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        Somewhere in Northern Maine; 1876


    The leaves whistled, and the wind howled its evil siren song. The book on the table was eerie by itself but with the storm, Josephine hesitated at touching screamed evil. Swallowing her fear she flipped the front cover open and the bloody pages flipped on their own, until they landed on the page she hadn't known she wanted.


    "Josie?" Her mother was calling to her, but with the wind it sounded as if Josephine was a thousand miles away. "Josie are you in the attic again?" Josephine didn't answer her mother, instead she read out loud a incantation...because someone told her to...the creeper told her to. Spoke the language of the country she hailed from originally...German.

    "Come forth , evil spirit. Do my bidding--kill for me, those I despise!" her Germanic words echoed off the rafters of the attic and the wind howled more furiously than before, the open attic door slammed shut. Speaking now in English she whispered..."Welcome my pet."

    "I am no one's PET!" the evil entity screamed. 

    "Then what are you?" Josephine questioned.

    "I am a powerful demon. You summoned me...what do you wish?"

    "I want all those that defiled me...made me indecent--to die and suffer as I have."

    "As you wish." The unnamed demon lunged forward and bit into her throat. "You want to be powerful no? Welcome to darkness. You wish to play with hell, hell shall play with YOU!" Josephine fell to the ground, blood trickling from her wound.  He pressed his wrist to her mouth, sulfuric blood gushed down her burned. She screamed in agony. He covered her mouth with his other hand, and his private bits, they entered her. She thrashed and fought. The demon laughed as she tried to get away...his lips left sticky, bloody trails down her neck. He let go of her mouth and undid her buttons on her frock. NO, no. He grabbed her breasts and pulled angrily at was so painful...Josephine wanted to yell for help, but his other hand was crushing her windpipe. When he had finished, he laughed. He laughed at her in her weakened state.


    "Wait! What am I?"

    "You are a succubus." the demon whispered, "A sex demon." the demon revealed before disappearing in a puff of black smoke.

    "JOSIE! JOSEPHINE! Open the door!" she heard her mother scream before she fell into darkness.



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Victoria Wethers

Sorry I've been gone so long, my disqus account was being weird and I honestly haven't had the time.


gosh I love this ^_^


I know the description says a romance between her and Vlad, but I think I'm going to have her possibly hook up with Kristoff instead.


i wish I was as talented as Mr. King:) Keep reading!


please keep writing this! It's really good.

Chapter One: Mysterious Stranger



Maine, Present day.


    Josephine woke early in the morning...well night she supposed. She was thirsty so very thirsty. She stood and walked towards her closet. As a succubus, she spent her nights as a prostitute. It fed her, and fed her wallet. She tied up her long black hair in a high ponytail, exposing her porcelain white neck, and she chose her most revealing outfit, and chose her thigh high stiletto boots. When she deemed herself ready, she headed out the door. Arriving at her corner she leaned against a graffitied brick wall and waited. It wouldn't be too long. Men always found their way to her. 

    A black limo stopped on the corner and she approached it, the tinted window descended slowly. 

    "Well I see you haven't improved with age." The familiar voice of her maker reached her ears. "Do I have to teach you a lesson in decency?" he continued.

    "What do you want? Haven't you done enough?"

    "Hardly dear. I've left you alone for almost two centuries. Get in." as much as she hated succumbing to his demand, she got in the opened door. "Good girl. Now, suck it." he said indicating his member.

    "You're kidding right?" she questioned. That earned her a hard slap across the face.

    "Fine, bend the fuck over." Josephine obliged, she didn't want to be bruised...he was the only creature that could prolong her injury. He laughed...he always laughed. Josephine shuddered as he approached felt as if the limo walls were closing in on her, making his approach happen more quickly then she would have liked. Josephine cringed at his cold hand touched her skin.  She was cold as well--but he was colder if that was possible. "Now, now Josie. Hold still." he sneered, using her mother's nickname for her. Her mother...her mother died that night. "Hold still, it'll only hurt--a lot." Josephine didn't think about the demon behind her...she let her thoughts wander to the night her mother was taken from her own hands.

    "Josie? Josephine?! Open the door!" Josephine heard her mother scream, before falling into darkness. Her eyes fluttered open, revealing to her, her bedroom ceiling. Its exposed beams holding the unnamed demon that had done this to her. Her throat felt as if it was consumed by a million wildfires...and she could hear her mother's blood rushing through her veins like a mountain stream. 

