Co-Ed Found Cheating: Sara Makes Tina Serve as Her Personal Slave Girl Volume 1


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Co-Ed Found Cheating: Sara Makes Tina Serve as Her Personal Slave Girl Volume 1

By Candy Kross


© 2014 by Candy Kross

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the copyright owner.

ISBN: 978-1497378520


Chapter 1

When Sara and Tina both opened their letters of acceptance to Yale, they both were excited. Even though the two didn’t know each other at the time of being admitted into the Ivy League school, they soon would. In more ways than one.

Sara didn’t come from a wealthy family. It was just she and her mother and they had always struggled to make ends meet. Sara’s mother always dreamed of Sara attending an Ivy League college and pushed her throughout her school years to achieve that goal. Sara was admitted into Yale, with a full scholarship.

Not only was Sara intelligent, she was also a tall sexy blonde with an amazing figure. Sara always knew what she wanted and worked hard to obtain her goals.

Tina, on the other hand, came from a wealthy prominent family. She was a tall sexy Japanese girl. Tina not only stood out for her beauty, but also for the fact that there were not many tall Asians and this was a novelty for most men who laid eyes upon her.

Because of her height, she was sought out by many modeling agencies. Tina was a teen model, but soon got into a lot of trouble in high school and her father wanted to get her on the right path, so he bought her way into Yale, in hopes of setting Tina on the right path for a bright future.

Even though Tina wasn’t as intelligent as most of the students attending Yale, she was admitted because of her father’s many financial contributions to the college.

Tina’s father cut her off financially after getting her into Yale and paying for her tuition, but she still had money in her bank account from modeling to live off of. She had bought a nice big house near the campus, but decided a roommate would help out with her mortgage payment. So, she put up an ad for a female roommate.

Sara didn’t really want to live in the dorms and she definitely didn’t want to join a sorority, so when she had seen the ad Tina had placed for a roommate off-campus, she jumped at the opportunity. When the two girls had met for the first time, they hit it off really well, like they had been friends for years. Sara soon moved into her bedroom and school had started.

Since Sara had worked hard to get into Yale, she also studies hard and did her homework every night. Even on the weekends she studied.

Tina, loved to party and didn’t study as much, so she got behind in her schoolwork. She began paying other students to write her papers and she had even paid off a Teacher’s Assistant to get a copy of a test in one of her classes, which she aced.

Sara couldn’t understand how Tina was doing so well in her classes, when she clearly wasn’t making any effort into her studies. She wanted to get to the bottom of it. So, one night, while Tina was taking a shower, Sara went into Tina’s book bag and was sifting through her papers and found a copy of a test that was going to be given next week! She couldn’t believe her eyes! “So, this is how she has been doing so well.” Sara thought. “Here I am busting my ass to excel and she is paying people off to get the tests ahead of time.” Sara thought angrily.

Sara decided to confront Tina as soon as she got out of the shower. Tina stepped out and was drying her hair when Sara confronted her holding the test paper in her hand and shaking it, “So, this is how you have been getting by? You have been paying people off and buying the tests in advance so you can party and not have to study or do any work?”

Tina was in shock. “I..I..I don’t know what to say.” Then she realized something, “Why were you going through my things?” Tiny then got angry. “I can’t trust you anymore, I want you to move out within twenty four hours!”

“Oh no! I am not going anywhere!” Sara yelled back. “I work my ass off to keep the 4.0 GPA that I have and I am tired of watching you party all the time and not doing any of the work or studying and still getting the same grades as I am!” She yelled. “This is how it’s going to be. I will go to the dean and tell him all about this. Unless…”

“You wouldn’t dare!” Tina yelled back.

“You don’t believe me? Watch me.” Sara began walking out the door.

Tina went to grab for Sara, but fell to the ground. Her towel came off and she was on her knees reaching for Sara naked. “Please Sara, don’t tell anyone!” She begged.

Sara stopped and looked down at Tina who had a pleading look on her face. “Please, I can’t get expelled, I just can’t.” She paused and continued, “You can stay here, and I won’t kick you out.”

