Killer Vacation in San Diego


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Killer Vacation in San Diego

By Kym Datura


© 2014 by Kym Datura

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the copyright owner.

ISBN: 978-1500183271


Chapter 1

It was going to be a hot summer that year and the girls wanted to get out of the hot Nevada desert for a few weeks. They had saved their money all year long and none of them had landed jobs just yet in their respective careers, since they had graduated college that June.

Tammy, Rachel and Angel had been best friends since as far back as they could remember. They had all met in the first grade and there was an instant bond. They shared all of life’s ups and downs together and had gone on vacations every year together since they had graduated high school.

After high school, they all had achieved scholarships to the same college and ended up renting a house together while they attended school. They were the epitome of the three musketeers. They were thicker than blood sisters.

Rachel was always the one who would come up with ideas for a vacation for the three of them. Last year, she had found a really great deal on a week long cruise ship to Alaska. They had thoroughly enjoyed themselves, the cruise and the weather and scenery. They weren’t sure where they were going this year, but they knew they wanted somewhere close, somewhere cool and somewhere inexpensive.

Rachel had been looking online at vacation rentals and had come across a three bedroom beach cottage for rent in San Diego, California for $1,200 a week. The cottage was located right on the beach and since that would only be $400 a piece for them, that was way below their price range and totally affordable. The cruise last year had cost them over twice as much.

Rachel called the owner of the beach cottage and it was still available. Rachel told her that she wanted it for her and her two girlfriends. Rachel gave the woman her credit card number and the woman gave her the address and told her where the keys would be located. She would e-mail Rachel the rental agreement and Rachel could sign it and FAX it back to her that day.

Once all the details were worked out, Rachel and the girls decided to do a little bathing suit shopping. They found some really cute bathing suits that weren’t expensive and were starting to get really excited about their trip. None of them had ever been to San Diego’s gorgeous beaches before or to San Diego for that matter.

Since Tammy had the most reliable transportation and it was an SUV, which would hold all of their luggage they were taking for one week. I mean face it, three girls in their early twenties going on vacation to San Diego, they needed all the room they could get for their suitcases.

Travel day came and they loaded everything into the SUV and were headed out to San Diego for some fun and sun on the beach. They were really excited and couldn’t wait. It was going to be the best vacation they would ever have, or so they thought.

* * * * *

“Good Morning San Diego, today’s temperature will peak in the low 80’s. It’s going to be a warm, clear and sunny day. Now back to Jeannie and Richard for today’s news.”

“Another body was found early this morning in the 2300 block of Pacific Beach. This is the third body found within the last month. The bodies were all female, found nude. They were raped and then murdered and their bodies dumped. So far, the police have no suspects. If you have any leads or tips about these rapes and killings, please contact the San Diego Police Department. The number is on the bottom of your television screen.”

Gavin watched the news as he did every morning. After all, you never know what you are going to find or learn. Gavin heard exactly what he wanted to hear. “No suspects.” He muttered to himself.

“Dumb ass police.” He said as he cleaned the blood off his knife.

Gavin had come to San Diego about a year ago. Things were going very well for him. He had a new job in computers that paid more than he expected. He had rented a new house near the beach, he and his girlfriend were getting along great, his medication for his depression was leveling him out and he was able to enjoy life and all that it had to offer. Life was good for Gavin.

Then his company went bankrupt because there was a glitch in the software that was developed before Gavin joined the company. Companies and clients were complaining that the software crashed their computers and servers and it was one big huge financial mess. His company was sued and with all the legal fees, restitution and the software recall, the company went under and had to declare bankruptcy. Gavin was out of a job. Which meant that he couldn’t afford his house by the beach any longer.

He and his girlfriend had to move to a one bedroom apartment in the not so good area of San Diego. There was high crime and his girlfriend didn’t feel safe anymore. She packed up her things and moved back to her parents’ house, they lived up in San Francisco.

