Lesbians that Love to Get Wild in Public and More Vol 1 Thru 3


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Lesbians that Love to Get Wild in Public and More Vol 1 Thru 3

By B. McIntyre


© 2013 by B. McIntyre

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the copyright owner.

ISBN: 978-1492197195


1. Lesbians that Love to Face Sit

The girls giggled as they ground their wet pussies together. They were not a couple but they fucked every time they met up. And they were meeting up pretty regularly now.

Gina moaned as she felt Hannah’s hard pubic bone press into her cunt. Their legs were entwined and she plucked at her own nipples as she felt her cunt gush over Hannah’s, knowing that she was close to orgasm.

Hannah felt the flow of pussy juice over her cunt and thigh and with a grin moved to suck on the other girl’s soaked cunt. She moaned in pleasure as Gina wrapped her legs around her head to pull her harder onto her sticky cunt. She licked and sucked harder, and as Gina spasmed in orgasm she fought to get her breath.

When Gina released her head, Hannah fell back onto the bed, “You fucking bitch! I couldn’t breathe!”

She heard Gina laugh and had to join her. Their fucking was always such fun.

“I bet you couldn’t last as long without a breath on my cunt!” she teased.

As Gina looked into her eyes, she felt her cunt gush in response to the other girl’s reply to her challenge, “Let’s find out.”

This wouldn’t be the first time that the two girls had enjoyed smothering each other in their pussies, but it was the first time that they had made it a challenge. Usually their pussy smothering antics was part of their fucking, just another of the delicious ways they used and tormented each other’s bodies with their fingers, cunts and tits.

But this time, each girl was determined to win the challenge, and they ran their hands over each other’s bodies in excitement as they eased skin tight black panties over their pussies. Gina chose leather panties, with a pretty little fringe over her cunt, while Hannah went for latex, black, slick and sticky. Both girls’ cunts were soaked with arousal and their entire bodies sexually excited at the game they were about to play.

Gina spread her legs and slapped her cunt, the sound of her hand on the leather making Hannah moan. She moved to lie on her back, inviting Hannah to straddle her face. With a smile full of lust Hannah threw a long leg over the sexy body of the girl on the bed, first rubbing her latex covered cunt over the hard nipple of her full right tit, enjoying the moans that the snagging of the latex on the nipple dragged from the prone girl.

Hannah lowered her cunt over Gina’s face, sliding her fingers to ease the latex panties to the side to allow Gina to lick her gushing cunt. Gina moaned as she raised her head to lick eagerly at the delicious juices, trying to jab her tongue into the gaping hole. But Hannah teased her, keeping her cunt just a little too high to let the other girl have her pleasure.

When she knew that Gina was desperate to get her face buried in cunt, Hannah let the crotch of the latex panties slide back to cover her hole then lowered her pussy to smother Gina’s mouth and nose. She moaned as she felt Gina writhe in pleasure as the latex panties stopped her breathing.

Gina loved the sensation of the latex covering Hannah’s soaked cunt pressing down onto her face. She moaned with her last breath and felt her skin pimple with her arousal and the smell of sex coming from the used cunt over her face. And as she felt her breathing being cut off she fingered her clit, wanting to enjoy an orgasm as Hannah suffocated her. It took only a few moments for her to get to orgasm, her body jerking in pleasure as she came under Hannah’s latex covered cunt and ass.

Her head felt as though it was spinning with the lack of oxygen and the pleasure of her orgasm. She moved her hands to grasp the other girl’s toned thighs and fought to stay conscious. As she felt herself start to fall into a black hole she dug her fingers into Hannah’s soft flesh.

Hannah felt Gina struggle under her cunt and took deep jagged breaths, it was so erotic to have another girl slowly suffocate under her pussy. She felt Gina cum and then smiled as the fingers dug into her thighs. She ground down harder onto her victim’s face before lifting her cunt and hearing Gina gasp desperately for breath.

As Gina still struggled to fill her lungs with oxygen, Hannah moved to pull the leather panties from the semi-conscious girl’s cunt and licked it with the flat of her tongue. She enjoyed lapping up the cum, knowing that Gina was still not completely aware. She sucked and licked until she brought Gina to another orgasm and sucked the cum from her lover’s cunt as she gasped for breath through her full body orgasm.

When Gina calmed Hannah moved to suckle on Gina’s tits. She sucked softly until she knew that Gina was fully aware and breathing properly.

“That was so fucking hot!” Gina gasped.

“You are such a sexy little cunt,” Hannah smiled, “I love the taste of your cum.”

The girls giggled and kissed passionately, pulling on each other’s nipples and massaging each other’s tits until Gina pulled away with a smile.

“Your turn to play, bitch” she giggled.

“Bring it on, cunt!” Hannah laughed. She was feeling sexy and adventurous and determined to win the challenge. There was no way she would struggle to get free.

Hannah grinned and lay on her back with her mouth open and her tongue wagging suggestively at Gina. Gina had to give in and let Hannah give her a long hard tongue fuck as she held the leather crotch of the tight panties to one side. It felt great to have such an eager mouth and tongue work on her throbbing cunt and the excitement of knowing that she would be suffocating the cunt who was eating her cunt very soon added to the pleasure. Hannah really did enjoy the sweet taste of Gina’s cum and she swallowed a huge mouthful of it before taking a deep in preparation for the pussy smothering she was about to enjoy.

The feel of the leather on her face was erotic and the smell of leather and cum combined made her cunt gush with excitement. She moved her head slightly to take a final breath before enjoying the crushing sensation of Gina’s sweet cunt and round ass.

She enjoyed letting the breath flow out of her lungs, and then the excitement of the feeling of suffocation. She pressed her face into Gina and felt the other girl wriggle to cover her face completely. Hannah wanted to moan with the pleasure of the suffocation but with no breath she couldn’t.

Gently she caressed Gina’s inner thighs until she felt her head spin as the oxygen levels got lower. She let her hands drop and enjoyed the soft caress of unconsciousness flow over her. She wanted to last longer than Gina, to win the challenge, but also her body was reacting sexually, without any stimulation other than the leather clad cunt that was crushing her face.

Hannah felt her cunt gush with arousal, she felt her nipples and clit swell and throb and she felt darkness. A soft, deep darkness. She wanted to let it claim her. She wanted to lie there as Gina’s soaked cunt took every breath from her body. But just as she felt her body slow even more she felt Gina’s fingers stab into her cunt and some air flow into her open mouth and nose as Gina lifted her cunt slightly.

Gina was still suffocating her, but not completely and she floated in a place between the darkness and consciousness as she felt fingers jam into her sticky pussy hole, making her body spasm and jerk in orgasm. Just as she came Gina ground her cunt hard onto her face. Hannah’s entire body jerked and spasmed in one of the most intense orgasms of her life before finally Gina moved from her face to kiss her deeply.

The two girls lay face to face for a long moment before smiling and moving to play the game again. This time Gina wasn’t so sure she would move just so quickly, wanting to see if Hannah would let her suffocate her even more. The thought of making her lover faint was so exciting that she was trembling as she pushed her cunt hard onto Hannah’s open mouth.


2. She is Left Tied for 2 Lesbians

Jenny ran her hand over the rack of bikinis in the store. She pouted as she chose several to try on, her mind on how much fun it would be at the beach, watching the bouncing tits of girls playing volleyball and the sexy fun under the shower afterwards.

Her friend, Trina, was pouting too, but for a different reason. Trina was a petit blonde with tiny tits and she was having a hard time finding a bikini that would give her more cleavage.

“It’s not fair!” she complained, seeing Jenny with an armful of bikinis to try on, “You have gorgeous tits and every bikini looks great on you, but there are none for my tiny tits!”

Jenny laughed and ran her hand gently over Trina’s tiny tits, telling her that lots of girls wanted a girl with small tits.

“Name one!” Trina demanded.

Shrugging Jenny reminded her that she had never complained, and in fact they had both enjoyed it when Jenny sucked Trina’s entire tit into her hot mouth.

“Yes,” Trina conceded, “But I want a stranger to look at my tits and want to fuck me!”

Jenny smiled as she handed Trina several bikinis to try on, “Let’s go try these on.”

The girls went into the large communal changing area. It was lined with mirrors and a curtain kept prying eyes from seeing the women as they changed when someone opened the door. There was another girl in the room and she smiled at the two as they came in. They returned the smile and undressed, taking off their clothes slowly and provocatively to gauge the other girl’s reaction. She just kept smiling as she changed back from a tiny red bikini into her jeans before leaving.

“See!” Trina giggled, “She didn’t see my tiny tits and want to fuck me!”

Jenny shook her head and eased her large tits into a bikini that barely covered her nipples. Trina licked her lips and suggested she buy that bikini for Jenny. Jenny moved the scrap of fabric from her right tit and suggested that Trina might want to lick her nipple so that they could see how the bikini fit over a hard nipple.

Trina grinned as she pressed her naked body against Jenny’s bikini clad body before sucking eagerly on her friend’s big nipple. She loved big tits and wished that hers were more than the tiny handfuls she had. Jenny was right, there were plenty of girls who loved tiny tits, but she wished she had tits as full and luscious as the ones she was now enjoying sucking on.

When she had Jenny’s nipple long and hard she slid her mouth off the tender nub, saying that she was gushing wet now thanks to having that lovely tit in her mouth. Jenny smiled as she slid the fabric of the bikini over her nipple and watched Trina lick her lips.

The girls had fun trying on the selection of bikinis they had tried and took it in turns to kneel in front of each other, sliding the bikini bottoms to one side to lick each other out. Trina took a lot of care with Jenny’s cunt. She had always enjoyed fucking Jenny and relished any opportunity to please her sexually. She was the more submissive of the two girls and regularly gave Jenny a tongue fucking without expecting to be allowed to cum in return.

Jenny was well aware of Trina’s desire to please her and was enjoying flaunting her sexy body in front of her friend. She held Trina’s head in place as the smaller girl lapped eagerly at her cunt, enjoying how desperate Trina was to jam her tongue deep into her wet hole. She ground onto Trina’s face, smiling as she heard the girl moan.

Realizing that it was close to the time when the store would shut Jenny urged Trina to try on a very tiny bikini, telling her that it would show off her pretty little tits perfectly. She eased her long legs back into her jeans as she watched Trina tie the bikini top around her body.

Smiling she told Trina that she looked so sexy that she needed to taste her. Trina’s eyes opened wide as she slid to sit on the floor, her legs splayed and her back against the mirrored wall. Jenny told her to watch herself in the mirror opposite as she eased to lie between the girl’s legs and eased the bikini bottoms to the side.

As she lapped at Trina’s gushing cunt she complained that the bikini was in the way, so as Trina lifted her hips she slid the bikini over her legs before pushing her face back into the eager girl’s cunt. She licked and sucked on Trina until she was shaking and close to orgasm. Then she stopped.

She yanked the bikini top from her friend’s tiny tits and licked at her nipples, telling her that she loved tiny tits on her girls. Trina moaned in pleasure and slid her hand onto Jenny’s head. Jenny pulled off and teased Trina by saying that unless she agreed not to touch Jenny she wouldn’t finish her off.

Shuddering with need Trina begged Jenny to eat her cunt, to finger it, to do anything she wanted to her. Jenny grinned as she grabbed the bikini top and tied it to one of Trina’s wrists before stretching it out to tie it to the hook above her head. Trina moaned with excitement as her second hand was tied, pulling her arms wide and high above her head.

Jenny ducked down to lap at the sweet cunt that was oozing with juice but pulled back as Trina moved a leg. She shook her head at Trina and with a grin tied another bikini top to each ankle and stretched them to tie off on the benches to each side of the room.

Trina was tied, spread eagle and unable to move. Jenny licked her little tits gently as she crammed three fingers into her hot tight cunt. Trina was just on the edge of orgasm when Jenny stopped.

“I have to go now,” she smiled, “But I have a feeling that a stranger is going to do exactly what you asked for earlier.”

Trina thought back to her wish that a stranger would see her tiny tits and want to fuck her as Jenny took an eyeliner and scrawled “I’m a lesbian and I love pussy!” on Trina’s flat belly. Trina watched in shock as Jenny left.

It was an hour later before an older woman came into the room. She was on the cleaning crew and she stopped to stare at Trina before she smiled and said, “I love pussy, too!”

Trina shuddered at the thought of the older woman touching her but she was tied in place and she watched as the woman peeled off her panties before grinding her hairy cunt onto Trina’s lips. Trina didn’t lick and the woman laughed, moving over to her cleaning cart.

She came back and showed Trina the mop she was holding. “Eat my cunt or the handle of this dirty old mop is going into you sweet tight little cunt.”

Trina lapped obediently at the woman’s wet cunt, her pussy lips huge and covering the young girl’s face. She sucked on the woman’s clit and felt her cum over her face, her pussy juice flowing freely.

The cleaning woman stood up and smiled as she looked at the tied sexy blonde lesbian. She grabbed at her tits, mauling them and telling her how pretty little tits were. Trina felt her nipples harden in the woman’s hand. The woman smiled and told her not to go anywhere. She laughed as she left the hot little blonde tied up and went to find her co-worker.

The two women looked at Trina and grinned as they discussed the fun they would have with their captive little cunt. No one would disturb them until the store reopened the next morning, Trina discovered.

The women shed their clothes and as one mashed her cunt into Trina’s face the other took a turn at licking Trina’s cunt. They licked and sucked at her, making her eat their slimy cunts until one laughed and took the mop handle and with a grin started pushing it into Trina’s cunt, saying she wanted to see how much Trina could take. There would be no help for hours.


3. They Play Lesbian Games in Public

“Fuck! I’m bored!” Jan complained as she lay flat on her back beside her girlfriend.

Sara raised an eyebrow wondering how her sexy girlfriend could be bored when they had just fucked for an hour straight.

Jan laughed at Sara’s expression and kissed her tit softly, explaining that fucking was always hot and fun, but sometimes she wanted a bit of danger and adventure. Sara looked at her for a long moment before smiling and saying, “Truth or dare, baby?”

Of course, Jan chose dare, and she listened with a thrill running through her belly as her girlfriend dared her flash her tits at the window. She laughed and walked naked to the window, opening it to shout out, “Look at me!” while shaking her shoulders to make her tits bounce.

Laughing she came back to the bed and told her sexy lesbian lover that she would have to think of something more daring than that.

“Your turn” she giggled as she dared Sara to go to the front door and stand naked in the open door. She followed and watched as Sara slowly opened the door and stood naked in the opening. She laughed as she saw a man walk by and get an eyeful of her luscious body.

“Sexy!” she commented as they continued their game.

Eventually Sara made Jan take a dare that she was sure she wouldn’t be able to complete. But to her delight she watched as Jan slid a pair of sheer, see through panties over her pussy and step into a pair of killer high heel before leaving the room.

Sara threw on a pair of jeans and a midriff top and ran to follow her sexy girlfriend. She was so aroused as she watched Jan walk out through their door and onto the sidewalk. Her cunt was gushing with excitement and she was sure that Jan was soaking wet, too.

Grabbing a coat she followed her naked girlfriend down the street. It was a busy day and Sara was excited to watch drivers swerve as Jan walked with her huge tits pushed out along the block. She wanted to grab her lover and fuck her right there on the path, but she didn’t want to miss a second of her exposing herself so publicly.

People walking towards Jan were staring at her. Men and women alike were smiling as they eyed her tits and cunt. Sara knew that the sheer panties only drew more attention to the pretty pussy lips they covered. She watched a cyclist fall off his bike as he saw Jan’s jiggling tits as she strode along in her heels.

Sara had never been so sexually aroused and she wondered if the crotch of her jeans was soaked. She knew that her cunt was gushing, watching the ass of her girlfriend. She hadn’t expected Jan to accept the dare, but she should have known that she would as she was such a wild lover.

Jan stepped out onto the road to cross to the next block and car horns blared as drivers saw her tits. Men called out crude comments to her and Jan was proud to see her girlfriend blow them a kiss in return. She was excited by how many people seemed to want to fuck her girlfriend.

She watched as Jan paused to speak to a man who was starting at her tits and smiled as she saw his erection grow in his pants. She wanted to offer to let him jerk off watching them fuck, but the dare wasn’t complete yet. Jan walked on and Sara grew more and more excited watching as people of all ages looked at her sexy girlfriend’s naked body. She knew that she would have to fuck Jan soon or she would need to make herself cum.

Every step that Jan took made her huge tits bounce and every bounce drew attention from people passing by. A couple of women made sarcastic comments about Jan’s tits being fake, but Sara knew from very personal and intimate contact with them that they were completely natural.

When the men who passed stared at her girlfriend’s cunt she smiled widely, knowing that they would be jerking off as soon as they could, thinking of a hot, tight, little cunt that they could never have. A hot, tight, little cunt that she would be having very soon, she decided.

At the end of the third block Jan turned to smile at Sara, “Did you enjoy that as much as I did?”

Sara groped her girlfriend’s cunt as she licked her right nipple, saying that she probably enjoyed it even more. A man stopped to watch them make out and Jan smiled as she cupped Sara’s cunt through her jeans.

