Broken Minds Never Heal


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After the girls and I escaped, I got put in a mental hospital for my crimes and sadly, I don't think I'll ever be released because of my doctors and psychologists. You see, they are saying that I'm insane and diagnosed me with Antisocial Personality Disorder but I don't feel like like I'm insane at all. I feel very sane and they have no right to tell me that I'm insane or sane. 
I hate this place and I hate that everyone is calling me insane! 
I was sitting in my cell with Julie and looked at the wall while fidgeting with my hands. Julie came over to me and comforted me, rubbing my back. 
"It's going to be okay." Julie reassured me. "Okay?"
"How is everything going to be okay?" I asked her. "How?!" 
"I don't know." Julie replied. "We will figure something out." 
"Whatever." I replied, rolling my eyes.

Nothing is ever going to get better in my life because of the villains. They won't stop making my life a living hell. 
We walked out of our cells and then slammed the doors before walking to the rec room. When we got to the rec room, we walked in and then went to a table. Both of us sat down and started to talk about our lives to each other, since I trusted her and I told her a lot of things about me that she didn't know about me.
"Wow." Julie said in amazement. "That's great."
"Aw thanks." I said, blushing. 
"You are welcome." Julie replied, leaning closer to me.
When Julie leaned in closer to me, I looked at her in the eyes and smiled slightly. She touched my face and then kissed my lips softly. My eyes widened but then I relaxed and closed my eyes before kissing her back. We kissed for a short period of time but then stopped and pulled away from each other. 
"That was amazing." I said. "I felt a lot of sparks."
"It sure was." Julie replied. "And I also felt sparks."
"Yeah." I nodded in agreement. "So are we dating now?" 
"Yes." Julie said. "I think so."
"Okay." I smiled. 
I grabbed a deck of cards out of my pocket and opened the box before taking it out of the box. I picked the cards up and started to shuffle the cards up while Julie watches me. I dealt the cards and picked my card up before looking at my cards. I started to play a card game with Julie and started to hum a song softly.

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