s door all day wondering when it would be my turn. There are not that many male executive secretaries."

Mike was a little guy like both Brian and I. He had a spray of thin brown hair he tried to comb over a bald spot in spite of only being in his mid-twenties. "Man, they really did clean house didn’t they?" I noted unnecessarily.

Mike asked, "You guys have any luck with the hunt?"

"Nope. We both got the same offer for the job in Hemsley," I said.

With a laugh Mike said, "What? You do not want to commute five hours a day? I got that offer as well. It must be a real shit job for them to look so far away for somebody to fill the position."

"That would depends on how hungry we all get," I said.

"Yeah. We might all be fighting over it in a couple weeks," Brian said.

There was another outburst from Tiny across the room pertaining to the CEO. "Hey you know, hope you guys do not feel the same way about Mr. Jansen. I was there when the EEOC guys came and told Henry he had to get rid of us and get some girls in there. ‘Or else,’ was what they said,” Mike said. "Henry also told me later that if he did not comply they had threatened him with a $3 million fine that would shut down the business altogether."

"Yeah I heard the same thing," Brian said.

"I do not know how they got so out of balance. Maybe there is just not many qualified women in town," I said.

"That is what Henry told them. He said it was not that he actively discriminated against women. Just that the only people he could find to do the jobs were guys," Mike replied.

About that time, Tiny tried for a behind the back pool shot and fell off the pool table on his ass. His friends had more than a little trouble getting him back on his feet and launched into an extended argument about whether it was time for him to go home and sleep it off or not. When the bartender decided to help decide the matter, Tiny took a drunken swing at him and got escorted to the door. Suddenly the place was much quieter.

Brian had finished another scotch and water, Mike had just ordered his second with us and had at least one before he came over, and I was on my third beer and a good little buzz. We were all at the break point where we could still talk rationally and would remember what we were saying but far enough along that talk was much more fluid than normal. It crossed my mind several times that this would be a good time to quit, find something for dinner or get a good night’s sleep, and continue with the job search the next day. But like all good intentions this one went by the boards as Mike ordered another for each of us.

It was after six when Mrs. Rodgers came through the door and sat down at the bar a few chairs away from me. She ordered a gin and tonic and thanking the bartender profusely. I asked her trying to be friendly, "Tough day, Mrs. Rodgers?"

She looked over and smiled at me, "Miserable, Joe. The second worst day of my life. Friday was the worst but today came close."

"Still having trouble with the hiring?" Brian asked over my shoulder.

"You just could not believe what they have been sending me, guys. Air heads! Wives who want to work for a month but need to quit when the baby is due. Old gals who have never seen a computer and tell me they think they can do it better on a typewriter. Three high school girls complete with bubble gum and no skills whatsoever," she said, shaking her head. "It is terrible!" she summarized. She finished her drink in a gulp and signaled for another.

"I know some guys who would be willing to fill in," Brian said.

She got her drink and looked around for a softer place to sit. Then she said, "Damn, don’t I wish!" I knew from experience that women, in general do not like sitting at the bar. Particularly when they are alone. She picked up her drink and headed for an open booth.

"I feel like such a hog taking up a whole booth by myself. Would you guys like to join me?" We agreed and joined her in the big booth.

"Are any of you having any luck with work?" she asked and, of course, got all the negative head shakes. I introduced Mike but she already knew him from her more frequent contact with the CEO’s office.

"We all got offered the same job in Hemsley," I noted.

Mrs. Rodgers eye became wide as she drank, "Hemsley! My God, that is three hours away!"

"We are all very aware of that," Mike said. "Otherwise we would probably be fighting over it."

"You poor guys," she said.

"Poor Mrs. Rodgers," I said.

"I will drink to that," she said and did exactly that.

We filled in some details of our days while she filled in more details of her day and we all commiserated for a while. Among other things, she told us about the emergency meeting the human resources department had held for all the department heads in the morning and how they really did not have any ideas for them.

"The only good idea I have heard since this started was Joe’s," she said and I wondered what she was talking about. "You remember Joe?"

I am sure I looked blank. I certainly did not remember any idea I would have had.

"Joe suggested you just become girls. Then all of our problems would be over," she said. We all laughed loudly.

Mike picked up a napkin and pulled it over his bald head, pursed his lips and in a falsetto voice said, "Oh Joe, you silly boy!"

I tried it, too, and about choked responding to him. We talked for a while more about how we wished we could do it since it would solve our problems. Brian took us all by surprise. "You know, if we were serious, we could this no problem."

I looked at him just trying to figure out what he was saying, "We could what? Be girls?"

Brian shrugged his shoulders, “Sure. Didn’t you ever wear something of your mom’s or your sister’s or something when you were a kid?" Of course I had. My girl cousins had dressed me head to toe in their clothes once. But I sure as hell was not going to say it. It was probably lucky that I thought before I opened my mouth because it gave Mike a chance to speak first.

"My parents left me at home overnight once when I was in high school and I had a chance to try on a bunch of my mom’s clothes," he said with a blush.

"How did you look?" Mrs. Rodgers asked.

"Why beautiful, of course," he said, returning to the napkin trick.

"I tried it too a couple of times," Brian said. "I even went to a Halloween party once dressed as Scarlet O’Hara and won the prize for best costume."

"No kidding?" I asked. "I cannot quite see you with red hair." We all laughed.

"I think you would all be surprised. I know a lot of women who look more masculine than any of you," she started. Mrs. Rodgers continued, "Mind you I am not demeaning your masculinity. It is just that these women are really pretty manly and if they did not wear makeup and the right clothes, I am sure you would not know for sure."

"I have seen some people that I wondered whether they were guys or girls," I noted.

"Well, you would be surprised at what some very pretty women look like when they do not have their makeup on. And if as they say the clothes make the man, then they really make the woman. Half the women in the world would be confused for guys if they had their breasts bound and were not wearing a skirt."

We got another round of drinks and began to think. I do not know what Mike and Brian were thinking, but I sure as hell knew what I was thinking. Wondering would be more like it I guess.

"You know," Mrs. Rodgers said into the silence that had descended over the table. "The human resources people are trying to find people who can do the work. Women, of course. There is nothing in the job description about being pretty women.

"You would be amazed at how much I would be willing to overlook to find some women to replace you guys."

With that statement we all thought for some more.

"Of course, there are a lot of people still working with us who know you guys and we do not want any more trouble with the EEOC. But, how often did you get down to my shop when you were working for Henry, Mike?"

Mike laughed. "Never."

"And you guys? How often did you go to the CEO’s office?" We just smiled. She knew we never did. We finished our drinks and Mrs. Rodgers decided it was time to leave. "If there is anything I can do to help any of you in your job search, you know," she added as a smiling afterthought, "just let me know."

She left us, each thinking about the same thing, I think, but no one sharing their thoughts. I worked hard and tried everything I could think of from talking to the grocery store owner to city government, looking for a job. In the process, I got sincere shakes of the head, many ‘sorry’, and a couple of horse laughs when I tried for a job on a loading dock. But not even a possible distant chance of a job.

So on Friday, I went shopping.

A stop at a drugstore supplied a small stock of makeup supplies and a can of hair spray. A stop at a department store supplied a black skirt, a cheap white brassiere, a pair of pantyhose, and a blouse in a woman’s style and silky material but a man’s cut with collar, button front, and long sleeves. A nervous few minutes in a self-serve shoe store gained a pair of plain white flat women’s shoes that I tried on quickly as I stood in the aisle. A discount store supplied a few pieces of costume jewelry that were probably the hardest thing to think of an explanation. After all, would a man buy his girlfriend a handful of cheap plastic bracelets, necklaces, and clip-on earrings or a watch almost guaranteed to stop working within a few weeks just by its $15 price tag? Rather than trying, I decided to just ignore the salesgirl questioning glances in favor of a thorough inspection of a TV Guide.

That set up an afternoon of experimentation and little failures. It took thirty seconds in front of the mirror to realize the mascara I had bought was much too dark and that I had not gotten an eyebrow pencil at all. I washed my face thoroughly and tossed the mascara. I went to a nearby pharmacy and watched what I was doing more carefully. I added something called a makeup base.

Having only gotten as far as a thorough shave on the last take, I did better this time except for the makeup base. I looked like I had put the goop on with a spoon and my entire face was exactly the same color. I looked dead. I washed my face again and tossed the makeup base. I just hoped I did not need it because it was a deal breaker.

The eyebrow pencil was easy enough to apply. Like painting with a crayon. But when I was done coloring in every hair, I looked like a blond Brooke Shields with enough eyebrow to take over my entire face.

I decided I might as well try the mascara since I did not expect any better luck with it. In the process of putting the stuff on my eyelashes, I also put it on my eyelids and cheeks and nose. Maybe eye shadow would cover it and I would be able to carefully wash it off cheeks and nose. That was one of a few good laughs I had during the day. Sparkling silver eye shadow was not for me. I looked worse than Tammy Fay.

Do it all I decided, and put on the lipstick. At least I had some idea of how to put it on from watching my mother when I was a kid. She had done it as if it were nothing, a dozen times a day.

I stayed in the lines, did not put too much on, and did not end up with alternating red teeth. That is about all I could say for it. Standing back from the mirror, my first thought was strictly a fear reaction. This was only slightly enhanced by baring my teeth in a snarl. I had done the best with the lipstick but it was far too dark for my light complexion and blond hair.

I tried brushing my hair loosely and even spraying it with the sticky hair spray. It looked like I just got out of bed when I was finished and made the fright mask complete. I did theatrical routines from movies for myself for a while. None of them were very good theater but they were better theater than I was a girl.

This time I washed my entire head and, even with my hair recently dried and sticking up all over, thought it a tremendous improvement. Okay. So I was almost convinced.

Stripping down to shorts, I wrestled with the bra for a while, stuffing a pair of socks in each C cup. They were lumpy but impressive. I posed for myself. I sat down on the bed and put on the pantyhose. I got them to my knees before putting my finger through the strange, sheer material. Although the blond hair on my legs is virtually invisible, the pantyhose seemed to be bristling with it.

The skirt was okay and the shoes fit. Little successes. The blouse was the right size but unfortunately followed the contours of the lumpy bra perfectly and did not want to stay tucked in the back of the skirt when I sat down.

The costume jewelry looked like the junk it is. Little girl toys hanging, dangling, or interfering. Even with a good rap, the watch did not work straight out of the box and just added to the ‘little girl playing with mommy’s things’ look. That was the second laugh of the day. When I looked in the full length mirror on the bathroom door.

I thought I had seen this girl once in junior high waiting at one side of a gymnasium during one of those enforced "dances" they made attend. She is the one some guy finally had to take onto the gym floor who looked over the top of his head as they shuffled around trying not to step on each other too hard.

If I had to take this nightmare out in public, I thought, I would have to kill myself in preference to facing anyone I knew the truth. The kidding would be impossible to avoid. "Where did you find her, Joe? The city pound or the pig farm? Ha ha ha!"

Mrs. Rodgers had said a girl did not have to be pretty. But she did not say she could be totally repulsive either. So any chance I had at this desperate last ditch attempt looked destined for failure. I was glad I was not wearing mascara when my eyes filled with tears. It took half the time to get out of the "ensemble", into pants and a shirt, and out the door on the way to the bar. This "effort" definitely deserved a couple of beers.

I had just ordered my second beer when Brian sat down on the stool next to me, looking as depressed as I felt.

"Hi Joe," he said and sounded as bad as he looked. "Any luck today?"

I replied, "Nope, how about you?"

Brian said, "There is not a single damned job in this entire town. I do not think anybody retires or dies or anything."

"If there is, I do not know where it is," I replied

He looked around as if trying to see if we were being overheard. Whispering Brian said, "Did you try the other thing?"

Acting puzzled I said, "You mean dressing?" "Yeah, yeah," I said. I did not want to go too far, "That is what I did with my day today. It was a miserable failure."

To my amazement Brian said, "I did too, the night before last. There is no way it would work. I was too afraid to even buy clothes let alone wear them in public."

I replied, "I did okay with that. No problems really. They just looked like shit on me and the makeup was a disaster."

Admittedly Brian responded, "Yeah, I did that part also. Got stuff all over my face but it did not look realistic at all."

We drank our beers. "Tiny got a job. I saw him out at the Roadside last night." The Roadside was a rough bar out on the road out of town. "He is a bouncer."

I had been there exactly once and saw two fights while I finished one beer. I asked, "What were you doing there?"

"I decided I had to try everything possible before I pack up and try to figure out which direction to move," Brian responded.

"Sorry to hear that. That you are thinking about moving, I mean," I replied.

Brian continued, "It is obvious there is not anything at all here. I could not even talk to the manager at the Roadside. He laughed when he saw me. Said I would make the patrons laugh too hard if I was tending bar."

I said, "You could get killed out there Brian. I almost did in about fifteen minutes the only time I ever went out there."

Nodding his head Brian said, "Scary place." He finished his beer and ordered another for each of us.

We were so far into our miseries, Mrs. Rodgers took us by surprise when she put her hands on our shoulders. "Hi guys. How are you doing?"

Brian shook his head while I answered, "Been better."

"Order me a gin and tonic and a scotch and water then come over to join us," she said. She walked toward the booth we had sat at a couple of nights before. I noticed she slid into it beside another woman I could see only from the knee down. That looked interesting.

In a few minutes, we gained the two drinks and each picked up one with our own and walked to the booth. Brian slid into the booth first before I sat down. I looked at the second woman with interest. She was quite interesting.

Before she said anything or looked up from the drink Brian had sat in front of her, I scanned what I could see. Nicely done brunette hair at shoulder length with a little inward wave, parted in the middle. Pretty, full lips. An unremarkable white blouse over a lacy looking white bra that I roughly estimated at about a B cup. I had seen the hem of a gray skirt at that knee I had seen before and simple gray pumps at the end of that well-turned calf.

She looked up at me and blinked unremarkable brown eyes surrounded by a minimum of mascara that I now recognized as a good, sensible treatment. I thought her little nose was cute. Then she smiled at my inspection and I felt that little flutter inside that said a pretty girl had just smiled at you.

"Leslie, this is Brian and Joe," Mrs. Rodgers said, pointing in our general directions. The girl held out her hand in a loose, feminine way that I never knew how to respond to handshake or gentler finger shake. She took my hand in a soft handshake that was both feminine and businesslike. I liked that. We both said hi and she responded in a slightly throaty, low voice that I liked.

"Leslie started working for me yesterday," Mrs. Rodgers said. "And she is already invaluable, taking a little of the load you guys left for me." I frowned to myself. It was not her fault that she had found somebody halfway decent to replace us. In fact, I had to be happy for her. "It sounded like you guys are not having much luck," She continued.

"To say the least," I said and Brian seconded the thought.

Brian said, "You know if there is not a dog catcher in this town? Though if they needed one I could not get hired."

"All the ditch digger jobs are filled as well," I added.

"Oh, you two do sound down." Mrs. Rodgers chimed in.

"And with good reason," I pointed out.

Mrs. Rodgers asked, "Have you thought any more about my proposal?"

Brian choked on a sip of beer and I fought a glob of stomach that had just leaped behind my Adam’s apple.

"We even tried that with such disastrous results we both ended up here independently with the same thoughts," I replied.

"Involving drowning our sorrows," Brian added.

"Tell me about it," she said. I looked from her open face to the girl’s. She smiled again and sipped her drink. That was the first I had noticed the long, red fingernails.

"Can we just say it would not work," I noted for the record. I was not going to get into particulars in front of the girl.

"Was it the mascara or the hair?" the girl said in a sultry voice, her mouth breaking into a self-satisfied smile. A smirk, I thought. A knowing smile. She had me stopped cold. I could not, would not, and did not know how to respond or even to clear my clenched throat.

I looked at Mrs. Rodgers with the question on my lips. Why did you tell her? I felt like I had been betrayed.

"Hey, Joe. Did you fucking try it or not?" It had come from the girl but with none of the demure sweetness. This had sounded like Mike.

Suddenly the pretty, smiling face seemed to swim in my vision and reform under a small spray of brown hair across a shining bald pate. I choked on a sip of beer I had not started to take yet. Brian, not under that dazzling glare of attention from the girl, said it. "Mike?" She looked at him. " look great!"

Her smile spread and I thought she was one of the most gorgeous women I had ever seen she did look feminine.

I had stopped at my apartment to get my stuff and arrived at Mrs. Rodgers’ in ten minutes flat. So quickly in fact, that they had only just arrived when I did and had not got the key out of the front door lock.

"Do you have anything to do this weekend?" Mrs. Rodgers had said in the bar after Brian and I tumbled to Mike.

Brian’s answer had been, "Well, are we ready to go?" His eyes glowed with excitement as he looked from one to the other of us.

"Where do we start?" I asked with equal exuberance when Mike, Mrs. Rodgers, and I were safely inside her house.

"Well, you start by taking a bath, not a shower. With some bath oil and the soap that is in the tray. After you have soaked for a while, soap a leg really well and use the safety razor next to the tub to shave. When you are done there should not be a hair I can see from your neck to your toes."

I looked at Mike, who was sitting with "her" legs crossed on the couch. I thought if I could look just a tenth as good then I would be a in for a job at the office. I was in the bathtub before I realized I had not brought any of the clothes with me but I dismissed it and settled into the rapidly rising hot water. The smell of the scented oil heavy in the steamy air. I had been in there for a while when I heard the doorbell ring and Brian being greeted. From what I could hear, he had stopped at a liquor store for a case of beer and bottles of scotch and gin.

I could not believe that getting my fine blond fuzz off my legs was as difficult as it was. Every little scrape clogged the twin blades again and required clearing. It did not take long before I established a regular pattern of long stroke, shake in the water, and brush off the remainder. When I thought I was done, I rubbed my pink streaked leg and felt the considerable leftovers and started over with the soap. Thank goodness I thought, I did not have any chest hair. Certainly doing my underarms was tough enough and took almost as long as my legs. I was on the last armpit when Mike the beautiful girl came into the room and giggled when I ducked for cover under a washrag blushing all over. I watched her with great interest as she collected my clothes and sat a pair of lacy panties on the edge of the sink.

"How are you doing?" she asked.

I replied, "I am almost done. Where are you going with my pants?"

"You will not need them for a while. Come out when you are ready," she said as she left.

I checked everywhere for hairs before giving up and getting out of the slippery water. I thoroughly dried myself off and took a little longer to dry my hair. I knew I was procrastinating as I looked at the panties for quite a while to figure out which way was front. For one thing, the label was over a leg instead of in the back. I purposely had not bought panties so I knew these were not mine. If I had, I would have bought something with a little more to them than this. Resigned, I stepped into them and pulled them into place.

I looked around for a comb or a brush but there was not one in the room. I tried instead to finger comb it into place with minimal positive effect as it mostly was standing on end. I finally gave and opened the door. Mrs. Rodgers looked up with a friendly welcoming look. Mike, no I was going to have to remember "she" was Leslie, looked at me with the most seductive look I have ever seen.

"I hope you do not mind too much, Joe. We looked at your things," Mrs. Rodgers said. "I suppose you know that, with the exception of the skirt and blouse, this is all garbage."

I only replied, "I could not afford better or I would have gotten something better."

"It looks more like you snatched the first thing you found off the rack or counter and ran out of the store," Leslie said with another grin.

"There is nothing wrong with the things," Mrs. Rodgers continued. "They are just wrong for you."

"Besides, you did not have any panties and you cannot feel like a woman without them," Leslie added.

"Okay, now put on your bra," Mrs. Rodgers said and I tried. Leslie showed me how to fasten the back fastener in front of my stomach, turn it around right, and then put my arms in the straps. It was a lot easier that way. When it was in place Mrs. Rodgers carefully placed a heavy plastic bag in each cup.

"My mother, bless her soul, had breast cancer," she explained. "She used to say that if she was going to use ‘falsies’ then she was going to enjoy it and got a bunch of different sizes." I looked at the way they moved in the bra cups and chuckled with Leslie when she bounced them on her palms.

"As a sort of general rule," Mrs. Rodgers said, "it is better for you guys to play down a little. No see-through blouses or really short skirts or spike heels. And I probably would have advocated a little smaller breast size for you. But since you already had the C-cup bra, I thought we might as well fill it out. Maybe it is right for you."

"Put on your pantyhose," Leslie said. I sat down and did as I was told. We decided we would have to replace them when she noticed the hole I had put in them.

Brian came out of another room I thought must be Mrs. Rodgers’ bedroom, all pink, spiky haired, and wearing a pair of blue panties. He looked every bit as nervous as I had been when I came out of the bathroom.

"Leslie, why don’t you go into my room and help, let us see. Jody. Does that sound okay to you, honey?" Jody is my new name? Interesting. I nodded and smiled.

"Okay. Take Jody into the bedroom and help with the rest. Okay?" Leslie smiled at me as I got up. When I followed her into the bedroom, I felt the pantyhose on my legs for the first time. Now that I had shaved my legs, they felt great. They seemed to move and almost caress my sensitized skin as I walked. It was a funny and enjoyable feeling.

"Now watch what I do," Leslie said as she got out a fingernail file and tiny scissors. "Because I am not going to do everything." It was not going to be the last time she said that or that I would have to do it myself in the future. She carefully trimmed the corners of a nail that I had let get too long though she left the longest center part. She used a funny shaped stick and pushed at the cuticle and then filed the tip. Then she turned me loose on the rest and sat back with her elbows on the bed and watched while I continued the process with the other fingers. I could not help notice the way her breasts moved under the blouse or the way her skirt pulled up onto her thighs. Surprising how comfortable she looked as a woman.

"You must have made a decision right away after we all talked Monday," I noted.

"I came home with Margaret Monday night and she showed me the things I am showing you," she said.

"You look great! I really thought you were a woman when I saw you at the bar," I told her honestly. She smiled all over.

"The first couple of days are really scary. Everything is so new, but you get the hang of it pretty fast,” Leslie replied.

I asked, "And you started work Wednesday?"

"That was the hardest and scariest of all. Walking into the building and past some of my friends up front. Talking to Margaret was easy, of course, and I pretty well knew that I had the job before I went in.

"Sitting down with the other people in your old department and getting grilled about myself was tough. But pretty soon, I got involved in the job and it pretty much took my mind off myself a little," Leslie said.

"I will bet there is a lot to remember," I said.

Leslie nodded and said, "Funny little things, and maybe big things like the first time I used the women’s room," she blushed. "You do not realize how you have been conditioned all your life to stay out of the ladies’ until you are standing there with your hand on the door. And things like making sure to watch your skirt and sitting up right. All those things."

I was finished with the clipping and filing. She sat up and got a bottle of clear fingernail polish and opened it. "This is base coat," she explained. "It seals up all the ridges and makes them smoother." She painted the thumbnail and one other before handing the applicator to me. It was harder to do than it looked but I got the hang of it as I went on. She took care of the bottle while I tried to get it to dry without touching anything. It dried quickly and she opened a bottle of pink fingernail polish and did my thumb again before handing me the applicator. This was harder because you did not want to leave part of the nail showing but you could not get it on your finger either.

Leslie said, "When you are done, start over with the first nail again and put on another coat." I did it finally, getting better at it as I went. She provided another bottle that said ‘seal’ on it as she took the polish and put it away.

We talked more about work, getting into a batch of the stuff I knew from doing the job for as long as I had. And she explained how Margaret had taken her shopping Tuesday and helped her get several mix and match outfits without spending very much money. Of course, that had been scary for her too. She kidded me because, she said, that was the plan for Brian and I Saturday so we would see exactly what it felt like.

Finally, I was done and they had dried to a high gloss sheen as good as most cars’ paint jobs.

"Okay now, this is the really hard part and there is not enough to it for you to practice right now. Watch carefully and tomorrow you can do it yourself." First she used the fingernail scissors and carefully trimmed my eyebrows, cutting the lower part and the outsides very short so what you could see of them was slightly lifted at the outside ends and much narrower.

She took the same eyebrow pencil I had used with such disastrous results and applied just a little in an arch which lifted at the edges. I looked from inches away at what she had done and thought I could copy it.

The mascara, she said, was the hardest for her but with short outward strokes, she colored my eyelashes perfectly to just a minimum and it brought out my eyes without looking at all fake.

The lipstick she chose from Margaret’s table was almost a perfect match for the pink on my fingernails. She carefully traced the upper edges of the top lip and the lower of the bottom lip and had me purse them as my mother had. There did not even seem to be more than a touch of the color where my lips met.

"You are lucky Jody. Your beard is so light, you should not have to wear any makeup base. But if you ever do, make sure it is just a little lighter than your normal skin color and only use it where you absolutely have to and powder it afterward."

She looked at me critically for a minute. "I do not think you are going to want to use any eye shadow at all. Particularly in the daytime. But if you do at night, I would use blue to bring out your eyes. They are so pretty."

She smiled at her work so far and turned to a closet. "I hate to say it, but I am glad Margaret’s mom had breast cancer. She has all sorts of neat things because of it." In the closet, she reached up to a shelf and brought down a box. "Oh, neat!" I could see why she said it when she held up a mop of blond hair that extended from her hand to her elbow as she used the other hand to fluff it out and untangle it.

"Brush your hair flat and to the side so you do not look like a scarecrow after you take this off," she said, bringing it to me and watching as I did as I was told. Then she settled it on my head like a cap and pulled down at the sides. Before she had gotten it on, I saw that the underside of it and it looked like a net cap almost like a swimming cap for a woman but without the ear flaps.

She pulled and tugged at the cap over most of my hair before opening another drawer and finding some bobby pins. She put two in the front straight back and almost into my scalp, then two at the back just below my crown from the outsides in. It felt secure but strange. She then took the brush away from me and lightly did the sides and back over my shoulders before making light little strokes that moved pieces of hair onto my forehead.

"Wow, you are going to like this!" she said and I started to look in the mirror. "No, wait! Get your skirt and blouse on first and then you can look at the whole thing." She was grinning with excitement as I stepped into the skirt and started buttoning the blouse.

"That is hard, isn’t it?" she said. "The buttons are all backwards. I wonder why they did that." It was hard but I soon had it done.

"Tuck it in a little and I will show you a trick," she said and moved to the hem of my skirt as I tucked it in. "This is easier and better, too." She jerked on the tail of the blouse all around, pulling it down tight, before letting go of the skirt and smoothing it down.

"I will find you a belt while you put these on," she said and handed me a pair of white high heels a lot like the grey ones she was wearing. They were simple and had only two inch heels or so but I was sure I would fall on my face trying to walk in them. As I stood up, she put a six inch wide white belt around my waist and cinched up three different little buckles at least two holes tighter than I thought would probably be comfortable.

"You are going to LOVE this!" she blubbered as she took my hand and led me into the dark bathroom off the bedroom. She led me to the middle of the dark room and left me standing there, trying to decide if I was going to fall over from the strange forward tilt of my ankles.

"Ready?" she asked and I said yes. She flicked on the brilliant bathroom light and I looked into the eyes of a stranger. I had to refocus my eyes to see that it was not someone else in the bathroom. I moved and the stranger moved as well.

There was a girl in the mirror in front of me. I resisted looking over my shoulder to see if she was really there. Black skirt, white blouse, long shapely legs to white pumps considerable tits that lifted the blouse flatteringly. Slim waist held by the white belt.

I looked up again, to see pretty blue eyes that seemed to hold you to them. Moderate pink lips that pointed out the pink fingertips that were slowly exploring the face. Beautifully long blond hair in a slight disarray. Loose and easy and almost falling to those full breasts and splitting over each shoulder.

I smiled and she smiled back engagingly at Leslie. Her eyes sparkled and smiled back. She walked behind me, looking over my shoulder, and put her arms around me. "You are gorgeous! Will you still be my friend?"

I laughed, "You are kidding!"

"If I was a guy, I would give anything to get you into bed." I looked into her eyes reflected in the mirror as she spoke.

"You know in the bar, I thought that you were one of the prettiest women I have ever seen," I said. "But you are right. If I was a guy, I would fuck the blond in a heartbeat." We laughed together.

Margaret’s eyes twinkled when she looked at me walking into the living room. The girl sitting between us, turned her head when she saw Margaret’s look past her and I got another start.

"Brianna was just saying that she bet you would be really pretty. She was certainly right."

“Brianna?" I said, grinning.

"You are wow!" she said in an almost disembodied masculine voice that did not seem possible from her delicate red lips. The red highlights were plain in the auburn haired girl’s short hair. Her green eyes, huge in her pale face, enlarged with surprise as she looked at me.

I replied, "You think it is okay?"

"Oh, Jody! It is impossible!" She stood up and walked confidently around the chair she had been sitting in. She was wearing dark brown pants, short heeled beige sandals that red toenails peeked out of a red and yellow silk shirt that stood out moderately at the chest with the collar turned up and large red and yellow flower earrings. A matching red and yellow series of stone flowers set in gold settings marched around her neck over the shirt. The auburn hair, short but full and curly, had to be her own. Three large, bright colored dinner rings sparkled from her fingers as her hands came up as if reaching for my chest. "Spectacular!" she said with a large smile as I saw she was inspecting my tits making me blush..

"Brian-na, you look wonderful," I stumbled over her new name.

"Yeah, I saw in the mirror. This is going to work, but I do not look anything like you. I mean, I look like a girl I know that but nobody is going to get a hard-on when I walk in the room." Her eyes looked lustful as she looked me up and down from this close perspective.

There is only so much praise a girl can handle and maintain any modesty. I looked past her to Margaret who was still sitting on the couch with the huge smile. "So girls, what do you think? Is it possible?"

"I am still really scared," I said and Brianna nodded.

Brianna said, "Me too, but you look so great."

I continued, "So do you! You look like the girl next door. Definitely a girl but easygoing, you know?"

"Yeah, that is what I wanted exactly." She smiled cutely. "At least I am not going to have to worry all day about getting felt up."

"Come and sit down," Margaret said and we all chose seats, carefully sitting down. At least I did because of the skirt pulled above my knees. Brianna sat down easily and I envied her pants. Leslie stopped and asked if we wanted drinks. I practically begged for a beer and Brianna seconded it with a chuckle.

She brought us beers and glasses that Margaret told us to use in a few seconds. She returned to make hers and Margaret’s. We just made small talk about fingernail color and my wig and her jewelry until Leslie got back and sat down.

"Okay, ladies. We have got some work to do," Margaret said.

She was certainly right. For the next three hours, she drilled Brianna and I particularly on walking, talking, sitting in a dozen ways and situations, gestures, and the fine points of makeup and hair that we had now had a successful experience with. We discussed the options for each of us concerning all of these things and even discussed what we would do on Monday to try for jobs.

It amazed me that we were all chattering like crazy, sharing fears and hopes for our new situations, and speculating on everything. Suddenly, unlike a few hours before in the bar, we had a future and we were looking forward to it. Finally, we were winding down and I could see quite a bit of work to get ready to go home. At least I had to change clothes and wash my face. I said so and both Margaret and Leslie smiled and shook their heads.

"We have plans for tomorrow, Jody," Margaret said. "It will be much easier if you just stay here for the night."

Not waiting for any kind of agreement from Brianna and I, who were still sitting with our mouths open trying to decide if this was a good idea. She got up and went to her bedroom. A minute later, she came back with a piece of white fluff in one hand and a black one in the other. Momentarily hesitating, she finally handed me the white and Brianna the black.

I held it up in front of myself and saw that it was mostly white lace with elastic under the breasts and a short silky skirt.

"Leave the panties and bras on. And, Jody, leave the wig, too. In the morning, you will be surprised at how much more comfortable you are with it all,” Margaret said.

"You will want to wash your face though," Leslie added.

Brianna and I got up and went to the bedroom as we had obviously been directed. I washed my face of the mascara and lipstick and looked in the mirror. With the wig still on, I was surprised that I still looked like a girl. I stayed in the bathroom to take off my stockings, skirt and blouse before putting on the white nightgown.

"Can I use the sink," Brianna said when she opened the door. I glanced in her direction and smiled. She looked cute in the black negligee. She grinned back and came the rest of the way in.

"That is going to look good on you," she said. "I do not fill this one out very well." She lifted the front of the black nightgown and blushed. She looked like a pixy.

"It looks right on you," I said, getting out of her way. While she washed her face, I had the opportunity to look at her. She had thin boyish legs and hips. Not male adult at all. And a cute butt I almost patted. I was sure that would not be appreciated, of course.

She washed and dried her face and looked refreshed and slightly flushed when she turned back to face me. Feeling the carpet on our bare feet, we went back to the living room together.

The couch was a hide-a-bed that Margaret and Leslie were just finished making. It looked inviting and they said good night and went to the bedroom. As Brianna and I got into bed and turned out the lights, we heard them getting ready and then everything got quiet.

"Quite a day, huh," Brianna said beside me in the dark living room.

Agreeing I said, "Yeah. Not the sort of thing you would have expect at all. Right?"

