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This is quite depressing - it's about why we live. There aren't many answers to that, I'm afraid. Don't blame me if it makes you sad; but what do you think?

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Chapter 1

What is the point of life? Is it good? Is it bad?

Personally, I think living is quite a selfish thing to do. I'm not saying to kill yourself, or tell others to; but why do we live? We do it because we want to, because it satisfies us and makes up happy. Without it, we are nothing. Not a person. A soul. A thought. A memory. Just flesh and bones, rotting under the ground.

I'm not responsible for suicide. I don't want to commit suicide. I'm just curious - what happens when we die? Are we alive, but not seen, not heard? Or is there nothing?

At the end of the day, what does my life add up to? What do I do to make the world better? I don't save lives, or go meat free. I don't even wash up for my parents. I'm generally a bad person. 

Some people disagree with me there - but, some of you, deep down inside, know it's true. I really don't care if you say it. You do know I can tell if someone doesn't like me, right? I don't mind - not everyone can be perfect. In fact, nobody can.

But why do I live? Why have I been given this life on a plate - caring parents, a good school, a pet, food, survival - why have I been given any of it? Because someone, out there, deserves this life more than me. I'm not saying I don't appreciate it, just I'm not good enough for it.

I'm guilty. I've done many things wrong in my life, and I'm disappointed in myself. I've lied to people; for what? Because in the end, the truth will come out. And, I'm telling you, when it does, you'll be wishing that you never lied in the first place.

Sorry, I've been going on for a bit. Back to the big question; why do we live?

I don't have the answer to this. Sorry. I've got reasons for and against, but no conclusion. That's all I'll ever have. Tiny pieces that should fit together somehow, but I can't make them. 

When we live, we eat animals. On average, you eat some animal a week, yes? And fish is an animal. It lives. It might have a bad memory, but it's still an animal. So, in your lifetime, you eat around 7,000 animals. Whoa. One life in exchange for seventh thousand? Animals are just as important as us. 

But then, if we don't eat those animals, it will just rot and end up in the bin. So, either way, the animals die. Nothing will stop that. And plants - are you saying that by being a vegetarian or vegan, you aren't hurting a living thing? Then you're lying. You can't stop it, but, if, as a human race, we overcome the obstacle of eating meat and eat Quorn instead, then cool. We would be making the world a better place for not only us, but animals too. Why do I live if it causes pain and suffering for others? Sorry for the negativity. But doesn't writing make life easier?


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