Gavin was jobless, living in a bad part of town, almost broke, girlfriendless and he had stopped taking his medication because he could no longer afford it, since he had no medical insurance. Gavin found nothing to live for anymore.

One night he was at a bar on his last few dollars for a few days until his unemployment check would come in. He had drank more than enough beers with the last of his money and a really pretty young college girl sat at the bar and ordered a drink. She was supposed to meet her friends there, but they were running late, she assumed. Well, at least that is what Gavin overheard her tell the bartender.

After about twenty minutes her cell phone rang. “Hello?…Yeah, I’ve been waiting at the bar for you guys…. Yeah, I’m right here… Where are you?” There was a pause for a moment. “I thought you meant Moon Doggies… Okay, I’ll finish my drink and meet you over there then… Bye.” She told the bartender that they were at a different bar and that she had come to the wrong bar. Her mistake. Her very, very bad mistake.

Gavin finished his beer and walked outside and was smoking a cigarette. The girl from the bar came out and walked past him. He asked her if she had the time and she told him to get a life. Being off his medication and having been drinking a lot, set Gavin off.

He followed her to her car. She was parked in an isolated parking lot. It was dark and there were lots of cars. It was a Friday night and everyone was in the bars and dance clubs down at the beach. Before she got to her car, Gavin grabbed her, covered her mouth with the sweatshirt he had taken off and dragged her to his car, pulled out his pocket knife and told her that if she screamed, he would kill her.

He reached in her purse and pulled out her wallet and grabbed her driver’s license and looked at it. “Theresa Katherine Miller.” He read her name out loud and then continued, “739 E. Pacific Drive. Get in the car now.” He ordered. “Don’t try anything stupid because I know your name and address.”

Gavin had some jumper cables under his seat and pulled them out and tied her wrists together and ankles together and used his sweatshirt and shoved it in her mouth. He drove down to a secluded area on the beach where it was dark. He untied her legs and arms, but kept the sweatshirt in her mouth to keep her from screaming.

When they got down to the beach, he ordered her to strip naked. She did what he told her to do. He then ordered her to lie down. She began to cry, but lied down in the sand. Gavin pulled his shorts down and proceeded to rape her. She began to cry more and he told her to shut up. But, she wouldn’t. He began to choke her and soon she passed out. He felt her pulse and there was none. He never meant to kill her. He thought to himself. Gavin panicked.

He grabbed his sweatshirt from her and left her there on the beach, hoping that the tide would take her away before morning. He walked back to his car and got inside. As he was driving home to his lonely one bedroom apartment, he looked over in the passenger’s seat and on the floor was his victim’s purse.

When he arrived home, he took her purse and went through it. He found $200 in cash in her wallet. “Jackpot!” He said out loud to himself. The night wasn’t a complete bust after all, he thought to himself. This money would definitely hold him off until he got his dole check. He then found her credit cards. He found her cell phone and turned it off. If anyone called her, the call would bounce off the call tower and he didn’t want any leads or tips pointing in his direction.

It took him awhile to fall asleep. He was so amped up with adrenaline from his killing. He never did fully rape his victim. When he had entered her, she began crying and that is when he had choked her out. Next time though, he will definitely bring a condom and plan things out more carefully. This might be something he could get into.

As he was falling asleep, he laid in bed planning out how he was going to take his next victim, rape her, take her purse and money and then kill her. It was a very simple plan.

The next day Gavin got up and decided he needed some food and his fridge was empty, so he went to the local taco shop and bought some tacos and stopped off at the store and bought some beer. At the liquor store, there was a television on and the news was on.

“Joggers early this morning found the body of a dead woman appearing to be in her early twenties on the beach. Police determined that she was strangled to death. More details will follow as we get them. Now for today’s weather…”

Gavin felt himself grinning as he left the store. He went home and ate and drank the rest of the day away, planning his next rape and murder.

