A Guy's Guide On How to Attract and Keep a Woman


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A Guy's Guide On How to Attract and Keep a Woman

By Kym Kostos


© 2015 by Kym Kostos

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the copyright owner.

ISBN: 978-1-329-48333-0


Chapter 1 – Attracting a Woman

Men are always trying to figure out what attracts women to men. Women typically make references to appearance, finances and power. Although those things might help, there are many more influential characteristics that will entice women.

Overall, women are much more insightful and seek out disposition a lot more than just attractiveness. This is lucky for almost all men due to the fact that men are rough looking. Nevertheless, rough is sometimes a good attribute because it indicates power and dependability. It also shows that women are caring about a lot more vital things than just looks. So, if you look a bit rugged and rough, there is no problem with that, use it to your advantage.

Using Your Body Language to Attract the Ladies

According to several researches, ninety percent of communication with each other that is non-verbal, is basically done through body language. This is exactly why men must have decent body language skills if you are to attract a woman.

Acquiring good body language skills is something that takes time and practice f it doesn’t come naturally to you. For example, don’t slouch. Sit up straight enough to not look like a sloth, but not too straight that you look like a stiff stick. Keep your shoulders back as if a high wind was forcing you. Remember to keep your head up! If you are doing all of this right at this moment, chances are you are as anxious as a pole. The key to eye-catching body language is to be calm all the time, while having a very good stance.

Keep Fit

This shouldn’t seem very difficult at all, but it seems to be. Keep your body in shape as well as your mind. If a woman sees that you can’t take care of yourself, how will you ever manage to take care of her? Run, jog or walk at least thirty minutes a day and if you really want to impress her with your muscles, lift some weights every day as well. Whether it be free weights or dumbbells, get those flabby muscles toned!

Also, meditate to relax your mind. You won’t attract a woman being stressed out about work all the time. Show her that you are in control of your own elf and that you take stress with stride. This demonstrates strength and control.

Your Social Status

The next thing that will attract a women to you, is your social status. How valuable are you to society, your friends and to your family? This should be no wonder that someone who is respected and looked upon fondly, will also be attractive to others as well, especially other women.

For most women, a man in power who is in charge of others is very eye-catching. Other women want a man who is loved by all of his friends. There are a lot of women who are very attracted to famous musicians and rock stars because they appear as wanted by millions of other women who are competing for them. What attracts women to men might vary a little bit, but the essentials of value do still apply.

In our society, a CEO or man in charge of a company is always seen as a respected person. Presidents are also looked at as valued and attractive men, as those who have been involved in sexual scandals with women have demonstrated.

The biggest issues that men seem run into is that they try to fake their values. They always try to amaze women by informing them they have strong moral values, but this is not always the case. A man who has to tell what his values are instead of demonstrate them, rarely has no values at all. This is very counter-productive for themselves. If you have to prove that you have a lot of value, really just makes you less of a valuable man.

In order for a man to become valuable and eventually attract women, they must do it in a very natural manner. That means for you to get off your ass and achieve something! Be busy with your life. Set objectives and attain them. Then, when you do look at yourself, you will ask yourself, “If I were a woman, would I want to date myself?” If you are truly satisfied with yourself, then you are truly prized.

Men who are valuable will never need to tell others how valuable they are, because it will show. Being valued, respected and admired can go anywhere from receiving the top grade in the classroom (yes, women do love intelligent men) to having pride in possessing the best kept home. Whatever it is that you do, whether it be in business or in personal life, take pride in everything you do!

Women Are Attracted to Positive Energy

Women are attracted to positive energy, happiness and decency. Positive energy is very infectious, and it sparks a lot of interest. If you are sincerely pleased with your life and are enthusiastic to live it with the woman you want, then that in itself will attract her. People in general want to be where the fun is and most people want to live their life to the fullest extent they can. This may be impulsiveness one evening, and a fervent evening the next night. If you are always where the celebration is, then people will want to be with you, especially women.

If you happen to be a humorous man, then you are certainly one step closer to becoming prosperous at appealing all types of women. Who doesn’t love to laugh? Laughter ranges from teasing, to saying unfitting things or embellishing situations and tales. A humorous man is well-thought to be quick-witted, and oddly enough, even the most unattractive men with humor appear to be attractive to beautiful women.