"I did not think it was possible at first but now I do. I think we can really pull it off. I mean, it is not like it is illegal or anything. Right?" Brianna was questioning as she did not know the true answer.

I thought about it then said, "It is not illegal to dress as a woman. I have heard that but I am not sure about what we intend to do at work. I think maybe the EEOC would be a little unhappy."

"Yeah. Well, fuck them. If we get halfway good at this, they could not come in for a day and tell. Maybe people at work will know. I do not know, but as long as they play along when the inspectors are there, it does not matter," Brianna stated.

"Yeah. I do not feel bad about the EEOC. That is for sure. They put the company in as much trouble as us. If there were women beating on the door asking for jobs, maybe it would be different. But there is nobody out there."

She was quiet for quite a while. "I thought I would hate this, you know?"

"I knew it," I said with a smile.

"But I do not. Really, well I do not know. I guess I am getting into it and it is sort of fun," Brianna said touching her nightgown.

"We will see what happens tomorrow," I said. She was quiet again.

I broke the silence, "Yeah. It is going to be scary going out in public do not you think?"

"Yeah." I thought about it Brianna said as I could hear her gulp nervously.

"But at least we will all be together. Safety in numbers, it is not like being alone."

"Yeah," I said. The company did help. I could not imagine my fear and my feelings without them. Maybe I would feel like some kind of pervert. I was thinking like that when I felt her move next to me, turning toward me. Her arm went across my stomach under the bra and her leg across my near leg.

"Jody?" she said. I was still wondering if I liked this or not. "Do you feel like a girl?" I was thinking about it when she helped. Her hand moved up and squeezed my breast form through the nightgown and bra.

"Yeah. Yeah, I do. More than I ever dreamed I would." I put my arm around her narrow shoulders.

"Me, too." She was quiet for a long time but I felt her hand move and squeeze my false breast the whole time. It felt good and I was responding, swelling in my panties. "Does it turn you on? Dressing? It does me."

"Yeah," I sighed.

"It is funny, Jody," she said from close to my ear. "I feel gay."

"Yeah, I sort of do also. It is all mixed up," I replied

"I feel like a lesbian," she said and twisted my mind around 180 degrees. I thought about it. I did not feel like a gay guy. She had hit it right on the head.

"Yeah. That is what I have been feeling too. With Leslie when she was helping me. I got turned on but it was as much from looking at her as anything," she said. Brianna seemed to stiffen and I knew what the problem was. It was pretty insensitive of me not to think before I said anything.

"When I saw you in the living room, that is what I thought, too," I added and she loosened a little. "I thought, what a pretty girl. I would like to get in her pants."

Her hand moved on my bra tentatively. There was a long silence.

"You could," she said and, my mind was spinning so fast, I was not sure what the reference was to. "If you wanted."

I tried running my thoughts in reverse to try to pull out what she was saying and finally remembered my statement. Then I went into a quandary about what I had said. After all, it was a saying. I did not really want to do it or did I? Now I was thinking furiously.

That is when she moved. Slowly, she raised slightly over me and her lips covered mine. I know I should have reacted differently than putting my arms around her. And surely that moan could not be mine. But the picture that sprung into my mind had no relationship to reality.

I should have thought that I am a guy laying here with another guy wrapped around me. That was hard reality, of course. I might even have rationalized a little and thought that I am a guy laying here a cute little auburn haired pixy in my arms. I was deluding myself, maybe I could have thought I was the girl and Brian, my friend, was aggressively taking advantage of me.

But the dislocation was complete. What my mind pictured was the blond I had seen in the mirror earlier, the long clean legs I had practiced walking on in high heels and crossing for hours, and the heavy breasts that were being pressed and rubbed and that had bobbed and bounded with my movements all night. What my mind pictured was the pixyish auburn-haired girl with her cute boyish hips and little tight breasts and cute upturned red lips squirming against me and kissing me almost wildly.

I saw and felt two women enjoying each other’s bodies and getting more involved in each other by the moment. Her tongue sought and found entry between my pink lips and mine fought back playfully. I tasted her lipstick and mine. I tasted her sweet mouth. I smelled her perfume and the bath oil on her skin and the feminine shampoo in her short hair. I felt our breasts pressed together, my leg pressing between her hot legs, her leg pressing against the coarse material of my panties and exciting me.

She sucked hard on my tongue, our wet lipstick smeared lips sliding against each other’s. I could feel her breath puffing out her petite nose onto my cheek. I tried to hold, to suck her tongue as it plunged in and out of my mouth almost wildly and in time with her body’s movements against me.

"Oh Jody. You are so beautiful," she said as she kissed on my ear.

"Brianna. My pixy," I moaned. She kissed my neck and along my chin and across my chest. I tried to stop her, maybe, and she kissed my hand and my fingers. I held her head against my stomach as she sucked one and then another finger and kissed and licked my palm.

"Oh Brianna," I heard myself moan as she squeezed her way between my legs.

When she stopped licking my palm, she was instantly licking the inside of my left thigh instead. Licking and taking tiny exciting nips at the skin. In simple reaction, I was moving it away from her bites. She switched to my right thigh and continued her loving assault.

Spread wide, her fingers and nails tickled at the backs of my thighs and knees, making me vibrate with excitement. Her fingers moved the crotch of my lacy panties to the side and her tongue found the skin where my pussy should be.

I came hard and high, losing myself completely in the orgasm for minutes or maybe hours.

Peripherally, I felt her scrambling up between my legs and locked my ankles behind hers as she began kissing me wildly again.

As my orgasm passed finally, I felt her humping and pumping against my front frantically. I put one hand on her neck and took her long tongue to suck. The other hand found the back of her tiny panties and slid under them to guide her movements.

I rolled my hips up and back not as fast but in rhythm with hers. And I was rewarded with her loud moan in my mouth and her loss of coordination. Her orgasm came in moan driven waves, one after another until it finally passed.

Her head nestled into my shoulder, her breathing loud below my ear as I held her tight against me.

"Thank you, Jody," she sighed sleepily.

I thought about suggesting we clean up. I thought about rolling her to the side, but I fell asleep instead.

When I awoke, I was on my side with Brianna against my front from her neck in front of my lips to the back of her knees against mine. She was still asleep with my arms still around her.

She stirred when I kissed her neck and watched the goose bumps skitter along her skin. Even the softness of her arms looked perfectly right. There were even some freckles on her neck, chest and upper arms to match her auburn hair. The sunlight made the red highlights glisten in the curly tangle.

When I moved away from her curved back, I felt the cool room air displace the overheated space between us. She moaned slightly and rolled onto her back. She smiled in her sleep and I leaned on one elbow and looked at the slightly smeared lipstick around her opened mouth. My thought was that she was unbelievably cute.

Reality intruded when I got to the bathroom and sat on the toilet as, I thought, it only could in this particular position. Part of the reality was the mass of partially dried come in my panties and smeared through my pubic hair disgustingly. I took them off as I sat there and wiped the pubic hair with some toilet paper.

A bath was the first order of business, obviously. As soon as my bladder was empty, I dropped the panties, nightgown, and bra in a wicker hamper, setting the silicone filled breast forms and wig on top. The bath filled with fragrant oils and made me feel good again.

After soaking and washing, I replaced the wig and tiptoed into the bedroom to search the drawers for underwear. Surprisingly, I found them in the first drawer I looked in. A blue pair that had more lace on the bra and less on the panties than those I would worn to bed. I also found a pair of pantyhose that were made of sterner stuff than the sheer ones I had worn before.

I sat down and tried my best to emulate what Leslie had done with the makeup. A little eyebrow pencil, careful mascara, slight lipstick with care to the tops and bottoms of the lips. It looked okay and I could not believe I had done this well.

"I wish I was as beautiful and you are," Brianna’s voice came from behind me. I turned and saw her leaning on one elbow.

"You are”, I smiled. “In a different way, you will really enjoy a bath. It made me feel a thousand percent better."

"Good idea," she said and got out from under the sheet. I thought it was cute the way her bottom wiggled with the way she walked to the bathroom.

In a few minutes, I found a blue skirt and a little white shell top with tiny blue leaves and pink flowers and blue piping around the neck and short sleeves.

"Good morning," Margaret said from the table in the kitchen as she got up. "Would you like coffee?"

"Yes thank you," I replied

"You look very pretty today. Did you do your own makeup?" Leslie said from another chair at the table.

Wondering if I had done something wrong I asked, "Did I do okay?"

"It looks great," she said. "You are a quick study."

"Yes, you look wonderful," Margaret added.

"Thanks, I hope you do not mind me wearing your clothes," I said, indicating the skirt.

"Thank Leslie, they belong to her," Margaret replied.

"Oh, thanks Leslie. The bra fits, but I thought you were a B-cup." I said.

"Yes, I am. I tried a C first, but it just was not for me. You can have those if you want. I think there are three or four in there," offered Leslie

"Thanks, I will pay you back," I smiled.

"Where is the little girl next door?" Leslie asked.

"She is taking a bath. She will be out in a few minutes." I blushed thinking about her and wondered if Leslie and Margaret knew what we had done the night before. If they did, they did not say anything.

"You get to make the choice for breakfast then. I do not do short order cooking so whatever you decide, Brianna will have to live with as well."

"Anything would be fine," I said.

"The choice is eggs and toast or French toast," Margaret said.

"Some scrambled eggs would be great," I said.

"Are you ready or are you watching your waistline, my dear," she added for Leslie.

Leslie replied, "That sounds fine, Margaret."

I sat down and watched while the older woman broke eggs and poured a little milk into a bowl and mixed them with a whisk. A big pad of margarine went into a frying pan and slid to one side right away. When it had melted, she poured in the eggs and filled the bowl with water before putting bread in the toaster. Anyone could see she worked the kitchen well.

"Tada!" Brianna said from the doorway as she walked in wearing a pair of black leggings and a very short plaid dress over a black tee-shirt. It was cute and little girl just like everything but her red lips and fingertips.

Margaret praised her, "Wow, Brianna! That looks perfect on you. Did you pick it out?"

Smiling Brianna said, "Yeah. Like it?"

"It is you and nobody else could wear an outfit like that but it is perfect for you," Margaret said. She served up the eggs and continued to make toast until she finally caught up with us and served herself. Though Brianna and I procrastinated and delayed as much as Margaret and Leslie would let us we ended up in Margaret’s car on the way to the mall thirty minutes later.

I had been shopping with a woman before and was not surprised by the approach to stores and the things in them. But there was a considerable difference when you were the one doing the shopping and the comments like "Oh, isn’t that cute. It would look wonderful ..." were applied to things you had been buying and wearing.

We went into the mall entrance that went through one of the big department stores on the way to the mall concourse. Margaret and Leslie were cooing over a little dress, as I had seen women do before within a few feet of the entrance. But they were cooing over it as "perfect" for me because of the light blues they said would complement my skin tone.

Blushing, I thought I would have support from Brianna in my resistance. She shocked me to open mouthed staring by immediately picking out a little dress for herself and grinning with excitement.

Leslie helped me identify and pick out a copy of the "perfect" dress, and hurrying me to a draped fitting room at the side of the store to try it on. I had no choice now it was either do as they all seemed to want me to or make a much more memorable and embarrassing scene in resisting.

I found myself taking off my camouflage, the blue skirt and blouse, to try on the dress in the first seconds of being there. If I had not been scared to death by my first appearance as a woman outside Margaret’s home or the first steps outdoors or the first steps into the mall, I certainly was then. My hands and insides shook violently with the fear. Fear and excitement, I realized. It helped my self-confidence a lot when I thought the dress fit perfectly and stepped out in front of the others to have my feelings confirmed.

"It fits perfectly, honey," Margaret said and everyone had me turn and poked and straightened and stroked both my ego and the dress. That is how it started and continued in the same way through the racks of that store and the cosmetics counter and a dozen other women’s stores and shoe stores.

By the time we were finished, my savings was almost halved but I had clothes that fit perfectly for all occasions, shoes, recommended cosmetics from the cosmetologist, and some tasteful though inexpensive jewelry. The jewelry store was where I got my ears pierced and small gold posts with complimentary diamonds on them as an introduction.

Leslie was the most restrained, since she had been shopping before, and Brianna was the most outrageous with her purchases. Outrageous that is, in the numbers of things and not necessarily the styles. She was very conservative in picking the longest skirts of the three of us and the fewest really outrageous things like corsets, which Leslie and I both got, and garter belts.

Leslie bought the highest heels at five inches, but I bought the ones everybody thought were the sexiest, to including the male shoe clerk. They were black patent leather city pumps with sharp pointed toes and heels about three inches high with an ankle strap. They covered nothing else and reshaped my legs to something that got whistles from everyone.

Of course, most of the things were functional. Skirts and blouses that were interchangeable, two suits for each of us, A-line and shirt-cut dresses. Of course we all bought panties, bras, slips, and nightgowns even though Margaret told us that the ones in her apartment that had belonged to her mother and sister were ours as well if they fit and we wanted them.

We made an agreement between us that anything that we had that another one of us could wear, was fair game. We stopped at the drive-thru window of McDonald’s on the way home and, in the last few blocks, Margaret asked us to stay at her house as long as we needed to get ourselves together.

We had drinks and a two hour style show with all of us participating before sliding into new negligee to talk over our situations some more. Brianna and I cuddled and giggled again until we fell asleep.

Sunday was the most distressing day I had since the day Margaret laid me off, but for a very strange reason. Leslie, we learned, had been living with Margaret since the Monday night before after we had all talked at the bar. Her decision to stay had been made before the offer for Brianna and I to stay as well had even been offered. Brianna considered it, decided she should return to her own apartment, and then said she would stay if I did.

I was confused and could not decide. Of course I liked all three of them. Of course I enjoyed what we had been doing since Friday. Of course I was on a high from all the attention and compliments I got from the rest of them.

But I have been a bachelor with my own home for several years and I have been a male all my life. I was balancing my solitude and "free" space against a complete life changing moment. It was not easy to make a decision, to say the least.

There were several things in my apartment that I was concerned about or needed if I was moving, even temporarily. So, after a long leisurely breakfast in our negligees, I decided I needed to make that trip. I was not overly excited about it, but Brianna asked if she could come along.

My problem was that I was not ready for my neighbors to see some strange blond going into my apartment. I had to go dressed normally which seem difficult for me that day.

I went to the bathroom and washed my face thoroughly and stored my wig before combing my hair as I had for the last twenty years. It looked exceedingly strange though my face looked fairly normal with my now nondescript eyes, unremarkable mouth, and plain general look. I took the gold post out of my right ear, knowing several guys who had earrings in the left ear but not both.

In the closet, I found my slacks, underwear, shirt, socks and shoes and arranged them to put on. But when I looked at the slightly soiled day-old underpants, decided to wear the panties I already had on instead. It actually felt strange to take the bra off and replace it with a shirt.

Brianna spent this time dressing in a cute dress and putting on makeup and strangely I envied her. I put on my socks and felt the strangeness of my pants over shaved legs. They felt ten times more different than the pantyhose had only two days before.

I stepped into my shoes, that also felt sloppy loose and then checked myself in the full length mirror. My first instinct was feminine in the way I looked at myself and with another almost painful dislocation I jerked my mind into a more masculine pose. In general, I thought I looked like shit but I recognized it for exactly how I had looked for years. What a depressing thought.

When I went back to the kitchen to tell Margaret and Leslie that I was off to the apartment and would be back in an hour or two. They showed little signs of actually disapproving of the way I looked for the first time in two days. Since I felt the same way, I could not blame them. Brianna came into the room behind me in a calf length red plaid skirt and puffy white blouse that only she could get away with.

"Can I come along?" she said. For a second, I thought no. Then I realized it would be perfectly in character for me to bring her to the apartment with me and that no one would look twice.

A smile appeared on my face as I said "Sure! Yeah, I guess. If you want to."

She grinned and did a feminine finger wave to Margaret and Leslie before taking my arm as we went to my car out front. Getting into this in a big way, she waited for me to open the passenger door for her before getting in and unlocking my side for me.

She took my arm again when we reached my apartment.

Some of the apartment house kids were out on the lawn in front when we went in and, since I had played a little lawn football with them before, waved to me before going on with their game.

Mrs. Powell, one of the new wives from the other end of the outside walk that went in front of our apartments, passed us and said hello to me. I returned it as she went off to the parking lot.

"Brianna. There is some beer in the refrigerator if you want one. I just need to put together a little bag with some stuff in it," I said and she nodded.

The first thing I needed was my electric razor since I had never shaved with a blade before and figured that I would kill myself if I had to starting now. I had not needed to shave at all since Friday morning but I knew I had better before I left to go to an interview the next day.

I also got my own toothbrush and toothpaste and a few other things from the bathroom.

"Joe?" I heard from the doorway and turned to Brianna, who was grinning and leaning against the jamb. "There is some stuff in the refrigerator that you should take over to Margaret’s before it molds if you are going to stay a while."

"Yeah. Good idea. There are some grocery bags under the sink if you want to do that. I am going to change clothes so I have something clean for the next time,” I said.

"Can I watch?" she said and that took me aback for a second.

"What the hell. You have seen me dressed in all sorts of things and totally undressed several times in the last two days. Why not? If you want to," I replied.

"I want to," Brianna said.

I was not quite sure what I was hearing in her voice and, when I recognized I was hearing something beyond the words, I wondered what it was and how I should react. I kicked off my shoes and pulled off my socks. With them still in my hand, I unbuttoned my shirt and peeled it off. When I unfastened my pants, Brianna was suddenly there with her hands on my chest and her smiling mouth turned up slightly to me. Though I am only 5’7", I was slightly taller than her. Her mouth opened more as it covered mine.

"This is the first time we have really been alone," she said. "And it is different when you are a guy. Exciting," she gasped as she almost leaped to kiss me hard. Yes, I was surprised but I was not put off. After all, we had been doing this two nights in a row. The place was different and the way I was dressed at the moment was different. I did not feel the pressure of her little tits quite so thoroughly when they were not pressing into mine. But I felt them just the same.

I returned her kiss with as much enthusiasm as I had the night before in bed and gasped just as loud when she slid both her hands down my stomach and into the sides of my pants. Thought she did not stop at that, even though my hands were on her bottom over the long dress.

She kissed her way down my chest as she pushed my pants and panties down to my knees. She kissed her way down my stomach and, in seconds, into my pubic hair. She looked up at me with a sparkling smile, "I have wanted to do this for a long time," she said and took my penis all the way into her mouth and into a vacuum that took it all the way into her throat.

"Ah!" I heard myself say as my hands vibrated on her shoulders and she began to move her head back and then forward until her lips were around the base of my penis. She was like a wild woman then. Sucking, releasing and moving all the way to the tip.

No one had ever done that to me and the surprise and energy of her attack on me made it something that I could not control in the least. I did not even have time to say anything and do not think it would have mattered if I had. As I exploded into her mouth, my hand going to the back of her auburn hair. I continued to explode until she slowed and stopped, just sucking the small head of it.

When I could, I looked down to see my vibrating leg muscles and her smiling pixy face as she dropped its deflated shape against my thigh. I did not have enough moisture in my mouth to make it work and nothing came out when I opened it. She hugged my legs and almost made me fall over backward.

"You make it pretty hard to change clothes," I noted with a laugh as she got up from her knees.

"I helped you get your pants off," she said with a smile as she hugged me.

"Well most of the way anyway. But now I have an obligation. What can I do for you?" I asked as she nuzzled into my neck. She started telling me how I had already done what she had wanted but I was not going to let it go like that and thought I had an idea.

I sat her down on the edge of my bed, took my pants the rest of the way off, and pulled the panties back into place.

"You are so cute," she said with a big grin while she watched me.

I stated, "But you are a much more what can I say? A more feminine person. You really are into it now, aren’t you Brianna?"

"Yes. I did not know how much I wanted to do it but the tits and spike heels and short skirts. I just like being female." I nodded. I really did not need the second on my opinion. I went to my bathroom and returned in a few seconds.

"Come on. Lay down with your head on the pillows," I told her before laying down beside her and kissing her.

She turned her body slightly into me and smiled. I pushed her onto her back enough that I could knead her tiny A-cup as I kissed her until she was moaning and squirming. I do not think she noticed me unbuttoning her blouse but she noticed when I pulled her little bra aside and licked her nipples. She curled up around my body and moaned with the feeling of it. When I sucked the little pea sized piece of flesh into my mouth she squirmed and even let out a little squeal of pleasure interspersed with giggles. I teased her with that for a long time before she reacted less and, because of that, I got tired of it.

While I had been sucking and licking her nipples I had also pulled her skirt around her waist so I could rub the smooth front of her full panties. I kissed my way across her stomach as I moved between her legs. She put her arms aside her head on the pillows and looked down at me, wondering what could be next. I rubbed the sensitive spot between her legs as I looked at her and she slowly moved her legs apart.

I have known always that guy’s penises come in all sizes. You cannot help but see some of that in high school locker rooms or infer it in swimming classes by the varying bulges. Guys always talk about it, too.

If you believe talk or dirty books, everyone is ten inches long and three inches in diameter. I cannot conceive of how someone could live with something like that in real life though. I am a much more conservative six inches and probably an inch in diameter when I am hard. When I am not and particularly when it is cold or I am afraid, it almost disappears.

I pulled Brianna’s panties down low and saw the other end of the spectrum from the stag movie guys. Brianna was embarrassingly small for a guy. Perfect, I thought, for her present role. It may have been five inches long and very straight to an uncircumcised head that was no bigger than the rest. The diameter was smaller than mine. And all of it was clear because she had shaved her pubic hair.

"Do you like my clit?" she giggled, her finger in the corner of her mouth as I looked at it.

"Yeah. It is just perfect to lick," I said and proceeded to show her what I meant by taking just the tip into my lips and licking as she squirmed as if she were going to try to go between the headboard and mattress.

"And I am going to finger fuck your little pussy, too," I told her, getting a good glob of the Vaseline I had gotten from the bathroom earlier. I moved the panty material from between her legs and found her smooth tight hole as I licked her clit more.

She seemed to roll up onto the top of her head as my finger sunk into her further and further, the pitch of her moan going up at the same rate. My finger was inside her to the knuckle when I started moving it to rub all the sensitive parts deep inside.

"Oh, God, Jody. Oh, make me come! Oh YES!" And her tiny head emptied itself sweetly into my mouth. It never stopped as I drank her and stroked in and out of her "pussy." She talked and moaned and squealed and pitched the entire time until I finally stopped it by pulling my finger free and pulling her panties back into place.

"Oh, J-J- Joe. That was so," I did not wait for her to complete the sentence but got up with a satisfied chuckle to find some clean clothes.

I was dressed and had my bedroom the way I wanted it before she sat up, straightened out her clothes and joined me to empty out the refrigerator and pick out a few CD’s to take with us. At Margaret’s, I gave the sack of groceries to Leslie and went straight to the bedroom to change. It was just us four "girls" as we made dinner and watched TV until bedtime.

We agreed that the best time to go into the office that Monday morning was about 10, after the weekly management meeting. We would spent some time deciding the way we would handle applications and interviews with all of us thinking. After all, between us we had handled all portions of the business.

We had agreed, of course, not to try for our old jobs as for that was a little too dangerous. Leslie suggested I try for the Administrative Assistant’s job with the CEO she had before and everyone agreed. I was flattered because they outlined the qualifications for me from Leslie and Margaret’s inside view.

Henry Jansen, they said, would want the prettiest girl as a sort of showpiece. It just made it better that I was also efficient and knowledgeable. Since that was Margaret, my former boss’s assessment, I was very pleased.

Though I hardly knew him, we agreed that Brianna should try for the Admin Assistant job with the CFO, Roger Wilson, who was sort of a nerdy number cruncher type. Margaret and I both knew that Brianna was great with numbers so this seemed to fit. And Leslie already had my slot just below Margaret in personnel.

We debated about telling our potential new bosses the whole thing so we would not have to be quite so careful but decided we would have to wait and see. Since Margaret and Leslie were the personnel people we would be working with, they could keep us out of legal trouble from filling out inaccurate applications.

We spent part of Sunday afternoon filling out the applications together and coming up with the little fictions we had to manufacture about schooling, names, and backgrounds. Since I really have a sister, we decided that I could sort of be her and keep my last name even though her name is not Jody. We made up a last name for Brianna as Leslie had for herself.

It was sort of fun making up backgrounds and work histories. Margaret knew that company policy would land the applications on her desk for verification of the facts. We could not see how it could mess her up but we were all concerned, just in case something happened.

"For you kids, the company could I take the chance? Yes, I would do it. I really do not see any problems if you do your work," she said.

"I really appreciate your faith in us, Margaret," I told her. "But I think we need something to protect you. Just in case."

So we spent another hour on a document that said we agreed of our own free will to do what we were doing, knowing that it was probably illegal, and took full responsibility for it ourselves. Then all three of us signed it. Now, if one of us decided to try to sue the company or Margaret for some reason, she would be able to produce it. We spelled out exactly what we were doing, including the changes from male to female and the falsified applications.

Margaret added that it was her idea in the first place and signed it as well so she could not use it against us any more than we could use it against her. Except in the case of a real emergency.

We made Margaret and Leslie breakfast in our nightgowns and sent her off to work at about 7:15. Brianna and I ate and drank a cup of coffee before doing baths, makeup, and clothes.

I chose a blue linen suit with a skirt that fell about three inches above my knees, white pumps, and a white blouse with frills all the way around my neck. I wore a couple of feminine rings on my right hand, a watch, and one of the pairs of earrings I had picked out when I got them pierced Saturday.

Brianna looked almost uptight in her black pinstripe suit with a skirt just below the knees, black pumps, a white shirt-cut blouse, and red striped cravat at her throat.

We had time for another cup of coffee before, butterflies in our stomachs, we drove my car to the office. Walking into work was the second hardest thing I had ever done behind the first trip out to the mall Saturday. We tried not to look too much like we knew where we were going and asked a guy I had not met who was in the hallway at the front of the building where Margaret’s office was. He grinned all over and looked us both up and down before taking us into personnel. Leslie met us, as we had agreed, and took us into Margaret’s office.

Margaret talked to us for a few minutes and got more coffee before she let us both see her recommendation on the interviewer’s line at the bottom of the application. They both said "Highly Recommended."

We followed her through the long hallways to the head offices. She had me wait as she took Brianna into Roger Wilson’s office, coming out after a couple of minutes. I took a deep breath as she knocked on Henry Jansen’s door, listened for the "come in," and led me in.

As I had seen him the few times before, he was looking at papers on his desk and frowning when we went in. He looked up at Margaret who turned sideways and said, "Henry, this is Jody Michaels who is applying for the Admin Assistant job. You might recognize her name. She is Joe Michaels’ sister. He used to work for me and was an outstanding employee."

She handed over the application and left. He had looked up at Margaret but his eyes had immediately slid across her to look at me. His frown immediately changed to a smile as his eyes met mine, scanned down my body and back up.

"Please, sit down, Jody," he said as he came around the desk. I did, very carefully crossing my legs and gulping at the expanse of thigh I could see below my hem. He noticed, too, as he sat down in the other chair in front of the desk.

"You are interested in the Administrative Assistant job here," he stated.

"Yes I am sir," I said.

"You have experience with the job?" I nodded. We decided the day before that I would essentially tell him my real qualifications and hope they were close enough to get me the job.

"I was in personnel at my last job. Just like my brother here. But it did not pay very well and Joe told me about what had happened here. With the requirement for women and I thought it might be a chance for me to get a better position," I stated.

"Do you understand the requirements of the job?" he asked, looking at my thighs.

"Yes sir, telephones, typing, some spreadsheets concerning budget and sort of keeping the world off you so you can attend to business. Not to mention, door keeper and a few minutes of company in the morning to get the outline of the day and drink that morning shot of coffee," he looked a little more serious as he listened to me.

"You know I had a guy who held this job before and he was excellent for me. I could bounce some ideas off him and get an initial idea of what the reaction might be in the company. We were very good friends, I thought, and he was of real service to me in a more informal way. Would you be uncomfortable with that?"

I questioned with a slight smile, "Maybe I need to know what you mean by informal, sir?"

"I have established a very firm sexual harassment policy for the company," he pointed out and I recognized his discomfort. "That will never be a problem. I guarantee it. It is just that if I have to watch every gesture and movement, I would find it uncomfortable. I just see an easygoing relationship with someone I work closely with a lot easier than an adversarial one."

"I doubt it would be a problem, sir," I said. "Of course, an open relationship like that should allow me to say something if I felt I should," I added.

"Absolutely. Absolutely," he said sincerely. "If I overstep somehow, I want you to pull me up short immediately. I just want to be able to treat you like any other co-worker."

"It should not be a problem, sir," I said with a smile. That is certainly the kind of working relationship I like.

Smiling back Henry said, "Okay, if you are going to be sitting outside my door all day every day, please call me Henry or Mr. Jansen when there is someone important from outside. Okay?"

"Yes um, Henry. Does that mean, I can work here?" I asked hopefully.

"That is what I am saying. Margaret recommends you. Unless there was some total incompatibility that would be the stumbling block. I really think you will be an asset to the company," Henry smiled.

"Thank you sir, I mean Henry," I grinned. "When should I start?"

"Well, whenever you are available,” Henry chimed. “Do you need time to find some place to stay?"

"No, Not really. Joe left town and I am going to see if I can get his old place," I said happily.

"Good, good. Then whenever you are ready," Henry said.

"Let me check on my, girlfriend. She is interviewing with Mr. Wilson. She will be in tears if she does not get the job. If there is no problem, I guess I could start right away," I smiled.

"Here," he said getting up. "Let me call Roger and find out what is up." He rounded his desk, sat down, and picked up the phone, dialing the three digits from memory.

"Rog? Henry. What do you think of your interviewee?" He listened for a second. "Okay then. I am hiring her friend so I will send her down and they can go to personnel to fill out the W-4’s and things together, right?" Henry paused before continuing, "Yeah. She is willing to start today also. Just checking to see if she needed to commiserate with her friend." Another pause by Henry. "Good. Great! Yeah, talk to you later." He looked up at me as he hung up.

"He is very impressed with, was it Brianna?" I nodded. "Can you find your way back to personnel okay?"

"Yes, not a problem. If we get lost, we will explore until we find our way back. We will need to know where things are anyway," I said cheerfully.

"Right. Oh, one other thing," he said as I stood up. "I generally only have a cup of coffee in the morning and maybe one in the afternoon doldrums. It definitely is not part of your job but ..."

"It is not a problem, sir. I mean, Henry," I said.

"I mentioned that I would like to share coffee with you in the mornings. The afternoon break would be a good time for any problems or anything, too. Anyway, go fill out the forms and take a good look around the place. Margaret will introduce you around. Just let me know when you get to the desk so I can stop answering the stupid telephone," Henry chuckled.

"Yes, sir," I said and went out the door, looking back and shrugging at my inability to stop calling him "sir." He smiled broadly and went back to his work. At least, he went back to work after looking me up and down again thoroughly.

Brianna, all smiles, came around the corner as I closed the door behind me.

"Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Right. Fine. Okay." Listening to one end of the conversation between Henry and Margaret was more than a little frustrating. A few chuckles. Smiles for us when she looked up. And a lot of agreement. Finally she hung up and looked at us.

"He wants to start both of you at about what you were making when you left," she said with a smile. "He also said he wants to be able to show real progress if the EEOC comes back and needs you two to do that. That and he wants your salaries to be beyond argument.” Both of us could not believe what we were hearing.

"Even better, there is normally a six month probation." We both nodded, remembering it. "You are on a fast track. One month probation to full benefits and consideration of a raise. I am jealous." We were just excited. That sort of thing only happened when they hired somebody high up.

Even though I wrote some of the personnel documents, we took our time reading and signing everything before Margaret took us around the building to introduce us to everyone. It was really interesting to see the different ways people reacted to us even though we knew most of them from before and they did not treat us anywhere close to the same.

The women did not seem to have much time for us and they had been fairly friendly before, they were "cool" now. The men, on the other hand, had all sorts of time, energy, and eyes for us. If I could pass this progression of thorough inspections, I could go anywhere. Of course, if I walked into a room dressed exactly the same but without the breasts, none of them would recognize me.

She left us off at our new offices after showing us the cafeteria and feeding us on the company. I knocked on the door and went in with the word. "Hi. I think I am all signed up now and ready to work.”

Henry asked, “Have you had some lunch?" I told him I had. "Okay then, please answer the phone as ‘Mr. Jansen’s office’ and take a look at the computer to see how Mike left it set up. If you have any problem, just yell and if I cannot figure it out, maybe we can search around for someone who can."

"Yes Henry," I said pointedly.

"See. You are catching on already," he said with a big grin.

I shut the door behind myself and sat down behind the desk to turn on the computer. It took the normal extended time for the Windows system to run up before a graphics program started up automatically and a full screen picture of a pair of huge, cartoonish tits filled it. Large words drew in across them that said "Great set, baby! Mike."

