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Sex Doll, Choice: What are the options for her sex doll?

In addition, this blog is about buying silicone sex dolls. But this is just one reason to start this blog. I am a passionate silicone female collector. I now have 11 love dolls. Silicone dolls are not pure sex products that can meet driving needs. For me, they don't stop there. I share questions with them, give them new clothes, and watch TV with them. Contrary to popular belief, my silicone doll is not a substitute for women. After all, I am married - there is a woman who is really bloody and fleshy. My wife doesn't like my silicone lady very much, but she tolerates my hobby. I know that I am no exception.

The first thing many people think of is sex. Although there are one thousand and one one using silicone dolls. In fact, you can buy a sex adult dummy:

Make snapshot photos, highlight clothes, shape...
Use a couple as a partner. Many people manage to break the loneliness by loving dolls.
As an intermittent or permanent sexual partner
As a security solution when traveling, if you are married.
The advantage of "Loves Dolls" or sex dolls is to become a model of surrealism.

In the past two decades, the field has achieved a real leap in product quality in the market. In fact, we changed from a fuzzy silicone dolls to a true silicone replica of the mannequin. At the same level of touch and visual completion, the dolls in TPE or silicone are very close to the real person.

Buying a doll is a very good idea. Still have to choose his sex doll without being torn off. In fact, there are many advertisements on the Internet, and photos are not lacking. But how many people have been cheated because they have not received an order? In this article, we will clear the sites we want to avoid and choose the only reliable company to prove the quality of the selected dolls.

At the same time, I asked and saw more clearly. After discussing the Forum Love Doll Forum, I quickly realized that Amazon and all of these auction sites, such as ebay, really want to escape the sex doll model.

Yes, because most dealers, if not all, have a bad reputation. They sell beautiful sex tpe dolls. After waiting for two weeks, you will receive an inflatable doll. Or a vulgar copy of the model in the TPE. Do they get the fame and fortune in this field, as well as the biggest likes or stars and positive comments? Selling sex toys for a few euros per 100 euros. Moreover, once they are filled with likes and comments, they will start selling sex dolls. After a few months, these comments eventually became more negative!

You will be disappointed to complete the copy mode, you will have a TPE tear, not to doubt the reliability of the skeleton, and after some operations, you will definitely be a detached member.

In short, it is enough to make you quickly disillusioned. In addition, the hair that made my hair unauthorised dealers did not hesitate to use toxic and uncontrolled TPE or silica gel. Therefore, these materials can cause severe allergies and rashes. Especially when you know the first organ that will be affected when in contact with a sex doll.... These recommendations from many doll owners quickly made me realize the importance of price for the quality of sex love dolls. In fact, below $1,800, you won't be able to get high quality products. And you will soon be disappointed with the lack of durability and the lack of realism in your doll. This is a shame, especially because we know that we can focus on the fascination we have about the real photos of the doll.

I found Luna's face very close to my wife's face (rounded up and claimed to have a kiss), which is why I chose it. In addition, the gradient of the wig level is almost the same as the gradient of my wife. In the end, his body must be very thin, but with enough shape, unlike most big breast dolls, they completely exaggerate the chest. No, it's more like a hat like my wife. B. For those who are surprised to find that I have a wife, I will explain my situation in this article.

Delivered a sex doll scheduled for Wednesday 6Y donell
I am very satisfied with the speed of Bruno and the order I placed next to him. The order was completed on July 3, 2018. We are on July 23, and the sex doll has arrived at the warehouse in central France. I received a warning by email about modifying the statue of my order: it was transferred from the "manufacturing process" to the French warehouse.

I was a little surprised by this news because I didn't mention the middle statue of "delivering from China."

The estimated delivery time is approximately 30 days. This is fully respected, because if I deliver it within two days as agreed, then it only takes 22 days to wait (this is great for impatient people). So I verified about 18 hours of possible delivery on Wednesday. I received a good news confirming the shipment on Wednesday.

Who is he in the future delivery: What are his choices for sex dolls?
I chose a realistic small size model. 1.50 meters is enough for a realistic doll, looks like an adult woman, it is perfect for me, because I am small, I am small. The advantage of a small model is of course to reduce the weight of the sex doll.

As far as I am concerned, in my wife's eyes, it will be blue without hesitation. I will see the realism of this color, I hope they will not be excessive.

