Olive Doherty and the Mystical Undead


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Chapter one

I've lived through many horrors in my short seventeen years on earth. Nothing could compare to the stares from my peer group and the way it felt like beetles crawled beneath my skin. Or rather, my new peer group. 

Of course I couldn't blame them. Forks, well, it was a small community. They had grown up together. I would dare say they never had fresh meat to play with, until I arrived of course. A small town such as Forks would soon become boring. Obviously my arrival was desperately needed as a source of entertainment, judging by some faces.

I removed my helmet and flipped my hair over my shoulder, feeling like I was in a movie. My head dipped along with the movement to ensure I had the object I sought sticking out from my boot. It was habit to keep tabs on it. A nicely shaped stick that appeared smooth, deadly if known how to be used.

Although to the common eye it didn't exist, the mist ensured that. The mist made sure commoners would interpret it as something they understood or they would not see it at all. So far in my life, it had always been the second.

I pushed back the brown curls that descended far too long down my body then I got off of my motorcycle and made my way into the school. I flipped my sunglasses down onto the bridge of my nose and pushed it backwards so it sat properly before anyone could come close enough to see what laid behind them. 

Because that would lead to questions. That would lead to me being forced to interact with people. That would lead to me lying through my teeth, that was an aspect of my life that I wanted to keep within the past, because I was tired. So very tired.

I let out a sigh as I waited in line to talk to the receptionist. The group that stood in front of me were silent, not a peep could from them in the total of three minutes I stood there. Although that hadn't really caught my attention or bothered me all that much. 

I found it weird, sure. They hadn't noticed me, they were the only people who hadn't. In my mind, all I could feel was a non awkward silence and I grasped it with both hands as I knew it wouldn't last.

"Thank you," the guy in front of the line murmured, in a fruitful way. His back straightened up but my eyes weren't on him. The receptionist, whose name tag had Ms. Cope on it, appeared dazzled. "my family and I are most appreciative for all the help you've given us."

As the same guy with messy bronze hair cocked his head to the side, the woman's neck burned with the colour pink, that slowly crept its way up until it roared hot at the tips of her ears. I was sure if I touched those tips, they would be piping hot.

She opened her mouth a few times, much like a fish and eventually decided to nod, clearly the starstruck woman was incapable of speech.

When the guy turned around, a sly smirk appeared on his face, his most attractive face at that. Of course he knew what effect he had on that poor woman. That type of behaviour was vile. Considering the even bigger smile on the largest guy, the group also knew. They hid their amusement well, but it was clear they found it extremely amusing.

Just once glance at them and I knew not who they were, but what they were. I couldn't believe it, yet I could. My luck was almost very unfortunate most of the time. However, it decided to cut me some slack this time around. Well I hoped so, if my assumptions were correct, that was.

They moved to the side allowing me to step forward. The bronze haired boy handed out pieces of paper. I suppressed yet another sigh and turned away from them. It was probably best if I didn't catch their attention. My knowledge wasn't up to par, meaning I had no clue how my blood smelt to them. Hopefully normal and hopefully not appealing.

"Ms. Cope," I said, only to retain her attention on me. "I'm the new student-"

Her head snapped in my direction. "Oh yes, Olive Doherty. I knew your father. Good man. Yes, a very good man." She looked at me expectantly, to form some sort of acknowledgement. But I waited for her to just get on with it. "Just give me a second dear, your schedule should be in the process of printing now."

She went further into the hole that was her office, so I crossed my arms and turned around. I leaned my back against the glass. A flush crossed my body at the mention of my father. I balled my hands into fists and let out a breath. 

The group of students were still there, the blood that of which was mine had risen to the surface from my angered thoughts. For many reasons I was glad I wore my sunglasses, but this was like a cherry on top. I could study them. Although I'm sure they knew I looked at them. They would assume I admired them, like everyone else did.

I read about these people, books went into full detail about them and their unnatural pale skin, their extreme beauty and the shadows beneath their eyes that suggested they hadn't slept in a while but that was okay, it just added to their beauty in some strange sort of way. The details were largely correct.

Their appearance allowed for them to draw you in so they could decide what to do with their you, their prey. Because once you were hooked, you were most likely a goner. It was the natural order, the fierce and strong animals stalked the weaker, defenseless ones, a natural selection.

Of course there was a mild difference between them and the one's I read about and the ones I fought against. Their eyes. They weren't a crimson red. Although I could only see two out of the five student's eyes, they were golden, a type of eye colour that seemed pretty. Too pretty to be natural. I knew they weren't.

"Here Ms. Doherty. There's your schedule also a map to the school," She handed it to me and let out a laugh. "it is a small school, I'm sure you won't get lost. Oh I've marked your locker on the map too." She pointed towards the page.

