Dial "L" for Lesbian and "P" for Pain Volume 3


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Dial "L" for Lesbian and "P" for Pain Volume 3

By Candy Kross


© 2014 by Candy Kross

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the copyright owner.

ISBN: 978-1499271294


Chapter 1

It had been a long week waiting for my Spring Break and now I was off school for a week and I was going to spend it with Victoria. All week in class I had gone over and over again the things she would probably do to me and I also went over in my mind her smell, touch and taste. It was all I could do to not masturbate and think about her. But, as Victoria had ordered, I could not masturbate or orgasm. I was denied that privilege.

So now, here I was, standing nervously at Victoria’s front door with my suitcase to stay with her for the week. She had told me to be here at 10:00 a.m. sharp. I noted that she was adamant about time schedules and didn’t like to be kept waiting.

As I stood waiting, I could hear her heels loudly clacking in the hardwood floor as she approached the door. The heels stopped and the door opened. Victoria was wearing a three piece business dress suit in a dark burgundy color. She stood at the doorway looking emotionless. “Come on in.” She said as she grabbed my suitcase from me and led me inside her house.

As soon as the door closed, she put my suitcase down on the floor and ordered, “Take all your clothes off now.”

I was wearing a mini skirt with a tight blouse, a white lace bra and matching white lace panties. I undid my skirt and dropped it to the floor. I unbuttoned my blouse and it also fell to the floor. I was standing in my bra and panties and heels.

Victoria then reached over and in an almost robotic manner took off my bra and threw it to the floor and pulled my panties down to my ankles and had me kick them off, landing to the right of me on the floor next to my other clothes.

I felt completely vulnerable and exposed as I stood before her naked. I knew Victoria loved me feeling this way and which is probably why she had me do it in the first place as soon as I stepped foot inside her house.

She turned me around and pulled the belt she had on around her waist off and tied it around my wrists behind my back. Then, she picked up a ball gag from the nearby table and forced it into my mouth and fastened it behind my head.

Victoria then walked me over to a small door under her stairway, grabbed me from behind my head and took a handful of my hair and threw me through the small doorway. I landed on my hands and knees in the dark and pleaded with her as she closed the door and locked it with only me inside the dark small room. It was silent. I then heard her heels clacking again on the hardwood floor as she walked to the front door, open it, close it and lock it behind her. Then I heard her start her car and minutes later, drive away.

So, here I was naked, bound and gagged locked in a dark little room all alone. I was terrified as to how long I was going to be kept in here. And even though I was panicking, I felt myself begin to get wet between my thighs as the heat was building up from my pussy.

Even though I had no idea how long Victoria was going to keep me in here, I had to give her credit; she knew exactly how to get my juices flowing erotically. I struggled to get free, knowing damn well that would be impossible.

First I would have to get my wrists free and then get through that locked door. And all for what? To be there when Victoria returned and be severely punished. A caning? A whipping? Perhaps the crop to my pussy again?

Maybe those tortures would all be old news to her and she would come up with something more terrifying and horrible to punish me with. The thought made me salivate through the ball gag and my pussy became wetter. My only hope was that Victoria wasn’t gone too long and I wouldn’t be in here for a long period of time.

An hour had gone by, or so it seemed that way, I had no way of knowing. The heat between my legs was intensifying. I looked down and noticed a little puddle of liquid between my legs; it wasn’t urination though, it was my pussy juices.

More time had passed and I realized that now I had to pee really badly. I had no choice but to urinate on the floor, my bladder was in so much pain. Once I had peed on the floor, which now was a bigger puddle to add to my pussy juices that were already on the floor. I was still excited though. I was sitting in my own urine like an animal. I couldn’t contain myself sexually any longer.

I began calculating in my head. I had to touch my pussy and I had to cum! I slowly stood up balancing myself without falling. I went over to the door and my calculation was right! My pussy and the door handle were exactly at the same height!

