Skyler's Secrets


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Book 1 of the 'Witch Hunt' series.
"Uh, please tell me sparkles come before some demonic transition into a bat?"
In which Skyler Harris, a muggle born runaway moves to Forks to live with her god-father, Charlie Swan. The benefit of a small town? To lay low. The other side of the coin? Vampires. One in particular that she can't keep out of her head, Rosalie Hale.


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Chapter 1: The Cold Never Bothered me Anyway

In a way, moving from phoenix offered some benefits; like getting out of the scorching heat, that my body was unable and not made to bear. This was clear, as the window beside me rolled down and the urge to stick my head out of it, along with my tongue was, ah, quite strong to say the least.

This move meant securing some comforts that I grew up with, like constant rain, wind and overall bad weather. Of course, this 'bad weather' offered a comfort only the town Forks could give; a reminder of my home country, Ireland and what it had to offer.

The little town could not hold back my mom's best friend, Renée. The restraints lessened with each day she spent there when she married Charlie. The dark days, the lack of amenities and the same old people? It suited her for a while, she said. Until it did not.

I glanced at Bella from the corner of my eye. "So, Forks, tell me all about it."

"Oh, you know," she said, letting a stretch of awkward silence ensue.

"No Bella, I don't," I said, keeping a straight face. "Otherwise I wouldn't have asked."

Her cheeks reddened. "Right. I haven't been there in three years, because Charlie came to visit us during the summer, but- it's a small town."

"A dreadful town," Renée added, pursing her lips. "I don't understand why you want to go back there, Bella."

"Yeah, Bella," I said, agreeing with Renée, only to annoy her. By the look of it, I succeeded, as she pursed her lips. "Why do you want to go there?"

Renée looked at me. "And you, Skyler, what would your mother say?"

"To get out of the sun before I became a replica of the devil."

"...That does sound like her," Renée said, with wide eyes. "Exactly like her, actually."

Bella scowled in the front seat, but of course, her mother did not notice. Renée hardly noticed anything about her daughter. They looked alike, with the same coloured hair only Renée's was shorter. Their eyes too, shared the same shade of brown.

Their personalities, however? Opposites.

Living with them for a short three months surprisingly showed quite a lot about their relationship. Renée wandered through life, helpless and very unknowingly, dependent on her daughter. She would get the shock of her life when she lived with just Phil.

Their eyes even gave an insight, with Renée's eyes wide, hopeful and playful. Then there was Bella's. Well, you could say that day to day living sucked the life out of them, all the fun portions anyway, leaving them dull and responsible looking.

In other words, boring.

"I want to go," Bella lied, scrunching her nose up as she always did when she lied.

"I get it," I said, holding back an eyeroll. "You want to spend time with Charlie."

Renée's face darkened at that, forcing my eyes to roll. "Tell him I said hi, Bella."

"I will."

"Skyler, I'll send some of your parents' things to Charlie's," she said, then turned her attention back to her daughter. "Whenever you want to come home, if you're homesick or if the living situation is not what you expected, come home."

Bella nodded, still not looking her mother in the eye. "Yes, mom. I promise."

I tried my best to hold my face carefully blank, something I had a lot of practice in. Bella sounded like this move was on the same level as a bomb exploding in the middle of a highly-populated city, or like death itself could not equal its sulkiness.

She had options, her parents were alive and well. All her life she lived with Renée, but she could have made the effort to see her father on a regular basis when at a sound enough age, but she had not. For that wasted opportunity and time, I resented her.

As soon as we stepped out of the car, Bella was brought into a hug and I grabbed the suitcases from the boot to occupy my time.

I met Renée's eyes over Bella's shoulder. Her eyes expressed relief. No longer did she have to put up with the orphan, the daughter of her best friend. The daughter of her dead best friend and her husband.

That was fine by me. I never liked her. Also, the cold never bothered me anyway.

She could go and play happy families with Phil.

The one thing I did like about Bella, was the fact that she did not feel the need to fill the silence with mindless chatter. On the four-hour plane ride to Seattle, we kept mostly to ourselves.

