A Girl's Guide on How to Attract, Keep and Maintain a ManBy Kym Kostos


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A Girl's Guide on How to Attract, Keep and Maintain a ManBy Kym Kostos

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Chapter 1 - How to Attract a Man

There is an ever evolving secret which can help you to understand how you can attract a man and make him desire you in an instant. And I will share the secret with you!

The law of attraction between men and women, as complex as it may seem, is pretty easy to clarify in a few sentences.

Women are a lot more effortlessly attracted to a man who seems very healthy and very stress-free, Also, who has a high level of testosterone which will make him appear a lot more virile and chiseled, and has a defensive nature in him, which will make him a great mate and father and husband material.

Men, on the other hand however, are a lot more easily drawn to women based a lot on their appearance and their demeanor.

Keep in mind though, that is not all they are attracted to!

For you to truly comprehend how to attract a man and how a man’s mind does work, you will need to get deeper into the notion of attraction from the man’s point of view.

So, how do you attract a man in a way he can’t resist you?

Well, a man might like a woman for many different reasons, but when it comes to sexual or physical attraction at first sight, a woman’s physical looks and her conduct matters more than anything in the world.

So, in a nutshell, if you really want to attract a man and make him desire and want you, all you really need to do is just get his attention by doing all the right things and in the right way. All the rest, as they say, is history!

Always remember that you will need to keep this concept in mind, love and attraction are two totally unalike things. A man may find you tremendously attractive, but here is a chance that he might not end up falling in love with you for his own personal reasons.

Also, you need to let love blossom in the first place. One of the ways to do this is for you to let the sexual attraction build up before you make him fall in love with you. It’s the safest and best way to make sure the man you want, falls for you and also stays in love with you.

So, when it comes to attraction, how does a man view a woman’s body?

As everyone knows, physical attraction plays a very huge role in attracting a man. You must be able to comprehend what a man’s mind tells him when he first lays his eyes upon you and sizes you up.

When a man sees a woman’s physical attributes, he subconsciously sees more than just her full breasts or her round butt. When a woman has all the right curves in all the right areas, this tells a man that she is very lush and has come of age, and that she is very healthy because her body can afford to waste energy on developing her curves which play the biggest role in attracting men sexually.

A man might think a woman is attractive. But in his subliminal mind, he is gauging her as the woman who may carry his children one day.

All men produce testosterone, which is a sexual hormone, in his testicles. And all women produce a slight quantity of testosterone in their ovaries. The more testosterone a man produces, the more masculine he looks and the more sexually macho he is. His facial features appear more masculine, even his jaws are a lot wider and a lot more formed muscularly and his voice is a lot deeper.

There are several studies that have shown that the more macho a man is, the more attracted he will be to women who exhibit cute and girlish traits.

However, on the other hand, there are a small fraction of men who put out a lesser than normal amount of testosterone who may find themselves becoming a lot more drawn to women who are a lesser amount of feminine quality and more dominant and controlling in the relationship.

So, now if you are attempting to hook the attention of a typical man, which a huge amount of men have a usual or great production of testosterone, even though the general typical testosterone amounts have dropped considerably in American men over the last fifty years, your chances are that he would love you even if your conduct is more feminine, cutesy and girlish!

Is the perfect woman for a real man really sexy and cute?

Any normal man who is not suffering from a low amount of testosterone will always find a feminine woman a lot more stunning and attractive than a woman who thinks being feminine is hyped and shows characteristics that are conventionally measured as manly.

Even though a woman’s fleshly presence is the major sign of being feminine, sometimes, it helps if she can show more femininity in her demeanor. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying you should wear pink lace and smell like rose petals. But always remember that there are always alternative ways to look really cute and get a man to take some time out of his busy day and take a long good look at you.

So, why do men like cute women?

Since the dawn of creation, it is a known fact that men have always been the most forceful of the human class. Men are typically the species who extend their legs wider, stand taller and push their chest out while trying to look intimidating all the time, more so when they are in an quarrel or when they meet someone they see as a danger in any way.

