Consumption of Healthy Food during Kitchen Revamp


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Consumption of Healthy Food during Kitchen Revamp

Once in a blue moon it is essential to renovate the main area of the house that is “Kitchen”. Kitchen lies at the heart of the females as half of their age is spent in that particular area to prepare temptations just to feed their families to keep them healthy. Now the question arises that during the changeover period of transformation from an Old to a New Looking Kitchen, how will the basic necessity be fulfilled on daily basis? Ordering every day from outside is an additional cost to the tentative budget set for revamping. Besides this it also has a risk of getting ill quick. All the appliances tend to be shut down for the time being. Favorite things are closed for time being such as who has an interest in baking tends to feel incomplete without it. How one can have a healthy diet in the mean time? Well! There are few suggestions that could help to consume foodstuff during the entire process.

Initially it may seem to be a difficult task to adjust in preparation of such items. Certainly after some days an individual has a grip on it. As it is said “Nothing is Impossible when the word itself says I M Possible”. There is no such thing as not being done. It is all on the person’s capabilities of how well manageable he/she is.

Careful precautions need to be taken prior because of the dust caused during breaking or drilling so on. While culinary is on making, it is advisable to cover it up with a lid or a cloth to avoid the germs going inside it.


Select a designated alternate Option for Cooking Meals


Thinking of a substitute that where one can place all the utensils for a couple of weeks where all the food can be made. Shifting is not that easy as it looks like. The best is to cover up the area of the room which is least used by house people. There should be enough cabinets, drawers and countertops that allow the tools to be stored on it carefully. Also room desk is good.


Arrangement of Important portable Kitchen Utensils


First thing that needs to be kept on priority is to check in the cabinets and countertops that which appliances are easily moveable that can be your best friend in this tough time. Some of them can be fridge which is already placed in the dining area, grill barbecue stand, toasters, electrical stove, microwaves with convection oven option, crockpots and blenders. They are user friendly and can help a lot.


What specifies Healthy Food?


Now once you have identified what significant tools can be a part of your support in the struggle days, next step is to preplan a menu for the entire week to prevent from any mishap in the future. Cook and store it in the refrigerator for the next day to save time and energy.


Fresh Fruit Juices


Instead of purchasing artificial flavored juice boxes, get seasonal fresh fruits from the hyper mart and start making amazing juices in the blender. It would be clean, hygienic and would definitely enrich the taste buds.




Kettle has become an essential component of a Kitchen’s countertop placement. Carry that along too with the other kitchen equipment. Tea or coffee lovers cannot stay without having them. Easily boil the water, put in tea bags with a drop of milk. For coffee preparation, a small bottle can be kept in the outside cupboard and utilized upon requirement.


Breakfast List


Boiled eggs in the crockpot with water are quick and easy to eat. Have some fruits like apple, bananas, grapes etc. are quick catch to the hand. Readymade tinned yogurts, creams can be eaten with a spoon to stay healthy and fresh.




Diet conscious people really care for their weight. Fiber related food items works well in this regard such as cornflakes, Weetabix so on.


Snack Chilling


Most individuals have this habit to munch after every 3-4 hours and can’t resist themselves from eating. Healthy snack items include dry fruits, sandwiches with sliced cheese and butter and baked beans cans are readily available but just require a slight warming in the microwave.


Vegetable Salad


Grab some vegetables from the store. Mix all the veggies like tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, onions, feta cheese (if available), olives and similar things that are liked by you. Add a pinch of salt and a lid of vinegar or lemon juice. Mix it well and there have a fresh healthy salad. It can be served as a sideline with the other eatables. Purchase a beautiful bowl for combining all the things.


Lunch Delicacies


Soups can be cooked in the crockpot or simply warm the water in the kettle with incorporating the ready to eat soup sachets in the cup. Apart from soup, roasted vegetables are a good option too.


Dinner Prep


With the availability of a movable grill stand, steaks, grilled chicken/fish and hot dogs can fill up the stomach. Advantage is the oil free resulting into low cholesterol.


Relevant Additional Inventory


It is pretty much obvious that there won’t be ample space to keep on washing the dishes later on. Therefore it is advised to keep disposable paper plates, cups, plastic spoons, trash bags to be inserted in the garbage bin to make it convenient for your own self. Risk of damage to the glass crockery also minimizes. It ultimately reduces to waste a lot of time.


To sum up – Anything looks tough in the beginning but when things start to streamline, that difficulty is converted into ease leading to a worthy success. With the right selection of appliances, menu list and motivation which is vital, survival is not problematic. It’s a temporary phase and this shall pass too! So don’t Panic and wait for the outcomes because once is built, you will be the one who will feel privileged in a branded kitchen décor. Happy Revamping!

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