The steel door handle was very cold and felt good against my hot pussy as I began to rub up and down on it. Oh god! It felt so good! I rubbed my clit up and down on it and slid the door handle inside my pussy. I was getting close to cumming. I was almost at an orgasm when the door flew open and I felt a fist land dead center on my mouth. It was Victoria! She was home and she had caught me masturbating! I felt my lips swell up and I could taste my own blood. My lips had been caught in between the ball gag and Victoria’s fist!

Victoria grabbed me by my hair and looked me straight in the eyes with the most horrifying and angry look on her face that I had ever seen before. Her eyes were blazing with fury and her mouth had a scowl and her face was red with anger.

“What the fuck do you think you are doing?!” She yelled at me in my face as she still had a handful of my hair. “You pissed on my floor too?!” She had seen the puddle on the floor and smelled it. “I can’t leave you alone for two hours without you pissing on my floor and trying to get yourself off. You’re nothing but an animal and that is how you are going to be treated from now on while you are here!”

Victoria dragged me on the floor by my hair into the kitchen. She took out a thick metal collar from the drawer and put it around my neck and then she pulled out a leash and attached it to the collar.

“From now on you will only walk on your hands and knees. No more walking on your feet while you’re here.” She pushed me to the ground on all fours. She went over to the cupboard and pulled out two dog bowls. She filled one with water and the other she opened a can of stew and didn’t bother heating it up and just dumped it into the other bowl. “Bad dog! Bad girl!” She said and dragged me over to the bowls, pulled off my ball gag and ordered, “Eat your food and drink your water, bad girl!”

It felt good to get the ball gag off and I was thirsty, so I drank the water from the bowl. I hadn’t eaten that morning, so I was hungry. I ate the cold stew from the can inside the other dog bowl. It burned my cuts on my lips, but it also felt good to get some food inside of me.

As I ate she continued talking, “I had to go out to do a couple of errands and I expected you to be a good girl and wait in the closet for me. But you couldn’t even do that! I even stopped off and bought you a crab and shrimp salad. But, you will never eat that now!” She was still angry. “And there will be no masturbating in this house! I told you that you couldn’t cum without my permission and that you were not allowed to masturbate anymore! You broke so many rules in a short period of time that I am going to have to think of your punishment now!”

My punishment now? I thought to myself. You mean this wasn’t my punishment? I wanted to ask her but I didn’t want to push it and anger her any more than she already was. I felt so desperate that I was on the verge of crying. But, somehow still, I found myself aroused and wetter than I had been earlier. My pussy was throbbing harder than my lips were. More than ever I wanted to masturbate. But, I knew that was not possible.

Victoria then took two metal wrist restraints with chains attached and locked them around my wrists. She pulled out a stepladder and took the other ends of the wrist restraint chains and fastened them up to the hooks that were hanging from the ceiling. I had never noticed those hooks up there before.

“Perfect!” She proudly said out loud to herself. “I judged the length perfectly!” I was hanging from the ceiling with the balls of my feet on the floor to take the pressure off my arms. If I lifted my feet, I would be hanging by my wrists and that pulled and hurt my arms terribly.

She walked over to the counter and pulled out a single red rose from a vase that held two dozen red roses. She held the rose up to me. “Aren’t roses beautiful, Amanda?” She asked.

“Yes Victoria.” I replied faintly.

“The beauty of a rose is that they are perfect and beautiful to look at, but if you don’t handle them just right and not pay attention to them closely, their thorns will pierce your skin.” She held up the rose to my face. I noticed that the rose had a lot of thorns on it. Then, I realized something. She was going to pierce my skin with the rose!

“Victoria please don’t hurt me with those thorns!” I cried out in a panic.

“Little slutty horny girls who don’t follow my rules and masturbate on doorknobs don't get off easy in my house!” Victoria declared.

“Please Victoria!” I pleaded with tears running down my face.

Victoria looked up at with an almost sympathetic look. “Little girl, you should know better than to disobey me!”