I glanced up and noticed her eyes had wandered, once again. "Thank you," I took the supplies from her. "Have a nice day."

When I made my way out of the room, I saw them out of the corner of my eye, turning to look at me. I could feel their stares on my back. I wasn't afraid, although five versus one in combat? It didn't seem all that fair. My fingers itched to reach down to my boot but I managed to ignore that urge until I made it out of the office.

Even then, I knew they could see my tight lipped smile through the glass barrier and they could hear the raising of my heartbeat, all natural reactions to a predator.

The feeling of the threat made me walk briskly to my locker, my fingers darted across my phone. I needed information. I needed proper protection, because assumptions meant mistakes. What I learned in my life full of life and death decisions was, mistakes often meant death.

There were no second chances.

My phone started to ring in my hands. I accepted the call. "Hey," I greeted. "I need a favour,"


"We're a decent bunch of people." a guy I met in one of my classes called Eric said, directing me towards the canteen. "We all sit at the same table and I'm sure you will like them. We've been friends since, well actually since we started school really. We're a tight knit bunch. But don't let that put you off."

His hand ran through his thick hair before opening the canteen door. A blast of wind made its way through my hair. My fingers clutched to the edge of my top, already seeing who Eric's friends were. The group sat at the table at the left side of the room, they had taken over a large table. They sat perched in their chairs, waving Eric over.

"Hi, we've already met," a brunette said, shoving her hand into mine. I looked at her for a few seconds, trying to remember the girl's name. I had already met so many people. So many people with the same bright smile. She must have noticed it on my face because she just let go of my hand. "I get it. Overwhelmed, huh? My name's Jessica. Jessica Stanely."

"I'm Mike." an eager boy said. "Mike Newton."

Jessica turned to look at him. "Yeah. That's Mike." His body leaned forward, he reached out his hand but Jessica sat me down beside her before I could shake it. She waved her hand to two other people. "That's Angie, she's like the school's paparazzi or something and this is Lauren."

I nodded my head in their direction, not knowing which one was which, although they had distinct differences. The one with the raven hair offered me a tentative smile while the other just scowled. I offered them a smile in return.

"Hey," Angie greeted. "Don't worry, we won't bother you without your permission."

"It's nice to meet you all," They continued staring at me. I groaned internally. I was never good at small talk or introducing get myself. It was awkward each time. "I'm Olive and it's clear as day you don't get new people often."

The girl with almost white blonde hair scoffed. "Obviously. Who'd want to come to this hell hole?"

"Lauren," Jessica rolled her eyes. "Never mind her. This is actually a decent place, you've just got to know where to go."

A decent friend group, a decent place. Such high standards they held themselves at.

So then Mike started talking about all the places they would love to show me. Or he would show me. I didn't quite catch that. I'll admit, I kind of zoned out. I started to think about the phone call I had, with my friend Harry. 

His deceased uncle had some relatives in and around Forks. The Black's. My plan was to visit them as soon as possible to give them some possessions of Sirius. Perhaps I'd pencil that in for a soonish date, once I settled in.

"So, what gives?" A finger flicked my sunglasses, nearly knocking them off of my face. My hand snapped up to keep them in place. My lips curled up into a sneer. But Mike didn't seem to notice. "It's not like it's sunny. It's never sunny in Forks. I bet it wasn't even sunny where you came from either..."

I clenched my fists beneath the table and rolled my eyes at the Mike guy, who watched me with his head cocked to the side.

"Oh shit, is she blind?" Lauren boomed, so basically the whole canteen heard.

"What?" I spluttered. I didn't even get a chance to answer. Everything went a bit frantic and at a much faster pace.

"Oh God." Mike groaned, rubbing his face. "I'm so stupid. I'm really sorry. I didn't know. I swear I wouldn't have if I had-" He stopped rambling and sent a glare towards the greasy haired boy. He growled, "Eric! What the hell man, a heads up would have been nice!"

Eric looked my way and back to Mike who stood at the table with his clenched fists reaching on the board. His eyes widened. "I didn't know either! It's not like it's something you ask! Why are you blaming me?" he asked, shaking his head. "You're the one being an idiot."

Then Mike pushed himself back from the table, his feet carrying him in the direction Eric had ran towards. He scampered towards the exit, his black hair flew in every direction until he crashed into something. Or really someone.

The largest out of the group I had seen in the reception. Mike didn't seem to notice his friend on the ground because he too fell, his feet tripped over Eric's shoe. They both were sprawled across the floor, groaning and whimpering pathetically.