How many times have you seen a beautiful actress with a not so attractive man and when asked why they are with that man, they reply, “Because he makes me laugh!”

Your Honesty Will Attract a Women

The most challenging thing to discover in another person is good morals and honesty. Women are tremendously fascinated with men who are open and honest. What entices women more to one guy over another is the notion that she can fully trust him to be faithful and very true with her.

If you aren’t forging your life, and tell it like it is, then this is the most enticing quality you can ever possess. The purpose is that those who are honest are very relaxed to be around. Being sincere shows that you have fully recognized who you are and that you are satisfied and happy to be who you are.

If you don’t like something, then speak out! Chances are the other individual is sensing the same thing as you. One of the most appeasing things is experiencing someone honestly enthusiastic about something, it is very catching and people will want to be with you to take part your level of passion. Always be truly happy about your life because it is the only life you have!


Chapter 2 – More Tips on How to Attract a Woman

I’ve created a list of tips for you men out there to help you to attract and keep those ladies out there!

-Always make sure that you have clear, healthy and stunning looking eyes. Your eyes offer an awareness on the level of well-being of yourself and healthy looking eyes show a healthy mate.

-Financial stability and wealth indicate levels of security, power, and comfort. These things are very attractive to women who need all of these things in their life.

-Being intelligent proves that you can carry on a conversation and talk about worldly events and also, it impresses a lot of women.

-Pay attention to your body posture. When you first meet her, don’t slouch. When you are with her on that first date, hold your shoulders back and look proud to be with her. Upright body posture specifies that you are a healthy male and that is very eye-catching to any woman.

-Stick to your morals and strong beliefs and share your opinion about things with her. If you ask her a question about a certain topic and she has something interesting to say about it, that is attractive to her that care about her opinion as well and not just ours.

-Be confident towards life and have a positive attitude. Your confidence will indicate that you are prosperous and are to be trusted. When you trust yourself, women will trust you with themselves as well.

-Have a romantic side. You don’t have to write poetry or sonnets, it would be nice, but you don’t need to do that. Show her your romantic side. Suggest watching a romantic comedy film, watching a sunset together, taking a walk in the park while holding her hand, having a picnic, picking or buying her favorite flowers.

-Be playful around her. Being playful shows that you are fun to be with, this will trigger her feelings of attraction to you.

-Human touch is a potent way to activate feelings of desirability. Certainly touchy-feely people can have a lot more sex than those who abstain from human touch. This is very imperative when you are flirting with a potential partner or if you are already in a relationship.

-This may sound strange, but don’t always be available. Women, and men for that matter, want what they can’t have. Let her miss you and yearn for you.

-A confident smile will attract almost any woman. And when you are with her, smile a lot. Remember that a genuine smile in general is very attractive.

-Being focused on a mission is attractive to women. When a woman watches you while you are totally involved in a task, then she is more than likely to be drawn to you.

-Sometimes a stress free and carefree attitude is therapeutic and also very attractive to women.

-Dress well. Wearing enticing and nice clothes exhibits a higher social status level. If you emphasize your physical attributes it shows that you take care of yourself.

-Make sure you wear well fitted shirts. Baggy shirts have been out of style! Shirts ought to balance your body and show off your physical attributes.

-A deep, commanding voice is attractive to women. Your vocal chords say a lot about you, literally. The next time you are talking to a woman, don’t make your voice sound squeaky. I always love my guy’s deep voice in the morning or when he holds me at night as we are falling asleep and he talks into my ear in his strong deep voice. It makes my toes curl!

-Your body smell is important to attract a woman and to keep one. Your pheromones, which is your natural body odor, is very attractive to women. It triggers a feeling of arousal in a woman. But, don’t go too far and have a bad stench. That is very repelling. Shower every day and spray a light musk that enhances your own natural smell.

-Being a spearhead is very attractive to women, because it validates your social status and position. You are Making the decisions and leading the pack.

- Women are attracted to dominant men because they are naturally submissive themselves. Men ought to be unsurprisingly dominant.

