Part 10: Teaching in Trump’s America


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You’re doing incredible work but it is exhausting and sometimes unrewarding and often times negated however you need to understand that you are doing good work. Reward yourself with someone that reiterates that. Imagine how bogged down you feel at the end of your teaching days but remember you know that facts, you have the knowledge, you’ve done the research you have a better grasp than those that are not surrounded by a learning institution all day, who are not encouraged to educate themselves. Imagine how much comfort we take in our education, our knowledge and now imagine you don’t have that to fall back on? How much more chaotic everything seems. That is why we cannot only recharge ourselves but our students also. Don’t just hit them with the truth of the patriarchy also give them the good news, the proof of change, of progress, give them hope.

When I discuss racism I always quote Rich Benjamin, “Interpersonal race relations — how we treat each other as human beings —are vastly better than in my parents' generation…”but I still finish the quote,“And yet, some things haven't changed. America is as residentially and educationally segregated today as it was in 1970.” We discuss how much more needs to be done.

We are all on a journey to learn, everyone is at a different point but we are all doing our best. Remind our students that we live in an amazing country and that no matter the leader, the people within it are incredible. We are allowed to criticize, we are allowed to hold our leaders accountable but now more than ever we must make sure that what we are doing in our classroom is teaching our students their rights. Teaching them how to succeed and giving them the tools to do that. We aren’t tasked with forcing them into a new identity. Our goal shouldn’t be to make them all fit into one size or image. We are to embrace them as they are. We need to move past labels, break from stereotypes and push past our limitations. We have the power to make our classrooms safe and interesting and challenging. Why shy away from that?

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