Writing Makes Sense If Its Good Writing


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Writing Makes Sense If Its Good Writing

Writing makes sense if its good writing and so in this article, we take a look at the qualities of good writing.

Some people think they can while others think they can’t. But is it true that there are those that can write and those who cannot write?

Most of us can produce good writing. What’s the importance of good writing is that it produces something that makes sense- the content.

Why is it important for writers to understand the difference between good writing and bad writing?

Unfortunately, most writers in a bid to make profits focus on quantity instead of quality. That is, a writer will not care to publish tons of copies even though they are full of typos, and spelling errors so long as he can make huge amounts of money from the copies.

But readers do care. Equally, publishers and reviewers care as well. Regardless of how much you earn from poorly written books, no one will take you seriously. The better you write the better you will earn the trust of your readers, publishers, and reviewers.


What is Good Writing?

Usually, it is not easy to discern what makes good writing. There are different kinds of writing that can be said to be good for different reasons. However, there are certain qualities of good writing.

Moreover, it makes sense to say that good writing is when the writer uses a voice that is appropriate. The writer must ensure the readers feel that they are reading content written by a human.

Good writing gets into the heart of the reader and resides there for a while. Good writing makes the readers feel like they have gotten what they were looking after. Good writing encourages the reader to continue reading. Good writing makes the readers feel like they are reading something they have never come across in their lives.

Qualities or Characteristics of Good Writing

What makes good writing? Although there are different opinions when it comes to what constitutes good writing, EduBirdy shares some general qualities of good writing.

1.Clear and Focused

Every concept in good writing makes sense and the reader does not need to guess or read several times to understand what the content is about. In good writing, the writer concentrates on writing about the idea and does not wander.

2.Good Writing Educates and Informs

Good writing will explain, make things understandable so as to make sense in the mind of the reader. The writer must strive to play the role of a solution provider and then pass the solution to the reader.

3.Good Writing is a Result of Rewrites

Of course, good writing does not come straight. There must be rewrites, and in fact, many of them to get good writing. Writing is an art and producing good writing in the first draft is something difficult or almost impossible.

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