All was silent in the canteen, other than the two boys. The bodies sitting down were tense, as though they were waiting for something. I looked from the idiots of the floor to the group standing behind the bulky dude, who in turn wore the widest smile I had ever seen. 

A pixie looking girl pushed him forward, after a few tense moments, covering her face with her hands. With the little shudders that went through her shoulders, it was obvious she laughed. One of the blondes out of the group walked beside her, looking in such much pain.

The rest of the party moved gracefully around and over the guys and sat at a round table.

"This school, has got to be the weirdest one yet." I mumbled, and I had even attended a school for magical beings. I rested my cheeks between my hands and inhaled. "I'm not even blind, for goodness sake."

Again, the largest one caught my attention. He barked out a laugh, his counterparts laughed with him, although one glared. You could tell she wanted to laugh too, by the way her ruby lips quirked for the briefest of moments. 

Make that two. Two glared, although bronze haired boy sent it in my direction. Although, it wasn't much of a glare. It was rather creepy, like he was trying to see how long he could stare into my eyes until I turned into oblivion. He continued to stare, despite the jab to his ribs by the blonde girl.

I knew, I so knew that I didn't want their attention on me. But I couldn't help myself. He looked like a typical fuckboy. He acted all annoying earlier. I just wanted annoy him like he somehow managed to get beneath my skin. 

I batted my eyelashes with a coy smile and turned away.

A felt a nudge to my side. "Oooh, looks like you've caught the attention of Edward." Jessica teased. She rested her hand on my arm, adapting a sympathetic look. "He's totally gorgeous, of course, but don't waste your time. He doesn't date. Apparently none of the girls here are good-looking enough for him."

I glanced to the boys who were now brawling it out on the ground. I made sure not to look at them again, it was obvious he could hear us. It was best not to give him the satisfaction. "Is that right?"

Jessica nodded her head. "Sadly, but just look at them. All of them," she said with a sigh. "How is that even possible?"

"It's obvious, Jessica," Lauren rolled her eyes. She chewed her gum and flicked her eyes in their direction. "Dr. Cullen and his wife are vain as fuck. If you're the ugly duckling in the system, well kiddo I've got bad news for you. You don't meet societies' standards. Probably why you were gotten rid of in the first place."

"Lauren!" Jessica hissed, her eyes darting from her to me.

"What?" Lauren snapped. "You know it's true. Stop being so damn sensitive. You can't be offended if it doesn't apply to you."

Jessica looked extremely uncomfortable, she played with her finger nails that laid on top of the table. She wouldn't look at Lauren, but more importantly she couldn't look at me. She and I both knew what she knew. It was obvious she had done her fair bit of research on the new student and she had caught herself out.

I let out a sigh and raised my hand, only holding up three fingers. "I am not blind." I stated, bringing one finger down. "To answer why Jessica is looking so uncomfortable, I was an orphan." I dropped another finger. "I guess I should get this out of the way too, for the hell of it, you know? Edward is all yours, my friend as I am positively gay."

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Chapter two

As soon as school was over, I didn't stop to talk to my 'friends'. I hopped on my motorcycle and went straight home. I normally had some sort of plan. The first day of school sent my brain into a havoc. Whatever plan I had for normalcy had been thrown out of the window.

Infact, the whole trip to visit mom in Forks was really impromptu. Everyone that knew me, was well and truly shocked at my spontaneous behaviour. Even I was. Including my mom. However, she welcomed me home with open arms. She cried. I cried. We spent the night telling tales of the portion of our lives that we missed out on

I expected her warm smile when I walked in the door, but was met with silence. A cold silence. A silence if I spent too long in, I would be driven to insanity. I shouldn't have been surprised, she was a doctor. She worked all hours of the day. She saved lives. I couldn't resent her for not being here, especially when I hadn't been in years.

I waltzed upstairs and dumped my helmet and school bag onto the bed. I plucked the stick from my boot and eyed it for a moment. I threw that along with my body onto the bed and whipped out my phone. My fingers quickly typed across the screen and with one final tap, a small whoosh could be heard.

Thirty seconds later came a loud crack accompanied by a thud against the hardwood floors.

"Blimey," a moppy haired boy muttered to himself. Eventually he dragged his head upward and with a flick of his hand a large bag landed on the bed. "I'll never get use to that."

I let out a relieved sigh and opened the bag. I searched through it as Harry sat himself on the end of my bed, watching with his green eyes as I scanned through the titles of the various of school books he brought for me. I found myself slumping back in the bed once I came across the titles: 'Voyages with Vampires' and 'Blood Brothers: My life amongst the Vampires'.

I looked to Harry, finally acknowledging him. "Thanks for bringing them, you're a lifesaver." At his grimace I grinned. I teased, "Quite literally."