Sliding on the jacket that Sara handed her Jan decided that she would take the game up a notch, “Your turn.” Her smile was full of lust and Sara shivered as she accepted the dare.

The girls walked into the Burger King restaurant, knowing that the jacket barely skimmed the bottom of Jan’s ass and that she was drawing a lot of attention. Jan let the jacket gape open to let the young guy serving them have a clear view of her naked tits. He licked his lips and stared.

Sara laughed as she ordered, asking for extra ice in a separate cup. The boy’s hands were shaking as he served the two girls, his eyes glued to Jan’s tits.

“You should have let him feel you up” Sara said as they sat at a table. She could hear Jan’s skin stick to the plastic as she slid to sit.

Grabbing the ice cup she smiled and said she had an extra dare for Jan and then grinned as she leant back to watch her girlfriend stuff the icy cubes into her hot cunt. She knew that they would melt almost instantly as Jan’s cunt was so hot. And they did. She peered over and smiled to see her girlfriend sit in a pool of cunt juice and water.

They chatted for a few minutes as they sipped on their drinks, Jan enjoying flashing her tits to anyone who glanced their way and then it was time.

Sara sank to her knees and crawled under the table. She knew that anyone who looked their way would see her as she spread Jan’s legs and slid off the panties. She licked the crotch, enjoying the taste of her girlfriend’s sweet cunt before she started to kiss her pussy.

Jan drew more attention by moaning loudly as Sara sucked on her pussy lips, licking up and down her slit and nibbling on her little clit. Sara didn’t care. She wanted to fuck her girlfriend and didn’t care who watched.

The boy who had served them started to rub his cock through his pants but after just a few minutes had to leave the kitchen. Jan laughed as she thought of him jerking off thinking of the two girls fucking in the restaurant and wondered why he hadn’t been able to watch the whole show.

Sara’s tongue was circling her clit, making her moan, as three fingers were being rammed harder and harder into her gushing, gaping cunt. Jan leant back and let her jacket fall open to show her huge tits with nipples that were long and hard due to her sexual arousal.

Grinding onto her girlfriend’s busy mouth she started to feel her orgasm and she knew that she would soon be flooding her cum onto Sara’s face. She was so excited, her walk naked along the street had made her cunt throb and now to have her girlfriend eat her in front of so many wide eyed spectators made it even more exciting.

She groaned as she pressed harder onto Sara’s tongue and when she felt Sara fist her cunt she couldn’t stop from screaming out, “Harder, bitch!”.

Sara obliged fist fucking Jan’s greedy cunt hard and fast, her teeth pulling on Jan’s clit as Jan plucked her own nipples. She knew that people were watching, and she loved that. She came hard, grunting with the effort of taking Jan’s fist punching into her box.

When Sara climbed out to sit back on the seat opposite she smiled as she watched her girlfriend lick her fist clean.

“That was fun,” she giggled, “Want to go to McDonald’s for dessert?”


4. Two Younger Lesbians Dominate Older Woman

The business was going well. The two black dominatrix worked well together and had a loyal client base. They were good at their jobs, being naturally dominant and having different kinks were able to meet the needs of all the slaves who paid to be beaten, humiliated, used and abused.

They enjoyed their work and the clients enjoyed paying huge sums of money to have one or both of the black Dommes punish them.

There was one client, a rich, white married woman who paid extra to be allowed to serve the two women however they chose. The two women were dressing for a session with her, when they had an idea.

Laughing they agreed on a plan and laced each other into figure forming corsets. They were clad entirely in black leather and latex.

“You look so sexy, I might even let you spank me!” one laughed to the other as they applied their makeup.

Usually the Dommes didn’t wear masks but for this session they each put on a rubber eye mask that would disguise their faces. They checked the room that they were planning to use and set their plan in motion.

When the rich, white woman arrived they made sure to use her name, “Greta, tell us, how is your husband, Frank?”

Greta knelt before the two women and was about to answer when one kicked her in the tits, telling her to get into position. Greta knelt on her hands and knees with her head down as she replied that her husband was still not satisfying her sexually and that his cock was shrinking every day.

The Dommes laughed and told her to get onto her feet and strip. They watched as the older woman shed her clothes and taunted her for having saggy tits and a pot belly. They pulled on her tits calling them udders and asked her if she preferred white cock or black pussy.

“I prefer black pussy, Mistresses” Greta replied making the two black women laugh loudly.

“So, tell us about your husband’s pathetic little prick.” They ordered and as Greta spoke they laughed harder. They knew that her husband was a well-respected business man who would be disgusted to know that his wife spent his money so that she could lick black pussies and drink their piss while making false accusations about his sexual abilities.

They knew that her husband was not as she described but they enjoyed making her lie about it. Especially today.

As they spread their legs, in turn, for the older woman to feast on their cunts they made sure that her face was visible in the video that they were making of her.

When she finally left, her face covered in their cum, they congratulated each other on the excellent video they had just made of a woman who had so much to lose. And agreed that they would make a few more before telling her.

The next day they made her strip naked and hold her cunt open while begging to be allowed to tongue fuck the black Dommes’ cunts. She stood as they lashed her tits with canes, and made her beg to have them fist her cunt.

They didn’t fist her, but they did make her use a dildo on her own cunt, and as she came she screamed out that she loved to eat black pussy.

The women were having such fun with the older woman, enjoying humiliating her and knowing that soon she would be forced to do whatever they wanted. They laughed as they counted the money she paid them each day.

The next day after Greta stripped they ordered her to spread her legs as she lay on her back. One of the Dommes brought out the camera and zoomed in as the other finger fucked Greta, making her beg for more and more. Finally the Domme sat on Greta’s face while the other filmed the older white woman eating cunt, her greed for it clear and her only pussy gushing with excitement.

They hauled Greta to her feet and told her that she was a stupid bitch and they were going to prove it to her. A leather collar was fastened around the older woman’s throat and a leather bra with no cups was slid over her arms. Her saggy tits hung through the leather straps and she was made to slide her legs into a strap on harness with a huge dildo attached.

Laughing at her they filmed her as she dressed and then forced her to her knees, before clipping a leash to her collar.

As they led her to the door she begged them to hide her face, but they refused, telling her that filthy bitches didn’t get to hide their faces. They told her that she would have to pay or they would send the movie to her husband.

Greta cried and begged for mercy. They allowed her to write them a check for a lot of money but told her it wasn’t enough. They led her outside, laughing as she whimpered and telling her to make sure her cock didn’t rub on the ground.

As they walked down the street to the park people stared at the older white woman on her hands and knees, crawling behind two big breasted black women dressed in leather. They laughed at the older woman and when the Dommes asked if they wanted to pet their bitch some people reached down to pet her hair.

Greta wept in shame, but she couldn’t refuse to obey the two women who controlled her mind. She was addicted to them and no matter what they did, she wanted to serve them. And they knew it.

In the park they paraded her up and down the path, making her pee on the grass while people stared and pointed. They filmed every single thing, telling her that she was a movie star now and that they were sure her husband would love to see his movie star wife eat cunt.

Sobbing with humiliation Greta knew that men and women were staring at her. She knew that people of all ages could see her nakedness and see her tits hang below her body as she crawled. She knew that they could see her ass and the dildo strapped to her cunt. She was so ashamed and yet, she wanted to please her Mistresses.

They paused in their walk and used the end of the leash to whip her ass while a group of young men watched and shouted insults about her old saggy tits. One offered to give her a good fucking to see if she could remember how it felt, but Greta was ordered to reply that she preferred to eat black pussy.

The men laughed and told her that they were fond of black cunt, too, but they didn’t have to pay for it. The Dommes joined their laughter, telling Greta that they would let the men eat their cunts for free but she had to pay for it. They made her repeat that she would pay anything for a taste of their black cunts over and over again until they bored of it.

Still filming every move they took Greta to a tree and made her stand with her back to it. One of the Dommes took some hemp rope from her bag and lashed it around the tree and Greta’s shivering body. The ropes held her arms and legs spread wide and the Dommes laughed as Greta begged them to let her go.

They stood back and watched as people walked by, staring at Greta. Some people stopped to stare and several people took pictures of the naked woman wearing a strap on dildo tied to the tree in the public park. The Dommes laughed with pleasure as men stopped to fondle Greta’s tits, enjoying the way she tried to move away from their groping hands but couldn’t. The Dommes stopped some women, asking if they wanted to play with Greta and were delighted when one young girl smiled and moved over to bite on Greta’s nipples. They watched as Greta squirmed and screamed in pain and saw her cunt gush from the girl’s touch.

Finally, they were bored and decided to offer Greta one chance to be untied. They demanded that she pay them a huge sum of money and when she agreed they untied her and led her back to her check book.

Greta wrote the check and, as she handed it over, asked if she could come to serve them again the next day.


5. She Takes Advantage of Her Friends Mom

It couldn’t be true Sally thought as she looked at the web page again. She shook her head and looked at the pictures and realized that it was exactly what she had first thought.

Her friend’s sexy mother was into bondage.

Sally laughed as she looked at the pictures, seeing her friend’s mom, Terri, in various bondage positions. Perfect, she thought to herself. Sally had always been sexually attracted to Terri, but never imagined she would be in a situation where she could act on it. But now, she knew, she could.

The next day she knocked on Terri’s door and saw Terri smiling in welcome. The older woman was wearing a fluffy robe and had her long hair in a ponytail. She said that Sally was welcome to come in, but that her daughter, Sally’s friend was out.

Sally smiled as she explained that it was Terri she wanted to see. Terri looked confused but a few minutes later as she looked at the pictures of herself on the internet she looked scared.

“Please, you can’t tell anyone” she begged.

“I don’t plan on telling anyone.” Sally reassured her. “But I do plan on practicing my bondage skills on you and having you do exactly as you are told.”

Terri started to leave the room but Sally grabbed at her robe and pulled it from her body. She smiled as she looked at Terri’s naked body. Terri was shaking and as Sally slapped her face hard she started to cry.

“I thought you liked it rough?” Sally asked, pointing to the screen with a close up of Terri’s ass being whipped as she hung by her arms from a ceiling hook.

She plucked at Terri’s nipple and told her to go to her bedroom. Terri walked naked in front of her young tormentor.

Sally explained that she enjoyed cunt, but that she liked to hurt it first. She smiled as she pushed Terri onto her back on her bed and knelt between her parted legs. She slapped Terri’s cunt hard and enjoyed the feeling of it and the sting of her hand, knowing that Terri’s cunt was burning too.

She showed Terri her backpack and said that she had come prepared. A handful of clothes pins were the first thing she brought from the bag and she pinned one over each nipple before pinning another over each clothes pin.

Terri screamed in agony as her nipples were clamped so firmly. Sally laughed and said that it wasn’t quite right and pulled out a ruler from her bag which she used to slap the pins until they were torn from Terri’s nipples. Every scream made her more determined to play rough and hard.

She repinned Terri’s nipples, again making sure to give maximum pain by clamping another clothes pin over the first to make sure that the nipples were mashed and agonizing. Then she used the ruler to beat Terri’s tits. She used the edge and sighed with pleasure as the tit flesh was cut. As the blood oozed from the cuts she slapped harder.

The next few minutes were spent with Terri crying as Sally pinned clothes pins all over Terri’s bleeding tits. Terri was sure that Sally would hit them off and she winced as each clothes pin bit into her tortured tit flesh. Sally laughed with pleasure at the sight of the bloody tits covered in clothes pins. Terri was, obviously, old enough to be her mother but she had a great body and Sally had lusted after her for years. She had played with her pussy imagining exactly this scenario and was enjoying living out her fantasy.

Using the ruler she slashed at Terri’s cunt lips being careful not to cut her, just yet. She buried her tongue in Terri’s cunt and enjoyed the taste of her sweet pussy. She licked and sucked until she couldn’t wait anymore and then grabbed a huge dildo from her bag and shoved it deep into Terri’s body, hearing her yelp with pain, telling her to keep it inside or else.

Terri begged Sally not to hurt her and Sally laughed as she reminded Terri that the pictures were still visible on the laptop in the kitchen for anyone who came home to see. Terri promised to do whatever Sally wanted.

She smiled as she pinned clothes pins over Terri’s pussy mound, then used the ruler to slap them off. Terri screamed and Sally’s cunt gushed with arousal.

Not caring that it would cause pain Sally forced Terri to lie on her belly, the clothes pins biting and tearing her tit and pussy flesh. She lashed a rope around Terri’s wrists, tying her hands together and then another around her ankles which she attached to the wrist rope. She smiled as she looked at her first attempt at hog tying. She rolled Terri onto her back and eyed the bonds. She needed more practice and was enjoying knowing that Terri would never refuse to allow Sally to tie her up. She took off the belt that was looped through her jeans and used the buckle end to whip Terri’s ass, enjoying how the metal cut into her ass flesh, at first leaving welts and then cutting her skin.

Sally was discovering the pleasure of beating a tied woman until she bled. She was so sexually excited that she could hardly control herself. Terri was crying but was not struggling to get free. That made it even more exciting. Her tears were like an aphrodisiac. Sally felt her nipples harden as she made Terri cry. And the sight of the blood made her want to whip her more.

She used her belt to whip the clothes pins off, her heart pounding as she watched Terri twitch and jerk in pain. The sounds of her screams made her beat her harder and harder. She felt an urge to beat the older woman unconscious but she wanted to enjoy her tears.

Leaving half of the clothes pins still on her toy’s body she pulled out a paddle from her bag and used it to slap Terri’s tits, clothes pins popping off and laughing with pleasure as Terri jerked and screamed.

She knew that over the next few weeks she would have to try out all of the bondage she read about and had fantasized about trying. And now she had a victim. She thought of Terri as a victim, not a willing participant and it made her cunt throb. She loved the idea that she was forcing this sexy older woman to submit and knew that, given time, she would be able to make her beg to have Sally tie and beat her.

In time Terri would want to submit to Sally, but for now she was enjoying the knowledge it was forced and non-consensual. It was so hot to be able to blackmail her friend’s sexy mother into being tied up and beaten. And the sheer pleasure of being so violent was making it even hotter.

She looked at the cuts, welts and saw the bruises start and smiled as she took her belt back into her hand. She told Terri that she would be back tomorrow to play again as she lashed the belt all over her body. She beat Terri until she screamed and sobbed, and she kept beating her. Sally let every violent tendency out and she beat every part of Terri’s body, except her face, until she was covered in blood and sweat.

Grabbing the dildo she fucked Terri until she came, her tormented body jerking in orgasm and Sally laughing as she watched. She watched Terri’s tight cunt gush and spasm before she pulled out the dildo and threw it into her bag.

She knew that her friend would be home soon so she kissed Terri softly and told her it was time for sleep, before untying her and tidying away her ropes. She slapped the older woman in the face, and smiled as she cried softly.

Leaving the bleeding woman in the room she went to the computer and wiped the history. She needed to keep her new toy’s secret. She surfed through some bondage porn while she waited for her friend to get home and then suggested they go out to a movie as her mom had headache and needed to rest.

Tomorrow, she decided she would try tit bondage.


6. Two Lesbians Turn Him into a Girl

As she hung upside down, her long legs wrapped around the stripper pole and her naked pussy exposed to every eye in the bar, Dana decided that she needed to have some fun. It was all very well stripping and having men and women leer at her body and tip her for showing some pink, but she had to have a hobby.

Then she saw something that made her smile. She moved around the stage, opening her legs to show off her shaved cunt for tips and when the bouncers were looking away letting men and women finger her cunt for a bigger tip. She moved to the end of the stage and sank to her hands and knees. Shimmying her tits right into the face of a man with his tongue out she smiled and whispered to him, “Hey Tony.”

Tony’s eyes grew wide and he sat straight up in his chair as he looked up and saw Dana’s face. That just proves it, she thought, they only look at the tits and cunt. She smiled and told him that he should hang around after the show so she and a friend could hang out with him. She winked as she made sure he got a good look at her wet cunt. His leer as he agreed made her smile.

He had no idea what was going to happen to him, she thought. And as she finished her set she sashayed off the stage wearing nothing but a pair of towering platform shoes. She pulled the girl walking past into her arms and kissed her, her tongue sliding into her mouth as she reached down to cup her cunt in her palm. They kissed passionately and broke away with a mutual moan of arousal.

“Baby,” she purred, “I have some fun planned for us both for later.”

Scarlet smiled as she pulled on Dana’s nipple stretching it out, “I’m looking forward to it already!”

Just three hours later the two girls were laughing as Dana explained her plan. They slid tiny skirts over their thong panties, knowing that their asses were on display and held hands as they walked over to Tony who was sitting waiting for them.

His eyes lit up as he saw the two big titted girls walk towards him and grinned as they sat on either side of them.

“Tony, this is my very good friend, Scarlet” Dana said as she reached across to play with Scarlet’s tit, letting Tony see exactly how close the girls were.

Dana introduced Tony, her next door neighbor, to Scarlet who smiled and grabbed his cock through his pants. He smiled and as he closed his eyes to enjoy Scarlet’s busy hand as she massaged his cock the two girls laughed.