Sara looked at Tina and saw her sexy naked body. She got turned on and felt her pussy get wet. “Also…”

“Anything.” Tina interrupted, “I will do anything.” She pleaded. Remembering what her father had told her. She had to graduate Yale before she could have access to her father’s millions. If she got expelled, she would never see one dime of that money. She was desperate. “I will do anything.” She said in a meek voice. “Anything.”

“From now on, you will do everything I tell you to do for my entertainment and amusement. Do you understand?” She asked Tina.

“Yes. I will do everything you say.” Tina agreed.

“That is including being my sex slave.” Sara added.

“Sex slave?” Tina inquired.

“You don’t think I see you parading around here in your little skimpy panties with your perky little titties bouncing everywhere? Haven’t you ever wondered why I don’t bring guys around?” She asked.

“I thought it was because you were afraid I was going to steal them away from you.” Tina replied.

“No, that is not why. It’s because I am a lesbian. I love women. Sexy, beautiful and hot women like you.” Sara smiled and kneeled down on the floor next to Tina and began caressing her skin. “With soft skin…” Sara then slid her hand over Tina’s breasts that had hard nipples at this point. “Soft round breasts…” Sara then slid her hand over Tina’s stomach and down to her shaved mound. “Sweet, tight pussies…” Sara slid her finger inside Tina’s pussy and felt how wet she was and how tight her pussy gripped her finger.

Sara then whispered in Tina’s ear, “You will do everything I tell you to do, no matter what it is. Do you understand?”

“Yesss…” Tina breathed heavily as Sara began to finger fuck her pussy. “Yessss… I understand.”

“Good, I am glad that you understand.” She continued finger fucking Tina to orgasm. When Tina came she let out a loud moan and her whole body began trembling. Sara continued finger fucking her pussy and said, “I will control everything about you from now on. You won’t orgasm until I say you can. You can’t fuck anyone, unless you have my permission. And you will fuck anyone I tell you to fuck. Are we clear?” She asked Tina as she brought Tina to another orgasm.

“Yesssss….” Tina moaned as she came again.

Sara pulled her finger out of Tina’s pussy and Tina collapsed to the ground, breathing heavily out of breath. “Get dressed and meet me downstairs.” She told Tina.

“Okay.” Tine replied, still out of breath.

When Tina got dressed she went downstairs, as Sara had told her to.

In Sara’s short life, she had come to the conclusion that there are two kinds of people in the world. There were those who worked hard all their lives to get ahead and ended up with everything, despite the fact that they were born into nothing.

Then there was those who were born with a silver spoon in their mouth and had everything and never learned to appreciate what they had. They went around never doing any work and expected everyone else to do it for them.

Sara was the girl who had gone to a good private high school on a scholarship. She was always surrounded by little rich bitches who had everything and didn’t want to do well in school because they knew when they turned old enough, they would get their trust funds. So, why work hard, right?

Sara was not only intelligent, but she had always worked to get ahead in life. She wanted to make something of herself, so she could show them all that she was worth something, even though she wasn’t born into wealth.

Tina was one of those rich little bitches that Sara despised. She had grown up with them and now her roommate is one. She had grown to despise Tina and her type and now it was time to get revenge on one of the type of girls who made her life miserable for so many years. She had actually dreamed of this day when she had leverage over one of them. And now she did.

Tina was the perfect example of someone who made it to Yale easy and Sara resented her for it. Tina’s family was very wealthy and Tina had gone to high-priced private schools. Tina drove a Mercedes, wore designer clothes and had already been on the cover of some teen magazines as a model. Tina had it all. Sara wanted to strip her from her dignity and the pride that she had carried up until that moment when Sara found out her secret.

Tina came into the kitchen where Sara was. She was wearing a little miniskirt with a tight top. She always dressed sexy and aroused men whenever she passed them. Sara looked at her and shook her head. “We’re going to Wal-Mart, I need to pick up a few things, but I think you are overdressed.” She pointed at Tina’s outfit. “I only want you to wear a thong and a bra and your high heels when we go out to the store.” She grinned at Tina.

“Wha… what?” Tina asked surprised.

“You heard me. Now strip. I know you are wearing a thong underneath that skirt. I know what a little slut you are.”

Tina stripped her skirt and top off and was standing in her red thong and red lace bra, with her red six inch heels.

“That’s better.” Sara said smiling. “Now let’s go.”