Unsurprisingly I was the one to break the silence. "So, you're actually doing this."

"No," she said, lowering her gaze to her hands. "We are. I'm sorry for dragging you into this, but I want my mom to be happy. Happy means Phil."

"Being a mom means putting your kid's needs before her wants, Bella."

Her jaw clenched. I waited and waited for her to reply, but she did not. Just like I expected, she was never one to get into confrontations or speak her truths. It was not shyness or anxiety, I knew that for sure. I just could never get into the mind of Bella Swan.

For some reason, I just wanted her to just explode with profanities. Anything other than the usual mind numbing answers she gave.

Charlie agreed to take Bella in no problem, Renée however decided that if he was willing to take Bella in so easily, that he must take me too, to get to see his daughter.

When the plane landed in Port Angeles, I smiled looking out the window. It rained. Goodbye flimsy clothing and hello comfortable.

Bella nodded toward the police cruiser with a passive face. The man with unruly black curls and a strong moustache leaned against the driver door, with his arms crossed.

"Hey, Chief Swan," I greeted as we came closer to the car. "I just want to say thanks for, well taking me in. I'll get a job and-"

A hand found its way onto my shoulder. "Kid, you're not paying a cent."


"And it's Charlie to you," he interrupted once more. "Your dad always did have manners, I think that's what caught your mom's eye."

A slow smile formed on my face. "He bowed to her, then fell."

"Right, the staircase." Charlie nodded, his eyes glazed over for only a moment. "I remember now. Drunk as a skunk, he was."

The memories or in my case, the memories of the story of my parents first meeting fell away as Bella coughed and shifted in place awkwardly.

Charlie's eyes widened as he took in his daughter. He eventually gave her a one-armed hug.

"Bells," he said, his eyes lighting up. When he let go, she stumbled and he caught her. "Wow. You really haven't changed much. How's Renée?"

"Mom's fine. It's good to see you too, Dad."

I started to get the bags into the boot as they caught up, albeit awkwardly outside of the car. The reunion was cut short and not exactly sweet, as Bella and Charlie both ended up lugging some luggage into the back seat of the car moments later.

"This is more of your territory, huh Skyler?" Charlie said, after fifteen long minutes trapped inside the car. "You're not so used to the cold, Bells. You'll need to wrap up plenty warm."

"Mom took me clothes shopping before we came," Bella said, fidgeting with her fingertips. "I'll be warm."

Charlie glanced at me through the mirror. "What about you, Skyler? Are you set?"

"Yeah, I'm good. Just brought along my old clothes as well as the ones I bought for Phoenix."

The drive continued in silence, I could not help but notice, Charlie kept glancing at Bella every other twenty seconds, always chewing on his lower lip. What else was I supposed to do, but count how many times he did this? Considering I sat squeezed against the luggage in the backseat.

Twenty-eight times he did it, in case you were wondering.

Bella noticed at number twenty-two and ended up shifting her face, so she looked out the window and avoided making eye contact with him, which did dishearten the guy, but did not stop him.

"I found a good car for you, really cheap," he finally said, after building up his courage for half an hour. "I think you'll like it."

Bella faced him, her interest peaked. "What kind of car?"

"Well it's a truck," he corrected, smiling half-heartedly. "A Chevy."

"Where did you get it?"

"Uh, Billy Black, from at La Push," he answered, shifting in his seat. "Do you remember him?"

Bella looked thoughtful for only a second and shrugged. "No."

"He used to go fishing with us during the summer," Charlie prompted.

Bella's forehead creased as she tried to remember and it took all I had not to scoff. She spent many times fishing with Charlie and evidently his friend. That was the only time she spent with Charlie and it made me restless thinking she could not recall those memories.

Were they not the memories you would replay over and over again? Since they were the only ones with her father. They were precious.

"I don't think so," she mumbled in response.

"He's in a wheelchair now," Charlie continued, shrugging. "He can't drive anymore, so that's why he sold me the truck."

"What year is it?"

I almost laughed at Charlie's twitch in his chin, shifting his moustache, but the fact Bella drilled him like this made me cranky.