“I’m sorry Victoria! Please forgive me!” I pleaded more.

She put the rose on the table and walked over to me and caressed my cheek with her hand.

“'Do you trust me completely Amanda?” She whispered softly in my ear.

“Yes Victoria” I replied.

Victoria then looked me straight in the eye and said, “I take care of you, don’t I?” She asked me.

“Yes Victoria.”

“There will never be any permanent damage done to you by anything I ever do to you, you do understand that right? Everything I do to you will heal eventually.”

“Please don’t use the thorns Victoria.” I tried a futile attempt to plead once more.

“My little girl, I never want you to be afraid of me.” She caressed my cheek more. “But, I am going to use the rose thorns and they will hurt and I am going to be very proud of you for taking your punishment.”

More tears rolled down my face.

“Trust me my little girl, you need this more than you know.” She then walked over to the rose and picked it up and began to drag it over my back, causing hairline scratches that began to form tiny beads of blood. I felt the stinging on my back and it hurt.

Victoria then worked her way around to my breast and continued dragging the thorns over my breasts and stopping at my nipples. She took her other hand and pushed the thorn in and punctured my right nipple. I let out a little scream. Then she dragged the thorn over to my left nipple and repeated the process of puncturing my left nipple.

Blood was now dripping from my nipples and I could see the hairline scratches on my chest and she was now working her way down to my stomach. The heat between my legs was intensifying and I was becoming aroused once again. My clit was pulsating and yearning for her attention.

Victoria saw my pussy began to moisten and then drip and she did the unthinkable. She took the thorns on the rose and ran them over my pussy and then stopped with a thorn over my clit. “Victoria please?” I cried out because I knew what she was going to do next.

After pausing for a moment, she pressed the tip of the thorn into my clit. I felt a stinging sensation and pain shoot up through my stomach. But, my pussy became even wetter.

She then dragged the thorns down my legs to my ankles, first in the front, then in the back. At this point, there must have been hundreds of tiny scratches with hundreds of tiny beads of blood coming from them. And, I had never been wetter before in my life.

I wanted to orgasm so badly at this point. More than I had ever wanted to before in my life. But, I knew I couldn’t. That is what got me here in the first place; my drive and passion for cumming when I felt the need to. I was a slave not only to Victoria, but also to my pussy as well.

“Well, look at who is getting horny. You little slutty girl Amanda!” Victoria laughed as she continued dragging the thorns over my skin. “Don’t go getting all aroused on me and wet, you do know that this is punishment still, don’t forget that!”

In all honesty, I really was enjoying the pain. There were times when it became too intense, but then there were times I found myself being more aroused than tortured. If only Victoria would let me play with my pussy long enough to orgasm or even better, have her play with my little dripping wet cunt.

I was soon finding myself getting lost in the pleasure I was receiving from the pain. Victoria must have sensed this and without warning, I felt the thorns between my legs again and then she was pushing the thorned rose stem up my pussy!

I began to scream and squirm! I was writhing in pain from this torturous act that was being performed on me! I felt the tips of four thorns being scraped along the inside of my pussy. Victoria was slowly sliding the stem in and out. Fucking me with it. Even through the pain, I wanted to cum!

She then slowly removed the stem of thorns from my pussy. My pussy not only was aching from the thorns, but it was aching to be touched, to be played with… for attention…. Any kind of attention at this point! Oh the agony of it all!

“I bet from now on, you will never masturbate without my permission.” Victoria taunted.

“No Victoria,” I replied as quickly as I could.

“Okay.” She put the rose on the table. “Let’s get you down now.”

She undid my wrist restraints, but left the metal collar on my neck. I immediately fell to the ground on my hands and knees.

“Good, that’s where you belong. On the floor on your hands and knees like the bad little girl you are.” She said to me coldly.

I remained on my hands and knees for a few minutes not knowing what was to happen to me next. More torture? Part of me was hoping for her to play with my pussy and part of me wanted more pain.

