The Last Of The Damned


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Chapter 1

 He clutched his cross tighter to his chest, pressing it into his skin hard enough to leave an indent on it surface, 

He was nervous, it was his first time below the chapel, but father Francis told him that it was a safe place

And the creature was locked up tightly, it would not be able to escape

Which was the whole reason why they were down here in the first place, it was time to cleanse the world of its filth

Somewhere above him a force hit the ground hard enough to shake the earth sending soil particles cascading down billowing up thin clouds of smoke

He sang a quiet hymn as his anxiety rose his brothers joined in careful not to shake their precious cargo

Above them a war raged on, one that would decide the fate of the world

It was a brutal war 

Known as the first supernatural war

Except it was a war against humans, one they were loosing even with gods angels help

The wolves, Fay and vampires were strong and brutal in their ways

But what they, the brothers, were about to do would turn the war to their favour

The brothers were quickly approaching the bottom of the long stair case,the place where the growls of a feral monstrosity resonated

The brothers paused at the landing 

They kneeled praying for protection and strength

The eldest of the brothers lifted the case into his arms, carrying it into the catacomb 

He was chosen by their almighty god to cleanse the creature 

The catacombs were cold and smelt like moisture and soil

It made him uncomfortable 

But he trusted the decisions of those above him

Most cells in the catacombs had been destroyed, some due to wear and tear and others to neglect

Out of the hundreds only a few remained, and they housed the last of an almost extinct species

One they were here to purge for good

This would mean their success in this war

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