"Well, Billy's done a lot of work on the engine, it's only a few years old really."

I brought my face between the chairs. "So, if it goes plop, you got your engine guy."

Charlie grinned at me. "Exactly."

Bella did not look appeased. "When did he buy it?"

"In 1984, I think," Charlie muttered.

"Did he buy it new?"

"...Holy interrogation, Batman, take it easy," I accidently let slip. Maybe not because the look on her face? Priceless.

She looked shocked for a second before slumping back in her chair and ran her fingers through her hair. Charlie continued to look nervously between us, until I pointed toward the road. He appeared to like the distraction of, you know, driving.

Charlie cleared his throat. "It's a gift for you Bella, uh, and since Skyler's joining us, I figured you would both need a ride of your own. You don't want to ride the cruiser with your old man, not all the time at least."

Bella mouthed, 'Wow, free', then smiled. "Thanks dad, I was going to buy myself a car."

Charlie blushed scarlet. "Well you can save your money and spend it on whatever you kids want. I just want you to be happy."

"I appreciate that."

I did not know how much longer I could put up with Bella's blandness. Living with Renée took my mind off it for the most part, since she hardly let her child finish her sentences before taking back control of the one-sided conversation.

I ran a hand over the cool window. "It snows here, right? Good sturdy choice for the weather here."

"Oh, yeah. It snows all right," Charlie confirmed, wearing a small smile. "If you're anything like your dad, you'll love it."

I brought the conversation back to the weather, which was wet. Somehow Charlie and I managed to keep up a ten-minute conversation over just that.

I appreciated the effort Charlie made, mentioning my parents and all. Renée never did. Out of sight, out of mind. Or in that case, under the ground, the conversation drowned. The constant reference to them though? That might be a bit too much.

A sigh escaped my lips as we bypassed the greenery. Maybe the air was not as fresh as back home, but that was because I used to live beside the sea. Salty air just made everything that much better. The familiarity of the trees was not lost on me though. It was way better than Phoenix.

Charlie parked the car outside of a small but cute looking house. It looked like a family house. In front of this house sat a truck. A clumsy looking thing that made Bella make heart eyes at it.

"Looking good, Charlie," I complimented the truck. "I like the colour."

"Yeah dad, I love it. Thanks!" Bella added on, grinning at it.

Charlie looked intensely at the truck, avoiding our eyes. "I'm glad you like it."

It took us a few trips to get our bags into our respective rooms. Bella obviously got her old bedroom and I was given the guest room. Walking inside and placing the bags onto the bed, I noticed a few things. The guest room looked somehow personalised.

I twisted and turned, noticing the small things like a bunny rabbit sat on one of the shelves on the wardrobe, small pictures placed on a bedside locker and on the walls. With closer inspection, the result nearly made me cry.

Charlie held a baby in his arms, dressed in a frilly pink dress that covered the baby's legs so it looked like she was mutated. Renée grinned next to him, alongside Billy Black. Then a man with brown hair and a woman with a slightly lighter shade, smiled too.

My mother and father and their closest friends at my christening.

"I never understood why they gave you two god-fathers," Charlie said, from the door. "Just one god-mother too."

I glanced over my shoulder and shrugged. "They were weird like that."

"I'm sorry, Skyler," he said, his voice gruff. "They were the best people I knew. I'm sorry that you didn't get the time you deserved with them. I truly am."

"Me too."

He nodded at me and excused himself, leaving me to unpack and get settled. The frown that had managed to plaster itself on my lips dropped, leaving my face blank. The raindrops on the window just reminded me of the many tears I spent on the memory of my parents. Their death.

No more would fall, I promised myself that after the funeral.

I grabbed the plastic bag filled with bathroom materials and dumped the stuff onto shelves, making sure to leave enough space for Bella's things too, because I was oh so considerate.


I dropped my toothbrush into a plastic cup and twisted around. "Yeah. I know, don't need to make a big deal over it."

"I wasn't," she denied, backing out of the room.

"You were thinking it. Your face is easy to read." I said, moving past her. "One bathroom, three people. It's not a big deal. Just imagine that with students."