As I dumped the file and got it out of the Start-Up group, I called Leslie and told her Henry wanted to talk to her about the graphic she had put on the computer. She gasped before I laughed. "What if he really had checked out the computer before I got back?" I asked.

"He would have thought that mean old Mike left it," she said. "And he would have agreed. From what I heard, that is all he looked at in your interview."

"Any more surprises on here?" I asked and she chuckled.

"Sorry. Nope. If you have any trouble, just yell," Leslie said with a little laugh and the end.

"Thanks." I hung up with a smile on my face.

I grinned some more as I went through the folders and found it perfectly ordered, well thought out folders and filenames, and easy to locate major files with long filenames so they were easy to identify. Nothing was particularly difficult.

The word processor had a separate memos folder by date, a letter folder by date, and another for reports. Some were fairly long, I noticed. The spreadsheets were easy to identify and so well formatted that all I would have to do is put in new numbers and print. There were a dozen different presentations that looked well done and some, given to the staff, were familiar. There was also a contact manager, a phone directory, a net browser, and an appointment calendar with 2 p.m. blocked out each day for "consultation." That must be coffee time, I realized.

Since it was about five till, I buzzed the intercom and asked how he liked his coffee. He replied, "Just black, Jody. My cup is in here."

I got up and went in. He handed me a big mug with ‘STAY AWAKE!’ in screaming words across the sides. "Get one for yourself, too," he said. I remembered about coffee time and did not need to be told, but I nodded.

I dropped off the mug in the coffee room and gulping to myself, went into the women’s room, realizing that I had to use that room just at the last moment. Of course, I sat down to empty my bladder before straightening everything and leaving the stall. I was pulling my blouse down, my skirt hiked up on my thighs in front of the full length mirror, when the door opened and a little secretary I had seen a few times before and had been introduced to that morning came in.

Making a note to myself not to do that again, I straightened the skirt as she went into one of the stalls. I was just touching up my lipstick when she came out and brushed her hair quickly.

She asked, "You are Mr. Jansen’s new secretary, right? How is it working out so far?"

"Fine. I have not really had a chance since…” I replied.

"He is a good looking guy," she interrupted. "And rich, too. You are really lucky. Did he, like, want anything special before he would hire you?" I honestly did not understand her question and, I guess, looked it. "You know. Like, did he want to see your tits? Mine did and that was okay. But he told me that to keep my job I cannot wear panties anymore," she said with a giggle.

"That is illegal!" I said, letting my HR experience leap out.

"Yeah, well. I wanted the job and he and I get along real well even if he is married," She said.

"You should complain," I pointed out. "I am sure Mrs. Rodgers would.”

"What about?" she giggled. "Since he checks out my puss every now and then,” she said with a smile. She shook her head and never stopped smiling as if that were a stupid idea.

"I like it as much as he does. Sometimes, he even gets me off," she giggled again.

Now I needed to remember who her boss was and keep an eye out. I definitely did not need to get caught in a copy room with the asshole or something. And I needed to warn Brianna and Leslie, too.

"Do any of the other girls, ah, do that sort of thing with their bosses?" I asked, wondering how widespread it might be.

"Debbie’s boss has been stroking her since about the second day she came to work," she said.

"Stroking her?" I asked, hoping it was not what I thought.

"Yeah, Fucking her. You know? She loves it and says it gets her going in the morning.

"Linda had to give her boss a blowjob to get the job in the first place and at least I do not have to do that." She made a face. I placed her now and remembered all these girls from the marketing department.

"I think every girl in the department is doing a little something. But there are benefits, you know. Like Linda got to go to a big conference in Las Vegas a few months ago," She cooed. I could only shake my head in wonder at her stupidity.

"So you did not have to do nothing?" she asked again.

"No, I did not," I stated.

She shrugged like she pitied me. I dried my hands and left wondering now if I just had not been approached yet or if Henry was unaware of the potential problem. Then I wondered what I should do about it. I knew I needed to talk to Margaret, Leslie, and Brianna soon. My encounter in the bathroom changed my feelings about my job completely and it took real effort to be calm when I took the coffee back to Henry’s office.

I sat the coffee on his desk and watched him pick it up and carry it around to the front to sit in the chair in front of it as he gestured to the other for me. Like a gentleman, he waited for me to sit and cross my legs carefully before he sat down as well, his knees two inches from mine.

"Okay. You have been here a couple of hours. How are you doing so far?" he asked. I decided not to let my concern about what the girl in the restroom had said affect me.

"Your secretary before was great," I pointed out factually. "Everything’s very orderly and understandable. I will not have any trouble at all picking up where he left off."

"You have worked with all the programs?" I nodded. He sat back, cradling his coffee and looking at me. "You are a very pretty girl, you know," he said with a smile.

"Thank you," I said but it made me a little uncomfortable.

"Do you have a boyfriend?" I could honestly shake my head and the smile came naturally at the thought of the little duplicity. Henry continued, "You are not dating?"

"No," I responded

Henry asked, "Do you drink?"

Trying to keep to the simplest answer possible I said, "Moderately, though mostly beer or an occasional drink."

"That is reasonable. I usually have to have a drink to unwind when I get home at night," He said.

Sipping my coffee I asked, "Have you been married, Henry?"

"Once, we are divorced. No kids, thank goodness. She is a career lady and her work led her to New York. Long distance relationships, even marriages, do not work," He stated.

"How long were you married to her Henry?"

"Four years,” he replied.

Looking at him slightly puzzled I said, "And no kids?"

"No. We both wanted to wait and by the time we could have been ready, we could both see that things were not working out very well," he said.

I continued my questioning, "Was it a bad relationship?"

"Not really. We just grew apart slowly and found we did not need each other the way we had when we got married," he replied.

Hoping I was not getting too personal I asked, "Do you date?"

He nodded, "Occasionally, but nothing very constant or long term."

"Are there any projects coming up that I should know about as your assistant,” I asked.

"Here in about two days we have to work up the monthly budget and get some numbers ready for the Board of Directors’ meeting next Monday afternoon. I will help you with that, of course. It should not be a problem." This time I nodded agreement.

Henry continued, "I have a couple of memos you can type. I have tried dictation Mike did not do shorthand and I could use the Dictaphone, but it is just easier to scratch it out on paper. That may take you a little getting used to but ask questions until you can recognize what I am writing. You are not going to hurt my feelings by telling me my handwriting sucks. I already know it," he laughed. "Oh, and there may be some overtime next week. We have a project to bid on and we will have to put together a proposal.

I asked, “Do you have one you have done before?"

"Sure," he said and went to the credenza behind his desk and got a bound report about half an inch thick. He handed it to me. I scanned it quickly as he stood at my side, looking over my shoulder. It looked like most of the material was already set and only a few pages at the beginning were tailored to the specific potential client.

"This looks pretty easy," I noted.

"Yeah, not bad. A few hours of work but I can never seem to get a block of time during the day when I can concentrate on things like that," he stated.

As if to punctuate the statement, the phone rang. He started to get it but I intercepted him. "Let me," I said. "Mr. Jansen’s office. May I help you?"

"Yeah, this is Ed. Let me talk to Henry please, Hun," Said the man on the phone.

"One moment please," I pressed the hold button and handed the phone to Henry. "Ed?"

"Oh, yeah. Ed is marketing," he explained as he sat down back behind the desk and pressed the button.

"Hi, Ed. What’s up?" He listened and looked up at me and smiling after a few seconds. "Yeah. Yeah, excellent as far as I can tell so far. Yeah." He chuckled. "That too." I had the feeling I was the topic of conversation and wondered if this was one of the marketing types the girl in the bathroom was talking about. "Yeah. No. I do not think so," he said, looking up at me. "Thanks. We will see. No. No. No fucking way. Yeah, bye."

"Is there anything else I should know?" I asked as he hung up. I did not have to speculate much on the call. I thought I could have carried on the other end of the conversation at one time. I was pretty sure I did not want to fill it in when it was applied to me.

"Not right now," he said. "You can start on these." He handed me the handwritten memos and I returned to my desk.

In the next two hours, I answered the phone a half dozen times, finished the memos, and looked at the proposal on the computer. He was pleased when I gave him the memos in the first hour. I finished my first day of work as a woman relatively uneventfully with a five minute pep talk from Henry about how well I was starting and left the building on time.

We celebrated our first day at work and getting hired, by going to the bar on the way to Margaret’s. She was buying of course.

We went straight to our usual booth and ordered our usual drinks. That is where the similarities to any other time ended. First, when we walked through the door and every eye in the place turned to us or came to us within a nudge or two. Next, when the drinks came, the bar girl who was all smiles, told us somebody at the bar had bought them for us and when I looked, a guy smiled and saluted toward me. In about another minute, we had second and third drinks delivered at the same time from various parts of the bar.

We still sipped at our drinks, as we always had but with glasses that seemed to be bottomless, we were all drinking more than usual and getting happier in the process. Thanks to that we talked about absolutely nothing serious.

If we had, it would not have worked because we were interrupted every ten minutes by another guy or pair of guys or group of guys who came to "talk". They all wanted one or all of us to join them to buy drinks for us in spite of the groaning table filled with them already, or to offer the rest of the night out somewhere else. We got offers for movies, dinner, dancing, and more than one apartment. They seemed to concentrate on Leslie and I but Brianna and even Margaret had to fend off offers when they went to the restroom.

Needless to say, even when we left after about an hour and a half or so to go home, we did not discuss anything even marginally serious. What I had thought important that afternoon was not even important to me by then. In fact, I had entirely put it out of my mind for the night. With another beer at home and the hamburgers we had picked up on the way, we were all ready for bed and sleep.

I had never had a secretary and I had never really known one. But I had an idea I knew what a secretary should do. Anticipate what your boss needs to do his job and try to do as much as possible without step-by-step guidance. So that is the way I approached my first real morning of work.

I made it to work a few minutes early. Nothing remarkable. Just a few minutes. I pulled up the calendar and printed out a copy of the appointments. When Henry came in, I smiled, said hello, handed him the printout, and went for coffee.

It did not look like he had even gotten settled behind his desk when I came back with the coffee, set it on his coaster, and sat down. "If you have any additions to your schedule, just let me know," I told him with what I hoped was a bright smile. He smiled back every bit as brightly and moved himself and his coffee to the chair in front of his desk again.

"I like your outfits," he said, disconnecting me somewhat. This morning, I had chosen one of the shirt-cut dresses that the rest of the girls thought was flattering to my figure but not revealing. The skirt fell to the top of my knees. "You know though, the boss’s secretary, as well as being the most beautiful woman in the place, usually dresses slightly more what should I say…Sexy. You know," he said with a wave of the hand. "Shorter skirts. Maybe tighter. Maybe the tops a little more revealing."

I was really stunned. No boss in the world could suggest how a secretary should dress, unless it was more conservatively, without expecting trouble. I bit my tongue and slowly nodded agreement.

From there, he made small talk for another fifteen minutes, interspersed with tidbits about his evening at home, unexciting in the extreme, and observations about the business. I responded in kind and left when he said he would tell me if there were additions to the schedule or anything else he needed.

I answered the phone, checking with Henry about salesmen and others before connecting some, and fending off the rest or redirecting them to other people. He wrote another half a dozen short memos that I typed, taking them to him with the mail. The mail produced a dozen letters in response that I also typed.

I went to lunch with Brianna and noticed that something seemed to be a problem but she just shook her head when I asked and said it was nothing. I should have pressed her on it.

At two o’clock, I got coffee for Henry and me, and was greeted with a big smile as I brought them and most of the letters. He sat at the other chair in front of me as usual while we talked pleasantly enough. I felt less self-conscious with each of these meetings, almost feeling at ease.

This time, however, I noticed that he seemed to study me unlike any other time I had been with him. Even during the initial interview. It was disconcerting in a way, since he was actually staring as much as anything. And staring at parts as I had not noticed him doing before.

First he stared into my eyes, my face, as if memorizing every contour. Then he stared at my neck and chest, something I was coming to expect if not to thoroughly enjoy. Then he talked to me but looked at my crossed legs, the hem of my dress, and my hands where I had set them over my bared knee to keep from fidgeting.

Sometimes I had a difficult time concentrating on what he was saying or asking me for wondering what he was looking at and trying to remember if he had done that before in our short experience together. I did not think so but I was not sure. Was not sure enough to run, although I did blush at his intense scrutiny.

Did all women undergo this kind of inspection from some men? Was he attracted to me? What was it? And, most important to me for some reason. Was this new or something I just had not noticed before? As had been the case since the previous afternoon session, I was happier when he finally said we needed to get back to work, dismissing me as he stood up to return to his desk.

I was just reaching out for the door, my mind racing at ninety miles an hour, when he said, "Oh Joe?" I turned and said yes, awaiting the question. But no question was forthcoming. He just stared at me, a smile slowly spreading on his face as his statement sunk in. My throat clenched as I started to correct the situation. But all I could do was stand there with my mouth working silently like a fish out of water and my mind whirring with possible ways I could undo the damage I recognized now.

"Come back and sit down," he said. I had not had that much trouble walking on the high heels since the first minutes I had worn them on Friday. "I had lunch with Roger today and he told me a most interesting story," he began as I sat down nervously, again knee to knee with him. "He said his new secretary dropped her purse this morning and, being a gentleman, he helped her pick her things back up.

"But one thing he picked up was her driver’s license. He said he was very surprised when he saw the name on it and recognized a former employee. Now he said that though Brianna seems to be an excellent employee he is had some…we will, say strange vibes from her."

I was trying to control my breathing to stop my chest from heaving as it was. "May I see your driver’s license?" he asked softly, still pleasantly. I started to say it was in my purse at my desk. Then I knew it really was not necessary.

"You do not need to," I said. He nodded. "So what now? Am I fired for gaining employment under false pretenses?"

For several seconds he did not say anything. It was so long that it allowed me to listen to the surge of blood through my ears in the silent room, he stared at me with a slight smile.

"You are very good," he finally said. "You are a very good secretary. At least from what I have seen so far and I expect that will continue. But, as Jody, you are very good and poised. I can understand why you are not right now. Beautiful. Better. You are sexy as hell."

He looked at me some more without speaking, then continued "You must have wanted this job very much." I slowly nodded "But I do not think even that motivation could make you so thoroughly believable. I have seen women, real women that is, who are not nearly so feminine or appealing. I have been thinking very un-boss-like thoughts, ones the EEOC would not approve of at all, since the moment you walked in the door for your interview."

Now he grinned from ear to ear. "We find ourselves in a rather unique position," he said then, tapping his front teeth with a fingernail. "You obviously want this job. I need you to do the job. You qualify in all ways." He stopped. "But one. One, I think, that anyone would be hard pressed to discover without your direct assistance. Without your telling them outright, in fact. I do not think you are inclined to do that. Am I right?"

I nodded jerkily.

"Did you and Brianna do this on your own or did you have help?" he asked quickly. I opened my mouth but nothing came out luckily. Only after I thought about it did I question saying anything. "Ah, Margaret of course. She had to be in on it. She did the background check. You could not have manufactured qualifications quickly enough to fool her."

I choked again but he did not need an answer. My face had been answer enough for him.

"Okay, so it is not likely she would give you a way to anyone who matters. Neither would Brianna. She is in the same position you are in. In fact, she and Roger already had this little talk and came to an arrangement. The same arrangement I intend to suggest to you."

I could only wait. If there had been a ticking grandfather clock or metronome it could not have ticked off more clearly than the beats of my pounding heart. Perhaps I could not have heard over it anyway. A drummer leading the way to the gallows could not have made any more noise in my head.

"One of the reasons I have succeeded in business is that I am a very pragmatic man. I know what works in real life and what does not. And I know when an opportunity is offered to me and how to take advantage of it," Henry stated.

I must have been a few beats back in this music, still trying to react to his initial statements.

"So, I am not fired?" I said, seeing the grim job search again. The frustration. The feelings of complete loss of self-worth.

"No. Or at least it is leaning that way. Though I need to know that you are totally loyal." I nodded my head. "To me and to the company and that you are not going to turn us all in to the EEOC at your first opportunity."

"No!" I said in answer.

"That you are not going to use your unique situation to take advantage of us." He stood up and I stood up with him. "Some odd kind of sexual discrimination suit."

"No! How…" He towered over me and, before I could finish either my thought or my statement, put one arm under around my back and pulled me close against him. He did not do it hard enough to drive the wind out of me. The unexpected action did that to me instead as I caught myself with a hand on his chest and the other on his strong arm.

If I had the breath to say more, it would have been wasted as his mouth covered mine. My eyes probably sprung to two inch circles with the surprise I felt at being kissed by this man. By any man.

"This is the test," he said softly, his lips still brushing against my lipstick. "Pass or fail."

Strangely, I felt a sort of relief and, as his mouth covered mine again, sighed into it.

Though Brianna was really a man, our bedtime games had been as women usually and only with a strange mental shift did my mind approve that. But this was surely a man. A big man. Hot against my front and leaning over me so my neck was bent back with the pressure of his kiss, his hand hard in my back.

There was something about feeling my breasts pressing into his hard chest, his leg pressing between mine. I felt like a woman in a man’s arms and I reacted like one. My hand moved from his chest where it had made a feeble attempt at holding him back, to the back of his neck to hold his kiss. When his tongue delved into my mouth, it was already open and accepting. When I felt his dick hard against the side of my stomach, it felt right and I was glad I had caused it.

Minutes later, wildly pleasurable minutes, adoring minutes, he broke the kiss and slowly lowered himself to the chair again without moving his hand from its place in the middle of my back. I found myself between his legs on my knees and my head on his chest for a few minutes.

I felt disappointment when he moved me away and curiosity when he let go of my arms, my hands resting on his legs. It shows you how ready I was that I only watched his hands move as he unbuckled his belt, unzipped, and put his hands in the sides of his underwear to push them down below his knees.

He sat back in the chair, slid forward slightly, and moved the leaves of his shirt to the sides.

He stood hard and straight from the patch of dark pubic hair, an inch in diameter for at least seven or eight inches to a mushroom shaped, flared purple head topped with a drop of clear liquid.

His hand moved under the back of my hair and pulled me toward his cock as I stared. His knees were at my sides as he lifted it straight out from his body so I was looking down its length.

My hands on his thighs, I did not resist more than slightly as the flared head was guided to my lips. I opened my mouth to accept it and looked up into his opened mouth, as if he were demonstrating for me. A little more pressure on the back of my neck and I had to resist as it touched the back of my mouth.

"Take it all," he gasped. "Just once. All the way."

I bent my head forward and swallowed. I cannot say what it was like since I had never experienced anything like it before. As it entered my throat and my thoughts were of retreating, he pressed down much harder than before and my mouth sunk all the way into his pubic hair.

"That is it fantastic!" he gasped, releasing the pressure on my neck so I could react as I had wanted.

I wondered if I was going to lose the contents of my stomach and realized I was not. It was not even reacting against the thrust. I swallowed hard when it was again near my teeth, taking a deep breath. The pressure returned and I went with it all the way down.

"Ah!" he gasped and released me again. "Oh, shit Jody!"

This time, his hand vibrating still on my neck, I purposely swallowed, took another deep breath, and plunged down on him myself.

"Ohhhh!" he gasped more loudly. I had control now and moved out immediately, his hand weak against my shoulder. Again with the same result but more a gurgle.

This time, I moved around the hard head before going down again and quickly back up, drawing him with me and I did draw him completely. He gasped and filled my mouth with his cum. So much that I had no hope of keeping up with it as he went through spasm after spasm.

I swallowed most of it but lost some down the sides. To keep from letting it mess him up, I sat up quickly and grabbed for the box of Kleenex on the front edge of the desk. Two pieces caught it before it went into his pubic hair but made him gasp, probably with pain now, as I touched the sensitive head.

"Pass or fail?" I had to ask.

"Magna Cum Laude," he said, slumping in the chair. His in-taken breath was a shudder.

"Do you need anything else, Henry?" I asked in my most efficient secretary voice.

"Huh uh," he moaned before I got to my feet and leaned over to kiss him gently before leaving. I waited at my desk for a few minutes before calling to tell him I needed to go to the restroom so he would cover the phones.

The rest of the afternoon was easy enough that I began writing this between the few telephone calls. Just before five, Henry asked me to come back into his office. I sat down in my customary place but he stayed behind the desk.

"Do you think that was sexual harassment?" he asked.

I thought back to my human resources experience and knew the answer. "Of course," I said.

He chuckled, "You are honest."

I continued, "Henry, I worked in your HR department with Margaret for several years. From being a ‘woman’ for two days work here, I know enough to realize there is a widespread and pervasive atmosphere of sexual harassment throughout the company. Far worse than the preferential treatment given men before."

Slightly confused Henry asked, "What does that mean?"

"It means that the right woman with the right motivation could probably shut your business down," I noted unnecessarily.

Henry was interested in what Jody was saying and asked, "Why has it not happened to this point?"

Being frank I explained, "I imagine a number of reasons. Some enjoy it. Some are using it as a stepping stone, learning new things and going new places. Some are probably afraid or have been compromised by their own actions enough that they cannot report anything without implicating themselves too deeply."

In a serious manner Henry asked, "Why have you not reported it?"

Being as honest as I could I said, "The same. I can learn a lot here and need the job. I cannot do it without deeply embarrassing myself and probably hurting a lot of other people."

Perplexed Henry said, "And?"

I looked at my hands and then back up into his eyes. He was not smiling but he was looking at me pleasantly. "And because I enjoyed it, too."

Henry questioned Jody, "So what now?"

I retorted, "Exactly. What now, are you going to fire me?"

"I never thought I would. Why would I? You went to a great deal of hard work to be here. It must be very difficult. To change yourself over so completely," Henry stated

"We sort of enjoyed it," I said with a smile slipping onto my lips.

With a raised eyebrow Henry asks, "Are you really blond?"

"Yes. Not as long, of course," I said.

"It will be and when it is, I hope you will wear it naturally. Curled, of course." I nodded. "How much of that is yours?" He pointed toward my chest and I shook my head. "Have you thought about hormone treatments?"

"I first tried any of this Friday," I noted.

"If you are interested, I have a friend who is a sex therapist and Psychiatrist. He could help you,” said Henry. He shifted in his chair, the grin spreading somewhat. "You know, before I said anything. I looked at you very carefully."

"I noticed. I wondered what that was about," I said.

"There are a few things physically different in a man’s body. A prominent Adam’s apple, knobbier knees, narrower hips, thicker waist, harder butt. Different musculature in general but particularly noticeable in the upper arms, thighs, and calves. More facial and body hair, of course," Henry said.

"Well, how did I compare?" I asked.

Henry nodded, "Your Adam’s apple is small. I have seen women with larger. Same with your knees. You do have narrow hips but I have seen well, you get the idea. Same all around. Each slightly masculine and maybe, taken together, you could put together a case for being male. Something like fingerprint identification. Enough points makes it true. Though it would be very hard without verification, in your case. In fact, I would not have thought to look before Brianna’s discovery by Roger. Henry continued, "You know when I called your name, if you had looked at me like I was a fool, I would have still dismissed the entire idea."

He smiled again. "You should have expected that possibility. Maybe someone calling to another friend by that name or something."

"There are not that many people named Joe in the office," I said.

"Yeah, true." He looked at me again for quite a while before speaking again. "Would you come here, please?"

I stood up and went around his desk as he turned in his executive chair to follow my progress until I was standing knee to knee with him again.

"You have great legs," he said with a smile, never looking up from them. "Lift your skirt and let me see them." I hesitated first but then reached to the sides of the skirt and lifted it until he could see my legs almost completely.

"Very, very impressive. I think you should show off more of them. You certainly would not give anything away if you showed as much as you are now all the time."

"They do not even make skirts this short," I noted.

Henry nodded, "Well. Shorter, anyway. Okay?" I nodded agreement. "Now let me see the rest." Feeling very uncomfortable now, I lifted it further.

Henry says, "All the way up." I did as instructed. It was actually above my waist as he leaned forward, his hand touching my hip through the pantyhose. "Very impressive. Cute panties."

His hand moved silkily across the front of my hip onto the front of my panties and rubbed down the intersection of my leg and trunk before going back up the other side. He had crossed my tightly held and shrunken penis in my panties.

"Amazing," he sighed. "You know, I am still not absolutely sure." Sitting back slightly, he reached to the sides of my pantyhose and slowly began pulling them down until they were around my thighs. I could not read the look on his face. The whole situation was so wildly alien to me that I was shaking with fear and one of the effects was that I was still as soft as I ever have been.

Very carefully, he moved my panties back into place, making sure they were positioned just as they had been. Then he rolled the pantyhose back where they belonged as well. I wondered what he was thinking but there was no way I would even consider asking. I dropped my skirt back into place and jumped when his hands went to the front of the shirt-cut dress and began unbuttoning from the top as he looked up into my eyes.

When he had it unbuttoned almost to the waist, he put his hands on the sides of it and opened it. I knew that the feminine cotton bra was filled almost perfectly with the breast forms and that it was tight enough that it pulled the small amount of my moderate chest flesh and muscle to a hint of a cleavage.

"There is something called a miracle bra," he said softly. "They sell them all over. Get one and some blouses that show more chest. And this nice little cleavage." He ran his fingernail down between the false breasts and sent shivers running down my body. I am sure he saw the goose bumps it produced.

He just grinned up at me and slowly buttoned the dress to a point between my breasts. When I reached up to finish it, he took my hands and moved them to my sides.

"Leave it like that. I like it." He nodded to me by way of dismissal and I took the opportunity to walk back around the desk.

"Do you need anything else?" I asked like a good little secretary, scared to death he would say yes.

"You have got it, Jody. You really have. Now emphasize the feminine as much as you can without looking trashy," he said. "Feminine. Showy. Classy. Okay?"

"Yes sir. If I can," I said

"You can. See you in the morning," Henry replied.

I nodded, went through the door, straightened my dress with a quickly dismissed thought of re-buttoning the top buttons, got my purse, and left for the day. When I got to the car, Margaret and Leslie seemed perfectly normal if a little concerned that I was a few minutes late. But Brianna looked at me quickly and then away as if she was embarrassed. She sat with her legs crossed and her hands around her middle defensively.

Brianna was uncharacteristically quiet as we made dinner for the others and while the rest of us talked about our days, without some of my experiences, and later when we watched television for a while. A little early, she said goodnight and, tired as well, I kissed Margaret’s cheek, Leslie on the mouth, and followed her. She still was not talking as she washed her face and hung up her clothes.

She surprised me when the first thing she had really said, other than in direct response to my questions, was "Do you think I can wear sheer pantyhose?"

"Of course," I said without hesitation. She has boyish legs and hips but the "boyish" is a feminine appellation. She is cute in an almost little girl way.

"What about showing more top? You know," Brianna stated.

"You are not stacked," I pointed out unnecessarily. "But you have a cute shape. A feminine shape. You could pull it off with no problem." She nodded without further comment. I added, "Why do you ask?"

"Roger told me to," Brianna said lowering her head to the ground.

I replied, "To wear sheer pantyhose and show more top?"

"Yes, tomorrow." She looked distressed to me. "You know all through this I have been more comfortable in pants or leggings or something that covers everything up."

"I know that is what you like. But I have always thought you were a little conservative and it will be okay."

"But what if I get caught?" she said looking into my eyes for reassurance.

"I just know you can do it, Hon. Really," I replied.

She nodded but did not look like she really believed it still. We got into our nightgowns and turned out the lights. I felt her laying on her back next to me as rigid as a board. I knew she had more but I could only wait and try to make it easier for her.

I rolled onto my side and tried to get closer to her.

"Cuddle with me, Hon," I said.

"You will not want me to," she said. Now I knew there was a problem.

"What is it, Babe?" I rubbed the side of her neck and head with one hand. She took a very deep breath.

"I fucked up today," she began.

Questioning I replied, "How?"

"I well, I dropped my purse, which was the first thing. I let Roger help me pick things up."

"I know," I said simply. There was a long silence.

Brianna turned and looked at me, "You know?"

I replied, "Yeah. Henry told me about it. How Roger found your driver’s license. Everything."

"But ..." she said, the confusion in her voice "... I was sure if Roger told Henry that, well, we would get in trouble. That we had probably all get fired."

"We kind of came to an agreement," I said.

Brianna’s eye got all big as she said, "He knows about us? You too?"

Smiling I replied, "Yeah. He knows."

Nervously Brianna stated, "W-what is he going to do?"

"He said ..." I thought about what he had said about me but switched my tack. "He told me Roger thinks you are too valuable to be fired."

She was silent.

"And the same for me. He, well, let us say that we decided that he could not make a deal out of it without making waves with the EEOC and problems finding people to replace us and we could not because it would hurt all of us." A simplification that left some things out but I figured she did not need to know everything.

Brianna asked, "Did you tell him about Margaret and Leslie?"

"Well? He guessed about Margaret since she had to do the background checks. But not about Leslie," I said.

"I did not tell Roger about anybody. Just me," Brianna said.

"Yeah, Henry figured me out by himself with what Roger told him. We better tell them about it in the morning so they will not be surprised," I said.

"Yeah," she agreed. "You really think it is going to be okay?"

"Sure," I said. In fact, I was not totally convinced by the current set of facts and a lot of things could happen. "So, Roger told you to wear stockings and show more skin on top."

"Uh huh. That is really scary, too," Brianna noted

"A little, but we will be okay," I added.

"You said ‘we’," Brianna said puzzled

Smiling I replied, "Yeah, I got the same word from Henry. I wonder if they agreed to it at lunch."

"Maybe, I mean ..." She stopped and took another deep breath. "Well, when Roger saw my driver’s license, he took me into his office and asked me everything. Made me tell him all about our change, you know. Nothing specific that involved any of you guys or anything. Just about trying on the clothes Friday and shopping Saturday and getting used to things Sunday. And coming in and interviewing and everything Monday, of course. He knew about that."

I waited, knowing she wanted to tell me more. "That is why you were so distracted at lunch," I said.

"Yeah, I was worried. The last thing he said was that he needed to talk to someone. Though I did not know he would talk to Henry until they came back from lunch together. That is when I knew I might have got you in trouble, also," said Brianna.

I asked, "So what did he tell you after lunch?"

She gulped before speaking. "He took me back in his office again and said there were several conditions for me to keep working," she said. "First, keep my mouth shut about our arrangement." She stopped again. "Then," she took a deep, shuddering breath, "he had me show him my bra. He just grinned at me and nodded."

"Lots of girls are small there," I reminded her again.

"Yeah, but I have an appointment tomorrow with some psychiatrist friend of his he says can make real tits grow. He says we will see how big they really get." Henry had offered me the same thing. Suggested it. But he had not made an appointment for me. "Then he had me take my leggings off, put the heels back on, and walk around for him."

I remembered the short dress she had worn during the day and knew how sensitive she was to showing her body. I could imagine her embarrassment and the way she must have looked during that moment.

"That is when he told me to wear stockings." I nodded against her shoulder. "He had me come and sit on the edge of his desk and put his hand on my leg while he talked. He said that sexual harassment pre-supposes someone of the opposite sex. First. Then he said that if both people had something to gain and a lot to lose, it was something just between the two of them. He looked up at me and asked if I had anything to gain from staying working there and I said yes. Then he asked if I thought there was a chance that I might gain something from a sexual relationship with him," Said Brianna.

I was holding my breath, waiting for what she was going to say next. "I told him I did not know. Then he said I should know that he has a lot to lose if what I am gets around or if, well, someone knew that he had had a sexual relationship with a boy. He called me a boy," Brianna said in disgust.

I nodded again. "What happened?" I said softly, prodding.

"He lifted up my skirt and touched my legs and all around my panties and then the front of my panties." Her breathing was hard now. "Then he took them off and kept me sitting there on his desk, looking at me. He said it looked like I was as much girl as boy anyway," she said and I wondered if that made her happy or unhappy. "He thought it was great, he said."

I could only wait. Maybe she would give me her reaction without my asking and embarrassing her further.

"He said, ‘You have a cute clit.’ Do you believe that?" She sounded pleased so I said sure.

"What happened then?" I asked.

"He spread my legs real far and played with my pussy and licked my clit until I came," she said quickly, really breathing hard now. "I know you did that once but it is different when a real man does it to you," Brianna added.

I did not know whether to laugh or get upset. Of course, when I had done it, I had been dressed in a nightgown filled out with breasts and dragging long hair across her flat stomach. I had not felt like a man then and decided to dismiss the comment now.

Brianna continued, "I do not know how he did it. He did not, you know, touch my butt then. Just between my legs. But it was exactly like he was playing with my pussy and that is what he told me he had done."

I moved my hand down her silky front and into her panties, my fingers finding the spot directly between her legs and pressing. "Yes," she hissed. "That is it. Oh."

I rubbed the spot as she rocked her pelvis forward and back and moaned. I was not too surprised when she clenched around her orgasm before twisting her body toward me and kissing me hard for long minutes. "Oh, Jody," she said. "You understand."