    "Mother, come here." Josephine managed to whisper through the pain in her throat. She looked down at her body--her breasts had grown, and her legs had lengthened until she no longer was a stocky Germanic girl, instead she looked like an Amazonian tribeswoman she had seen in newspapers and her father's books. Her blonde hair had changed to the blackest black, it was almost blue. She didn't want to see what happened to her crystal blue eyes, the color of fresh spring water that pooled and gathered in the Black Forest back in her home country. Her mother approached warily. Her blonde hair covered in blood--her blood she supposed.

    "Josephine, what happened to you?" Her mother whispered. "What have you done?"

    "I called forth the grandmama's book instructed."

    "Oh Josie, no."

    "The demon--I must've said something wrong mama. He-he raped me like the mayor's son did in the back of his carriage! Oh mama, he turned me into a monster."

    "Sweetheart, what did he do?"

    "He made me, a succubus." Josephine said ashamed. Her mother gasped and jumped away from her. Her mother made the crucifex symbol with her fingers, and prayed for her soul in ancient Germanic words. 

    "Oh my darling daughter. You cannot stay here. You must go."  

    "But mama...I am unmarried and alone."

    "I will give you a large sum of money. A succubus cannot marry. She cannot produce an heir for her go!" Josephine stood from the bed. She approached her mother and sneered.

    "You are just like the lot of them. You denounce me as soon as I'm not perfect anymore! Well, I'll show you perfect! I am the perfect predator mother!" Josephine let her fangs slide from her gums, it was painful at first, but Josephine paid no mind to it. Instead she plunged the instruments of death into her mother's neck. Her mother's screams echoed off the high ceilings and when Jospehine could drink no more, she let her mother's body fall to the ground in a pathetic heap. Josephine stretched her body,  embracing her new exotic stature.  She went to her closet and found no dress that would fit her frame. They were all too big, and too Josephine found her way to her mother's armoire. She selected a ruby red evening dress, her mother reserved for Christmas dinner. She put it on and spun. She smiled when she sensed her father's presence.

    "Hello father." Josephine turned and found Joseph Van Burton cowering looking at the stranger before him.

    "Who are you? Where is my family?" He demanded although scared. She could sense his fear.

    "Why father, don't you recognize me?" Josephine said innocently, feigning a look of hurt. "I am, after-all named for you aren't I?"

    "Josephine? Little Josie?" her father whispered in recognition and disbelief. "How? Your hair, your, body! Where is your mother?"

    "I-" Josephine began, but then she thought..."After my miracle transformation from our Lord and Savior, an evil demon appeared and struck mother down, and dragged her soul to hell to rot for all eternity." Josephine lied so easily, she even believed her tale. 

"I-I-I don't believe you. God would do no such thing. You are a liar just like the demon that spawned you. You are not my daughter any longer...her soul is gone."

"Bite me." Josephine sneered. "So I lied. Heaven forbid--I don't want to be cast out."

"Lying is a sin. So yes Heaven forbids." Her father said. "As for being cast out I'm sorry. I have no choice." Josephine lunged, and her father ducked out of the way. Slicing her arm with a wooden knife. She screamed in outrage, and lunged again. "I will not hesitate to kill you doppelganger!  Leave now, or die!" Josephine contemplated the options in the corner, licking her wounds metaphorically speaking. Josephine disappeared as her maker had--in a puff of black smoke.

    "Now, that wasn't so bad--now was it?"

    "Just pay me old man." Josephine sneered. Her lower half throbbed with pain and she knew she wouldn't be working anymore tonight.

    "I don't pay you for sex. I take what's mine. Now out."

    "You robbed me of a night's pay! I need something!"

    "Fine." the demon thrust a few hundred bills into her hands, and Josephine greedily scurried from the limo. She stashed the bills in her purse and made her way to her apartment. She avoided using her other means of transportation as much as possible. It just reminded her of that night. She toyed with the scar on her upper arm, and remembered her father...the man that gave it to her. 