Sara pulled into a parking spot that was far from the entrance of the store as possible. She looked over at Tina and said, “Time to shop!” Tina looked like she wanted to cry. But, she knew she had to do everything that Sara told her to do. “Here’s a list of things I want you to get for me.” She handed Tina a list.

“You’re not coming with me?” Tina asked surprised.

“No way.” Sara grinned. “I don’t want to be seen in public with such a slutty whore. Now, go get my things.” She told her.

Tina was scared and nervous to walk across the parking lot and into the store dressed or undressed, the way she was. She hoped that she wouldn’t run into anyone she knew. She probably wouldn’t, but there is always a chance. Her friends never shopped at Wal-Mart. She, herself, had never been into a Wal-Mart before. She didn’t know what to expect.

Tina looked at the list of the items she had to buy. One box of condoms – Super Magnums, feminine itch cream, black thigh high stockings, five cans of whipped cream and a plunger for the toilet.

As Tina walked across the parking lot, if someone were to look at her from afar, they would think she was wearing a bathing suit. But, when you got closer, you could plainly see, she was wearing a thong and a bra. She suspected that’s what the security guard across the parking lot talking to a customer thought. But the few men who had seen her up close as they walked towards the store, all knew better.

One man actually whistled at her! Tina felt herself getting warm from embarrassment. This was so humiliating to her! She can’t believe she had agreed to this.

She slowly started walking into the store and passed the automatic doors. There was an old man in what had to be his 80’s at the door greeting people as they walked in. When Tina walked in, he thought to himself, “Must be another college kid prank. Oh how he missed his youthful days.”

Tina was trying to act as normal as she could wearing what little she had on. Walking into Wal-Mart, this was going to be a hard task to look normal doing. She felt so exposed.

When she walked into the store, she got a chill, partly because of all the eyes on her and partly because of the air conditioning. Her nipples immediately got hard. As if it wasn’t enough that she was almost naked, she had to draw more attention to herself with hard nipples.

It was a Thursday afternoon around two and the parking lot and store weren’t busy. But the ones that were there, especially the men, were gawking at the beautiful and tall Japanese girl that just entered the store.

She passed by an elderly couple and the man was checking her out and grinning. His wife made a scowl at Tina in disapproval and called her a whore.

Tina heard her, but ignored her and continued walking inside the store and looking up at the aisles to find the aisle where the items on her list would be. She found the aisle where the condoms were. When she approached the condom section, there was a guy buying condoms as well. When he saw Tina, he couldn’t stop staring at her.

He was an older guy, in his 50’s. Tina casually smiled and went to look for the condoms that were on the list. When the guy saw which ones she was picking up, he said, “You like ‘em big I take it?” He was grinning.

Tina was on the pill, so she never used condoms. She didn’t know that the condoms she was buying were for extra big cocks. “Huh? What?” She said confused.

“I wish I had a big cock, I would fuck you good.” He continued.

Tina just grabbed the condoms and walked away, bright red. Next on her list was feminine itch cream. That was close by and she grabbed the first package she saw. Luckily no one was around to see her grab that.

She then went over to the ladies underwear section and found the black thigh stockings. She grimaced. If her friends ever found out she was buying stockings in a Wal-Mart, she would be the laughing stock of her wealthy friends. She grabbed the stockings and looked on her list. A toilet plunger and five cans of whipped cream were left. She remembered seeing a sign pointing to the opposite direction when she came into the store that said “Grocery”. She figured that’s where she could get the whipped cream.

Tina decided to go to the house wares first and then on her way to check out the items, to go to the grocery section. There was a store clerk in the house wares department. She asked where she could find a toilet plunger.

The clerk was a young guy, probably just out of high school. He looked Tina up and down and smiled. God how he loved working near the college. He saw some really cool things happen the past couple of years from crazy college pranks while working at Wal-Mart, especially from rush week. But this, by far, was the best thing he had experienced up until this point.

The young clerk walked her to the toilet plunger section. Tina grabbed a plunger. The young clerk was checking out her long legs and ass cheeks that were hanging out from her thong that barely covered her pussy mound. Tina walked away not looking back. She headed towards the grocery section to get the last items on her list. The whipped cream cans.

