Dial "L" for Lesbian and "P" for Pain Volume 2


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Dial "L" for Lesbian and "P" for Pain Volume 2

By Candy Kross


© 2014 by Candy Kross

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the copyright owner.

ISBN: 978-1499270693


Chapter 1

Since that fateful night of meeting Victoria at her lecture at my college and spending the night with her, it had been a week since I had heard from her. I don’t know if this was a way of torturing me psychologically because she knew I yearned for her soft flesh and dominating soul. I wanted her so badly I could still taste her on my lips. I wanted her so much it hurt.

My body had almost healed from the spankings and beatings and the clamps that she had placed on my nipples. My heart was another story. Why hadn’t she called me? Was she mad at me? Did I do something wrong? Dozens of questions went through my mind wondering. Soon, I was torturing myself wondering what I had done to deserve the silent treatment from Victoria.

When my cell phone rang, I picked it up to see who it was. Always a disappointment when it wasn’t Victoria. If I received a text message, I immediately went to read, only to find it was another law student or someone else asking me for notes or to ask me to study with them. Never was it Victoria. Victoria, my goddess had disappeared from me all week and my body ached for her.

I couldn’t concentrate in class and it was hard when visions of her were popping into my head on a constant basis. Images and visions of the first and last night we had spent together. The more I tried to not think about that night, the more I did and the more I replayed it over and over in my mind, the more aroused and turned on I became. I had thought about contacting her, but I remembered that she liked to be in control. If I contacted her and she became angered at me because she wasn’t in control of the situation, then I may lose her forever. But, on the other hand, if I angered her, she just might punish me and that would mean seeing her and feeling her touch, which was something my body was craving.

Then another thought came into my mind. What if she didn’t want me anymore? What if this was her way of letting me know that she was done with me? Those thoughts terrified me and upset me. I had just found my goddess and I couldn’t lose her now. No, that would not be acceptable to me. I hadn’t touched my pussy all week, mainly because it was still sore, but because I was not allowed to have an orgasm without Victoria’s permission.

It was a Monday and I didn’t have any classes that day, so my mind was filled even more with thoughts of Victoria. I made the decision. I just had to see her, feel her and taste her. I needed her. I carefully picked out a sexy, but professional outfit that night; a pastel pink skirt with a matching jacket and a see through white blouse underneath. I picked out matching heels as well. I decided to wear pink because she called me her good little girl and I wanted that image of being her good little girl to come into mind the moment she first saw me in pink. It was a psychological move on my part, I know. But, I was desperate.

I fell asleep that night thinking of how I was going to approach her and what I was going to say. I was nervous and excited all at the same time. I finally fell asleep around midnight or so and yes, I had dreams of my goddess.

I decided that I would go to her after class, which would be around lunchtime. I was hoping to catch her before she took a lunch. I knew what the law firm’s name was and I found the building. I parked my car and went inside. I gulped as I opened the door and went inside.

There was a cute blonde secretary sitting behind the desk answering the phones and greeting visitors. “Yes? May I help you?” She smiled and asked me.

“I… I…” I realized that I probably needed an appointment to see Victoria.

“Yes? Are you here to see someone? Do you have an appointment?” She said. This time her smile wasn’t a full smile, but more of a forced smile to show me that she was soon becoming annoyed. “Well, it’s almost lunchtime and there aren’t any more slots available for appointments.” She said. “Would you like to make an appointment for another day?”

I finally got my courage and asked, “Can I please see Victoria?”

“Victoria?” She asked me with a puzzled look.

“Oh! You mean Ms. Anderson.” She seemed surprised I had used Victoria’s first name.

“Yes. Victoria Anderson.” I said with a smile. Saying her name out loud and hearing it roll off my tongue made me smile.

She then reached for the phone and then looked at me and asked, “Who shall I say it is?” she asked me while dialing her extension.

“Amanda. My name is Amanda.” I replied.

