The Devil Is My Roommate


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 Kathryn Willow is a 26-year-old girl who needed somewhere to stay. She had a cheap paying job so having a place to herself was out of the question, so she went and found a roommate online in her job area. Today she moved in with him. He apparently was a 28-year-old with a well-paying job and would take care of 2/3 of the rent. Kathryn was told the apartment has 2 bedroom and 1 bath. She didn't know if she was prepared to have a roommate but it was the only way for her at that point. 

As Kathryn pulled up the apartment the building, she sighed. She hopped out of her car and popped the trunk. In the trunk of the car were 1 suitcase and 3 duffle bags. Kathryn grabbed the suitcase and hauled it out of the car while reaching for a duffle bag. When she slung the bag over her shoulder she looked up to see a man with black hair, crimson eyes, and a tan, muscular body. 

”Need any help with that, ” he asked with a smile. He was wearing a black tee shirt and dark blue jeans. ”That would be great, ” Kathryn replied. The man picked up the 2 other duffle bags and slung them over his shoulder just like Kathryn did. 

”So I'm guessing you're Luce, ” Kathryn asked more like she was stating something. ”Guilty, ” he laughed. Kathryn closed her var truck and followed Luce up the stairs of the building. When they were finally up the stairs he pulled a key from his pocket and unlocked the door, which was number 286. The the apartment was nice. To the left of the entrance was a step that turned right and leads up to a staircase. To the front was a long couch with no back, covered in pillows. To the right was a coffee table with books and cups scattered on it. There was a couch with a back aginst the far wall and a comfy looking chair sat at what would be the head of the table. In the next room was a table with two clear chairs at either side, more books were on this table. Right next to the table was the kitchen. It had granite countertops with red cabinets. The oven was under the microwave, and the refrigerator was across from the granite table that connected to the oven. A couple feet away was a door that led to a large grass area. 

“Follow me,” Luce told Kathryn. He walked up the staircase that was next to the door. At the top of the staircase was a door 8 feet wavy that led to the bathroom. It was only big enough to fit a toilet, sin, kand shower. Next to the bathroom was a bedroom. The bedroom has a king-sized bed and a closet pressed up against the wall across from it, there was also a window that showed the grass area the door in the kitchen led to. It was clearly unoccupied. To the left of the top of the staircase was a laundry room. Next to the laundry room was another bedroom that looked like the other bedroom except that the room has a window that showed the parking lot. Luce walked into the bedroom that was next to the bathroom. Kathryn followed him into the room. He placed the duffle bags on the floor next to the door. 

”If you need me I'll be downstairs, ” and with that the walked out the door. Kathryn placed the stuff she carried in the same place Luce did and flopped onto her new bed. She let out a long, loud sigh and looked at the ceiling.

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