"Don't." he whined. "Don't pretend you don't hate it just as much as I do."

I shrugged. "Whatever."

"You know, I'm confused." he said, poking the bag with his outstretched foot. "You said you wanted a break, which I completely understand. Percy is even keeping his head low. But it's our last year at Hogwarts, granted we're repeating but it's our last year, Olivia. You're doing the school work here anyway, why can't you do that back at Hogwarts?"

I shuddered at the thought of that school. Once upon a time it used to feel like home. The room I sat in used to feel like home to me too, until the day I had to be sent away, forced into a world that felt like a dream come true, until it turned into a nightmare. Home was so overrated anyways.

The war, it still raged inside my head. The battles, the constant need to map out my day. My excessive and elaborate plans to save our lives on a daily basis. To save everyone's. It was a hard habit to break. Only the dead saw the end of the war and I was not dead.

I fidgeted with the edge of my sleeve. "I missed my mom."

He raised an eyebrow. "Nope."

"I wanted to partake in muggle day to day life and activities." I quickly spat out.

He again said, "No." When I opened my mouth to spit out another excuse he waved his hand dismissively. "If you wanted to partake in 'muggle studies' you could have gone to Camp Halfblood. You didn't. You're here for a reason. I'm sure they are part of your reasons, but they're not your main reason."

I sat up on the bed and hopped off of it. "Well they're the reasons you're getting." I said, dumping the books onto the table.

"Fine." he muttered, standing up too, his wand at the ready. "So is it just for a term, or are you staying here for the whole year?" he asked. I put another book onto my bookshelf and turned to him with a shrug. "I'm so used to getting answers out of you. This is strange. Fine, I'm calling back on the weekends. Or you're visiting."

I gave him a noncommittal shrug and he just sighed and walked to me and gave me a brief hug. He stepped back and held out his wand. His hand turned on the spot, he disapparited from right in front of me, his body gone in only a moment.

As soon as he left I grabbed the two books and a notepad. Of course Lockhart's book was probably a load of crap, but it might have had viable information. Apparently this was the only thing available at short notice. Despite his lack of reliance, I trusted he put in some facts. He had to have, it was a bloody school book.

Lockhart delved into the history of Vampires. He spoke briefly about experiences he had with them and their true nature. I did appreciate coming across the laws by which they abided by. Do not expose themselves to humans. It spoke of the agreement their version of their government 'The Volturi' had to ensure their species abided by the rules. They disciplined them accordingly.

"After I had finished with him," I muttered reading the page whilst mocking Lockhart's voice. "He could only eat lettuce for a month."

Annoyed with Lockhart's created illusions or adventures he had claimed from another sources, I tapped the book with the tip of my wand. A white light spurted from it, like an egg being cracked in half, the energy dripped until the book had been consealed. It had blended in with the background. I did the same with the other book and placed it into my school bag.


"Olive, not being funny or anything but why do you wear those sunglasses?" Mike asked, right before we entered the biology classroom. "I mean it's raining outside and it's not like you're blind."

I hung my coat up on the rack and gave him a glance. "Are you sure you want the answer, Mike? Because once you hear it you won't ever unhear it." I said, in a whisper. I saw his Adam's apple bobble as he gulped. He nodded once. I lowly whispered as though it were a big secret, "Because I want to."

I rolled my eyes and pushed away from him, the fact that his breath had quickened and he rubbed his glistening hands against his jeans gave me an answer to what I had been wondering. He liked me. As in, he liked liked me.

With the breeze in the room I shivered, only then noticing my bare arm. I sat in the seat at the back and looked around. Everyone seemed to be looking in my direction. I huffed in annoyance as I couldn't go through with my plan. The small town thing would take me a while to get used too. Hopefully they wouldn't find me interesting for long.

I awkwardly placed my pencil case on my arm. It fell off. There was nothing to cover myself up with. I was half tempted to get up and retrieve my coat but the bell rang and then entered a vampire. The blonde girl. I shifted in my seat, noticing that I had the only spare one right beside me.

Well this would be interesting.

As casually as I could, I rested my right hand on my left. This took up most of my concentration, to look as natural as possible. I didn't really notice her moving behind my back to get to her seat on the inside. Although when she sat down I did hear the little sigh of annoyance. It was probably due to the fact I didn't push in my chair to let her past.

I dipped my head down only to see my sunglasses dipped. This was so not my day. It was either the mark on my arm that was going to be seen or the horrid black eye behind my glasses. I didn't know which one to choose so I opted to let my sunglasses hang at an awkward angle.