    Josephine couldn't really say she missed the man--not like she missed her mother. Her father was never there--him being there was an oddity in itself and to this day, Josephine couldn't figure out what had brought her father home that dreadful night. He wasn't due home--until at least the next month. Josephine hugged her purse to her chest. She saw her apartment building up ahead and then she turned her head towards Van Burton manor. Her home. It was abandoned now--her father died a century ago--and Josephine had gone to the memorial service and overheard his last will and testament being read. He had written her out of the will, so she had no right to the home. Her aunt had inherited instead and her snobbish cousins took over her once beautiful home. Now though, the Van Burton line had died out, except for her. She had enough money saved up to buy it from the bank...but did she really want to return to the house where it all began? She remembered herself, a few years ago torching the mayor's museum, it held the carriage in which she had been raped initially. It was her home though. It belonged to she reached her apartment, Josephine sensed someone behind her. She turned quickly and stared at the man. It wasn't the demon that molested her a few moments before...but a demon nonetheless. 

    "So you're the fabled Josephine Van Burton."

    "Ah, so you know me--or rather you know of me. I don't think I have the privilege to know whom you are." Josephine said indifferently. "Am I supposed to know who you are? Or am I supposed to guess you're some hotshot down there?" Josephine whispered cruelly.

    "My name is not your concern. What you need to know is this--you are the last succubus in existence. Your maker, Markus St. Vladimir is a wanted man. You are the only creature who knows of him. You can access his thoughts and pinpoint where he is." 

    "So that's his name? Well at least someone knows it. He seems to have forgotten it."

    "He never told you of his name?"

    "No, should he have?" Josephine inquired. "Not that I ever wanted it. I wanted nothing to do with him after-after what he did. No then, you need my help I presume?"

    "Uh yes. Your help is wanted, and uh needed. Now that you have his name--you can call him to you."

    "Sweet. SO you want me to call him then?"

    "That would be appreciated by my colleagues and I."

    "Um, what exactly did he do? I thought demons were supposed to be bad."

    "He violated his contract when he attacked you."

    "And you're just getting around to punishing him?! That happened almost two hundred years ago."

    "We needed you to mature your abilities, to become somewhat humanized again."

    "To what? Regain my soul?"

    "You've always had your soul Josephine." Josephine looked at him skeptically before opening her door. 

    "C'mon in." Josephine threw her purse on the sofa and went into her bedroom. "Stay there. I'll be right back." The demon surprisingly listened and sat in the hard backed chair she used to pose for her online ads. He looked uncomfortable and Josephine closed her door with a smirk. She had to admit he was cute. Even though he never revealed what his name was. She undid the straps on her garter, and shed her boots. She changed into jeans, a loose fitting t-shirt, and let her hair flow down her back. Her blazing orangish red eyes glowed as she took out her colored contacts. She slipped on her flats and then went into the en suite to rid her face of the makeup and other gook.  When she was satisfied she returned to the living area. The demon had moved, and was studying newspaper clippings and other knick knacks she had collected over the span of her two hundred year life.

    "How old were you when you were attacked?"

    "By humans, or by him?"

    "Both I suppose."

    "The first time I was raped, I was eighteen. It took me two years to track down grandmama's book, so in that time I became vengeful, cold, and careless. Vlad, he I suppose knew I would forget something in the ritual. When I called him, I forgot to say a prayer of protection--he could attack me if hewished. When he did, I never experienced that much pain in my twenty years of existence. And even afterwards, the pain that I experienced would never compare to the pain I feel each time I remember what I did to my mother."

    "You killed her?"

    "Brutally. I-I drained her of her life force. I left her there, bleeding out and I went and I stole from her. I stole this dress, right here." Josephine indicated a long oblong frame on the wall. Inside it, protected by glass was the Christmas gown she had stolen from her mother that night. 

    "You've kept this all this time?" the mystery demon asked astonished. "Someone with no soul wouldn't be so sentimental Josephine. I don't know who told you demons had no soul--but they were mistaken. Someone as beautiful as you, must have a soul."

    "Who are you? Some demonic sweet talker?" 

    "Something like that my dear. I've waited a long time to meet you. I've been watching...intrigued by your lack of need to feel accepted, or to be loved. There are so many careers a succubus can achieve but you chose the one, that most likely would get you killed, and would result in your makers disapproval. But you don't care what Vlad thinks--do you?"

    "No, should I? Now tell me your name! Or I won't call Vlad here." Josephine said, throwing her empty threat into the air.

    "Fine, my name is Kristoff Genitivi."