She then spoke to Victoria. She was actually speaking to my goddess. I soon became nervous all over again, but giddy like a little schoolgirl with her first crush. My heart started racing. What if she wouldn’t see me? No. I can’t think negative thoughts. I thought to myself.

“Thank you Ms. Anderson. I will.” Then she hung up. “Ms. Anderson said to give her about ten minutes, then it’s the fourth door on the left down the hallway.” She said pointing towards the hallway. “You can take a seat over there in the reception area while you wait.”

“Thank you.” I said and took a chair in the lobby. The secretary left for her lunch and soon the building was in complete silence. The only sound I could hear was my heart pounding in my chest. Ten minutes seemed to go on forever. Was she doing this on purpose knowing that I was waiting out here for her?

When the long ten minutes had passed, I stood up and walked down the hallway to her office door. It was closed. I took a deep breath and knocked on it.

There wasn’t any answer. I knocked again.

Suddenly the door opened and there stood Victoria with a stern and serious look on her face. The perfect order of her office and the beautifully tailored blue suit that she was wearing added to the serious atmosphere. She didn’t say a word. Victoria stepped back and let me in. I entered her office nervously. Was this a big mistake I had made? I was thinking to myself during the uncomfortable silence in the room. I was anxious.

Victoria shut the door behind me and walked over to me. She grabbed my shoulders with both her hands, as she towered over me. Adding to my nervousness and anxiety, I was now intimidated by her strength and height.

She then pushed me against the door with my back against it. She took her knee, lifted my skirt and put her knee right in my pussy. She took off my jacket and tossed it over the chair and began to unbutton my blouse, all the while her knee still pushing against my crotch. I was shaking as I felt her hand brush against my breasts. I wasn’t wearing a bra. Her hand was touching my skin and I felt the warmth of her body against mine.

She then took a piece of paper that was folded up and slid it in between my waist and the waist to my skirt. Then she put my blouse back on, with minimal contact with my skin, buttoned up my blouse and handed me my jacket to put back on. She took her knee away from my pussy and walked over to her desk. Still not having said a word. She was looking over some papers at her desk.

I was afraid to speak. She then looked up at me, her eyes telling me what was I doing there still? She stared at me long and hard. I grabbed my purse that I had dropped on the floor and I then quickly left.

I rushed back to my car as fast as I could and feeling like showing up here was a huge mistake. I was more curious as to what the paper Victoria had put in my waist had written on it. What could she have possibly written on it? There was no way I could wait until I got home. I drove out of the parking lot and a few blocks away and I pulled into a parking lot. I reached into my waist and pulled out the piece of folded paper that Victoria had placed there when I was back in her office.

Slowly, I unfolded the note and read it:

What took you so long? Tonight at my house 7:00 P.m. SHARP. DO NOT BE LATE!

My heart was racing. I could hear her voice reading the note to me in her serious and stern voice. How was I to know that I was to call her or contact her? She was the one who took my number and said she would call me. I was so confused at this point. Was she playing head games with me? Some kind of power play move?

Then the thought of what she was going to do to me tonight had foreshadowed all other questions I had on my mind. Was I going to be punished for not contacting her? Was she angry with me? Had I disappointed her? I started to worry about what was waiting for me when I arrived at her house that night. What was I going to wear? Was she going to beat me again? I soon realized that I was craving and missing the pain she had inflicted on me as much as I was missing her scent, her touch and her caresses. I loved the pain that she inflicted on me.

I went home and took a long hot bath and prepared myself for her. I wanted my body to be perfect when I undressed this evening. It was as if I was preparing myself for a sacrifice to a goddess. And in a way, I was.

When I had determined that I was more than presentable to her, I left my home, got into my car and proceeded on my way over to her house. I was a few minutes early. I looked at my watch and it was 6:57 p.m.