Other eyes are possible, but I am not interested. For those who want to think of Asian-style 158cm sex dolls, brown eyes will be like that, green and yellow are two strange colors that I can't find.

Second: skin color selection
This is a very important point. The skin color is really because its entire body looks like your doll: from head to toe. It is actually a colored mixture used to mold the body. And this color will be decisive.

As far as I am concerned, Bruno suggested that the "Spanish" color I am normal is white, it is sometimes unrealistic and lacks skin degradation. Therefore, if we seek to have a skin aspect, it is best to avoid the natural color, which is white over my taste. Even a white woman has a light foundation to put his body into various forms of disaster relief.

The satisfaction of the male audience is very satisfactory
To make life easier for men, dolls are now popular. All those who have problems getting a lively sexual relationship will bring a beautiful curve. In one and only perspective: in order to meet a person's sexual needs, a man can have several sex dolls at home who are always sexually active.

Satisfying desire is not illegal
Difficulties in dealing with other people, especially for beautiful girls, people are shy, disabled, and "ugly," and it is difficult for old people to satisfy this desire. For lovers of love, they only need to buy a silicone 165cm sex dolls. By relaxing and beautiful love, you will be washed away by the wave of love.

And a real woman: the trouble is a lot
People always say that for a man, he must know a few women. However, finding another woman has only one wish: jumping it is not very beneficial compared to the danger of exposure. It may be because she has a sexually transmitted disease, you may be found, this may be because this woman can only achieve the substance by withdrawing cash.

Realistic small breast dolls: that kind of happiness
So, in order to prevent you from any danger, buy yourself a realistic doll. Therefore, you can have no trouble in anyone. In addition, the doll will have no problem with sexually transmitted diseases, and will be no problem with him. Just paying for a purchase and a beautiful curve will be exhausted by you.

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How to insert a movable vagina for her sex doll?

How to insert the vaginal insert of her silicone doll?

The video at the beginning of this article gives you a simple tutorial to insert your big breast dolls removable vagina. From a practical point of view, in order to avoid the risk of soiling in your love doll and its private parts, it is recommended to use a pair of gloves to handle the insertion into the vagina.

Step 1: Prepare your silicone love doll.
From a practical point of view, it is easy to insert a movable vagina when your sex doll separates her legs from a "wide gap." To help your doll adopt this pose, you can put it on your back (as shown in the video), raise your right leg (then left) to the ceiling 90° and then tilt your right leg (and then Left)) One side. Your silicone doll will present an open vaginal opening to insert the insert.

Step 2: Sprinkle the insert and vagina of the doll with talcum powder.
Apply a thin layer of talc to the outer surface of the vagina to be inserted. This talc made of silicon and magnesium has the advantage of being a cleaning agent while promoting the smooth sliding of the inserts in your love doll.

Step 3: Insert the removable vagina into your small breast dolls.
Once the vaginal insert is sprinkled with talcum powder, you only need to gently open the vaginal cavity of the sex doll and insert it completely into her vagina to be detachable. This step is fully evidenced by the video presented by the manufacturer uloversdoll.

You only need to operate the silicone doll in the initial position to check the insertion of the insert.

If you have any concerns and would like to know more about inserting a removable vagina for your sex doll, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you and provide you with as much information as possible to make this ceremony a real pleasure to share with your beautiful creatures.

All about silicone 165cm sex dolls!

Silicone dolls are still known as sex dolls or dolls and are part of the advancement of soft robot technology. Silicone dolls are different from inflatable dolls because, unlike the latter, she has almost everything a woman has. With her, you can freely try liberalism like a couple or a friend.

If you are passionate about owning a company or if you are single, then a couple doll is the ideal solution. She has all the requirements of men for women.

What are the characteristics of silicone dolls?

Contrary to many people's ideas, love dolls have many advantages:

The first is her flawless physique: silicone dolls have beautiful faces, mouths and beautiful lips, very soft skin and comfortable touch, beautiful breasts, gender and shape or curve;

The second one is related to the feeling it provides: tpe dolls are unique because with them you will be entitled to a special feeling. They are always at your service;

The third is the fun it can offer: With love dolls, you can give life to all your fantasies and end all kinds of frustrations or lacks. She will satisfy you and accompany you all your experiences.

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