The next day the three woke up in the same bed. Tony was in heaven, his wife was out of town and he had watched as the girls had fucked each other senseless and had cum into their busy mouths. He had no idea that he was being filmed and that the girls were planning on giving the tape to his wife if he didn’t fall in with their plans.

He was soon made aware and agreed to do whatever they wanted to stop them giving the video to his wife. When he eased his cock between his legs and put on the silk panties the girls laughed, and taunted him, calling him their ‘lesbian bitch’. Tony flamed with shame but put on the bra as ordered and forced his feet into the open toed sandals the girls gave him.

They made him practice walking up and down, and then sat him down to make up his face. They put a wig on his head and told him that he was going to be a good ‘lesbian bitch’. They gave him a coat to put on and forced him into the car before driving back to the bar they worked at.

There were girls there for the day shift and the two paraded their ‘lesbian bitch’ up and down, making him walk along the stage in his bra and panties while the girls all watched and cat called. They mocked him when he stumbled, calling him a ‘stupid lesbian bitch’ and telling him that as their ‘lesbian bitch cunt’ he had to learn to walk while shaking his little ass. They put on some music and made him dance for them, telling him what a ‘hot little lesbian bitch’ he was.

One of the bouncers looked in to see what all the noise was about he shook his head and laughed, saying that he liked his ‘lesbian bitches’ with a little less chest hair. Dana sprang from her seat and soon had Tony yelping in pain as she waxed his chest. Scarlet wanted to wax his balls too, but was distracted when one of the strippers asked if she could pay to have the ‘lesbian bitch’ eat her out. Dana and Scarlet laughed at Tony’s expression.

For the next two hours they made him eat every cunt who would pay for his ‘lesbian bitch’ mouth and tongue. He was exhausted and his ass ached from the spankings that every girl who he ate gave him as his tip. The girls loved that he was wearing silky panties and a bra and groped him as they fucked their cunts onto his face.

Tony had never imagined being in a position where he didn’t want to lick a cunt, but he was feeling sick from so much cum and his jaw ached. He didn’t want to have another woman force him to eat her out. He couldn’t take anymore.

But then the girls decided that it wasn’t fair, that their ‘lesbian bitch’ should be allowed some fun, too. Tony watched in horror as Dana and Scarlet both strapped on a harness and slid in the biggest dildos he had ever seen.

The other girls cheered and said that they wanted to have the ‘lesbian bitch’ suck their pricks too.

Dana forced her cock into his mouth, telling her ‘lesbian bitch’ to suck it good. Tony gagged as she fucked his face with her cock, telling him to suck harder. Tony was sure that it couldn’t get any worse. But when Scarlet rammed her cock into his ass hole it got a lot worse.

The girls spit roasted Tony telling him what a good little ‘lesbian bitch’ he was and promising not to tell his wife that he was a cheating bastard. The watching girls were getting excited and Tony saw them play with each other as they watched their friends humiliate him.

Dana held his face in place, telling her ‘good little lesbian bitch’ to open wide before she started to face fuck him, forcing her cock into his throat and laughing as he gagged and choked. Tears came to his eyes as he gagged and she laughed asking if her little ‘lesbian bitch’ wanted to rest before the next prick fucked his face.

Tony couldn’t move back from the fucking cock that was ramming into his throat as Scarlet was fucking his ass harder and harder. He was in agony, the dildo felt as though it was splitting his ass in two and he could hardly breathe.

But the girls were nowhere even close to letting him go. When Dana and Scarlet tired of their fun with him, they let other girls pay to fuck his face. And their little ‘lesbian bitch’ took every cock that was forced through his lips.

He was too afraid to say ‘no’, and even if he had tried he wouldn’t have been able to get away. The crowd of girls were taking out all their anger at the way they were treated in the strip bar by the leering and groping clients.

Tony took every cock that was pushed into his mouth and ass, and when they asked him what he was, he replied that he was their ‘lesbian bitch’.

The girls were slapping his ass and having fun with him, enjoying his pain and humiliation when the bouncer came back and told them that it was show time. Dana and Scarlet pulled Tony to his feet and tied him to a chair backstage, saying that they were always so horny for a good fuck with a hot ‘lesbian bitch’ after their shows. Tony sat there, terrified to think what they had planned for him later.


7. Two Lesbians Tie Her Up and Parade Her Around on a Boat

“She is just a fucking cunt!” Daeng spat as she looked at the white girl who was flirting with the girl she had been lusting after for months.

“If she fucking touches her, I will make her wish she had never been born!”

Her pretty Thai friend laughed and told her not to worry, that she was sure that Carmel, the tall black girl that Daeng had been trying to get with for a long time wouldn’t be interested in the blonde.

The Thai girls watched as Katy flicked her long blonde hair and fluttered her eye lashes at the statuesque black girl. They watched as Katy smiled and pouted, touching Carmel’s arm and bending over to show her ass as she pretended to pick something up. They watched as Katy slid some of the buttons on her shirt open and as Carmel smiled as she took in the view of Katy’s perky tits.

“She is just flirting. Carmel won’t buy that valley girl shit” Daeng’s friend reassured her.

But she was wrong and Daeng cursed under her breath as she watched Carmel kiss the blonde. She was going to get even and she was going to show everyone what a fucking whore that blonde really was.

And she got her chance much sooner than she expected as when she went to the washroom she met the blonde there, touching up her make-up. Daeng pretended to be friendly and told her that Carmel had asked Daeng and her friend to give the blonde a ride to a party at the lake.

Katy smiled and thanked Daeng for being so kind before following her to the car. They drove out to the lake, chatting about mutual friends and it was only when they got onto the boat that Katy asked where Carmel was.

“She’s on the island,” Daeng explained as she started up the engine and Katy happily accepted a bottle of beer and settled onto the bench.

When they were a mile off shore Daeng cut the engine. She glared at Katy and called her a whore for stealing her girl. Katy looked confused at first but soon realized that Daeng and her friend were actually a danger to her. She told them that she didn’t know Carmel was taken and begged to be taken back to shore.

“Oh, we are going to take you back to shore for sure!” Daeng spat angrily.

Even though Katy was much taller the two Thai girls were able to force her to sit on a lawn chair. They forced her hands behind her back and tied them in place and then they tied her legs to the legs of the chair. They tore off her shirt and bra, pulling on her tits, telling her that she wasn’t so cute and perky now. They shoved her skirt up around her waist and cut her panties off with a pair of scissors. Katy screamed as the metal brushed her cunt lips.

Tying a rope to the chair they pushed it over the side, Katy tied to it and unable to move. They laughed as they watched her panic for fear of drowning before pulling the chair to the side of the boat and lashing it securely in place.

They laughed as they saw how exposed her cunt was. Daeng pulled a huge dildo from a bag and reached over the side to slam it deep into Katy’s cunt. She screamed in pain as it split her open.

“You are such a fucking cunt!” Daeng slapped Katy as her friend steered the boat back to shore. There were lots of people partying along the side of the lake and in other boats, and the two Thai girls were determined that every one of them would see Katy’s gaping cunt being forced to take whatever they shoved into her.

Katy was terrified, she was constantly being splashed in the face by waves and was scared she would drown. She was also scared that the chair would come untied and she would be pitched face first into the lake to drown. And she was even more terrified of the two pretty little Thai girls who seemed to be determined to treat her cruelly.

The partiers who saw the boat slowly drive past first of all saw the two pretty little Thai girls and the sight of them alone was enough to make everyone stare. They were wearing tiny bikinis and had perfect bodies with pert tits and tiny waists.

But the sight of the naked blonde tied to the side of the boat made them stare even more. Her legs were splayed wide open and the little Thai driving the boat was moving it slowly enough across the water to let them all see clearly the movements of the other petit little girl who was fucking the blonde with a beer bottle.

Katy’s cunt was being forced open, wider and wider and Daeng intended to get it open so wide that people would be able to look right inside her cunt.

That made her smile, she enjoyed looking into wet cunts and had on many occasions used clear speculums on her lovers so that she could enjoy the sight of the inner walls of their pretty cunts. But that was for pleasure and this was for revenge.

She knew that Carmel was amongst the party goers and she wanted the girl she sexually desired to see that the blonde cunt, she had kissed earlier, was just a cheap whore who let herself be exposed to anyone who looked.

Daeng told her friend to steer closer to a group of people who were calling to them. As the boat neared one of the party goers threw a wine bottle to Daeng telling her to fuck the blonde cunt with it. Daeng smiled as she fished the bottle from the water and showed it to Katy. Katy begged her not to use it, she begged to be let go but Daeng just smiled as she crammed the wine bottle into the blonde girl’s open cunt.

Katy screamed in pain and the party goers cheered as Daeng rammed it deeper inside, working it in and out of her victim’s cunt.

“Take it, bitch!” she growled, “Just like you tried to take my bitch!”

Katy screamed and begged and sobbed until the bottle was fully inside her. The party goers cheered and Daeng told her friend to steer to the next group. The laughter that came from the shore at Katy’s predicament made Daeng smile and she pulled out the wine bottle, happy at how wide open Katy’s cunt now was.

She threw the sticky bottle to the shore and a pretty red head caught it and started to lick it clean to the delight of her male companions.

“Is she up for a fuck?” they called to Daeng who replied that she was a fucking cunt and they were welcome to swim out to play with her gaping cunt. A woman dived into the water and with a few strong strokes was between Katy’s legs, she looked back to her friends and smiled as she licked over the huge gaping cunt hole before easing her fingers inside.

“Fist her!” a man called and the red head obliged, making sure that there was a clear view for her friends. Daeng smiled as she saw Carmel watch and shake her head before turning away; she was sure now that Katy would never get to be with Carmel.

When the red head forced Katy to cum everyone cheered, and Daeng spat in her face calling her a ‘dirty fucking cunt’ who would take anything in her filthy cunt. Katy sobbed and begged to be let go, but Daeng wasn’t satisfied.

She searched the girl’s bag and found her phone, and with a smile she leant over to take pictures that showed Katy’s face and her gaping cunt with a thick dildo sticking out of it. With a grin she searched for the right numbers and sent the picture with the message, “Guess what I enjoy doing?”

Katy sobbed in complete humiliation, knowing that she would never be able to explain the picture to her family and friends. She didn’t resist as Daeng pulled out the dildo and forced a thick aborigine into her cock before telling her friend to steer slowly so everyone could see how perverted and sick this blonde bitch really was.

Now, she was satisfied.


8. She Seduces Her Best Friends Mom into Having Fun

“Those disgusting perverted bitches!” Arlene spat, talking to her friend as she watched the lesbians walk by in the Pride parade.

“Their mothers must be ashamed and disgusted!” she continued as she shuddered and turned away from the sight of the scantily clad girls kissing and groping each other’s tits in a public display of affection and pride in their sexuality.

Arlene’s daughter stood behind her mother, her fingers entwined with those of her girlfriend, Shauna. Arlene thought that Shauna was just her daughter’s friend. She would have been horrified to know that Shauna also was the one who introduced her daughter to the pleasure of Sapphic love. Arlene didn’t know it, but she was one of the very mothers she claimed to pity.

Up until that moment Shauna and her girlfriend had been content to keep their lesbian love secret, not wanting to upset Arlene. They had been surprised that she had wanted to go to watch the Pride parade, but hoped that maybe it would be the opening they needed to share their happiness and have her bless their love. They had been enjoying the parade, both feeling aroused at the sight of so many pretty lesbian girls and excited by the butch dykes. Both girls had grown soaked and whispered to each other that they would have to fuck as soon as they got home. They had giggled and planned to use some new toys in their fucking.

But now, Shauna felt her girlfriend tense and knew that she would have to make Arlene literally eat her words. She loved her girlfriend and didn’t want to have her suffer shame because of her sexuality and love for other women. She glared at the older woman’s back and made plans to show her just how wrong she was.

When they got back to Arlene’s house she said she would make supper but needed the girls to go to the store. Shauna had claimed a headache so that she could stay alone with Arlene and as soon as the door closed on her pretty girlfriend she asked Arlene to help her up to lie on a bed. Arlene took her arm and led her to the guest room.

“So, lesbians are disgusting?” Shauna asked as she closed the door.

“They most certainly are! Imagine putting your mouth on another woman’s bits!” Arlene shuddered and turned to leave the room.

“And they all look so disgusting, like men in makeup!” she continued as she reached for the door handle.

But Shauna was too fast for her. She had pulled a pillow case from a pillow and dragged it over Arlene’s head taking her by surprise. The older woman fell onto the bed and struggled as Shauna pulled off her panties to use them to tie her hands. She looped the panties over the knob of the bed head and stripped naked before pulling the pillow case off Arlene’s head.

The older woman gasped in shock as she saw Shauna’s naked body. The piercings in her nipples, belly button and clit glinted in the sunshine.

“This” smiled Shauna, “is how a lesbian looks.” She pressed her tits out and shook her shoulders.

She laughed as the older woman looked over her body, “You like what you see, don’t you, bitch!”

Arlene protested that this was perverse and disgusting and then suddenly understood, “Not my baby!”

Shauna laughed and described just how delicious Arlene’s ‘baby’ daughter tasted as she came into her lesbian lover’s mouth. She told Arlene in detail just how much her daughter enjoyed fucking her and exactly how skilled she was at eating pussy.

Arlene looked horrified and shrank towards the wall as Shauna straddled her lap and pressed her lips against hers. The young girl pressed her naked body against the older woman and kissed her passionately, sliding her tongue into her mouth then pulling it out and sliding it back in.

“It’s just like I am fucking your mouth, really” she laughed as she kissed Arlene again.

She groped Arlene’s tits, then ripped open her shirt and pulled the tits out over her bra. She licked the nipples and laughed as she heard Arlene protest. She sucked softly, knowing that soon she would be making Arlene do much more than kiss another female.

Her head moved back up as she kissed Arlene again and smiled as she felt Arlene start to kiss her back.

“It’s disgusting when an old woman tries to steal her beautiful young daughter’s lesbian lover, though.” She agreed.

“But maybe it’s okay to share?” she smiled as she saw Arlene’s eyes darken.

“You want some young pussy?” laughing she kissed Arlene again then moved to strip the older woman naked.

She unlooped the panties from the bed head, allowing Arlene to lie down, but keeping her hands tied, before sitting on her face.

“Your daughter licked me just this morning,” she purred, “let’s see if you can do it just as well as your pretty little girl does.”

Shauna ground her cunt onto Arlene’s mouth, smiling as she felt the older woman start to lick softly. She moved her cunt to let Arlene lick her cunt hole and felt her pussy flood the older woman’s mouth.

“You like eating young cunt, don’t you, you filthy old whore?” Shauna laughed as she wriggled and squirmed to get her clit onto Arlene’s tongue.

Arlene was struggling to get free, but even though she was much bigger and older than the slight frame of her tormentor, Shauna was able to keep her in place easily. And the more she struggled the wetter she made her daughter’s lesbian lover’s cunt grow. And the more she tried to speak, the more her tongue jabbed onto Shauna’s throbbing pussy making her squirm with pleasure.

Shauna hoped Arlene kept trying to talk and struggle long enough to make her cum. She fingered her clit as she looked down at the saggy tits of her lover’s mother. She giggled as Arlene licked her cunt, knowing how disgusted the older woman was and loving the licking even more because it was being forced.

And that was enough, the idea that she was forcing her lesbian lover’s mother to eat her out made her cum. She loved the idea that she was forcing an older woman who thought eating pussy was disgusting to do exactly that. She jerked in her orgasm, plucking at her own nipples and excited about taking her girlfriend to bed to fuck her as soon as she finished with the mother.

Her cum flooded Arlene’s mouth, giving her the first taste of young pussy she had ever had. And it made her cunt spasm. She hated to admit it, but it tasted great. She lapped eagerly at Shauna’s cunt to drink every drop. She didn’t care that the young girl was mocking her as she ate greedily at her dripping cunt.

When Shauna came for the second time it was because Arlene had wanted to make her cum. Arlene had licked and sucked eagerly, desperately at the pretty little cunt grinding onto her face. She moaned as Shauna lifted her soaked cunt from her face.

“You are a great pussy eater,” Shauna smiled, “though your daughter is better.”

She licked her lips, “Maybe I should show you something your daughter really loves me to do to her.”

Arlene didn’t speak, but her nipples were hard and her legs spread open to show her soaked cunt. Shauna smiled as she bent down to lap at her girlfriend’s mother’s cunt. She tasted almost as good as her daughter. She eased her finger into Arlene’s soaked gash, loving the groans of pleasure that her finger fuck caused.

“She likes that, too, but she prefers a bit more.” Shauna taunted as she stabbed another finger into the older woman’s wet cunt hole.

Arlene ground on Shauna’s hand as she added another finger. She felt the older woman’s cunt pull on her fingers and laughed as she forced her entire hand into the cunt. The yelp of pain made her cunt gush and as she fisted the woman who declared lesbians to be ‘unnatural and sinners’ she watched her cum.

Punching her hand harder and harder into the older woman’s cumming cunt she teased her about how she would cope without young pussy to eat. Arlene begged her to let her lick her again. Shauna smiled, considering how much fun it would be to have mother and daughter as her lovers.

