Life Emotions


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 Life desire 

I built my path on my own

Destiny was my desire to achieve my passion and emotions 

I ll ride upon my feelings , just to plant a seed of emotions which are cravings inside me to dwell 

Visiting my thoughts and accomplishing them is my motto, learning through the passage of my journey is what I am craving 

Some I would learn , some my journey would teach , some experiences would be tough , some would be experiments , others would be the desired emotions living  inside to get accomplished 

My companions are my passion , desire 

My halts are new accomplishing mottos 

The pace would be the passion to achieve

I ll drove passionately  , hard enough to mark my own stature of achieving them 

The moments were relishing 

The emotions were speechless

Yet definable 

The passion was immense 

The desire was the apex 

I drove my vehicle of passion to reach my desire of destiny 

Some were easy some were tough

Many are memorable 

Many are unexplainable 

I vowed and promised to continue the drive towards my accompliment of my desired dreams 

I bid goodbye my weakness

I bid goodbye my fears 

I welcomed my passion 

I enjoyed my emotions 

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