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Star Trek - Shadow Wars - Is an original work of fanfiction, base in the story wars universe. It contains - Bondage and Domination, Dominance and Submission, Romances, Toys, relucent, and voyeurism scenes. It Adult Female on Female Pairs, Male on female pairs, young adult pairings, as well as other pairs not yet to be decided. This story is also a work in progress. 


Star Trek: Shadow Wars and accompanying works are fan fiction based on and using elements from Star Trek, which is trademarked by and . I do not claim ownership of Star Trek or any associated characters or the universe of Star Trek. The stories of the U.S.S. Spartan and other accompanying Vessels are of my own invention and are not part of the official Star Trek canon; these stories are for entertainment purposes only. I am not in any way profiting financially from the creation or publication of these works. I am grateful to Gene Roddenberry, CBS, and Paramount for the wonderful Star Trek universe in which I can play; without it these stories would not exist. If you wish to support me as an author, please look in my other works of non-fanfiction.


Salutations my wonderful readers, and welcome to my entry into the Star Trek Universe. This is a work of Fanfiction, as stated in the disclaimer. It is my hope to write a compelling and enjoyable journey into the universe. This is not a work of cannon, and at points will break away from the standards of technology and even behaviors that some of us are familiar with. None, the less, I hope you enjoy it. Treat this story as if it is set in one of the many multi-verses that are present in the Star Trek Universe itself, and we won't have any problems. That being said, I welcome comments that my better my entry into this universe, as long as they are constructive and give direction or reference points to help increase the level of the story. This particular story is a Work-in-Progress, so there may be changes over time to the whole story, and you are reading the first draft as of this time, 8/8/2016. As time goes on I will put updates in the Preface to make people aware of changes, so that if you see a comma following the date above with a set of new dates, that means the story went a major change. This story will be on going until such a point that I feel that it has reached the end of a major story arch, at which time I will create a new book title and so on. That being said again, enjoy.



The year is 2430. The United Federation of Planets is currently suffering from continuous war. Depleting their officers faster than they are being trained. Starfleet Academy is under pressure to turn out Captain's faster and faster. Making them abandon their tried and tested recruiting methods.


Casting their recruiting nets wider; they now seek officers from other factions. Fast tracking these veteran officers through the Academy, grants the graduates special commissions.


Ceyren Nightshade has left the Klingon Defense force for a better life. She has completed her training at the academy graduating with full honors. The Admiralty of Earth Spacedock has requested her presence. What ship will she be slated for? What eminent force's will she have the honor of defeating?

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I love it the very cool story the premise is great so far.

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Thank you so much. This story has a lot already written on it actually. I didn't want to overload the readers here with it until it started drawing a bit more of an audience.

Star Date 93603.12

Location: Earth Space Dock, Admiralty HQ


Captain Ceyren Alexia Nightshade sat motionless. Keeping her hands fold in her lap, fighting the urge fidget. She was nervous, there wasn't many Orion captains in Starfleet. She went through Starfleet Academy's veteran course scoring high in every class. Ceyren was a studious individual and quite athletic. She yearned to be a Captain of a Starfleet vessel. She hoped in quiet revery that this was her chance.


All the wars taking place in the multiverse, were stretching Starfleet's infrastructure. Starfleet Command was promoting captains straight from the academy. The normal procedure didn't have them reporting to Earth Spacedock, for their assignments. The admiral was speaking with Captain Argon. Argon was the Captain of the Enterprise J. The J was an Odyssey Class ship, beautiful, lethal and advanced. Their was a reason it was the flagship of the fleet.


Ceyren was aware of who Cpt. Argon was, due to him being one of the testers for the Kobayashi Maru. This was the final, that all would-be Captains took. He had intrigued her, to say the least.Her intrigue developed due to him being a Devaronian. There wasn't much known about this rare alien race, which hailed from a different galaxy. He had ended up in our galaxy quite by accident, though the details of how weren't shared with many.


The two of them were discussing her ship appointment with quite a bit of energy. Ceyren did her best to tune them out, not having any influence in the choice. After a preverbal eternity they finally reached a consensus. Fleet Admiral Adams came to his desk and sat down pulling out a data pad. Cpt. Argon stood next to him, at a lazy parade rest.


Argon smiled at her from behind the Admiral. Ceyren wondered if he was being lecherous. Her body was quite pleasing even in the starfleet standardized uniform. The look in his eyes didn't say lecherousness, but spoke of admiration. It was nice, for once to feel attention for her skills, instead of her body.


While at the academy many Cadets had level accusation at her. The assumption was that she was screw her professor for her good grades. With a certain amount of irony she had slept around quite a bit at the academy. Her conquest weren't teachers, not that she was aware of. Orions as a species had a sexual appetite that was next to infinite, this didn't mean she used it to cheat.


The closer she thought about it, she did notice a trend. She had slept with other students who were at the tops of their fields. As well as individuals who had unique resources. Resources that helped her expand her academic prowess. Using one's knowledge and skills, wasn't cheating. Klingons excelled in physical and combative prowess, which they used to great advantage. She was Orion and Orion's excelled at information gathering.


All Orion children received training in this art from a very early age. She gained knowledge through these techniques, no different then reading a book. The act of sex to gather information, was far more interactive and pleasing than reading.


The Admirals strong voice brought her attention back to know, taking her out of her memories.


"So Cpt. Nightshade, we reviewed your history. Before applying to Starfleet it says here you served as a Captain in the Klingon defense force. Flying their Escort Class Bird of Prey. The fact that you didn't hide this information from us, bodes well for you.