Mr. Molina sipped on his coffee and grabbed a marker from his desk. "Considering it's the first class of the morning, and the only morning class I have all week, I'll take it easy." he said, dangling the market in his hands. "I'll just be writing notes up on the board. If you need to move up to see the board, do so now."

A few chairs screeched against the tiling of the floor. A few students swapped with those who could see perfectly fine. I wasn't opposed to it. What I was opposed to was Mike swapping with the kid that sat in front of me. He hopped onto the stool, casting me a what I thought to be an attempt at a flirty smile.

I closed my eyes and exhaled through my nose. It was going to be a long class.

"Miss..." Ms. Molina looked through his registration and looked up. "Yes, Ms. Doherty please take off your sunglasses. I understand everyone just has to be a hipster," he air quoted. "but you're in biology. It's a pretty hipster class as it is."

A few chuckles and faces that resembled cringes at his attempt to be updated on the lingo of the youth passed around the classroom.

I didn't even bother arguing with him. He seemed like a sarcastic asshole. So I just ducked my head until they fell off my face, keeping my hand still awkwardly on my arm. It looked like the lesser of two evils anyways.

"Oooh," Mike hissed. He turned fully around in his chair to inspect the damage. He nodded towards the glasses. "no wonder you wore those."

"Hmm." I hummed, acknowledging him.

"What? No you should see the other guy?" Mike asked, his eyes studying my face too closely.

"No." I replied curtly.

Because he was dead.

Mike's rather dramatic response to my face resulted in a domino effect of those hissing and owing at the sight of my face. I rolled my times at least five times in the matter of two minutes. Mr. Malino just continued to scribble onto the whiteboard.

After a good ten minutes of putting off writing, I noticed the blonde casting a look my direction every so often. She probably thought of how she couldn't have been a seating partner with a more stupid human being. Her little annoyed sighs became even more frequent.

I bit on my lip, perhaps my breathing annoyed her. Maybe she was getting hungry? Thirsty?

That brought my onto other thoughts. According to the books, their food source was blood and blood alone. They could not digest foods. Yet these group of vampires, grouped themselves together into an adolescent food fest. That alone was weird because vampires seemed to travel in small groups or alone more than not.

Teenagers hadn't gone missing from Forks, from what I read on the Internet. Hell, death rates were low as well. So I came to the conclusion they must some how drink from their victims and let them live to see another day. Like taking sips from a juice box, and moving on from the juice box before they sucked it dry. 

"You do realise you missed an entire board of notes," the blonde commented, making me jump in surprise. I snapped my eyes to the board, but Mr. Malino had his arm rubbing back and forth, the words gone in a matter of seconds.

I realised she had been looking at me. So I turned return the eye contact. Just as I expected, her eyes were a hazel. No green was there, just a light sheen of gold.

After a few seconds of which seemed like an entire internity I shrugged. "I do now."

"Well don't think you can borrow mine." she muttered.

I didn't really listen to the words she said, however I did concentrate on her voice. It was smooth, soft. For some reason I expected the opposite. But of course my experience with vampires were in the middle of their peak of blood thirst, their feral stages. Their voices were just as cool, but they had that bite. They had that warning sign that yelled danger.

Too consumed by my thoughts, I hadn't realised I exposed my arm. I peeked to my side to see the blonde staring directly at it, her eyes no longer honey coloured, but a pitch black had taken over. According to Lockhart, and according to my battles that's when they were in predator mode.

I shuffled to the side and removed my arm from her line of vision by supporting my face with my hand and leaning my elbow against the desk.

My heart beated and beated, with each it sped up a notch. I secretly bowed to myself, glad I had tinkered around with spells until the drumming of my heart could be heard consistently at a normal rate. They didn't need to know of the true pace it ran at.

My hair had created a curtain between us. I could not longer see her but she could definetly see me. I just hoped she didn't, you know bite me or anything.

After what seemed forever, the bell rang. I shoved my sunglasses back onto my face and sped walked to the coats and threw it over myself. Just as I stepped five steps out from the door, because for some reason I had been counting, a hand gripped my arm.

I yanked it backwards.

"Damn," Mike said pulling back his arm. "sorry. Eric tells me I'm impulsive. Speaking of that, I was wondering on whether or not you would like to join me to see Finding Dory in theatres?"

I stared at him blankly for a second. My mind racing. Then I realised I could just easily reject him. "Mike," I started out but he seemed to get the message.

His shoulders sagged. "I, would you please? I promise I'll stop being stupid. Like asking whether or not you're blind and being impulsive."

I heard a snort behind me. The guy who looked practically like a bear, I learned his name was Emmet, he snorted loudly again as he past us. The blonde walked beside him, her arm looped in his with no sign of amusement. No sign of anything really, her facial expression pure blank.

