The Balloon Girl


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Everyday I used to pass a square ,

Everyday I used to see a little girl standing with a bunch of pretty balloons waiting for people

Nobody  cared to  buy a ballon but she never used to see sadness in her eyes

She dress up in a small frock , filth with dirt on her dress and her face , but her sparkling eyes vanishes the dirt from her soul

She ask everyone to buy a ballon , some bought some refused ,

Some tried to help her with money only but she refuses ,

She was courageous , she was valour with her instincts

Her eyes were sparking but can sense tears ,

Her thirst and hunger was not for food and water ,

But for the grits to prove her instincts

The adversity was her strength which made her brave

The little she was , the biggest was her fight with her virtues

I felt tears in my eyes and not for the sadness but for respect she gained in my eyes for her 

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