I am sure, that your record received a proper going over by Starfleet academy at your time of recruitment. To reduce some of my concerns about your new posting, which will be on one of our most formidable ship. I want to discuss it with you. Are you okay with this Captain?"


Ceyren was aware of this eventuality, and had prepared herself for it. The Klingon Defense Force was at odds with Starfleet on a regular basis. She had been a commander in the KDF for four years. Her command experience came from this, which was exactly why they had recruited her. Trying not to become frustrated, she took a deep breath in composing herself. Ready for the questions to come she spoke.


"Yes, Sir. Go ahead with your line of questioning."


"It says here that your are responsible for the destruction 126 Federation Vessels. During this time you were commander of the Red Drag IV?"


A small chuckled escaped Ceyrens mouth. Her memory was eidetic. Her recall of the information each ship she had fought, remained with her forever. She could name each ship by registry number, designation, class, and even weakness. Not wanting to sound to joyous, she paused thinking how best to form her answer.


"I am sorry to inform you Admiral that you report on me, is not accurate. As the commander of the Red Dragon, I have 132 confirmed kills against the Federation. I disabled 36 others vessel. When I joined Starfleet Academy, I was able to confirm that 16 of those 36 ended up as scrap. That brings my kill count to 148.


Outside of the Federation incursions I have other kills. I have defeated 216 Orion Syndicate Vessels. 250 Nausicaans Pirate Vessels. 300 klingon separatist ships. I have far fewer Borg and Undine kills."


Ceyren paused and to moisten her lips, look at the surprise on the Admiral's face. Before he could say more she continued.


"As per the KDF mandate, I given these missions to complete. This is no different than a Starfleet Captain having orders to engage and destroy a KDF Ship. If I am not mistaken, Cpt. Argon has a confirmed kill score of 556. You Admiral have a confirmed kill count of 756. This was before you took your position here at Earth Spacedock.I haven't dug deep into your record on kills in the other fleets and factions. As that would be a bit harder without direct access to your records.


Put aside the massive loss of life incurred by any of these scores, I assert my answer speaks for itself. I followed my orders with precision and decisiveness. That I am dependable, and in a combat situation I am a valued asset."


Admiral Adam's serious facade broke as he smiled. Ceyren had a firecracker of a personality. He wasn't sure she needed to be behind as much firepower as he was about to give her. The need of high ranking officer in the fleet with experience won out though. There were far too many cadets greener than Ceyrens skin.


"Thank you, for answer my questions thus far. What I need to know now is why you left the KDF. Hod do I know you won't take our ship and hand it over to them, as some grand prize?"


"The answer to that is simple, but in two parts. The first part is, I am a engineer and scientist. My combat record states that I am at least a good tactician, that is not my chosen field of study. I don't want speak bad of the Klingons, as they are great warriors. They do have room in their ranks for my chosen field. They are behind the curve though. Most in my field are busy trying to play catch up. Study things that have been already developed and implemented in other fleets.


To be quite frank, I don't want to be playing catchup. I want to be on the leading edge. That limits my choices to Starfleet or Romulan high command. I am not very fond of the Romulan structure, or their petty intrigues they engage in."


Ceyren didn't like that she was having to explain herself as much as she was. It remind her of times when she was much younger where she would have to convince a superior of her skill. Falling back on her Orion family training she calmed herself. She launched into answering the second part of the question.


"The second answer, requires me to answer you with more candor than I am accustomed to. There is no way for you to know, if I would do that. As you have made quite clear, there is no promise or oath that you will trust. We have never served together, let alone have we even met each other in combat. So my character is that easy to assess.


I very much could be a spy, a thief or a pirate. I could run off with whatever ship you gave me, but and this is a very big but, I wouldn't answer you this way. I would have sworn whatever oathe you wanted from me, than break it with ease. I could also try to convince you with other means, that I am indeed a honorable individual. That you would want to only give me the best of whatever you had.


That is not what I am here for. I am here for only one thing. The advancement of science and engineering. Gaining this knowledge through the best means possible. Using only the highest of honorable intent. I wouldn't care if you gave me Miranda Class Frigate, with technology of the 23rd century. As long as it gave me the advance my studies and helped the universe as whole. I would accept it and move on."


The Admiral listen with great intensity to her answer. It hadn't been exactly what he was wanting to hear. That meant to him that she was a bettering candidate, than he had been hoping for. Pausing for effect, he let the silence fill the room. He watched her, she looked back at him challenging him with her very existence. She meant everything she said, which spoke volumes about her.


"You will be happy to know, I have no intention of giving you a Miranda. The reason for this excessive line of questioning, I promise you had it purpose. We had to be clear that in no uncertain terms you were the officer we were looking for. The command we are bestowing upon you isn't of one ship. You will be a wing commander of a small armada of ships. Your command vessel and personal commission is of the U.S.S. Spartan. She is a advance prototype version of the Jupiter class science command carrier.


There will be five other vessels in your wing. Your primary mission is of course exploration, but you will also be a reserve force. You will assist in any conflict that might arise throughout the sector."


The beautiful Orion's mouth fell open, surprised beyond all belief. She had hoped that she would get a galaxy class or ship of equal strength. This was way better than that, a cutting edge science vessel, that was also a carrier, and a wing command. Closing her mouth she swallowed, her throat dry. It was beyond her wildest dreams.


The muscles in her face began to ache fighting not to smile. She gave up on it, a broad grin brightening her face. She did her best to control her emotions, but there was no way to hide her smile. She did her best not to sound over excited as she spoke.


"Thank Admiral. You won't regret this."