-If you have muscles and physical strength, it offers a sense of delight and safety in women. It also indicates dominance, which will sexually entice most women.

- Be good with kids and animals. Being great with living things shows that you will be an excellent mate who is capable of caring and protecting for any offspring you two could possibly have together.

-Show genuine interested in your woman or potential woman. Women love men who are interested in them. If you sincerely want to know what makes her tick, ask her about herself.

-Be generous to her. But, this does not mean that you should always buy things for her in order for her to like you!

- Being spontaneous alludes to fun and excitement. Do spur of the moment things with her and for her. She will love it!

-Good hair. Having nice, healthy and well groomed hair shows that you take care of yourself.

-Keep your nails trimmed and clean. My mother always told me that you can tell a lot about a man with clean and trimmed nails. They take care of themselves. And yes, women take notice.

-It is very vital to have clean and nice teeth, women think about it every time they consider kissing you. There are many different types of teeth whitening kits out there that you can use at home.

-Own nice assets, such as a house, car or a boat. These specify wealth, enjoyment and influence, all of which are attractive to women.

-Have a sense of daring and adventure. If you are inquisitive about life and are eager to take some risks, you can entice her into your world and she will be pleased to follow you past her own limits.

-Act like a man. Women love men who do masculine things, like going to the gym and getting dirty.

-Be genuine with her. This might be hard, but say what you mean and do what you say.

-Pick her up, literally. Ever heard of sweeping her off her feet? This is your chance to show her how strong you really are!.

-Touch her face and stoke her hair when you kiss her. Ever watch a romantic movie where the man holds the woman’s face in his hands and kisses her? This will send her into a giddy frenzy! Trust me, it’s happened to me on occasion. There definitely is something about having your face and hair touched that is comforting and exciting at the same time.

-Be original. Women need enjoyment, innovation offers that. Seduction is never the same for every woman and being unique is an important part of it.

-Have some experience. Development can be very enticing and if you know what you are doing, your woman will absolutely appreciate it and you will have sex more often.

-Be independent. Women don’t like needy men. So, being independent shows her that you are self-sufficient and can take care of yourself.

-Women love to be playful. Tease her and tickle her. This can also serve as a step to foreplay and eventually a romp in the bedroom.

-Keep cool and compose yourself. If you are calm under taxing circumstances, she will take notice.

-Be selective when choosing friends. If you are selective, then it suggests that you aren’t indigent and are worth enough to have many people want to be your friend.

-Be challenging and play hard to get. Women want what they can’t have and if they need to work for you, they will appreciate you even more.

-Stay focused as much as possible. Eye on the prize! If you know what you want and are resolute on getting it, then that is very attractive to women.

-Always be modest because no one likes a know-it-all or show-off. There is nothing better than a woman finding out a good detail about you through one of yours or her friends.

-Have a charismatic personality. If your verbal words and signals can warm up a room, she will notice and warm up as well..

-Be very sensual. Not to be mistaken for sexual. Some men are cold and frigid and other men are very warm and very in tune to their senses. If you are in touch with your own feelings and body, you will more than likely be in touch with hers also.

-Be that man who loves to have fun. Women love to be around a man who enjoys himself around others.

-Go against the grain. Don’t be a follower. If you have a principle about something, stick to your guns. Women will respect a man who stands his ground on something he strongly believes in.

-Be caring and compassionate because it shows that you will be there for her when she needs you and that you will be a good father.

-Always be persistent in your goals. When you go after your goals and obtain them, women will take notice and if you are with a woman already, she will appreciate you even more. It means that you can follow through on things and shows that you have will power.

-Be loyal and faithful to her. If you are with a woman, show her how trustworthy you are to her and never cheat or lie to her. This goes a long way with women.

-Again, I repeat… romance. I know I have said this before but I will say it again. Be romantic! Not just on Valentine’s Day, birthdays or anniversaries. Enlivening it up in a relationship is important. Never do the same thing because she will get bored really fast.

-Gauge your moves. That is, the way you move. If you have quiet, skillful and calm gestures, then you will be seen as someone that exudes confidence.

-Always love yourself. If you really love yourself for who you are, then others will as well.