As she walked across the store, more people had arrived in the store and were looking and gawking at Tina. Tina kept her head high and hurried over to the grocery section. She found the dairy aisle and found the cans of whipped cream. She added them to her basket she was carrying on her arm. Now, it was time for check out.

She went up to the counter to the cashier. There were two older women in front of her in line. They turned around and were whispering to each other and looking at Tina with disgusted looks on their faces. Tina blushed more and just wanted to get out of there.

An older man came up behind her in line and was checking out her ass. He felt himself get hard and was trying to cover his erection by grabbing a magazine and covering his crotch area.

Finally, she got to the cashier, who was a college age guy. “Hey, aren’t you in my English Lit class?”

She didn’t recognize the guy, but he sure as hell recognized her. “Ummm… yeah.. I guess.” Was all she could muster out of her mouth.

“Looks like you are going to have some fun tonight.” He looked at the items she was purchasing. “Are you pledging or something?” He asked referring to her outfit.

“Ummm… yeah.” She said quickly.

“Really? Which sorority?” He was being very inquisitive and it was starting to annoy Tina.

“Doesn’t matter.” She paid and grabbed her bag and left in a hurry. She rushed to the car where Sara was waiting in for her.

“Here.” She handed Sara the bag. “I got everything on the list.” Tina was breathing heavy and out of breath.

“So, tell me everything that happened in there. I want every detail.” Sara asked as she started the car and drove them back home. Tina told her everything, down to the last detail as Sara had instructed her to.


Chapter 2

When they arrived home, Tina was going up the stairs to her room and Sara stopped her. “Tina, come here.” Sara said.

Tina obeyed her and turned and walked over to Sara. “Get down on your knees.” Tina complied. “Repeat after me. Sara is better than me.”

“Sara is better than me.” Tina repeated.

“I am nothing.” Sara said.

“I am nothing.” Tine repeated.

“I am submitting myself to Sara for as long as she deems it necessary.” Sara said.

I am submitting myself to Sara for as long as she deems it necessary.” Tina repeated.

“Now stand up.” Sara ordered. Tina obeyed her. “I want you to put me in the mood.”

“What?” Tina was confused.

“You heard me. I want you to put me in the mood. Here is what is going to happen. You are going to stand up and kiss me. Every time I stop kissing you, you are going to compliment me. Do you understand?”

“Okay.” Tina stood up.

“And the first time you can’t think of a compliment before I am turned on, I get to decide on a punishment for you.” Sara added.

“Punishment?” Tina asked.

“Yes, punishment.” Sara said.

“What kind of punishment?” Tina was worried, especially after the Wal-Mart incident.

“That is for me to decide.” Sara grabbed the back of Tina’s head and said, “Now we start.”

Sara leaned over and began kissing Tina. Sara was surprised at how good of a kisser Tina was. Her lips were moist and soft and her small tongue gently massaged Sara’s tongue. Sara was getting turned on already. But, she didn’t want Tina to know, then there wouldn’t be any fun in not giving her a punishment.

Sara stopped kissing. She looked at Tina. Tina suddenly said, “Your hair smells so good and it’s so pretty.”

“Good girl.” Sara said and began kissing Tina again. This time they were really getting into the kiss when Sara pulled away again.

“Your ass is so round and beautiful.” Tina said.

Sara began kissing her again. This went on for a while and Tina complimented Sara’s breasts, face, legs, until she couldn’t think of anything more to compliment. Tina realized that she didn’t know her roommate all that well. Then Sara pulled away after kissing and Tina began to stutter and couldn’t think of anything. She didn’t realize that this would go on for so long. She panicked and didn’t know what to say.

“I am going to get punished no matter what, aren’t I? No matter how many compliments I have given you.” Tina made the startling revelation.

“You know, for having other people doing your work for you, you are a smart girl. You don’t give yourself enough credit.” Sara was grinning. “Oh and thank you for all the nice and sweet things you were saying to me.”

“What is my punishment going to be?” Tina asked hesitantly.

“Well, the first thing you have to do is clean my feet.” Sara said.

Tina walked over to the kitchen cabinet and opened it and was pulling out a plastic tub, a scrub brush and some soap.

“What the hell are you doing?” Sara asked.