Mike glared after them. I reached into my locker and pulled out my helmet. "I've wanted to watch the movie," I admitted more to myself than him. "Sure I'll go. But I don't want to give you the wrong impression, Mike. We're going as friends."

"Friends?" His face scrunched up, as though the word were foreign to him. He mouthed friends to himself again. His face brightened, seeming to accept the answer. "Okay, I'll pick you up. How does Friday sound?"

I shrugged. "Okay I guess." I started to walk away and Mike walked right beside me. "Where are you going?"

"Walking you to your bike," he replied, nudging me in the ribs.

He so got the wrong idea.

Not my problem.

"Well I'm heading to the library. I've got extensive research to do."

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Chapter three

Ever since the prime age of twelve, I never worried about drowning. I felt safe beside the sea in the presence of my newly formed friend, Percy.

According to him I had nothing to fear, as he was the son of Poseidon, the god of the sea, water, earthquakes, and horses, son of Cronus and Rhea and brother of Zeus. He is often depicted with a trident in his hand.

Percy, he promised my safety, he granted me safety. I trusted the net he provided as he never failed to catch me.

However, four years later and I had no net. I was terrified really. Percy, my friend who shown me how wonderful water could be when in his presence, was not with me. He could not perform party tricks. He could not pluck me from the current's clutches. I had no one to retrieve my body. I had no one.

Naturally I was terrified. I had no choice but to enter the liquid that would sear me or I'd watch the whole world burn down because of me and my actions, or actions I had chosen not to accomplish. Either way, something would most definitely succumb to a ferocious heat wave.

This was no ordinary water and this was no ordinary decision.

"Oh bloody hell, Percy," my voice shook. My fingers played with the button of my jeans, wondering would I be better off with them off or would they provide some sort of barrier.

I snorted to myself at the irony of the situation. "Why couldn't I have been the damsel in distress? You're the water fanatic. Send the girl who can't swim, they said, all because of some stupid prophecy. Terrific. Absolutely terrific."

My trembling fingers flung my jeans to the floor. They were ghostly white with the grip I had on my wand. Not that it would help me. Magical qualities would diminish once I stepped foot in there.

It offered me a small comfort.

My body made the decision for me. One second my legs trembled by the edge, then the next, my body suffocated beneath the flamed current of Phlegethon, the river that would grant me passage to the depths of Tartarus.

However ordinary this river looked, it was not by any means. Above the surface the almost navy looking water drifted almost peacefully. Below the surface my skin had been devoured by the fire that rippled in the water, bubbles popped and so came the burning sensation.

My eyes moved behind my closed eyelids, my body thrashed amongst the water, popping more and more bubbles with the excessive movement. Those bubbles were like little pits of hell, spurting more harm my way. 

 I could feel my chest burning, craving oxygen that was not going to be given. I could hear my heart, lashing within my chest. It was almost like a man decided to enter my body and whip my insides.

All my thoughts concentrated on was the research I had read before taking on this journey. A person could last without oxygen for eleven minutes. However passing out was more than likely going to occur at about two minutes. My body went wild again with the realisation.

I didn't know know long I had held my breath for.

Then I lost all reasonable thought. 


I awoke with a gasp, my fingers wrapped around my wand. My chest burned just like it had done in the past. I blinked, coming back to reality. I sat up in the beanbag, stretching out my strained muscles, feeling the burns that were not there, but that didn't dismiss the feeling of there nature a long time again. 

I noticed something.

I was not alone.

Opposite me sat a pale creature. His dark brown hair, that was slightly curly could almost be considered a black and of course his golden eyes stared back at me, studied me like I studied him. As I looked to the muscles that seemed too enlarged, he sat up.

Just as I questioned how long he sat there and watched me sleep, he spoke. "You're one weird girl," he said though not unkindly. His eyes flickered to the wand still clutched in my hand. He grinned at me, showcasing his teeth. "I dig it. You're not a freak of nature, you're a nature freak."

I chuckled, albeit nervously. "Yes, I'm sure you won't want to be seen with me." I said conversationally, gaining control over my nerves. I looked around and settled in my seat. "Any type of freak is still a freak, right?"

Emmett's eyes danced with mirth. "That's not a problem, not right now anyways. Do you see anyone?" That's right. No normal teenager fell asleep in the library whilst reading up on vampires. That was just me. "It's not like people crowd around to hang out with me either."

Of course the mist didn't cover my wand. I wasn't sure what he was exposed too in terms of the overall supernatural. He had been exposed enough to be able to see through the mist. Often vampires thought they were the only supernatural beings alongside others that are seen as the living dead. 

