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5 Study Hacks to Improve Your Memory

Even if you start studying way earlier than you planned, it’s not enough to work hard. You need to memorize every bit of material effectively.


The better your memory is, the less time you have to spend on revising. This benefits your overall memory performance, as you will be relaxed with a lot of time to spare. Analyze and implement these 5 study hacks and improve your memory.


1. Don’t study the evening before or the morning before.


One mistake may students make is that they think all time should be used. If you’re revising, you need to let the information settle down in your head and relax. If you don’t have the pressure of adding new information to your mind, all the material you’ve memorized will be available later.


It’s usually this anxious behavior that can jeopardize even the things you already know. Because there is too much going on, you won’t be able to efficiently access bits of information. Focus on what you already know and don’t stress out.


2. Take a walk or exercise.


If you live near your university building, you can do sit-ups or pushups to get yourself boing before an exam. It’s been proven that physical activity before an exam leads to much higher brain activity.


Be organized and be ready early so that you can take a walk or go grab something to eat. It’s important to create a relaxed environment.


3. Plan ahead.


When you’re in a hurry and don’t know what to do first, it’s easy to get carried away and distracted. To improve your memory, you have to make an easy-to-read study plan. Aim to divide everything you need to do by days and approach each area or chapter without going full speed.


Effective planning also affects your motivation. When you see the chapters being crossed off the list, you will see how easy it is and how fast you’re improving.


4. Avoid “juggling” multiple subjects every day.


One thing that influences our minds is doing a lot of different things in one day. The thing is, our brains don’t have an on-off switch that allows you to finish with one subject and begin another.


Instead, you need time to have your brain adjust to the material you’ve been reading. Prioritize to solve this problem. If you need help with multiple assignments, you can find it at UkEssays. The time you have left can be used for focusing on other matters.


When you obtain the privilege of having more free time, you will be able to relax and separate different assignments for different days. It gives you the ability to study at an easy-going tempo.


5. Teach someone what you’ve learned.


Teaching people what you know has a profound benefit on the way we access our knowledge and how we use it. When you are forced to explain something, you will use new neural pathways to access the thing you’ve read about.


When you access a memory, it becomes more apparent because it’s been utilized. Find someone to explain to and you will ace every exam with easier access to your base of knowledge.


To conclude


Use these hacks to shorten your study sessions and make them more effective. You will find learning much more fun!

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