    "Hello, its nice to meet you Kristoff." Josephine said with a smile. "So, I can call you anytime now right? 'Cause I have your name?"



    "Now, please call forth your maker." Josephine shuddered, and cringed at the memories of earlier. "I'll protect you, do not worry princess." The pet name, was annoying but his reassurance calmed her. Who was he?

    "I am a distant relative of Vlad. He is a stain of my family tree."

    "Markus St. Vladimir I call you to me." Josephine spoke in German, like she had when she first called him so many years ago. The wind outside the apartment howled and the room shook with a vengeance. He was coming. Josephine went behind Kristoff, not to hide--but to have a buffer between them. Vlad had a horrible temper, and her knowing his true name instead of 'master' or 'maker' wouldn't go unpunished if Kristoff was unsuccessful in capturing him. The lights flickered, and then were extinguished completely...

    "Who dares, call me forth by my true name?" before Josephine could speak--Kristoff spoke for her.

    "I did."

    "Hello half brother." Vlad sneered. His orange eyes flaring with fresh fiery anger. "Where is my spawn? I know it is her that called me. Only my blood can do that. She can command you just as much  as she can me. You are half of me."

    "No. I have half of your genes. Your mother's genes brother. You're half human you piece of scum. You're father dared enter our mother."

    "Why don't you just tell him why he's here Kristoff?" Josephine questioned.

    "Silence spawn." Vlad sneered. "You're the reason I'm here. I took pity upon you and broke my contract. It took two hundred years for Lucifer's Secret Police to get the balls to track me down." Kristoff clenched his fists, resisting the urge to kill his brother in front of Josephine.

    "You are hereby placed in the authority of Lord Lucifer himself, you will come quietly and peacefully. Anything you say will only aid in your torture. The LSP will now take you to Lord Lucifer. Do you understand?" Kristoff said with a smirk. "Take him away boys." clouds of black smoke appeared and handsome and dangerous demons apparated in her living room. They all looked at Vlad victorious. They approached him, he was unable to move until Josephine released him...something she would never do. Iron cuffs forged in the deepest pits of Hell were slapped onto his wrists, ankles, and neck. The officers held onto his shoulders, and nodded in her direction. Josephine whispered,

    "I release you master. Into the custody of the Lucifer's Secret Police. I hope you rot; you monster." Vlad laughed cruelly before disappearing along with the rest of the LSP into black smoke. Leaving the familiar scent of sulfur in the air. Josephine turned to Kristoff, clearly shaken. Kristoff looked shocked that his brother, half or not had been finally captured.

    "I couldn't have done this without you. Thank you Josephine. Use your newfound power cautiously. I am a very busy demon."   Kristoff said with a smirk, before placing a tender kiss on her cheek. He disappeared, in a cloud of gold--leaving Josephine alone, with her fingers to her cheek. She could still hear her maker's evil laughter in the air. Josephine closed her eyes as the memory of her revenge came back to her...

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Chapter Two: Remembering Revenge

      Josephine ran from the only home she had ever known. The rain and wind howled and pelted her skin--hot tears fell from her eyes, and somehow she knew that it wasn't water on her face. As she ran she placed a timid finger on her cheek, fresh tears sprouted when she saw blood--her mother's blood. Josephine stopped running when she heard laughter coming from the Tavern. A familiar carriage was parked outside--the mayor's son was inside...probable accompanied with the same goons that. did this to her in the first place. She wiped her face, and tied back her wild hair. It was almost impossible for her to have made the trek of twenty miles, in rain and mud if it wasn't for her newfound powers. She spun quickly--drying off her dress so that it wasn't drenched. Now it looked as if she just got off a carriage. She looked at her reflection, in the barrel full of water next to the Tavern, she was beautiful--unrecognizable to the girl she once was. 

    Josephine entered the Pig's Ass Tavern, a Tavern usually reserved for men, and monsters like the three men in the corner of the Tavern...the men that had raped her and had gotten into this mess in the first place. She smiled, and approached them. 

    "Hello boys..." She said sweetly. The men looked up surprised that a woman was in their presence, and had approached them willingly.

    "Hello sweetheart. I think  you have the wrong place." Josephine smiled, as if she had no idea what they meant. 

    "No, I am in the right spot. You are Jeremiah Rollands, yes?" Josephine's heavy German accent made her sound exotic, naive even. 