“Getting the tub to fill with soap and water to clean your feet.” Tina answered her.

“Oh no, you are not going to use anything to clean my feet with.” Sara grinned.

“Then how am I going to clean your feet?” Tina was puzzled.

“With your tongue.” Sara told her.

“My tongue?” Tina was clueless.

“Yes, get down on your knees and take off my sandals and start licking my feet. I want you to lick my toes, in between my toes, underneath my feet, on top of my feet… everywhere. I want my feet cleaned very good.” Sara instructed as she sat down on the kitchen chair.

Tina had never licked anyone’s feet before. She wasn’t sure if she would be able to. But, she had no choice. She got down on her knees, lifted up Sara’s left foot, took off her sandal and before she stuck her tongue out, she began to gag at the thought of touching her foot with her tongue.

“Come on, stick that tongue out.” Sara ordered. “No need to keep me waiting.” She said wiggling her toes.

Tina took a deep breath and stuck her tongue out and began to lick the top of her foot. The taste wasn’t so bad. Tina didn’t know that Sara had showered before they had gone to Wal-Mart, so her feet weren’t dirty at all. She continued to lick the top of her foot and in between her toes and underneath her foot.

“Suck on my toes too,” Sara ordered.

Tina took Sara’s toes in her mouth and began to suck on them. Sara was getting really turned on. She loved getting her feet licked and toes sucked on. It was one of her fetishes that many didn’t know about and how would they? She hadn’t been with any girls at Yale yet. Tina was going to be her first one. The girls back home knew that she had loved this so much. Well, at least the ones she had been with sexually.

“Take my whole foot in your mouth. I know you can. I am sure you have taken big thick cocks in your mouth before.” Sara told Tina. Tina opened her mouth wide and Sara slid all of her toes inside her mouth. Tina began sucking again. “That’s it. I knew you could do it!” Sara giggled as Tina’s tongue tickled her foot.

“Mmmm…” Sara moaned. “That feels so good. You sure you haven’t done this before?” She asked Tina, who just shook her head no. “Well, you are doing a fantastic job. You have no idea how much this is turning me on.” Sara moaned a little.

Sara was turned on; partly because of her toes being sucked and her feet being licked and partly because of the humiliation and degradation she was and has been inflicting upon Tina. It felt good to put a little rich bitch like Tina in her place. To make her feel less than a person. Sara had wondered how many people Tina had humiliated and degraded in her lifetime with her bitchiness and snobbishness. How many people had she made feel less like humans and more like her servants? This was all so much to enjoy without getting her pussy wet and excited. This was really exciting Sara. More than she thought possible.

Tina couldn’t believe that Sara was making her lick her feet like this. She thought back and wished she had never invited Sara to be her roommate. All of this could have been avoided. Sara would have never found out that she was cheating and paying people to do her work for her. And she definitely wouldn’t be in this situation.

While Tina was licking and sucking Sara’s feet and toes, she thought about that cashier in Wal-Mart who had seen her in her thong and bra buying those items. She hoped he wouldn’t go back to school and tell everyone. That would be so embarrassing! Tina thought to herself.

Tina noticed that Sara was enjoying the tongue bath on her feet. She was enjoying it more than she thought she would be. Tina could tell that Sara was getting turned on.

“Mmmm… You certainly know what you are doing and look how clean my feet look. All your licking has gotten me turned on and excited.” Sara informed Tina. “My pussy is getting wet and my nipples are getting hard too.”

Sara’s small breasts fit her body really good. If her breasts were any larger, they wouldn’t look good on her. Her body was toned and sexy. She was wearing a mini dress and when she leaned back in her chair, she spread her legs apart. Tina looked up and saw Sara’s white satin panties and the crotch in her panties were wet.

Even though Tina was on her knees being humiliated, she still felt a little power over Sara in the fact that she was turning her on and making her horny. Tina knew her sexual power with men, but she had never experienced it with a woman before. She had thought about it and fantasized about it, but never went through with it.

Watching Sara get turned on was also turning Tina on. Tina was deep in thought and didn’t hear Sara say to her, “My nipples need a little attention.”

Tina was focusing on Sara’s wet panties and didn’t hear Sara. So Sara said again, “Tina, my nipples would like to be licked and sucked too.”

