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The Dead Has Risen

A 13 year old girl who had everything she wanted...friends ,family,a place called home.Until everything faded away and she lost everything she ever had and ever loved. Read as Kayela struggles,sacrifices,and survives through this crisis ~ It all has to end one day ...but when is her day?

Seven Weeks to Forever

Young love can be unstoppable, but is it always enough? Cassidy Jordan won't open her heart to anyone, and with good reason. She's a second-timer, returned from the afterlife after a devastating romance caused her death. On the eve of her eighteenth birthday, all that stands between her and eternity is finding Riley Davis and helping...

Big Little Lies

If you haven't read Liane Moriarty yet stop whatever else you're doing and get reading - to start you off, here's a sample of the irresistible Big Little Lies. Yes the HBO series was indeed great, but as you'll see, you can't beat the original...Published by Pan Australia.

Heart of Darkness

Heart of Darkness is a novella written by Polish-born writer Joseph Conrad (born Józef Teodor Konrad Korzeniowski). Before its 1902 publication, it appeared as a three-part series (1899) in Blackwood's Magazine. It is widely regarded as a significant work of English literature and part of the Western canon. This highly symbolic story...

We are the gray

Dangling by a thread she must choose between leaving the man with blood on his hands, or dating the man she thinks is everything she needs, wants, and yearns for. But the second man has a much darker secret as he lures her for a trap like a cat. Her best friend’s death is like a cold reminder of the life she left behind as the...