An Exclusive Interview with Model & Actor Sergio Kato


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Q: Please, briefly introduce yourself. Who, in your own words, is Patrick Cage?

 Hi, Hello! I am actor and model Sergio Kato.

Q: What did inspire you to become an actor?

15 years old I just love to be in front of a mirror and act.

Q: Who in the TV/Film industry influenced you as an actor?

Good question, Alfredo James Pacino, known professionally as Al Pacino.

Q: What, in your opinion, can actors do to help bring awareness to diversity and inclusion within the entertainment industry?

We'all have the opportunity to do anything,, Bad and evil. But, shall we let base on our first amendment to the Constitution? We cannot prohibit the free exercise of freedom of speech.  

Q: Can you tell us about your "The Sergio Kato Foundation"?

Indeed, we must feed the Future, we must end Hunger by 2030. Please!!

Q: What is your biggest desire as an actor at this moment?

Continue working.

Q: Appreciating what we are living always feels good. What are you most grateful for at this moment?

Thank God continuously throughout your day.

Q: You seem to have a bright future ahead and your talents are obvious. What else do you think a person has to bring to the table besides having “talent” in order to succeed in what they want?

Well, it's about time to be a good role model and give our best moral responsibility.  

Q: What unknown or curious fact would you like our audience to know about you?

Not religious views, but the truth is here. Out to be the best part of my life, as I found Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour.

Q: Some of my most favorite things:

Scaba-Diving? Cool...?

Q: Can you share your social media profiles: 





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