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 Jason is an Elaphant he works at mcdonalds but he is a cheaky Elaphant who works at mcdonalds he gives the food in a bad way u know what i mean he gives it and before he gives it he licks it and eats it

Joe complained "Why is my food wet?" I dont know replied jason soo can i eat it said Joe  

Yes u can replied jason       Here it goes so joe ate it and Json ran sooo fast cause Json put his spit on it and joe ate it                               Joe said to himself this fod is the best i could stay here for monthes even years.      Joe got sooooooo tiredso he sid"im going home" but jason convinsed Joe to stay more and joe ordered one more thing it was chicken and chips                      Jason served it to Joe but on his way to give it to Joe Jason accidentlly sneazed on Jes food and all his snot was on it. Jason was just there to joe and joe complained again "whats this green thing "said joe          its just sauce said jason                   Are u shure??? Said Joe WHY DO U HAVE TO ASK IF ITS GOOD TO EAT OR NOT  screamed Jason     Iwas making shure.     Then joe ate it and went home to have a big nap cause he has been at mcdonalds for soooooooooooooooooooo long hes been there for 20hours he was so tored he was about to die. The end

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