-Make sure you have clear and clean skin. Aesthetically, nice skin is a healthy display and women will naturally be attracted to nice looking skin.

-Be very energetic. Energy is contagious and most people don’t have enough of it. It is also very, very attractive to women.

-Be passionate in everything you do. Live in the moment and relish your life every day. It isn’t about the end point, but about the journey getting there. Who knows? You just may find your true love along the way.

-Be very witty. This alludes to being very intelligent and women are attracted to intelligence. If you are with a women, it should be a part of your relationship.

-Think on your feet and be quick to reply to her playfulness because you will be looked upon as clever and attentive. A woman would much rather be with a man that arouses her cerebrally rather than someone who is brain dead.

-Pay attentive to all details. It is the little things that matter. For example, if you notice that she changed her hairstyle or got it cut shorter, she will appreciate you more.

-Be in tune with her emotionally and physically. Being in sync with your woman is one of the biggest aspects in relationships. It’s about chemistry.

-Be attentive to details in her life and yours. Being observant to the details in her life will mean that you really care about her.

-Challenge her and force her to be on her toes around you, teasing her, is exciting and fun.

-Be open and tell her about your life, the real you. Cut through the crap and you will stand out as a man who isn’t trying to prove anything to anyone.

-Be direct with her because it is very powerful to a woman. Using direct methods demonstrates that you are self-assured, brave and not scared of anyone rejecting you.

-Always be yourself, the best part of yourself. Never try to pretend to be someone or something that you aren’t. You should grow and always continue to better yourself, but permanently continue to be genuine. Never conceal your faults, remember that everyone has them. Just be yourself and the rest will fall into place.

Does it mean that you have to be all these things in order to attract beautiful women into your life? No way! The universe has a weird way of working and you’ll be attracted to the one you were meant to be with. She’ll love your faults, your weaknesses and your strengths. Have faith, believe in destiny and you shall meet your soul mate. You’ll know it when it happens.


Chapter 3 – How to Keep a Woman Happy

Many men are more concerned with attracting a woman rather than keeping one. I have seen this happen in a lot of relationships with my friends and including my own past relationships.

So, you did all the right things and attracted the woman of your dreams, now the trick is to not only keep her, but to keep her happy. I’ve had male friends of mine ask me how to keep their women happy that they are in relationships with. Well, I have created a list of those things that women love and men should love to do for them.

-Leave her small notes in surprising areas.

Let her know that she is in your thoughts throughout the day. Women love small surprises and yours will be telling all of her girlfriends about what a perfect an amazing man she has. Leave the notes in areas such as her make-up bag, near the coffee maker, under her pillow, in her purse, etc…

-Let Her Know When She is Looking Fantastic

Never make the assumption that she knows she is looking amazing. All women crave to hear when they are noticed. Your woman is no different. She will want to look good for you and when you let her know how much you love how she looks for you, she will love you even more for it.

-Music is the Spice of Life

Music makes the mood lighter. When she comes home from a long day at work, before or after dinner or even right before both of you fall to sleep, play some soothing music or her favorite music you know she likes.

-Thank Her for the Things She Does

When she does something caring or considerate for you, thank her for it. Also take her queue and recognize that she not only is being loving and sweet, but she just might be giving you a hint that she would like the same thing done for her as well.

-Breakfast In Bed

Women love to be pampered and catered to, but seldom ever get it. Remember all those meals she has made for you? Well, it’s time to show her that you appreciate them all. Even if you can’t cook, it won’t matter what you create for her, she will be surprised that you did.

-Give Her a Romantic Greeting Card

If you want to show her how much you love her and you are not very good telling her, greeting cards are great for this. Find a romantic greeting card that will tell her for you. She will be very surprised and very touched by your thoughtfulness. More than likely, she will keep it forever and look at it on occasion and smile.

-Share Some of Your Fondest Memories With Her

Share something sentimental from your past with her, or if you have been married awhile, share your wedding memories together. If you are not married and have been in a relationship a long time, share with her your first date or first time you saw her. Remind her why you fell in love with her in the first place.

-Do One of Her Chores for Her

Without her asking you, do one of her chores that you can do for her to make her day a little easier. Maybe a chore that you know she hates to do.

