Short Story: Why though?


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Why Though?

 A pause for breath. Awakened by the whispers of my sister and mom. They spoke of where to eat breakfast this early. As the sun creeped in the room between the cracks of the drapes, my eyes increasingly widened. White mist crawled through the blankets and touched my feet like clear bubbles. While the gravity pushed against me I lifted my head with sheer force. The petrified state of time moved once again as I placed my bare feet onto the floor. The mist had retreated, the sun drew back, and so did I. 

My mom repeated NO like a broken record. She was saying it to my sister but she didn't look like it. I closed my eyes once again, wishing they didn't open in the first place. They weren't aware that I could hear them nor that I was awake. She stomped out of the room. I didn't know who, but something told me it was my mom. I wanted everything to be peaceful again...but it wasn't, it never was. I curled my toes and ducked my head under the blankets as my sister chased after my mom. The first morning of vacation was filled with fury and disruption. 

The room was empty again. The petrified state of time returned from deep slumber. I tied my shoes after slipping each foot into them. This feeling felt tiresome. 

Finally, we all walked out of the hotel room in an awkward silence. My mom and sister had just been fighting for the past hour and my presence made them stop. Why though? Why did you guys act as if everything was calm and under control when it wasnt Nothing was anymore. 

We tried walking towards the car. The thick fog steered us into another direction, however. What looked like my mom's figure turned out to be a tall bush. I twisted my head back hoping my sister would be there. Nothing, but fog. The fog that once was creeping in my room was swallowing me. The fog lifted me off the ground and I couldn't see the ground. I then slightly heard two voices talking. I trusted my instincts and walked slowly in that direction. My 10 year old self was beginning to doubt these voices were my mom and sister though because as I got closer  what sounded like whispers turned slowly into vicious words back and forth. It wasn't until I saw their faces that proved my suspicions wrong. I didn't even recognize my own mom's and sister's voices. Tears dripped down my round cheeck, I didn't even know why though.They immediately stopped yelling as soon as they saw me. My mom then formed a caring face and gave me a hug: "I should've been holding your hand sweetie. I know it's scared being lost." 

After reassembling we drove to "our" chosen breakfast place. I wanted to tell them that I wasn't crying because I was lost. At the time though I didn't know how to. I didn't know what I was feeling. 

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