I had noticed when I drove up that all the curtains were closed and all the lights were off. It appeared to me that no one was home. After parking my car in her driveway, I got out and walked towards her door. I noticed a paper taped to the door and as I got closer, I noticed large bold letters that read, “COME IN. THE DOOR IS OPEN.”

I checked my watch. It was now 6:59. I waited until it was exactly 7:00 and then I opened the door nervously and walked inside. It was completely dark inside. After walking inside more, I noticed a glow from a room near the hallway. Assuming that she was in there, I proceeded to walk towards the lit room. My high heels were clacking loudly on the hardwood floor. It was an eerie sound, since the house was in complete silence. The scenario was akin to the opening in a horror movie. My heart was racing.

The lit room turned out to be the kitchen where Victoria sat waiting for me. She was wearing her black lace corset, black lace panties, garters, stockings and six inch black stiletto heels. I was taken in by her beauty and sexuality. I was mesmerized by her appearance that I didn’t notice at first what was on the kitchen table.

There, on the kitchen table, was the biggest collection of straps, canes, paddles, whips, hairbrushes and even wooden spoons laid out, that I had ever seen before. I stared at the table wondering why all those devices were there.

I was soon distracted from them as Victoria stood up from her chair. Her stocking covered legs went on forever, her large round full breasts were perched on top of her corset, her lips were as red as her hair, which was flowing over her shoulders. I noticed her nails were painted to match the color of dark red on her lips. She looked inviting and intimidating at the same time.

With her usual confidence, she walked towards me and started to strip my clothes off. I had surprised my goddess and underneath my coat, I was only wearing pink lace panties and a pink lace bra with matching garters and stockings. The panties and bra had little pink bows on them. I wanted to be her good little girl. To add to the little girl image, I was wearing pink high heeled Mary Jane shoes.

Then, for the first time that day, I heard her voice. “You’re not getting out of anything this evening, just because you are dressed so cute and innocent, my little girl” She said in her stern voice.

I was staring blankly at her.

“You’re not expecting me to wait for you now, are you?” Victoria taunted me.

“I’m sorry Victoria.” I giggled in my little girl voice.

“Did you forget something?” Victoria asked as she twisted my nipple through my bra.

Victoria closed her eyes and puckered her lips. She was expecting me to give her a kiss. I leaned in and planted my lipstick colored pink lips on her full red lips. She immediately grabbed my hair and pulled me away from her face. With her other hand, she slapped my face really hard several times. I could feel the side of my face swelling up and burning.

Then she looked me in the eyes and said in a very angry voice, “When I tell you that I am going to call you, that is exactly what I mean. I will call you. Not the other way around. You have forgotten that I am in control. You never should have come to my office today. You broke the cardinal rule.” She slapped me again even harder across my face.

“You are the one who is supposed to wait by her phone and wait for me to call. I am a busy woman and when I want you, I will contact you. Do you understand me?” Her eyes were glaring at me angrily and her mouth was in a frown.

It was then that I realized going to her office was a really bad idea and she was right. I should have waited for her to contact me. She was the one in control. She held all the power. How could I be so stupid? I felt her hand slap me again across the face. This time so hard, that one of my teeth fell out and to the floor. I could taste blood in my mouth. I deserved it though. I broke her number one rule.

“Now, get over there next to the table and bend over.” She ordered.

I walked over to the table and bent over, as she had ordered me to. I felt her long nails rake down my back as she pushed them in deeply and ran them up and down my back. Soon, I felt small drops of blood dripping down my back and a stinging sensation. She had cut my skin with her nails!

Victoria then took a piece of black silk rope and tied my wrists together and then tied them to my ankles while I was still in the bent over position.

“You are not going anywhere little girl.” Victoria said with anger.

“I’m sorry Victoria. I’m sorry for breaking your rule.” I pleaded.

Victoria was now holding one of the canes in her hand. “Why don’t I believe you?” She asked, slapping the end of the cane the in the palm of her hand.