The sound of her girlfriend’s voice made her laugh as she fisted the older woman to another orgasm.

“Just how are you going to explain this to your daughter?” she mocked, as the older woman begged the young girl to fuck her harder.


9. They Love to Play Their Lesbian Games on the San Diego Trolley

It was a glorious mid-summer day and Sandy and Gina were enjoying the atmosphere of down town San Diego as it thronged with tourists and locals alike enjoying the sun and party vibe.

The girls walked along, window shopping, holding hands and attracting a lot of attention. They had dressed carefully for their day in the city, choosing to wear matching midriff halter neck tops, one in pink and one in lemon, that showed off their tanned flat bellies and drew attention to their full, round tits. Neither girl wore a bra and both had hard nipples that poked through the soft fabric and drew a lot of stares.

They also wore killer heels, and short skirts that barely covered their asses but made sure that their long, toned legs were on full display. Neither girl was shy, which was obvious to everyone they passed.

Feeling the heat, they each chose a cold drink and they sat, leaning against each other in the sunshine on the grass of the city park, they giggled and chatted as they flaunted their sexy bodies to everyone who looked their way. They were feeling festive and wanted to have fun.

They decided to ride the San Diego trolley and when they bought their tickets they boarded, choosing seats right in the center of the trolley bus. There were so many people walking about and as they rode the trolley they started to feel very sexy and naughty.

Leaning back on her seat the blonde girl flicked her hair and dared her red haired lover to get down on her knees and take off her panties. The red head laughed and put her feet up on the back of the seat in front of her and lifted her ass before easing her sexy lacy panties down over her long legs.

“Mmm,” the blonde smiled as she put her hand on the other girl’s pussy to make her clit jump up, “very sexy.” She flicked the red head’s clit with her finger and then pouted, “But I meant my panties.”

The red head laughed as she spread her legs wider, her feet on either side of the head of the man sitting in front of her as her blonde lover fingered her cunt softly, “Make me cum and then I will lick you for as long as you want!”

The blonde giggled and fingered her sexy lesbian lover’s wet cunt harder, the sounds of her fingers squishing in and out attracting the attention of the other people on the trolley. The girls knew that they were being watched and loved it.

The red head put on a show when she finally gushed in orgasm over her lover’s fingers and then pulled the blonde in for a long, slow passionate kiss, the cum soaked fingers between their lips as they both licked them clean.

A man sitting opposite shifted uncomfortably, his cock so hard that his jeans were hurting him. The girls laughed and slid their hands over each other’s tits.

People walking by stared at the two gorgeous sexy lesbians, who were almost fucking right there on the trolley. And when the trolley stopped beside a car the man inside started to stroke his cock at the sight of two such hot girls being so intimate in public.

But that was nothing. As soon as the blonde’s fingers were sucked clean of the red head’s cum, she pulled back, reminding her lover of her promise. And the people of San Diego were treated to the sight of a very sexy little red head slipping to her knees in the trolley to use her teeth to pull off the silk and lace panties of an equally sexy blonde.

The blonde pulled at her nipples as she enjoyed the red head’s effort to pull off her panties and sighed in pleasure as the fabric slid over her ass and cunt. The red head laughed as she threw them onto the lap of the man with the huge erection who had his eyes glued to the blonde’s very wet, and very sexy gash.

As the red head blew on the blonde’s slit she moaned and lifted her feet to the red heads’ shoulders, giving the man in front who was turned to watch a very clear view of her pretty little snatch.

She smiled as she saw him pull out his camera, knowing that he was about to get a very hot piece of girl on girl action on his phone. She hoped that he would share it with lots of people.

Exhibitionism was something that got both girls off. And the red head made sure to make a lot of noise as she opened up the blonde’s slit and slid her tongue up and down. She lapped at the cunt, slurping loudly and moaning in pleasure at the delicious juices she tasted.

The blonde pulled up her top to expose her tits and played with her nipples, making them long and hard as her girlfriend ate her cunt. People walking by stopped to stare as the San Diego trolley travelled through the busy city. The two girls giving a full, free sex show to everyone in the city.

Women and men, of all ages stared at the spread open cunt, enjoying the sight of such pretty girls fucking so publicly. Men called out to the red head to stick her fist into the cute little blonde and both girls laughed with pleasure at being watched.

The blonde’s cunt gushed with excitement and the red head ground her face into it, jabbing her tongue in and out, encouraged by the watching people on the trolley. The trolley stopped at a construction site and the construction workers stopped work to watch the lesbian sex show. They cheered and called out asking to see ‘more pink’. The red head obliged by moving her head and spreading the blonde’s cunt wide open with her fingers.

The man with the camera groaned and zoomed in to the gaping, gushing hole and as the red head stuck a finger into her girlfriend’s cunt the trolley moved on. The next stop was outside an office building and soon the windows were crowded with people watching the blonde get tongue fucked on the trolley.

People jumped onto the trolley and crowded round the girls, but the people on the side walk got the best show as the blonde moved to lie on her back with her cunt towards the street. The red head smiled as she spread open her cunt, and then jabbed her fingers in and out making the blonde moan with pleasure and soak the seat as her cunt gushed with a huge body shaking orgasm.

The people on the side walk stopped and stared, pointing and taking pictures of the two pretty girls. The red head pulled up her top to expose her tits, too and bent over to show her cunt and ass holes. The girls loved the cat calls and jeers and knew that people of all shapes and sizes were looking at their cunts and enjoying their fucking. They knew that women were feeling aroused just as much as the watching men and they loved that they were making other women wet and eager for sex.

A man reached down to pull on one of her nipples, his fingers vicious and cruel and it made the blonde gasp for breath before the red head brought her back to the edge of orgasm. The blonde scooted closer to the side of the trolley to get her cunt right out onto the street and when they stopped by a cyclist he stared at the soaked cunt as the red head licked and sucked on the blonde’s clit and finger fucked the soaked hole.

He smiled as he watched the blonde reach down to finger her own ass hole and watched the red head lick the swollen, tender little clit over and over again, her fingers stabbing in and out of the gaping, soaked cunt. He grinned in pleasure and licked his lips, saying he would love to taste that nasty little cunt, too. The red head smiled as she licked harder, fingering deeper and more savagely as the blonde fingered her own ass harder and deeper.

And just as the trolley started to move off the blonde came, squirting her cum right into the cyclist’s face.


10. She is Rented Out for the Night to 2 Lesbians

“Three months late!” The girl sobbed as she knelt in front of her Mistress. “What will we do, Mistress?” Her wails filled the room and despite feeling sorry for the girl’s misery and unhappy about their predicament, the slave’s desperation made the older woman smile and feel very sure that her little slave would do whatever she ordered.

“It’s okay” the Domme replied, “I will get us the money for the rent.” She stroked her pet’s hair, not wanting her to worry.

She already had a plan in place and was sure that it would come through soon. She had placed an ad in the local paper:

“Pretty young blonde, shaved and pierced, lesbian slave, fully trained to obey each and every order for rent. No limits imposed, meaning you can use her exactly as you choose; for the right price.”

She knew that her little slave cunt would be terrified so she was going to stay with her while she was rented out. Plus, she didn’t want to miss the fun; she enjoyed the idea of strangers using her pet cunt in return for money. Making her little slave prostitute herself was very exciting to her. And she knew that her slave cunt would not dare to protest as she was trained to obey without question.

It had taken a few beatings to make her understand that ‘no limits’ meant absolutely nothing was off limits. And now, she knew, her little cunt slave enjoyed it. Even when she made her suck cock, just to prove that she would do anything her Mistress ordered her to do. And she knew just how much her little cunt hated to suck on cocks. But it was fun to make her suffer, and she couldn’t have pussy all the time, not when she was an owned cunt.

Owning a slave cunt was a full time responsibility and she felt bad that they had fallen so behind with their rent but she knew that her skilled little cunt would earn the money they needed easily being rented out to the highest bidders.

And when her phone rang later that evening she knew that their money problems were over. She ordered her cunt to shower and shave carefully and put a thick leather collar around her throat, pulled her long black hair into a high ponytail and watched her apply her makeup.

She chose a tight dress and watched her slave slide into it and then took her to meet the two women who wanted to rent the slave. The slave girl was nervous but excited about being able to serve her Mistress by serving anyone who paid for her.

As they pulled up outside the address the Mistress led the slave to the door and knocked loudly. She smiled when she saw the two busty black women who had rented her slave. They discussed terms, the Mistress delighted to hear of the black women’s plans for her petit little slave and counted out the notes that Susan and Janet paid for the use of her.

Sitting at the side of the room she watched with a smile as the two large women ordered her slave to strip. She stood naked in the middle of the room, her little tits pressed out and forward and her back straight as the women walked around her, groping her tits and cunt and laughing as they talked about playing with her.

“No limits” Susan laughed as the other slid a finger into the slave’s cunt, not caring that she was scared and not wet enough for penetration.

“I wonder how she will cope with the two of us?” Janet, the other big black woman, mused, feeling the tight little cunt squeeze her finger, “She is so tight!”

The other woman fingered the slave’s cunt and laughed as the girl yelped, “She is going to look so pretty with cum all over her face!”

As they plucked at her body they laughed at how pretty the piercings through her nipples, belly button and clit were. They pulled at the hoops through her nipples commenting on how handy they would be to add weights to pull the little nipples from the sweet little tits. The Mistress smiled as she watched, she added weights to the hoops every day.

Both Susan and Janet were big, beautiful, black women and they seemed very happy to have such a tiny little blonde cunt to play with. They laughed as they felt how tiny her tits and cunt felt in their large hands and teased the little girl that she would be split in half when they used her.

They ordered her onto her hands and knees and as one of the big black women strapped on a huge dildo the other ground her pussy into the slave’s face. The girl obediently opened her mouth and started to lap and lick at the big black pussy, making the woman gasp with pleasure.

“She is very good little pussy licker!” she complimented the Mistress who smiled as she watched her girl skillfully lick the woman’s cunt.

The woman turned and knelt on her hands and knees in front of the slave and pushed her ass into the young, white girl’s face, ordering her to lick. The girl started to lick at the woman’s cunt again then jabbed her tongue into the big, sloppy hole before moving to suck on her clit and then sliding down to lick her ass hole. She sucked on Janet’s ass hole making her sigh contentedly.

“Worth every cent,” Janet groaned, telling Susan how good the little cunt was proving to be.

The other woman watched then knelt behind the slave and slammed her huge strap on dildo deep into the girl’s dry cunt. The two laughed as the girl screamed then immediately went back to licking the black woman’s ass.

“She is a good little slave, isn’t she?” Susan, the woman fucking the little girl’s ass laughed as she rammed the dildo harder into the tight little hole.

Her whimpers of pain as her cunt was ravaged made the two women laugh even harder and as the slave made the first black woman cum she grunted and turned to kiss the little slave, licking her own pussy juice from the girl’s lips. Janet yanked the girl’s long ponytail and forced her onto her tit. She laughed as the girl sucked on her nipple, saying how cute it was to have such a small white girl suck on her big black tit. The slave was slammed forward with each thrust of the dildo and her face was mashed into the big tit in her mouth.

The dildo was pulled out of the slave’s mouth and Susan grabbed the collar around her throat, making her gasp for air as she was pulled into position, her full lips inches from the dildo that had been fucking her cunt. Susan grabbed the slave cunt’s ponytail and pulled her onto the dildo, making her suck it as though it was a cock, while her friend, Janet, slid her fingers into the little girl’s cunt.

The two women spit roast the slave, a dildo jamming into her throat and making her gag with each thrust and the other woman forcing all of her fingers into her tight little cunt. They laughed as the slave struggled to get air, and Janet forced her large hand deeper and deeper into the little girl’s cunt.

The slave screamed out, her scream muffled by the huge dildo that was fucked deeper into her throat as she screamed. She gagged and choked, tears pouring down her face as Janet laughed and triumphantly forced her whole hand into the girl’s tight little pussy.

“I’m in!” she crowed and then proceeded to fuck the girl hard with her fist. The girl was hauled back and forward on her knees, her cunt wet and the hand inside her body making her start to moan in arousal.

“Give it to her harder!” Janet said, and both the hand and dildo slammed harder and harder into the little cunt. They had paid for her and they wanted to get their money’s worth. And as she came and bled over the thick wrist that protruded from her tight, abused cunt the women felt they were almost satisfied.

The dildo was pulled out and Susan turned to grind her cunt onto the girl’s face and as she lapped at the sloppy cunt of the woman who paid to abuse her she jammed her tongue deep into the wet folds and hole. She was happy, being hurt and abused made her feel good and as she sobbed in pain, with tears streaming down her face, and licked the woman to orgasm the little slave hoped that her Mistress would hire her out again. And maybe even have her beaten, too.


11. They Teach Their Friends Young Grandma What Being a Lesbian is Really Like

“Shhhh!” Helena giggled as she reached up to cover her girlfriend’s mouth. Her face was slick with pussy juice and Gabby, her slightly younger and very much bigger titted girlfriend was making too much noise as she enjoyed having her cunt licked out.

Gabby let out an exaggerated moan as soon as Helena moved her hand and jammed her tongue back into her cunt, making Helena stop licking and start laughing again.

“You better shut up!” she giggled, “Otherwise Jen’s fucking grandmother will hear you and wonder what we are up to!”

Gabby laughed as she replied that their friend’s grandmother didn’t fuck anything anymore and that she was too deaf to hear anything, even the sounds of both of them cumming at once. Helena shook her head but went back to doing what she did best. She flicked her tongue over the sweet little clit just inches from her mouth then licked and sucked on Gabby’s shaved little cunt lips before stabbing her pussy with her tongue to feast on her sweet juices.

The girls went back to their fucking, totally oblivious to the sound of the bedroom door opening. Their friend’s grandmother stood and watched as her granddaughter’s very sexy young friends enjoyed each other’s bodies. She watched as Gabby pulled on Helena’s long hair and forced her face harder onto her gushing cunt as she came, her toes curling and her nipples hardening.

The old woman smiled as she watched her granddaughter’s friend get a good tongue fuck and wondered how the girls didn’t hear her. They came over to fuck at her house every evening and they didn’t seem to know that she watched them for at least part of every fuck fest. She feasted her eyes on their firm young tits and sweet little pussies. She particularly enjoyed it when one of them would hold the other’s cunt open and she could see the pretty pink pussies wide open.

Gabby was right, she didn’t fuck anything anymore but every day she looked forward to watching the naked bodies of the two pretty young girls as they fucked on her bed. She looked forward to their visits, knowing that they thought she believed them when they said that they thought Jen was there. Then waiting until she pretended to doze off in her chair so that they could go up to her bedroom, to strip each other naked and fuck. They were so pretty; she had never been attracted to other women but she felt excitement every day as she waited for their visit. She would wait until she was sure that they were engrossed in their fucking before she would open the door to watch them. She enjoyed it when she got to see one of their cunts gush and at times she would have liked to touch their sweet little pussies, but instead she just watched. She moved slightly and a floorboard creaked. Panicked she tried to ease the door closed but she was too late.

“Grandma!” Gabby gasped her girlfriend’s face still deep in her cunt. The girls had known the old woman for years and called her ‘grandma’ even though she was their friend’s grandmother.

“Gabby,” the old woman replied, trying to pretend that she wasn’t looking at her granddaughter’s friend enjoy an intense orgasm with a very pretty little face jammed deep into her cunt.

Helena looked up, licking her lips and smiled at the old woman, she slid from the bed and led the grandmother to the bed. “Why don’t you join us, today?” she asked, making it clear that while Gabby hadn’t seen their silent observer, she had.

The old woman tried to stand up but Helena giggled and knelt in front of her, pushing her knees apart and pressing her cunt juice covered face to the old woman’s pussy. The woman moaned and her granddaughter giggled as she pulled on their friend’s granny’s shoulders. She helped Helena strip the grandmother and then, together the two young girls, sucked on the nipples of the old saggy tits.

The old woman moaned in pleasure as the two pretty young lesbians showed her how talented their tongues and mouths were. It wasn’t long before Helena decided to step it up and slid down over the old woman’s body to lick at her cunt. She soon had their friend’s grandmother writhing and squirming under her lapping tongue and Gabby smiled as she kissed the old woman on her lips.

The grandmother reached down to stroke the young girl’s hair as she licked at her old cunt, moaning into the kiss of the other young girl who was massaging her saggy tits and pressing her own firm, young tits into the woman’s hands.

Helena moved to grind her cunt against the old woman’s; pressing her pubic bone into the old woman’s wet pussy. The grandmother couldn’t believe that she was naked with two such sexy little girls and ground against the pussy that was on her own. It was her first time with another woman, and to have sex with two such pretty young girls was blowing her mind. And as she thought of that she had her first orgasm in many years.

The girls giggled and Helena moved to allow Gabby to grind on the old woman’s cunt, but she couldn’t resist joining in, so she moved her pussy to rub it on the grandmother’s face. And as the grandmother started to lick at the sweet little cunt that was dripping into her eager mouth she tasted her first cunt. Helena moaned as she pressed harder onto the old woman’s face, her young cunt greedy to be used and she told her to use her fingers too.

