Sharon's Perfect Family


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      Chapter 1 Expecting


Down the lane were smiles all-round the small white picket house.


There were laughs and cries day and night ever since Sharon the most beautiful woman outside and inside was blessed by a miracle.


Her husband Jose was already bragging how his little son who the couples were still deciding a name for was going to be a tough baseball player just like he was.


Martha and Carly giggled excitingly handing fresh blue wrapped boxes to Sharon who was all rainbows and sunshine.


"I can't believe I'm pregnant!"


"I know sweetie, neither can we." Martha her loving Mother boasted before the three women broke into laughter.


The men were being men and staying out of it working hard in the yard , building the nursery or playing chess with José who still went on about how great pitches he'd make and such in the well decorated living room.


Everything was perfect. They had good money, a nice home and finally were going to have a family of their own.


"So José he's gonna be a fighter?" Joked Jack


"Nah man he's ain't no gangster he's a pitching man." José spat into his cup while lighting a large cigar.


"Really man how'd you know?"


"Well for one...Jose breathed in then blew out. He gonna get his Daddy's arm."


"Just his arm?" Jack raised his eye brows leaning in.


Charles listening in to the two leaned on the wooden yet to be painted door frame listening like the eave drop he his.


"Ya he is and... Chess mate!"


"Oh shoot!" Jack threw his piece while Charles laughed causing the two to turn their attention on him.


"Hahaha, he'll get his Dad's smart he outta!"


The two men laughed.


"Hey, hey Jose maybe he'll get your moves too." The two men laughed at Jack's statement while Jose bit his cigar.


"He better not...He pointed his finger.

Or I'll ground him for life."


The three men broke down laughing so hard Charles had tears streaming down his glinted eyes.


Sharon entered with the two women and other men.

"My, God José are you drunk?!" Sharon explained clearly upset but then stepped back clutching her stomach in a sharp pain.


"Careful Sharon...” Carley warned holding Sharon for support.


"Is it supposed to do that?"

Carley asked looking up at Martha.


Martha shook and nodded her head in thought trying to decide.

"Oh yes dear, now why don't you run along and let us grown folk talk."


Carley nodded going upstairs to play with her porcelain doll she left on the top step.


Martha looked at Sharon seriously.

Something had to be wrong but it could just be her mind playing tricks.


"Golly is that woman alright?!" Charles explained putting down his knight on the new setup.


"T-That woman happens to be my wife!" José yelled standing up irritated.


Charles had a quick glance with Jack who simply shrugged.


"Babe go upstairs and rest."


"Jose I'm fi--I said up upstairs!" He said raising his voice making Sharon jump a bit still holding her tummy.


He was clearly wasted still from last night's bachelor party. They've been married for a week. They had agreed no bachelor parties. No strippers.

He broke his promise and ended up doing worse. He ended up sleeping with a hooker with the so called boys.

But Sharon doesn't blame him. He's a man and men do what men do.


He loves her. He loves both her and the baby who he just knows is a boy. He doesn't need an ultrasound to know it's a boy. They'll be a tough pitcher Sharon thinks going upstairs waving to Martha who gathers Carley and grabs her purse to leave.


As Martha leaves Sharon has the void she's been holding leave as tears fall down her frail face. She wipes the mascara running down her smudged face. He's a man he could never understand but all that mattered was this baby.


The Next Day...)


Sharon smiles setting the table for her husband. She spent two hours after getting up at 5:00 am which she does regularly by her husband's request so that he can have his perfect breakfast after all; they are a perfect family with their soon to be perfect baby which had to be a boy.


"Good morning." Sharon smiles putting the bacon omelet with Vodka on the table.

Her husband frowns. He's not pleased. “What the fuck is this shit?!"


Sharon steps back guarding her tummy. "W-Why it's...You don't like it Darling?"