"Yes. I understand," I told her as I got a few Kleenex to clean off my hand and give to her to clean up her stomach.

Satisfied and happy, she nuzzled into my neck and fell asleep. I lay there for a while wondering what the new day would bring and if it could possibly be as event filled as the last few had been.

I had bought exactly one set of lace panties and tight uplift bra that I put on when I got out of the bathtub before putting on my sheerest pantyhose, my only short skirt was pink and part of part of a suit, and a white puff sleeved blouse with an open circle neck that fell low in front almost to my bra. A thin silver chain with a silver medallion lay on my chest at the top of a noticeable cleavage and matching dangly earrings hung from my earlobes.

Brianna bounded with excitement and bounced my breasts on her palms with a giggle as she went into the bathroom to get ready, saying she did not have anything to worry about if I could do what I had done and look so great.

I got more rave notices when I went to the kitchen to join Margaret and Leslie for coffee and donuts. While we ate, I filled them in on what had happened the day before and what the status was for them. Leslie did not seem to care and Margaret did not seem overly worried about herself. She did express some concern for Brianna and me. I told her we would be okay and sincerely hoped I was right.

We agreed to support Brianna and, if necessary, to help her with her outfit, but we need not have worried. When she came out of the room, her legs were sheathed in sheer pantyhose and looked great, if just a little skinny.

The tight white skirt would have been impossible to walk in if it had been a foot longer. But since it ended high on her thighs, it could hardly tie her knees together.

The equally tight white tee-shirt with its red and blue sequined flowers bulged over her cute bra and circled low on her chest. She wore several brass bracelets and a necklace that was chain to a series of brass coins on her chest. One coin hung from each ear below her short auburn hair.

"Oh honey, isn’t that cute!" Margaret said before any of us could react.

"It looks great on you, Brianna," Leslie said. I just smiled my approval and nodded an I-told-you-so nod. She grinned back happily.

When we arrived at work I walked into my office, I wondered if I had taken a wrong turn somewhere. I had to look at Mr. Jansen’s name on his door before I was convinced. The night before when I left, my desk was a solid dark wood one with an L-extension that held the computer. The open end had been open to a wall next to Henry’s door and four chairs sat across the room behind a low coffee table. The door to the hallway had been to the left of the row of chairs.

Now, a new glass topped desk sat tight to the edge of the door, a dropped glass leaf on the right held my computer, and two chairs and short end tables were on each side of Henry’s door. There were even new paintings over each pair of chairs.

When I sat down in the soft white leather office chair and turned to start the computer, I saw that I was looking directly at Henry’s door over the top of the computer monitor. The computer itself was on the floor to the right side of the drop leaf and the printer against the wall to the right. All the wires were neatly hidden.

I printed out the schedule, as I had the morning before, and went for coffee. When I got back, the door to Henry’s office was propped open with a large crystal ball with a carved rearing horse inside.

He looked up from some papers on his desk as I came in and smiled as his eyes moved up and down my body. He stood up as I progressed across the room and came around to his seat at the front of the desk.

I gasped as his hands came up under my breasts and bounced them as Brianna had earlier.

"Very nice," he said. "Your legs look luscious in that skirt, too. Let me see."

"What?" I said, not understanding.

"Under your skirt. Your panties." I know my mouth dropped open with shock but he just waited. I looked out the open door and lifted it off my lap.

Henry shook his head, "Hmmm, No. Either thigh high stockings or, preferably, stockings and garter belts. Okay?" I shrugged, was there a choice?

Henry began, "Well, no problem. You have an appointment with Dr. Monk. At 9:30. You and Brianna. While you are out, you can do a little shopping. Do you have plenty of outfits? Short skirts. Nice tops like that."

"I will have to shorten some," I said. "My wardrobe is a little limited," I said.

"No problem. You can get a few things now, this morning, and take your things in to a tailor I know. It will be much faster and easier," said Henry.

Shaking my head I began, "I am sorry, sir. But ..."

"Do not call me sir," he snapped.

I continued, "Ah, sure Henry. But I am almost broke. We have been out of work for..."

"Oh, Of course. This is by way of company public relations. I will talk to Roger," Henry replied.

I was still in shock as he rolled on into several things he was expecting of the day and added several items to his schedule. "We will get one of the guards to drive you to your appointment and shopping in a company car. Good?" I could only shrug. It seemed that things were out of my control altogether.

"Okay," he said and stood up to round his desk. I got up and went to my desk to enter the new items in his schedule. He picked up the telephone as I sat down. I could hear him clearly from here.

"Roger. Pull about three or four hundred from petty cash each for Brianna and Jody. Yeah. On the public relations budget. Right. Well, how well do you want your secretary dressed?" He laughed. "Right. That will have to be on your own budget. Yeah, it is for clothes for the two of them. They need it and so does the office. That is why. Okay. Thanks, Roger. Get it to Brianna before about nine. Tell her what it is for and that half is for Jody. Okay? Good. Thanks. Yeah. Thanks. Good." He hung up.

When he looked up into my eyes and then down below the computer monitor, I realized part of the value of the new office arrangement. At least for him. I crossed my legs.

The doctor’s office was nothing like I expected. The reception area was small, with four chairs and a receptionist’s window where we told a woman, who looked like a cashier, that we were there. More like a dentist’s office, I thought.

A nurse, in white starched dress, white stockings and shoes, and perky cap, called Brianna in through the door a few minutes later and, part way through a Reader’s Digest article, called me. I followed her to a small room that included a chair, instrument covered stainless steel cart, and cupboards.

"We will just get blood first," she said and proceeded to drain four test tubes full before curling my arm around a cotton ball. Then she took my blood pressure and heart rate with an automated blood pressure cup on the other arm that read out on a digital display on the wall. She wrote it down.

She stood me up, take off my bra, had me take off my shoes, and put me on a medical scale for height and weight. Then she used a tape measure for chest, waist, hips, and thighs at mid-thigh, calves, ankles, wrists, forearms, biceps, and neck measurements. She asked shoe, pants, shirt, dress, skirt, blouse, and bra sizes. Then she let me put my bra back on.

We had sat and filled out a normal patient form in the waiting room before Brianna was called in. Now the nurse sat down in another chair to my side and asked me a long series of questions that started with, "Are you aware of any medical problems?" and went on through drugs, habits, and childhood diseases. She was particularly interested in any drug reactions or any long term drug use.

All of this was done without comment and very friendly. She did not seem to take any particular note of my obvious deviation from the norm and did not comment on it at all. I could not help wondering how many guys came in wearing skirts and high heels. She left for a moment and came back almost immediately to lead me into the doctor’s office.

Dr. Monk is a large, friendly man with massive hands that enfolded mine when he shook it. "Call me David," he said as he indicated a chair in front of his moderate sized desk in the very medical looking office. It was carpeted with a kind of nondescript indoor-outdoor carpet and had several shelves of haphazardly arranged books and a window behind him.

David began, "Henry made your appointment for you. Do you know what for?"

I nodded, "Yes," I said. "I believe so anyway."

"He thinks you need a course of hormone treatments. Have you agreed to this?" I shrugged. I really had not been consulted. First he had suggested it as a possibility and then told me I had the appointment. I told him that and he sat back in his chair.

David questioned, "So you really have not agreed. Is that right?"

"I have not but I am here and I knew why," I replied

David asked, "Has this been made a condition of your employment?"

Shaking my head I replied, "Not that I am aware of. Henry did not tell me that."

David tone changed to the ‘Doctor Tone’ I had got from doctors all my life. “It is quite important that you agree to the procedure, but let me tell you about it first. Okay?" I nodded. "Very well, the first step is series of injections. If you agree, three today, three tomorrow about this time, and three the next day. Two of the three will produce direct stimulation of breast growth. The third will balance female hormones with testosterone levels in your body. Today’s injections will be a kind of starter but the next two will be based on analytical results from your blood tests.”

David continued, "The value to you in this is that you will immediately see some diminished facial and body hair growth, some softening in musculature, and stimulation of body weight redistribution." I nodded in interest as I listen to him. "The balancing act is good because it does not have an effect on libido. Sexual desire or response."

He cleared his throat and went on without pause. "We will do analysis of blood again tomorrow and the next day as well to see the results of our injections as we go. We will also keep very careful track of the measurements we took today and check for any negative physical reactions to the medication. We will talk more so we can determine your personal reactions as we go along."

Sitting forward in the chair again, he went on. "When we get the results of the third blood test, we will prescribe a long term oral form of hormone supplement. It is important that you know that though the injections, in particular, have an almost immediate effect, it is reversible by simply discontinuing treatment at any point. The success and speed of reversal, of course, diminishes over time. Though we have found that about three months is a kind of break-off point. Beyond that, there are some long term changes that can take months or even years to reverse."

He studied his hands for a minute be for continuing. "We have found that the results of the course of medication is highly variable. This is dependent on the patient’s musculature, size, body fat, profusion of body hair, existing hormone levels and just a myriad of things, in fact. Some results in some patients is almost immediate. Meaning there will be noticeable physical results by the end of the week.”

I sat in my chair feel a bit excited as he talked. David continued, "In fact, your body shape, coloring, size and musculature is the most amenable to the treatments. You may experience unexpectedly noticeable results sooner than most. After the initial course of injections and prescription of the maintenance additives, we will check on our progress in a week, two weeks, and again a month later and every month after for the first year or so."

"What is the bill for all this?" I asked.

"It is not terribly expensive but Henry has already agreed to pick up the tab. If you decide to stop the course of treatment, any cost stops, of course. If, for some reason, you decide to continue but stop working for Henry, he has agreed to pay the first two years of treatments after your separation," David stopped hoping I has something to say to the conversation.

"Are there any psychological effects?" I wondered.

David smiled slightly and answered the question, "A few but they seem to be fairly minor. Perhaps slight emotional enhancement. You could cry at things you would not now, for instance. But it is not like your general outlook will change or you will suddenly have uncontrollable urges to do housework. Unless you already do, of course," he said with a laugh. "Seriously, you may experience slight depressions but balanced with heightened peaks. Slight mood swings that might be somewhat disconcerting because they are rapid, if not extreme."

Smiling I said, "So what now?"

"There is just one more examination we need to do and then the injections, if you are positive about it." Decision time, I thought. It helped that it was not an all or nothing decision. I could change my mind without too much damage being done, if what he said was true. And I had no reason to think otherwise.

"Okay," I said finally with a smile.

"Good. Then, if you do not mind, come over here and lift your skirt for me," he said. When I was next to him and had my skirt around my waist, he leaned forward and pulled down my pantyhose and panties.

"We are checking two things here," he explained as he reached between my legs and took my balls in his fingers. "Physical size and characteristics and normal responses. Okay? Believe me that it is necessary. Any indication of potential problems will show up here first so we have to have baseline information. I am not just a degenerate."

As he had been speaking, he had been manipulating my penis from side to side, inspecting it, and gently feeling my testicles. "Any problems here?" he asked as his fingers began moving on my partially hardened penis.

"Ah, no." I had gone from almost completely soft when he pulled down my panties to as hard as I ever get. His fingers left my balls and pressed into the depressions below them and then against the soft spot below my sack. His hand had never stopped moving on my penis.

"Okay." He stopped. "Turn around now." I saw him reach into a desk drawer and put on a rubber glove, coating a thick finger with KY jelly. "Bend a little. That is it. Good."

His finger dove into my asshole before twisting from side to side and then pressing and rubbing my prostate gland. I had never found that to be an unpleasant examination but when his hand returned to my penis and began moving up and down it as his finger rubbed my prostate, which was infinitely more pleasant than the normal exam. He only took only a moment before I came, shooting come on the floor in front of my shoes before drooling the last between them. The he pulled his finger out of my butt and pulled out several pieces of Kleenex to hand me.

"Okay. You can clean up now. Just put it in the trash can there and do not worry about the floor." I cleaned off the head of my dick and looked over my shoulder at him writing some entries on the medical form. I cleaned off the KY on my bottom and dropped the soiled tissues in the garbage.

"Before you put your cloths back on we will do the injection," he said, turning with a needle in his hand filled with pink liquid. He tapped it with a finger and, before I could anticipate overly, stuck it in my ass high enough that I would not sit on it.

"Okay, pull them back up now," he said. I pulled the panties into place and got the pantyhose right before dropping the skirt. He dropped the syringe in the garbage, turned and got another.

"Just pull up your blouse and bra in front," he said. He did not waste time with explanations of what was going on now. He rubbed very chilly alcohol on one nipple and moved the tip of the needle into the area just below it in the surrounding darker skin. The shot stung when it went in and I grimaced but did not move.

"One more," he said, turning to get another syringe. He did it again with the other nipple. "Good. All done for today. We will see you same time tomorrow. Okay?"

"Yeah, I guess," I said as I pulled the bra back into place and then the blouse down where it belonged. I turned my back to him to lift the skirt and pull the blouse back into place.

Brianna was grinning when she looked up from a magazine as I went back out.

We spent the next hour and a half at the mall buying new bras, panties, short skirts, filmy blouses, camisoles, stockings, and garter belts. We spent every dime and treated ourselves to a nice lunch at a French restaurant mall adjacent.

We got back to the office with our bags before one in the afternoon. I told Henry I had appointments for the next two days and sat down at the computer. I wondered if he could see the skin above the stockings when I looked up and saw his eyes on my legs.

There were several memos ready for typing as well as changes to a spreadsheet. I worked along steadily but, after about half an hour, I realized that my nipples under the breast forms itched and I had been scratching under the bottom of the bra for a while and squirming in the chair more. Finally, I found that my bladder was full and the itching was getting to me so I excused myself and went to the women’s room.

Safe in a stall, I lifted my blouse and bra and looked at my chest, putting my fingers on my nipples and rubbing through them without rubbing the sensitive surfaces. I noticed that the nipples and the darker surrounding circles were swollen considerably so they were much larger than normal and hardened as I had never seen them. Even some of the skin surrounding them and below was puffier than before.

I recognized it as just being irritated, not that they were growing already. I did not think that was possible. But it certainly itched.

Brianna came in as I was about to go out and came directly to me with a harried look on her face.

"God, Jody," she said. "My nipples are driving me crazy. They itch so bad I think I am going to go over the deep end if it does not quit."

That just made mine come back to mind even though I had sort of dismissed it for a minute while I checked my makeup. "Yeah. Mine too. The shots must irritate them," I suggested.

"This is the second time I have been in here since we got back," she said. "It is terrible!"

"Try to leave them alone, if you can," I said as she rolled her tiny breast forms with both hands. "Let me see," I said. Quickly, she lifted her tee-shirt and bra and I saw that hers looked like mine but bigger and redder.

"Do you think they are growing already?" she hissed.

"No, it could not be that fast. The shot just makes them really sensitive." I brushed one of hers and she cringed.

"Damn. That feels great," she hissed again. "They ARE sensitive!"

I said, "I think we better do our best to leave them alone. It is like the more you mess with a sore or something, the worse it is."

"Yeah, you are right. But I would still do about anything to get you to suck them for me," she said with a big grin.

"Maybe later," I said with a chuckle. She started pulling the shirt back into place and I helped her get the bra pulled back down right on the sides. I went around her and back to my office. Being around her fidgeting made mine itch worse, too.

I tried hard to concentrate on my work but it was hard and I caught myself squirming or rubbing myself several times. Several of those times, I looked up to see Henry watching me do it and blushed. As hard as I tried, I could not seem to stop it completely. Instead, I only resisted it and became self-conscious.

I took some of the memos in to Henry and he looked at his watch and grinned at me. "Grab the coffee and let’s talk," he said. I nodded and went for it. I sat it on the front of the desk as he came around. "Why don’t you shut the door?" he said and I returned to the crystal ball and bent to roll it to one side. It must have weighed thirty pounds but, luckily, rolled fairly easily to the side and out of the deep hole it had made in the carpet.

I shut the door and sat down. I had my hands crossed over my crossed knees. He leaned forward with his elbows on his knees and covered my hands with his.

"I have been watching you. How are you doing?" he said sincerely.

"I am okay. I just itch a little." He nodded.

"What did David do today?" I told him all of it in a kind of shorthand. Interview, weight and measurements, explanation, shots and plans for the next two days and later. He listened while holding my hands loosely. As I talked, I found that I was more aware of the itch instead of less, but under his intense scrutiny I could not do anything to relieve it at all.

"You said they are irritated?" I nodded. "And swollen?" I nodded. He could not have been teasing them with his fingers and made me any more aware of them. "Itchy and sensitive?"

"Yeah," I chuckled. "And this is making it even more."

"But you cannot scratch them now," he said. I was not sure whether I could not because he was there watching or that he would not let me. He grinned as he looked at my chest and continued holding my hands. I squirmed, feeling the itch now in more than just my chest.

"I think I need to go to the ladies’ room for a minute," I said but he shook his head as his smile spread a little.

"There is nothing like an itch you cannot scratch, is there? It seems like the more you try not to think about it, the more it demands your attention," Henry said. I squirmed more and, if possible, it got worse. "We both have a problem," he said. "I am just itching to see them and you are just itching. So what do you think the solution might be?"

"I will let you watch while I scratch," I said immediately starting to move my hands to do that.

"No," he said. "Instead, I think you will take your blouse off for me. Then you will put your hands on the arms of the chair and let me take care of the rest. Don’t you?"

Henry was calm and commanding. "Okay. Just…" he let go of my hands and I lifted the blouse over my head quickly to put my hands on the arms of the chair. I moaned as he used both hands and pinched the false nipples of the breast forms through the bra. "No. Please. Do not tease me. If you will not let me, please do it for me," I begged.

"Okay. That was cruel." He reached under both arms and found the fastener of the bra, undid it quickly, and moved it down my arms. I moved them forward so he could take it off and was surprised when I looked down at my chest. They were at least twice as swollen as before, the slightly reddened and enlarged area extending a couple of inches onto the skin surrounding the darker circles.

Where my nipples had been typically male and about the size of pencil erasers before, right now they were reddened, hard, and several times their normal size. The areolas were swollen in the same way and, I thought, larger than normal by at least twice.

His fingers of both hands lightly and ineffectively brushed across the nipples and areolas, only making them much worse. I gripped the arms of the chair tightly and squirmed some more.

"Please," I finally moaned.

Henry asked, "What do you want me to do?"

"Maybe pinch them a little. Roll them maybe. I do not know. Rub them." I gasped with pleasure as he squeezed slightly and rolled both nipples and areolas. My back arched forward.

"Very appealing," he said, a smile in his voice.

"Please," I moaned, enjoying what he was doing but needing more. He put two fingers and thumb on one and squeezed harder, milking it slightly. I moaned with pleasure and a kind of relief. "Yes!"

"Hmm. If that is good, this will be great," he said leaning forward and licking one of them. It was wonderful. But even as I felt it, he moved back away. I leaned forward to offer it again and he licked and moved away further. I was forward in the chair, just sitting on the front edge. He grinned and rolled the other nipple satisfyingly.

He licked again and moved back. I followed and found myself standing in front of him. He licked and sat back and I crawled up into his chair with him, my knees on either side of his body.

As I fed him my nipple, holding his head against me, he began sucking me as his fingers pinched the other nipple more roughly but infinitely more satisfyingly. As I started having trouble breathing, he switched breasts and, at the same time, moved the newly freed hand under the back of my skirt, into the back of my panties, and down to my asshole. For the second time of the day, a large finger slid into my body in the remaining KY jelly. I squealed with pleasure as I came in my panties.

While I came down from that, he used the fingers and thumbs of both hands to thoroughly roll and squeeze my nipples and areolas, finally satisfying the itch that had started it all. "Mmmm. You do that so good, I will let you do it every time I cannot stand it anymore," I told him.

When I put the bra back on, he fastened it for me and held the blouse over my head and pulled it down into place for me. Still helping, after I tucked it in, he pulled it down right under my skirt, reminding me that I needed to do a little cleaning up.

I went to the bathroom after I had done as he asked and bent at the waist to move the crystal back into place in front of the door. Brianna saw me go by on my way to the bathroom and followed me, begging me to do her nipples again.

Finally back at my desk, I got some work done before he itches got to me again and I had to return to Henry’s side. He had me untuck my blouse and slid his hands up under it to roll and squeeze them for several minutes as I stood there beside him enjoying it.

Brianna and I did that to each other twice during the evening before we went to bed. I sucked hers as Henry had until she came. Then she returned the favor. I still woke in the night once with the itch but fell asleep rolling them myself.

Except for the tight black skirt and silky black top I wore the next morning, everything went almost identically. Morning coffee with the addition of a nipple rub, the doctor’s appointment with the same ritual including weight, blood, shots, and orgasm on his finger, an early lunch on the way back to the office, more itching and having Henry scratch for me, and an orgasm with afternoon coffee. The swelling had not gone down appreciably when I went to the doctor and he told me that was normal and seconded that it was not real growth that quickly.

That night, Brianna and I told Leslie and Margaret about the whole experience and what was happening. Leslie was a little miffed that she had not gotten in on the deal but did not mind getting a blow by blow of what was happening to us before signing up for the same thing herself.

Friday started off fairly similar. There seemed to be a little more swelling, this time on the inside of my breasts where the second shot had gone, and the original had not gone down that I could see. My nipples and areolas were far redder and larger than they had been, very sensitive, and itchy. Red lace underwear, the first garter belt I had ever worn, red pumps, and a red silk dress that weighed about two ounces made my outfit. Everyone seemed to like it a lot.

I forgot about one of the results of wearing a dress to the doctor’s office. Right off the bat with the nurse, I had to take it all the way off to get my bra off for the weighing and measuring. Then I had to undo the garters for the hip measurement.

She made me blush by telling me that, my nipples swollen the way they were, she had seen dozens of women who were not as feminine looking as I was in panties, loose stockings, and a smile. As if to prove it to herself, she reached into my panties and cupped my balls and penis ‘to prove it’ to herself, she said.

As if turnabout, when I was finished, she lifted her skirt and I saw that she too wore a garter belt but without her panties. Her ‘clit’ just was not as big as mine, she giggled as she let me check for myself. She helped me dress and suggested putting the panties on the outside of the garters so I would not have to undo them again with the doctor.

The final shots went as the others had, this time on the outsides of my areolas. For the third time, he got on his glove, checked out my balls and penis, and fucked my ass with a thick finger as he made me come. After I cleaned up and dressed, he had me sit down in front of his desk.

"Okay," he began. "What we have done is sort of a jump start on the process. Using your first blood sample, we have formulated a good approximation of your balance hormones. Three each day, morning, afternoon, and bedtime. By next Friday’s appointment, we should be able to come closer to balance. For the last three days, we have been monitoring the effects of the jump start dosages. If there were going to be any side effects, we would have seen them. We have not so that is good."

The doctor looked at his clipboard. "Part of the extensive set of measurements we have taken is to see the early results. The first quarter of the ballgame. Of course, the first quarter is a poor predictor of the final score. But if it is 44 to nothing, you have at least got a pretty good idea of the way it should go. And that is exactly what we have got here. A complete blowout.”

David continued, "Height, unchanged. That is usual. Weight, up two pounds. We will watch that but it is probably good at this stage. Musculature, softening. Gaining in the biceps, thighs, and hips where you should. Losing in the forearms, calves, and waist where you should. The others are stable as they should be. Wrist, ankle, neck. Penis and testicles, normal and decreasing only very slightly if at all. Response quickening slightly but maybe you are just getting used to the situation. You have gained an inch of hips and lost two of waist, by the way, and this may make some dress size differences if the trend continues.”

Doctor Monk was very through, "You have noticed the initial reaction of the hormonal stimulation of breasts, nipples and areolas. With the injection today, you will notice further increase for the next three or four days but then it will back off somewhat. Maybe as much as half the increase. Then, as the balance takes effect during the next month, you should see some real longer term growth. You should be careful with your diet. Balanced meals and no extra snacking or we may see a weight gain you will not appreciate.”

As he talked I hanged on every word feeling more and more feminine. "A biological woman’s hormone levels vacillate considerably during the month in response to her menses, of course. Many of the mood swings you observe in other women are a result of these imbalances. Unless you want to experience your ‘sister’s’ discomforts, you will not have to vary hormonal balance. Your body’s natural hormonal swings may, however, occasionally throw off the balance somewhat. When you are more familiar with the results and the swings, you may want to experiment with dosages but I would not bother unless they are pronounced or particularly uncomfortable."

He had done all this emotionlessly. Now he sat back and smiled. "Okay, Jody. Let me tell you first that your friend’s results are perfectly normal for our work. In three months, she will gain a full cup size and have fully formed nipples and areolas. She probably will not gain much more than that. She’s slight so she probably will not lose much waist size but she will gain an inch of hips. She was not muscular, just as you were not, so there may not be noticeable reduction in biceps or thigh development. She obviously does not eat much or has a high metabolic rate so it is unlikely she will overeat and gain undue weight. Basically, slow, cautious feminization. Probably slow enough that the change will not be perceptible by close friends and she is happy with that.

"Now you, on the other hand, are a different case altogether. We call the few we have seen like you our high achievers." He grinned at his own cleverness. "Your waist loss is three to four times our normal case. Your hip gain is double. Your breast development is already notable and likely only to pause slightly before blossoming. You chose your breast forms appropriately. In another week, you could be an A-cup and I would not be surprised if you filled out those C-cup bras in three months. I am not sure but it is possible you will be bigger than that eventually but the growth should slow by then.

"Similarly, your waist is likely to be two to three inches smaller while your hips may be two to three inches bigger. You will gain thigh mass and, probably, biceps mass as the more muscular forearms and calves lose slightly. I want to emphasize again that the game is not over until it is over. But, from our experience, you are quite likely to have a spectacular shape." He sat there grinning at me as if expecting something from me but I did not know quite how to respond.

I responded, "So I am going to have big tits, baby hips, and a wasp waist? Is that it?"

Smiling at my response David said, "Pretty much. A good butt and great legs, too."

I said, "So I should be really happy, right?"

"I think so," he said. "Listen. We do some rehabilitative work with women who have some development problems they want to correct without cosmetic surgery. After a year, they would go crazy for what I think you are going to develop in three months. "This is the absolute plus for my work." He grinned some more. "Also, I think you are going to do it with a minimum of depression or mood swings. But if I am wrong and you have any psychological problems at all, no matter how slight, you give me a call and we can talk about it.”

Doctor Monk continued, "There are all sorts of possible courses of action if that happens to be too extreme. Mood altering drugs. Modifications to your dosages. Changes in the formulation of hormones. Even discontinuation. Or maybe we can address any problems with simple consultation. A little psychoanalysis?

"My last question," he said, leaning as close as he could from behind his desk. "Are you happy with what I have said?"

I thought about it. It had been a week since I was a frustrated male looking for a job. Now I was a very happy working person with a more questionable gender. But heading for ‘foxy lady’ and was I happy?

My first thought was that I should not be. My second was that I did not give a shit about what I should or should not be. I was very happy with it. "I think it is super Doc!" I told him and his smile returned. "Are you going to finger fuck me again next week? I have gotten to like it." He laughed hard.

"That is called a sexual response test combined with a simple proctology. The scientific terminology is supposed to make it very objective and medical," Doctor Monk replied.

"Oh, I thought it was just a really good time," I said, gaining his laughter again.

At lunch Brianna and I talked before we returned to the office and I learned that Brianna was excited about the changes the doctor had predicted for her as well.

Back at work, Henry called me into his office and said he had talked to the doctor after I had left the doctor’s office. I was not sure about the confidentiality question but, since Henry was paying for everything I did not think I could complain too loudly.

As he talked, I found that I did not have anything to worry about anyway since all the doctor had told him was that the process looked like it was working better than expected. "Extremely well," to quote him, according to Henry. What he wanted was an update from me so I ran it down for him.

"Fantastic," he said with a huge smile, sitting this time behind his desk. It was not coffee time, after all. "You are happy?" he asked and I told him I was, with qualifications.

"Henry. It is obvious after this week that I need to be as feminine as possible," I told him. "The way I work is, if I am going to do something, I want to do it as well as I possibly can. Maybe by next week’s appointment or after a month, I will know if the changes are going to work right and be good for me," I said, broadly indicating my body. "At the same time, I should have a pretty good idea if things are going to work out here. At work."

"If you have any problem, you bring it to me," he said quickly.

"What if the problem is with you? I mean, I work for you right?" He stared at me for a minute.

"Is there a problem so far, Jody?" he asked. "Are we moving in the wrong direction?"

I thought about it, looking at my clasped hands in the lap of my short red dress. "Henry, I am not at all sure I would have moved this fast. Particularly on the medical thing. I felt some pressure to do it. Almost like you were forcing me to do it."

I stopped and looked at him but he was quietly waiting for my comment. He was not going to be defensive. Or maybe he knew it was true and was waiting for what I thought of it. "I only tried on my first women’s clothes a week ago today. Suddenly, there is this." I moved my hands across my body. I decided to make it more explicit. "Suddenly, I have got budding breasts, I am not only dressing as a woman full time but as a sexy woman, my body is changing in ways I cannot even appreciate yet. And, well, there are the things you have done with me. It is just so radical and so fast and so much." He looked at me while I tried to decide if I had made myself clear.

"Do you wish none of it had happened?" he asked.

"No," I said. That was not it at all. "Is it all just for a job?" I felt like I should think about it but I knew as soon as the question was out of his mouth that it was not true.

"No. There is more to it than that," Henry said. "Now that you know how good the medical procedure is going, would you want to stop?"

"No. Not now," I said.

Henry questioned, "Do you wish you had not done it? That I had not made the appointment for you?"

"No," I said.

Henry asked, "Would you have done it on your own?"

Unsure I replied, "Maybe. Eventually. Not yet for sure."

Henry sat up and asked, "So are you happy with where you are now or not?"

Staring at him I replied, "Yes."

"Do you itch?" he said with a twinkle in his eye.

"Ah, yeah. But I am going to make myself wait until coffee time. Myself and you. It is hard to tell which of us enjoys that more," I said smiling.

"You are sure. After all, the itch will probably come back in an hour," Henry added.

I looked toward the door and back to him. "The problem is this dress," I pointed out, blushing. "We will wait until two."

"It is your itch," he said. "I will warn you though. This time I need an itch taken care of, too."

I blushed at what I thought was a reference to a blowjob. Now I had to think whether I had enjoyed that the last time. He had some surprises in store for me.

I used some time in the women’s room with my dress already around my waist to lower the top and take care of the itch for a while. It was still as intense as it had been the first day. Perhaps even more. I did not look at them but just reached under the breast forms to scratch and roll the nipples and the puffy flesh around them.

The manipulation did have the effect of turning me on considerably but was not sufficient to bring on a release. The carryover of that to my desk, made me squirm in my seat before the computer until Henry lifted his cup to tell me it was time for the coffee break.

I was back with coffee in a few minutes. The itch was at the peak of its form by the time I had closed the door and, at Henry’s bidding, locked it.

He sat down in the chair casually, a few inches away from touching knee to knee, and stared at me. I wondered if he wanted me to make the first move as he picked up his coffee and sipped at it or if he was going to torture me. Make me beg him. Or, blushing at the thought, if he wanted to be satisfied before he would do anything for me.

"I have been watching you," he said. I nodded because I was aware of that. Every time I had looked up from the computer screen, I had met his eyes or could at least see him staring at my legs. "You are very appealing even when you are not squirming like you have ants in your panties."

I blushed for him. "Have you gotten any work done today at all?" I asked him. "Or have you spent the whole day watching me?"

He laughed. "Not much. It is lucky a good boss does not really have to do anything if he hires good people."

The phone rang on his desk then but he held up a hand and answered it himself. "Yeah. Sure. About an hour. Right." He hung up and looked at me again. "Margaret needs to talk to me. Bosses are only needed when there is a problem. I hope it is not the EEOC again." Then he hung up the phone and brought his attention back to me.

I could not comment since I did not know what she wanted. "It does put us on a schedule, however," he grinned. "Why don’t you show me where the itch is?"

"You mean" I vaguely pointed toward my chest but knew that, of course, that is what he wanted. A thrill of strange excitement surged through me that had to be an exhibitionist high I had heard strippers have sometimes. I read a book once where the heroine had an orgasm from a dream where she found herself naked in a group of fully dressed people.

I stood up shakily, my legs feeling my excitement, and turned my back to him. He slowly lowered the dress zipper and pushed the narrow shoulder straps off. Not ready, I gasped as the weightless tunic fell to the crooks of my elbows. His fingers went to the fastener on my bra before I had reacted to being bared to the waist in that second. He lifted the bra straps off my shoulders as well, presenting me with a dilemma.

I caught the weighted bra and breast forms with both hands as my elbows still held the dress. I could only set it down on the chair in front of me. When I was bent that way, he stood behind me and, when I started to straighten up, he pushed me forward gently with a hand on my back. I caught myself with both hands on the chair arms, straightening my arms so the dress fell to my wrists.

"What are you doing?" I asked as his hands went into the sides of my panties and pushed them down to my knees.