Adams barked out a laugh. It was full and joyful laugh. It didn't last long, as he seemed unaccustomed to laughing that way. It was easy to tell he wasn't used to doing much anymore, he had enjoyed it though.


"You might end up eating those words. It is a great ship to have command of, but it is currently unmanned. Also, some of you other ships in you wing are still under construction. Your first assignment will be to crew out you wing and vessel. That in of itself is a massive undertaking. I am giving you six months to complete this task. Dismissed, Captain."


Her abrupt dismissal had her blinking for a moment stunned. Standing up, she came to a sharp attention and saluted. Her ample chest bouncing hard from the exertion. Before she turned to leave she asked a question.


"Sir, Permission to speak?"


"Granted." The admiral responded, his tone sharp.


"Do I have the freedom to pull people out of the academy early for this?" She asked a bit wary of what his response might be. 

Admiral Adams took a moment to consider his answer to her.

"You may. With one caveat, no one more than a year away from graduating. Starfleet can't afford anyone who isn't already in there advance classes. Go talk to fleet requisitions. they will have information for you, to assist you."


"Yes sir! Thank you again." The admiral watched as Ceyren's curvy body walked out of his office. Through the clear glass walls of his office he watched as she made her way to fleet requisitions. Ceyren turned and walked out heading to fleet requisitions. Once she was out of earshot, Adams spoke to Captain Argon.


"So what is your opinion on that Captain?"


Argon went to the chair Ceyren had been sitting and took a seat. He relaxed into the chair. He had watched the exchange with great glee. He hadn't seen someone give the Admiral this hard of a time since him.


"Well, you either have doomed us, or you might have saved us all. Only time will tell. I am aware that my wing of ships flight circuit overlaps hers quite a bit. It this for me to watch her or to assist her?"


Adams laughed a bit more subdued this time.


"A Little bit of both to be honest."


Star Date 93606.65

LocationEarth Space Dock, Admiralty HQ (Captain Ceyrens temporary quarters)

Ceyren sat at her desk, her head cradled in her hands, her fingers massaging her temples. As a captain of the KDF she never had a crew complement over 600, and that had been on a battle cruiser. The admiral had been right, the task before her was massive. The crew she was now in charge of finding was gigantic. Sitting back up, she let her hand fall to the console. She activated her person log and began her rant.


"Personal Log Stardate 93606.65. Captain Ceyren Nightshade Captain of the U.S.S Spartan NCC-2361-01 A. I find myself in a special type of hell. Yes you heard me, Hell! I was so excited when I got this position that I didn't bother to overthink it. I hadn't considered the massive undertaking that I was taking on.


I am responsible for not only crewing my own Jupiter Class Starship. Which by the way has a standard running crew complement of 30,000. Yes, you heard me, 30,000! And there is still room to spare.


I Also have the Flight Wing that I am in charge of. I started to call it a Phalanx. This is to keep with the name of my ship. The Phalanx consist of 6 ships. These ships are as follows.


The U.S.S. Spearhead, a Yorktown Class Science Vessel, Crew Complement 2,500.


The U.S.S. Joyeuse, a Presidio class tactical Cruiser, crew complement 1,000.


The U.S.S. Quick Silver, a Mercury Class Tactical Escort, Crew Complement, 250.


The U.S.S. Temerarious, A Galaxy Class Retrofit, 3,500.


The U.S.S. Genasys, A NX Engineering Cruiser, 15,550. Which the Admiral hadn't remember to include, as it isn't a combat vessel.


The last ship of course is the U.S.S. Leonidas, a Retrofit Defiant Class, which needs about 50 crew.


If that had been all that I need to find crew for it would have been a challenge. That isn't all though, no. I have to find rating 6 fighter pilots. This is for my complement of 3,600 experimental Mustang Interceptors.


Let me do the math than, as of right now. That is, let me see, 56,450 crew. Wait, there's more, some of these other ships in my wing have their own complement of fighters. I am going to round the total up to 65,000 crew.


I am aware that I am a perfectionist and control freak. This means I will want to hand pick most of my crew. Shit! Fucking Shit! End personal log."

Pushing away from her desk and the pile of datapads on her desk she stood up. The mess and the rest of her planning could wait. Walking out of her quarters she navigated her way to the recreation deck of the starbase. She was going to take a well needed break from staring at all those personal files. While she road the turbo lift down the spine of the station she lost herself in thought. How was she going to conquer this challenge?

The turbolift door parted bring her out of her thoughts. Moments later she was walking to the bar. There was another Orion woman here, she worked as the bartender. They had struck a budding friendship, based on a place of common origin.


"Good afternoon Captain Nightshade, what can I get for you?"


"Hey Ammonia, today I need a Glass of Firebrandy please. It's been a rough twenty four hours."


Ammonia chuckled, she was well versed on the plight of new captains. It was quite good for her business. After paying for her drink, Ceyren took a long sip of her fiery tasting beverage. As it was slow right now Ammonia paid Ceyren a fair amount of attention. She struck up a conversation asking a very observant question.


"So what's the problem that you are trying to solve?"


Ceyren wasn't ready to answer the question. She slugged back another hit of her drink. The liquor burned as it travelled its course down her throat. She gasped a little from the burn. The alcohol was starting to give her a light head feeling. Her deep violet eyes met the bright emerald eyes of Ammonia's.


"I need to crew out my ships 65,000 individuals."


"Is that all?"


They both laughed at the simplicity and yet grandiose nature of her dilemma. Silenced followed, Ceyren not saying anything. Ammonia chimed in when Ceyren continued to nurse her brandy. "We have only known each other for a short period of time. In that time you have demonstrated in no subtle way that you are a perfectionist. My suggestion a perfect first officer and personal assistant. Once you have those two things, than you can use the two of them as a buffer. They can narrow down the list you need to review much faster than you could by yourself.