But then again, cuteness can change the whole thing. When a woman demonstrates behavior in a feminine and cute way, it tends to bring out the defensive natures of a man. As an alternative of feeling vulnerable by a feminine woman, the man begins to feel very protective of her. This makes the man tend to feel more macho and masculine, and that is one thing every man really loves to feel!

When a woman tends to reveal her helpless side to a man, it is very difficult for any man to overlook her or to avoid noticing how vulnerable she is. And the moment his mind attaches with her susceptibility, it removes any thoughts of a threat and his defensive side creates a promise of protection and affection with her.

The man always feels the necessity to be around her, and his mind subconsciously attempts very firmly to make the woman feel protected, happy and very loved when she is around him. He forgets his aggressive side, his voice tone softens down, and then his shoulders sag down towards the woman instead of spreading broad. And before he even notices or realizes it, he is already liking this woman!

What exactly are the traits of a feminine and cute woman that draws in a real man?

Many women are in contradiction of the notion that being feminine or acting in a cute way is not acceptable. For a woman who is a feminist, this behavior is very demeaning and a sign of weakness and they can’t accept that a man finds a sexy and cute woman, who is submissive, more attractive than a woman who likes to be a non-feminine woman.

If you are feminine woman, you really don’t need to be cute. But keep in mind, that if you can pull off a flawlessly cute persona, it will only enhance your appeal and make you more wanted among men.

To be able to comprehend cute conduct better, all you need is to network with a couple of Asian women whose actions aren’t partial by us Americans. Asian women are not timid or trivial, nor do they have to act like dumb bimbos to win a man’s affection. All they need to do is exhibit what sets them apart from the other women, and that’s their womanliness and elegance.

No testosterone loaded man can fight the attraction of a sweet and innocent Asian woman when he is having a chat with her. Everything about Asian women makes them seem more attractive and womanly, the way they gesture their hands, the way they act while having a talk to the way they smile shyly and yet so affectionately.

Girlishness comes naturally to some ladies but it is an art that is worth learning about. If you really want to know how to entice men, all you need to do is radiate your womanly side while speaking to them. And once you try that, you will know exactly what I’m talking about.

And never forget that a cute woman who shows her womanly side will continuously have an advantage over all other women when she is trying to grab the attention of a real man!

How do you bring out your womanly side naturally?

Femininity should come naturally. But when it comes to being cute, that can be formed by the way a woman acts. I’ve listed some tips that can help a woman to act in a cute fashion that could help to get her as cute as a kitten in no time at all. Also, if you are out on a date with a man and you want to come across as a woman who is in touch with her feminine side, here are some tips for you.

Try to dress in softer pastel colors like pink or peach. Pastel colors will give your skin tone a nice vibrant radiance that will make you look warm and pleasant instantaneously.

Remember to smile a lot more often. A really nice smile can make you look more pleasing and welcoming.

Go ahead and run your fingers through your own hair carefully in front of him. It always seems to work for almost any man.

Slightly tip your head downwards when you are flushed or grinning, and gaze at him from under your eyebrow.

With these tips above it may sound somewhat strange for a feminist, but if you trust me, it will do wonders for your date life!

Another thing to remember is if you can be a better person, change something about yourself to achieve that goal. In other words, contrary to popular belief, evolve into a better person.

For example, when a friend or family member tells you that the best way to attract a man is to be yourself, well, that is not entirely true. For the most part, we all are changing all of the time. Keep note though, not every change that we make within ourselves might not be in the correct way.

So, who are you? Define yourself.

All of us are who we are due to our socioeconomic standing. This includes the people we surround ourselves around us, and other inspirations and tribulations we have had in our existing lives.

However, there are a lucky few that may have had the chance to be influenced by the flawless cases, while a lot of us have to change to develop into improved people. Or even a worse scenario, we never have the chance to develop into better people or attain the full possible outcome of that is within us due to the fact that we are convinced that we are already perfect in our own eyes.