    "You sound we know you?"

    "You may know my sister...Josephine Van Burton?"

    "I do know her, quite well."

    "I figured you'd say that instead of confessing to your heinous crime." Josephine whispered cruelly, looking Jeremiah in the eye for the first time. Her orange glare made him jump back,

    "What are you?" Jeremiah stuttered.

    "Your worst nightmare." Josephine whispered..."But I will not prove it until you come outside. Unless, you are frightened of a little girl?"

    "Hell no." Jeremiah gestured for his friends to follow him, as Josephine led them out the back door of the tavern. She opened up Jeremiah's carriage, and stepped inside. Jeremiah and his greedy pig friends followed. Jeremiah, punched the roof three times and the carriage began to move. "You're as dumb as your sister. Prettier though. Sure you're related?"

    "Positive." Josephine snarled. "Come here, closer to me." Jeremiah did so with a sinister smile. 

    "Anything for a pretty lady." he said. Josephine allowed her fangs to drop as she neared his ear, as if to whisper. She instead bit into the sensitive flesh of his neck. The thin skin there was the only thing protecting his jugular. He howled in pain as she drained him. He tasted sour, bitter--like week old coffee. When he was dead, Josephine turned to the others. Her eyes glowing like a million embers as she looked at her reflection on the carriage windows.

    "Who's next?" Josephine snarled. They went for the doors, to pry them open, but the howling winds outside plastered the doors closed. They looked like cornered animals...much like what she had looked like when they had cornered her the very same way. "Are you sorry?"

    "Sorry for what?" The bigger, piggier looking one stammered.

    "For raping me! For defiling me! For making me into this fucking monster!" Josephine howled. Her pain she had hid for two long years coming to a head. "I was with child! My mother sent me away, to a convent in Germany. I had to give my child away. Somewhere out there is a child with a monster of a father--and now its mother is a monster as well! And you are to blame! You and the deceased Mr. Rollands. For that you will die!"

    "We're sorry..." Josephine lunged at them, and tore out their throats. Every day since, she has never gotten the taste from her mouth. 


    Josephine shook the memory away. Her hands absentmindedly resting on her stomach. She had tracked down her daughter a few years after becoming what she was. The people that had adopted her named her Violetta. She was beautiful, blonde, thin, and had her eyes. The big blue doe eyes. Her adoptive family were French, and had moved her from Germany to France. Violetta, died fifty years ago--and everyday since, Josephine regretted not contacting her. Josephine attended her funeral, and blended in as one of the friend's of her grandchildren. Her great grandchildren. Josephine sat at the kitchen island...and wondered what life would've been like if she had kept Violetta. She would've named her differently. Violetta had a good life...she married well, her life was full of love, and was free of monsters. Her daughter and son were handsome and beautiful, successful, and caring. And their children were beautiful, and kind, and thoughtful. Her oldest grandchild--Margaret was involved in the Historical society of the town she lived, which happened to be the town Josephine grew up in...the town she never left. Josephine wondered, if Violetta would've had any of those things if she had stayed with her, or if Josephine would be what she was today. 

    "You shouldn't beat yourself up over the past." Josephine turned quickly. 

    "Kristoff! I thought you were very busy!" Josephine said surprised, and angry all at once.

    "I am. Lord Lucifer has requested your presence."

    "In Hell?" Josephine questioned. She had only been to Hell once before, and that was because Vlad had summoned her.

    "Yes, is that a problem Josie?" Josephine looked up as Kristoff said her nickname. It sounded right when he said it, but it made her cringe whenever Vlad spoke the childhood nickname.

    "Kris, how long has Vlad been a demon?"

    "Much longer than your two centuries dear Josie." Kristoff whispered, stepping closer to her side. "He was born in 1210 AD, to a demon mother, and a human father. His father disappeared soon after his birth. My father, Vlad's mother's mate stepped into the picture. He adopted Vlad--but my mother insisted on keeping her adulterer's surname for Markus...Saint Vladimir is a surname not many demons possess, so it was easy for Markus to find his half sister. Abbell St. Vladimir is a beautiful woman, highly successful, he turned her into a vampire."

    "Wait, a vampire? Why make me a succubus if he could've made me a vamp?"

    "Maybe he just wanted to take you. He just wanted to be with you in that way. To make a succubus is very intimate."