"You will figure it out," he said as I let the dress fall off one hand and then the other. The material slid off the leather chair around my ankles. The panties did the same thing and I stepped out of both with one foot, trying not to step on the material with the high heel that, I feared, could poke a hole in the light material.

As I kicked the dress to the side with the foot still remaining tangled in it, I felt him standing behind me. I looked under myself and saw his shoes behind mine but, oddly, became entranced by the fact that my swollen nipples and surrounding flesh actually formed the cones of small breasts. I sighed as he put one hand in the middle of my back and a finger at the portal of my asshole.

"Mmmm. That did not itch," I noted. He did not say anything but slid it far into me before turning it to each side and then upward as if hooking it up. It slid very easily out and back in a couple of times and made me forget that it had not been the direction of my thoughts right now. In fact, it made my nipples itch far more intensely and, bent over and supporting myself, I could not do anything about that itch.

There was no doubt that it was stimulating, of course. Beyond the slightly dangling cones, I noticed my cock was rapidly hardening.

He took his finger out of me and then replaced it, repeating what he had done a minute before. Then he did it again. All the way out and back in, around, in and out a few times, and back out again. "You like that, don’t you?" he asked huskily.

"Yes," I moaned.

"I think I know a way that you can enjoy more of this," he said, grunting with an effort that did not translate directly to my body, "and we can scratch the itches at the same time."

He pulled his finger out of me and then brought it back to the opening again. Then I thought it was two fingers as it opened me more than before. Then I thought it had to be more than two fingers because it was near the edge of painful. He pressed harder and it crossed the threshold, I squealed, and bent my knees to allow myself to pull away from it.

His hand went around my waist and pulled against my lower stomach, lifting me, and pushed whatever it was into me again. As a pain flared and dropped off immediately, I realized it was not his fingers. It was the flared head of his dick. "Okay now?" he asked. I wondered if I was okay. I wondered if I wanted this. Then I knew.

"It is way okay," I sighed.

He chuckled slightly and put both his hands on my hips and pressed forward. It lifted me up onto tiptoe as it slid in. I dropped back onto my heels as he stopped to let me get used to it but rolled back forward as he pulled back slightly and pressed forward more quickly, sinking still further into me. He kept the pressure up, his fingers painful on my hipbones, as he slid further and further of his long dick into me.

I actually squeaked as he finally stopped and moved his hands.

But the feeling in my ass was supplanted when I felt him curl over me, his shirt and tie pressing against my back, as his hands went over both my swollen breasts at the same time.

Immediately, I felt some relief from my itching nipples as his sweaty palms pressed against me. He starting rubbing the entire areas of them, the skin looser than I thought it should be as he slid it over my ribcage for a minute. Then he was very slowly sliding out of my ass, almost agonizingly.

I licked my dry lips and moved one and then the other leg apart. He pressed back into me in a quicker motion until I felt him stopped as the front of his legs pressed against my ass. Stopped there for a second, I felt his rapid breathing all around me.

He began a slow removal and fast return, withdraw and thrust, withdraw and thrust, as his hands started moving and squeezing and manipulating my breasts rougher and rougher all the time. When he changed his pace to an almost spasmodic pumping for several strokes, his hands squeezed hard.

My eyes were clenched tight shut and my mouth in a grimace of pleasure-pain as I felt him empty once, pump, again, pump, again and again and again. The next thing I noticed was that my arms were vibrating with exertion or reaction, his fingers and thumbs were rolling my new breasts between them, and he was kissing the back of my neck and shoulders over and over again.

"You liked that," he said simply said after a few minutes. His voice almost sounded normal.

"Yeah," I hissed from a totally dry mouth, my eyes still closed to red and yellow flashes. I swallowed dryly. "Oh yeah."

He still manipulated my breasts but slowly slid himself out of my ass and shifted to straighten his legs. The wet and softening flesh rested in the crack of my ass as he lifted me upright.

"Mmmmmm," I moaned as I put my hands over the back of his and felt, even more acutely, the way he took care of the itch that way. But as I relaxed, I realized that I was having to clench my ass to keep from leaking and might, actually, be leaking anyway.

As if sensing my problem, Henry reached to the desktop and got a handful of Kleenex that he pressed against my ass and, I thought, maybe even a little way inside. Then he got a couple more and handed them to me. Looking down, that was the first time I realized I had climaxed, too.

Quickly I wiped off my penis and tried to wipe off the chair a little. But there was too much there for a couple of Kleenex.

I slipped back into the bra, carefully seating my own nipples beneath the breast forms, and fastened it behind me. I had to hold my hand against the Kleenex on my butt to keep from losing it as I bent over to get my dress and panties, and clasped my legs together like a five-year-old while I dropped the dress over my head. I was sure I was not going to make it.

"Henry, I have got an emergency," I said, embarrassed. "I have got to get to the bathroom right now."

"Sure. Go ahead. I will take care of this, hon." He was grinning and using more Kleenex to wipe up the mess on the chair and the few drops on the floor as I opened the door and carefully went to the bathroom. I had to walk funny, my panties balled in my hand, to get there as quickly as possible.

I hustled into a stall, holding up the skirt and thanking the gods that no one else was there, and sitting down right away. As soon as I relaxed my muscles, a stream of hot fluid poured out of my ass that sounded very much like a woman pissing. I had to squirm a little to get it all and still used several times as much toilet paper to clean up as usual.

I put the panties on my legs while I sat there and pulled them into place when I stood. But immediately, the change in body attitude made it necessary for me to sit back down and allow some more come to drool out of me.

When I stood up, decided I was done, and got the panties back in place, I felt like I had been stretched to the size of a baseball. I wondered, almost seriously, if the next time I had something to eat it would go in my mouth and immediately run though and straight out without slowing.

I grinned at myself in the mirror. I had not brought my purse. I rushed out too quickly. So if there had been terminal damage to my face, I could not have done a thing about it. But, I realized, Henry had not even kissed my mouth or touched my face. It looked as perfect as it ever did. Like I had not just lost my virginity.

I had just finished kissing Henry and thanking him for "taking care of my itch" and returning to my desk when Margaret and Leslie came into the office.

Margaret, with an open door and her experience behind her, did not have to wait for me to announce her or even to check with Henry. She just finger waved as she passed into the office, dropping Leslie off with me and shut the door behind her.

"Hi Leslie," I said. "What is up?"

Leslie said, "I talked to Margaret about you and Brianna? Your doctor’s appointments?"

I questioned, "Yeah?"

Leslie then said, "And she said she would talk to Henry for me. Keep him from blowing his stack when he finds out."

I replied, "He will not. You know him as well as I do now. Better, I will bet." She looked down at me with a grin, my red dress and crossed legs.

"I will bet not. In two years, he never kissed me once," she said.

I blushed and knew what I was going to say next and blushed some more as she stared at me. "He probably never fucked you either," I noted.

Her mouth dropped open with surprise. Real shock. She used her hand to shut it. "You are kidding!" she said. I only shook my head slowly. Then she asked, "How?"

Smiling at Leslie I said, "I told you he had sort of rolled my nipples to make them stop itching. Right?"

Leslie replied, "Yeah but…"

Explaining I said, "Yeah, That is different I know, but he had done some things and I had done some things before. Today, he just took it I do not know, a step further?"

"How?" she squealed.

"With a really long dick," I chuckled. "And really well, rubbing and squeezing and playing with my nipples at the same time. They feel better than they have in three days." I blushed again.

"You certainly look good and well happy," Leslie responded with a smile.

"I am and it was great. I highly recommend it," I smiled back.

The door opened and Margaret told Leslie to come in. She went and the door started to close but then opened again. “Jody? Henry wants you here, too," Margaret said.

Henry was behind his desk and Leslie took the second chair in front so I sat against the credenza behind him. Henry looked to me and asked. "Jody, did you knew about Leslie all along?"

"Yes," I said.

Henry continued, "But did not tell me?"

I looked at him and said, "I did not think it was my place, Henry. If she wanted to, I figured..."

"Okay. I understand," he said, a little disgruntled, I thought. I wondered if we were in trouble. "So now I know about Brianna and you two. How many more are there?" There was a definite edge to his voice I did not like.

"That is all, Henry," Margaret said.

"Since this involved my former secretary and my current secretary as well as my employees in general and in possible contravention of a federal law. Should I not have been informed instead of having to find out for myself?" he asked Margaret.

"I was not at all sure it would work out," Margaret said by way of defense.

Henry asked, "So if it had failed miserably, say having them get caught in the ladies’ room by some women’s libber, then it would have all been okay?"

"No, I thought the most likely scenario was that the, well, girls would change their minds. One or more would have decided to stop and go on to something else," she said. "Or, more likely, that you or Roger would not hire them in the first place," Margaret responded. He sat with his fingers steeped below his chin, contemplating what she had said. "I was not sure that any of them could get away with it until the middle of the week. That they would be believable."

"They are certainly believable," he said softly. "I did not even recognize M... ah, Leslie. After having him sit outside my door for the last two years and having coffee twice a day." He looked at Leslie then more closely and I could see his grin in profile. "You are certainly believable. If I had known you were this pretty, you would have been in dresses two years ago," he told Leslie.

"Thanks, Henry," Leslie grin at Henry.

"It probably would have helped in avoiding the EEOC problems," Margaret said with a chuckle.

"Okay. We have got three, what should I say? New women," he emphasized, "on our staff. How likely are we to get caught doing this?"

"I guess that it is possible that other staff members could still catch on. I am not sure whether that would be a problem. Maybe a fifty-fifty chance if they were caught. But I am pretty sure that if they were going to get caught it would have been in the first week. As Brianna and, I guess, Jody did. No one in my department has identified Leslie and she is a fixture now,” Margaret explained.

"They will need to remain cautious, of course, but I think the greatest danger is passed. After all, they are all gaining friends and acquaintances among the staff so they would be less likely to get turned in even if they were discovered. They are also getting more confident and believable, if that is the term, as they go along,” Henry stated.

"And all of them are working out very well in their jobs. And that would be the mostly likely problem. If they did not do their jobs and there was a disciplinary problem." Margaret paused for breath. "The medical, ah, work with Brianna and Jody can only help."

Margaret looked at me and smiled. "Shortly, if they are challenged they can show a breast and make anyone eat their words."

Henry finally laughed. "There is not an EEOC official in the world who would say “Lift your skirt and prove you are a woman, right?" The thought of those uptight, politically correct types suggesting that seemed ridiculous and we all laughed.

Margaret not asked, "So now the question becomes first, will you extend the, ah, medical benefits you have provided Brianna and Jody to Leslie?"

"Yes, of course. Jody can make an appointment for Monday with Phil," Henry said.

Margaret questioned, "Okay, then the other question is should we offer this as an alternative to other employees if the ax has to fall again?"

Henry responded, "Hold up and wait on that decision until it looks like it could happen. God, the more of them we have around here, the greater the chance of a problem. Right?"

"Yes probably, but you have already told me that they are in a rather unique position that I am sure you girls have already noticed," she said. I was not sure what she was saying. "Specifically, you have as much to lose if this becomes public as the company has. Maybe more."

"Not the least, that it is wonderful to live this way," I noted. All three of them looked at me and smiled.

"It certainly makes some sexual harassment questions moot," Henry noted, looking at his fingernails and not meeting any of our eyes. Leslie and I looked at each other and smiled.

"Maybe not all of them," I said into the momentary silence, bringing Margaret and Henry’s eyes to me. "The first day I was here, a girl from the marketing department told me about some pretty blatant cases."

Henry and Margaret looked at each other and frowned.

"What?" Margaret said.

"She just said that a condition of employment over there is a blowjob and one had been on a junket with the marketing manager they had spent in bed," I amplified.

"Oh fuck!" Henry said softly. "That god damned Ed again. What do you think Margaret?"

"I think, if it is true," she looked up at me and held up a hand before I said anything, "and I am sure the girl said it, then something should be done."

"Formal?" Henry asked. "Interview the women involved?"

"If there was not a problem before, bringing it out formally might make it a problem. That might be the worst approach," Margaret said.

"It sounded like the girls did not particularly mind," I said. "The one who said it did not like giving blowjobs. If it is a problem, it is that she told an almost total stranger about it. Me."

"Yeah, does that make her a loudmouth, stupid, or dangerous? Could she tell someone who would make it formal?"

"I have seen her a couple of other times since that first time and she did not say anything else," I pointed out.

"Maybe a good start would be for you to have a quiet talk with her the next time you see her and tell her the potential dangers," Margaret told me.

"Okay," I agreed.

"Henry, I wonder if there is an informal situation you could broach the subject with Ed," she continued.

"Yeah. I will see if he can play golf this weekend. Then I can mention it casually. Hopefully, he will take a hint."

Margaret stood to leave and Leslie followed her. At the door, when I joined them, Leslie told Henry thanks for the medical support and he told her he was glad she still worked for the company even if she was not his secretary any more.

While Leslie waited, I made the Monday morning appointment with the nurse I had gotten to know fairly well now. She is the one who asked if it was a similar case to Brianna’s and mine. She seemed totally unaffected when I told her it was.

We all spent a quiet weekend with a short shopping trip Saturday where I spent some of my first week’s salary on a cute frilly dress. We went out to dinner together Saturday night and stopped at the bar afterward. Everyone seemed to want to pick us up and Brianna, in particular, was getting a big kick out of that, dancing with half a dozen different guys.

Friday night Brianna and I embarrassed Margaret when we had a few drinks at home and started talking about our experiences with our bosses. Brianna got fucked for the first time Friday afternoon, just as I had. We speculated on whether Roger and Henry had been talking.

We started taking our pills Saturday morning.

Sunday night, I got up after Brianna and I had been in bed for a while to get something from the living room. I stopped at the doorway when I heard what was going on but looked around the corner to see Leslie with her head between Margaret’s spread legs. Neither of them saw me and, I guess, I should not have been surprised, Brianna and I had been doing things since the first day, but I was still caught off guard.

Monday Leslie came and got me for lunch after her appointment and, almost in a panic, talked about the itching. Since mine was almost gone, I could tell her it was only a few days and that she would get used to it, but we still ended up in the restaurant restroom where I scratched the itch for her with both hands as Henry had showed me Friday though without the fuck. I think Margaret must have helped her out for the rest of the week because she did not ask me again.

Wednesday, after her third appointment, she came to my office and told me that the doctor had said her progress was nearly as good as mine. Mine, on the other hand, had gotten a little less sensitive as the itching stopped but looked the same as they had. Henry told me they looked like a teenager’s and I missed the opportunity to ask him how he knew what a teenager’s tits looked like.

Thursday, I ran into the girl from marketing that I had met and talked to her in the restroom for quite a while. As I had been asked, I told her that if the word about the sexual activities in the department got around, it could cause problems. She seemed surprised since she took it as a matter of course. Something that had happened to her at every job she had ever had, she said. She did promise to keep it to herself and me, so I could monitor if anything new was going on. Henry never mentioned what had happened when he talked to Ed and I did not really think it was my business.

Every day that week, I wore a new outfit and every day got more praise on the clothes from Henry and other people who came into the office.

He continued to watch my legs as I worked, took care of my itching, even if they were not itching at all, with his hands or mouth every day, and made love to me Tuesday afternoon. His hands or lips on my budding breasts felt different from when they had itched so bad but equally different from when they were small male pimples.

Remembering how I had to strip completely the Friday before, I wore a skirt and blouse Friday. The nurse told me that I had increased an inch across the bust and hips, and decreased an inch in my waist. She was envious, she said.

The doctor told me my progress was "phenomenal" and beyond even his confident expectations of the week before. He predicted that I would be an A-cup before the end of the next week if I kept growing at the same rate. He adjusted the dosage of estrogen downward slightly. Then he did the sexual response thing again with the same results as before. Again he said he was amazed since he thought there would be at least some lessening in response at this stage, just as he had thought there would be a little retreat in the size of my breasts. By the end of the next week, I filled out one of Brianna’s bras without any breast forms and had to switch to B-cup forms instead of the C’s I had been wearing.

Before my one month appointment, I had to buy a couple of padded bras because even Brianna’s A-cup breast forms shaped around me strangely. The doctor noted the two inch increase and general progress of everything else. The dosage was reduced again. If it was possible, that day changed my life again.

"What kind of a woman are you going to be, Jody?" Henry asked me that afternoon as we sat facing each other.

Confused I asked, "What kind?"

"Aggressive? Liberated? Ambitious? A shrinking violet? The little hausfrau? A decorative adornment? An airhead? Fun loving, dance all night partier? An intellectual? What?" Henry chuckled.

"I think I am probably aggressive but I would not call it liberated in the negative context. I am not particularly ambitious but I am hardly a shrinking violet. I am definitely not the little homemaker type. I hate that as much now as I did before,” I replied. "I think I am reasonably intelligent but not an intellectual and definitely not an airhead. So what were the other things?"

"Just decoration?" he said with a grin.

"I hope I look good but not just decorative. A prick teaser? A whore? A lesbian? A slut? A nun?" I laughed hard as he grinned. "Obviously, not a virgin," I noted. "You should know but I like girls. I like you. I do not tease much. And I do not plan on selling it, even if I could."

Henry asked, "So would you accept a date?"

I thought about it, "With the right guy," I replied.

Henry smiled, "Am I the right guy?"

I smiled back, "The only guy in my life right now actually."

Henry asked another question, "Would you be upset if I did not hold a door for you?"

"I would not know how to react if you did probably," I chuckled.

Henry stared at me and asked, "Then what if I asked you over tomorrow night to help me cook a nice dinner and maybe watch a video?"

Blushing slightly I said, "Oh, I would probably say yes."

"Are you liberated enough to drive yourself over?" He laughed.

"I have never had someone pick me up for a date. I do not think I would know how to react if it happened," I replied still smiling.

I just looked at him for a minute. "How should I dress?"

Henry said, "I sort of planned on wearing a pair of slacks and a tee-shirt."

I questioned, "No special requests?"

Henry replied, "You have pretty well demonstrated that you know what I would like better than I do. Surprise me, but do not dress up. Okay?" I nodded.

Henry said, "Do you like Italian Jody?"

"A lot," I grinned

Smiling henry said, "Then how about seven?"

Telling Margaret and Leslie where we were going, Brianna and I ate a one of the restaurants at the mall and shopped for "informal" clothes until the mall was about to close and the majority of the people had left.

Then we went to the hair salon and the two of us took the place over single handedly.

Both of us ordered the works and, for the first time in more than a month, I took my wig off in public. One hair dresser reset the wig while another worked on my real hair and a third worked on Brianna. We both got facials, manicures, and pedicures as well as our first hot wax.

All the attention was really a turn-on for both of us. The girls in the shop seemed to really have a good time doing it all. It felt totally different to have my own hair trimmed and permed and curled and combed out. In almost three months, my hair was nearly shoulder length and looked nice in the soft wave they gave me.

It was obvious when we got home, finding Leslie and Margaret snuggled up together on the couch, that they had enjoyed our absence. They thought we looked great as we joined them to watch a late movie before bed.

Brianna and I enjoyed intertwining our smooth legs and cuddling until we fell asleep. Neither of us were particularly horny since we had both had the response test at the doctor’s office and Brianna had gotten a congratulatory fuck from Roger after she got back.

I got up at about ten the next morning, had a late breakfast with Margaret and talked about the sexual harassment situation at the office for a while. She told me Henry had talked to Ed and the word was out to knock it off or be very careful. Then I read a book for a couple of hours.

Trying hard not to get excited, I took a long bath in the oiled, fragranced hot water as I read some more. I do not know whether it was inspiration or what but I decided to carefully shave my pubic hair before I got out.

I had not really had to shave for a month but I used a little depilatory on my neck before I got out of the tub. Then I rinsed off with the shower head so there would not be any hair clinging to me anywhere.

For the next half hour, I tried on underwear, unable to make a decision. Then I came on my decision. I thought about stocking and a garter belt but ran my hand up my leg and felt how soft the skin felt after the hot wax.

I put on the very short Levi skirt I had finally picked out the night before and pulled the very tight blue tee-shirt over my head and around my body like a racing glove. Cut in a circle neckline, I could reach in the top to pull my new breasts toward the center. Left alone, I showed a good cleavage and a good swell. I was not as big without the padded bra but it was appealing, I thought. I hoped Henry would agree.

That left only the medium height black sandals that showed my painted toenails, and bracelet, necklace, and earrings. I posed for myself and thought I looked great.

The rest of the girls thought I looked good, too, and Margaret just sat looking at me with a grin on her face that said, as clearly as she could, that she was proud of how far I had come.

A drink relaxed me as I waited for seven o’clock.

I walked up the curving sidewalk through the forest of trees in Henry’s front yard and rang the doorbell. The house was a single story Tudor styled house with a gable above the door that made it look more impressive than its modest size.

The door opened and Henry’s eyes rose from my feet to my face, taking everything in and breaking into a spreading grin. He wore a pair of tan cotton pants, moccasins, and a shiny white tee-shirt. His hair was freshly washed and casually loose. I thought he looked great.

"Come in," he said, opening the door the rest of the way for me. "Welcome to my humble castle."

"Thanks," I said and went into a nice foyer, the floor covered with red pavers and large tropical plants sitting in just the right places.

"You look wonderful." He made me believe by the way his eyes almost bulged as he looked at the cleavage. "It is all yours, isn’t it?"

"Yes, nothing fake or padded," I smiled

"Even your own hair?" He smiled.

My smile became bigger and I asked, "Do you like it?"

"Very much. I think you should forget about the wig. Even at work. Unless this is too much work," Henry responded.

"No, it is easy." I found myself fluffing it in a very feminine gesture.

He took me by surprise by closing the two feet between us, putting his arms around me, and kissing me. I accepted his tongue in my mouth almost immediately.

I thought it was a quick welcoming kiss but as it extended for more than a minute, I thought it was more than that. I had set myself to accept a quick kiss but as I felt it surging through my body, I found my ankle moving up the back of his leg and feeling the heat of his body against me. My insides were vibrating with excitement before he suddenly stopped and looked into my eyes from a few inches away.

"Welcome," he said.

"Do you greet all your guests that way?" I asked. He smiled and blushed slightly.

"We have got to cook. Come on." He took my hand and led me into a kitchen that could have been in House Beautiful Magazine. Nice appliances of all sorts, a center butcher block-island, hanging copper pots, and bubbling pots on four burners. "Would you like a glass of wine or a drink?"

"A drink, please," I said. "Scotch and water, I think."

He went to a countertop cabinet and pulled out a bottle of Regal, added ice and cold water from a bottle in the refrigerator, and handed it to me.

"Would you like to toss a salad or stir the sauce?" he asked. I chose the sauce and used the wooden spoon to stir the delicious smelling spaghetti sauce as I sipped the drink and watched his tear up lettuce, cut up tomato and cucumber, and pour an Italian dressing over the top to toss in. Croutons and bacon crumbles made it look perfect. I suppose pasta laden salads or romaine lettuce are more "in" but this was exactly the salad I liked.

Henry instructed me, "Okay. Turn that off and put the spaghetti in the pot next door there and we will be a few minutes away from eating. The pasta is in that tall thing next to the stove there."

When I looked in the tall canister I thought the spaghetti looked homemade. Just a little more variation in length and widths than manufactured spaghetti and it smelled different when I put some in the big pot. It melted down into the pot slowly and stopped the rolling boil. I stirred it all into the water before putting the lid back on.

Expertly, he poured the water off a vegetable (broccoli I learned as he poured it on a platter and garnished it with cheese), poured the sauce into a steaming bowl, and, finally, poured the spaghetti into a colander and then another bowl.

"Can you bring something?" he asked as he picked up the vegetable and sauce. I grabbed the other two and followed him into a sunroom on the back of the house with a glass topped wrought iron table set for two.

He pulled out a softly covered wrought iron chair for me and held it as I sat down. Then he disappeared only to come back a minute later with the salad and my drink.

In the few seconds, I had a chance to react to the plants all around me in the room, the deep green grass of the back yard through tall windows, and the mass of trees to the sides. The sun was only slightly above the horizon and I knew it would set in the time it took us to eat. He sat down and carefully opened a bottle of red wine, pouring a little in a wine glass and swirling it before tasting it.

Damn he is good, I thought as I watched him sniff, taste, and nod to himself before filling my glass. The china was very large clean, white enamel with a silver edge and matching salad plates. My mouth was literally watering as I dished out pasta for myself and watched him meting out salad to our plates.

As I coated the pasta with sauce, he pushed over a silver cheese cup. "I grate my own Parmesan," he said. "It is much better that way."

"You will make someone a wonderful wife," I noted with a grin. "Or chef. I have never smelled anything so enticing." He just nodded.

We ate almost silently, punctuated with my groans of pleasure, drank the wine, and watched the sun set as if it were a big screen movie.

He just chuckled with each of my hundred exclamations about the food, the view, and the wine. As I finished a massive plate of spaghetti, he left again and returned with small plates of Brie and a cheesecake. In spite of thinking I was much too full, I ate the cheese and two pieces of cheesecake as well as helping him finish the bottle of wine.

It was almost dark when we finished and he got up.

He led me to a living room that sported another wall of windows into the back yard, a fireplace, and the biggest screen TV I have ever seen. We sat on the couch as he used the remote to start a movie I had not seen but had heard about. It was a quiet romantic comedy.

"Make yourself comfortable," he said and I took my shoes off and curled my legs up on the couch as he pulled me over against him. We watched half the movie before he turned me so I was lying across his lap, my head on his arm, and his other hand in the middle of my stomach.

He kissed me again as the sex scene ended which had us panting by the time the movie ended. Except for our hard breathing, the house was silent as he turned off the TV.

For a long time, he kissed me, his hand moving gently on my stomach. He did not stop as his hand explored my naked thighs. He did not stop as his hand stroked and caressed and cupped my breasts under the tee-shirt. He did not stop as he pulled on my nipples and rolled the flesh that had not itched in a month but did then. He did not stop as he pressed and manipulated the spot between my legs and he did not stop as his finger found my carefully lubricated asshole.

Finally, after what could have been more than an hour, I could not stand it anymore.

"Please Henry. I need you to fuck me," I moaned throatily. "Maybe if I get on my knees."

"Yes," he said.

He stood up and waited for me to take his hand to pull me to my feet. He led the way through the house and deposited me at the dark opening of a room as he went inside. A soft light came on next to a massive canopied bed in a room that seemed to soak up the meager light of the bedside light. I went to him and his hands went immediately to the hem of my tee-shirt so he could move it up and off as I held my arms above my head.

He kissed me as he located the zipper on the skirt, lowered it, and dropped it to the floor. I started to take off his tee-shirt as well but he intercepted me, flicking it off over his head as my hands went to the waistband of his pants. They dropped to the floor before he tossed the tee-shirt to the side.

Now he was as excited as I was as he stepped out of his pants and lifted me onto the edge of the bed.

I scooted up the rest of the way as he took off his underwear, his long cock dropping out as if to point to me.

I turned over onto my stomach, making myself available to him, but he crawled onto the bed with me and turned me to face him, his mouth covering mine as I lay back into the quilt cover and pillows.

Almost wildly, he sucked on my nipples as I moaned and rolled on the bed under him. Then he was lifting my legs wide. He did not have to use his hands to find my asshole with his hard cock. It seemed to find it by itself and was inside me before I had time to anticipate or to react.

The slow pressure of it further and further into me rolled me onto my shoulders with my now sensitive nipples pressed into his slightly hairy chest. My moan escalated until his pubic hair tickled my newly shaved pubis. My ankles locked behind the middle of his back.

He began long, slow strokes that almost removed him from me before extending into my throat from below. Or at least that is what it felt like. He took it upward slowly increasing the length of the stroke and the speed until I could hear myself squealing with the pleasure of it.

We came together, growling and moaning and groaning and coming and coming and coming. He collapsed covering me completely, my ankles locked behind his knees.

Obviously, that was not the last time he fucked me that night or the only method.

He fucked me from behind. Once, when I had cleaned up our combined messes, I sucked him and was soon being sucked by him at the same time.

We fell asleep in each other’s arms and woke the same way. He would not take his arm out from around me until he had fucked me again in the morning.

He made eggs, bacon, small pancakes, hash browns, and lots of coffee while I sat, totally naked, and watched. His dessert was me pressed face down on his breakfast nook table.

After a shower and thorough cleaning with the bidet in his massive bathroom, he used his tongue on what he called his "pussy." That was certainly the first time I ever came that way.

At our three month checkup, I measured 36 - 24 - 37 with what Henry called "baby" hips and "the best butt in the business". I filled out my C-cup lace bras without help and my hair was below my shoulders slightly. My nipples were large and erect most of the time rising from areolas that swelled like breasts on top of breasts.

My posture had changed to accommodate the new weight distribution, my shoulders back and back straight. I did things with my legs naturally that Henry said turned him on as he watched me from his office and did not even think about it.

I had improved my wardrobe with new additions for every occasion and more than a little help from Henry, who went on my shopping trips on several weekend days.

Similarly, Brianna had her appointment and displayed her very real B-cup breasts which had surpassed her wish of A-cup breast forms, and measured a very cute 34-21-33. Sleeping with her, now at my apartment, I knew from experience that her nipples were larger than mine and seemed more sensitive even though mine were more than sensitive enough. At least she could drive me out of my mind licking them and had, on more than one occasion, driven me to orgasms sucking me.

Leslie, who was still living with Margaret, had earned her B-cups as well and started dating one of the guys in finance.

After the appointment, Brianna told me she thought she might be falling in love with the doctor’s finger and we both laughed. That afternoon, Henry slowly and seductively stripped me naked and made love to me in the middle of his soft office carpet until we both came twice.

He dropped my vertical rib knit dress over my head and helped me into my shoes as I tried to hold the mass of come in my bowels with a handful of Kleenex. His "suggestion" was that I forget about underwear and I spent the rest of the afternoon playing Sharon Stone for him as he looked up my short skirt and watched my breasts bounce every time I moved.

He insisted that I go out with him that night, dressed exactly as I was. We went to one of the very nice restaurants in town, dancing for an hour or so in a lounge in the hotel, and then to his house. He had my skirt around my waist in the car before we got to his house and my dress off before we had left his foyer. If I had not run for his bed, the first time would have been in a hallway.

The next morning, we went on a quick shopping trip that gained me the smallest, tightest white shorts and half tee I have ever seen. And a pair of heels that were little more than a few leather strings to provide the most basic support.

Then, as if it were an attempt to unmask me, he took me everywhere he could think of to show me off to the greatest number of people. We went to the zoo. We went to the park. We went to the lake and watched the people water ski and sunbathe and play Frisbee until he decided we should do that too. He got a particular charge out of throwing high and making me stretch to catch the whirling disk and at least partially display my breasts. Certainly to bounce them so much that my nipples were sore from rubbing on the tee-shirt material.

Daylight in the car sitting in the parking lot, he licked them to do away with the soreness. Maybe it even worked. It certainly seemed to work for the twelve year olds who walked by and watched, wide eyed.

He got me home by ten but it was only because I insisted on sleeping in my own bed, so my work clothes would be close, and because we had both had enough sex to last us.

Henry had to go to a meeting with a big prospective client in Washington, DC. He asked me to go with him but I knew that I would be a distraction and so did he. He also knew that he would not have much time for us to be alone, so he went alone.

Monday, Roger asked Brianna to go out with him for the first time on Friday. They had a relationship that had lasted since the first week we had worked at the company. But they had never dated.

Brianna had been so excited all week that she was like a little girl. And then, as far as she was concerned, disaster struck. Roger’s brother came to town unexpectedly Thursday night.

"Jody?" Brianna said at lunch. "You know that Sam, Roger’s brother, is in town right?" I nodded. "Well, Roger does not want to leave him alone on their first night together for a long time. I guess he lives in New York and they only get to see each other about once a year." I nodded again.

"Well, Roger says that the only way we can still go out tonight is if I can get somebody to go out with his brother. I thought that since Henry is out of town, maybe you would go out with Sam."

I spent the rest of the lunch telling her why I could not, should not, and would not go out with him. She came up with different reasoning for each of my objections and finally did the best impression of a basset hound I have ever seen. The big, sad brown eyes did me in. That, and the first real opportunity I had had to really dress up.

After work, we raced home and began a mad dash of baths, hair setting, makeup, and dressing. I chose black lace panties and garter belt with sheer, lightly black tinted stockings, and a little black dress with a halter top and bare back. Dangly fake diamond earrings, dinner rings, and bracelet with an ankle bracelet set off the black swede city pumps with three inch heels.

Brianna chose a red silk halter top connected to loose pants, with red panties and heels so high I felt sorry for her. Her auburn hair was down onto her back then.

When the guys picked us up, they looked very professional in dark three piece suits, white shirts and power ties.