* * * * *

The girls arrived in San Diego on a Friday afternoon. The streets by the beach were booming with young and old tourists and locals in their bathing suits. The atmosphere didn’t depict a town that was fearful at night due to, what police have come to fear as a serial rapist and murderer on the prowl. Everyone was going about their business, as the serial killer was still on the loose, planning his next victim.

The girls arrived at the cottage and it was better than they had imagined. They were right on the boardwalk and the beach was buzzing with hot guys wearing nothing but shorts and exposing their muscular and tanned bodies. “I’m going to love it here!” Angel said out loud as they began to take out their luggage and take them into the house.

Rachel had opened all the windows to the cottage to let the nice ocean air flow through. Tammy claimed her room first, and then Rachel claimed hers and Angel was left with the last room. Angel was the passive one of the group and always let the other two girls get their way. She found it easier to do that than to argue with them. She liked her room anyway, so it wasn’t an issue at all. All the rooms had beautiful views.

Rachel turned the large flat screen T.V. on and the girls could hear the news throughout the house, even from their bedrooms.

“Police have identified the third murder victim as Cassandra Wilson. She was in her early twenties, a local of San Diego and was last seen leaving a bar last night with her friends. Police have no suspects and her friends are being questioned.” The news anchor announced.

“Rachel! Did you hear that? “ Tammy called out.

“I did. That is so crazy! She was our age!” Rachel replied.

Just then Angel walked into the room. “I picked up the newspaper on the patio and the headline said that the three victims were all found around here on the beach.”

“That’s really scary.” Rachel said as she and the three girls read the newspaper. “We just have to be extra careful and always stick together. We will make sure that all windows are closed and locked at night.”

“Sounds like a good idea to me.” Angel said.

“Well, as long as we are careful and stick together, we should be safe. Let’s not let this ruin our vacation, okay?” Tammy said optimistically.

“Tammy’s right.” Rachel said. “I say we unpack later, put on our bathing suits now and head out onto the beach and catch what’s left of the sunrays!”

The girls all agreed and soon were relaxing and sunning on the beach with their cold water bottles they had pulled from their cooler they had traveled with. They all agreed it was going to be a great vacation here in beautiful sunny San Diego, California.

* * * * *

Gavin was planning his fourth rape and murder. He liked the fact that there we so many young women in their early twenties to pick and choose from. They were usually drunk and naïve and easy targets. That was why he liked choosing them.

The tourists were starting to arrive and pour into their rental beach houses along the boardwalk. A lot of them would be young college women from around the world. San Diego seemed to have become a destination spot for many vacationers. It was no wonder too. With the perfect weather, the many restaurants, tourists attractions and of course the beaches.

Gavin had been up the night before on a drunken binge. The beer seemed to stimulate his depression, or so he thought. What it was actually doing was feeding into it. Since alcohol was a natural depressant, it was wrecking havoc on his emotions. Sure, the beer would numb any pain or sadness, but once the affect of the beer wore off, the depression was worse than before.

Gavin was still steaming from his girlfriend leaving him, even though it was months ago. She was beautiful, young and in her early twenties, just like his victims were. Gavin didn’t plan his first killing though, that was just a fluke. But, he soon found his other victims as fitting that particular description, subconsciously. Maybe his first was because she fit that exact description of his ex and the fact that she rejected him and was mean to him had triggered something sinister inside him, that he wanted to take advantage of her.

Of course it was an accident that he killed her. But, maybe it wasn’t. Maybe he was meant to kill her and with his bare his hands, he thought to himself. As he lies in bed coming down from his drunkenness from the day, he was feeling the depression began to battle with his emotions once again.

The police had only found three bodies at that point, but there were more. There were just only three in that area that they linked to him. A couple of weekends before that he had gone to Las Vegas for the weekend. Free alcohol and a chance to win money and loose and drunk females everywhere, that’s a serial killer’s paradise.