The old woman moved her head just enough to watch her own fingers disappear into a hot, wet, little cunt and moaned in pleasure as she felt Gabby finger her, too. The three cunts squirmed and moved until they were all on their hands and knees, daisy chaining each other, the girls’ firm young tits swinging below their slender bodies as they moved and the old woman’s saggy old tits hanging from her body as she was pushed back and forth by the face fucking her cunt. They were in a circle, the old woman licking out Gabby’s sloppy box, as Gabby ate Helena’s pussy and Helena feasted on the gushing cunt of their friend’s grandmother. They were all in heaven, a cunt in their face and a face in their cunt. And as each of them came, they drank each other’s cum with moans of pleasure.

The old woman stopped licking at the sweet little cunt under her tongue, long enough to ask to be fisted and with a giggle of pleasure, Helena jabbed her fingers into the old, wet cunt as she sucked on her clit, until she had her entire hand inside the old woman.

The woman shook with excitement as the young girl forced her fist in and out of her cunt, enjoying how much it stretched her gushing pussy. She forced back onto Helena’s fist and smiled as she heard Helena tell Gabby to join her.

“So, you enjoy being fist fucked, you old bitch?” asked one of the girls while the other laughed and yanked on her tits, telling her how saggy and old they were. The grandmother just moaned and felt her cunt gush as she pressed back to get their little fists deeper into her greedy box.

As Gabby forced her fingers into the old woman’s cunt beside her friend’s fist they kissed, sharing the pleasure of teaching the old woman how to fuck girls, then they bent their heads to lick at her clit and ass hole while they double penetrated her gaping, sloppy cunt with their entire fists. They worked their fists in and out of the old woman’s cunt, loving the squelching and slurping sounds that her cunt made as they stretched it, loving that when they pulled out it would gape wide open.

The grandmother was screaming out in orgasm as the two naked little sluts fisted here just as the door to the house slammed shut. The girls giggled as they heard footsteps on the stairs and their friend Jen call out to her grandmother. The grandmother heard the voice, too, but was too aroused by the hot little lesbians fisting her to care as the door started to open.


12. She Gets Pulled Over by a Lesbian Cop and Has to Please Her to Get Out of a Ticket

The flash of lights and wail of the siren behind Vanessa’s car as she cruised along the highway made her heart stop. She looked behind hoping that the cruiser was picking on someone else, she was carrying a small amount of an illegal drug in her purse and couldn’t afford to get caught with it. And so, as she cruised to stop on the verge, she tried to open her purse to pull out the little baggy. She got the little baggy out of the purse, spilling the rest of the contents onto the passenger seat, and was trying to push it into her cunt, pushing aside her sexy sheer thong panties and starting to jam the baggie into her own pussy, when the female police officer knocked on the window.

“License and registration please, Miss” the tall police officer said, not seeming to have noticed what Vanessa was doing.

But as a slow smile spread over the female officer’s lips it seemed that she had.

“So do you want me just to arrest you now for possession?” she paused as Vanessa blanched with shock, “Or shall I just do a cavity search here and let you go?”

Vanessa didn’t know what the police officer meant but as the woman leant down to brush her fingers over one of Vanessa’s tits it became clear. The police officer was lesbian and was hitting on Vanessa. She flushed and said that she didn’t understand.

“Oh come on,” she paused to check Vanessa’s name on her license, “Vanessa. We both know that you were trying to cram a little baggy of something illegal into your cunt to hide it from me. So, how about you let me search that sweet little blonde cunt of yours, and your ass, too and then you can go on your way.”

Vanessa knew she didn’t have much choice. She was carrying enough that she would probably get jail time. She had to give this female police officer exactly what she wanted. She got out of the car and climbed into the back seat as the officer rounded the car to stand at the back passenger window. She told Vanessa to wind down her window and then to get on her hands and knees and stick her ass out of the window.

Blushing Vanessa obeyed and felt the police woman flip her short skirt over her ass and pulled the crotch of her sheer thong panties to the side. A quick movement plucked the little plastic baggy of drugs from Vanessa’s cunt into the front seat before the police officer started to spank Vanessa’s round ass. She yelped with pain and heard the uniformed woman laugh.

Fingers started to probe her cunt and she felt her hole being stretched wide open as the police officer laughed about having to check for more drugs, before she leant down and started to lick at Vanessa’s cunt through the car window, right on the verge of the highway, with cars driving past steadily. Vanessa felt her cunt flood with pussy juice and pressed onto the police officer’s face moaning as she felt herself get close to orgasm.

But the police officer had other ideas and pulled her tongue out of Vanessa’s sloppy box to start licking her sweet, tight ass hole. She licked with the flat of her tongue over the puckered little hole and then started to rim it with the tip of her tongue until finally she poked her tongue into Vanessa’s ass hole with a deep moan of satisfaction.

Vanessa felt the police officer eat her ass and pressed back to get her tongue deeper inside her body. It felt so great to have her ass tongue fucked so savagely, by a police officer, right on the side of the highway. She wondered if people could see her being tongue fucked and smiled at the idea.

Being forced to let a police officer fuck her cunt and ass was turning out to be a great experience and Vanessa felt her cunt gush as the police officer forced her fingers deep into Vanessa’s wet gash as she continued to lick out her ass hole. She moaned as she forced her fingers deeper into the girl’s cunt. It was always a good day when she got to make a deal with a girl for sex in exchange for not being arrested. She had lost count of the number of cunts she had got to taste and fuck due to traffic violations.

Then she felt something hard against her cunt, and she tensed as she tried to work out what it was. It was hard and cool and it was being pushed into her cunt. The police officer felt her tense and lifted her face from Vanessa’s ass to ask if she wanted to have her mind blown. It was then that Vanessa understood.

The lesbian police officer was fucking her gushing cunt with her gun. Vanessa took a deep gasping breath, she was so excited that she felt herself jerk and jump as she came on the barrel of the gun that was being jammed in and out of her slick, and increasingly, sloppy cunt. It was so exciting, not just to be fucked so publicly by a police officer but to have a gun shoved into her cunt.

The blare of a car horn told Vanessa that her public fucking was being enjoyed by not just her but by passersby, as well. She smiled as she felt the police officer spank her round ass, the gun deep in her cunt until she came again.

“You are a dirty little cunt, aren’t you?” the police officer laughed as she pulled her gun from Vanessa’s pussy and told her to roll over onto her back and open the door. The female police officer pulled off Vanessa’s panties and sniffed them before licking the crotch and saying she was confiscating them. Vanessa smiled and suggested she lick her cunt again. The female officer bent over and nibbled on her little clit then told her that she had something that she knew Vanessa wanted.

The sight of the long black night stick made Vanessa want to cum instantly, but as the tip of it was used to flick her little clit she moaned and sighed in pleasure. The lesbian police officer was enjoying it just as much as Vanessa making her beg to be fucked by the night stick and then slowly easing it into her greedy cunt before pulling it out to lick off the young girl’s pussy juices.

“Maybe I should have arrested you,” the police officer laughed, “You would make a fortune as a whore in prison.”

Vanessa moaned at the idea of being used so hard and so often but had no desire to be locked up, “I think that you are doing just fine all by yourself, Officer” she flirted as she lifted her legs onto the police officer’s shoulders to let her ram the night stick even harder into her gushing cunt. The police officer obliged and rammed the night stick harder into Vanessa’s wet cunt, smiling as she heard the girl grunt at the pressure and the sounds of squelching making her own pussy throb and gush.

“Cum for me, you dirty little bitch!” the lesbian police officer spat as she rammed the night stick deep into Vanessa’s soaked hole, making her scream as her cunt felt as though it were being torn open.

Vanessa started to cum and the police officer laughed telling her that she was a cheap little fuck who would make better money as a whore than a drug dealer. Vanessa moaned in pleasure, the night stick deep in her cunt and the police officer’s fingers probing her ass hole. The delicious sounds of her wet cunt being fucked hard filling the air, and the scent of cunt easily scented.

As the tall, lesbian police officer told the well used , pretty blonde girl to drive carefully, Vanessa smiled and asked when she would next be patrolling the highway. She smiled as she heard the woman officer answer, planning to be carrying a small bag of drugs again, as she wanted to make sure to be on the highway when that police officer was patrolling just in case she needed to be pulled over again and searched so very thoroughly again.


13. The Neighbor Lady Can See the Lesbians Clearly Thru Their Window Each Night

Joan stopped at the sex store on the way home from work. She wanted to buy her girlfriend a sexy surprise present and as she browsed the store’s shelves she found herself drawn repeatedly to a face gag dildo. She loved to dominate her girlfriend so a gag was a perfect gift and one with a nice thick dildo sticking out would make for a very fun evening for them both. The ball gag would keep Martha happy while the long, thick dildo would be perfect to make her cum repeatedly.

She was looking forward to getting home, and to getting her sweet little lover stripped naked, before spanking her and putting the ball gag dildo into her mouth, then allowing her to worship her cunt. Martha was younger than Joan, less experienced sexually, but very much in love with the older woman. Joan enjoyed the way the brunette girl did everything she could to please her and enjoyed bringing her gifts.

As soon as she got home she insisted that Martha wear the gag and then sat down to spread her legs wide open as she lay on the sofa to let her girlfriend use the ball gag dildo on her already soaked cunt. She loved how her girlfriend ran the dildo up and down her wet pussy folds, before using it to flick her little clit then stabbed it hard in her gushing cunt.

Martha was skilled with her tongue and was just as good with the ball gag dildo. She enjoyed being gagged and really adored being able to fuck Joan’s cunt so deeply with the extra thick dildo. Not being able to speak made everything more erotic for her and she loved it when her girlfriend dominated her, making her fuck her until she had had enough. And it took a lot to satisfy Joan.

Watching them, through the open window, was their much older neighbor who claimed to be straight and was married. But she always seemed to enjoy watching her two lesbian neighbor’s fuck so they regularly left their window open so she could watch. They positioned their bodies so that their neighbor could see Joan’s cunt, as Martha held it open, before filling it with the rubber dildo. They almost enjoyed her reactions as much as their own. Almost, but not quite.

They both enjoyed the way the woman would hide behind her curtains and watch as they fucked, sometimes even playing with her own cunt as she spied on them. They enjoyed being watched as they fucked and often put on little shows just for their neighbor to enjoy.

As Martha face fucked her lover the neighbor slid her hand into her own panties and pulled on her little clit. Watching the two lesbians was the highlight of every day and she was disappointed on days that they closed the drapes. She was sure that they didn’t know she watched or that she came as she fingered herself watching them and imagining that she was the one having her cunt speared with the face dildo.

She imagined how sexy it would be to have another woman spread her legs wide open and want to kiss her pussy. She longed for it, but was stuck in a marriage she had never wanted. And whenever her husband fucked her she imagined it was one of the lesbians from next door using one of their big dildos on her cunt, and that always made her cum.

She watched as Joan caressed her lesbian lover’s hair, pressing her cunt deeper onto the gag dildo and imagined how it would feel to be the one spreading the other woman’s legs and then bend down to sniff at the sweet cunt before licking it and then tongue fucking it until she had her mouth filled with sweet cum.

She watched the blonde woman lying on the sofa, feeling her cunt gush with desire to have her come home with a gift like that for her. She imagined being the brunette on her knees, her mouth filled with a gag and a dildo on the outside which she was using to pleasure her lover, as she reached up to pull gently on the blonde’s nipples.

The neighbor pulled on one of her own nipples. It felt good but she wished it was the brunette lesbian doing it. It was so erotic watching the two women fuck, and she longed to be the one being fucked or even the one doing the fucking.

She watched the dildo jam in and out of the exposed, gaping, gushing cunt, imagining the sounds of the thick dildo in the wet box. She imagined the moans of the woman being fucked and the sweet words she would be whispering to her sweet lover as she enjoying having her cunt impaled over and over again.

Joan reached down to press Martha’s head harder onto her pussy, telling her what a good little cunt fucker she was, she urged her on to bob her head harder and faster, to drive the thick dildo deeper into her cunt and then she came. Her fingers wound in her lover’s hair as she came all over the big dildo that was invading her cunt as she gushed in orgasm, her juices flowing over the face of her obedient little lesbian lover.

She glanced over to see the neighbor grip her drapes as she watched the orgasm and laughed telling Martha that she was driving their neighbor particularly wild today. Martha ran the dildo down over her lover’s cunt and pressed it against her ass, and Joan lifted her hips to accept the dildo into her tight ass hole with a moan of pleasure.

She moaned as the dildo pressed against her tight hole, feeling the slight pain of the penetration and pushing onto the dildo then groaning in pleasure as the dildo stretched her ass. She thrust hard onto it, making Martha’s head fall back before she bobbed forward to fuck her lover’s ass hole. When Martha moved her hand to play with her clit, Joan moaned again, feeling the sensations of her coming orgasm flood over her body. Her skin pimpled and her already stiff nipples lengthened as she felt Martha start to finger her cunt. She craved it, needed it, and she begged her pretty lover to finger her harder. Martha heard her begging, but took her time, not rushing, but slowly fingering the cunt she served every day, slowly fingering it and then adding another finger, before slowly moving it in deeper.

Eventually she had Joan wet enough to slide her thumb into her hole with the rest of her fingers and as she fucked her tight ass hole with the ball gag dildo she started to slowly fist her lover’s cunt. She could smell the sex, and she adored the scent of Joan’s soaked cunt. Martha’s mouth watered as she fingered, desperate to taste the cunt she loved, and knowing that when it was over she would be allowed to lick it clean, to feast on the cum that she had caused with her fucking.

The neighbor watched, rubbing her clit furiously, her breathing growing ragged as she felt her nipples harden and her cunt clench. She jammed her fingers into her own sloppy cunt, trying to get as many inside her own body as she could. And as she watched her lesbian neighbor cum with the dildo ball gag up her ass hole and her lover’s fingers in her cunt she came, too. And she came so hard that she squirted her cum all over the window.

Joan and Martha smiled, the ball gag cast to one side, and kissed passionately as they watched their neighbor wash her cum from the window she spied on them through. Then Joan pressed Martha down to lap up the cum she had made squirt all over her lover’s legs and to lick clean the pussy that she would be allowed to eat again later that night.


14. Their Moms Learn from Them What Being a Lesbian is Like

Mel and Susie held hands with each other and smiled as they watched their moms chatting animatedly as they all stood watching the amazing spectacle of the fabulous annual San Diego Pride Parade.

They had been a couple for over two years and had spent time with each mother, delighted that they were so open to accepting that their daughters were lesbian and being happy that they were in love with each other. But this was the first time they had managed to find a time that suited both moms to visit at once. And they were so glad that it coincided with the annual parade to celebrate lesbianism.

The girls watched the scantily clad lesbians in the parade, feeling aroused and excited by the sexual displays and the public kissing and groping. They enjoyed exhibiting their sexuality in public and loved watching other girls too. It was going to be a hot fucking session when they got home they agreed.

They had been worried that their mothers would be offended by all the flesh on display but giggled when they heard Mel’s mom tell Susie’s mother that it was all rather exciting. They watched their mothers standing on the side walk watching the lesbian girls displaying their tits to everyone and putting on impromptu sex shows during the parade.

Mel moaned softly, telling Susie that one little lesbian chick was making her cunt gush. Susie laughed and reached down to cup her girlfriend’s cunt, asking if she wanted it fingered right now. Glancing at the mothers Mel moved back a few feet and begged Susie to lick her out. They leant against the wall of a building and Susie knelt down to suck on Mel’s cunt, both totally unaware that one of their mothers had noticed and had nudged the other to watch.

The girls would have been shocked to hear their mothers say that it was very sexy to watch two girls fuck like that. The women shared a smile and turned to watch the flamboyantly dressed, and nearly naked, girls strut past, showing off their bodies to every one standing watching.

The women laughed as they saw the men watching get aroused and said that it seemed it wasn’t only their daughters who got horny at the show. The women didn’t admit it, but they, too, were feeling aroused and sexy. And Mel’s mom pretended not to notice when Susie’s mom brushed her hand against her tit as she pointed out a very sexy couple who were walking along attached to each other by nipple clamps and a chain.

In fact, it was because of that couple that Mel’s mom asked about visiting a lesbian BDSM bar that she had heard Mel mention before. It was in the Hillcrest area and she had heard her daughter enthuse about the live sex shows that they sometimes put on. Susie had felt her jaw drop as her girlfriend suggested that they take their moms to the show that would be on tonight.

She had told the two mothers that it was very explicit and would involve live sex between several people and that there would be some BDSM themed play. Her mom had asked what she meant and when she tried to explain she was shocked to hear her mother say that she thought she would enjoy that kind of show.

At the show the girls made out while their moms watched the Dommes whip the young slaves and then spread their legs to make the girls lick their cunts until they came. They watched as girls took dildos in their cunts and asses and felt their nipple peak as they watched clamps bite into the tits of young girls.

When they went home the two girls said they were tired and went to bed, leaving their mothers smiling as they decided that their daughters were most certainly fucking and not sleeping.

“What do you think it feels like?” Susie’s mom asked.

“What? Do you mean what it feels like to be licked or to lick?”