“I really am sorry Victoria.” I pleaded more. Then I decided to take a different approach. “I was missing you. I missed your scent, your touch, your voice, everything about you. I just had to contact you. Please forgive me Victoria.” I said in a sweet innocent voice. I knew it wouldn’t make much of a difference in my punishment. But, at that point, I had nothing to lose.

“I am going to punish you by beating you harder than you have ever been beaten before!” She yelled. The echo in the kitchen echoed in my ears. “And, you are going to love being beaten!”

The thought of being beaten by her scared the hell out of me. But, somehow, I knew that once she got started, I wouldn’t want her to stop. Somehow, I knew I would love it, just as she said I would.

My back and ass were facing her so I didn’t know what to expect. I was waiting for a sharp pain from the cane in her hand, but instead, I got an ice cold bucket of ice water down my back and ass! I screamed out in pain and from being in shock. The water was so cold that it felt like my skin was burning!

As I was shivering and shaking and freezing, Victoria said, “Don’t make such a big deal Amanda. You will dry soon enough.” Victoria began to caress my hair, which started to sooth me and make me soon forget what had just happened. “Does that feel good Amanda?”

“Yes Victoria.” I answered her as I was enjoying her strokes and caresses.

“Just don't enjoy it too much though.” She said.

Then, without warning, I felt the cane lash down suddenly on my back. It made me jump and squirm without any control of my own body. My skin was still cold and the stinging of the cane across my back was intensified. Then she hit me with the cane again and again until finally she broke skin and I began to bleed.

She picked up another bucket of ice cold water and poured it over my slashed back. It stung so badly! The combination of a stinging and burning pain flowed over my back. I screamed out loud, I couldn’t control myself. This did not please Victoria. I then remembered the first night she had told me that if I screamed too loud, I would be punished.

“You, my little girl, have just earned ten more lashings.” I knew I had angered her once again. “I want you to count them out as I come down on your back with this cane.”

The caning then began.

She came down hard on me, I called out, “One!”

Then the second one came, “Two!” That one was deeper and I felt another slash on my back.

“Oh, that one was a good one!” She said proudly.

Then, she just began caning me over and over again, that it was hard to keep up the counting without letting go of the tears from the pain I was feeling.

“Three! Four! Five!” I had to catch my breath. “Six! Seven! Eight!” I was breathing very short at this point. It was hard to when I was holding back my screams and cries. “N… N… Nine! T…T…

Ten!” I barely managed to get out. My back was burning in unbelievable pain. I hung limp while I was still bent over. I felt like I was going to collapse from the pain. But, leave it to Victoria to wake me up by dumping a third bucket of ice cold water on my back.

I felt like long needles were shooting throughout my back and down my spine. The pain was excruciating and it was unbearable. But, deep down inside, I knew I had to stifle my screams and not break the rule, because she would punish me more for screaming too loud.

“Now break a rule of mine again and disappoint me, you will get ten lashings with every device I have on the table over there. Do you understand me, Amanda?” She said as if she were giving a business lecture.

“Yes Victoria.” I managed to get out. My panties were wet, not only from the ice cold water that was thrown on me, but because I was unbelievably turned on. I felt my pussy begin to drip.

“You know I do this for your own good, don’t you Amanda?” She asked me.

“Yes Victoria.” I replied breathlessly.

“I know you are my good little girl and you want nothing more than to please me, right Amanda?” She asked me.

“Yes Victoria.” I replied again. I was too frightened to disagree with her.

“You know, it doesn’t really matter if you agree with me or not. Because, it will always be my way whether you like it or not. That’s the beauty of me being in control and in charge.” She was grinning at me wickedly.

Victoria then proceeded to pull my panties down to my knees and revealed my already rosy red ass. I wasn’t sure what she was going to do to me now. She walked over to the table and stood quietly for a few minutes. She was trying to decide on what instrument of torture to use on me next. I think she already had in mind what she was going to use, but she also wanted me to wonder for a few minutes. This was her way of psychologically torturing me; partly, because of the anticipation and partly because of the unknowing.