Tina heard Sara that time and stopped sucking on her foot and took it out of her mouth. She got up and Sara slid her dress up over her head and was only in her bra and panties. Sara unsnapped her bra in the front and exposed her breasts and nipples to Tina.

Tina took her hand and cupped Sara’s right breasts and kissed her nipple. She kissed it a few more times, then ran her tongue over it. Sara’s nipple was hard as a pencil eraser and as pink as one too.

Tina took Sara’s other nipple in her mouth and kissed it and licked it and sucked on it. Sara began moaning. She was enjoying feeling the tongue she had in her mouth earlier on her nipples now. Tina’s soft lips felt so good wrapped around her nipples.

Tina began to feel herself get wet in her thong as Sara told her to put her whole breasts in her mouth and suck on it. Tina was getting aroused as Sara was making her suck her nipples. It was really starting to turn her on.

Tina was interrupted by Sara grabbing her by the arms and looking her in the eye and telling her, “Take my panties off and lick my pussy.”

Tina complied and slid back down to her knees. She slid off Sara’s soaked panties and spread Sara’s legs wide apart. Tina could smell the sweet aroma that was coming off of Sara’s pussy. It was intoxicating and Tina couldn’t wait to taste her pussy.

Tina was always bi-curious, but never acted upon her fantasies. Tina thought to herself that she would never lick another girl’s pussy on her own accord. She would have to be made to do it, as Sara was making her now lick her pussy.

“You are going to lick my pussy until I cum.” Sara ordered Tina. “You can do a crappy job and we will be here all night or you can lick my pussy like there’s no tomorrow and make me cum hard. It’s your choice. Either way, I’m getting my pussy licked until I cum.”

Tina started kissing Sara’s inner thighs and breathing gently with her warm breath on her pussy. Then she began sliding her tongue in between her pussy lips. This made Sara squirm a little in pleasure.

She then found Sara’s clit and began to suck on it. Sara began to moan in pleasure. Tina wanted to finish as fast as she could, so she licked and sucked Sara’s clit as hard as she could. Sara began bucking in her chair and grabbed Tina’s head and told her to stop. “I want to finish on top of you.” Sara said.

Sara pushed Tina down flat on her back and had both of her knees near her ears. Sara placed her pussy over Tina’s face and looked down at her with a victorious look on her face. “Just keep sucking and I will do the rest.” Sara said. Sara opened her pussy slowly and plopped onto Tina’s face. Sara’s pussy juices were dripping and the juices were dripping on Tina’s face.

Tina did as she was told and kept sucking as Sara rubbed her pussy back and forth grinding her pussy back and forth, fucking Tina’s face. Sara was moaning as she rode Tina’s face. “Make me cum, that’s it… make me cum you little rich bitch!” Sara began yelling as she felt herself come closer to cumming.

Tina didn’t have to do much at that point, just stick her tongue out as Sara rode it rocking back and forth. Sara’s juices were dripping more and more on Tina’s face and down her neck. Tina reached up and grabbed Sara’s breasts and began lightly pinching her nipples.

This drove Sara over the top and she started to begin to cum. “Ahhh… ahhhh… ahhh.. oooohhhh…ohhhh… fuuuuuck….” Sara yelled as her quivered and she began to have her orgasm pass throughout her body. Then Sara had a small eruption of pussy juices that sprayed all over Tina’s face.

When Sara started to relax from her orgasm. She got up from Tina’s face. Tina was soaking wet with Sara’s juices. Tina began to get up. Don’t go anywhere.” Sara told her. “Now, I want you to lick my asshole.”

Tina would have never dreamed about doing something like that to anyone, male or female. But, something about it aroused her, even though the thought of it also made her stomach churn.

Sara was bending over the kitchen chair with her ass up in the air. Tina did note that Sara had a nice round ass and her skin was flawless. She could see her pussy lips and how swollen and pink they still were.

Sara looked like she was about ready to get fucked from behind. And in a way she was right. Tina was going to end up tongue fucking her, whether she knew it or not.

“Spread my ass cheeks and see what a sweet little pink treat I have for you.” Tina spread Sara’s ass cheeks wide and saw her little pink starfish all puckered up. Tina knew this wasn’t going to be horrible, but it wasn’t going to be as good as licking a pussy. She knew that.