“Both, I guess” she smiled as she pouted and suggested that they might try it themselves.

Mel’s mom laughed and said that she thought she would never ask. They sat on the sofa and looked at each other before gently kissing. Their kiss deepened and soon they were groping each other’s tits. Both of them admitted to being surprised at how good it felt and agreeing that they should try a bit more. They took off their tops and bras and took turns to suck and lick each other’s nipples. Mel’s mom moaned in pleasure as her daughter’s lover’s mother sucked hard on her tits.

Neither of them wanted to stop and so they took off the rest of their clothes, suddenly shy when they were just in their panties.

“Maybe we should touch first?”

The answer was a hand leading her to one of the guest bedrooms. Suddenly she wanted more, and she moved to press her tits against Cindy’s. The other woman took the lead and slid her hand over Sophie’s cunt, massaging her pussy gently. Sophie moaned and opened her legs slightly. When Cindy slid one of her legs between Sophie’s she couldn’t control herself and she started to grind her pussy against Cindy’s. It felt so good, the hard pubic bone of the other woman pressing against her clit and she moaned as she moved her body to grind harder on Cindy.

Her back arched as the pleasure of the touch coursed over her and she knew that she wanted to taste Cindy. She moved again, seeing Cindy smile as she lay back with her legs spread wide. Sophie lay between the other woman’s legs, looking at her cunt. She was shaved and her pussy lips looked so soft. She thought of rose petals as she looked at the pussy just inches from her face. She inhaled deeply, enjoying the musky scent of Cindy’s sex and gently she ran one finger over the mound of the woman’s pussy.

Then she cupped the cunt in her hand, amazed at how hot it felt in her hand, she moved her hand and blew gently on the pussy lips, smiling as she heard Cindy moan. For a moment she wondered what she should do and then she smiled again as she realized that she should just do what she enjoyed having done to her pussy.

Using the finger and thumb of her left hand she opened the soft lips and ran the flat of her tongue over the exposed flesh. It felt strange, but in a good way. She licked again, alternating between the flat of her tongue and the tip of her tongue probing the folds. She used the tip of her tongue to flick over the little clit, watching it swell and seeing how Cindy’s pussy hole grew wetter from her touch.

Her fingers pulled gently on Cindy’s clit as she licked over her hole, before she slid just the tip of her tongue into the wet hole that was throbbing for her touch. She tongue fucked Cindy, just as Cindy had tongue fucked her minutes before, surprised by the flood of pussy juice. She sucked it into her mouth and tasted how sweet it was.

She moved her mouth to suck on Cindy’s clit as she slid a finger softly into the woman’s cunt and for the first time she felt the inside of a vagina. She was surprised at how tight it felt, but she knew that Cindy wanted another finger so she pressed a second finger inside the other woman’s body. She fingered her, sliding in and out as she sucked on her clit until Cindy let out a low moan and juices flowed over Sophie’s fingers.

She quickly moved her mouth and sucked on Cindy’s cunt as she came; drinking her cum as she jerked on the bed. The rest of the night was spent fucking and kissing and when the two young girls woke up they were amazed to find their naked mothers in bed together.

They gasped in shock but soon smiled as they saw how happy their moms looked. They watched as the two mothers kissed and caressed each other’s breasts.

“So, you enjoyed Pride?” Mel teased as the mothers said that they would be coming each and every month from now on to visit their daughters and to cum with each other.


15. Lesbians Playing in the Laundry Room

Mandy was in the dorm laundry when I came with my laundry. She was pressed against a machines set on spin, her hips rocking and shaking as the machine vibrated.

“Hey, Mandy. Having some private time?” I liked to tease Mandy about her sexual encounters with the washing machine. We’d had our own hot encounters in our room, so I knew turned on she could get with just a little stimulation.

“Lizzy, help me.” Mandy turned toward me. “I’m not getting off on this. I need a real woman, and her tongue.” She pulled her skirt up her hips, put her hands on the edge of the washer and hoisted herself up, sitting her naked ass on the vibrating washer.

I couldn’t help laughing at her, her legs spread, her pussy visible; clearly a girl in need of relief.

“Okay. But then you owe me.” I slammed the lid on my washer and walked over, grinning. “How do you want it?”

“Fast and hard. Fingers first and then that wicked tongue of yours.” She practically panting, reaching out, pulling me between her legs, her hands groping my breasts. I was dripping wet myself, just seeing her naked pussy as she was splayed on the washer.

Mandy wiggled her ass to the edge of the machine, which was now done spinning. But that didn’t matter. Mandy pulled her knees back, bracing her feet on the top of the washer. She was totally exposed, her ripe pussy on display, for me and anyone who happened to walk in. Neither of us cared.

My fingers worked their way into her soft, wet slit, probing, thrusting, Mandy moaning loudly. Her hands were still playing with my tits, rubbing and pulling at my hardening nipples. I fucked her with three of my fingers, her body jerking at my touch, her pussy dripping her juices on the washing machine.

I leaned forward, my tongue licking Mandy’s exposed clit. She wound her fingers in my hair, forcing me down on her, holding my face to her cunt. She smelled like sex, warm and musky. Within seconds my face was covered with her juices as I licked her pussy. I heard a noise behind me and then I heard Mandy laugh.

“We’ve got company.” I looked up briefly. Brad Morris was standing in the doorway. Brad’s on the football team, has a great body but he’s not our type. I went back to licking Mandy’s pussy, sliding a hand down to my own throbbing clit.

I heard Brad moving around behind us; I assumed he was watching. Fine with me; I knew Mandy would love an audience. Pretty soon I heard him breathing hard; I figured he was jacking off.

And then Mandy was coming, her pussy squirting hot juices into my mouth, over my tongue. And I was coming along with her, moaning against her swollen cunt. Then Brad cried and I heard the sound of his cum hitting the laundry room floor.

Mandy jumped off the machine, tugging down her skirt. She was headed out the door when I grabbed her hand.

“Hey, girl, you owe me one. And I want to claim that right now.” And I pulled her down the hall to my dorm room, already imagining that hot tongue of hers jammed in my pussy.

16. Lesbians Play Games in the Restaurant

Adrienne and I have a little game we play when we eat at a fancy restaurant. We get a table in the corner and then, after she drops her napkin, she crawls under the table and eats my pussy.

We did this just last night. I’d worn my short skirt, obviously with no panties. Adrienne had “dropped” her spoon and slide gracefully out of her chair and beneath the table.

I felt her brush against my foot and I spread my legs slowly, careful not to hit her head. I reached down, pulling my skirt up my thighs, the bubbly feeling of excitement starting low in my stomach. There was always the chance we’d be caught.

I felt Adrienne breathing against my inner thigh. I scooted down in my chair as far as possible. I played with my drink, twirling the little umbrella aimlessly. But all my attention was focused on Adrienne’s progress toward my pussy.

Suddenly I felt her teeth nipping at the tender skin of my leg. I jumped, banging my knee on the table. The old man at the next table gave me a dirty look. I heard Adrienne giggle under the table.

And then she was licking me, her tongue flicking over my clit, doing circles around that hard little button of flesh. I jerked again, this time not carrying about the man at the next table. Adrienne’s a master at eating my pussy; there’s nothing she can’t do with that magic tongue.

Next she thrust it hard into my wet pussy, running her tongue up and down my slit. I let out a soft moan, closing my eyes briefly. Her tongue was hot, and soon she was lapping at me, pulling and sucking on my swollen clit, her head jammed so tightly between my thighs I wondered how she managed to breathe.

I was jerking rhythmically in time with Adrienne’s insistent tongue. I could feel I was dripping wet, my hot juices mixed with Adrienne’s spit. I knew the upholstered chair I sat on would have a big wet spot when we left.

The waiter suddenly appeared, asking if I wanted another drink. Adrienne chose that moment to bite my clit, tugging not so gently while she flicked her tongue over it. I managed to nod, unable to speak. I could smell the musky scent of my sex and hoped he didn’t notice.

I was so close to coming, trying so hard to be quiet. Adrienne was alternately sucking hard on my clit and then thrusting her tongue deep in my pussy, working every inch of me, bringing me to the edge.

Finally, I couldn’t hold back, I was having a monster orgasm, right in front of a roomful of diners. My body started shaking, my legs smacking the table again, my head jerking back. I couldn’t control my noises; a series of little cries escaped me, catching the attention of the old man again.

Adrienne crawled out from under the table just as the waiter was bringing my drink. With complete poise, she wiped her mouth on her napkin, looking him right in the eye and said:

“The appetizer tonight was amazing. My compliments to the chef.”


17. Lesbians Try Their Luck in the Library

Jessica and I are sophomores in college. We get bored with studying, but we’ve found a new use for the library.

We head to the back of the stacks and Jess eats my pussy. I wear my shortest skirt, with no underwear, and she snakes that gorgeous tongue of hers into my cunt.

Yesterday, when the library was busiest, we went to the back for a session. Part of the thrill is if we’ll get caught and sometimes, if we’re lucky, we’ll get someone who’ll either watch out for us, or better yet, wants to watch. Both Jess and I love an audience. I love getting eaten, my pussy on display, while some guy watches, his cock hard and throbbing, but not able to do anything about it. Guys aren’t quite so quick to pull out their cock in the library. But they do love to watch.

We’d gone back in our favorite corner and we started kissing. Jess had me backed up against a shelf, her tongue dancing in my mouth as we shared a wet sloppy kiss. We heard a low cough and saw Paul from our sociology class standing at the end of the stack. Paul’s watched us before so we motioned him down. He sat at the only table, facing the rest of the library, me and Jess off to his side.

Jess had had enough kissing and was making her way down to my cunt, pulling up my skirt, exposing my smooth, shaved pussy. I looked over at Paul; he was sitting with his legs spread, one hand already sliding down the front of his jeans.

Suddenly Jess dropped to her knees, her tongue running up the inside of my thigh, licking and kissing her way toward my wet pussy. I looked down, watching her tongue sliding up the pale skin of my inner thigh, her big brown eyes meeting mine. She smiled, and then dove for my pussy, flicking her tongue over my swollen clit.

I was gasping, my knees already weak, as she started fucking me with her tongue, thrusting it hard and fast into my cunt, spreading my pussy with the fingers of one hand. I could see her other hand was between her legs, as she rubbed her own clit and pussy.

As she continued working her tongue into my pussy, she started rubbing and pulling at my clit with her fingers and I was sent over the edge almost immediately.

Looking over at Paul, I could see his hand working furiously under the table, jacking his exposed cock, his eyes glued to my exposed pussy, with Jess’s head jammed between my slender thighs.

Soon both Paul and I were coming, me jerking against Jess’s face, my hot juices running over her mouth and tongue. Paul moaned loudly, his knees banging against the bottom of the library table, sounding like thunder in the quiet library. I tried to stifle my noises, but couldn’t help myself.

Jess had just stood up and I’d managed to get my skirt pulled down when the librarian came around the corner. Jess and I managed to walk casually away, but poor Paul was caught with his cock in his hand, hot juicy cum all over the library floor.


18. Lesbians Try on Clothes at the Store

Jessica and Mandy were shopping at the mall. They’d found a cute little shop with really sexy clothing. They took several outfits back to the changing rooms. Before anyone saw them, they slipped into the same changing room, flipping the lock on the door.

The room was small; the girls bumped and jostled each other, giggling as they pulled off their clothes. Both girls were naked, their discarded clothing heaped on the floor.

The girls kissed quickly, thrusting their tongues into each other’s mouths, lithe young bodies rubbing against each other, knowing the store clerk would come looking for them before too long.

Jessica bent to Mandy’s round breasts, licking and sucking the nipples until they were hard, finally pulling one into her mouth. She sucked greedily, looking up as Mandy watched, her lips parted, gasping slightly.

Reaching down, Mandy ran her hand over Jessica’s smooth, shaved cunt, sliding one finger between Jessica’s swollen pussy lips. Jessica shuddered against Mandy’s hand, breaking away from Mandy’s breast, gasping.

“Let me lick your pussy, Jessica. I’m so fucking hungry to eat you out.”

Mandy knelt down on the changing room floor, turning Jessica so her ass was in Mandy’s face. Jessica bent forward, her hands on the door, spreading her legs wide. She looked down over her shoulder at Mandy.

Mandy spread Jessica’s ass, thrusting her tongue into Jessica’s pussy from behind. She started licking and lapping at her, her tongue flicking over the soft wetness of Jessica cunt. Sliding one hand around Jessica’s hip, she found her swollen clit, rubbing and pinching it as she licked and sucked at Jessica’s pussy, her nose in Jessica’s sweet ass.

Jessica was rocking her hips back against Mandy’s face, jerking and bucking. Suddenly she cried out as she came, shuddering as waves of pleasure washed over her.

Someone rattling the handle on the door broke the moment. Mandy pulled her face away from Jessica’s ass, shouting out that the room was occupied. Mandy smiled, moving to sit on the changing room bench, spreading her legs wide, putting her feet on the bench beside her, her pussy completely exposed, shaved and smooth, already wet.

Jessica was giggling into her hand, her body shaking with laughter as she knelt down between Mandy’s legs. Mandy reached down, running her fingers into her own slit, covering them with her pussy juices and then pulling them out, holding them in front of Jessica. Jessica pulled them into her mouth, sucking them slowly.

“Oh, fuck, Mandy. You’re so sweet.” She leaned down, kissing

Then Jessica thrust her face into Mandy’s wet pussy, sucking at Mandy’s clit, teasing and pulling at it with her teeth. She moved lower, thrusting her tongue into Mandy’s hot slit, fucking her with her tongue. She felt Mandy’s hand on her head, holding her as she began pushing against Jessica’s face, her hips twitching and jerking.

Jessica looked up, watching as Mandy squeezed her tit, rubbing and pulling at her hard nipples. Mandy’s head was tipped back, her mouth slightly open, eyes closed. And then she was coming, bucking up against Jessica as she cried out, her pussy squirting over Jessica’s face.

The girls dressed quickly, leaving piles of store clothes in the changing room. Holding hands and giggling, they dashed past the store clerk, heading back into the mall, ready to find another store, and another changing room to use.


19. Lesbians Play at the Grocery Store

Leslie was late night shopping when she saw Sara. Sara had told Leslie she liked to do naughty things in public. Leslie had no idea what she meant, but she was interested in finding out.

Sara walked down the aisle toward her. Sara was tall, with long legs and a sweet round ass, tonight wearing a short skirt and tight blouse, her braless tits pressed against the fabric. Leslie thought she’d really like to get Sara alone sometime, to find out just how sweet Sara’s pussy tasted, feel those round breasts against her mouth as she sucked on Sara’s hard nipples.

“Hey, did you hear me?” Leslie jumped at the sound of Sara’s voice.

“Um, no, sorry. Daydreaming.”

Sara laughed. “You were a million miles away. I hope it was a good daydream.” She winked.

“You have no idea.” Now totally turned on by the thought of playing with Sara, Leslie wanted nothing more than to drop her shopping basket and drag Sara to the nearest alley, drop to her knees and lick that sweet pussy.

“Leslie? You okay?” Sara frowned. “You’re having dirty thoughts, aren’t you? I knew it!” Leslie blushed. Sara took Leslie by the hand. “I knew I liked you for a reason.”

But instead of leading Leslie outside, Sara took her to the produce aisle, to the end with the overripe and reduced vegetables. Sara reached down and selecting long fat cucumber.

“You want to have a little fun with me, Leslie?” Sara ran her tongue over the end of the cucumber, licking it slowly, covering it with her spit. She held the glistening vegetable out to Leslie.

“You know where I want this, don’t you?” Sara turned around, hands on the display case, her skirt barely covering her ass as she bent forward.

Leslie glanced over her shoulder; there was really no one around. Standing right behind Sara, she put her hand beneath Sara’s skirt, not surprised to find Sara was without underwear. She took the cucumber and slowly rubbed it against Sara’s swollen slit. Sara spread her legs further and then Leslie thrust the cucumber into that waiting pussy.

She fucked her hard, pressing her body against Sara, reaching her other hand around to grab one soft breast, the nipple hard in her fingers. Sara was rocking her hips as Leslie slid the cucumber in and out of that wet pussy.

It took only minutes for Sara to come, her back arching, her body shaking. She was looking at Leslie over her shoulder, her eyes half closed, lips parted as she cried out softly. Leslie felt warmth on her hand as Sara’s hot pussy juices ran from her body.

Leslie pulled the cucumber out of Sara, holding her for a minute as she recovered. Then Sara stood up, straightening her skirt. She pulled Leslie close, kissing her hard, thrusting her tongue into Leslie’s mouth.

Just as she pulled away, the store manager came around the corner of the aisle.

“Hey, you. No kissing in the store. Take that outside. And if you don’t want that cucumber, put it back.”

Leslie smiled and obediently dropped the vegetable back into the bin, breaking into a fit of giggles as Sara pulled her from the store.


20. Lesbians in the Elevator

Jackie had been flirting with the hot blonde at the hotel bar all evening. They’d finally gotten too turned on to stay at the bar. Jackie suggested they go up to her room.

