Death’s Guide To Life


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Chapter 1

Life suddenly gasped sharply launching to her feet she stepped back her hands covering her mouth as shock covered her face, I frowned

“Tulip?,” I called taking in the horrified look on her face I was filled with a sudden uneasiness “Tulip, what’s wrong?”

She couldn’t speak.....

The look completely plastered on her face she took shaky steps back her legs trembling beneath her 

That was when I saw it

My eyes followed the dark trail that emerged from her once occupied spot, it didn’t move, no, it pulseated my eyes flashed to Tulip glancing down at her feet where the darkness had latched onto her like a disease

I stood up moving to her I grabbed her arms gently and she looked at me, tears adorned her face like dew on a blade of grass and I hated it

The darkness felt evil, powerfully so, I knew that the moment it started taking form.

It was in that moment that it became Daemon
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 Life was a strange strange thing

She was always so indecisive, never knowing what to do, what to say or how to act

I guess that was why I was there

Not to say that I was ever very helpful in any situation she was trying to sort through 

“It can’t be that hard,” I chuckled at her as she glared at me in a way she thought intimidating (which it wasn’t but I never wanted to tell her that) “let me have a try”

I reached forward only for her to slap my hand away that glare of hers still fixated in place

“Aster,” her tone was warning and firm before softening “you know that’s not how this works, you destroy, I create”

“Oh” there was nothing I could say after that so I sat back and watched her work

She made such a complicated process seem so easy, nurturing the earth beneath her triggering it to flourish with life

She pulsed with concentration 

her eyes growing iridescent as she lost herself in her work, her amber hair levitating around her face reaching down towards the ground like anchient tree roots

She was beautiful

But.... but I’d never tell her that

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