Star Wars the Old Republic: Passion is a Lie, There is Only Control

Cipher 8 is one of Imperial Intelligence's elite agents, and one of their most unique. As a member of the Sith species, he should be wielding a lightsaber and using the force yet he does not. In fact, he has quite embraced the life of an agent and the many tools in their arsenal. What many do not know is that underneath the Cipher is...

To Cipher the SIS

Series of short stories in between the cut scenes of Star Wars: The Old Republic's more recent expansion packs, starting with the Shadow of Revan. Continuing Story. Copyright: Star Wars: The Old Republic belongs to Bioware/EA, and Disney.


In the city of Blackwell a crime lord known only as Mr. Wolf is taking over. Skylar Whitaker, a resident of Blackwell, meets a sharp dressed man and falls head over heels. Unbeknownst to him Mr. Wolf and the man he's fallen for are one in the same. Mr. Wolf hides an even greater secret, one spanning centuries and another life.