"I went to boarding school, remember?" I informed more than asked and went back into my bedroom. "In the highlands of Scotland."

"So, you're used to sharing," she said, picking at the edges of her sleeve. "Are you nervous for tomorrow? I don't think the school gets much new students."

I dumped all the clothes onto the bed, then faced her. "Not really. I just want to get settled, normalise things for a while."

I sat on top of the bed and brought the leather-bound journal onto my lap. The assumption she would take the action as a dismissal was clearly wrong. I noticed from the corner of my eye, Bella watched it with interest. Too much interest.

She nodded slowly. "Right. I see that with you everywhere you go. Is it a diary?"


She waited at the door for an answer. "What is it?"

I slowly smiled, watching her body language ease. Then I snapped it shut, making her jump. "None of your business."

That action, she took as a dismissal.

I opened it again and began to write.

Dear Katie,

I'm in Forks. Bella had some obsessive need to make her mom happy or something. Apparently, it's with that guy practically going through puberty, Phil. So here we are, at Charlie's.

I thought I'd let you know my whereabouts, just in case. Burn the page after.

With Love,


Once I finished writing, I placed the pen down and watched with Fascination as black ink formed letters on the next page.

Kay. Geraldine thinks I'm writing secret love letters. If only. Love you too. Xo -Katie.


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Chapter 2: Small Town Gossip and Diary Entries

According to, Bella, Forks High School had three hundred and fifty-seven students. Well, three hundred and fifty-nine, now that we joined them. It was a bit of a jump compared to the two hundred and eighty at my old school. The difference between Forks and my old school? These kids were local. The kids at my old school were from both Britain and Ireland.

Just as I removed my hand from my boot, Bella came bounding into my bedroom, looking flustered as ever.

"How are you not nervous? We're from Phoenix!" she cried out. "We're not tanned, sporty or blonde! I can't do sports. Can you? I don't think I can do this."

I looked her up and down. "Yeah, you're not exactly sun kissed."

"Can't you be serious?" She stomped her foot on the ground. "Please?"

"I am," I assured, standing up off the bed. "You're pale. You don't do sports because you're clumsy as hell- your superpower is injuring those around you without even trying."

Her eyes dropped to the ground. "Why are you listing off my worst qualities?"

"I never said they were bad qualities, Bella."

She let out a groan. "Then what are you saying?"

"I'm saying that they are your qualities. You're not the stereotype they expect." I brushed my hair, keeping my back to her. "You'll fit right in, you have that girl next door vibe. You're not a freak. You're not going to stand out. You'll fade into the background."

"That doesn't sound complimentary either."

"Did I say it was supposed to be?" I snapped, annoyed at her presence in my room. "Either way, be nervous. You can't help yourself."

"What about you?"

I flipped my hair over my shoulder and faced her. "What about me?"

She stared at me, unblinking then made her way out of the room, muttering beneath her breath. I paid no attention to her complaints and shoved my pyjamas beneath my pillow and threw my journal into my school bag.

The school I went to in Phoenix had three thousand students. Admittedly it was overwhelming to begin with, but I adapted. It allowed for me to blend in.

Forks was a small town with a small school. It was a much different school, curriculum wise than I was used to. So, I was apprehensive. Nervous? No. Comparing to some things my friends and I went through, it had to be abnormal to make me nervous.

I eyed the dark circles beneath my eyes, evidence of my poor sleep. Every time I moved to a new location, the first night always made for a crappy sleep. Though, the rain that pelted against the window and the howling wind made it somewhat peaceful.

"I thought I would have to wake you up," Charlie said, from the kitchen table. "I'm impressed, up early and everything."

I sat beside him, liking his casualness. "I did fall back to sleep for ten minutes, I'll admit to that."

He grinned at me and ate the breakfast Bella made, which was fried eggs and toast. I was not that surprised she made me some too, she was always polite- even if she wished her superpower affected me.

"I already registered you at school, both of you," Charlie said, putting on his jacket by the front door. "So, all you have to do is pick up your schedules."