His second San Diego killing had afforded him his trip to Vegas. She was in her early twenties, beautiful and rich. It was a literal jackpot when he had met her. She was from Beverly Hills and was getting away for a few days to chill out from the hustle and bustle of the fast pace of Los Angeles life, as many Angelos did. It was a right of passage for the rich and young to leave their problems behind, at least for a few days.

Stephanie Van Meade was the heiress of a powerful businessman and she had millions. She wanted some time to herself and was getting over her own engagement break-up. She didn’t tell anyone where she was going. She ended up staying in a luxurious hotel near La Jolla Cove, near Gavin’s first victim killing.

Gavin had decided to take a walk where his first victim’s body was found and that is where he ran into Stephanie. It was kismet.

He was standing near the shore and looking out into the ocean, Stephanie was sitting on a rock with a bottle of wine trying to wash her troubles away. Compared to Gavin though, she had no troubles. She was a wealthy heiress in her early twenties who was beautiful and had access to millions of dollars, luxury cars, vacation homes, yachts, a private plane, you name it. She chose San Diego because it was quiet and only a two hour drive from L.A. She had brought a lot of cash with her, so no one could trace her and find out where she was.

Gavin approached her on the beach and was friendly to her, not having any idea who she was. She chose to ignore him and bathe in her own sorrow and depression. Which she had become quite good at and she didn’t want anyone else coming along and taking away from her self-pity party.

When she had rejected Gavin, which was a big no no in his eyes, Gavin’s blood began to boil. “Stupid bitch.” Gavin thought to himself. Once the sunset was completely gone and darkness began to settle on the beach with only the moonlight lighting it, Gavin decided to make his move.

Gavin was carrying a think telephone wire in his pocket, when Stephanie got up from the rocks because the tide was coming in, he took his chance and came up behind her. It was in a secluded area around rocks and no one could see or hear her because of the sound of the waves crashing nearby.

He took the wire and wrapped it around her neck and told her, “Scream and I will kill you.” Stephanie was so drunk that she didn’t have any fight in her. “Where are you staying?” He asked her. She pointed to a nearby hotel, which had private bungalows along the beach. “Give me your room key.” He ordered. She pointed to her pocket of her designer jeans.

Gavin reached inside and pulled out her key card to her bungalow, looked at the bungalow number on it and put it in his pocket. He then took Stephanie and pushed her down to the sand. She had on a sundress, so it was easy to pull her dress up and panties down. He proceeded to rape her and then when he was done, he strangled her to death with the wire he had around her neck.

He unwrapped the wire and placed it back into his pocket. He then took his condom off and pulled his shorts up. He walked over to the ocean and turned the condom inside out. He knew he needed to destroy the evidence. Stephanie didn’t struggle or use her nails on him at all, she had just laid there as he raped her. He didn’t think she even knew what was going on because she was so intoxicated.

He went back over to her and removed all her clothes to strip her from her dignity. He took her clothes and threw them out into the ocean. He came back to Stephanie’s freshly killed body and moved it closer to the rocks, hoping that the tide would take her body out.

When he was done he walked down the beach to where the bungalows were scattered. It was late at night and many of the inhabitants of the bungalows were out at clubs dancing the night away and enjoying the nightlife that San Diego had to offer. He walked and was reading the numbers on the doors. He found hers.

He entered the room, but not before he put on a pair of rubber gloves. Something had always told him to bring a pair of rubber gloves when he went out at night, you just never know when you might need them. Right now, Gavin needed them.

He put on the rubber gloves, turned the lights on and began to go through Stephanie’s things. There was a safe in the wall and the door was slightly ajar. She must have forgotten to close and lock it, stupid bitch. He thought to himself once again.

When he opened the safe door he was shocked at what he found; stacks of one hundred dollar bills, jewelry and her passport. He took the money and left everything else. He figured trying to pawn her jewelry would probably get him caught and that was the last thing he wanted.