Victoria was sitting on the chair staring at me with a cold look in her eyes. It was as if she was waiting for me to do something or say something.

I thought quickly and said, “Thank you Victoria.”

That was what she was waiting for. She then smiled and replied, “You are very welcome my little girl.” She then took the metal collar off my neck and placed it on the table. She bent over and picked me up and carried me upstairs where she drew me a bath with aloe and chamomile to sooth the scratches on my skin.

Once I was in the large oversize bathtub, my skin began to feel better. “Feeling better?” Victoria asked me grinning.

“Yes Victoria, thank you.” I replied.

“See, my little girl, I will always take care of you as long as you take your punishments like you should. I am very proud of you.” She said as she began to strip naked and climb into the bathtub with me. I was taken completely by surprise! It was a treat to have my goddess in the bathtub with me and to see her in all her naked and beautiful glory!

When she had immersed herself into the bathtub, disappointment overcame me. The bubbles in the bathtub had covered her beautifully naked body and all I could see of her skin was her collarbone and above.

“Come over here to me.” She whispered softly.

Yes Victoria.” I complied and moved closer next to her.

“'Closer to me!” Victoria said in a stern voice as she ordered me. “Do I really scare you that much Amanda?” She said as she playfully splashed water at my face.

Not sure as to how I was supposed to answer that question and when I didn’t she repeated herself. “Amanda, do I scare you?”

“Yes, sometimes Victoria.” I answered honestly. She did scare me at times, but mostly she turned me on.

“Good answer my little girl.” She said leaning in to kiss me on my cheek. Her soft wet lips felt nice. I was wishing she would kiss me on my lips, but I would take any kind of kiss from her anywhere. She then leaned in and began to wash my body with the sponge. Then she washed my hair with some really good smelling shampoo. It was strawberry scented. It reminded me of how her hair always smelled when I would get that rare chance to be in close to her and smell her hair.

When she was done bathing me, I wanted to return the favor to her. “Victoria, can I please wash you now?” I asked in a sweet voice.

“Have you been a good enough little girl to be able to have the privilege of washing me?” She answered me with her own question.

“I want to do something nice for you.” I replied.

Now I had confused her. “Why is that?” She asked with a puzzled look on her face.

“Because you are always doing nice things for me and I want to return the favor.” I pleaded. “Please let me wash you Victoria.”

“Well, how could I refuse such a thoughtful gesture?” Victoria then smiled at me with affection in her eyes.

I wanted to please her so much that I took the sponge and soap and did exactly as she had done to me when she had bathed me. I made sure to get every inch of her body and massaged her skin in a circular motion. I must have been doing something right because she closed her eyes and began to moan quietly.

I was able to take in every curve of Victoria’s well-toned body. It was firm, yet voluptuous. She had the perfect body. Zero fat, but very curvaceous. I wanted to ask her about her body, but I knew I would be overstepping my boundaries and I should just keep quiet and bathe her. Besides, I had another question I had wanted to ask her.

“Victoria, may I wash your pussy?” I asked nervously.

“That’s my good little girl for asking permission. I am proud of you Amanda. See? You can be trained to be the obedient submissive little girl I want and adore.” She spread her legs open. “Go ahead and help yourself.” She said smiling.

I slowly began to wash her crotch area with the sponge. I lingered over her slit and let my finger slide over it a few times. Her clit was hard.

“Wash my pussy Amanda, not play with it!” Victoria said laughing.

I knew I had overstepped my bounds. “I am sorry Victoria.” I said and stopped rubbing her clit.

“You are just too cute for your own good sometimes!” She said as she held my face with her hands. “You want to see something?” She asked.

“Yes, of course I do Victoria.” I said wondering what she wanted to show me.

She pulled out of the bathroom cupboard two fresh and fluffy white towels and handed me one. We wrapped the towels around us and she led me back downstairs and under the stairs to the door where we had been before. She opened the door and we went inside. It was the same little room I had been locked in earlier. I began to feel a bit nervous.

