A Story Teller


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A story teller

 A story teller

Life is a story , we are actors we perform different roles in life and at stages of life which are scenes of our movie , 

We perform different roles a protagonist we perform , a producer we produce our emotions in our acts by the direction to perfrom 

For some of our acts we are applaud and are given awards , and for some where we fail are criticized , but still a human being perform 

We write our presents and future as a writer based on our past 

We gives tunes and music of happiness and sorrow which are experienced 

We dance and act on the consequences whether they are favorable or unfriendly 

We get criticized by critics , applaud by our wellwisher as fans 

We make our life living in limelight , but hide our dark sight from being exposed 

Friends , and family plays the supporting roles in our life which brings out best form inside

We try to kill the villain inside our lives which is pessimist and negative traits 

But in the end the only award we crave for is the success on or roles which we perform to make your story successful typeset examples for others 

Life is a story , define it the way you feel , not the way you failure want to 

Life is a performance , we are the performer , and success happens only when story becomes intresting

Define your life , create your life and mark it with your 

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