He figured she had been staying alone in the bungalow because he only saw her clothes there hanging in the closet. He put the money in both his pockets in his shorts and left. He didn’t want to touch more than he had to, even though he had rubber gloves on. He left her bungalow and walked to his car.

When he arrived back to his dinky one bedroom apartment, he closed the curtains and began to count out the money. There was ten thousand dollars in one hundred dollar bills in stacks on his bed. Gavin felt his heart race.

A normal person would have used that money for food, or rent or bills, especially if they weren’t working. But, then again, Gavin wasn’t normal. He jumped into his car that night and drove to Las Vegas with the money in his suitcase. It was only a five hour drive, so he had arrived by morning.

He checked into a nice hotel on the strip, one with a big hot tub right inside his hotel room. He jumped into the hot tub to relax and drank the complimentary bottle of champagne that was waiting for him in his room when he arrived.


Chapter 2.

For all they knew, he was some big shot gambler from San Diego looking to drop a load of cash into their casino. Little did they know that he was a bona fide killer. After his hot tub soak, Gavin ordered room service. He had a nice big thick juicy steak with lobster. “Now this is the life.” He said, smiling to himself.

When he had rested and filled his belly up and was feeling very good, he left for the casino to gamble. He put the rest of his money in the safe. How ironic. That is exactly where he had stolen it in the first place, from someone else’s safe.

The casino was buzzing and he decided to play some slots, then black jack and finally some craps. He went through half the money he had brought within hours. So, he decided to check out the local bar scene. But that somehow bored him. So, he ended up at a strip club.

As long as he was putting the bills in the strippers g-strings, he was getting their attention. But, soon he was in a drunken stupor and the depression began to settle in once again. The young twenty-something year olds were starting to wear on his nerves. “Damn whores.” He said to himself, as he downed his last beer and left.

He was sitting in his car debating on whether or not to go to another casino or just back to his hotel to sleep the night off. When he saw a young stripper get into her car. She was alone. After she had started her car, he soon followed her to her little trailer. He parked so she couldn’t see him. He got out of his car and quietly walked over to her and was behind her as she fumbled for her keys to open her door.

As soon as she opened her door to her trailer, he pushed her inside and closed the door and locked it behind him. “Hello little slut.” He said to her. “You should be more careful at night.”

He proceeded to rape and kill her and leave her in her trailer. He went through her purse and pulled out $800. He then began to rifle through her drawers and found a box with about six thousand dollars in it. He counted the money, “Jackpot!” He said again to himself. That would definitely make up for the money he had lost that night. “Stupid girl, don’t you know that you should keep your money in the bank?”

He took the money and left back to the casino, where he drank and gambled some more. He slept during the day and when he awoke he was hungry for some food, so he ordered room service for some dinner. Once he was showered and fueled up again, he headed out. It was starting to get dark out. He thought he would go to a different strip bar first, before gambling. Strippers seem to have a good amount of money.

As he pulled up, he noticed that the strippers were leaving because of their change in shift. The night shift was coming on as the day shift was leaving. Leaving with their tips, he thought to himself.

He followed another stripper home, raped her and murdered her and took her tips and the money she kept in a can on top of her fridge. “Killing is turning into being a profitable business.” He said smiling to himself.

He took his clean-up of four thousand dollars and the $600 she had in tips for the night and left to go back to his hotel where he gambled and drank all night. The next day was Sunday and he was burned out. He decided that afternoon to go back to San Diego. He had doubled his money the night before gambling, so he was back to having a little over ten thousand dollars once again.

A couple of weeks went by and he lay low for a while. He stayed in his apartment and drank beer and watched T.V. all night. Saturday night came and he was ready to go out again and find his next victim.

* * * * *

Rachel, Tammy and Angel had been enjoying their stay since arriving the day before. It was Saturday afternoon and they had been lying out at the beach all day and had achieved some pretty nice tans. Good enough to gather stares from guys.