"No!" Jose flipped the table sending dishes everywhere before hitting a wall puncturing both the wall and his now bloody hand. "I fucking hate it you good for nothing bitch!" He screams making Sharon pluck her ears. "I-I'm sorry... I'll make it again."


"No, No, No! I don't fucking want it again bitch! I'm gonna be late to the office! You’re my fucking wife but all your harlot ass can do... He screamed stepping closer cornering Sharon "Is give me an offspring, he better is a boy." He threatened making Sharon cry as he left out the door carrying his precious suitcase.


He loves me Sharon told herself. He's still wasted from the bachelor party. He loves both me and his baby.


Riiiiing! The phone rang abruptly interrupting Sharon's thoughts.

She told deep breaths before answering. "Hello? Oh Carley how are you darling? Oh us that so. Yes. Yes you can come over again."


Sharon after talking for a while hung up the phone and sunk down to her knees sobbing wildly. He loves me I know he does. He loves me and his baby. Suddenly a pain shot through Sharon making her cry out in pain.

She got slowly to her feet screaming and gasping.


She didn't know what was wrong.

She glanced over to the Vodka half a glass on the floor and chugged it hoping it would numb the pain but it only made it worse. It felt like her whole body was on fire. Her stomach hurt like hell.


Labor. The first word that went through the young mothers head as her mind spun around causing her to run upstairs to her bathroom and vomit. Blood. It was everywhere spreading down her legs. She looked down stunned.


No. It couldn't be. No. No. No.

Her baby. God had other plans. God's Little Angel.

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Chapter 2 God's Little Angel


The sight was so traumatizing Sharon could hardly move besides breathing looking down was her baby.

God's Little Angel. It couldn't be.

Only three days she had been carrying her joy but now a full baby lay staring back at her covered in blood.


It cried filling the room with noise that Sharon's ear's refused to believe.

"M-my baby..." Sharon cried bending down to pick the child up but as she reached towards the perfect son they vanished inside her tummy.


Her baby was gone. Her perfect son.

Knock! Knock!

Sharon got up to her knees then to her feet going slowly downstairs.



"Coming!" Sharon ran to the door as her baby kicked slightly making her grasp her stomach. There's no way she could imagine it. But there's no way this could be real either.



Sharon answered the door to see a runny nose Carley alongside a worried Martha.

"Aw, sweetie what's wrong?" Cooed Sharon bending down to hug Carley.


"I-I-I heard screaming and t-thought something bad was happening."


"No, No honey I'm OK."


Sharon looked up at Martha.


"Mom won't you please come in."


She got up pulling Carley inside.

Carley held her porcelain doll.

Sharon looked at the doll and suddenly got a cramp.


"Are you OK sweetie?"


"Y-Ya just a bit in pain but I'm fine, really."


"I don't know, this could be an early sign of contraction."


Sharon shook her head. Sharon's eyes widened as she stopped moving remembering the earlier incident.

"I'll be back...I have to use the restroom."


"OK honey yell if you need us were quite worried especially about you know who."


"Mom! Please he's a good man and he loves both me and the baby."


Carley looked up from her doll who she named baby to listen.


"He loves me I know he does..." Sharon muttered heading upstairs to the bathroom. As soon as she entered she screamed alarming Martha and Carley.


There was her baby in a puddle of blood running down her legs.

"Sharon what is--- Her Mom stopped her sentence while Carley screamed.


Martha covered her eyes which Carley started to cry in.

"D-don't look honey Shhh..."


The Next Day...)


The hospital was cold and Sharon had to use at least five blankets to thin the cold or five pain pills a day to numb the pain. She still was in denial.

There's no way her baby was gone.

God's Little Angel.


She looked to her side to see her son resting peacefully against her. She ran her fingers through his perfect hair.

Her son was alive. There's no way he could be dead. That wasn't her baby.


It couldn't be.

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Chapter 3 Ice & Fire

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Chapter 4 Lies

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Chapter 5 When He Was Born

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Chapter 6 When He Died

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(Ending Explained)

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Moral Of Story

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