"Okay dad," Bella answered, standing up abruptly after a quick glance around the place. After he closed the door she motioned for me to get up. "I can't stick it here much longer, let's just go."

"...Okay," I breathed out, shoving the last piece of toast in my mouth.

Bella plucked the house key from the counter and shoved me out of the door and into the truck. After she slammed her car door shut, she opened it again and locked the front door of the house, before returning with another slam.

Her breathing was laboured, showing off her clear lack of fitness.

"You're not even a little bit nervous?"

I pointed to the turn we were supposed to take and shook my head. "It's like you want me to be nervous. What type of friend wants that?"

"We're friends?"

I snorted. "No."

Bella's face reddened, but not out of embarrassment. Oh no, it was anger. The fact she held her breath as she made a turn into Forks High just made me cackle.

She parked in front of the front office and climbed out without a word. I followed. I slipped a beanie over my head to keep my hair dry and watched as rain fell onto Bella's head. We were soon in the office, the bright office that made me want to stab my eyes.

The red-haired woman glanced up. "May I help you?"

"I'm Isabella Swan," she informed her. "This is Skyler Harris."

"Of course," she said. She dug through a precariously stacked pile of documents on her desk till she found the ones she was looking for. "I have your schedule right here, and a map of the school." She brought several sheets to the counter to show us.

She went through our classes, making small talk as she highlighted routes to the classes. Once done, she smiled. I left Bella to do my own thing- like head to my own class as she went to hers.

The classes were extremely small, meaning the chances of teachers choosing you to answer a question was high. Also, the fact that if a new girl appeared, people noticed. They sure as hell noticed. The class flew by in what seemed seconds.

As I stood up, the girl next to me did too and smiled. "So, you're Skyler Harris and I'm Angela Webber. Friends?"

"Hi, Angela Webber," I greeted, ignoring the stares our way. "I'm afraid your friendship application is denied."

"You're funny," she said, laughing. "Anyway, where's your next class?"

"Government with Jefferson, building six," I said, grimacing as I realised Bella had the same class.

"Don't worry, it's not that bad," she said, opening the door for me. "My class is in the same building so, I'm taking you there, newbie."

"Thanks, it's a small school, but-"

"The first time at any school is confusing, I get it." We walked in the rain, huddle beneath our coats. "So, you don't look like you're from Phoenix. You don't sound like you're from Phoenix either."

I smiled at her accusing tone. "I'm not, not really."

"Vague, huh? If I had to pinpoint the accent I'd say you're from Ireland," she deadpanned, smiling at me. "It's a distinctive accent, the Irish."

"Small towns, huh. Everyone has to know everything," I said, mostly joking. She grinned in response. "You're right. You have a good ear."

"Well, here it is," she said, pointing toward the door. "If you see me in the canteen, come over."

I smiled at her directness and went inside.

In that government class Bella was made to stand up and introduce herself. After blushing, stumbling over her own words and tripping, the teacher eyed me warily and let me sit down without introducing myself, which was fine by me.

The classes flew by and I made a game. Pick out the the faces that I recognised from the others, which happened to be several. What made me annoyed was the fact that these familiar faces still watched my every move, despite seeing my face before.

I met a guy called Eric, a friend of Angela's, apparently. He talked about the yearbook he and Angela worked on and the articles that needed photographs. Then he spoke of his friends. Honestly, he was quite the talker.

"Hey guys, this is Skyler," Eric introduced me to the canteen table full of his friends. "Check out her accent, sweet, huh?"

As they said their greetings I could only look at one person. "Bella."

"Hey, Skyler."

"Oh right, she's the other new kid," a girl with fuzzy hair said, looking me up and down. "So, you live together, but you're not related. What's with this town?"

I sat down beside Eric and scowled at her the girl's tone. "Diverse, maybe?"

"Mhm," she hummed, sticking out her hand for me to shake. "Jessica Stanley."

After I shook her hand, I glanced at Bella but her face looked dopey, transfixed even. I followed her line of vision and understood her reasoning for looking that way.