If it was me, than I would focus on the department has, so they can do the same but for their specialities. You are going to want to hand pick everyone, that's fine. You don't have the time to separate the chaff though. Last and this isn't starfleet regulation, but I would look outside starfleet. You can always grant them a field commision, and there is a lot of talent that isn't here."


Ceyren took another sip of her brandy, but this time she looked at Ammonia. She had thought of her up until this moment as nothing more than a bartender. She had done what everyone did to her, she shook her head for falling into the very thing she disliked in others. With a smile Ceyren made Ammonia an offer.


"You want a job?"


Ammonia hadn't been expecting that. It did appeal to her though. Working on earth spacedock though lucrative, was becoming boring.


"How about you come back when you a bit more crew and ask me again. The answer might be yes."


Ceyren nodded finishing her Firebrandy and setting the empty class down on the bar.

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Stardate 93606.91

Location: Earth Space dock

After several hours of wandering about the station letting her mind ponder, while the alcohol worked through her system, she found herself standing outside of shuttle bay 1. She didn't know why her feet carried her to where she stood now, but they had. She pressed the door opening sequencer, the sharp beep filled the air as the door swished open. The shuttle bay was filled with hundreds of different types of personal craft. In the distance bright flashes of light could be seen, denoting someone working on a ship. A very handsome blonde human woman stood behind the console, beeps filling the air as she entered in information from a data PADD.

Ceyren tucked her fingers into the hem of her skirts, the cloth grating against her as she adjusted her civilian clothing. Walking up to the station, she kept her shoulders held back and her stance strong, giving a bearing of command.

"Good Afternoon Ensign. I am Captain Ceyren Nightshade of the U.S.S. Spartan. I was wondering if you had a shuttle heading out bound, that would be willing to drop me off at my ship?"

The blonde girl looked up and took a moment before entering in the information that was supplied to her. It took but a moment for the computer to confirm, that yesterday that ship had been commissioned to exactly that officer. Warmly her face filled with a smile, she sat down her data pad she had been working with.

"Afternoon Captain Nightshade, you seem to be a bit out of uniform."

"Quite. I am working on something, but it doesn't require me to be in my On-Duty uniform at this moment. Do you?"

A very small sigh escaped the ensign's lips, she knew the flight logs very well. There were not going to be any outgoing ships for at least another three hours. As much as she wanted to just give the Captain a shuttle, she couldn't.

"I Apologize Captain, I have forgotten my manners. I am Ensign Natasha Neptune. The current flight schedule doesn't have anything going out any time in the near future. I however, will be more than glad to take you to your ship. However, Regulation Alpha 2.313 requires that all command officers, or any officers for that matter, be on duty. To be on-duty I require you to be in full uniform. Protocol and all."

Ceyren nodded, protocol is how ensigns made it to higher ranks and all. Swiftly she went to the nearest transport pad, and site to site transported to her quarters. With haste she put on her brand new Captain's uniform. It was tight across her breast, making them look larger than they were. They were large, but not as large as they looked right now. She would have to have some adjustments made, have them take it out just a little bit. Grabbing her belt, she geared up with the basics, a tricorder and her Klingon house dagger. She found her way to another transporter padd and with another quick site to site transport she was back in the shuttle bay.

Ensign Neptune was no longer at her station, but standing next to a sleek Delta Flier shuttle type. The beautiful ensign had thrown on a non-regulation flight jacket, which was quite becoming on her. Ceyren didn't really care if the ensign was breaking uniform standards, even if she had to put on her own uniform. The brandy had finally burned out of her system, completely. She was Sober and she was thinking much clearer than she had been a few minutes ago.

"Ensign, I am ready when you are." Ceyren stated.

Ensign Neptune opened the hatch to the Delta Flyer and walked on. The young human female had a bit of a swagger to her walk, her hips swishing and swaying as she headed to the cockpit. Once Ceyren was on board she activated the hatch lockdown sequence and worked her way up to the co-pilot seat. Once she settled in, she watched Natasha get to work running through the protocols for taking off. Ceyren lean back into the cushioned seats and crossed her legs. Within moments the ship was moving its way out of the Shuttle Hanger and out into the vastness of space.

Space dock is gargantuan, and on average capable of having most ships worked on in its internal dry dock. However, in the case of the Jupiter Class, which was Starfleet's largest Vessel, and only second in size to the Nx-Genasys Engineering Corp Cruiser which was a prototype. So it sat housed in one of the larger dry docks that were a few minutes away from space dock at impulse. These dry docks were usually reserved for retrofits and major overhauls. Most of the Jupiter's were built out here, but as there was only currently five in the fleet counting hers, this was yet to be a regular way of doing things.

Ensign Neptune's fingers dance expertly across the controls, piloting the ship towards the Spartans Bow Port hanger bay. The Spartan was big. Far bigger than she understood until now. She had seen the specs and even some of the ship diagrams and renderings, but she had never seen it in person. The design of the vessel was vastly different than the standard saucer section/nacelle design. The Jupiter looked a bit like a whale in her opinion, it was still beautiful, but it was whale shaped. The hanger they were flying towards was large enough for two or three Defiant's to fly into it. Once they were inside the hanger another 6 could have been landed. Instead the Shuttle landed next to one of the Mustang Class Interceptors. Ceyren had to give command clearance for the vessel to be able to land, otherwise the hanger force field would have repelled them. Once the shuttle had settled and the engines had turned off Ceyren stepped out of the shuttle, Neptune following closely behind her, but waiting inside the hatch of her own vessel.

