Lord Shiva


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Lord shiva

 Lord shiva  

 Om Namash Shivay

Three words , powerful in itself 

You are the destroyer of evil , 

You are formless , limitless and the only soul of the universe .

You are the barbaric , who live a ascetic life on the mount Kailash , at the same time you are civilized with Parvati and two kids lord Ganesha and kartik .

Your third eye on your forehead , your crescent moon on your head , your long hair , from where the Ganga flows signed your ultimate persona .

Your weapons trident and your damru , shows your power and your love .

Your tandav dance in the form of Natrajan defines your power and beauty . 

The most learned also bow their head infornt of you , your Rudra personality is rigorous and Powerful , you are the destroyer of evil 

Your dance defines sristhi - creation 

Your dance defines sthit - support 

Your dance defines samhara- destruction and evolution 

Your dance defines tirobhava - illusion 

Your dance defines anugraha- grace 

Your are neither born and not be destroyed , you have the supreme knowledge and power of the world 

Your tears which fell from your tears becomes blossom on earth in form of rudraksh


Your Nandi bull gaurded your house and help you your minister , your snake around your neck Vasuki is the king of serpent and the king of nagas and has the gem nagamani on his head , you wrap around your waist the most fearless animal skin which defines your power over fearless 

You smoke the cannabis you drink the Hemp , which defines your freeness and character 

Om namash shivay

Om Namash shivay 

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