Pandora’s Box


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 The story of Pandora’s Box is a Greek Mythology story. The Box held all of the evils of the world. Only hope was left when almost everything was released. Hope is now the only thing humans really hold onto. Here is where my story starts.

“What do you think Pandora’s Box really means?” Was something a friend had asked me awhile back, I didn’t understand at first but now that I thought about it, I understand. I think that hope is the only thing everyone holds onto. The hope that we can escape the place we call life as late as possible. Some have a bad life and lose hope and escape using their own hands. Some have their hope taken from people and die by their hands. Some hold on and live for a hundred years. The question is, what person are you? Do you lose hope? Do you have your hope taken? Do you keep you hope close to you? I’m one of the people that is in between. I have lost hope long ago but I hold onto a small sliver of hope in the thought that others will also keep their hope. Sometimes we lose hope but then we recover because we have to for the loved ones around us. I hope that you understand that hope is nothing to be underestimated. Hope can kill if it’s lost but can make an amazing life if it’s held onto.

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