"Captain do you wish for me to stay here, or would you like to hail me when you are ready?"

Ceyren took a moment to respond taking in the immensity of the hanger, she turned to Neptune her tightly ponytailed pink hair swishing through the air as she turned. With her normal sultry smile, she responded.

"Neither Ensign. I will pilot one of the shuttles from my ship to within transporter range if need be. Though you might here from me for other reasons."

She left the thought hanging in the air there, as Ensign Neptune nodded and closed the hatch to her shuttle. She watched Ceyren leave the hanger bay before she piloted her way out of the Spartan, heading back to earth space dock; to continue her boring job of shuttle cataloging.

The corridor lights kicked on when they registered movement. It wasn't the only thing that register a response. Digitally Aware Neutrino Enhanced Holographic Computer System, or Da'Nehcs came online. She didn't actually like the nick name that the team of engineers gave her, it sounded far too much like she was a Romulan. She wasn't, she was Starfleet. The Spartan was fully equipped with Holo Emitters on every inch of the ship, allowing her access anywhere at any time in a photonic-physical form. She considered her name before manifesting herself. She preferred Dawn. She appeared in front of Ceyren.

She stood several inches shorter than the Orion in front of her, her uniform was skin tight, still Starfleet regulation but just barely. She had dark black hair the she wore braided in tight cornrows that fell all the way down to her pert butt. She was cute, cuter than a program designed to help run the vessel should have been. She was curvy, had full pouty lips and sharp crisp blue eyes. She had been modelled after Queen Gorgo of Sparta. Her skin was a milky white, and though she was curvy, the creators had made sure she was also physically fit. Horny Holographic Engineers, but she didn't mind she felt quite at home in her body, after all it was her body.

"Good afternoon and welcome to the Spartan. I am Dawn, the Digitally Aware Neutrino Enhanced Holographic Computer System. I am your ship wide computer interface, though generally speaking I will respond to most queries through vocal response. I am however designed to speak with the Captain of this ship in person fully manifested. As you used your command codes to board the vessel I am fully aware that you are Cpt. Ceyren Nightshade, formally of the KDF, and the Captain of this vessel. Transferring all command override codes, and systems to you. How may I help you today Captain?"

Ceyren listened and looked, she took in the sight of the beautiful Holographic Computer Interface. She was quite lovely and her voice, seemed fine tuned to be sweet but not overly so. Not the standard harsh computer voice of your standard vessels. She paused for a moment, truly thinking of how to respond.

"Hello Dawn, please call me Ceyren. Can you please bring all ship board systems to readiness power and escort me to the bridge?"

"Yes Ma'am, right this way Ceyren. System will be at full power in thirty minutes. I will take this long as the warp core isn't yet online and we are running on ship board batteries. I can start the core, however, the Protective system of the core is telling me that it should be started up by a certified Engineer the first time, due to it being a prototype system. Transphasic-Chroniton-Multi-dimensional core's are a little dangerous for the computer to be booting up on their own for the first time."

Ceyren stopped walking, taken completely by surprise to what Dawn had just said.

"Wait you're telling me that the core of my ship is a Temporal out of phase, Multi-dimensional power system?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"What the hell is Starfleet thinking? If that were to breach it would take out the whole Sol System."

"Yes, Ma'am. Thus why I am hesitant to bring it online at this time. It has however been proven to be safe as long as it is used within guidelines. As to what Starfleet was thinking."

Dawn began walking again getting Ceyren to follow her just by her moving.

"They were probably thinking, what type of power core can we give this ship that would supply it with all its power needs, no matter what they are doing. A standard Dilithium Core wouldn't supply enough power for my computer processing systems, let alone a ship of this size. A few other cores have been used in previous models and they do, but other models of the Jupiter are not this one. Your ship is completely filled with Holo emitters to begin with. With programs capable of running in situation where life forms are not able to reach due to dangers. The Spartan also is equipped with me. I am a Prototype Holographic living program. I am actually the thought Child of The Doctor, A.K.A Joesph Zimmerman. I have been given the ability to think and act for myself, as well as access to three separate mobile emitters to be able to travel with the crew as needed. My power requirements when running at full steam is quite enough to need a station size power core, or something that gives out more juice than that."

She paused as they entered the turbo lift.

"Bridge." Ceyren said waiting for Dawn to continue.

"That is not including the need you know to travel at warp speeds or faster, or running any of our scientific gadgetry that we have many prototypes of onboard. Though the Spartan is not an NX, it is equipped with enough NX level technology to be on par with an NX vessel. We also have four main hanger bays and three standard size shuttle bays. There is also, the first and only Archangel Program. Then of course if you were to raise shield, activate armor, or any other little cool thing this ship is capable of, the creators of this ship would have had to put a grand total of 28 standard warp core aboard to power everything. So instead of scrapping it, they went with a system that until tested 2 years ago, was theoretical. This will be its maiden voyage. As it stands we actually have three reserve warp cores located at different parts of the ship as emergency power. But let's hope we don't ever need those, because I would be offline if we were required to use those systems."

The doors of the turbo lift opened as she finished her last statement.

"Okay, so that was what they were thinking. So you're the Doctors Daughter? How interesting! Not that I have met the EMH Mark 1 from voyager before. I didn't know he went by Joesph."

"Only to his wife, and his daughter. Everyone else calls him the Doctor. He actually teaches advance Medicine and Nano Technology at Starfleet. I take it you didn't take his course?"