“Hmmm…” She said teasingly, “What should I use?” She pondered as she tapped her red polished fingernail on her lips. She then picked up the leather whip. As if the cane hadn’t already been enough. She walked back over to me and stood behind me.

Victoria lifted her arm up with the whip. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the strips of black leather, each about an inch wide and less than a quarter inch thick. There had to be about ten or more strips of leather. She then brought her arm down and began to slowly drag the leather strips over my back, which was still stinging from the ice cold water and caning. Then she lightly dragged them over my ass. Suddenly, she raised her arm again and brought the leather strips down on my ass with a loud CRACK!

Victoria’s strokes were evenly spread apart and were consistently hard. I used all my self-control I had in me to remain quiet, but to my horror… a scream had escaped me. This angered her. “Rule broken!” She yelled out and continued whipping me on my ass over and over again, which made me scream louder and louder. “Quiet Amanda!” She yelled at me. “I’m not whipping you that hard… yet!” She brought down the whip a few more times and then stopped.

Victoria spun me around so that I was facing the table with all the torture devices on it. She lifted herself up on the table so that I was even with her pussy. I could see her black lace panties were wet. She reached behind my head and yanked me forward placing my face smack in the middle of her crotch. It almost threw me off balance, so I basically fell into her pussy.

She slid her panties down and forced me to eat her pussy by pushing my face deep into her. Not that she had to force me to eat her out, I enjoyed the taste and smell of her sweet and musky pussy very much. It was what I loved to do.

While my face was buried between her thighs, Victoria picked up the hairbrush and landed it right on my ass. This pushed me into her pussy further and I screamed into her pussy loudly. She then reached down and pushed the hairbrush handle deep into my own pussy and started fucking me with it. I could feel the shooting pain and pleasure coming from my pussy throughout my body. It added to the pain I was already feeling from being caned and whipped by Victoria.

She fucked me harder and harder as I licked her pussy and sucked on it faster and faster. We were both coming close to an orgasm. I knew I couldn’t cum though without her permission.

Then, without warning, she picked up the wooden spoon with her other hand and shoved the wooden handle into my ass. I lunged forward in pain and screamed louder than I had ever screamed before. I don’t know if she had heard me or not because she was lost in her own moans, but as she fucked my pussy with the hairbrush handle and my ass with the wooden spoon handle, I continued to lick and suck on her pussy without abandon. I was determined to give her the orgasm I knew she wanted. I tried as hard as I could to hold my own orgasm back and waited to ask her for permission. I wanted her to cum first. It was her right to do so.

At this point I was alternating between her pussy and her clit, licking her pussy and sucking on her clit, back and forth. This was driving her wild, I could tell. She started bucking on the table and on my face. I became terrified though, she had broken my nose the last time she had cum while I was eating her out and I didn’t want that to happen again. At least not so early on in the night.

I wasn’t sure what was more painful, the wooden spoon handle in my ass or the hairbrush handle in my pussy. At this point it didn’t really matter to me. My body was in so much pain that I tried to focus on Victoria’s pleasure instead.

Finally Victoria began to orgasm. I felt her juices start to cover my face. She was moaning loudly in pleasure, but she didn’t stop fucking me with the wooden spoon and hairbrush handles. It was like she was on a mission to make me cum as well.

Her mission was almost accomplished. I found myself yelling out to her after she had orgasmed, “Victoria may I cum please?” I was so close to an orgasm

“What? What did you say little girl?” Victoria teased and taunted me.

“Victoria, please can I cum? I want to orgasm. Please Victoria?” I pleaded some more.

“Oh, you want to cum, don’t you?” She taunted me again.

“Yes, please?!” I was on the verge of cumming. I was hoping she would let me cum very soon because I didn’t think I could hold back anymore.