You don’t really have to change your well-being and persona just to make yourself attractive to men, but do change yourself to become a better version of you. For example, has there ever been a time when you walked into a room filled with women, and then found yourself discerning that a few of those women were a lot better than you in some ways? Whenever you meet an attractive woman, do you find yourself in admiration of her beauty? This only means that you approve of her and want a certain trait of hers that you, yourself, lack. If you like a certain characteristic about a friend of yours, whether it is her impulsiveness, her pluck, her happy-go-lucky approach, her posture, or the way she dresses herself up, your mind may be subconsciously liking her traits because you want to see those traits in yourself personally.

A change like this is very good, when you see some kind of thing that appeases you and would like to see that in yourself.

When you have a woman who happens to be the epitome of excellence in every way possible, even if she does exist, will not be awed by everyone. Although, wherever she goes, she would be the woman that would receive praises, gazes and dropped jaws.

So, if you can change, do it as much as possible, become the dream girl that you and everyone else fantasizes about and be the woman you really want to become. With this, life will turn out to be so much worthwhile and enhanced for you, whether it is about attracting men, doing better at work or anything else.

It is always easier to push thoughts away and adopt it is incorrect to be womanly or assume it is the wrong decision to want to change anything about yourself. But remember, positive change is always good and any type of change is unavoidable.

So you are going to change whether you want to or not. You just have to choose whether to develop a better version of you or a worse version you.

Keep in mind that we all have animalistic traits and that you should never forget that. We may be wearing clothes and walking on two legs, but that does not change our primitive natures. Men and women still chase each other and try to woo and court each other just like the animals out in the wild do.

Men and women still play games with each other to gain each other’s love and affection. Men still like to hunt a female through their show of instinctive assertiveness, deftness and their sheer power. Men are loaded with male hormones and they want a sexy woman who is elegant and ladylike, because in their subconscious minds, it makes them feel more like a man.

But also keep in mind, that as a woman, you never have to act like a dumb bimbo or a weak duckling, nor do you have to act like the weaker of the two sexes just because you want to attract a man. All you really need to do is exude your femininity and show your cuteness and give the man you want a chance to show his masculinity and show off his protectiveness of you. If you understand how to appeal to men, then it is really easy to attract them. Exude your womanliness and let everyone see it in you. If you do this, those available men will come running to you, and it will be in multitudes!

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Chapter 2 - How to Keep a Man

So you have the desire to know what you need to do to keep a guy interested in you no matter what the circumstances are. Here are some ways to make yourself sexy and desired in your guy’s eyes.

Before I begin, please understand that most women might assume that men are indecisive and have a low attention duration. But actually, men are not unlike from us women when it comes to staying pleased in a relationship. Men, just like women, love freshness. Men want to be with a woman who is sexy, and who is envied by other women and wanted by other men.

So, to keep a man’s interest in you and you only, you really just need to remember ways to keep his interest stimulated and his longing in you strong.

Listed below are ways to do exactly just that!

Utilize these tips on how to keep a man’s interest in you and only you. You will see how easily it can be done to make him desire you all the time.

Always be a spur-of-the-moment type of woman. Surprise him, wow him, make some plans for the night or plot an entire extravagant date all by yourself for him. Shock him and never be too probable in your plsns and actions.

Never change your personality. Always stay true to the genuine person that you are. If you do make changes, do them gradually over time and make sure the changes are positive and beneficial to you both. Like losing weight, quitting bad habits, etc… However, never change yourself presuming he doesn’t like your personality.

Be a little aggressive in bed and take the initiative. Your man may like taking over in bed, but when you control him and display your self-assurance, he can’t help but be impressed by your self-confidence and sexiness in bed.

Make it a point to smell sexy all the time. Continuously smell alluring around your man but never overpower him with a strong fragrance, keep it subtle. Remember to always smell good, and pay exceptional care to your personal cleanliness and any body odor.

Surprise your guy’s friends. Remember that guys are very competitive by nature. As long as your man thinks he has the best woman in his social life, he will forever want to be with you and have you by his side. Make his friends think you are the best woman for him and you will have won their hearts as well.

