Her Silent Screams


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I am not working on this book but I will be working on this book soon so please be patient with me.

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Third Person POV

Anna's alarm rang loudly and she banged her hand on it, making it stop. She sat up and got up before limping to her closet. She pulled out her clothes and threw it onto her bed before taking her pajamas off. After she took her pajamas off, she put her school clothes on and walked to her door, opening it. She walked out of her room and closed the door before walking down the stairs. "Make yourself breakfast, you little brat." Her mother snarled. "Yes mum." Anna replied before walking into the kitchen and making her own breakfast. Her father walked into the kitchen and slapped her as hard as he could. She groaned and whimpered before he grabbed her roughly. "You are a pathetic slut. No one wants you and no one loves you." Her father taunted. "You might as well kill yourself.""Please stop hurting m—" She was about to say but got cut off by her mother kicking her in the stomach, knocking the wind out of her.


After her father and mother left for work, she ate breakfast and then went off to school. She waited for the school bus at the bus stop and saw a new boy standing there all alone. She walked over to him and gave him a big smile."Hi." Anna said."Hi." The boy replied."What's your name?" She asked him. "I'm Charlie." He replied. "What's your name?""I'm Anna." She said. "Nice to meet you.""Nice to meet you too." Charlie replied.The bus came and then all of us kids got onto the bus. Charlie and Anna sat next to each other on the bus and started talking to each other. She really enjoyed his company and smiled for the first time in her life because she made a new friend.

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Chapter 1

Anna POV

After school was over, I walked back home slowly and sighed, not wanting to go back to my house. When I reached the front door, I stared at it for a long period of time but then quickly snapped out of it before taking my key out and putting it in the keyhole. I twisted the key to the right and then heard a loud click. Twisting the key back to its original spot, I took the key out and twisted the doorknob, opening the door. I walked in my house and looked around before closing the door behind me.

“Hello?" I said. "Is anyone home?"

I didn't hear anything but silence because my parents did not come early from work. I sighed in relief and walked up the stairs before going to my room. Opening my bedroom door, I walked into my bedroom and closed the door before I sat my stuff down and then sat on my bed. I pulled my diary out from under my pillow and opened it before grabbing a pen and started to write to my hearts content.

"Dear diary, I got beaten again by my parents and it was so painful that I could hardly move. But, my day got better because I met someone new and he's really nice. I hope him and I can be friends with each other without my parents fucking it up. I don't know what is going to happen next." I wrote.

Then, I heard the door slam super hard and I knew that my father was home. I immediately finished writing in my journal and then after I was done, I hid my journal under my pillow and acted normally. My father barged into my room and gave me a nice hard slap in the face, causing me to groan in pain. He growled and grabbed me roughly before he kicked me in the side. He continued to beat me until I couldn't move and all I could was lay there on my bed, sobbing quietly. My father left after he beat me, he smirked and chuckled at the sight of me. 

“You fucking whore." He snarled before leaving and then slammed the door as hard as he could. 

I tried to sit up but my whole body was in pain and groaned in pain. All I wanted to do was die because I didn't want to suffer anymore. I mean, what was the point of living? It's not even worth it.

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