She pulled my towel off of me and turned the light on. The door we had just walked through didn’t lead to just a little room like I had thought. It led to a bigger room.

A dungeon.

I was horrified at what I saw. There were contraptions everywhere that I had never known existed. Chains were hanging from the ceiling like Victoria had in her kitchen. There was a huge wooden “X” against the wall with restraints. A table was in the center of the room that had little metal rings all around the edge.

But, what really terrified me more than anything, was the young girl chained to the wall. She was about my age with black hair and on the slender side. Her head was hanging until she saw Victoria.

“Hello Mistress!” She said with enthusiasm.

“Hello Brooke.” Victoria said back to her.

I wasn’t sure as to how to react. I was stunned. Before I could figure out what was going on, Victoria grabbed me and chained me to the wall next to Brooke. Victoria then walked over to a cabinet and opened it. She put on a black lace corset with connecting garters. She slid on some black silk thigh high stockings and connected the garters to her stockings. Then she slipped on some stiletto-heeled boots that went up past her knees.

She looked at herself in the long mirror in the cabinet and admired how she looked. She reached up on top of the cabinet and pulled down a whip; a long black leather Indiana Jones type of whip. She raised it high above her head and cracked it hard.

If I hadn’t been scared before, I certainly was now, especially when she came walking over to us. She then stopped in front of Brooke and I. “Which one of you has been the naughtiest little girl?” She looked back and forth at us. I wasn’t sure if it was a rhetorical question or if she really wanted someone to answer. I was paralyzed.

“I think you are both slutty little whores.” Victoria said coldly to us both. “You two practically threw yourselves at me at my lecture. Brooke, how many guys have you fucked in your short lifetime?”

“Too many to count.” Brooke answered faintly.

“A number Brooke! I want a number!” Victoria yelled out.

“Twenty-two!” Brooke yelled out.

“What a slutty little cock whore you are!” Victoria seemed really angry now. “You know cocks are bad for you, don’t you? All boys want to do is fuck our pussies and you are weak Brooke for giving your most prized possession to them!”

She took a few steps over to me and looked back at Brooke, “See Amanda here?”

“Yes Victoria.” Brooke replied nervously.

“Amanda is just like me, she has never had a real cock before. I took her virginity with a rubber cock. Isn’t that right Amanda?” She asked looking at me.

“Yes Victoria.” I answered quickly.

She walked back over to Brooke. “That whoring pussy of yours needs to be cleansed of the cocks it has taken!” Victoria then raised her whip out and up and brought it down onto Brooke’s pussy with a loud CRACK! A red welt appeared across her pussy.

“Only twenty-one more to go!” Victoria yelled out. “One for each cock you have let fuck that pussy of yours!” Victoria proceeded to whip Brooke twenty-one more times. By the time she was finished, Brooke hung even more limp from the chains, than she had when I had first arrived in the dungeon.

Victoria was perspiring. I don’t know if it was because of the temperature in the dungeon, it was a little warm in there, or because she had exerted so much of her energy whipping Brooke. Brooke was covered in welts across her pussy and thighs. I almost felt sorry for the girl. Almost. I mean, she did fuck twenty-two cocks from guys. That is a lot of cocks, even for a straight girl and I tended to agree with Victoria that Brooke was a cock whore and needed to be punished.

Victoria put the whip down on the table with the metal rings and walked back over to Brooke and stood in front of her. “Now look what you have made me do!” She yelled at Brooke. “I’m all sweaty now and Amanda here just gave me a bath not even less than thirty minutes ago!”

Victoria then reached out with her right hand open palm and slapped Brooke across her face so hard that Brooke’s head spun to the side quickly. If I were a betting girl I would put money on it that Victoria had given her whiplash from the contact.