Seduce your man on a regular basis. Seduction never has to end in the bedroom. Make it a point to be sexy around him at all times if possible and be imaginative wherever you two go.

Always show your interest into what his hobbies are. Any man would undeniably love a woman who shows curiosity in his different interests, be it playing on his Play Station or hiking mountain trails. Guys need to devote their time and lives with a woman who really truly comprehends their wants and desires and also has a connection with the woman they love.

Never be a drama queen. Sometimes it is 0kay to have a hissy fit every once in a while, especially if your man is disrespecting you. But never ever embellish a matter or blow it way out of proportion so you can prove your point.

Always be there and be his shoulder to lean on when he needs it. Provide him with your power and care when he is low on his morale. Never kick him when he is down! Make sure to reassure him and aid him to confide his issues to you. Be his sounding board and comfort him when he is down in the dumps and you will be treated as his goddess.

Be his trophy and arm candy. Always look good when you are in his arms whenever both of you are out together. Change your hairstyle every now and then, look in fashion and stylish and he will never want you out of his arms.

If at all possible, be financially stable. Be in control of your assets and have a stable career or job. Men love a woman with a straight head on her shoulders.

Never dumb yourself down and have intellectual conversations. Men may want a woman to be sexy and arm candy when he is out in his social circle and in public, but he also wants a woman who can stimulate his mind as well with him and have intelligent discussions at the end of his day.

Win his family over. Men are devoted to their families and there are even a few men out there that are loyal to their mama. Make his family and close friends think you are the best woman for him and a great catch and he will undeniably love you more.

Support him in dealing with life. Some men may act like the rescuers of the world. But deep down inside, they are still somewhat of little boys who need some hugging and cuddling every now and then. Help him deal with the problems that life throws at him.

Show him affection in public. Your guy might shy away from some public displays of affection, but he still loves it when you grab onto his arms like a damsel in distress. It will make him sense to be a lot more authoritative and stimulating his testosterone!

Inflate his ego. If you want to keep your man attracted to you and blissful, learn how to placate his ego. Praise his accomplishments and give him a pat on the back when he is satisfied of something he has done. Make him feel like a man and he will forever stay your man.

Remember to be both dependent and independent at the same time. Feeling a bit confused? Be independent when you are all by yourself and dependent when you are with your guy. It will make your man feel a lot more like a man when you are around, without actually feeling like you are too needy when he is working on doing something else that demands his time.

Be cheerful and stimulating. Be thought-provoking and imaginative with your own life. See the positive side in everything that comes up, even in the most negative of days. When you are an idealist, your transferrable delight will absolutely stick to him.

Never make your man feel self-doubting. Never flirt with other men, especially in front of him. When your guy is around, hug him and keep him close and he will fill up with love for you.

Never be readily accessible to him. Spend a lot of time with your man, but never be at his beck and call. You can be there for him, but make sure you make him miss you when you aren’t always around and available to him.

Never ask your man stupid questions. Some men might like a dumb bimbo, but keep in mind, they are not seeking a long term commitment with them.

Try to be sexually inventive. Know what your moves are in the bedroom and in other places too. Partake of sex with him in diverse places, or try role playing with him, dress up in fantasy outfits, try wearing just an apron and nothing else while cooking his favorite dinner for him. Learn what his fantasies are.

Be a whore in the bedroom and Bette Crocker in the kitchen. You heard me right! A man wants a woman who can cook for him as well. As the old adage goes, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” still holds true.

Make your man proud of you and to be with you. Men might be shallow in the beginning, but they still want a woman they can admire and respect. Try to be a go-getter and a woman he can look up to in admiration.

Always remember to respect yourself. You are not a doormat and never allow yourself to be one! Show him that you have the power and courage to move on if he treats you badly.

Make your man feel dependent on you and that he needs you in his life. As long as he contemplates he can never live without you or if he feels lost without you, he will always remain interested in only you.

Always remember that everything in love has to be shared. If you make him treat you right, have him realize how special and sweet you are and that he can’t possibly live without you, he will be forever yours!

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Chapter 3 - How to Maintain Your Man

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