    "I wouldn't say that. It's humiliating if one is not of a willing party."

    "He made you without consent?"

    "Well, yes but I did call him to me, and I did forget to say a protection prayer."

    "No, demons have to ask consent in order to make one a vampire or something of vampiric nature." Josephine watched Kristoff pace around the apartment, he was angry--but why? He had no reason to be, he didn't know her, he only knew of her. Josephine contemplated whether or not she should intervene, but she didn't want to be the one he lashed out at. Kristoff stopped suddenly and turned to her. "Josephine, there may be a way to return your humanity to you." Josephine simply stared at the demon in front of her...her humanity hadn't been something she had thought about in 150 years. Fifty years into her transformation she had simply given up the fight--she accepted what she was and killed and drank with no regret. She accepted a life of solitude--so no one would miss her if she disappeared for twenty years or longer, or deem it strange she never aged or she looked exactly like her ancestors.  No one would guess her a Van Burton.

    "How would you get it back?" Josephine whispered. Taking a blood bag out of the fridge and pouring it into a mug. "Do you want some?" She wasn't sure what branch of demon he was--but she thought she'd be polite at least. Kristoff, stopped his pacing once more and looked up. 

    "No, I do not partake in blood drinking."

    "Oh, is there anything I can get you then?"

    "I feast only on the hearts of virgins." Kristoff whispered. "There is nothing you can offer me succubus." Josephine stood agast, had he just insulted her? 

    "Hey! Just because I've had sex doesn't mean I have nothing to offer you, you arrogant jerk!" 

    "Josie, that came out wrong--I didn't mean it the way it sounded."

    "Oh really?" Josephine said snarkily, "Then how was it supposed to sound?"

    "I meant that you would have nothing to offer as in refreshments. I didn't mean you were ugly or stupid."

    "Well, perhaps you should clarify. You really sounded racist right there, and sexist." Josephine whispered taking a sip from her mug. "So when do we leave?"

    "Now," Kristoff whispered taking a look at his watch, he grabbed Josephine's free hand and they disappeared in a cloud of black and gold mist. When they arrived, Josephine dropped her mug of blood. They were in Lucifer's palace, in the final circle of Hell. Josephine straightened her back, and looked down, her jeans and worn t-shirt had been replaced with a long velvet dress, that clung to her figure, the plunging neckline leaving little to the imagination, it had a matching cloak that fastened to her shoulders with golden fang like broaches. Her feet were cladded with black, studded, stiletto gladiators. Her hair was plaited down her back in one elegant braid, and her nails had grown into talons, the tips painted red. She glanced at Kristoff, and his suit had been replaced with a warriors armor shone in the candle lit corridor, that's why he disappeared in a cloud of gold. He was the Golden Knight...Lucifer's Second. He was damn near royalty.

    "Kristoff, why did Lord Lucifer want to see me? Haven't I achieved the task he had tasked me with?"

    "Think of it as a 'congratulations, we're eternally grateful for your help and betrayal of your maker banquet' from the Lord himself." Kristoff offered her his arm, and she took it, suddenly shy--something she hadn't experienced in two hundred long years. Josephine felt herself grow more confident with each stride, and Kristoff couldn't take his eyes off of her--she'd caught him more times then he would like to admit. Her shy smile, turned into her confident one, the one she wore on the streets. Her proud smile. She didn't have much to thank Vlad for--but he certainly improved how she perceived herself. Black cast iron doors decorated the end of the corridor, six demons guarding either side of the impressive double doors. It took three full grown male demons to open one of the doors. As they approached, the six demons started the task of opening the grand doors. Beads of sweat and other liquid forming on their faces. When they opened, Josephine was faced with yet another long candlelit corridor.She exhaled the breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding and began her walk to the throne room once more. Kristoff smiled knowingly down at her from time to time. 