-Text Her Sweet Nothings

In this day and age, everyone and I mean everyone has a cell phone, even my grandparents have one! During the day when you both are at work, send her a quick text that says that you are thinking about her or that you love her or something sweet. When she reads your texts, it will bring a smile to her face.

-Take Her Like in the Movies

Ever wonder why women love romantic moves so much? It’s because we can get lost in them and fantasize that our husbands or boyfriends will someday take us in their arms that way or hold us in their arms tightly just like the woman in the romantic movies are held. When she least expects it, come up behind her, turn her around, hold her face in your hands, gently caress her cheek, stroke her hair and plant a long passionate kiss on her lips. Make her romantic movie come true!

-Relieve Her Stress

When she comes home in a bad mood from work, you inform her to not worry about cooking dinner, because you will handle it (either by cooking it yourself or ordering in). Then draw her a hot bath with some of her favorite bath crystals and light some candles for her. While she is soaking in the tub, play some classical or romantic music for her. Then wait for dinner to arrive or for you to prepare it. When she comes out of her hot bath, have a romantic candlelit table set for her.

-Give and Not Just Take

The type of men who think that if they give to a woman that they will be walked all over are usually takers and not givers. If you have a loyal and faithful woman by your side and want to keep her, you are going to need to become a giver. If you really and truly love your woman, then you will do whatever it takes to keep her close to you and love you back. And if you truly have a good woman, she will not take advantage of you giving to her. She will appreciate you even more and will want to give back to you in return.

-Wait on Her

Wait on her every so often. Does she regularly get your coffee for you, attend to you first, or give you the last piece of pie? Every so often, do one of those acts for her that she frequently does for you.

-Display Public Affection

Have you stopped holding hands in public? Have you stopped planting kisses on her lips in public? Sometimes, women like to have their men show the world that they still have love, passion and that “magic” sill left in their relationship. Women also like others to see that their man still loves them.

-Give Her Praise

Tell her how beautiful she is and how much you appreciate her for all the things she does for you. If you are not used to doing this, it will take some time and effort to put her feelings before yours and know just how much she really does for you. This will really strengthen your connection because she will feel appreciated.

-Listen to What She Has to Say

Whenever she is telling you something or talking to you, really listen to her. Never just nod your head and make a grunting noise and fake listening to her. Even if she isn’t making her point quick enough for you, be patient. She is your woman and she loves you, so respect her enough to listen to what she has to say. You do want her to listen to you whenever you are telling her something, so extend her the same respect and courtesy. She will totally love you for it.

-Never Check Out Other Women

When you are with her, you are with her and not the pretty lady walking by you in high heels. Always give her your undivided attention. Never stare at another woman coming into the room, keep your eyes on your lady. Every woman wants to feel that she is the focus of her man’s attention. If you are checking out or staring at other women, this will make her feel that you are continually on the prowl for a woman better than her. Giving her all of your attention will make her feel secure.

-Tell Her That You Are Sorry

What is it with you men and telling us woman that you are “sorry"? Somehow you’d consider we were asking you to hand over your family jewels or something! Saying that you are sorry goes a long way with a woman. Even if she takes notice in your facial expressions, you still need to tell her you are sorry. For example, you could tell her something like, "'I'm really sorry if it seemed like I didn’t care about what you were feeling last evening, but you do know that I really care about you and I do love you and I never want to hurt you.” Or you could say "I'm sorry I was in a very bad mood before you left for work this morning, I just had a lot of things on my with everything that is going on at work."

If you do this, this will inform her that you noted and cared enough about her feelings to make an apology; even though it might have appeared to be very small or trivial. She will love you so much for considering her feelings and you will see that she will be more apologetic as well.

-Make Her Giggle and Laugh

Life sometimes just gets too serious. Lighten it up. Make your woman giggle or laugh. You know your love better than anyone else and I am sure that there are some of your past experiences or circumstances that you can fondly remember that you can laugh and joke about. Tell her about it and share them with her.

So, taking all of these tips into consideration, you should have no problem attracting a woman, keeping and making her happy. You see, I’m a woman and who knows my own gender better than I do? Good luck!

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