The blonde pushed the elevator button, turning to Jackie in the dim light of the lobby. She pulled her close, running her tongue over Jackie’s lips. Jackie opened her mouth and they shared a passionate kiss for a moment, tongues sliding in and out of each other’s mouths. The blonde slid her hand up Jackie’s body, cupping one breast, not so gently squeezing the firm round tit.

They broke apart as the elevator doors opened. One couple got off, leaving a single man in the car. Jackie and the blonde stood in the back of the elevator, hands now running over each other’s clothes as the elevator started to rise.

Soon they were kissing again, hands touching every part of each other’s body. Jackie had her hand up the blonde’s short skirt. Jackie knew from a quick fingering at the bar that the blonde wasn’t wearing any underwear. She ran her fingers over the smooth shaved pussy, her fingers sliding deeper into the blonde’s wet cunt.

They broke apart when they heard a sound coming from the man. He’d stepped back against the wall of the elevator, openly watching the two women, one hand rubbing a not-so-small bulge at his crotch. He just smiled, nodding at them to continue.

Jackie pushed the blonde into the corner of the elevator, dropping to her knees in front of her. She raised the blonde’s skirt, exposing her pussy. Jackie heard the man groan loudly and then heard the sound of his zipper being pulled down. She looked up at the blonde, who had her hands braced against the sides of the elevator, spreading her legs for Jackie.

Sliding her hands up the blonde’s soft thighs, Jackie buried her face in the woman’s pussy, her tongue finding the already swollen clit, sucking it hard, pulling it with her teeth. She felt the blonde jerk and gasp and heard an answering gasp from the man.

Jackie thrust her tongue into the blonde’s sweet pussy, working her tongue back and forth, lapping at the blonde’s cunt, swallowing the hot juices from her wet snatch.

The blonde was clutching one breast, pulling at her nipples, her eyes half closed. Suddenly she cried out, her hips thrusting and jerking, her orgasm washing through her, holding Jackie’s head with one hand as she rubbed her pussy over Jackie’s face.

Jackie stood as the blonde pulled her close, kissing her hard, licking her juices from Jackie’s face. She turned Jackie around, pushing her against the elevator wall and quickly lifted her skirt. Thrusting on hand hard between Jackie’s legs, the blonde shoved three fingers into Jackie’s swollen cunt, fucking her hard as Jackie came almost instantly. She cried out, shaking and leaning back against the blonde.

The elevator chimed softly and the door opened. The two women straightened their clothes, walking arm and arm out of the elevator, laughing and waving to the man, leaving him standing in the elevator, his hard and throbbing cock still held in his hand.


21. She Takes Charge of the Older Woman

Satsuke went to the office where her business partner and lesbian lover Kyoko was counting revenues. She strutted in platform peep toe pumps, wearing a leather jumpsuit that fit her petite body like a second skin. Kyoko looked up at the entrance of her sexy girlfriend, feeling her pussy moisten as she looked her up and down. Satsuke was a gorgeous Japanese girl, very early twenties, with smooth porcelain skin and jet black hair that hung straight down her back. She had full lips that she liked to paint a deep crimson, and her exotic eyes were filled with excitement when she entered.

“She’s here! Mrs. Harris is here!” Satsuke said excitedly as she straddled her lover’s lap, kissing Kyoko softly as she pressed her tits into her. Kyoko smiled warmly, her small hands reaching around and grabbing Satsuke’s tight ass, pulling her in closer. They French kissed deeply, Kyoko running her hands up and down her sexy lover’s leather clad thighs. Where Satsuke was sexy and flirtatious, Kyoko was plain and shy. She had shoulder length straight, light brown hair, and she always wore thick rimmed glasses. She was also petite, but she was more comfortable in jeans and sneakers that jumpsuits and lingerie. She let Satsuke suck her tongue, causing her cunt to get even wetter. It had been Satsuke’s idea to start this part time domination business, and Kyoko would do anything for her sexy young lover. Kyoko knew there was plenty of money to be made in the fantasy business, and the news Satsuke brought meant they’d hit the jackpot.

Mrs. Harris was a local widow who just so happened to be the wealthiest woman in the city. She was the center of the city’s elite inner circle, and it was rumored that she’d developed a taste for Japanese pussy. Satsuke made sure to tell their other wealthy clients to spread the word, and sure enough, Mrs. Harris had arrived with her eye on the young, beautiful Asian.

Kyoko pulled her tongue away, her hands moving up and down Satsuke’s thighs firmly. “Are you ready?” she asked her against her lips. Satsuke smiled mischievously, nodding before swaying her sexy ass out of the room. Kyoko excitedly flipped on her monitoring television so she could watch and record the entire thing. Already Mrs. Harris was waiting in the special room, lying on a stack of silk cushions with a glass of wine in hand. She sat up straight as soon as Satsuke entered the room. Satsuke had changed quickly, and now she was wearing a crotch less, patent leather thong unitard that showcased her shaved tight cunt. It was strapless, and her tits were pushed up sexily. She wore a black mask over her Asian eyes, and her long black hair was loose. The outfit was completed with black leather boots, and Satsuke strutted in, slapping a riding crop on her tiny palm.

Mrs. Harris’s eyes widened in excitement, and she licked her lips at the sight of sexy Satsuke. She was wearing a robe provided by the business, and it hung loosely, her fake tits on the verge of popping out. “Disrobe, slave!” Satsuke barked, her voice authoritative and threatening. Mrs. Harris stood up, slowly untying her robe. She let it fall down her thin body, her nipples erect as they hit the cold air. Satsuke circled her, her sexy ass swaying as her thong flossed her tight ass. When she stood behind Mrs. Harris, she slapped her ass hard with the crop. Mrs. Harris gasped in pain, throwing her head back. Satsuke slapped it again two more times, leaving raised red welts on Mrs. Harris’ pale skin. Satsuke smiled, leading her to the center of the room where two chains with shackles hung down. “Move!” she screamed as she pushed Mrs. Harris to the spot, raising both of her wrists and binding them to the shackles, so that her arms were suspended. Mrs. Harris groaned, her tits pointing up and out sexily.

Satsuke got in front of her, grabbing her face and digging her fingers into the hollows of her cheeks. “Lick my crop you slut!” Satsuke said as she forced Mrs. Harris’ mouth open and thrust her crop inside. Mrs. Harris licked the crop hornily, her cheeks flushed in excitement. Satsuke reached a hand down, twisting Mrs. Harris’ right nipple sharply, causing her to cry out in sweet agony. “I didn’t tell you stop licking whore!” Satsuke screamed, flicking the crop quickly on Mrs. Harris’ huge tits. “Oh!” she said loudly as Satsuke flicked her tits again and again.

Kyoko watched from the office, her fingers finding their way into her panties as she looked on. Satsuke pulled Mrs. Harris’ face up again. “Now suck on the crop, and don’t stop until I say,” she whispered dangerously. She teased open Mrs. Harris’ mouth with the crop, which she started sucking hungrily. Again, Satsuke reached up and twisted her right nipple firmly, digging her ling nails into the delicate flesh. Mrs. Harris screamed, the sensation bringing tears to her eyes. This time Satsuke was relentless. She sharply slapped Mrs. Harris’ tits ten more times, screaming at her between strikes. “You” slap “need” slap “to learn” slap “discipline!” Satsuke yelled. Mrs. Harris was breathing heavily, her shaved cunt dripping down her legs in arousal. Satsuke reached her hand down, dipping it between Mrs. Harris’ pussy lips. She brought her fingers back up, glistening with wetness.

“Did I tell you that you could get wet slut? Lick it up!” Satsuke yelled as she shoved her wet fingers into Mrs. Harris’ mouth. Mrs. Harris licked Satsuke’s tiny fingers hornily, her tongue flicking out all over them. Satsuke smiled, seeming satisfied, then walked around behind Mrs. Harris. When she was standing directly behind her, Satsuke pulled her dyed blonde hair back, causing her head to snap back sharply. She lowered her ruby lips to Mrs. Harris’ ear. “Now ride my crop cunt!” she ordered as she drove the crop between her thighs.

“OHHHHHH!” Mrs. Harris moaned as she humped the crop. Satsuke moved it in and out between her pussy lips, and Mrs. Harris’ juices were dripping all over. While watching from the office, Kyoko had stripped down to her bra and panties, and she had her entire fist in her horny pussy. Satsuke laughed quietly as she made this rich white woman ride her crop. Mrs. Harris’ tits were red and swollen from the lashes, and they bounced as she moved her body. Satsuke pulled the crop away, lifting it up to Mrs. Harris’ lips so she could lick it up. She started swallowing her own juices, when suddenly Satsuke began to click her tongue disapprovingly.

Mrs. Harris opened her eyes, and Satsuke grabbed her face roughly. “I didn’t tell you to lick the crop you disobedient whore. You want to lick pussy so bad, now you eat mine” she snarled as she undid Mrs. Harris’ shackles, forcing her to her knees in front of her. Satsuke walked up to her, her crotch less unitard showcasing her sexy tight cunt. “Lick my cunt old woman!” Satsuke growled as she thrust her pussy in Mrs. Harris’ face. Mrs. Harris did not hesitate, and immediately began licking and sucking on Satsuke’s tight pussy lips. “That’s right slut, you love eating Japanese cunt don’t you?” Satsuke said, flicking her tongue out as she drove her cunt on Mrs. Harris’ lips.

Kyoko increased the pace of her fisting as she watched her lover get eaten out by this rich white woman. Satsuke grabbed Mrs. Harris’ head, pushing her mouth harder on her wet pussy. Mrs. Harris moaned excitedly, enjoying the taste of her dripping cooze. Satsuke ground her cunt on Mrs. Harris’ mouth, and Mrs. Harris reached her hands up and grabbed Satsuke’s ass to pull her in closer. Satsuke pulled away then, kicking Mrs. Harris away with her boot. “I didn’t give you permission to touch me skank! Now, you must be punished,” Satsuke whispered as she pulled Mrs. Harris’ hair and dragged her to another set of shackles that were on the floor.

She roughly strapped in her wrists and ankles, forcing Mrs. Harris on all fours with her ass sticking out. Satsuke walked to the corner of the room and out of sight of the camera. When she returned, she was wearing a long flesh colored strap on. She kneeled behind Mrs. Harris, toying with her loose cunt from behind with the tip of the toy cock. Mrs. Harris moaned, wiggling her ass in excitement. Satsuke smiled. “You would like that wouldn’t you? For me to make you cum in your pussy bitch?” Satsuke said teasingly as she inserted the tip of the strap on in Mrs. Harris’ pussy. “Oh yes please fuck me!” Mrs. Harris moaned right as Satsuke shoved the rest of the toy cock inside of her.

Satsuke fucked her long and hard, shoving the long cock in as far as it would go. Mrs. Harris dug her hands in the rug, her knees getting rug burn as Satsuke reamed her. Mrs. Harris’ pussy sloshed as Satsuke thrust the toy dick in and out, and it was moments later that Mrs. Harris screamed in ecstasy. “OHHHHH YESS!” Mrs. Harris moaned as she squirted all around the flesh colored strap on. Satsuke giggled, thrusting the cock in a few more times. When Satsuke pulled out, Mrs. Harris was face down in the carpet, her body shuddering as she tried to catch her breath. Satsuke undid her shackles, then exited the room. She went to the office to find her lover, who had just finished cumming on her own fist.

“Oooo let me lick you clean lover” Satsuke said as she lowered herself to her knees and began licking Kyoko’s cunt hornily. Kyoko bit her lip as she watched Satsuke lick her dry. After getting dressed, Kyoko showed Satsuke the video of her and Mrs. Harris. “We got her now,” Kyoko said triumphantly as she packaged the tape in a manila folder. Mrs. Harris had just returned to her penthouse apartment and was feeling fantastic when suddenly there was a buzz from downstairs. She answered tentatively. “Hello?” “Package for Mrs. Harris,” came a female voice, to which Mrs. Harris asked for it to be sent up.

She opened the envelope, finding the tape with a note. “Watch, Mrs. Harris, as you lick pussy. We have more than one copy of this. If you want your secret kept, be at 1212 Riverside at 9pm” the note said. Mrs. Harris popped in the tape, watching with mixed feelings of shame and desire as she licked the sexy Asian girls’ cunt. She had a reputation to uphold, and began making her way to the address. The building was dimly lit and looked as if it were an office space. Out from the side alley came two Asian girls walking hand in hand. “You!” Mrs. Harris said angrily as she recognized sexy Satsuke walking toward her, waving another tape in her small hand. Satsuke smiled. “Yep, it’s me Mrs. Harris, and this is the hard copy of your amazing tape!” she said sexily. Mrs. Harris regained her composure. “What do you want?” she asked, her eyes going back and forth between Satsuke and Kyoko. Kyoko handed Mrs. Harris a brown paper bag. “Go in the alley and put it on,” Satsuke told her. Mrs. Harris peeked in the bag, and then looked back up in horror. “You are out of your mind! There’s no way…” she started to say before Satsuke waved the tape in front of her face. “Either do as we say or the world will know how much you love licking my cunt,” she said threateningly.

Mrs. Harris disappeared in the alley, returning a short while later in the exact outfit that Satsuke had dominated her with. Her eyes were covered with a mask, and the crotch less unitard revealed her shaved pussy. “Now what?” she asked, looking around to make sure no one was watching. “Follow us.” Satsuke said with a smile, leading Mrs. Harris to a doorway that was covered with wrought iron. Satsuke pulled out keys, unlocking the gateway to reveal a dimly lit corridor. In the doorway was a regular office chair, and Satsuke motioned for Mrs. Harris to sit. She obeyed, and immediately Kyoko took her hands and tied them behind her back, while Satsuke leaned forward and tied her ankles to the chair legs, making her thighs spread open and showcase her glittering pussy. “Oh Mrs. Harris you’re already wet,” Satsuke said teasingly as she shoved her ring finger in Mrs. Harris’ pussy. Mrs. Harris moaned, realizing she was slightly tuned on by this blackmail. “Well, we can’t have that,” Satsuke said thoughtfully, pulling out a gag and strapping it around Mrs. Harris’ head, placing a red rubber ball in her mouth.

Just as the girls finished their work, a group of young college guys walked by, doing a double take when they saw Mrs. Harris tied up in the hallway. They approached cautiously, licking their lips and rubbing their chins as they eyed her pussy. “Hey sugar, I can make that pussy wetter,” one guy said, a Latino with a goatee. The other boys in the group had pulled out their phones, taking pictures of the sexy display in front of them. Satsuke came out from behind the shadows. “You like what you see boys? She asked flirtatiously, reaching around Mrs. Harris and pulling down the top of her unitard. Her amazing fake tits burst out immediately, her tiny pink nipples hard in arousal. “Holy shit!” the boys gasped as they watched Satsuke begin massaging her tits firmly. “Come feel her boys, she wants it so bad!” Satsuke said naughtily.

The Latino boy walked up, getting on his knees in front of Mrs. Harris. He grabbed her tits with both hands, massaging firmly. He was about to put his fingers in her spread pussy when a voice behind him made him freeze. “Oh son, you don’t know the first thing about pleasuring a woman like that. Let me show you how it’s done.”

Everyone looked up to see that a sizeable crowd had formed. Adult men and women were looking on hornily, all turned on by the sexy white woman on display. The voice had come from an older, plump woman with long gray hair. She pushed the boy aside, getting on her knees in front of Mrs. Harris and licking her tits hungrily. Mrs. Harris moaned through her gag, her hips moving instinctually at the woman’s presence. Satsuke reached down, her slender fingers spreading Mrs. Harris’ pussy even more so everyone could get a perfect view as the woman began eating her out. Mrs. Harris moaned and moaned, her pussy oozing juices as the older lesbian had her way with her. Kyoko came around, massaging Mrs. Harris’ tits roughly.

Mrs. Harris felt like she was in a dream. Three women were servicing her in front of a steadily growing crowd, and she was in ecstasy. She opened her eyes and watched the bystanders get off to her sexy body, and she could hold it in no longer. She came all over the strange woman’s tongue, completely releasing her sweet nectar. The woman lapped it up hungrily, thirsty for more. Satsuke and Kyoko had moved away from the doorway, finding a dark corner to finish each other off. After the strange woman had her fill, she stood up, wiping her mouth on her sleeve. “That’s how you do it boys,” she said to the crowd as she walked away, another stranger taking her place in front of Mrs. Harris spent cunt.


22. The Body Building Girl Takes Advantage of Her

Jan added another weight to the bar and lay down to complete her reps. She had been lifting weights now for over seven years and she was ripped. Most of the guys at the gym couldn’t lift the weights she could and only a handful was as serious about body building as she.

She knew how great she looked, every muscle defined in her ebony skin and her body as hard as marble. She even enjoyed the fact that her tits had shrunk. It meant that she had a great excuse to get implants. She had gone for huge tits, wanting to look as sexy as hell in her bikini. She loved when the guys at the gym hit on her, their eyes running over her muscular body, clad in the tiniest work out leotard she could find. She wanted them all to get boners for her.