Rachel was the hottest one of the three musketeers. She was tall and blond with green eyes and her tanned body only heightened her beauty.

Tammy was a redhead and burned first, then tanned. She was a beauty in her own right, with her red hair and blue eyes. She also was tall with long legs and a nice rack that drew attention from many men.

Angel was the shortest one, she was a petite brunette that was cute and she got attention, but her passive and submissive personality always put her behind Tammy and Rachel, so she didn’t get noticed very often and was often left dateless. But, she didn’t let it bother her. She was used to having the two other girls stand out over her and boss her around at times. It had been that way for years and she had grown accustomed to it.

The sun was beginning to set as the girls watched it from their patio on their chaise lounge chairs. Angel was barbecuing hamburgers for everyone. The smell was intoxicating as it blended in with all the other people barbecuing near the beach.

The beauty of the girls and the intoxicating smell of barbecue coming from their cottage had drawn the attention of many male beach goers. Including one that they didn’t want attention from. But, they didn’t know that. They wouldn’t know that until it was too late on that fateful night.

Gavin had been walking along the boardwalk just moments before the girls had grabbed their chairs off the beach and walked back to the cottage to make some food and watch the sunset. He had spotted Rachel. He was mesmerized by her beauty and knew that at the moment he laid eyes upon her, that he wanted her for himself. He wanted to rape her and of course, murder her.

He watched intently as the girls ate their dinner on their patio and lazed away the early evening people watching and drinking wine and just enjoying the fresh sea air. They talked about what they were going to do that evening, since it was a Saturday night and they knew the clubs would be hopping.

When it was time, they all got up and went inside to shower and get ready for the evening’s events they had planned. First, it was going to be more drinks at the local bar that was near them, and then check out some dance clubs that were lined up along the beach that were walking distance. It should be a fun and entertaining night for all of them, or so they thought.

Rachel was in the shower washing the sand out of her hair. Tammy was in her bedroom picking out the outfit and shoes she was going to wear for the night. Angel was in the kitchen cleaning up the dinner dishes. It was her night to cook and clean. The girls had decided that, with a coin toss, Angel would take the first night of cooking and cleaning. Angel thought the coin toss was rigged, but she graciously accepted her duties for the night.

Gavin had managed to walk up to the cottage without anyone seeing him. With all the rapes and killings under his belt, Gavin had become somewhat cocky since he hadn’t been caught yet. He went over to one of Rachel’s bedroom windows, which was hidden by some trees and bushes. She had a corner room and at one window you could see the ocean, but on the other window, it was hidden, which was beneficial to Gavin.

After gently taking off the window screen, Gavin climbed into the window. Rachel was still showering and he was so quiet that the other two girls didn’t hear him. Once inside her room, he put the screen back on from the inside and went and hid under Rachel’s bed.

Rachel stepped out of the shower and was drying her long hair with a towel. She wrapped the other towel around her body and walked into her room. She had an eerie feeling that something wasn’t right, but there was nothing out of the ordinary.

Tammy then jumped into the shower to wash the sand off her body and out of her hair. Gavin saw this as an opportunity to take on Rachel. He liked the challenge and if he played his cards right, he thought, he would have all three girls.

With the money he had stolen and won in Vegas, he had bought a gun and a very long sharp knife. He had his gun in a holster on one side of his jeans and on the other side, he had the knife in its own holder. He felt very powerful and knew he could take these girls on. He just had to plan it very carefully.

Rachel was standing in front of her closet trying to decide what to wear. Gavin had slid out from under the bed and quietly walked up behind Rachel. He grabbed her around the throat with his arm and had her in a choke hold. He pressed the knife against her cheek and told her that if she screamed, he would slash her throat.

She was terrified and listened to what he had said. He walked her over to her windows and closed them. “We can’t have anyone hearing us from out there.” He whispered in her ear. He closed the curtains and then locked her door. Her towel had fallen off and she was completely naked. Gavin then took his wire and wrapped it around her wrists behind her back. “If you scream or make any noise, I will kill you and your friends too, do you understand?” He asked her.