Tina took the tip of her tongue and began to lick around the rim of Sara’s asshole. It had a musky scent to it, but she could taste her pussy juices also. Tina had been humiliated before, but this was a whole new level of humiliation. Even though Sara’s pussy juices were around her asshole, the taste of her asshole was awful.

Tina’s willpower and spirit were broken by now. She began licking slowly in circles, trying to stomach the taste. She was afraid of sticking her tongue deep inside. But, she knew she had to. Sara wasn’t going to let her get away with just a rim job, she knew it.

“Go on, spread my ass cheeks wider and really get deep down in there.” Sara ordered. Tina pulled her ass cheeks apart wider and stuck her tongue deep inside her asshole. She pushed in and out with her tongue, like she was fucking her with her tongue.

Tina felt her stomach churn even more as she could taste Sara’s ass in her mouth. Then Sara began taunting her. “Tell me you love the taste of my asshole.”

Tina pulled out her tongue and said, “I love the taste of your asshole.” Then she went back to licking and tongue fucking.

“I bet you would lick my asshole every day if I told you to. Wouldn’t you?” Sara taunted Tina more.

“I would lick your asshole every day if you told me to.” Tina repeated and went back to licking and tongue fucking.

“Reach around and play with my clit.” Sara ordered Tina. “And don’t stop playing with my ass!” She added.

Tina reached around and began to rub Sara’s clit in circles as she tongue fucked her ass. Sara kept pushing back and fucking her tongue. Sara felt herself coming close to orgasm once again.

“That’s it little rich bitch, lick my ass!” Sara yelled out. Just hearing herself say those words out loud made Sara even more excited. Here was this rich bitch licking her ass. Sara was in control of her and it made Sara so horny.

Sara began to cum again. When she finished, she told Tina she could stop now. Tina stopped. Sara stood up, breathing heavy.

Tina began to walk towards the stairs to go to her room. Sara stopped her. “Where are you going?” Sara asked.

“Upstairs to my room to take a shower.” Tina replied.

“I’m not done with you yet.” Sara said. “Come over here and stand in front of me.” Sara was putting on her panties, bra and dress. Sara walks over to the drawer in the kitchen and pulls out a black collar with a ring on it. She attaches it around Tina’s neck.

“Wha.. What are you doing?” Tina asks surprised.

“We are going for a nice little walk in the neighborhood.” Sara said grinning.

“Are you serious?” Tina asked appalled and shocked.

Sara takes her black leather leash and clips it on Tina’s collar. “Does it look like I am joking?” She asks Tina sarcastically. “We are going for a walk to the park. I want to parade my rich bitch whore around.”

“Can I put some clothes on please?” Tina begged.

Sara thought for a moment. Sara was shorter than Tina and her dress size was smaller. Sara led Tina up to her room and pulled out a short mini skirt and a really tight tank top. “Take your thing off and put these on.” She tossed the clothes to her.

“But they are so much smaller than my size.” Tina said.

“Put them on.” Sara ordered her.

Tina complied and put them on. The skirt hugged her ass and if she bent over or caught a breeze, the dress would expose her ass cheeks. It barely covered her pussy.

Sara made Tina keep her high heels on and she lead Tina downstairs by the leash. “Is the leash necessary?” Tina asked. She was afraid she might run into someone she knew. How awkward would that be?

“Yes, it is.” Sara answered her. “You are my pet rich bitch now.”

They walked out the front door, Sara leading Tina by the leash with Tina in her collar. There was some wind that had picked up outside. Every time a little gust of wind came by, Tina’s skirt went up and exposed her ass. Tina tried to hold her skirt down in front so her pussy wouldn’t be exposed.

But her ass was another story. Cars went by and every time Tina’s skirt went up, the guys in cars beeped their horns and made catcalls and whistles. Tina thought that the stuff that Sara had made her do earlier was humiliating, but, this was far more degrading than everything put together. She was on a leash in public!

Sara had a proud look on her face as she walked Tina down the street. Like a proud owner of an award winning pedigree dog. In some ways, Tina was a pedigree. She came from a wealthy family with high standards. So, Tina was Sara’s very own pedigree and she was proud to parade her around, especially on a leash.