“Yes, my little dirty girl. You may cum for me.” Victoria said.

Thank fucking god! I thought to myself. I began to feel the intensity of my asshole being fucked and my pussy being fucked begin to work together in pleasure. As I started to orgasm, she also fucked my ass harder and harder.

“Ahhhh… Ahhhh… Ahhhh!” I moaned in pleasure as I came. It felt so good to finally release my orgasm. I was breathing very heavily. Panting was more like it. I rested my head on the table, still in between Victoria’s legs.

When we had both gained our composure, Victoria jumped off the table and onto her feet. I noticed a small puddle on the table. It was a milky white substance so I could only imagine it was her cum. “I want you to lick every single fucking drop off that table!” She commanded. “I want it so clean, that the president himself could eat off that table!” Victoria added.

I immediately started lapping up the puddle. It was definitely her cum and I was as eager to lick it all up as I was eager to please her. Finally I couldn’t taste her pussy juices anymore on the table. I felt myself craving more and wanting more. I wish the puddle had been bigger.

Then, suddenly and unexpectantly, I felt a leather strap slam across my ass and pussy. I was bending over still, my ass and pussy exposed. She had begun to spank my pussy with the leather strap!

Only moments earlier I was feeling pleasure from my orgasm and pussy. Now, I was feeling the most intense pain shooting from my pussy lips as she continued to spank my sore and wet pussy.

I was screaming loudly, knowing I would be punished more. But, I couldn’t help myself. Victoria ignored my screams and spanked my pussy brutally with the leather strap. I screamed and squirmed, it was a mixture of pleasure and pain. I felt myself becoming aroused and my pussy was getting wet once more as I felt the leather belt hit my pussy over and over again.

Victoria’s full strength was almost unbearable. She was a strong woman and her lashings showed it. I felt my pussy began to welt up as she continued to beat me with the leather strap. I wanted so badly to feel her lick my pussy or to caress it and tell me everything is going to be okay. But, then, I felt the opposite. She had changed the leather strap for the cane again and began to cane my pussy… focusing on my clit this time.

“Hold your ass up higher!” Victoria yelled out to me in her commanding voice. “I want to see that pussy of yours crystal clear!” I raised my ass as high as I could. I felt the cane land on my clit harder and harder.

Then, I thought to myself, if she keeps this up I may just cum again. The torturing of my pussy was exciting me as well as the way she kept hitting my clit, I felt myself nearing another orgasm. Should I ask her for permission again to cum? Should I just cum and not let her know. Would she know if I came? I was stuck in a conundrum (more like a CUMundrum) and I wasn’t sure what the hell I was going to do.

Before I could make a final decision as to what I was going to do, I must have passed out from the pain. When I came to, I was laying on Victoria’s bed. She had untied me from the ties I was in before and I was now on my back.

Victoria was smiling at me as she lay in between my legs looking up at me. Hello my little girl, nice of you to join me.” She said in a calm and soothing voice. Victoria was holding a jar in her hand.

“Victoria? What happened?” I asked.

“Oh my little girl, you passed out from the pain, I presume. So, I carried you up here to my bedroom and then untied you.” She was still smiling as she dipped her fingers into the jar and took out a glob of clear jelly.

I just stared at her. I couldn’t believe she had carried me upstairs. She must have read my mind of what I was thinking. “Didn’t you realize it yet? I am much stronger than you.” She was still grinning at me. Of course I knew she was stronger than me. How would I think anything different?

“Did you eat anything at all today?” She asked with a concerned look on her face as she turned me over on my stomach and began to rub the clear jelly on my ass.

“No.” I said shamefully. “I was too afraid that I wouldn’t be able to keep any food down.” I added.

“You know, usually by the second time being with me, you girls aren’t so nervous.” She said as she continued to apply the jelly on my ass. “But, you are different, I suppose.”

I’m not sure I understand you. What do you mean?” I asked.