The living dead as far as I knew were a group of creatures that included vampires and zombies. They were creatures who died, that have been reanimated in some form. It was freaky to think about, considering dead are supposed to remain just that, dead.

Of course witches, wizards and even those who were birthed by gods were a bit strange too. I was a tad bit hypocritical with my thinking. But the one thing I thought should be definite was death. Good, evil, the gray in between should not be able to overcome the inevitable, the force that everyone would meet. Yet they had a second chance, immortality was limited, even for them. 

Though like everyone else they had different life experience. I didn't know what this creature encountered in his life. They, as in him and his counterparts seemed out of 'character' so far in relation to what I had read up about them.

But he was exposed to supernatural life, which explained why he saw my wand. The question was, did he actually believe me to be a 'nature freak' or was he testing the boundaries. Did he know what it was? Did he question anything? Or did he notice a strange human girl with strange interests. 

"No. I don't." I answered, gathering the two books and dropping my wand back into my boot. I picked up my helmet and struggled to think of to say. I shrugged at him. "Maybe in college you'll find like minded people like you."

He flashed me a smile. "Maybe." he answered with a non committed shrug. "Not likely. Maybe you will though."

I smiled politely back and went to leave the library, my thoughts ran wild. I didn't think of the vampire that decided to watch me sleep for goodness knows how long. At that moment in time he didn't seem like much of a threat. In fact, he seemed curious more than anything. Instead, I thought of my nightmare or to be more accurate my memory.

Dreams weren't something I could take lightly. That's why I had a dream journal. More often than not they were significant, but they pretty much never made any sense until the moment right before I needed it. But in those moments it helped me make the correct and informed decision. 

So as I rounded the corner to leave the library, my thoughts ranted little details about the dream.  Everything and anything I could think of. The vibrant image dimmed the longer I walked. It was like looking through a phone's camera and forgetting to record. 

I was so lost in my own thoughts that I didn't watch where I was going. My body slammed against something hard, causing me to fall backwards. I heard a crack, I winced internally hoping what I thought was broken, wasn't. 

"Oh." a voice murmured, not sounding like they were in the least concerned or hurt. "Whoops."

I closed my eyes, just knowing who it was. I could not escape vampires. They were everywhere. They were literally around every corner. This actually scared me some what. I was not used to being the minority. 

Sooo outnumbered. 

When I opened my eyes blonde curls dangled in front of me. She squatted down on her knees. She didn't dare look me in the eyes. Her hands reached out to where my legs lay and collected a pair of sunglasses in her hands. They were cracked. 

"One would think that you were actually blind." she muttered. She brought them up to her face, and glanced at me. She looked to the sun glasses with utter disdain. "You have to admit, they were quite ugly. You're better off without them." 

As graceful as ever, she stood up and dropped the sunglasses into my lap, before sauntering off in the direction of the library. Her legs carried her in confident strides. 

I blinked a couple of times, and let out a breath when I grabbed my wand from my boot. It was still thankfully intact. The only damage out of the incident was my pair of sunglasses. 

"They are not ugly." I muttered, getting myself up from the floor. I wiped my hands on my jeans and rolled my eyes. I just wanted to go home. Maybe get out of the town that had vampires, drag mom with me too. "She didn't even apologise."

I wandered down the hallways, the smell of lilacs lingered. A delightful smell, but I wasn't happy that I relished in something from the source of someone who may want to cause me bodily harm, she was a vampire after all, with fast reflexes and super hearing. 

She knew I was coming yet we still collided. It was on purpose. The question was, what was the driving force behind tormenting a human?

When I got home mom was passed out on the couch, still in her scrubs. According to some texts a nurse sent me, she had been in an seventeen hour surgery. I grabbed a blanket and tucked it around her so she wouldn't get cold. It was clear she wouldn't get up any time soon. I contemplated moving her upstairs, but if that happened to me I would be out of sorts. 

I didn't recall changing into some pyjama shorts or a large football jersey, but I did remember standing in front of the mirror and looking at my face, or my eye. I remember the bile that threatened to climb my throat at the cause of it. 

I don't know how long I stood there, it must have been hours considering when a hand guided me towards bed, there was no daylight left. 

Mom's hand pushed hair off of my forehead. "I don't understand, why won't you heal yourself. Remember that spell? Episky? Won't you do that, dear?" She looked down at me with her lips turned downwards. "I hate to see you hurt."

"Episkey," I corrected, finding a comfortable position in the bed. Mom shoved me over and she too climbed in. "I didn't think before I came here, mom. You know that." I gave her a look. "Your neighbour saw me with a black eye. It can't suddenly disappear overnight."