Victoria then took her other hand and slapped the other side of Brooke’s face even harder. The poor girl looked beaten down. But somehow, somewhere she still managed to have the look of admiration in her eyes for Victoria. Now that was loyalty, I thought to myself. I knew Victoria had seen it too because Victoria then unchained Brooke from the wall and cradled her in her arms like a baby.

“Now Brooke, you know I love you my darling.” Victoria cooed as she rocked Brooke back and forth.

I was jealous. I wanted to be beaten too so I could be cradled in Victoria’s arms. It was worth getting beaten over to feel her arms wrapped around you and being cradled by her. To feel her soft skin against yours. To feel her caressing your face and brushing her hand through your hair. I wanted to be beaten just as Brooke had been, if not harder, so I could feel the love and attention from Victoria. Brooke was a lucky little bitch and I envied her right now.

When Victoria was done coddling Brooke she whispered something in her ear. Brooke smiled and got up and walked over to the cabinet and reached inside and pulled out a canister and brought it over to Victoria. “Thank you darling.” Victoria said and kissed Brooke on her cheek.

Victoria then got up from her chair and walked over to me. She opened the canister and pulled out a clothespin. She opened it and put one on my right pussy lip. I felt a shooting pain. She reached in and pulled out another one and put it on my left pussy lip. More pain. She then took a couple more out and placed one on each nipple. I felt more shooting pain and I could feel myself get wet. She pulled out a couple more clothespins and put one on my clit and then one on each ass cheek.

I felt pain from all over my body. It was a delicious pain though. The clothespins had little sharp teeth on them and were digging into my skin. Victoria pointed to the cabinet and said, “Crop!” Brooke immediately ran over to the cabinet and grabbed a riding crop and ran back over to Victoria with it.

Victoria took the riding crop in her hand and said, “Now, it’s time for target practice.” She had the most wicked grin on her face!

She stood up and was standing in front of me. She raised the riding crop, closed one eye, took aim and smacked the clothespin off my nipple with the crop. The pain was more intense when the clothespin came off than when it had been put on. I thought my nipple had been ripped right off my breast!

Victoria then raised the crop again and aimed for my other nipple. More shooting pain! Oh dear god! What the hell? I felt like my nipples were bitten off! I looked down at them. No, still in tact, just some drops of blood coming from them.

Victoria didn’t pause, she took aim on my pussy and one by one hit the clothespins off with the riding crop. “Damn! I’m getting better at this!” She said to herself still grinning wickedly. She then went behind me and hit the ones off my ass. “There, got all of them now.” She was pleased with herself. “All on the first hit too!” She was definitely proud of herself. “There was a time when it took me a couple of times to hit them off. Now, I get them all on one shot each.” She paused for a moment. “Now that was fun wasn’t it?” she asked me.

“Yes Victoria.” I faintly answered still in pain.

“Oh come on now, you’ve taken worse from me.” She laughed. “That was just a fun little game I like to play.”

Then, for a moment, I noticed a spark in Victoria’s eyes and smile and somewhat of a glow. It was a different side of Victoria that I had never seen before. She reminded me of a little girl who just got her pony that she wanted for her birthday. I thought my heart was going to melt.

“We are going to have a little training session now.” Victoria said. “Brooke come over here.”

“Yes Victoria.” Brooke said as she ran over to where Victoria was standing in front of me. “You know Amanda here loves to play with her pussy. I caught her fucking the door handle to the door to this room this morning. Can you believe that?” She asked Brooke as if I wasn’t even in the room.

Suddenly, I felt my face get warm. I felt embarrassed and humiliation!

“Yes she was. I told her that she couldn’t masturbate at all or have any orgasms without my permission and she went against my orders. I punished her for it already, but now I need to do some training for her and you are going to help me.”

“Yes Victoria.” Brooke agreed.

I couldn’t believe she had told Brooke about me fucking the door handle. God, I felt so ashamed. She made me sound like I was a nymphomaniac. I don’t know, maybe I was. But, to hear it come from her lips to tell another person made me regret doing it altogether in the first place.

