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Chapter 1

 Today was a big day in Stellar Eclipse

The alpha king was coming to bless the young wolves to shift, and I was apart of the group about to go into their first shift

You could taste the excitement, and smell the hormones 

Today was the day I could find my mate

I twirled a red lock around my finger, a nervous habit of mine

There weren't many things that could go wrong today but you never knew

Many of us were strong pups, but there was a high chance that our wolves were stronger 

And there lied the danger

If your wolf was stronger than you, the moment you shifted you would no longer exist, your wolf would have taken over you entirely gaining everything that you had, making the wolf partially human

For a werewolf to remain a werewolf the wolf and the human must be equal in strength

But sometimes that isn't true, and it happens a lot 

My pack has many rules that are easily bent and swayed, but there is one rule that they have stood behind firmly for centuries 

If you can't shift back, you are not a member of this pack

Those who can't shift back lose every family tie that they ever had, their name wiped from every record, they never existed in this pack.

But as I said I was a strong pup, many of us were, but unlike them I had strong alpha and beta genes running through my blood with generations of strong capable alphas behind me I believed that me and my wolf will be equal.

The horns sounded, signifying the arrival of our king we all bowed as he came forwards we, the young wolves took our spaces at the from blankets draped over our shoulders of different colours signifying our family status

Mine was the brightest due to the beta status I held. the alpha, Steven, my best friend wore a similar one but the yellow was much brighter

We glanced at each other smiling a hopeful smile as the king came to us he touched Stevens and my  head speaking a tongue we knew as God touched 

 ”by the power granted to me by the moon goddess I give you the power to shift” he spoke

And shift we did, the change was painful and for both of us took several minutes

By the time we finished out blanket We're dyed with the blood from our shift

It scared the others but we were elated glancing to each other as we contacted our wolves

A look of fear came over his face and I didn't know why

”im sorry” my wolf spoke weakly

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 Supernaturals were a majority in my world, so I grew up surrounded by my kind, by wolves

Sure human existed but they were few and far between, most of the time they were kept as pets to vampires and others they lived under the protection of a leader, much like a pack.

But this is a story for another time

You see the year is S689 and the world today is split into five different territories, and in the many other sub territories

You have the demonic territory that exists directly below every other territory and is one of the biggest, it consists of every creature from demons, succubus, Incubus and many more that we are still unsure about

The next from the is the celestial territory, it harbours our gods and the creatures of the light it exists in the clouds and the area above us, I only know of the angels and the moon goddess to who we pray to for guidance while the humans have many gods

Then we have the fairy lands, it consists of all things magical from witches and warlocks to the ever elusive bird of paradise they all exist here, humans do not exist in the fairy world. The fairy lands can be found from the north to the southeast of all world territories.

The vampiric territories exist in the north to south west of all worldly territories and contain every known creature that derives its sustenance from blood, there are no sub territories and they are all ruled over by one leader, the human population mostly accumulates here.

Then there are the shifter territories, my home territories, that existed in all south-west to south-east areas of the would, the parts were most of the forests exsist, humans are a rarity but we don't mind. This territory has many sub territories surrounding the centre that we call the kingdom, that's where our leader the alpha king resides. Altogether there are three tiers

The royal tier which is owned by the alpha king

The diplomatic tier which is split into three sub territories

The warrior tier which is split into 15 equally sized territories 

All shifter types lived in harmony here, although some packs do not accept any none wolf shifters most packs do 

It was in my pack land of stellar eclipse that my story starts

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Chapter 2

 Panic overflowed my body as I looked to steven

”what do you mean you're sorry?” I barked hurriedly and my wolf sighed sadly

”i can feel it happening, you are to strong” her voice became weaker

”I'm to strong, I don't understand"

”yes, you're absorbing me” her voice was growing weaker and weaker with every passing second as a feeling of emptiness grew inside me in a panic I called to her

”what's your name!?"

”ember” were her last words to me before she completely vanished from me leaving behind a heavy feeling in my heart and an empty space in my head

” you may shift back now” the king spoke during my daze he had allowed the power of shifting to everyone 

I couldn't hold the shift anymore, each second was a struggle as I gave in and allowed my body to return to normal allowing the blanket to drape over my body 

There was the sound of long sighs as batted breaths were turned in to cries of happiness 

With a smile, I turned to Steven only to freeze, he was still a wolf he looked at me with sadness and heartbreak

We both knew what this meant

He shrugged off the blanket standing up

”Steven?” I reached for him brushing my fingers over his almond coloured furry head, we were raised together, we were like family, born in spring at the same time, trained under the same person, at the same time 

We went to school together

We lived next door to one another, we were as close to family as you could get

As far as I was concerned we were family

He was like a brother to me, the only brother i ever had

” Steven,” i called as he rubbed his head against my hands tears clouded my vision before they fell down my cheeks, we both knew what this meant ”please tell me you're just playing around?"

He whined softly coming closer he nuzzled my check licking the tears that fell down there

I'm not, little sis” his voice spoke weakly ”I love you, remember that, please?" he asked as the green faded from his eye I brought his big wolf body into a hug burying my face in his soft almond fur, he rested his head on my shoulder, behind me i heard crying, I knew it was his mother ”tell them i love them to”  his wavering voice spoke softly as iI cried against his fur

”i will” i cried trying to stop my tears but I couldn't 

Minutes passed until the wolf pulled out from my grip and i let my arms fall for, his neck i looked to his face

His dark eyes looked me over and his ears flicked back

I'm sorry, i tried to stopi shushed him shaking my head and he whined nuzzling my cheeks,  ”you're Tickia, aren't you?”


he loves you, ” he spoke fondly and i love you tooi smiled at that

”what's your name?” i asked him softly


”it's nice to meet you spark”

the alpha king came up behind me and i froze as he rested his hand on my shoulder and the wolf in from of me whine

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