Sam was younger than Roger and where I thought Roger looked the part of a Chief Financial Officer a little stuffy, only about 5’11" and a little heavy his brother looked like one of those European soccer stars playing businessman for a night. He was probably 6’3" and weighs a nicely shaped muscular 190 pounds. The European impression comes from long, loose blond hair, a small, neatly trimmed mustache, and huge smile. His blue eyes looked me up and down three times before he said anything and that was almost breathless.

"Roger told me you were good looking," he said. "But he did not tell me the half of it." His eyes sparkled.

"Sam should know," Roger said. "He is one of the best plastic surgeons in the rich section of New York and if there is a beautiful woman he has not worked on, they just have not heard of him yet."

I offered a drink before we left but the men decided that we should have one before dinner and the reservations were less than an hour off. We got our bags and I shivered with the feel of Sam’s hand in the small of my back as he guided me to the midnight blue Mercedes Roger drove. The first time I wondered if this was such a good idea was after Sam had carefully watched my legs as I got into the back seat and Roger took Brianna in his arms in the front seat and kissed her for long enough that I wondered if he intended to make the reservation or not.

Sam was as uncomfortable watching them as I was and made a good attempt at distracting me with questions about work and personal life as we waited for the car to even move.

Just when I was thinking about suggesting it, Roger put the car in gear and soon delivered us to the downtown bank building where the restaurant they had chosen was. The glassed elevator they led us to was in the open lobby of the bank and rose through four stories inside above a guard’s head that was craned upward to look under my skirt the entire time before it seemed to go through the roof and into the open air above the city. I found myself pressed back against Sam just to get away from the vertiginous drop outside the glass.

I had heard of the restaurant but had never been to it because it was much too expensive. Roger checked on the reservations before leading us all into the lounge. The place was moody with low lights set so they did not reflect in the magnificent windows that overlooked the city. The room was long and only a few tables deep with the long bar at the top of a set of tiers that allowed everyone a great view. Two or three couples were dancing to a subdued dance band at the far end, made up of a muted guitar, keyboard, and drummer.

The crowd, who seemed to all be looking at us, were a mixture of older, obviously rich people, middle aged businessmen alone or in groups, and a few younger people on special dates. I noticed three tables where older, gray haired men sat with young, extremely beautiful women. Sugar daddies, I thought.

The guys ordered for us and we talked softly, Sam sharing a little about his practice and life in New York, while we sipped at drinks. About half an hour later, when the maître’ d told us our table was ready, we made our way back up the steps and then into the other half of the rooftop that was set up somewhat similarly but wider and lighted by candles everywhere you looked. The table linens were dark red and made the sparkling silver, crystal, and white china stand out.

We ordered from a huge menu and had our third drinks while we waited. I would had two gin and tonics and, for some reason, thought a martini sounded like a good idea. Needless to say, before the salad got there, I was starting to giggle and I never giggle. I pride myself on not giggling. In fact, when I was not giggling on general principles, we were all laughing as Sam told stories about the old ladies he made beautiful, fading Broadway stars, up and coming starlets with big noses, and breast augmentations for strippers.

The food was wonderful, prepared at an open grill above the rest of the restaurant, and the three bottles of wine Roger got us set it off perfectly. I thought the wine probably cost about the equal of my weekly paycheck.

Brianna had never had Crepes Suzette so we all had them along with an orange flavored after dinner drink that was good. After we finished, we went back into the lounge and had a good time deciding what to order to drink. Brianna and I ended up with drinks that came in brandy snifters and tasted like orange sherbet but that you could feel go to your head immediately.

For a while, the band played a mixture of things that were sort of upbeat and we danced all sorts of dances I have never even thought of trying before. Sam really knew what he was doing and had me feeling like I was really coordinated. He just did not give me a chance to step wrong because he led so well.

We danced a couple, sat one out and drank a drink, dance, drank, and got drunker and drunker, I think. Even with the exercise. Then the music changed to slow and sensual and so did Sam’s dance style. There was just something very sensual about having his big hand in the small of my bare back and rubbing my barely covered nipples across the lapels of his suit coat.

He talked directly into my ear from a fraction of an inch away, exciting me with his warm breath. He held me tight and moved perfectly in sync with the music. Everything felt wonderful and looked wonderful. His leg pressing between my legs was stimulating. The hardness I felt against my hip was stimulating.

When he kissed me on the dance floor the first time, it made the hair at the back of my neck tingle with excitement and goose bumps run up and down my spine. When he kissed me again and his tongue sought my throat, I thought I might come right there. By the end of the dance, I was oxygen starved from my panting.

I think when we finished our drinks and got back into the glass elevator, his arms around my ribcage from behind and his hardness pressed into my ass, I would have done anything he wanted.

Strangely, we were kissing as I was turned almost facing backward, leaning against his knees in the back seat of the Mercedes, when I realized this was dangerous and that someone else was about to learn the secret I had kept so well over the months.

I wondered if I cared as both his hands went under the halter top and covered my breasts, kneading and squeezing them as I sucked his tongue, but I decided it was not fair to him. To let him go on at least without knowing.

"Sam," I moaned. He kissed my neck under my ear as I turned away from letting him kiss my mouth again. "You ... let me ... I have got to tell you."

"Roger told me," he whispered in my ear.

"But," I started.

"He told me all about you and Brianna, and about you and Henry. I know everything," he said, looking into my eyes. "Remember? I am a doctor, too. If Roger had not said something, I would have seen probably.”

Sam continued, "Quite a lot of my business comes off 42nd Street. I have done several surgeries for ..." he stopped and looked into my eyes "For beautiful women to be. That is what I have always called them. And you are not a beautiful woman to be. You are beautiful, dazzling, now."

He kissed my neck and shoulders and jawline as if to let his words sink in. "And I am going to be here for the weekend. Not for your life, I know you are involved with someone and I do not care and you should not either," Sam said.

As that was sinking in, we stopped at a big house in an exclusive part of town I thought was a few blocks from Henry’s and Roger turned off the car and went around to let Brianna out. He looked over the seat at us and said, "You guys coming in or do you prefer my back seat?"

Sam slid across the seat as I got turned around, opened the door, and gave me and hand out. We caught up with them, Brianna leaning on Roger’s shoulder and holding his arm as he unlocked the front door.

"If you would like a drink or some romantic music, Sam knows where it is. Right, man?" he said to Sam now. "You will excuse us. We have something to do."

Brianna’s heels clicked on the marble staircase that curved up to the second floor of the house. Sam grinned at me and led me into a formal living room as they disappeared. I do not know what I expected but what happened was beyond anything that had happened to me before.

He guided me, his hand trembling slightly in the middle of my back, into the room where he flicked on the lights of four floor lamps around the room. I guess I expected a tour of the place or to be led to the long white couch or any of a dozen other possibilities. What I did not expect was that he led me to the back of a heavily upholstered white chair, moved behind me, and lifted my skirt.

"I knew you would be wearing black lace," he said as his hands went to my panties after tucking the back of my short skirt into my garter belt. My hands on the back of the chair, I wondered exactly what was going on as he whisked the black lace down my legs in a quick motion.

I looked over my shoulder in shock. It had happened so quickly that I do not think I could have done anything about it. Even if I was not fairly drunk and very hot from all the stimulation in the car. As I wondered what I should do, his hands covered the globes of my ass, his thumbs pulling my cheeks wide apart. My hands slipped forward down the back of the chair as I fell forward, his tongue diving into my asshole.

"Oh, ah! Sam, my God!" I gasped as his long tongue sought out my prostate, extending and retreating, extending and retreating until I was vibrating at the edge of orgasm.

As suddenly as he had done it, he stopped. Cross-eyed with it all, I looked back again and saw that he had pulled down his suit pants without even unbuttoning his coat. His cock was long and fat, dripping from the sheath of uncircumcised skin. The tails of his white shirt were open around it as he aimed it at my waiting hole and, with steady pressure, opened me to it, retreated quickly, pressed again, retreated and was finally against my ass and fully inside me.

One more thrust and I would have climaxed. But he stopped and, bent over me, unfastened the back of the halter top and pulled it away from my dangling breasts. His hands went under my breasts, his thumbs and index fingers finding my nipples.

As I looked with surprised interest, he did what I do not think very many men in the world can do. Holding me back against his chest, he lifted me upright then free of the chair back, my feet almost a foot above the floor.

He took several steps to one side with me where there was a bare expanse of interior brick wall and pressed me against it. My hands at the sides of my face caught us. He switched his hands, one at a time, from my breasts to my knees, holding my legs wide. I was pressed, the inside of my knees, my breasts, and my hands, against the cool brick, as he began to piston into me hard and fast, lifting me with each thrust.

I came hard, splashing the inside of my black skirt, and almost screaming with the excitement and release of it. That transmitted to his cock that splashed and filled my insides. He grunted with each blast of hot come into me and held me up before retreating a little and doing it again.

"Oh my God!" I gasped at the intensity and wildness of our act. This time, when he lifted my legs he retreated from my hole before carefully guiding one foot down to the floor where I could support myself and lower the other leg.

Still leaning against me, he unzipped the short zipper down my ass and freed my dress to fall around my ankles. Never letting me go, he put his arm around my back, twisted, and had my legs at the back of my knees, lifting me easily.

He did not strain in the least as he carried me halfway across the room and lay me down on my back on the soft rug. Since I could see what was happening now, I was not surprised at all when he lifted my legs and slid back into me again.

"I am going ... to do ... your surgery," he gasped between thrusts.

I wondered what he meant and whether that was the plan right now as his huge cock tried to cut me in two. He kissed me as we came together and he removed his cock from my ass. His legs were behind mine, mine spread wide as he explained what he planned to do to me.

"What you do is make an incision from here to here," he said as his fingernail traced from a point below the head of my little dick to the front of my scrotum. "You remove the cartilage and the testes and vas deferens. Then, inside the scrotum, you make an incision here." He pressed between my legs. It is almost as easy then as turning the whole thing inside out, putting a few stitches along the deepest point and nesting the nerve bundle of the penis in a labial trench," Sam explained.

"Sounds easy to me. I am sure there is a kitchen knife around," I said with a laugh. He laughed with me.

"Okay, so it is not so easy but that is the easiest part that any cutter can do. Where the art comes in the part I have founded my business on is the cosmetic. Moving a little fat into this area and this area to build up a perfect labial trench, reducing the clitoral surface to a believable size while maintaining the full nerve bundle, building the vaginal sheath to the proper size and shape, and finally building a believable labia minora with this material." He was playing with my balls.

"So would it be big enough for this?" I said, taking his big cock in my hand and stroking him.

"As big as you want. If you want one big enough for an eighteen incher though, you are going to lose some skin from your hip or buttocks," Sam replied.

I questioned, "How long does it take?"

"The surgery?" I nodded. "About three hours if you are as good as I am," Sam said confidently.

I continued, "And before you get out of the hospital?"

"Couple of days but you will probably want to stay in bed for a week if you have got someone to take care of you," Sam replied.

I paused then asked, "How long before it is usable?"

"Another week if you do not mind a little pain mixed with your pleasure," he chuckled. "Realistically? Probably a month from the first cut. The better and faster the surgeon, the faster the recovery and I am the best."

Smiling at him I said, "Did you take lessons from Mohamed Ali?"

"I am the greatest!" he mimicked. "But I am, hands down. I have done it a dozen times and, so far, I have not had a single long term trauma."

I asked, "Meaning nobody has been out for a week?"

"Meaning that nobody has felt real bad for long and the nerve bundle is preserved. Some surgeons screw up the nerve bundle so bad there is either no feeling left, it is misplaced, or it is too sensitive or not sensitive enough." He took a deep breath. “But you will get to see firsthand before I do you," he added.

Confused I asked, "What?"

"Yeah, this is sort of a busman’s holiday. I have the weekend to visit dear old Roger and then Monday morning we make sweet little Brianna all the woman she has ever wanted to be," Sam smiled.

"What!" I exclaimed. "Does she know that?"

"Of course. I have had this trip planned for a while but the timing was around the operating theater availability Monday. She and Roger have been talking to me for weeks, more or less," Sam said as he propped himself on his elbow.

I wondered why she had not told me about it.

Sam continued, "Anyway. Right now, I have something else in mind."

"What is that?" I asked perplexed.

"First I am going to suck your tits until they are sore and then I want to see what my dick looks like when I fuck them," Sam said smiling.

I gulped, "Can I go to the bathroom first so I do not mess up Roger’s carpet?"

"Yeah, but leave it good and slippery," he said with a chuckle. "I will mix you a drink while you are gone."

Glancing back I asked, "Okay, but am I going to have time to drink it?"

"Maybe later," Sam smiled while staring at my butt as a walked away.

Monday morning, Henry was back and I told him about Brianna. Since, he said, it would take him a while to get his feet back on the ground, he told me to go to the hospital and see how it was going. When I got there, Roger was already there waiting and, within fifteen minutes, Sam came out in his green outfit.

As soon as he took off his mask, I could tell it was all going to be okay. His smile went from ear to ear.

"She is okay?" I asked.

"Of course. The Picasso of plastic surgery has performed," Sam said.

"I would have rather you had said Michelangelo," Roger said.

"What, you did not want three of those cute little tits? Now you tell me," Sam smiled at Roger.

"Can we see her?" I asked.

"About half an hour. I waited until she came out of the anesthetic so she is awake, but it will take a few minutes before she is ready for company. Even you guys and then it can only be a few minutes because she needs some sleep," Sam explained. He sat and talked to us in all too graphic detail, telling us about the surgery. Then a nurse came out and said she had been moved to a room and was awake.

When we went into the room, she tried to sit up a little and winced but a smile came quickly. Sam took her wrist and looked at his watch to check her heartbeat as Roger took her other hand. I kissed her and asked how she was.

"I think I am okay. Ask Sam," she said.

"You are better than okay. You are perfect," he grinned.

"Right now, I do not feel anything. That even includes my legs," Brianna explained.

"That is from the block we gave you. Waist down for another couple of hours. Then it will come back like gangbusters and when it does, the nurse will give you a couple of pills. Some sleep will take care of the rest of it," Sam replied.

"You said well, that I am perfect," Brianna asked him.

"Of course, just like I told you. Most girls have to depend on Mother Nature. Mother Sam makes pussies to order. Everything in its place and a place for everything,” Sam said. "Most girls hope for some feeling down there and it varies from too much to too little. A lucky percentage have just the right amount.” Sam continued, "And some girls have clits that are the perfect size or maybe a little large to allow the maximum pleasure. All my girls have nice large ones you can get your fingers around." We laughed. "Some girls have a puss you could drive a truck in but cannot feel a normal guy. Some have one so small and tight that it is an effort to take anyone. My girls are just right. Tight enough to give you a thrill and deep and flexible enough to take what is necessary."

He turned to Roger and I. "I will warn you that about two hours from now, she is going to feel like somebody kicked her very hard. That will probably last for a while, though it will lessen as the day wears on.” Looking back to Brianna, "You will sleep well tonight though and, unless there is some unexpected bleeding or you do not follow your doctor’s orders, we will be able to let you out of here about this time tomorrow morning."

Roger looked at me. "We will take turns taking care of her, Jody, if that is okay with you," Roger said. "I will take some half days I have got coming and I will talk to Henry about giving you some half days. According to Sam, she will be okay alone during the day by about Thursday."

"I will take the bandages off Friday morning before my flight back to the Big Apple and we can have a little fun," Sam said.

"What is that," she said with a sleepy, drugged slur.

"A surprise and you will have to wait." He grinned. "Between now and then, my colleagues here have asked me to do a few tuck and rolls for them. Show them how it is done in the big city."

It was two o’clock coffee time and he was sitting knee to knee with me as we talked. I told Henry about my weekend with Sam and, a surprise to me, he said that when we were together, he hoped I would be all his. When we are not, what I do is up to me. I was not exactly wildly surprised when he unbuttoned the front of my blouse the few buttons it had from my cleavage to my waist, and began playing with my breasts.

"Tell me what you and Sam did this weekend." He asked questions and led my tale, drawing out every detail, making me relive it almost minute by minute and getting me so hot he could have done anything to me but stop. Of course, he did not stop until, my back turned to him as he sat on the edge of the chair, he filled me with his pent up come from the long weekend without.

I loved the feel of his come in my ass and loved to give him the pleasure.

The extent of the care I provided Brianna during the week was keeping her in bed, making the food, emptying the catheter bag and replacing it, and doing an occasional bedpan. And that was only Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday morning she insisted that I help her to the bathroom so she could do all that herself.

Sam literally did not have time to take me out again except for a couple of drinks Thursday night. He said he had made a fortune during the week on the operations but that he was exhausted. I did not mind that he took me home fairly early, yawning as he drove, and only kissed me for a few minutes before walking me to the door.

At nine o’clock the next morning, he was at the door looking his old self and ready to take off Brianna’s bandage.

Two minutes and a pair of household scissors took care of the bandage. A dishpan of hot water with antiseptic soap took care of a small amount of dried blood with her cringing with each touch but watching as avidly as I was. The catheter came out easily.

Then, having her poise her ass at the edge of the bed, he used a tube shaped stainless steel tool to look into her new hole before he used a packaged douche, with both our help, to clean her out. Looking again, he repeated with another douche loaded with the antiseptic soap. The third time, he seemed satisfied with the results and instructed her to follow up with douches several times a day for a week and at least once a day for at least another two weeks, explaining that it was a good way to stay fresh even after.

"Okay. Now lay back on the bed with your legs spread comfortably. Shut your eyes. Spread wider. That is it," he said. "Now I want you to tell me when you feel something. Okay?"

Seen over his shoulder this way, it was amazing how much it looked like a shaved woman’s pussy. Except, as he had said in the hospital, it was perfect except for the healed tiny marks of the absorbed stitches.

The biggest difference was that she was not the least bit sexually excited and her clit was the size of the tip of my little finger and mounded between her labia a quarter inch. I saw that he put a large dollop of an antiseptic cream on his finger and softly rubbed it along the edge of her labia from top to bottom.

"I feel that," she said, her mouth opening with surprise. He nodded and replace the spent cream. He did the same with the other puffy lip. "That, too. It feels good, cool but very good," Brianna replied.

Replenished, his finger traced the fan-like folds of her labia minora depositing the white ointment as well as making her lick her lips and squirm. "I feel that, too," she sighed. I noticed that her clit was enlarging with the simple manipulation. He touched the top of her labial trench and she pumped up to meet his finger and moaned. "Yes."

This time he put quite a lot on his finger and touched at the now opened pussy.

"This?" he said and she nodded jerkily. "This?"

"Yes. I feel it. It feels good."

He slid the big finger he had in my butt several times during the weekend inside her as far as it could go and moved it around from side to front to side to back and back around eliciting excited yeses in every direction. She was licking her lips more and looking more and more like the old insatiable Brianna. She sighed as he pulled his finger free.

"Okay," he said, putting some more of the cream on his thick finger. Then, as if administering to a nasty blister. He rubbed it onto her clit as she gasped and arched her center up to his finger, vibrating with the obvious sensuous feelings.

Then he was rubbing in a more or less steady up and down rhythm that was sending her higher and higher until she finally lifted her feet off the bed altogether, spreading her legs almost straight across, screamed and grabbed at his hand. At first it seemed that she was stopping him for doing it more. But then she was holding it in place as she pumped her center against it instead.

Both Sam and I could see the muscles of her pussy clasping shut tightly as she came, loosening, and tightening again. She was squealing with it and looked at sexy as any woman I have ever seen.

She settled somewhat and he stopped, pulling his hand away from her.

"Okay. Now you have to sweet talk Roger or Jody into doing that at least three times a day," he said.

"Can I not do it myself if I want?" she asked.

"Sure, but it is a lot more fun if Roger or Jody do it. And they will not be too hard to convince." He laughed.

Sam explained, "You will see a little more blood in the douche for a few days probably. You are under no circumstance at all to have sex with a man, other than the kind you just experienced, for at least two weeks. Absolute none got that?"

"Yes," she said, finally opening her eyes.

"If there is any blood after a couple of days, I have the name of a doctor you should call. Try to get the antiseptic cream as far inside as you possibly can. It will migrate upward somewhat just with your body heat but you should try hard to reach the furthest parts. Right?" She nodded. "If your finger will not do it, or Roger’s or Jody’s, get a small diameter dildo and use that but be very careful and do not get a large one." He grinned. "At least until you are fully healed. In a couple of months, you can buy a two foot long black one with a massive head if you want."

We helped her back into a pair of cotton panties and under the covers where she seemed to immediately fall asleep.

"If there are no further questions," he said with a big smile. "I have very important things to do."

He led me into my bedroom, threw my skirt out of his way, and fucked me hard for the next half hour.

"God, these exams get me so hot," he sighed after his second climax. "I will bet you can have some fun showing Roger just the right way to do the antiseptic, cannot you?"

I giggled. "I intend to," I told him.

"I am coming back for a conference about a month from now," he said more seriously. "Decide if I can do your operation while I am here and, if you do, try to decide on some dimensions."

I asked, "Dimensions?"

"Sure. Made to order pussies. Fat ones, thin one, ones as big as your arm," he laughed. "Really. Big labia. Small. Huge clit, medium or small. Tight. Loose. You name it and I will make it for you," Sam smiled.

Except for moving into the kitchen to eat breakfast or the living room or bathroom, I kept Brianna in bed for the weekend and, with Roger’s extended visits, helped her minister to her "wounds" on a regular basis.

She claimed that the itching from the healing was getting to her but Sunday she had me do it an even dozen times. Once, she was standing up, holding my hand and arm, and did virtually all the work by pumping against my fingers so hard I wondered that it did not hurt, even with the soothing cream.

She went back to work Monday morning and, for the next two weeks, I had to remind her that she absolutely could not make love for that time, half a dozen times a day. I have never seen a woman so hot to trot.

Flatteringly, when the day finally came (midnight two weeks exactly), she sucked me to hardness and forced me to be her first. I did not have any problem initiating the new pussy and pronounced it the best fuck I have ever had with a woman.

It was an easy call because it was the first woman who had ever had a dozen orgasms before my first and who could use her pussy like a third hand to massage you and milk you from tip to root without pumping in and out at all.

It surprised me how quickly time passed. Particularly since I was spending so much time alone.

Brianna was spending most nights with Roger now. She did not have to explain why since she had told me how good she thought Roger was at meeting her needs now. It did not take more than once of having her tell me what he did to her one work night, to understand. He was innovative and, apparently, always willing and able. On the other hand, she would do absolutely anything he asked and innovated in ways he did not think of himself.

I worried a little that she would give so freely that he would tire of her. I knew that would devastate her and, probably, throw her into a search for a replacement that could get her in serious trouble. But, so far, she was doing all right.

That is probably why Brianna’s invitation to Roger’s party in Sam’s honor came as a surprise to me. But was it that I had just let the time get away from me or was it that I did not want to think about Sam’s return to town and the necessity of making my decision about surgery.

My decision had become several times more difficult when, during the time I was taking care of Brianna, she told me that Sam’s fees were very high but that Roger had gotten a discount and paid for it for her. So now my decision was both whether I wanted the surgery and if I wanted to go in debt to get it. Either I would have to borrow the money somehow or tell Henry about it and see what ideas he had. I did not want to ask Henry for the money even as a loan.

I made love with Henry because I wanted to. Not because of anything I could get from it like money.

Since her clothes were still at my apartment, Brianna came over about noon Saturday and told me that Roger was supposed to pick Sam up at the airport about two. We relaxed for a while and then started messing with each other’s’ hair and nails while we talked.

It was probably three when Roger called and talked to Brianna for a while. Her end of the conversation was totally useless since it was smiles, grunts, and yes and no answers. She did look at me every now and then to answer a question. They did a little kiss-kiss to end their conversation.

“Listen, honey?" she said after she had hung up. "I do not know what you are thinking about the surgery, but if you want it, Sam’s got a way for you to pay for it."

Puzzled I asked, "How?"

Brianna smiled, "He will tell you at the party tonight. Okay?"

I asked, "Do you know what he is talking about?"

"Well, not really. Roger said it would be fun and that you would probably want to do it, but that is all," Brianna stopped. "And he suggested a way to dress for both of us. I will show you."

Makeup and clothes could have taken fifteen minutes but we took our time, trying on several things before we finally made decisions.

Both of us wore garter belts, our nicest sheer stockings, and our sexiest panty and bra sets. My set had been very hard to find and, since Henry had decided I should not wear underwear in the office, I had not worn them before. Unlike most that are easy to find, the panties were French cut and tiny but opaque while the bra was equally revealing but provided support without cover. My nipples were plainly visible through them. I had grown some more since I had bought the set and the bra was now a little tight.

My red dress was sleeveless with an open neckline that showed my cleavage off to best advantage. The waist was tight but the short skirt was full. When it was buttoned, the top was tight too but could be unbuttoned to show increasing amounts of cleavage.

My red shoes were the highest and least comfortable I own, with four and a half inch heels that taper to a needle point. The toes just cover mine to another sharp point and they were held on by quarter inch ankle straps with tiny gold buckles.

Brianna’s outfit was similar in sparkling white, the dress a knit sleeveless shirt-cut with big buttons all the way down the front. She had gotten her panty and bra set from Victoria Secret. It was sheer white lace that really covered nothing of what it touched. The bra did not touch her nipples or areolas but only lifted and shaped from below and the sides.

I thought her white spike heels looked more uncomfortable than mine since they were higher and there was less of them.

Brianna drove her car to the party and Roger met us at the door with a huge, appreciative smile as he looked us up and down. Sam came into the foyer as Roger was hugging Brianna affectionately. He enfolded me and kissed me hard for a minute. Then he asked Roger if he could use his den for a few minutes and led me down the ground floor hallway to it.

Sitting on the front edge of Roger’s desk in the den and holding me in front of him with his hands on my waist, he talked.

"Jody," he began. "I know that you are considering the surgery. I plan it for Monday."

"I am not sure, Sam. One of the problems is that I do not have the money and ..."

He interrupted me by lifting a hand.

"That is why I am talking to you now. If you will do something for me today, you can forget the cost," Sam stated. Since I knew that it was very expensive, I wondered what I could possibly do that would earn that sort of money? I was not sure I wanted to hear.

Sam continued, "The people at the party tonight are friends of mine or Roger’s. But they are also either potential clients or people who have some influence on other people who are considering my services. Mine or Roger’s private business. They have some rather unique interests, let us say. Roger is talking to Brianna about this, too, and I am sure she will go along with it."

"What exactly ...?" He held up a hand again.

"What I want is a little advertising," he said simply. "I want you to demonstrate in the way only you can what a beautiful, feminine person you are now. I will introduce you around in a minute. Just be your lovely self. Then, as the evening wears on, show a little more of your assets. You will get some offers or perhaps just some attention. Ultimately, I want everyone to see your differences. If you know what I mean."

Puzzled I asked, "You want me to strip?"

"In a way, I guess” Sam replied. “I will suggest just how. All right?" I was not so sure but I shrugged. "You will provide my before example and Brianna the after. And some entertainment. Then after your surgery, maybe sometime next month, we will have another party and we can do a little follow up. Okay?"

"And this is enough to pay you for the surgery?" I asked.

"Oh, you will see that you are uniquely qualified and the deal is not totally one sided on my part," Sam grinned then he pulled me close, hugging me and kissing the side of my neck below my ear. "What do you say?"

I shrugged again, "I will go along with you for now. But, well, I will see."

"You always have the option of stopping," Sam stated and I nodded in agreement. I knew that and planned to exercise it if I wanted to. "Let me introduce you to our guests."

He took me by the hand and led me back to the foyer and then into the big living room. I smiled to myself when I saw the big overstuffed chair and the brick wall that reminded me of my first time with Sam.

He led me into the middle of the room and several men stood at our entry. Quickly, he introduced me to the group of people. It was obviously a very upscale group of people and a quick scan showed me a movie star, a millionaire, and a recognizable playboy.

I did not catch the names, except of the people I recognized from the newspapers, but the men all seemed to smile broadly and almost drool as they shook my hand or nodded from further away. The women of course stayed seated and smiled and nodded when they were introduced. All were in couples.

The movie star was with her highly advertised younger husband who had been her weight trainer, tennis coach or something. The older millionaire was with a beautiful woman I thought was probably a model by her shape and good looks. The playboy was with a rather hard looking woman about his age who spared me the smallest smile.

Another couple looked like a banker and his middle aged wife who could obviously use Sam’s talents for the beginnings of wrinkles around her eyes and lips. His heavy jowls were probably beyond Sam’s duties. And the final couple was a prosperous looking man in his mid-30’s, probably a stock broker or something similar, and a woman almost his age. She was quite pretty but for a broad nose that seem displaced somehow. Obviously that was the subject of Sam’s interest.

Brianna sat on the edge of the couch as Roger rubbed her back with one hand, a drink in the other.

I thanked a man in a short waiter’s coat who held a round tray with a scotch and water on it. The banker held up his empty glass and the waiter took it.

Sam led me to the couch where there was space. He sat next to the arm, where he had obviously been sitting before, and I sat next to him beside the playboy.

Conversations picked up where they had apparently been temporarily suspended for my introduction but I noticed that even though people looked at each other to respond to comments, attention still seemed centered on Brianna and me.

"You are an administrative assistant at the same company Roger works for?" the playboy said beside me.

"Yes. I have worked for Henry Jansen for several months now," I said.

He then asked, "You have lived here for quite a while?"

"Yes." I did not want to elaborate too much information.

"I get around quite a bit," he noted unnecessarily. Anyone who read the newspaper knew that. "I have never seen you around town. I am sure I would have remembered you if I had seen you."

"I have not been out to the clubs or anything and just a few times on dates. Dinner out. A little dancing." I looked at Sam, wondering if he remembered our date as well as I did.

My mention of the clubs apparently launched him into a discussion of the local nightspots I could not contribute to. Even as a man I had not gone to these places because they were too expensive for me and really did not hold much interest for me anyway.

As I looked at him, the woman on his other side leaned forward slightly to look at me as well. A smile played at the corners of her mouth as her eyes carefully scanned the expanse of my legs below the skirt’s hem or looked at my chest. When the playboy turned to say something to her, Sam leaned close to my ear and whispered, "Play with your top button. After a while, leave it undone."

I looked around the room and began doing as he had said. I noticed that, though not obvious about it, everyone at least glanced my way and noticed my fingers on the button.

"So Jody," the banker said from the next couch. I turned my attention to him. "How do you like working with Henry Jansen?"

"I have enjoyed it so far," I said. "He is a good boss and has given me responsibility for several things that are challenging and interesting." I had gestured with the hand that had been playing with the button and, I hoped, it looked natural enough when I left the button undone. I felt myself blush as the banker’s eyes wandered from mine down to the slight opening at the top of the dress. I knew it would reveal another two inches of cleavage.

"Do you work closely with Roger?" he asked.

"Not really," I said, playing with the next button down. "But Brianna is my roommate and works for him, of course."

"I have worked with Roger now for the last, oh, what has it been Roger? Five years?" I let go of the button, leaving it open.

"Almost," Roger answered. I noticed that Brianna was playing with the second button down the front of her dress, the top one already open. When it was open, I noticed Roger lean toward her and her next target changed from the next button down her front to the bottom one on her skirt.

Everyone drank and looked as relaxed and normal as any cocktail party group. The conversation among the diverse group was as introductory and shallow as any. Pictures of the individuals would not have shown anything abnormal about them just as a tape recording would have been as boring as a recording of any other in a similar situation.

The only things that would have changed this from any other was that virtually no one looked at whoever the speaker was at the moment. They were all watching either Brianna or me and all their eyes were on the progress of our fingers on the buttons. It was a very sensuous feeling, all those eyes. So exceedingly strange.

My more closely spaced and numerous buttons above the waist allowed me slower revelation. Brianna’s skirt front buttons allowed more of her legs to be revealed as well as the insides of her breasts and the lace of her bra.

I was watching the banker’s gentle and spreading smile as he watched my fingers when one of the women moaned in an animalistic low growl. Since each of them looked totally capable of having made the sound, I could not tell who had actually done it.

The banker’s older wife absently rubbed the front of her dress below which her nipple rested. The millionaire’s model slowly and rhythmically lifted and dropped the upper of her crossed legs, rubbing herself I am sure. The stock broker’s wife squirmed in her chair.

After two buttons on her skirt, Brianna switched back to the top to complete opening it to her belt. When she returned to the last two on the skirt, I reached the waist of my dress. Sam leaned close to my ear and told me to work the hem of my skirt up.

Doing it playfully, an inch at a time, I reached the tops of my stockings at the same time Brianna undid the last button and reached for her belt.

I am not sure how long it had been since someone had said something and I am pretty sure no one remembered who had spoken last or what had been said.

When Brianna undid her belt, her dress fell open across her lace covered breasts and Roger held it like a coat as she shrugged out of it. She crossed her arms over her thighs, her legs still crossed, but sat now in only bra, panties, garter belt, stockings, and shoes.

As Sam told me to lift up and pulled my skirt out from under me, I knew I would be sitting the same way in the next few seconds and was not disappointed. As soon as he had the skirt out from under me, he moved it up my sides and over my head as I lifted my arms for him.