    "Don't worry so much princess. You'll be fine." Josephine growled at his choice of nickname for her, but relaxed nonetheless. "I promise this is the last set of double doors. Behind here is the throne room." Kristoff said as they neared the end of the corridor. The Demonic guards grumbled at their approach and opened the giant doors. Behind these doors was an impressive room--a room that could fit twelve of her penthouses, and three more of the penthouses on her floor stacked on top of one another. Kristoff released her arm and approached the throne, which was empty. A grand, straight back cast iron chair appeared at the front of the steps to the throne, her seat she presumed. She sat as elegantly as she could, and waited. Kristoff stood to the side of the throne--to the right...his green eyes never leaving her's. Suddenly the room was filled with red smoke, and a pair of glowing yellow eyes appeared in the center. A figure of a man appeared, sitting with his legs crossed on the throne. A crown made of bones and other gore decorated is auburn curls. He didn't have goat feet, unlike what the Holy book had spoke of. He was handsome, and ancient. Dangerous and mysterious. He was her king.

    "Hello young Succubus." Young? Hardly, she had lived more than five lifetimes.

    "Greetings my lord." Josephine said.

    "You must be curious as to why I called for you."

    "A tad bit perhaps melord." Josephine continued.

    "As the last Succubus in existence young Josephine, I want to add you to my personal guard, as my third. You'd be working alongside Kristoff, and would be known as the Silver Knight."

    "I would be honored melord."

    "You can continue your practices if you wish, fishing out the unfaithfuls and sending them to me as new play things."

    "Thank you sir."

    "Oh, and Van Burton manor? Its yours. Here are the keys to the estate." Lucifer said, bored as keys materialized in his hands, "Well come along and take them. Kristoff will be rooming with you, and I'll be popping in from time to time. Oh, and you can choose whether to wear armor or not, I personally like you in those dresses." Josephine blushed, "Come stand on my left. We have a visitor. I am going to thoroughly enjoy his 'trial'." Lucifer said, indicating the spot to his left. Two chairs appearing, one for Kristoff, and one for her. They weren't as grand as Lucifer's throne, but they were made of the precious medals their titles were named for. Josephine, the Silver Knight, Lord Lucifer's third in command. She liked the sound of that. Her gaze narrowed when the double doors opened as the familiar forms of the LSP officers that apprehended Vlad appeared, with a hooded figure between them, shackled heavily in chains and cuffs.

    "Markus St, Vladimir, Soul Taker, half demon. Wanted for the breakage of contract, signed into affect by Lord Lucifer himself. Half Brother of Lord Lucifer's second. Maker of Lord Lucifer's third. Born 1210 AD to Maribella Genitivi and Abraham St Vladimir. His sister Abbell St Vladimir, born human turned by him illegally into a Vampire. He is wanted on two counts of unconsented Turnings, and One counted of Breaking of Contract, and Three counts of Treason. If found guilty, the punishment for such crimes is instant death by spawn's hands." an officer announced.

    "Announcing the arrival of her royal majesty the Queen of Hell, Abbell St. Vladimir. Sister of the Guilty party, Blood Sister to Third in Command, wife of Lord Lucifer." a different officer announced. Josephine looked up as her chair moved further to the left as a far grander throne appeared. She was more surprised that Lucifer had married her blood sister than she was of moving without having done anything. The doors opened once more, and a woman with flowing wavy red hair, and fierce orange eyes that matched her own strode into the room. Her long teal dress--that contradicted her hair--in a good way flowed like ocean waves behind her, her talons sparkled even from the distance she still wace, and her ice blue heels echoed off the high walls. When she approached Lucifer he smiled triumphantly and kissed her gently before releasing her hand so she could sit.

    "Hello. I don't believe we've officially met. I'm Abbell, you must be Josie."

    "I wasn't expecting you to be--"

    "The Queen of Hell?"

    "Neither did Markus. He was livid."

    "So you have no relation to Kristoff at all?"

    "No, the only relation we share is about to die. He made you a succubus? I'm so sorry."

    "Its alright. I'd prefer to be a vampire--but being a succubus is pretty awesome. Sex is my weapon, and I've perfected how to use it." Josephine whispered.

    "Silence! Now, then. Markus, may I call you Markus? Good. I really have no problem killing you myself. You harmed my mate, and you've harmed my third in command, who happens to be my Second's mate. You've broken nearly every law I've resurrected, and you've feld my Police force for two centuries. What say you?"

    "There's no doubt I'm guilty. But I would prefer Josephine kill me."

    "Why Josephine?" Abbell questioned icily. "You made both of us, we should both kill you." she continued. Josephine couldn't argue. 

    "They shall both kill you Vlad." Kristoff whispered. "You die at Spawn's hands. Which means all."

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Death of Maker

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