Rachel nodded, “” She let out a little cry. “Please don’t hurt me or kill me. I have money in my purse you can have.” She whispered trying to hold back her tears of fright.

“Well, I can’t make those promises to you.” Gavin said as he laid Rachel on her bed on her back.

He walked over to her radio and turned it on, in case she decided to make any noises. He then walked over to her dresser drawer and pulled out a pair of her pink satin panties and walked back over to Rachel and shoved them in her mouth. “That’s in case you get any crazy ideas of screaming or calling out for help.” He said and then added, “Only one of us is allowed to be crazy tonight and I believe I do have the market cornered on that.” He then laughed a maniacal laugh. Gavin had definitely gone over the deep end at that point.

All the alcohol mixed with his depression has caused a chemical imbalance in him that had now reached the point of no return. Any ounce of compassion, empathy or any other emotion that a normal person would feel, like remorse, ceased to exist in Gavin’s world.

He pulled out his condom since he always carries a number of them and proceeded to rape Rachel. When he was done, he got her up and walked her over to a chair. Rachel was crying and scared. “Oh stop your whining. You girls love to tease us guys and then break our hearts and then you cry thinking we are going to have some sort of sympathy for you.” Gavin shook his head as he tied Rachel to the chair. When she was secure, he looked at her and in his worst Terminator voice he said, “”I’ll be back.”

Angel was still in the kitchen cleaning up, but was almost done. Gavin opened Rachel’s door quietly and closed it behind him. He tiptoed over to Tammy’s room and waited for her behind the door. Tammy had finished her shower and was drying off. She walked into her room and over to her closet. As she was walking to her closet, Gavin grabbed her from behind the same way he had with Rachel. He closed the door behind him and locked it.

As he had done in Rachel’s room, he closed Tammy’s bedroom window and curtains. He tied Tammy up in the same fashion as he did with Rachel. “Say anything or scream and I will kill you and your friends.” He threatened her.

He tied Tammy up to the chair. He would have raped her, but he was still spent from being with Rachel earlier. He then opened the door quietly and went to find his third victim. The little brunette, Angel.

Rachel had managed to get her hands untied and put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. She opened her door quietly as she could hear Angel crying. Gavin had found her. She walked quietly over to Tammy’s door and quietly opened it and found Tammy tied up. She quickly untied her and told her to get dressed fast. They had to go save Angel.

Gavin had Angel in her room and was tying her up. Rachel had gone to the kitchen and grabbed two steak knives, one for her and one for Tammy. She gave the other steak knife to Tammy and they proceeded to Angel’s room. Gavin had left the door open since he figured that the other two girls were already tied up, he didn’t care if they heard Angel at this point.

The girls came up behind Gavin and each of them stabbed him in the back with a steak knife. They had gone in so deep with the knives that they couldn’t’ pull them out. This pissed Gavin off really bad. Rachel had gone over to Angel to help her and Tammy was standing in shock in the doorway.

Gavin reached down and pulled out his gun and pointed it at Tammy and shot and killed her instantly. Tammy’s limp body fell to the ground. Rachel and Angel screamed. Gavin then pointed the gun at them and said, “If any of you get any more bright ideas, you will end up just like your friend over there. You hear me?!” He yelled at them.

“Y…y..yes.” They both answered looking at their friend Tammy lying in a pool of her own blood.

“Good.” He said. Gavin reached behind him with his other arm and pulled the knives out of his back one by one. “Ahhhh.” He yelled out in pain as he pulled each one.

He dropped the knives to the floor and kicked them under the bed. He put his gun back into its holster and walked over to the two girls. Rachel had managed to untie Angel after she had stabbed Gavin in the back with her steak knife.