Victoria was whispering in Brooke’s ear and Brooke was nodding. I wondered what she was telling her now that she didn’t want me to hear.

Brooke then walked over to me, got on her knees and spread my legs apart. She began to lick my pussy. Oh my fucking god! How I have been aching for attention on my pussy for so long today! It felt so good feeling Brooke’s wet little tongue massage my pussy lips and my clit. Within minutes, I already felt myself building up for an orgasm. I knew that I had to ask Victoria first though. I had definitely learned my lesson on that.

“Victoria, can I cum please?” I asked her.

Victoria walked over to me and slapped me really hard across my face. “No.” She answered in a stern voice.

Oh fuck! I needed to orgasm badly! With Brooke’s tongue working in my pussy, I didn’t know how long I could hold off. So I tried again.

“Victoria, can I please orgasm?” I pleaded once more.

Victoria slapped my face harder and said, “No. Hold off on it. Self control Amanda, self control.”

Her slapping me was making me even more aroused and I think she knew that. Oh fuck! It was getting harder and harder to gold back. Brooke had her tongue all the way inside my pussy now and she was fucking my pussy hard with her tongue!

“VICTORIA! PLEASE LET ME CUM!” I yelled at the top of my lungs begging her with every ounce of self-control I was holding onto in my body.

I felt a harder slap across my face. That was it, I was going to release whether I had her permission or not. I had to. This wasn’t now a matter of choice for me but a matter of a necessity. One out of sheer survival. I was going to cum with or without her permission. It was all just too much to bear. Brooke was licking my clit with her tongue and then nibbling on it. That was the epitome of giving me an orgasm. I soon began to orgasm.

Brooke stopped licking me. “I think she’s cumming Victoria.” She looked at Victoria and told her.

“What?!” Victoria said out loud. Then she looked me in the eye, “ARE YOU CUMMING WITHOUT MY PERMISSION?!?!?!” She was yelling at the top of her lungs and really angry.

“Yesssssss Victoria!” I said as I came. Yes, I had orgasmed WITHOUT Victoria’s permission. I disobeyed her once again. But, I didn’t care. That few moments of pure pleasure was worth it. I had to do it out of survival and I was willing to pay the price, whatever it was going to be. It would be worth it.

And damn! Broke knew how to eat a pussy really good. I don’t know if it was because I needed it so badly or because she was actually good, but it was probably the best I had had in awhile, besides Victoria of course.

I hung limply on the chains against the wall. I had orgasmed. I felt drained and now I was waiting to receive my punishment, whatever it was going to be. I knew I had it coming since I blatantly disobeyed Victoria.

What was it going to be? Rose thorns? Caning? Whipping? Flogging? Spanking? I was ready to take my punishment. Whatever pain Victoria was going to deal to me, I was prepared.

Except for the one I received.

Victoria said in a disappointing voice, “Come on Brooke, let’s go. You can sleep in my bed tonight. Amanda here will take your place tonight since you have proven to be the most obedient and loyal girl.” She then put her arm around Brooke and kissed her on the lips in front of me. Broke was smiling.

Then Victoria looked at me and said, “You sicken me Amanda. You have disappointed me. You know the rules and still you blatantly disobey them. You can stay in here all night and think about having more self-control than you do. Maybe next time you will think twice about cumming without my permission.”

Victoria and Brooke walked out arm in arm and Victoria turned the light off on her way out. I was left in the dark alone hanging from the chains from the wall. I wondered how long she would keep me in here. I never dreamt of this punishment. The worst part was that Brooke was going to be sleeping in the bed with Victoria tonight. Brooke was going to be sitting next to Victoria at the dinner table. Brooke was going to be bathing Victoria. I don’t think Victoria could have given me a worse punishment than to be separated from her.

I loved Victoria with all my heart. I had fallen in love with her the first night I had met her. Did she love me? I was just a sex toy to her. That was the part I played in her life.

Something to amuse her with.

And you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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