"Great tits," a man’s voice said softly from across the room while my eyes were covered by my dress. When it was free, I tossed my hair and mimicked Brianna’s pose.

Since I did not think it was my turn, it took me by surprise when the playboy unsnapped the back of my bra but, since I saw it as inevitable, I relaxed and let him and Sam pull the straps off my shoulders and down my arms.

"Gorgeous!" the same man’s voice said.

"Is that your work, Sam?" the model asked.

"I cannot take credit for this," he said, lifting my breast and brushing my nipple distractedly. "Hormones and nature, but I can do this kind of work when it is necessary."

Everyone including me was staring at what he was doing but I was the only one who was feeling the blasts of nerve impulses his thumb was producing.

Some of the attention moved from me when Roger helped Brianna with her bra. She sat with her hands over her breasts as they asked more questions and Sam and Roger answered much as they had about mine. Sam never stopped flicking my nipple and I was having trouble staying still.

When I stopped his hand, it did what I had not really intended because everyone seemed to look at me again.

"It was getting to me," I explained tentatively and the women, grinning or nodding, seemed to understand but the men showed signs of not sharing that. "There is a lot well, it is a turn-on," I tried to explain.

"They are that sensitive?" the playboy asked. I said they were. "More than before the hormones?"

"Oh yes,” I replied. “Many times more."

He turned to Sam and asked, "Sam? Is that a natural result of the hormones?"

"We have limited research on the broad results of hormone therapy. But a local doctor who treated Brianna and Jody says that his experience has been universal."

"That kind of growth? Is that normal?" the banker asked.

"It seems that the hormones have augmented a native secondary characteristic with Jody. Brianna’s growth is the more frequently observed result."

"You mean Jody’s genes built in big tits?" the stock broker said.

"Perhaps it is genetic yes, but it could also be that there was a latency that actually augmented the result. She is still growing, if you can believe it." There was some general discussion about the size of my breasts that embarrassed me but pleased me at the same time.

"Can we see the rest?" the woman next to the playboy said. The first thing she had said in quite a while.

"I think so," Sam said without consulting me. Though I knew it was coming. "Jody? Would you stand up and take your panties off?"

I gulped. No one but doctors, Henry, and Brianna had seen me since I had been taking the hormones. Being partially naked among a mixed group of fully clothed people was very strange. Being the center of attention was very strange. Standing now, my fingers vibrating with outright fear, I had to take a deep, shuddering breath as I pushed the panties down at the sides and then further down my bottom.

The odd thought was that, though I had done it at least once every day for months, I was not sure how to take them off. The problem was not physically getting them off that was simple but preserving my modesty to some small extent in the process. Should I sit back down? Should I stoop down? Should I just bend over? Should I lift my leg as I would at home?

I held my legs together as I pushed them off my ass but looked at Sam for direction before going further. He motioned down and, as I complied by pushing them onto my thighs, he leaned forward and took them the rest of the way to the floor where I could step out of them with just a slight lifting of one and then the other foot.

I do not think my body could figure out how to react. My nipples were almost painfully hard to the extent that they were even pointing upward on the swollen fields of my areolas. But there was no comment when I stepped out of the panties because, for whatever perverse reason, my penis, which had been settled in the strip of panty back between my legs, was almost invisibly soft.

Maybe the fear overcame my sexual excitement at being exposed this way.

"Can I see?" the woman next to the playboy who was now behind me, asked. Since no one else had given me direction, I turned toward her. She looked at the conjunction of my legs fixedly but the playboy spoke.

"I thought you said ..." he began but stopped as the woman reached to the spot and freed my penis from between my legs where it had been nestled. "Oh."

"It is so little," she said as if I were not there.

"Jody was actually larger than Brianna was," Sam explained. "No one is terribly large when they are soft," he continued. I had the flash of him soft and he put the lie to his own statement.

She was clinically inspecting my penis and locating my tightened and reduced scrotum with the red tipped fingers of both hands. I noticed she was licking her lips as she did it and that, as much as her manipulation of my privates, was making it grow.

"Did you shave it?" she asked rather breathlessly. I told her yes.

"Are you a virgin?" the playboy asked and my eyes flicked to Sam.

"No, she is not," he answered for me to the accompaniment of several chuckles around the room.

"I did not mean, did he ever sleep with a woman," he said.

"Neither did I," Sam said to more chuckles.

"Really," the playboy stated with some surprise, his hand moving to my bottom and using it to turn me sideways to both of them but accessible to both as well. I gasped as he slid a finger into my ass and stroked my insides with it. "Something for everybody," he said absently. I remembered that there had been some well publicized rumors that he was gay in spite of always having a beautiful woman on his arm.

"My feelings exactly," the stock broker said from across the room.

"So what are the limits here?" the playboy asked Sam. Sam just shrugged his shoulders. "Do you ...?" he began but Sam reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a tube of KY jelly, offering it to the playboy who smiled and took it, pulling his finger out of me.

He was almost wild as he unfastened his pants and pushed them down to his knees. He was hard and very long and narrow to a small head partially sheathed in uncircumcised skin. He worked efficiently to coat it with KY as I watched aghast at the idea of what I thought was going to happen here. I apparently was not the only one as I heard the banker’s wife whisper something to him and him clearing his throat nervously.

When the playboy had rubbed his hand around his long dick a few times, he almost absently turned my back to him impersonally and guided me backward onto it. He shifted and grunted as he pulled me back onto his lap, fully encapsulating himself in my butt.

"You selfish son-of-a-bitch," the girl said. When he had turned me, he had pulled me away from her hands. Now she moved onto the rug in front of the couch, pushing both his and my legs further apart. "He is so cute and tiny."

She grinned up at me as she found my minimal testicles and leaned forward to take me into her mouth. The blood drained from my face, I am sure, when I looked across the room at all the people looking at me being fucked and sucked at the same time.

The playboy’s hands came around my sides under my arms and squeezed both breasts at the same time as he began rolling his middle section to stoke in and out of me.

The combination of everything, did not allow me time to think about anything or to even consider. I came in the girl’s mouth and, oddly, she never slowed in her attack, just moaning around me as I sprayed into her mouth.

I had not really recovered as I knew they were not going to stop at that. He stroked faster and, I saw, she rubbed wildly between her own legs as she continued to suck me.

A few minutes later, he pinched my nipples and crushed my breasts in his palms as he exploded in my bowels. The woman seemed to orgasm at the same moment when I again shot off in her mouth.

I am sure we were quite a sight. He seemed to go boneless beneath me and, coming twice in such short proximity, I did the same against his chest. The woman let my rapidly shrinking cock drop from her lips and slumped down with her head against the inside of my thigh.

I did not open my eyes when someone across the room said, "Ah, yes," in a way that I knew came with release.

"Are you ready now to see the result of my work?" Sam’s voice at my side asked. There was general agreement before he said "Brianna? Please."

I opened my eyes to see Brianna stand in front of Sam.

I started to sit up in anticipation of moving back to my place on the couch but the playboy’s hand went across me, cupping the opposite breast gently and holding me back against him. The woman raised her head from my thigh and looked at Brianna before partially turning, putting her hand lovingly high on the inside of my thigh, and leaning her head back with her hair against my penis and tummy.

Sam helped Brianna with her panties just as he had me, letting her step out of them.

"I had these built specially," Sam said and moved to the coffee table near the other couch and heavy chairs where the others were sitting. On his knees, he fitted what looked much like the stirrups of his examining table to it. He placed a small red pillow on the glass top near the edge and motioned for Brianna.

She walked the few steps and let him guide her to sit on the pillow and held her hand as she lay back on the glass top, reacting to the chilly surface against her back. Settled that way, he lifted one leg into a stirrup that I now saw bent her leg and spread it to a far greater extent than the examining tables. When he placed the other leg, she was spread almost uncomfortably wide, with her new labia and pussy as well as her asshole very prominently displayed.

Jokingly knee walking back to the end table next to his place on the couch, he opened a paper bag and removed a ten inch, inch and a half diameter anatomically correct dildo and held it up for inspection. There were several remarks from the other people including a question of whether it had been part of someone before he did surgery.

Going back to Brianna, he placed it at the opening of her new vagina and gently stroked it in and out, advancing a little with each forward thrust until he obviously met resistance with only about two inches still sticking out of her that he used, it seemed, to torture her by twisting and moving it as he talked.

"We use skin and flesh to construct the vaginal sheath, the labia majora ..." he rubbed the sensitive external lips "... the labia minora ..." he stroked the loose, puffy vaginal lips "... and the clitoris." When he rubbed the far more sensitive protrusion of her clit, her leg muscles clenched and her knuckles turned white where her hands were holding her in place on the table.

"What do you use?" the stockbroker’s wife said, interested.

"The penis and scrotum primarily but, as was the case with Brianna, sometimes a small addition is required. In her case, we took it from the inside of the gluteus maximus cleavage, here." He indicated her butt between her ass cheeks, showing the slightly scarred area I had not noticed with her before. "On some others we would use skin from the hip or the inside of the thigh but we did not want any visible scarring for Brianna."

"She, he, well, Brianna must have been hung like a horse," the millionaire’s model said.

"No actually, she was smaller than Jody. The skin stretches to a large extent but we still needed the slight addition from her butt," he explained. "When we do Jody, we will not need any additions. Just a course of lubrication application, for softening, and regular exercises."

"What kind of exercises?" the banker asked perceptively. Sam laughed and pulled out the dildo and replaced it quickly.

"Ooooo!" one of the women said. Brianna had, of course, reacted differently, clenching and opening her mouth for additional air.

"Often?" one of the women asked.

"At first it is implanted with a battery operated expansion device. After the bandages come off, it is reduced slowly as the desired size is maintained and healing takes place."

"How was that, Brianna?" the banker’s wife asked.

"At first it was pretty numb and then it was a little painful. But by the third day, it was what you would expect," she answered.

"Like being fucked all the time?" the woman said with a grin.

"Pretty much. Yeah," Brianna responded with an embarrassed grin.

"Can I have that, honey," she said to her husband. He laughed.

"You just have wrinkles and a droop. Your pussy works just fine."

"We can tighten it up, if you want," Sam said with a grin.

"Now there is an idea," the banker said, getting smacked on the arm playfully.

"Sign me up," the millionaire’s model said.

"After the course of hormone therapy is complete, Tanya," Sam said simply. I did not realize this beautiful woman was not. Apparently the men in the room had not either from the way they looked at her.

"I noticed the way she is reacting to the dildo," the woman between my legs said. "Does it fell real? Like a real pussy and clit and everything?"

"I never had one before," Brianna said simply. "But if it is supposed to feel wonderful, Sam did everything right."

"You like being fucked?" she continued and Brianna blushed and grinned.

"You bet she does," Roger said.

"And you can do that for me?" she asked and Sam grinned.

"Us," the playboy added.

"In your case, Linda, the mechanics are much simpler. You have got all the equipment in the right place. You just need the nerves brought a little closer to the surface." I had heard of that somewhere. A clitoral peel? It sounded so much like a banana or orange.

"But I will for sure need the exercises," she said and everyone laughed.

"I will tell you the name of the supply house that carries these things," Sam said, removing the dildo again.

"Well, seeing is believing," the millionaire said across the room and began unfastening his pants. "Come here and let us see if it really works."

Brianna looked at Roger, who shrugged and smiled. Brianna went to the millionaire and, as he pushed his pants down to his ankles and sat back to reveal a thick, hard cock in his hand, she positioned herself over him by crawling up onto the edge of the couch on her knees.

Slowly, she lowered herself onto him, gasping with excitement and stimulation as he found her nipples with his fingers. When she moved back up his length, he guided a nipple to his lips and she hugged his head to her as he pumped partially into her new pussy.

"Okay. That is all I can take," the banker said and quickly pulled off his suit coat, tie and shoes before taking off his pants. I did not see his intention before he stood up, his moderate sized cock bounding in front of him as he walked across the room to Sam, and got the tube of KY jelly from him.

He went to Brianna, squirted a considerable amount of the slippery lotion on the pucker of her asshole and the head of his dick, and spread her quivering ass cheeks to guide them together. She gasped and had an orgasm as he sunk it home.

The millionaire released her nipple and pressed her far down on his fat cock as they all started a rhythm. Her hands on his shoulders, she threw her head back on the banker’s shoulder with her mouth open wide and began guiding the movements of the two men in her.

For several minutes, I had been peripherally feeling the playboy’s long tube filling in my butt. I had only noticed slightly that I was getting hard as well but Linda noticed it when it nudged at the back of her head.

"Mmmm," she moaned. "We are ready again." She smiled as she turned to see it.

I lost track of the action across the room as the playboy lifted me slightly higher on his chest so he could stroke into me. Linda watched and caressed the insides of my thighs with her fingernails.

"Are you going to be able to come again?" she asked with some wonder.

"Uh huh," I gasped. She shook her head in disbelief and moved so she could put her lips around the head of my little penis. Her tongue sought out the opening at its tip and roved around the most sensitive flesh of the head.

"Ah ah ah ah ah ah," I heard Brianna from across the room and knew she was close again. "Ohhhhhh!" she moaned as she went off, the grunts of the men in her joining her.

I did not see her run off to the bathroom with a hand over each of her holes because I was in the process of having my ass filled with come and giving Linda another taste at the time.

Certainly, the sexual activity broke the ice for the party. When I got back from the bathroom, conversation was free and open with the discussion turning first to the mechanics of Sam’s work and to questions about how Brianna and I were coping with our changed lives and bodies.

Two more drinks and the conversation was livelier and more in fun than the other, more serious topics.

After I had returned from the bathroom, I had replaced my panties but everyone had insisted I leave my bra and dress off.

I learned after a little conversation that the stock broker and his wife were interested in me and I ended up sitting on the couch between the two of them. They were about equally affectionate with me.

He, Dave, sat with his arm around my shoulders, holding me against his side and occasionally playing with my breast. Martha, his wife, sat on the other side of me and rubbed my crossed leg. Occasionally, her hand would find my penis and gently massage it as if that were a perfectly natural thing to do.

They asked me to go home with them and, when I looked at Sam for his intention, he smiled and nodded approval.

Dave carried my bra, dress, and purse as Martha held my hand and led me to their car out front, insisting that I not get dressed. He drove his Mercedes and Martha sucked my breast as we wove our way to their house. She only stopped when we arrived and hurried me inside. They were both shedding clothes, alternating his playing with my breasts until we were all on their bed.

Dave completed the job of stripping me as Martha moaned and writhed as I sucked on her large breasts.

As soon as he finished with the stockings and garter belt, he was inside me as she guided my mouth to her engorged clitoris. Since they had not had any release during the party, they came hard and quickly.

They were kissing and rolling together on their large bed when I returned from the bathroom. I just molded to Martha’s back and rubbed her side as he hardened and plunged into her vagina. She begged me to fuck her ass with my "cute little cock."

We fell asleep together from sheer exhaustion after exploring most of the possible combinations. I think we explored the remainder the next morning before, during, and after a long shower.

About noon, they dressed me in panties, my dress, and shoes. But Martha bared my breasts and sucked me as I finger fucked her on the way to my apartment.

I took a much needed nap that was not interrupted until about six when Brianna and Sam woke me. Together, they took me to the hospital to be prepared for my Monday morning surgery.

Sam went home at about eight to get some sleep after he had seen that I was completely settled and ready. Brianna stayed and told me about her night.

Apparently, shortly after I left Linda and the playboy went home. But the remainder of the people stayed, taking turns with Brianna. Roger and Sam had waited until Sunday morning to take her together and, she said, do the best anyone had. She kept telling me I had to try that as soon as I was healed up from my surgery. I looked forward to it.

She left me to sleep about ten after "one last good fuck," as she called it. So that was how I ended my life as a man.

A nurse woke me at five to give me a couple of pills that would let me sleep. I was really out of it when Sam came in later, smiling in his green surgical outfit, and examined me. I was still pretty much out of it when a nurse and a pair of orderlies came in and lifted me onto a gurney for the trip to the surgery.

Under the huge reflective surgical light, a smiling woman put a plastic mask over my mouth and nose and told me I was going to sleep now. That is the last thing I remember.

The world was very fuzzy and hard to focus on when I woke up looking at the same woman.

"Welcome back, sweetheart," she said. I just mumbled something and fell back to sleep. I woke again with Sam looking down at me.

"You got a great little pussy, Jody," he said with a broad grin. "Everything went perfectly. How do you feel now?"

"Ohhhhh, just wonderful," I mumbled through the pleasant pink fog in my head.

The next time I woke up, I was back in the room and it was dark except for a small light. When I moved, a nurse stood up and came to the side of the bed.

"How do you feel?" she asked.

"Thirsty," I mumbled through cracked lips. She held a glass of water with a bent plastic straw in it so I could drink.

I could feel a generalized tingling all through my body similar to when your foot falls asleep.

"Any pain?" she asked. I shook my head slightly and said no. "I am right here for you. If you need anything, I will get it for you. Okay?" I nodded and fell back to sleep.

When I woke again, the pleasant pink fog was gone taking the tingling with it. The whole thing was replaced by an upset stomach and a feeling in my groin reminiscent of a good kick in the nuts. The nurse was there with my first groan.

"How are you this morning?" she asked.

My mouth seemed dried to immobility and, as I tried to say something, she held the straw back to my mouth. I accepted it gratefully.

"I am okay," I finally said. "I feel like I got kicked." She nodded. "My stomach does not feel so hot."

"I can understand that," she said. "Here." She held my head up a little and put a pill in my mouth before giving me some more water to swallow it with. She did the same thing with a second pill.

"Doctor is due about any time but you just sleep now." I nodded and promptly fell asleep again.

"Welcome to girlhood, Jody," Sam said as I fought to open my eyes again. "We are just going to check out our handiwork here. It should not hurt, okay?"

What could I do? I just lay there as he pulled the sheet down and lifted my hospital gown. I could feel the cool room air on my stomach and legs and knew I was laying on my back with my legs spread.

I listened as he talked pleasantly with the nurse, took the bandages off, and gently prodded around the area. Sometimes I felt his touches distantly, like you feel your face when your mouth is numb from the dentist’s Novocain. Only a couple of his touches caused any pain and that was not bad.

The nurse brought a washrag and container of hot water that smelled of disinfectant. They washed things down there for quite a while and Sam kept alternately asking me if I felt things and talking in medical terms with the nurse. Finally, they were done and had replaced the bandage with a new, smaller one.

"You are going to start feeling this in a while," he said. "And it is not going to feel very good. But just ask for a pain pill if you think you need one and remember that every hour it will hurt less and less. Okay?"

"Sure," I said. "It is okay now." He nodded.

"Typically, we did a fantastic job," he said. "You are going to have the prettiest pussy in your Girl Scout troop." I chuckled with the nurse.

I woke again, this time definitely feeling the unpleasant effects between my legs, in the late afternoon. The nurse did not hesitate to give me two more pills and long drinks of water before helping me with the bedpan. We worked together, to the extent I could help at all, to change my bed linens and my hospital gown. Telling me I had guests who wanted to see me, she helped me put on a little makeup and brush out my hair.

Brianna and Henry came in all smiles, both giving me nice kisses. "So how did it work?" Henry asked.

"I slept through it but it feels like he used a chain saw," I told him.

"It goes away quick," Brianna said with a big grin. "Then it gets to be a lot of fun."

"Whatever you say," I said, showing my disbelief.

They stayed and talked for more than an hour before the nurse told them I was getting tired. I did not know it until they kissed me goodbye and left that I really was tired. I slept through to morning.

The nurse had given me another pill in the middle of the night but I did not really wake up for that. Sam and the nurse woke me, "Okay, honey," Sam said with his best bedside manner. "How do you feel today?"

Strangely, I felt almost normal and told him so. The upset stomach was gone and only a remnant of the feeling that I had been kicked was noticeable. Instead, as I moved I felt little stabbing pains like needles or, more appropriately, little cuts.

"Okay. Let us look at that beautiful cunt then," he said, pulling the sheet down again. The nurse had just brought the wash pan and rag.

"I get to watch this time," I told him and he directed the nurse to crank up the head of the bed slightly and build the pillows so I did not have to hold up my head. He had removed the bandages by the time she was finished. Now I could see why it hurt.

It looked vaguely like labia and a clit if you had seen them swollen to ten times their normal size, colored red, blue and black, and crisscrossed with stitches. It was an initial shock but I got over that quickly as he used the washrag on the area. Somehow he was gentle but businesslike, cleaning it off with a minimum of repeated touches to the same areas of the sensitive skin.

The clit was much shorter and a little smaller than my penis had been but swollen, it almost looked as big. It was tremendously sensitive and not at all in a pleasant way. Washing it and the areas immediately beside it was the hardest part for me.

Together they placed me on a bed pan that I did not have the inclination to use right then and got out what looked like the biggest syringe I have ever seen.

"Not a shot," he said with a grin. "This is called a lavage. Instead of a needle, it has this tube on it that we are going to shove up your cunt." The nurse flushed with embarrassment at the word she had not heard the last time he used it. "Then we are going to empty a few quarts of cleaning fluid up there and see what comes out. Sounds like fun. Right?"

I chuckled with him but I really did not think it was going to be at all. I was absolutely sure of it as he began feeding the soft tube into the hole between my legs I had not had two days before. My response to his movements tended to center on "ouch" as he pushed it in, pulled back slightly, and directed in again. I was very happy when he stopped and connected the syringe to it.

Then, as promised, he pushed the plunger and I felt myself filled with liquid before it finally broke the seal at the opening and gushed into the bedpan. Empty, he twisted the plunger, pulled it back out, filled it, and did it again. I could not see what was coming out very well, except that it started out pretty red and, after four or five refills, seemed to be about the same color as what went in. The experience was distinctly unpleasant.

When he pulled the tube out most of the way, he massaged my lower stomach, pressing hard, until it seemed the liquid was expelled completely. He cleaned up as the nurse emptied the bedpan and brought it back for me to use in a more normal way that I really needed by then.

I noticed the catheter below my new clit as they painted my front with antiseptic. He talked to me, telling me that the nerves seemed to be hooked up right and that there was definitely a hole down there now and other things while we waited for the antiseptic to dry. Satisfied, he replaced the bandages and kissed me in a way that was not as a doctor should and enough to raise the nurse’s eyebrows.

The next morning the same routine was repeated but with much less pain and a change in the skin colors, going toward red and blue with a little green and yellow thrown in to replace the purple and black. The lips were only five times the size of those I had seen before.

The next morning, they were only twice what I thought should be normal and the colors had shaded down to reds and blues with a minimum of the sicker colors.

When he was finished with the cleaning, he asked me if I could get up and I was sure I could. As it happened, it was a good thing they were both there to hold my arms when I got up. All the blood rushed out of my head and I would have ended up in a pile on the floor.

I only had to go as far as a wheelchair that the nurse maneuvered through the hallway to an examining room. They again helped me onto the examining table and, with a little difficulty, into the stirrups.

"This may hurt a little but it is necessary, okay?" As if I had any choice.

He used something metal to very carefully open my new hole and, as he had warned me, the last bit of that hurt like hell and I let him know. He told me it was a child’s instrument rather than a woman’s but it did not matter to me.

Then for the next what seemed a half hour, he prodded and pressed against every surface inside me with varying results from wild pain to mild discomfort to a zing of pleasure that had me squirming in an entirely different way.

After he removed the instrument and the catheter, replaced the bandage before taking me back to my room. But, rather than putting me back to bed, Sam leaned on the arms of the wheelchair.

"What do you say about getting out of this dump?" he said.

My eyes widened, "You are releasing me? Fantastic!"

Sam smiled back, "You think you can take care of the cleanup with Brianna’s help?"

"Sure," I said, not sure but knowing I wanted out of the hospital.

"Okay, Brianna and Henry are here to take you home. These are your instructions if you care to accept them," he said in his Mission Impossible voice. "Eat and drink very sparingly. With the catheter out, that means that you have to do this whole cleanup routine every time you take a piss. The same for when you have a bowel movement. I will want to see you in here at nine o’clock each morning for the next week. We have already provided Henry with the packaged lavages and that is part of the cleanup. Every time. Understood?" Sam seemed more like a doctor now than ever before.

"Yes, sir!" I said.

"Okay. Are you feeling less heady now?" I did and they helped me to my feet.

With the bulky bandage, panties were superfluous. The nurse helped me with a skirt, bra, blouse, and low heeled shoes. They got me back into the wheelchair and pushed me out to the waiting room where Brianna and Henry stood up to greet us.

"Here is our girl," Sam said as he turned me over to them. "Thanks to you all, I have some work to do this afternoon but I will try to stop by this evening to see how we are doing."

The nurse wheeled me out and helped Henry ensure I did not fall getting into the car. The two of them practically carried me into my apartment I n spite of my protests. I had to walk bow legged but, other than that, I felt almost normal. Brianna helped me a little while later when I had to go to the bathroom and do the cleaning.

The whole thing got boring more than anything else during the next three days. Morning cleanup, Doctor’s appointment then back home. Bathroom and cleanup after dinner, cleanup before bed and sleep like a rock.

Saturday morning things changed when Sam carefully removed all his tiny stitches in a long and laborious exercise that was uncomfortable but mostly just time consuming. The internal stitches, he told me, were the dissolving kind and had mostly disappeared already.

When he finished with the stitches, another cleaning, and the liberal application of antiseptic that felt like the tips of cigarettes applied all over the area, he placed the odd dildo in my new pussy and showed me how it works.

To start, he told me, I had to use the harness that came with it. These nylon straps held it firmly in place with an X shaped arrangement connected to a two inch waistband. When it was fastened in place, the harness held it pressed into the depths of my pussy, pressing against its furthest reaches.

He pointed out the three dials on the little handset that would clip to my belt or skirt waist dangling a wire to the dildo. He showed me the dial that said "circumference" with zero to nine settings and turned it slowly to two. I could feel the thing expand from its comfortable but full initial size to one on the verge of a scream that made me spread my legs to accommodate it.

He returned it to zero before turning the "length" dial to two. I did scream as it lengthened inside me before he returned it to zero.

"Okay. You will want to do this a few times manually at first. Then later let the ‘speed’ dial do the work for you."

Nothing happened when he turned it to two. Then he turned the "circumference" dial to two as well and it began expanding and contracting at a regular pace. He returned that to zero before doing the same thing with the "length" dial. As I now expected, it lengthened and contracted at the same rate.

"Work up a little each time you use it. At least once an hour. When you are finished, I expect that you will be using it at about a five or six setting. But do it in private. Or," he grinned, "with friends. It is going to start feeling really good after a while.

"The higher the speed setting, the faster it goes. The higher the others are set, the longer or bigger around. Ah, the miracles of modern technology," I said. After he helped me off the examining table, I got dressed and accepted his hug and long kisses.

"I just wish the technology was not quite so good so I could be the first to get you off," he said.

"Yeah," I agreed but could not help but kid him. "But then you would have to clean everything up again."

"You realize that you have more feelings down there than Brianna," he said with a grin.

Perplexed I said, "I thought so. What does that mean?"

"It means that your orgasms are going to be magnificent. Also the way your pelvis is configured, you will have the first certifiable G-spot I know of. And it is placed perfectly against the vaginal canal so the outstroke is going to catch it every time." He chuckled. "Not only that, but you are going to love being finger fucked."

I blushed but said, "You will have to prove that to me later."

"Happy to do it," he returned.

I stayed in a robe for the rest of the weekend. Brianna helped me a lot by taking care of all my normal needs like eating and getting drinks and trying to entertain me as well as helping with cleanups.

The "exercises" changed from painful and done manually circumference then length to enjoyable with the automatic speed doing first circumference and then length. I had my first certifiably female orgasm with all three settings at two and, an hour later, my second on settings at three while Brianna watched.

Sunday night, I determined that I was tired of being an invalid. The swelling in my labia and clit was apparently gone though they were larger than others I had seen. Now they were red and sensitive but not painfully sensitive.

Monday morning, I dressed for work after the week long leave. Wanting to look as hot as I could, I wore thigh high stockings, medium height red heels, a short red skirt and the matching red suit coat. The tightly tailored suit coat buttoned with a single button just below my breasts that showed my cleavage from start to finish and held me tight enough to make the most of it. I did not wear a bra and panties were still a little superfluous with the "exercise" machine and harness in place.

At work, I was greeted by some of the other secretaries who came in early, did my morning routine with the schedule and got coffee for Henry and myself. When I returned to Henry’s office, he was sitting behind his desk and brightened like I had turned a light bulb on when I walked in.

He leaped out of his chair and came around it to take the cups of coffee, set them down on the front of the desk, and enfold me in his arms for a wonderful kiss.

"I did not expect you back to work for a few days," he said as he finally broke the kiss. "How are you? How do you feel? Is everything okay?"

"Yes, yes, yes," I said with a giggle. "I am fine. Just a little sore. And I have to go see Sam at nine this morning but it is okay."

"So, can I see it?" I nodded and sat down in my chair in front of his desk. He sat on the edge of his chair and looked as I pulled up the short skirt.

I knew the front of the harness covered much of what he wanted to see, so unbuckled its belt and dropped it down my thighs a little ways. His fingers immediately went to my red labia.

"Careful. It is still a little sore." The tiny holes of the stitches had healed completely and the incisions were closed and only visible if you looked very closely.

"God! It is beautiful!" he sighed gratifyingly. "Does everything work?"

"It seems to," I told him. "The dildo still needs to go up a few settings before it is done. But it is working."

Gazing at my new vagina Henry asked, "When are you supposed to use it?"

"Every hour," I replied with a grin.

Licking his lips he asked, "When is the next time?"

I knew what he wanted and had anticipated him. "Now," I said with a grin. "Want to watch?" I did not need his grin to know he did.

I explained quickly what it did and refastened the belt before setting the speed on "4" and the circumference to match. That had always been the easy part. I took a deep breath before turning the length setting slowly upward until it was at "4" as well. The experience was still fairly overwhelming and I was leaning back in the chair with my legs spread and reacting to the stretching and probing inside me.

That was why it took me somewhat by surprise when he unbuttoned my suit coat, pushed it aside, and began sucking one nipple while pinching the other. It added immensely to the experience and I was having orgasms almost immediately and repeatedly.

I did not even object when I saw him reach for the hand control and turn it to three fives. I had orgasms several more times before he turned the machine to zeroes and left me panting, sprawled lewdly with the coat still open and my legs spread.

"I can hardly wait to provide you with some ‘real’ exercise," he said.

When I left his office, I was put together again, I just had time to make it to my doctor’s appointment. Sam pronounced everything "perfect" after looking into my insides and touching every surface. He took the exercise machine to "4" circumference after it was back in place but edged the length up until it was painful. That did not keep me from having a wild orgasm.

He told me that I could leave the circumference setting at "4" now unless I wanted a thrill but to take it up to the painful area by feel.

Back at work, the rest of the morning and lunch with Brianna went normally, broken only by my hourly exercises. I was sufficiently out of control to do it in a stall in the bathroom rather than at my desk.

At two, I took coffee in to Henry.

"Are you still feeling good?" he asked as I sat down and sipped the hot coffee. I filled him in on everything else that had happened, both business and personally, during the day. Our coffee finished, I had an idea.

"You know, Henry?" I thought aloud. "Right after my surgery, everything from my waist down was affected. But, even before I got out of the hospital, my only problems were my new pussy and things."

"Yeah," he said, showing his interest.

"Well, I was thinking. I have to do my exercises again. But there is nothing to say that my other hole is unusable."

He got the message immediately and was smiling all over. I got up and walked around his desk. I lay the exercise control on the desk close at hand before pulling my skirt up in back, laying down on my front on the desk surface. It was easy to move the straps in back onto my thighs.

He had not wasted any time and immediately found my asshole with a lubricated finger. Surprisingly, since the surgery had not touched that hole or the area around it as Brianna’s had, it was a little tender. But it felt unbelievably good when he slid his long, narrow cock into it.

"Hold it," I told him when he was fully inside me and reached for the control. "Ready?"

I felt him nod as he wrapped his arms around me and found my nipples with his fingers.

"Now I am," he said.

I turned the speed setting to 2, circumference to 4, and length to 6 where it just started to be painful.

"Oh shit! It feels like someone else is in here with me," he gasped.

"Mmm. Fuck me, Henry," I told him as I squirmed under him, and he did. As he slowly accelerated, I increased the speed setting of the dildo. I started having orgasms at 4 and pulled his from him at 5. I had my best climax with him and still, a moment later, had the presence of mind to turn it off.

He helped plug me up with a Kleenex before helping me to stand and go to the bathroom to drain.

I cannot say that I was getting tired of the dildo but I was glad to have the option when, Friday, Sam told me that the 8 setting I had gotten to for length was enough and that I could cut the use of it to a couple of times a day instead of wearing it full time. His examination had showed him that I was almost completely healed inside as well as out.

