Why does USCIS Divorce Translation need To Be Certified?


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If you are taking divorced, it means that you are formally ending your wedding. Some applying needs that you submit a divorce paper to verify that you are divorced, a document that proves that you have been lawfully divorced from your previous spouse.


Certified translation of your divorce paper is requested before you apply for fiancé visa (K-1 or K-2) or marriage visa. You also need USCIS certified divorce translation when you apply to a provincial government or a court in the US to get married again.


If you are filing an N-400 and want to prove that you are no longer legally married or you are marrying to another US resident, and you were previously wedded, you must present proof in the form of a divorce decree. If your divorce decree is in a foreign language, USCIS requires the decree to be translated and certified. If you were married multiple times, a divorce decree for each marriage is needed, and all must be translated and certified.


Divorce Associated Issues

Divorce issues in dissolving the bonds of marriage. Legally, divorce does not make the marriage invalid or void but cancels it. Child custody, maintenance, and compensation are the issues to be arranged by order between the parties or by the court.

Some couples agree on prenuptial or postnuptial agreements to avoid a costly lawsuit or agreement. Collaborative and uncontested divorces end the marriage with the minimal legal process. For all these problems you need to have your divorce decree translated into the English language “certified” in the hard copy.


Certified Translations

A divorce is the termination of time and the beginning of another. Let Universal Translation Services assist you in this transitional point. If you need your divorce certificate to be translated and certified as soon as possible, you can count on Universal Translation Services, and we will deliver your translation on time. Our agency and professional team provide USCIS acceptable certified divorce translation services. We are proficient in the translation of all kinds of constitutional documents, and once the document is translated, we will confirm it with our agency authorization and certification sheet. 

We will give you a fast and reliable certified divorce certificate translation services at the lowest cost. Our expertise and abilities will make your life carefree when in need of a quick translation service. We will take excellent care when translating your certificates as we are aware that these are texts of value and include minutes from the court decisions describing the different terms of the divorce. Furthermore, we only work with native-speakers and certified translators, so you can be sure that the translation of your certificate is in good hands.

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