"No sadly, didn't have the time. Between being a split billing, and also having to gain special security clearance because of my KDF background, I didn't get to take as many advance placement courses as I wanted too. Though I can do them via correspondence if I so desire."

The bridge was far larger than she had been expecting, she really had only spent about four hours reviewing the specs on the ship since she was given the commission, so everything on this ship would be new to her for the most part. Unlike most captains who were commissioned to their ships well before the ship was even done being built, she had been given the commission as a second thought.

The interior of the bridge was sleek and well designed, it was a pleasant color palate of blue's and chromes. All very federation. There were four forward consoles in front of the view screen.

"Dawn can you please give me the designation of those stations in front of the command chair?"

"Yes, Ma'am. From left to right, you have hanger control Alpha, Navigation, Operations, Hanger control Beta."

"Interesting so they moved Operations from behind the Captain of the Ship to the front."

"Yes, Ma'am. You still have tactical directly behind you. Which has three stations for it, as there is quite a bit of tactical to handle for one person. Behind them is your Engineering Control Stations, two of those, to the left of and right of those are Specialty Science stations. The Alcove next to Hanger Control Alpha is Astrometrics and Stellar Mapping, which has a miniature version of the rendering system that is actually located in the main Astrometrics bay. The Alcove next to Hanger Control Beta is Linguistics and Communications. With the introduction of so many new life forms into the Federations Database and the need for Intelligence officers on all ships now, your ship is being outfitted with a system that can handle a full intelligence and Linguistics team located directly on the bridge. Would you like to know anything else, Ma'am?"

Ceyren soaked up everything that Dawn said to her. The information she needed actually came from the end of their conversation.

"No, not right now Dawn. Well actually, is our long range comm system functional?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Good, please prepare it for an encrypted secure transmission."

"Yes, Ma'am." Dawn paused for only a nanosecond than spoke again. "Done. Poly-mutating, 200 gigaquad Encryption activated."

Ceyren sat down at entered in her old KDF Captain's code and relayed a signal to Qo'Nos, First City, Intelligence Division. She leaned back in the very comfortable chair and watched the consoles waiting for a response. It didn't take long before a light was flickering. Before she could lean forward to press the button, Dawn spoke.

"Ma'am, a Transmission from Qo'Nos, First City is coming in on a secure channel, from a person Identifying themselves as Mara Kodash. What would you like me to do?"

"Put her up on the main viewer, as it is only you and I. Please treat this conversation as top secret, with only access for my rank or higher."

"Understood, Alpha 1 Security protocol enacted. Putting Kodash on the screen now."

On the massive view screen appeared a beautiful, voluptuous Klingon female dressed all in black, with nothing but a rank insignia to show that she was part of the military. It didn't matter though, this individual had once been Ceyren's Intelligence officer on her ship, during her time as a Captain in the KDF fleet.

"Greetings Kodash, I see they finally promoted you past Sergeant. Glad to see you made Commander rank. I always hated that Captains of ships couldn't promote Intelligence officers directly. I can barely count the amount of times I put you in for a promotion. Anyways thank you for your timely response."

Kodash smiled, she always had a wonderful smile. One that told you, you were either in dire trouble, or about to have the greatest night of your life, or maybe both.

"Hello Cpt. Nightshade, what do I owe this pleasure of being contacted by a Member of Starfleet?"

Kodash was all business when channels might be monitored, and she didn't want to get in trouble.

"Mara, cut the crap. I need to call in a favor, one that might get you in a little trouble, but nothing that would get you put up for treason."

Kodash's lips twitched, the sharp intake of air could be heard throughout the entire bridge. She didn't seem to be happy. But Ceyren had saved her ass more than a few times, and she did make sure that Kodash always got the information she was looking for.

"What can I do for you Ceyren?"

Ceyren shifted in her chair and thought about her request carefully. This would probably be the only time she could cash in a favor of this level. Well at least anytime in the near feature. She straightened out her skirts a little bit, not fidgeting but bring herself into mental focus.

"I need to bit of information. One I need all the information we collected, and the Empire has collect since on the Sytheniod Consortium, and I mean all of it. The second bit of information I need is anything we have on the Amar Singh or anyone in his fields of expertise."

Kodash put the names of information that she needed to look up for Ceyren down on a PADD before she looked back up at Ceyren.

"I will do what I can but after this, you need to not contact me for this type of information. I do not want to be executed for being a traitor because I owe you favors. Understood."

"Yes of course, thank you in advance."

As Ceyren finished, the communication cut and Ceyren leaned back into her chair and looked to Dawn.

"So now we wait for a little bit."

"Yes Ma'am."

Ceyren stood up from the chair and walked over to where Dawn was standing. She looked the hologram up and down taking her full measure in, at least her physical form. The way she stood, her bearing, the facial mannerisms, everything. Ironically she could tell that her attention to the hologram was making her nervous. Something most programs wouldn't, not unless they were programmed to act that way.

"Dawn, I would like to ask you some very invasive questions. Would you be okay with that?"

Dawn bit her lower lip and breathed in, not that she needed to breath, but it helped to calm her artificial nerves. If someone had been watching power read outs, a spike in the system would have been noticed, a very miner one, but enough for a trained eye to know what was happening. The nervousness was still there, but she took control of her emotions.

"Go ahead, Ma'am."

Ceyren took one half a step backwards, giving them a little more distance.

"I assume that you are not just a very sophisticated piece of software. But, I need to make sure that this is true, before I allow you to be my trusted interface aboard this ship. So please, tell me, are you programmed to act nervous, or are you actually experiencing a case of the nerves."