Angel still held her hands behind her back though. She didn’t want Gavin to know that her hands were untied. She could possibly use that to her advantage later on. Gavin took Rachel and tied her wrists together once again behind her back. This time really tight. “There, you better not get free this time.” He said. He still had no clue that Angel’s hands were free. “Do you have any beer or alcohol in this place?” He asked. He was feeling the shakes and needed a shot or two of some alcohol to calm his nerves.

“Th…th…there’s some in the kitchen.” Rachel managed to get out, still scared to death of what was going to happen to them next, especially since Tammy was lying on the floor in a pool of blood. She didn’t know if she was alive or dead.

“Don’t you two try anything, ya hear?” He told them as he stepped over Tammy’s body trying not to slip in her pool of blood. When Rachel and Angel could hear him in the kitchen rifling through the cabinets, Angel got up and ran over to Tammy and felt for her pulse on her neck.

“She’s dead.” Angel whispered sadly to Rachel.

Rachel began to cry more. Angel ran back over to Rachel and untied her hands. “Act like your hands are still tied.” She whispered.

Angel had always been the passive one who took orders from Rachel, but now, her determination to live brought out the aggressiveness in her. Rachel was obviously so shook up that she was having a hard time composing herself and keeping calm. Angel on the other hand, had the instinct to survive.

Gavin had found their bottle of tequila and was drinking from it as he walked back into the room with Rachel and Angel in it. “Now this shit here is the good stuff. You girls certainly know how to party.” He said as he took another swig of the bottle.

Gavin sat on the bed and stared at the two girls and watched as Rachel was crying. He noticed that Angel wasn’t crying though. He thought it was odd. “You, short one,” He said to Angel, “Why are you so calm? I mean, your friend is lying dead in blood over there, I just raped your other friend sitting next to you and yet, you are so calm and cool as a cucumber. I don’t understand it.” He took another swig of the tequila.

Gavin then stood up and walked over to the girls. He took his knife and began to gently run the blade along Angel’s cheek. “Maybe if I had my way with you as well, like I did with your friend here,” He looked at Rachel, “then you wouldn’t be so calm and cool as a cucumber. You would be more like a hot potato.”

Fearing that their tormentor was about to rape Angel, Rachel, against Angel’s directions, jumped up and lunged for Gavin. As she did Gavin held up his knife and Rachel landed right onto the blade. The knife went right through her heart and she fell to the ground bleeding to death.

“Nooooooo!” Angel yelled out and went for Gavin’s gun. She grabbed it out of his holster and aimed it at his chest and began to fire it over and over again until it was empty. Gavin had three bullet holes in his chest and slumped to the floor next to Rachel.

Angel kneeled down next to Rachel to see if she was still alive. Rachel wasn’t breathing and there wasn’t a pulse. Angel then began to cry. She checked Gavin’s pulse and he was dead also.

Neighbors who had heard the gunshots had called 911. Soon the paramedics and police arrived. Angel, who was very upset and crying uncontrollably by now, explained to the police officer what had happened in between her sobs.

Police took the evidence and gave it to the crime lab. The DNA from the blood had matched DNA found on two of Gavin’s victims. The police then linked all of the rapes and murders to Gavin. They had found receipts from when he was in Vegas and when they went into his apartment, they had found wallets and hotel keys to his many victims.

What the police had only thought were three victims, they soon realized that there were many, many more. A dozen or so more. And who knows, there still could be bodies out there that haven’t been found yet.

Gavin had the perfect life and he had lost it all. Once he had lost everything and there was nothing to live for, he began to take from others at his own free will. Never in a million years would he have thought that a little twenty-something year old, 100 pound college student would be the one to end his suffering and the suffering of others to come, by showing her courage and that she really wasn’t the passive little brunette everyone had always thought she was.

No, Angel that day proved to be the biggest heroine of all and the one with the most courage out of all of them. That fateful Saturday night would be one that she will remember for the rest of her life.

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