Tina was being obedient. She wanted to get this over as fast as she could. So she complied to whatever Sara had wanted her to do. No matter what it was. Tina knew she was fucked and had to follow Sara’s orders. She couldn’t believe she had gotten herself into this mess.

Tina used to love taking brisk walks in the morning hours or in the early evening. It was early evening now and most people were coming home from work or in their homes having dinner. There was more car traffic than foot traffic.

The park was a few blocks from their house. Tina realized that she couldn’t let Sara know how embarrassing this was, no matter how humiliated Tina was. She had to still be proud… somehow.

Just when Tina thought things couldn’t get worse, Sara stops her and pulls out a dildo. “Here, slide this in your pussy and walk the rest of the way with that dildo in your pussy. If it falls out, you will be severely punished in public.”

Sara handed the dildo to Tina. Tina then slid it inside her pussy, working it in. Making sure no one saw her. There were some bushes that were blocking anyone’s view. At least there was that. Tina thought to herself.

Once she got the dildo all the way in her. It was only five inches, but it was still uncomfortable to walk with it inside her pussy. “Come on, let’s go.” Sara said and pulled Tina’s leash.

Tina had on her high heels and she was trying to walk with her thighs tight together to keep the dildo inside her pussy. It wasn’t an easy task, especially with the wind constantly blowing her skirt up. So, she still had to keep her skirt down in the front, while her ass was still exposed.

The dildo felt so uncomfortable inside her pussy as she was trying to walk. Every step she took there was an intense sensation in her pussy. The dildo rubbing up against her clit and inside the walls of her pussy was making her excited and wet. Which made the dildo more slippery.

Tina kept sliding the dildo back inside her pussy when she felt it sliding out. She just had to keep it inside her she thought. Her pussy was pulsating so hard that another fear had come over her that she hadn’t thought about. Oh my god! I am going to cum! She thought in horror.

But, as they reached the park, it was too late. Tina’s orgasm had started. Sara heard Tina moan and looked back at her. “What is wrong?” She asked.

“I’m going to cum!” Tina managed to get out as she was breathing heavily. Then, as she had warned, Tina orgasmed right there in front of the park. She couldn’t help herself. It just happened. Her body began trembling and shaking and her juices began flowing. Tina moaned a little louder, trying to stifle her moans so no one else could hear.

Then, as she came, it happened. The one thing she had tried to avoid this whole time. Plop! The dildo had fallen out of her pussy and onto the sidewalk. There it lay, wet with her pussy juices.

She could feel her juices dribbling down her inner thighs. They were warm and sticky and she tried to keep her thighs tight together.

“Now look what you have done!” Sara yelled out. “You fucking whore! You couldn’t control yourself, could you? You just had to cum!” Sara was staring at the pink dildo lying on the sidewalk. “Pick it up.” She ordered Tina.

Tina picked up the dildo, it was wet and slippery. “I told you that you would be punished, didn’t I?”

“Yes.” Tina replied with fear in her voice.

“I want you to take that dildo and put it in your mouth and leave it in your mouth for our walk home.” She instructed Tina. “Also, I want you to hold the dildo in your mouth with both hands. I can’t have it falling out of your mouth and onto the sidewalk.” Sara handed Tina the pink dildo.

Tina put the pink dildo in her mouth. Fuck! Why did she have to cum? Tina felt the stickiness of her thighs together from her pussy juices as she clenched her thighs to not expose her pussy too much. But, the wind had picked up and her skirt was above her waist exposing her ass and pussy for everyone to see.

She held onto the dildo in her mouth with both hands as they walked home. Tina prayed that no one she knew would see her. She prayed that she could keep the dildo in her mouth without dropping it on the sidewalk and pissing off Sara more. She prayed that she would survive all the humiliation Sara had given her and was going to give her.

They reached home without incident. Tina was relieved. “Go inside and shower and clean yourself up whore.” Sara had a grin on her face. “We’re going out tonight. Thursday is ladies night and the bar will be filled with a lot of men. Horny men. And you, my rich bitch pet, will be the entertainment tonight.”

Tina ran upstairs and thought to herself. “Will this ever end?”

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