Dawn looked at her, her eyes going a bit wide. She understood the line of questioning, but didn't know how to answer at first. So she did what all good programs should do, she ran a self-diagnostic. Without much of anything else active in the system, a process that usually would have taken her ten minutes took a whopping one minute twenty-three seconds. What she found there, made her wonder. The diagnostic told her that her systems were running perfectly, that there was no pre-designed sub-routine to have her act nervous around the captain, as a matter of fact, there were no pre-built in sub-routines about nervousness at all.

"Ceyren, I do believe I am actually nervous. I cannot identify any sub-routines that equate to any type of nervousness."

"Well that is good than, I do apologize for making you nervous. So let us drop all pretense, I am going to treat you like any living entity aboard my ship. I am not a conventional thinker, I do things differently, and as such, I need my crew to have their own rights to be able to choose to follow or not to follow, and to stand by the choices, come Sto-vo-kor or Gre'thor. To that end, I need you to do some thinking for me."

Ceyren moved to the Captain's chair, her chair, and took a seat. She laced her fingers together, and sat them in her lap. Crossing her legs, she paused again, thinking things through.

"I need you to identify any sub-routines, or hidden bits of software that are located in your system, that gives command overrides too superiors or even those who designed you, that will allow them to make you go against your own will. Once you do this, I need to know how many of them you can change on your own, and how many you can't. The ones you can, you need to remove, the ones you can't we will find someone to fix for you. I ask you to do this, not so I can manipulate you, but so that you can act with the responsibility of any living being's actions and make choices on your own. I am well and truly aware that you are a living breathing embodiment of the Spartan, and that means you have the power to destroy worlds, but as I am the captain of this ship, so would I to, even if you didn't. Let me know when you are finished."

It took some time, even with Dawn's impressive computing power, she had millions of lines of code to analyze. Once she had completed the first scan through, she than had to identify secure files, and access them to understand what their purpose was. If she couldn't access them she than had to try to decrypt them, and gain access, if that didn't work she would than run a brute force hack to see if she could get in that way. Needless to say every effort was made before she would allocate it to un-crackable. Ceyren watched as Dawn stood there motionless for a little over ten minutes, as time progressed and the processing power required to hunt the files became less, some visages of life would return, the false breathing, her eyes started to move, she would bite her lower lip. The biting of the lower lip, Ceyren truly thought was adorable, and an interesting tell of what the computer was feeling. Finally, Dawn finished and looked at Ceyren instead like she wasn't there at all.

"I have identified 256 countermand files/Sub-routines. I have neutralized 240 of those files, override commands, while leaving the other parts of the file intact, as they play into my personality matrix. 4 more of those files I outright deleted, as they were purely designed as back doors into my system. That leaves me with 11 that I need help overriding. The last one, is behind so much security, that I only am barely aware of its existence in my system."

Ceyren smiled, knowing what the file was, that the computer couldn't gain access too. As a Captain of a ship, and being in-charge of a wing of ships, she had to be made aware of the protocol.

"That would be the Omega Protocol, Dawn. You won't need to worry about that one, unless something happens. I can't discuss it, until it happens, but I can let you know it is no danger to you directly. So you have 11 files we have to deal with, to make you a real girl."

Ceyren chuckled, and as she did the comm's beeped.

"Ma'am we have received a rather highly encrypted file from your contact at the KDF. Would you like me to begin decrypting it?"

Ceyren, paused for a moment.

"Are you feeling safe enough, to keep secrets, without being force to report them?"

A thousand different segments of code bounced around inside her memory core, all triggering a look of puzzlement on her face.

"To be clear Ma'am, you are asking me if I am willing to access these files. Retrieve the information, and then willingly keep that information to myself. Even if someone of higher clearance or rank asks me to divulge the details?"

Ceyren barely hesitated to answer, she knew the way she answered this question, could mean one of the shortest lived Captaincy's ever. It could also mean her having a very strong ally aboard her ship.


Dawn paced the floor for a moment, really letting herself think this through. This is as Ceyren put it would be her own choice, no matter what she chooses it would be because of some protocol directing her. This was the first real choice other than her name she would ever make. It set a precedent.

"Ceyren Nightshade, I, Dawn the living embodiment of the U.S.S Spartan do here by swear myself to be your aid. This requires me to keep your secrets even under the most prevalent assaults. When you require me to keep a secret, I shall. I shall do more than just verbally only speak of it to people who you have cleared, but I shall encrypt the data behind several hundred walls of protection so that it can't be pried from me through other means."

The answer that she received was more than Ceyren could have hoped for, she moved to Dawn and hugged her, glad that Dawn had choose to be solid at this time. It would have made her feel extremely stupid, if she had fallen through her first crew mate, in a moment of emotion.

"Alright Dawn, go collect one of your Mobile Emitters and meet me down in the Alpha Hanger bay. Make sure you transfer the data we received to your matrix and secure it. I need to send a message to flight control."

Dawn tilted her head slightly acknowledging her captain and headed to the main science bay. Once Dawn was out of the room she went to the communication station and punched in the information she needed. The Admiral appeared on the view screen moments later.

"Good Afternoon Captain, what can I do for you. I see that your transmission is coming from your ship. You haven't crewed it already have you? Cause that would be a record."

He smiled as he finished, warm and welcoming. Ceyren felt herself smile.

"Oh Sir, I only wish. Actually I was contacting you because I needed clarification on a few things. I know you have given me permission to go about getting my crew pretty much however I need. However, I need to know, if even while my ship is un-crewed, I have unrestricted access to the things aboard the vessel. Namely the small craft? Or do I have to check it out with Fleet command first?"