"And I suppose you can't take her memory away?" She ran her fingers through my hair. It had been an awful long time since we had cuddled up like this. I missed it. 

"I can," I admitted. She chuckled, already knowing my response. "But I won't."

She ran her fingers through my hair once more before kissing the top on my head. "Alright, I'll leave you to it. You are half asleep, so I don't expect to find you at three o'clock reading."

I smiled to myself, remembering the times she caught me with my wand perched between my legs with a light illuminating the space between my bed covers so I could read, it felt like a secret mission. 

Although that only happened a few times in the month I came back from my first year at Hogwarts. That's when Camp Halfblood came into play and then all sense of relaxation was thrown out of the window. That was really the last stable time I had a home. 

I sat up in the bed, dismissing my thoughts and tapped my sunglasses with the the tip of my wand, muttering, "Oculus Reparo," under my my breath. They sparkled and became good as new. 

Before I slept, I took out my journal from beneath my pillow and scribbled everything I remembered from the dream. I didn't allow myself to think of my near drowning experience since it happened. I didn't allow myself to think much of anything like that anymore. I saw no point in rehashing it. 

Even if I dreaded what my dreams might possibly have shown me next, I couldn't control the black invading my vision. My body was too exhausted to put up any real fight. 

I had been asleep for goodness knows how long. All I knew was that it was far too late to hear whispering and shuffling of feet in my room. My mom did not shuffle. She moved with absolute purpose. My skin didn't prickle, so I knew it wasn't someone whose objective was to harm me. 

"Oh God. Man. I think I'm going to throw up." a voice whispered. A few moments continued where the person gagged. "You can't just whip out your wand and expect me to be sucked down that straw of yours. Just because you can pop up anywhere doesn't mean you should."

"You're going to wake her." someone hissed. 

After a moment a sigh could be heard. "That was the point, wasn't it? I know it's like nine o'clock in England but dude, it's three o'clock in the morning! Look at her, she's conked. We could have left this until the morning."

I opened my eyes, figuring they were not going to leave. I rubbed my eyes and sat up in the bed. "Percy?" my voice came out slightly slurred. I looked to the other figure in the dark and cleared my throat. "Harry? What are you guys doing here?"

"Olive! Sorry to wake you. It wasn't my idea, honest." Percy smiled at me. Percy he forward and sat on the edge of my bed. He shot Harry an annoyed glance. "He had a 'bad feeling'." 

I pulled the covers up to cover my cold arms and yawned, not yet taking it in that they were here. "Okay..."

"I did." Harry confirmed. He pulled up the chair from my desk and sat down in front of us. "It's the start of the school year and nothing has happened yet. Everyone's back at school, everything is just..."

"Normal." Percy supplied. 

"You mean to tell me you came to my house, in the middle of the night to inform me everything at Hogwarts is normal. What is this?" I glanced between them, a scowl on my face. "Persuade Olive to come back to Hogwarts plan? It's not working. Olive isn't returning."

They both looked to one another with guilty looks on their faces. I groaned and pulled a pillow in front of me to cuddle into. I had a feeling they were not leaving any time soon. 

Percy cleared his throat. "I don't understand how you've been here so long without anything happening," he said. I had only been there five days. "Isn't that why you hopped back and forth from Hogwarts and camp? They are the only safe place for people like us. Well like you?"

Well I just met a few vampires. No big deal. It wasn't like my presence attracted them to the town or anything like that. If anything it was their territory. 

I nodded along with him. "Let's be honest, I've spent the grand total of two weeks at that camp." I said, remembering how the first time I went there I had been off travelling the world after a few days stay. "I'm safe."

Harry mumbled a 'you haven't answered his question'. 

"Protective barriers, Harry." I snapped. "The same type of ones we used." I answered, yawning again. Percy also yawned, reminding me of what time it actually was. I was surprised my mom, hadn't barged into the room to check up on me by now. It had become habit when she was home since I returned. "Although I just need to keep it more frequently updated."

Harry looked down, a defeated look on his face. "So it's all fine on your end?"

I nodded. "Yes, I'd call you if it wasn't."

"Call anyways," Percy said standing up. "It's weird. We're not together when we have been for, well a long time."

I looked away. "I will." 

"Have you given Billy the parcel yet?" Harry asked. At my guilty look he waved me off. "It's fine. There's no rush. It's not like he's expecting it or anything. Do it when you can."

"Alright," Percy muttered grabbing onto Harry's hand. "Let's get me back before I throttle you." Just like that, with a wave coming from Percy they popped out of existence in Forks with a loud crack. 

I grumbled to myself, digging my head beneath my pillow as I heard footsteps stomping in the direction of my bedroom.

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Chapter Four

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