Of course, his exam had been done with the dildo out and replaced with the obnoxious metal instrument that opened me up painfully.

"I did not want to be too previous," he said then as he stood beside me. "We have had ample opportunity to examine the nerves in the newly constructed areas and know they all work.

"What we have resisted doing so far is checking to see ’how’ they work. So here we go," he said. "Now tell me if these things feel good or bad. Okay? If you do not feel anything for a few seconds, tell me that, too. But I do not think that will be a problem.

"Okay. Ready?" I nodded.

He set one hand in the middle of my stomach but used a finger of the other hand and touched the upper extent of my left labia very softly. I told him it felt good. I told him the same thing as he teased down the length of it to my pussy. Starting over at the top of the other lip, he did the same thing with the same results.

"Good," he said. "Now this." He started again at the top of the left labia, pressing harder and rubbing the flesh in small circular motions against the bone below. That felt even better and I told him so. He continued it all the way down before going to the top of the other and doing the same thing.

He repeated the lightest touches on my small lips around my new opening and it felt even nicer. "Sit up here. I want you to see this," he said and when I did, he ran his finger up and down the labia. "Look at the way they engorge and turn redder with the infusion of blood." I saw. They looked like any woman’s but possibly they enlarged more than most I had seen.

I lay back down as he probed around the opening of my pussy where I could tell him his touches felt good. He touched my clitoris very lightly and I could tell him quickly that felt "very" good. Great. He wetted his finger with KY jelly before rubbing it harder. With a steadily increasing pace, he drove me to a numbing orgasm in a few minutes.

"Okay. I knew that was going to work well. I could tell from the start," he said. "Now let us test the other." Again wetting his finger, he inserted it into my new pussy, pressing hard against its outside perimeter and exciting me in an escalating way. From the tone of my moans, he knew, I am sure, when he found the G-spot he had told me was there below my clit and inside my body. It felt similar but different in place and intensity.

In seconds, he had me arching my back, almost standing on my head, as he stroked in and out of my pussy across the sensitive spot near its opening. As if that were not enough, he lowered his tongue to my clitoris, soon licking and sucking it as he continued pumping his finger into me.

The orgasm was mind shattering and, when he did not stop, rose to an even wilder one almost immediately before he let me come down from it.

"Only one more test to declare total victory," he said. I was still recovering from that last orgasm and did not even hear him take his pants down. But I certainly felt him as he slid that hard, thick member into me.

"Oh God yes!" I cried as I felt him reach my inner recesses and test the exercises the dildo had provided me during the last week. When he pulled back to my opening, the flared head of his cock provided a bright flash of feeling as it brushed across that balled nerve center near the opening.

Continuing his long strokes from the opening to my stomach in a way I had never been, the new experience took me to heights I had never seen. When he leaned over me, plowing hard into my clit with his hair covered pubis, I grabbed hold of his neck and lifted my legs higher than the stirrups had. I locked my ankles around his waist, my knees to his sides, and rode him hard and fast, whipping him up with me.

He groaned as he emptied into me on each of four pounding thrusts that took me places I had never ever been.

Strangely, I thought at that wonderful moment that it was about as much like getting fucked in the ass as having my new nipples sucked was like sucking the old masculine ones.

I had to chuckle with the thought that I could do this any time I wanted to.

He had me squat over the stool as he used the lavage to clean his come out of me. It was the first time I had really enjoyed the cleanup.

Since I had not worn panties to the doctor’s office, I did not have any to wear back to work. As soon as I entered my office, Henry saw me and came out to take me in his arms.

"How is everything?" he said as he had each day during the week.

"Perfectly normal," I said and allowed myself a little smile. He cocked his head in wonder.

"Perfectly normal? What exactly does that mean?"

"It means that he checked everything out, it is more or less healed up, and it works just like it is supposed to," I said.

He frowned. "What does that mean? It is deep enough and wide enough?"

"Uh huh. And all the nerves are hooked up just right," I added with a smile.

Confused Henry asked, "How the hell does he know that?"

I explained, "Well, first he touches everything very lightly to see if I can feel it. Then he touches it a little more roughly to see if it hurts." I thought it was cute that he was frowning even more than he had been. "Then, a couple of very special places, he licks to see if those are just exactly right. And finally…”

"Do I want to know this?" he interrupted.

I replied, "You asked, do you want to know or not?" He nodded. "Then, to make absolutely sure it does what it was designed to do, he fucks the shit out of you so there is no doubt in either of your minds." I enjoyed the way he was squirming with discomfort. The frown was still there. I laughed.

Slightly disappointed Henry states, "Then he puts that mechanical monster back into you so no one else can take advantage of his great work. Right?"

"Wrong," I said. "He puts it in a sack so it is not too obvious and tells you to use it a couple of times a day instead of all the time." I put my arms around his neck and carefully positioned myself so my leg was between his and my new pussy was up against his thigh. I lifted the free leg and wrapped it around the back of his as I smiled up at him.

"So is it coffee time yet?" I asked huskily. That finally broke his frown, changing it to a big grin.

"Did you like making love?" he asked.

"I do not think you would call it that really," I answered. "What it was is my first real fuck. And it felt as much better than the alternatives as day and night. I never thought anything could feel so good."

"Great." His grin spread. "Then I will bet a little anticipation will be wonderful."

"Henry? Come on. Everything works perfectly. And you would not believe what it feels like. From your side, too. Do you want to bet that on a scale of one to ten, I am the first twelve you ever had?" I was rubbing my pussy up and down on his thigh now, my hip against his hard cock. I was pretty sure I could get off this way, without anything else.

"I will tell you how it is going to go," he said with a grin. "You are going to work now. At two, you are going to bring us both coffee and we are going to decide exactly what we are going to do tonight."

I asked, "Tonight?"

"Uh huh," he said. "Starting with dinner wherever you want and ending in my bed tomorrow morning. It is the specifics we need to talk about."

"In detail," I added.

He intended to make me wait. To have me so far out on the edge that I could not stand it. But I decided early that it was not going to be all one sided.

I went to work all right, sitting that short distance in front of his desk as I had for the last months. During those months, he had enjoyed the view under my short skirts. That morning and after my lunch with Brianna, I made sure he did not have any problem getting a good view.

The short red skirt that went with the suit covered very little in the first place but the way I sat that day bunched its hem at about the same height as my pussy. The lingering itching from its continued healing made it necessary to squirm and, occasionally, to scratch.

I caught him staring at it blankly several times when I had not really thought about my scratching or squirming.

As advertised, he restrained himself and me during our coffee but, as the Friday afternoon wore down to its usual fade out of the week, he sent me home early to get "beautiful" for our date.

By the time Brianna got home at five, excited about Roger’s plans for the night, I had finished a long bath. She did not have time to soak but used the fragrant oils for a short bath while we talked and I very thoroughly cleaned myself out.

There was no longer any remnant of the antiseptic on my now pink skin and the marks of the incisions were almost invisible, faded as the marks from the stitches had.

Very sheer white lace panties cut almost to a G-string were the first I had worn with my new equipment and I loved the feel of them on the new features, the puffy labia looking wonderful in them.

The bra that goes with the panties is made of the same material but pushes my breasts tightly together and lifts them while leaving the tops and areolas completely free of material. Since I had grown a little since I had worn a bra last, it was even more startling than before. Obviously, I had grown a little more because I was spectacular, even if I had to say so myself.

I did full makeup eyebrow, mascara, green eye shadow, blusher, and lipstick in nighttime colors as Brianna caught up with me at the mirror. I helped her with the twin pony tails and bangs that made her look like a little girl. We worked mine into long, soft waves below my shoulders. I still had not so completely forgotten being male that I could not appreciate how beautiful my face and hair looked.

I put on a lace garter belt and white tinted sheer stockings that I had found at a specialty lingerie store. The garter belt accentuated my still decreasing waistline and held the stockings only high on the sides of my hips. The stockings were cut so they came close to my crotch but followed the line of my panties at the sides onto my hips and to the garters.

When I bought the white dress, the sales girl had gotten me a white silk slip to wear under it even when I was trying it on. As I put the dress on without the slip, I could see the material of my panties, garter, and bra under it. In the mirror, I could see my areolas and the protrusion of my nipples but as shades of dark like the underwear were a shade of white through the material. Broad hints but not totally obvious.

The top covered the bra straps but dropped low on my breasts to show all the cleavage and threaten at revealing my nipples. Material that could have been made of spider web, billowed around my arms to cuffs of the same material as the dress and dropped across the shorter underskirt almost to my knees. It was unbelievably feminine.

Brianna opted for a filmy white blouse and high wasted red and black plaid skirt with a front panel that covered her breasts to straps that crossed in the middle of her back. The skirt fell high onto her thighs. Little white socks with rolled tops went into round nosed patent leather shoes with fairly high heels and straps across the instep.

It was fairly obvious that she did not wear a bra and, when she sat down, almost as obvious that she did not wear panties either.

"One thing, Jody," she said. "I learned this a couple of days ago."

She lifted her skirt and used a lavage like the one I cleaned myself with to squeeze something into her pussy. Disconnecting the plunger professionally (after so many times of using it since her operation), she took a tube of KY jelly and filled it part way up.

"Now you," she said. "This just makes life a bunch easier." She grinned broadly.

I pulled down my panties enough for her to feed the long tube into me and felt the cool jell fill the upper reaches of my new pussy.

"You have to pay a little attention so it does not all ooze out but it is worth it," she noted. I replaced my panties.

We had just enough time to finish a drink and catch part of the evening news before Henry and Roger arrived with bunches of roses and tuxedos. We put the roses in water before we went to Henry’s car. Apparently, the two had talked, found out we were all going out, and decided on a place to take us.

I heard Brianna’s gasp of pleasure as Roger, in the back seat with her, found her lack of panties. Henry seemed pleased when he put his hand between my legs and discovered the tiny panties.

It was agonizing to sit there on the drive with his warm hand on my pussy, very still though I did not want it to be.

Henry had to show a membership card at the gate of something called "Tuckaway" that I was pretty sure was some kind of exclusive and expensive country club. A beautiful rustic looking building sat in a grove of pine and aspen trees at the top of the hill with the green of what I expected was the 18th hole of a golf course to one side. A large balcony overlooked the hole.

I could tell the place was expensive by the cars in the parking lot. Probably the Cadillac’s were the least expensive there with Porsches and Lamborghinis represented well. I could have also sworn I saw a Lotus. Rich boys’ toys, I thought before it crossed my mind that I probably qualified as another.

For just a second, I thought Brianna was impressed by the place and the cars before I realized that her moan was the culmination of something entirely different. Turning in the seat a little, I saw her squatted over Roger’s lap and chuckled.

"Later, pet," Henry said to me as he found a parking place, got out, and rounded the car to open the door for me. I let him put my arm in his and lead the way up the stairway and into the front door. Roger and Brianna were just getting out of the car when the door closed behind us.

"Hi, Phillip," Henry said to the man at the entry of the restaurant.

"Mr. Jansen. Welcome to Tuckaway. It was for four, correct?"

"Yes. They will be joining us directly." He nodded and led the way to a window table across the plushy appointed room. The view out the window into the sunset was breathtaking.

The man held a chair facing the sunset for me and snapped the napkin before covering my lap with it. Henry ordered martinis for all four of us, dismissing the maître’d who bowed slightly and left.

"They have three set menus the waiter will tell us when he brings the drinks. And you can always have about any kind of steak, prime rib, or lobster from the big tank," Henry explained, since we had not gotten menus. "All the meals are spectacular."

He pointed out the lobster tank and, even from across the room, I could see the biggest dozen lobsters I had ever seen. My mouth watered in spite of the ugly crustaceans.

Roger and a blushing Brianna arrived a minute later and were seated by the accommodating maître’d.

"We had a little cleanup to do," Roger explained unnecessarily. "It seems there was a small river of something heading for Brianna’s ankle."

"Just my knee," she said with a chuckle.

"Well, in that direction anyway." He looked around. "Do they have oysters on the half shell tonight? I think I am going to need them." The waiter arrived with the large martinis in silver edged glasses and Roger pronounced them perfect as he downed most of his and ordered a bottle of very expensive wine with dinner.

I thought that the white wine pretty well dictated a fish or chicken meal but Roger immediately dispelled that before anyone said anything. "I like this wine and the best known wine expert in France once told me that food and wine do not have to match. You drink wine because you like the taste of the wine. If anyone has something with wine in it, we will get a second bottle to complement it. We will need a second bottle anyway. It is just a matter of what kind."

The waiter reeled off the three choices that included Welsh rabbit, Beef Wellington, and Lobster Newburg. "Do you have a steak big enough for Chateaubriand?" Henry asked and the waiter said they did. "Would someone like to share it with me?"

"I would," Brianna said quickly.

"I want one of those delicious looking lobsters," I said.

"Would you like to pick it out, miss?" the waiter said. I glowed inwardly. It was not the first time someone had called me miss but it was the first time that it was totally true.

"That is what I want, too," Roger said. "And a dozen oysters on the half shell to get a run on the night. Keep my strength up, you know."

He stood and he and the waiter held my chair. He took my arm to lead me across to the massive tank. It seemed like everyone in the place watched us as we located a couple of large, very mobile lobsters and the waiter caught them to take to the kitchen.

When he held my chair, he leaned over my shoulder. “I love that dress," he said and I realized from where he was standing, he could look straight down my front. Worse, the maître d’ had almost undoubtedly done the same thing. "I think I can see heaven."

"Cannot," I said. "I am wearing panties." They all roared with laughter. We sat drinking our martinis as the sun sank slowly behind the hills, changing the sky from blue to yellows and reds, to reds and pinks, to pinks and purples, and finally to purples and blues as the first stars began to appear.

Henry told me my eyes sparkled in all the changing colors and made me feel very good. They brought the salads and Roger’s oysters with a second martini. He shared the oysters, Henry taking half and Brianna and I each having one. They are not one of my favorite things.

Henry leaned very close to my ear and whispered, "They taste like pussy."

I chuckled, "Not like mine."

We got our meals and, after the waiter opened my tail for me, we ate everything. After, the guys ordered something called Strawberries Flambé and we watched all the liquors poured over the heating strawberries before the entirety was spooned over ice cream. It was delicious and I was stuffed.

Henry ordered after dinner drinks as we heard an orchestra begin playing somewhere in the building. For a large room, the restaurant was very quiet, even with all the people in it.

"Okay. It is time to see if Sam was right," Henry said as I leaned on my elbows on the table. For a few seconds, I did not know what he meant. Then I did as he put his hand on my thigh. I looked around the room to see if anyone was looking at me as his hand slid up the inside of my thigh.

I stiffened when his fingers found my labia over the panties. "What exactly ...?" I began but knew as his fingers forced my legs apart slightly and found the leg hole of my panties. I locked my ankles around the legs of the chair to steady myself as two of his fat fingers slid into my pussy.

It did not seem like he even needed to search to find the G-spot. It seemed like his fingers were made to touch it and I could only gasp at the feelings it imparted immediately.

I had been on the edge of an orgasm all day, my sexual tension high from having Henry look at me, talk about what we were going to do, and touch me in all the little casual ways.

When he slid into me and touched that sensitive spot, my body clenched around his fingers. But, of course, that orgasm was nothing to him. He had just found what he had been waiting for and a 30 second entertainment was not at all what he had anticipated.

I bit my lip as he moved across the sensitive spot inside me, holding my labia with thumb and the other fingers as he moved in and out of me.

I tried not to spill the drink in my hands or the still full water glasses on the table as I reacted to his movement in me. This time when I came, it was mind blowing. Earth shattering.

And when I opened my eyes, Roger and Brianna were not the only people in the room who were watching me. In fact, I wondered if anyone in the place had anything to do besides watch me. I certainly could not see anyone.

I thought it was odd that my climax had not helped much. In fact, my pussy itched and my psyche cried out for a really good thorough fuck. I have never craved anything in my life like I did then. As if he knew how excruciating it was, Henry refused every offer I made to him.

First, I asked him to take me home. To his house and fuck me. He refused flatly with a "not yet." I asked him to take me to his car. Just for five minutes and still no good. I begged him to find a back room or a bathroom or anything and fuck me, still nothing. I suggested the 18th green, and no. I suggested the balcony, another no. I begged him to fuck me in the middle of the table and let everybody watch. He chuckled at that and I saw him considered it, but in the end he refused.

Instead, he took me to the room where the orchestra was playing. We danced and I molded my body to his, rubbing my overheated pussy against his thigh. Both arms around his neck, I kissed his neck and chewed on his chin and tried to put my tongue inside his head through his ear.

All that got me was his fingers rolling my nipples through my dress.

"I will take it off right here if you will fuck me," I moaned but he just smiled and continued. Frustrated beyond belief, I stopped dancing and took Brianna to the bathroom with me and told her she absolutely had to finger fuck me. She said Roger had told her she could not or she would be fired. Henry’s orders.

"What is he trying to do to me?" I gasped with my wild need. "I am going crazy!"

In the hallway, I saw our waiter and went to him, rubbing against him. "You can fuck me if you want," I said.

"I am sorry, miss. I would like nothing better but I would get my ass fired so fast it would make your head spin."

"Nobody would know. I promise. You do not have to do anything but find a place. I will do everything."

"I am sorry. I really am. But we have special orders tonight and you are it."

I pushed the straps of my dress off my shoulders and stood proudly in the hallway with him staring at my naked breasts. "Now?"

"Oh shit!" he said. "This is the hardest thing I ever did. But no way."

I could have screamed. Henry was my only chance and I had to do whatever it took to get him to do it now before I went the rest of the way crazy. After pulling my dress back into place, I went back to where he was sitting with Roger and Brianna and climbed into the leather chair facing him. I pushed the shoulder straps down again and almost put my breast in his mouth, leaning down to the top of his head.

"Lick my nipples and fuck me right now, Henry!" I moaned. "If you do not, I am going to walk right out in the middle of that dance floor, drop my dress on the floor, and take the first comer."

"Give me your panties," he said simply and, happy that I had finally convinced him, I almost jumped out of the chair and peeled them down to my ankles where I could step out of them. I handed them to him as I crawled back into the chair, grabbing for his pants to free him.

"Huh uh," he said intercepting my hand and leaning to get up, moving me away and back to my feet. I could not understand what he intended but stood up again with my shoulder straps at my elbows and the top of the dress pulled down below my bra. He took my hand as if it were nothing unusual at all and led me to the middle of the dance floor where a half dozen couples danced and stared open-mouthed at me.

First, he put his arms around me, holding me tight against him and moving into the slow dance gracefully. I could have cried I was so frustrated but I lessened my need slightly by rubbing my even more available clit up and down against his thigh with our movements. He chuckled but I thought I was getting to him.

But that, combined with the odd feeling of my partially bared nipples rubbing against his tuxedo coat, did not feel like it was going to take me to the needed places. In fact, I was just getting more excited while getting no closer to orgasm.

I still jumped when he found the hem of the dress and pulled it up in the back far enough that he could put both hands on my butt to press me into his thigh harder. I truly could not have cared less that everyone in the building seemed to be in here staring at my naked ass.

All the patrons were staring and, when I looked around, so were bartenders, waiters, busboys, and even a pair of cooks in dirty whites.

"I told you that I would show you the most beautiful thing I have ever seen," he said fairly loudly and stopped moving. Smiling down at me, he turned me in his arms, lifting my skirt in front as he turned me to face all the people. Then he used the edges of both index fingers to spread my legs and my swollen labia. "Have you ever seen a pussy as beautiful as this?"

Certainly, everyone in the room was staring at it and I was standing in a spot of light right in front of the small orchestra showing them.

"God no!" a man gasped. I saw a woman lick her lips as she stared, holding onto her husband’s arm as if she were afraid he would leave her right then. Or that she might leave him.

I threw my head back onto his hunched shoulder and my mouth open as he plunged the middle fingers of both hands into my pussy to the knuckles. But they were both far away from the sensitive spot at the front. I moaned in spite of feeling just a little respite from my raging need.

"Oh please, Henry!" I gasped. "Take me. Please take me. Or let me fuck somebody else. The waiter." I saw the young man blush, his mouth drop open, and his knees weaken visibly.

"Not a chance. I am going to take your virginity. Doctors do not count. And I am going to do it in the privacy of my own bed."

"Then take me home!" I almost screamed. "Now!"

"Oh man, do it will you?" a man said. "Take her home."

There was a general round of agreement led by several women, one of whom came to me and helped with my shoulder straps, rubbing incidentally across both nipples before it was in place.

"Take her home, Henry. For God’s sake!" she said. More agreement.

"Well. Okay then," he finally said with one of his chuckles and dropped my skirt after pulling his fingers out of me.

I hung off him as he led us all out to his car and wrapped myself around him as he got behind the wheel. He blocked my hands with some difficulty as I tried for his zipper but stopped me when he said the longer we sat there, the longer before we had be in his bed.

I still moaned and rubbed his chest under the tux coat as he drove the four of us to his house and finally into the drive in front of his door. I held his arm, almost bouncing with excitement as he opened his door and turned on the entry light.

"Would anyone like a drink?" he said and I hit his chest hard as I railed at him. He laughed out loud. "You two go ahead and maybe we will join you in a little while. It seems we have something to do."

Before we had gotten to his room down the hallway, I would unzipped the back of my dress and had stepped out of it as we crossed the threshold. I ran to his bed and was on my knees facing him as he finally arrived, taking off his coat. I undid his pants before he had gotten his shirt unbuttoned and pushed them and his underwear down to his knees as he struggled out of it, begging me to wait a second.

He did not disappoint me then but stepped out of his dress slippers and pant-legs, standing long and hard in my hand as he crawled onto the side of the bed. I fell back with my legs spread, guiding him toward my pussy, when he stopped about an inch away.

"Henry!" I screamed at him.

"Say please, sweetheart," he said with a big grin.

"Oh god, please, please, please," I gasped and he rewarded me by closing the gap between us and sinking smoothly into me.

My entire body arched with the ecstasy of my fulfillment as he touched the back of it. My legs, still in the white stockings and high heels, were in the air over his back as I had the first orgasm, vibrating under him.

He froze, pressing hard into me, as my vibrations eased and the need returned. I was afraid I was going to have to beg more, not that I minded, when he slowly backed his cock back out of me to the opening.

Intuitively, and in response to what I had told him, he held himself with the flared head just inside me and looked down between us.

In a dozen quick in and out stokes that seemed to specially inflame my G-spot, he drove me through a moan to a soft scream that was instantly extinguished by a squeal as the most intense feelings possible washed through me and into a climax to end all.

To the extent that I could think at all, I believed the most wonderful feelings possible had just thundered through me. And the feeling was just settling down to the crashing pulse of blood flowing through my ears, when he drove deep into me and against the membrane of skin separating my diaphragm from my sheath. I heard our loud grunts at the impact, his pelvic mound crushing my clit at the same time. That drove the entire experience up a notch. But it was just the start.

Not waiting for a reaction, he moved back out to the opening and pumped three or four times across the spot before panting and plunging all the way back in. The few strokes on the sensitive spot drove me upward by increments high, higher, highest, near the peak then deep into me that was like a wave breaking.

As if connected directly to my feelings, he repeated what he had done out to the spot for several strokes and deep inside crushing my clit over and over and over again. Each time drove me higher and higher. I would have been screaming my head off if I would have had any breath to back it. Maybe I did, I do not even know that.

What I do know is that at the depths of his thrust, he came hard and I felt the blast of his come inside me as if he had splashed boiling hot water across my face except much more fun.

I really have not the vaguest idea of how I reacted and neither does Henry. After all, he was not in any better condition than I was. But Brianna and Roger told us that they thought about a rescue effort but decided it might be too dangerous for them. Too much screaming and yelling and banging headboards and squeaking bedsprings and moaning floorboards.

What I do know is that I came back to myself with the backs of my shoes against his ass and his long cock softening against the very deepest part of my new cunt. Beyond that, I knew absolutely that I had never feel anything that wonderful in this life.

I will never admit that the anticipation of that fantastic moment drove it well beyond any human experience and into the nether worlds.

Of course, I was proved mistaken the next morning.

When I had still been anticipating, I planned to fuck him all night. In fact, the combination of wine, drinks, a wonderful dinner, and that one long, fantastic fuck wiped me out. In fact, I only vaguely remember him taking my shoes, stockings, and garter belt off before he curled up behind me, his warm body along my back putting me the rest of the way to sleep immediately.

I woke the next morning in the same position and edged out of bed to go to the bathroom. While I pissed, and used the lavage, and replaced the lubricant, I thought about racing right back for a morning "pick me up." But I did not really feel the burning need I had the night before and, instead, felt affection for Henry that suggested I should let him sleep for a while. I could cuddle with him until then, I thought.

Since he had not moved while I was gone, I crawled back under the sheet and light blanket in the same position I had been in when I woke, thinking I would maybe nap a little and think until he woke up.

My thinking was a little directed by the situation, of course. I lifted his arm around me and put his hand in my stomach. I felt the hair on his chest against my back. I felt his legs against the back of mine. He shifted, apparently in his sleep, and I felt his leg between mine and his masculinity against my ass. I felt his even breath against the hairs on the back of my neck.

My nap was out the window and all I could think about was his body against me, his hand touching my stomach. Then I started thinking about the night before and found myself grinning to myself as I thought about the club and the dance and my offer to the waiter and, finally, to the wonderful fuck Henry had finally given me when we got into bed.

The more I thought, the more excited I got. I jumped when he spoke so close to my ear.

"If you do not stop squirming, you will wake me up," he said, muffled in my hair.

"Gosh, that would be too bad. You would probably have to fuck the shit out of me just to show your displeasure,” I cooed.

He chuckled, "You would like that, wouldn’t you? Unfortunately, I am not that displeased."

I squirmed some more. I could feel his hardening cock against my butt. I moved so my bottom rubbed against him a little. He rewarded me by moving his hand up to cup my breast. His fingers squeezed my nipple slightly.

I moved my hand to his bare bottom and used my fingernails to scratch it in a way I hoped would be seductive. Now I was thinking about getting fucked in a big way and was squirming more.

"What would it take to get you really displeased?" I asked softly as my hand went to the back of his over my breast, helping him rub it.

"Hard to tell," he mumbled into my neck but I could feel his cock jumping with his interest. "A kiss would probably piss me off a bunch." He laughed as I turned over into his arms and covered his mouth with mine. His hand covered my newly exposed breast and my upper leg went over his hip. His cock throbbed against my tummy.

"Are you getting really pissed?" I asked between demanding kisses.

"Getting pretty pissed," he gasped between them. He turned onto his back and lifted me over him, taking my nipple into his mouth. As I held myself above him and gasped, he switched back and forth from one to the other, driving me higher and higher.

On my hands and knees over him, straddling his body, I am sure I was getting noisy now but at least it did not matter. I had already awakened him thankfully.

I squirmed downward to try to get him into me and he maintained his suction on my breast until his cock found my hole on its own and slid into me half a tantalizing inch. I moaned and arched. That probably pulled my nipple from his lips. That accomplished, he gave up on it and pressed me down onto him fully.

I arched my back and his hands went to my breasts and squeezed wonderfully as his cock sunk all the way to my depths. I threw my head back and moaned. Maybe it was a loud moan. Certainly the feeling deserved a loud moan.

"Hey guys! I thought you would never wake up," Brianna said as she bounced onto the edge of the bed next to us. I groaned with disappointment at the interruption but Henry held me exactly as I was. Brianna was dressed in a see-through nightie that covered absolutely nothing and, as I looked at her, Roger sat down on the edge of the bed behind her.

"Oh, honey!" Brianna said. "You are so beautiful when you are getting fucked. I wish I was"

"You are, baby," Roger said. "You are just so out of it you cannot tell. Besides, we have not tried mirrors on the ceiling yet."

She giggled. Then she looked down at Henry and the roped muscles in his neck.

"God. You are beautiful, too," she said and leaned down and kissed my boss.

"Where is your KY?" Roger said urgently.

"Bathroom," I moaned, not really caring. He sprinted off to the bathroom and Henry took a long slow stroke into me as Brianna continued to kiss him. I was a little jealous but the feeling of his cock in me overcame most of it. I kissed the back of Brianna’s neck and moved on my own to produce another long, slow stroke.

"Hey, hope you do not mind, man. I am going to fuck your babe," Roger said. I did not understand or care much until I felt the cold cream against my ass. I sat almost upright again and looked back at him. He grinned at me and stuck his finger into my asshole. Instead of objecting, I almost fell back forward to Brianna’s neck and back, kissing up and down wildly as his fingers moved in my butt.

It was not as good as the cock in my new pussy. But it was familiar and exciting.

He did not do it easily or softly. In fact, he almost lifted me off Henry completely and would have if Henry was not so long. Both he and Henry moaned, maybe feeling each other just a tiny space apart inside me.

Then they seemed to realize what they were doing and started long opposing strokes into and out of me. Roger’s fingers found my clit as Henry’s started truly manipulating my breasts. Brianna, a big grin on her face, turned her head and kissed me hard, her hand on the back of my head as I started coming.

"Can I try it?" Brianna asked as I panted for breath after the guys had filled my insides with their semen. Part of the reason I was panting for breath was that Roger’s weight was still on my back. Okay, so it was just a small part of the reason.

"I think” I gasped out "... that the guys need a few minutes rest."

"Um hmm," she said squeezing in closer beside me us. She cuddled with us all. It was very cozy, to say the least. Cozy and loving. Her hot little body felt nice against my side but it was overwhelmed by the guys’ steady breathing that seemed to surround me. After all, Henry was still under us and Roger was still wrapped around my back.

Though Henry should have been the first to say uncle, Roger lifted himself off my back and slowly pulled himself out of my butt. Giggling with the pure pleasure and happiness of it all, I just squirmed around on top of Henry and made him giggle with me. Squeezing my pussy tight around him, made him chuckle.

"Come on, Jody," Brianna said in a wheedling tone. "Give me a chance, huh?"

"Can you get it up, Henry?" I asked into his neck.

"How ‘up’ do you want it?" he said with a chuckle and a movement inside me that showed he was already at least partly hard.

"I hate to let it go," I said, squeezing him again.

"Shit, Brianna," Roger said from beside us and I looked over to see her licking Roger’s mostly revived cock. "Do not you know where that has been?"

"Uh huh," she said. "Fuck me."

I lifted myself lethargically off Henry and dropped onto the other side of him. My hand discovered that he was as hard as I had thought he was when I felt him inside me.

"Come here, honey," I said to Brianna. Even though she did not really want to let Roger go, she let me do some guiding until she was on the other side of Henry. I reached across and lifted her upper leg and guided Henry toward her ass. He saw the idea and helped me. Very soon, he had passed her sphincter and definitely gained her attention.

"Oh yeah," Roger moaned as he saw her reaction to the butt fuck. I was just a little faster than he was and, as Henry rolled her onto her back over him and buried himself in her bowels, I crawled between her legs and broadly licked her clit.

She screamed and spread her legs so they were almost straight out to the sides.

"Hey! I wanted that!" Roger said.

"Find something else to do," I told him and pointed to her enlarging breasts. He chuckled and kissed her before sucking up her left breast almost completely.

I sucked Brianna’s clit and got one of her quick, almost instantaneous orgasms as a reward. Henry was slowly stroking into her ass.

" Oh, baby. Oh yes," she moaned as she held the sides of my face lovingly.

"Let me," Roger said to me softly. Looking back at him, I noticed he was completely hard again and smiling. I rolled to the side and watched from close quarters as he slid into her pussy.

"Oh no," Henry gasped. "I am not doing this again." I thought for a second that he meant fucking her. But when he rolled to the side, I knew he meant that he did not want to be bottom again. They did not seem to care that they were now on their sides instead of piled up.

I curled back up behind Henry and started kissing the back of his neck and ears. He turned he face up to me and let me kiss him as he fucked Brianna’s ass.

To reward him, I reached down and slid my slippery finger into his ass. He giggled. I wished that I could feel his increased size inside of me instead of having Brianna benefit from it. Then I knew that I would have a lot of other opportunities.

I put a second finger into his bottom and enjoyed the excitement of their increasing wildness. Brianna was absolutely going crazy with the wonderful feelings of being fucked from both sides. And, strangely, I was almost as wild with the vicarious pleasure of it all.

I actually came. With nothing inside me. With no one touching any of my private sexual parts. With nothing but their combined pleasure and the intensity of their orgasms.

I was Brianna’s bridesmaid two weeks later. We had a wonderful time getting everything together, getting all the invitations out to our friends and everything. The pictures took almost an hour and the guests just had to wait.

After all, I had to change into my wedding dress before Brianna could be my bridesmaid. Right?

The reception was great. Lots of dancing and most everyone got blasted.

But it did not hold a candle to our wedding night in Hawaii. Brianna and I took each other’s dresses off while the guys just watched and waited. Then we took their suits off.

We laughed a lot, laying there side by side, while they fucked us on the beach.




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