Five teenagers sat in a corner. They stood out automatically because they did not spare a glance toward the new girls' table. That was the initial thing that made me keep glancing at them, not staring like my counterpart because I had manners.

Another thing that stood out was their vast differences and their similarities.

One looked like a pro wrestler with his gigantic muscles and curly black hair. Another had blonde curls and a lean body. His face structured like a man, as opposed to a growing teenager. Then, there was the one who looked like the baby of the group, reddish hair and a boyish face.

Beside him sat a short girl, with short black hair, spiked up in all directions. Her facial features were quite small, matching her frame. A ballerina's body, if I were to put a word to it all.

The last girl, had what I could only describe a beautiful figure. Her blonde locks curled until they reached the middle of her back. She was the type of girl to make heads snap in their haste to get a second, third even fourth look.

They were all so different yet the same. Pale skin, dark eyes and purplish shadows beneath them. All their hair were styled to perfection. Their facial structures were oddly perfect too. All impossibly perfect, all impossibly beautiful.

All vampires.

I went to grab my journal, but Bella snapped a hand on my wrist and nodded in the direction she fawned over.

"Who are they?" Bella asked, catching the eye of Jessica.

Jessica looked to where she nodded, not surprised to see who she meant. "That's Edward and Emmett Cullen, and Rosalie and Jasper Hale. The one on the left is Alice Cullen; they all live together with Dr. Cullen and his wife."

"They are...very nice-looking," Bella strained.

I ripped my hand from hers and snapped my fingers in front of her face. "Still doesn't give you the right to be rude. Tone down the staring."

My instincts were going into overdrive. My nails scratched against the table and my knee bobbed up and down, inching behind the chair so I had access to the back of my boot.

Jessica looked at me oddly. "Yeah, too bad they're all together though- Emmett and Rosalie, Jasper and Alice. Weird, right? They live together."

It was highly unlikely that they were turned at the same time, never mind from the same household. I glanced over at them briefly, their hair, their faces, no-they were not related. Maybe they were a family- which was odd to think about, but not related.

"Which one are the Cullens?" Bella continued pestering Jessica for answers. "They don't look related."

"Why aren't you asking about anyone else?" I complained, scrunching up my nose. "It's bad form, to only ask about people because of their appearance."

Bella's face reddened. "Aren't you curious? Even just a little bit?"

"Not particularly, no."

Hell, yes I was. Vampires? Up close? I could so write something way better than Lockhart's Voyages with Vampires book. Facts rather than fabricated stories. I needed a project, something to occupy my mind from straying back to worrying about Katie and Matthew.

"Are you ever anything? Not nervous, not curious. What are you?"

I rolled my eyes. "A witch. I'm a witch. Duh."

Again, I received strange looks.

"If you don't want to listen, don't," Jessica said, not really looking in my direction. "They're not related, Bella. Dr. Cullen is like just under thirty, maybe? They'll all adopted. The Hales are brother and sister, twins- the blondes- and they're foster children."

"They look a little old for foster children," Bella commented, still staring at them.

"They are now, yes," Jessica confirmed. "Jasper and Rosalie are both eighteen, but they've been with Mrs. Cullen since they were eight. She's their aunt or something like that."

I pursed my lips. "So, they're together and they're not blood related with the exception of the twins."

"Yes, it's sick, right?"

"Not really," I muttered, rolling my eyes. "It's not incest. Dr. Cullen and his wife sound like match makers, if anything. Not an incest cult."

When Bella began questioning Jessica about the boy named Edward, I took the opportunity to take out my journal. I checked for any messages from Katie, there was none. I went to the back of the journal to see if there any from my other friend called, Matthew, again none.

I heaved a sigh and twirled my pen between my fingertips then wrote.

Katie, you wouldn't by any chance have books in relation to vampires, do you? -S

"What's that?" Jessica asked, interrupting my train of thought.

I glanced up to see the whole table, staring at me.

"It's her diary," Bella answered for me. "She carries it everywhere."

"Yes, I just have to pour every emotion I feel into this book." I waved it sarcastically. "How else am I supposed to process them? Think about it? That sounds way too hard."