“Do you honestly think you are the only female college student I have ever brought home from a lecture?” She asked me with her eyebrow raised. “I mean look at me. You college girls are obsessed with women like me. Women who are successful and in powerful positions, not to mention I’m drop dead gorgeous.” She then started rubbing the clear gel on my pussy. It felt cool and soothing. My ass wasn’t burning anymore.

Victoria continued, “I usually get these little slutty and needy whores who want to have their ass spanked and then have a million orgasms throughout the night. Not you though. You are an obedient little girl. You are cute, yet you can take a beating just like a man. Maybe even more so.”

I wasn’t sure what to say to her. Was she complimenting me?

“Say ‘Thank you Victoria’”, she teased as she lightly slapped my inner thigh and smiled.

“Thank you Victoria,” I said.

“You’re off of school next week for Spring Break, aren’t you?” She asked.

“Yes I am Victoria.” I replied.

“Hmmm… I have an idea. Why don’t you come here and stay with me for the whole week? I will take a week’s vacation. My boss has been nagging at me to take some time off. You will be under my control completely and you will be my very own little sex toy to play with.” Victoria asked.

A whole week with Victoria as her sex toy and under her control; the very thought of a whole week with Victoria excited me. “Yes please Victoria. I would love to!” I replied with a smile on my face.

“That’s my good little girl.” Victoria then paused and continued, “I am going to have to start training you how to be my little submissive then.”

Victoria then held up a small vibrator. It was a clear light purple with a curved head on it. I’ve seen them before online while shopping for sex toys. It was a G-spot vibrator. She turned it on and placed the tip on my clit. It felt really good and I was already feeling myself building up for an orgasm. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the pleasure. I was starting to get closer to cumming. Then I had remembered something.

“Victoria, may I please cum?” I pleaded for the second time that night.

“No.” Victoria replied as she turned the vibrator off. “Amanda, you are going to have to learn how to control your orgasms. Also, from this point on, you are not allowed to masturbate anymore. If I do find out you have masturbated and made yourself cum… Well…you really don’t want to have to go that route. It’s just better for you to obey my orders to prevent any severe punishments.”

I was so turned on that I couldn’t think straight. I was just told by the woman of my dreams that I couldn’t touch myself anymore or masturbate or orgasm. The fact that she had forbidden me to do any of those things made me want to do them even more. But, then I would be punished, severely punished, as Victoria had stated just a minute ago. I wanted... no, I needed to cum so badly right now. I couldn’t remember myself ever being this horny before.

Victoria then took me under the covers and pulled the blanket over me. She took me in her arms and placed one of her nipples in my mouth for me to suck on. I eagerly took her nipple in my mouth and began to suck on it.

She then took my fingers and shoved them into her pussy for me to finger fuck her. I obeyed her silent order and began to fuck her pussy with my fingers as I continued to suck on her nipple. She thrust her hips up and down as she fucked my fingers.

Suddenly, she began to cum again. I could feel her juices all over my hand. She let out a few moans and then stopped. Victoria then took my fingers out of her pussy and put them in my mouth. I licked my fingers clean, tasting her sweet and musky juices again during that night.

If I hadn’t been aroused before, which I was, I certainly would have been now. After I had licked my fingers clean, she pulled me in close to her.

She wrapped her legs and arms around me and soon fell asleep. I laid there knowing that I wouldn’t get much sleep tonight and even less sleep next week.

What had I gotten myself into? A week with Victoria as her sex toy and submissive to do whatever she wanted with. And even though I shouldn’t have been, I was still a little in shock when she had told me that he had brought back many college girls here to her home. I began to wonder what they were like. How they looked. How they tasted. Were they as good as I was? Where there worse than I was? Better than I was?

Millions of questions went through my mind that eventually I believe my mind soon became tired and I soon fell asleep in Victoria’s bed, in her arms, my ass and pussy still burning from the beatings I took earlier.

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