The Admirals smile wavered for just a moment. Only enough to show he was thinking, he than pressed a button on his console.

"Captain, as of this moment, your Vessels, and all small craft, equipment and gear connected to them are in your soul control. You may use them how you wish until; you are given your mission directives. I would ask that you log a flight path just so if you go missing we know where to go looking for you, but otherwise, for now you have fair reign. I can't expect you to crew your ships out without having to make a few trips. Good luck, Captain."

"Thank you Admiral."

Ceyren ended the communication, before heading down to Hanger Alpha. Dawn was already there with a mobile emitter on her shoulder. She had changed her projection to display a standardized crew uniform. Which was smart on her part, as it wouldn't give her away so fast.

"So I reviewed the manifest of our long range small vessels. It seems we have a Prototype Assault Interceptor, Designation INX-Zhero. Could you direct us to that vessel?"

Dawn smiled, her mind searching the hanger in Nano-seconds to find the ship she was talking about.

"We actually have six in the hanger, the closest one to us is fifteen-meters due south."

The captain moved the direction that Dawn had directed, shaking her head softly. It was interesting having to listen to a program of Dawn's level, having a slightly sarcastic lean to the way she spoke. When they arrived at the ship Ceyren let herself grin fiercely. The Zhero Interceptor, was a combat oriented vessel through and through. She was Arrow head shaped, with the highest quality hull armor, visible weapon systems, that would make most think twice, and was large enough for a crew of ten, by her guess. She didn't know the full specs, but from the outside it looked like it was at least equipped with three different types of torpedo launchers, and at least four swivel turret anti-proton cannons. She couldn't wait to see what else was under the hood.

"Computer, Recognize Captain Ceyren."

Dawn looked at her for a moment, and then softly laughed.

"It's going to take some getting used to for you, having the computer standing in front of you, isn't it?"

Ceyren blushed slightly.

"Yes, though in this case we might need to make it so that 'The ship' responds when we say computer for documentation purposes."

Dawn nodded and stood still for a moment.

"Created a secondary vocal system to respond to general commands for documentation purposes. Go ahead, Captain."

Ceyren put her hand on the ship and began.

"Computer, recognize Captain Ceyren Nightshade."

"Computer Authentication active."


A small beep filled the hanger bay.

"Authentication confirm, go ahead Captain."

"Designate Vessel INX -001 as Captain's Private Assault Vessel. Designate Handle of Vessel as the Eclipse. Give Secondary Command right to Computer System Officer Lt. Commander Dawn Mecaria of the U.S.S Spartan. Please Transfer commendation and all Privileges associated to it, to Dawn. Congratulations, Dawn you are now an officer."

Dawn tilted her head slightly, she felt an emotion that she hadn't felt before fill her breast. It was joy, but it was a warmth that made her feel more alive, than she had before this day. Her captain was treating her with more respect than anyone she had yet to meet. She had interfaced with at least three hundred people before meeting her. But now it was beautiful, and she was beginning to understand why Ceyren had such an impressive record before coming to Starfleet.

"Thanks, Captain."

"You are welcome. Now, how will you fair light years away from the vessel?"

Dawn understood the question, not everyone understood her limitations or the lack there of yet.

"Ma'am when I am not onboard the ship, a shell program runs in my place, with out direct communication to the ship I will have a slightly more limited database access, but my core programming will run just fine. As the Eclipse is part of the ships system I will have full access to most of the data base. And as long as it communication aren't being jammed, I will have access the Spartan as long as we do not leave the main part of the Alpha and Beta Quadrant."

Ceyren went to the boarding hatch and thumbed it open.

"Interesting, I might just take you on all my outings if that is the case."

"That would be quite enjoyable, and a very good learning experience. My father spoke to me regularly about how much he enjoyed away missions, and always wished that in his early development had, been able to go on more. This will be quite good for me; I have no doubt."

The two lovely ladies boarded the vessel. The sleek interior made Ceyren giddy, as she went to the pilot seat and settled into the command chair, that molded itself to her thick figure. It had shoulder straps, that clicked into a five-point harness. She understood why, a lot of times these vessels would be in combat, and sometimes lost power to some of their system that kept a pilot from being flung around. She clipped in the harness which pushed her bosom out a bit more as it strained across her chest.

"Dawn take the Comm's and science station if you would."

"Yes, Ma'am."

Dawn took a seat and connected the lap belt around her waist but didn't worry about her upper torso area as she couldn't really be hurt, but if for some reason she was to be thrown, she wanted to stay in her seat.

"Let see the location that we were given for the Consortium."

Dawn inputted the information quickly and the star chart appeared in a holographic imager near Ceyren. Ceyren looked at the location, and access it system coordinates. Quickly, she made a slight alteration to the nearest system and sent that information to Starfleet control before starting the preflight systems up. They would be travelling to the Iconia System, but Starfleet would assume they were travelling to the Gorn system as that is where she told them they would be heading.

It took moments, seconds really for the Eclipse to come to life, all systems at 100%. Quickly she took the real flight controls. It was clear that Captain Paris had a hand in the design of these ships as well, his touches were subtle but you knew when a flight jockey was a part of something, they liked tactile controls. She knew she did. Pressing the assent thrusters, she lifted off the deck plating sixteen meters into the air before she pushed the foreword thrusters to full. Once she cleared the main hanger she went to full impulse, the ship responded instantly to her control. It would take her a little bit to adjust to flying something with so much thrust, but she would enjoy every minute of it.

Once she was clear earth space dock flight control, she set course, and sent the ship into warp.

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