"Oh." Jessica eyed it, with far more interest than Bella did. "I understand."

"Okay, sarcasm is a foreign concept here," I muttered, letting out a scoff afterword. "I'm going to go insane."

The conversation went back to the Cullens. It started to get on my nerves. It was obvious they could hear everything we said and I did not want their attention on me, so, I stood up and flung my school bag over my shoulder. At the same time the vampires stood up which did freak me out.

I mean, they were vampires! Anything they did freaked me out.

I waited outside my next class, biology with my journal open, just waiting for a response from either Matthew or Katie. The bell rang and nothing appeared.

I sat third from the front on the left hand side and positioned my journal to the side, out of prying eyes way. The only person in the room was the teacher so I removed the stick like object from my boot and placed it up my sleeve.

Then people entered the classroom, but I was too busy reading the answers from my friends and writing them back.

Vampires with Voyages, that's it. But you already know that's useless. Any reason why? xo-K

Nope, just wondering.-S

I left anything related to you know what behind, I thought you did too?-M

I did, I promise. Don't freak.-S

I was just wondering, I promise-S

Moving the journal back to my left, I glanced up and the room was full. More importantly, the seat beside me had a person occupying it.

"You missed the first round of notes," the blonde said, looking straight at the board.

I cleared my throat, forcing my heart rate to remain normalish. I went to respond, but I got distracted. Edward, sat as far away from Bella as possible. His eyes were pitch black and he had a scowl plastered on his face. Bella's hair hid herself from his piercing glare.

"...Right," I said, still distracted, not sure what to do. Black eyes, meant like- thirsty for din dins, or something.

From the corner of my eye, the girl looked at her brother. "Don't bother asking for my notes."

"I wasn't going to," I muttered.

Vampire note taking? What the hell were they doing at a school? Easy pickings of teenagers? The hardback I was supposed to use for note-taking was yet again shoved aside in favour of my journal. Knowing the girl next to me was in fact a vampire, I shifted away from her.

I opened it and covered the words with my arm. It was not like they could zoom in with their eyes and focus like a camera, right?

Okay, what would you do if you found yourself sitting next to a vampire?-S

Burn baby burn xo-K

I snorted and slammed the journal closed, gaining an annoyed sigh from the blonde vampire.

"A diary is it?" she asked, finally looking me dead in the eye.


Her eyes narrowed, unlike her brother's coal black eyes, they were honey-glazed.

I peeked open the journal again.

You haven't responded and you're on about vampires. Suspicious much? Dude. I'm serious when saying, get out of there. Like, where the hell are you to meet vampires anyway? xo-K

I'm at school-S

Df? Where's your wand? xo-K

In sleeve. -S

Well, my point still stands. Burnnnn babe. xo-K

I let out another laugh and closed it altogether and this time dropped it into my bag. Rosalie's eyes glared into my side, but I could not stop smiling. Katie always had a dark sense of humour. Or, perhaps she was seriously concerned for my well-being. Either way, it was funny.

"And your diary entries are always humorous?"

I glanced at her, finding it odd that I found curiosity swimming in her eyes. "Well, if you find deep emotional turmoil hilarious, then yes. I'm a comedian laughing at the darker side of life."

"I don't," she said, tilting her head to the side. Her face inched forward, toward mine. "It begs the question, what's so dark in your life?"

The bell rang and her brother practically sprinted out of the room leaving a perplexed Bella behind him.

I motioned toward Bella. "Maybe it was about the fact that your brother stared at my... Bella like she looked.... delicious."

And then her eyes flashed. "Your Bella?"

"Maybe it wasn't about that at all." I walked around her, gripping my sleeve tightly as I did so. "It doesn't matter, does it? You'll never know for sure."

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Chapter 3: Volleyball, Notes and Attraction

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Chapter 4: Snowflakes Fades, Cold Remains

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Chapter 5: A Winter Wonderland

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Chapter 6: Stalkers and their Confrontations

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Chapter 7: Best Laid Plans Go Awry

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Chapter 8: The Usual Teen Angst

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Chapter 9: An Alternative Magic

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