The Game

The Game was just a bit of fun, something for Pine House to do during their final year at university. Drew wants to win again this year, but that's until Natalie moves in. Suddenly, playing the Game isn't important. And although they are drawn to one another, events in their past keep them from getting too close. If you want to win...

Time Will Not Separate Us

It started with a ring and spanned centuries. When Mia Logue comes across a medieval ring, her life gets a little more complicated as she realises that someone who existed over 500 years ago has been searching for her, and that he's in the 21st century. But what does he want with her? As she comes to learn about the secrets of the...


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Penn & Myra's Baby

Myra has a five year plan. Children aren't apart of it, at least not yet. Penn has a student loan hanging over his head, loves to party and is madly in love with Myra. Follow the story of Myra and Penn through the journey of becoming parents and what lead them to this life changing event. Sometimes love truly conquers all.