10 Ways To Overcome Laziness


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Chapter 1. Overcome Laziness

Laziness is one of the major hindrances in completing essential tasks. It can become a habit unless one master how to overcome laziness. Many students struggle with procrastination, which has a significant impact on their studies. If you are struggling with laziness, there are ways you can get rid of it below:

  • Come Up With a Schedule

One way to overcome laziness is following your work plan. The plan will help you stay organized and track down tasks. Make sure you include all activities to this list ranking by priority.

  • Break Down Tasks

It is impossible to complete a dissertation paper in one seating. There are several sections, so breaking them down into small tasks will help. Completing some bits of daily tasks will motivate you to finish your thesis without feeling lazy.

  • Get Rid Of Distractions

You are more likely to be lazy if you work with your TV or other gadgets on. Make sure all devices are off and choose a conducive study area. You can invest in a good table and chair to stay comfortable and avoid losing focus.

  • Practice Self-Control

Being disciplined will help you avoid laziness. Exercise control by avoiding habits that make you lose focus. This sacrifice is worth to complete your paper on time.

  • Get Help

Working on your dissertation can be a challenge. You have to research and write your findings before the set deadline. The workload might be too much, so you should consider professional sourcing assistance.

You can get dissertation writing help from online writing service providers. There are professionals with experience in research and writing who will make these tasks less of a burden. You should try help by UKEssay.

  • Motivate Yourself

Failing to concentrates on your work is due to the lack of motivation. Whenever you feel lazy, imagine yourself in a graduation gown receiving your masters or Ph.D. Self-motivation is one way on how to overcome procrastination and laziness.  

  • Remember the Consequences

Sometimes motivation can be sourced from thinking about the negative outcome. So before you put off writing or research, remember it will affect your grade. It can also delay your graduation time.

  • Work With a To-Do List

You need a list to stay on track on the activities you are supposed to complete. So, make sure you have an outline of these tasks to avoid forgetting or procrastinating. You are less likely to delay doing chores when you have a constant reminder.

  • Start With Simpler Tasks

Academic papers do have simpler chapters that you can start with such as introduction and literature review. Work on these sections first to avoid being overwhelmed or losing motivation when you are stuck. Once you complete these topics successfully, you get the confidence and ease to move on to difficult ones.

  • Treat Yourself

Reward yourself when you meet your daily or weekly target. Set milestones with treats that motivate you. Knowing you have a reward will help fight laziness.


Overcoming laziness is a struggle for many students. Break this habit to achieve your end goal. Do not let a minor feeling stop you from getting good grades and graduating.


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