She wanted them to lust after her even though none of them could actually have her. Because Jan was a dyke. Not a lesbian, she was a dyke. She loved that word, it rolled so well over her tongue. Just like a sweet little clit ran over her tongue, she laughed.

And there was a cute little Asian chick who worked at the gym who she would like to run her tongue over. She sat up and before she even called for a towel, Kym, the tiniest little girl Jan had ever laid eyes on was holding a towel out to her.

“Thanks” she smiled, wiping the towel over her face.

“You’re welcome” Kim blushed.

Jan tilted to her head to one side, wondering why the little cutie was blushing. She decided to push her luck.

“Do you want to come over for dinner tonight?” She fully expected to be rejected but was delighted when Kym accepted.

As Kym walked over to another bench to give out some towels Jan watched her ass. She knew that she would have a lot of fun playing with that tight little body. And tonight, she decided, she would try to set the scene.

Several hours later, freshly showered and dressed in a pair of low slung jeans and a midriff top she opened the door to Kym. She literally took a deep breath on seeing how exquisite the little Asian girl looked in her mini dress, her makeup so natural and a bow in her hair.

It was almost as though she was trying to emphasize how doll like she was. Jan felt so powerful as she invited Kym into her home and as they shared a meal they discovered that despite their many differences they had a lot of similarities too.

When they were relaxing on the sofa with a glass of wine Jan decided to push her luck again. She knew that she could easily overpower the tiny girl, but for now wanted it to be mutual. And it was. As she pressed her lips to Kym’s she was delighted to feel Kym return the kiss and slide her tiny hand over Jan’s muscular arm.

“You are so muscular!” Kym whispered.

Jan smiled as she pressed Kym onto her back and told her to lie still. She saw the little girl shiver in anticipation as she obeyed. Jan took her time, running her hand up the slender thigh and pushing the fabric of her panties to the side.

The sweetest little pussy Jan had ever seen was exposed to her, and she smiled into Kym’s eyes as she told her that they were going to have a lot of fun. The pretty little girl just nodded with wide eyes.

Jan ordered her to stand and strip and she sat, sipping on her wine, as Kym slowly peeled off her dress, letting it pool around her feet. She enjoyed the sight of the little girl in her bra and panties and told her to keep the thigh high stockings she wore on.

She could see how excited the girl was, her nipples were peaked on her tiny tits and Jan knew she would be able to suck every bit of her tit flesh into her mouth, so small were they. As her panties hit the floor, Jan ordered her to turn around.

She ran her hand over the little ass cheeks, enjoying how her own hand covered each cheek easily. She loved how small this little Asian girl was and how she was so much larger.

“Spread your legs and bend over, holding your ankles” she ordered and grinned in satisfaction as the obedient little girl did exactly as she was told.

Standing up, she caressed the little ass cheeks again before slapping each gently. Kym moaned softly and didn’t flinch. Jan stroked the soft skin again before slamming her hand hard onto the right cheek. The yelp of pain made her nipples stiffen and her cunt gush.

She ran a finger down to tease Kym’s clit, and then slid it back to circle her cunt hole, enjoying the sight of her black finger on the olive skin of the Asian girl. It was a dead cert that this little cunt would be tight and small. That thought aroused Jan even more.

Telling Kym to follow her she led the girl to a guest room. There were several hooks in the ceiling and she ordered Kym to lie face down on the bed and wait. She moved smoothly around the room, gathering what she needed and moved back to the submissive little girl.

“You are so pretty” she purred as she ran her large, black hand over the tiny girl’s back.

Skillfully she tied the girl’s hands behind her back before hog tying her, so that her wrists and ankles were bound and joined. She pulled the ropes tight enough to make the little girl’s body bow.

It was almost impossible to resist licking that little cunt, and she didn’t. As the girl lay hog tied, face down on the bed, Jan lapped at her tiny cunt. It was little girls like Kym who made Jan proud to be a dyke. She wanted to care for this little girl and to use her however she chose.

When Kym came her juices flooded into Jan’s mouth and she moaned with pleasure at the sweet taste of her little toy. Kym spasmed and bucked in her orgasm and when she calmed she thanked Jan for allowing her to cum.

Jan chuckled as it became clear that she wouldn’t be the first Domme that this sweet little cunt had served. She stood up and wrapped the ropes around Kym’s body, making sure that she would be supported safely, before threading them through the ceiling rings and suspending Kym.

She loved to suspend her toys, they were so accessible and so delightful hanging from the ceiling with their tits and cunts exposed for her to play with. She plugged in her magic wand vibrator and turned it to low, teasing Kym’s clit and cunt with it.

Kym moved and swung, and Jan knew she wanted to make her little pet cum again immediately. The vibrator buzzed on high and Jan watched as Kym jerked and spasmed through multiple orgasms, her slender thighs soaked with her cum.

“You are such a good little girl” she complimented Kym. She bent down and suckled on Kym’s tit, she had been right. It was so tiny that all of her tit flesh fit into Jan’s mouth.

“I think you are going to belong to me, Kym” she commented as she pressed the vibrator back onto her cunt.

Kym moaned in reply. She screamed as she came for Jan again. The vibrator was dropped as Jan used a dildo to fuck the little cunt, she was careful not to press it too hard into her at first, but as she watched the little girl swing in the bondage and heard her groan with pleasure she gave it harder to her. She fucked that tight little cunt over and over until she screamed in orgasm. Watching the spasms and flowing cum was too much to take.

Jan decided it was time and lowered the girl. Carefully, she removed the ropes, checking to make sure that the little girl was not harmed in any way. She wanted to hurt the girl only when she planned it.

When she was loose she rolled her onto her back and smiled as she caressed the tiny tits. Without warning she slapped them. Six slaps on each tit without a break. Kym took each with a yelp. Her tits were flaming red and Jan lowered her head to lick them softly.

“I would fuck you in this bed,” Jan said, “But as you are going to be my little cunt from now on I think I will allow you into my bed.”

Kym smiled and blushed as she followed the huge black body builder to her bedroom. She was looking forward to being allowed to lick Jan’s pussy and to serve her in every way she wanted.

For so long she had fantasized about the muscular, older, black woman using her. This evening was just the start of their relationship, she knew, smiling as Jan stripped and flexed her muscles for her pet to enjoy.

Jan ordered Kym into the huge bed and the little girl lay in the middle of it, looking so tiny that Jan’s cunt just gushed at the sight. Jan lay over her body, kissing her and loving how small every part of her was.

And, as she had suspected, Kym’s little cunt was indeed tight and tiny. And as she finger fucked it, she planned the rest of the evening. Owning a cunt like Kym was a big responsibility, but Jan knew that she could handle it.


23. Two Asian Lesbians Teach Her a Lesson

The girls looked at each other, their eyebrows raised as they listened to the pretty black woman flirting with a tall man. They could hardly believe what they were hearing.

“That bitch is so fucking…” Annette broke off as her girlfriend put her finger on her full lips.

“Forget it, baby.” Yvonne smiled as she leant over to kiss Annette, pressing her tongue into her lover’s mouth.

Annette moaned with pleasure and returned the kiss, no longer listening to the black bitch as she called all lesbians disgusting. As the two pretty Asian girls made out, they were totally oblivious to the stares and leers of some of the other party goers. They wouldn’t have cared, anyway.

Several hours later, the party was winding down. The two girls were still dancing, full of energy and life, enjoying the music and conversation with friends old and new. It had been a great evening, marred only by the homophobic comments they had overheard. Annette had been most upset, while her slightly taller lover had shrugged off.

They were getting their coats, ready to leave when Annette pointed to the black woman lying slumped on the sofa. Yvonne shook her head but didn’t stop Annette from walking over to her.

“Do you need a ride home?” Annette asked.

The woman looked up, her eyes showing that she had been doing some drug or other. “Sure” she said, her voice slow and lazy.

Annette smiled to Yvonne as she helped the woman to her feet. Twenty minutes later they were at their house.

“I thought you were taking me home?” the woman asked.

“We are! We just thought you might like a little smoke first.” Annette smiled.

The black woman happily went into the house, followed by the two Asian girls. Yvonne poured some wine and the black girl, Georgia, accepted happily asking where the weed was. Annette had left the room, and came back with a bag, which she set by the sofa.

“So, you think lesbians are disgusting?” she asked conversationally as she sat by Georgia.

“Hell, yes! Did you see those perverted dykes at the party tonight, putting on a live sex show in front of everyone?”

Yvonne shrugged, “Actually I didn’t see them.”

“You’re lucky!” Georgia exclaimed taking a huge gulp of wine, “Two Asian girls with their hands on each other’s tits and kissing as if they wanted to fuck right there and then.”

“Like this, you mean?” Annette asked as she straddled Georgia and groped her tits, bending to kiss her.

“What the fuck?” Georgia exclaimed, pushing at Annette.

The two lesbians laughed at the horror on the pretty black girl’s face. “Sweetie, we are those perverted dykes.” Annette explained.

Georgia stared in horror as the two girls pulled her to her feet. She struggled but had her arms pinned behind her back by Yvonne as Annette used a pair of scissors to cut up the front of Georgia’s clothes.

She struggled and screamed and earned a slap for her efforts. Annette took a ball gag from the bag and forced it into Georgia’s mouth. Yvonne stripped the cut clothes from the girl’s body. The two Asian girls smiled as they looked at the naked black girl. She was a beautiful girl and her tits were so luscious. They each sucked on a nipple, moaning with pleasure, enjoying the way the gagged girl struggled.

Biting hard Annette told her to stop fighting or so would suffer. Georgia looked anguished and Yvonne almost felt some pity for her. But she had called them perverted…

As Annette tightened the dog collar around Georgia’s throat Yvonne snapped on a leash and they forced the black girl to her hands and knees. The ball gag was removed and holding the leash tightly the girls sat on the sofa with the naked black girl kneeling before them.

“So, you think eating cunt is disgusting, do you?” Annette asked.

Georgia didn’t answer. Yvonne slid off her panties and spread her legs. Annette smiled as she caressed her lover’s cunt right in front of Georgia’s face.

“Time to find out.” She smiled as she yanked on the leash and forced Georgia’s face into Yvonne’s pussy. “Lick!”

When Georgia refused Yvonne ground her cunt onto the black girl’s face, laughing at her struggles and the sounds of her gagging as she tasted pussy. Annette slapped her ass hard and ordered her to eat or else.

There was a long pause, then a moan of pleasure from Yvonne as the naked, collared girl started to lap with the flat of her tongue. Her tongue strokes were long and firm and Yvonne ground onto her face, wanting to be tongue fucked. Georgia licked and lapped at the wet cunt, before starting to suck on the clit and slide down to drink from Yvonne’s wet box.

“I think you are beginning to enjoy having your face in a nice wet cunt!” Annette laughed as she reached down to play with the black girl’s nipples.

Her nipples were stiff and long, and Annette laughed as she watched the same plump lips that had spouted her hatred for “fucking disgusting pussy eating bitches” show that she was very skilled in the art of licking cunt.

“Worship her cunt, your dirty little bitch!” Annette growled as she reached down to yank on the black girl’s round tits.

Yvonne wriggled and squirmed under the careful ministrations of Georgia’s mouth and tongue. She was so close to cumming and wanted to force her tongue harder and deeper. The black girl ground her chin into Yvonne’s dripping hole as she sucked and teased her clit and then used her nose to press on that throbbing clit as she sucked and tongue fucked Yvonne through a full body orgasm.

When she pulled away her pretty black face was covered in the Asian girl’s pussy juices. The very sight of it was enough to make Yvonne want to cum again. Annette smiled as she kissed her lover, dipping her fingers into her slick, gushing cunt.

“You did a great job!” she complimented Georgia. “Now, it’s my turn!”

Georgia flinched, knowing that Annette was the one who had been most upset by her anti-gay slurs. She watched as Annette stood up and sexily swayed her hips, running her hands up her legs to pull her skirt up, exposing her panties. She looked up from her pose on the floor, the taste of Yvonne’s cum still in her mouth.

“Pull off my panties, cunt” Annette said, her voice low with menace.

As Georgia reached out a shaking hand she felt a swift kick to her exposed tits.

“No! Use your teeth, bitch!”

Georgia reached up and carefully bit the top of the angry Asian girl’s panties and tugged them down, over her ass and down her slender legs.

“Now keep them in your fucking mouth, or you will wish you had never said those vile things!” she was warned.

Yvonne got up and yanked on the leash, pulling the naked woman in their wake as they left the house to go to the car. Georgia was shaking, she was naked and leashed outside, where anyone could see her, with a pair of tiny panties in her mouth. She already wished she had never spoken those words.

Her hands and knees were scraped as the two Asian girls dragged her along the path to the car. They opened the trunk and ordered her inside. Terrified she obeyed, careful not to drop the wet panties. When the car stopped she was afraid of what they would do to her next.

But she realised that she was close to her own home. She was just three blocks from her apartment in the busy town centre. She was hauled from the trunk, the collar and leash were removed and she was given back her sandals.

Keeping the panties in her mouth and her eyes on her tormentors she slid her feet into the high heeled sandals. She stood naked in front of them, aware of the drunken crowd gathering around them.

The girls smiled and told her to pose for the cameras. Confused she looked around and felt herself pushed to her knees. Annette lifted her skirt and pushed Georgia’s face into her cunt. There were cheers and jeers from the watching crowd as Annette ground her pussy on Georgia’s face.

Finally they had enough of her. They pushed her to the ground, where she lay naked with the panties in her mouth, and drove off leaving her to push her way through the pawing crowd to run home, naked but for her sandals and the wet panties still in her mouth.


24. She is Used as a Public Lesbian Toilet

Katy was bored with her marriage. It wasn’t her husband’s fault, it was just that she had two sexual needs that he couldn’t meet.

First of all she needed to be dominated and her husband was too kind a man to be able to pull off his belt and whip her the way she needed.

And secondly he had the wrong equipment. She loved sucking his cock, and being fucked by him, but it was only when she had her face buried in a sloppy wet cunt that she felt fully complete.

And so, she was now paying, Mistress Lyn, a tiny Asian woman, with perfect doll like features to dominate her. It was everything she had hoped for. Her mistress was cruel and seemed to enjoy dominating, humiliating and hurting the red headed woman who paid to be her slave.

Mistress Lyn had shown Katy the many joys of serving a powerful woman, making her weep with pain then with ecstasy as she whipped her until she bled before allowing her to eat her fill of her wet pussy.

They had been in their professional relationship of Mistress and slave now for over three months and Katy was at her Mistress’s feet as often as she could be. She served the Asian Domme in every way, cleaning and cooking for her, doing her laundry and thanking her for every act of humiliation the woman forced on her.

She had been exposed in so many ways she could hardly recall and she had been forced to do things that made her blush as red as her hair. But she had loved them all. Especially when people had watched and laughed at her pathetic need to please the tiny, but very strong willed, Asian she served.

And the pain, it was exquisite and she craved it. She longed to have her Mistress hurt her in new and inventive ways. Tit and pussy torture was Mistress Lyn’s specialty. But she was very fond of public humiliation too.

When Mistress Lyn opened her front door to see Katy lying on her belly on the ground to beg admittance, she smiled.

“Come in cunt” she said as she moved aside to let the red head crawl into her Mistress’s home.

She gave a series of rapid orders and in just moments Katy’s clothes were on the floor and a thick leather collar was strapped around her throat. The red head was on her hands and knees by the Asian woman’s leg and she smiled as she snapped a leash onto the D ring. She had a special game for her little white slave cunt tonight.

Katy sat naked in the back seat of the car, wondering where they were going but knowing better than to ask. As the neon lights of the bar became clear she felt excitement and arousal. As she crawled into the bar behind her Mistress she heard the hoots of laughter.

She glanced up and saw all of the leather clad, biker dykes and their pretty little femme girlfriends smiling and laughing at her. She felt her nipples harden as she kept up with her Mistress who was striding across the floor. They entered the washroom, the tiles on the floor cold and in need of cleaning.

Mistress Lyn smiled at her well behaved little cunt. She ordered her to sit in the corner and caressed her gently as she tied her hands behind her back. She positioned her slave, tying her knees to her elbows, forcing her to sit with her legs open and knees up. She looked at Katy for a few moments then kicked her hard in the cunt. Katy gasped with pain and pleasure combined.

The Domme smiled as she told her cunt that she would be rewarded for obedience tonight. She pulled a funnel from her bag and jammed it into Katy’s mouth, duct taping it in place, winding the tape around the girl’s head. She pulled out several pieces of cardboard that had the words ‘Out of Order’ written on them and smiled as she taped them to the stalls.

Katy felt her bruised cunt ache as she watched. And when she read the words ‘Help Me! I need to reach my record of having ten women piss into my mouth to fill my belly!” she wanted to cum.

The sign was hung around her neck and Mistress Lyn left her alone, going into the bar to chat and drink. Katy sat in the cold, empty room, excited and scared in equal measure.

When the first woman entered the washroom she laughed to see Katy, “What have we here?” she chuckled as she squatted down in front of Katy.

“Such a pretty little piss pot!” she jabbed a finger into Katy’s cunt. “I assume your cunt is open for business, too?”

Katy blinked as the woman finger fucked her and then sucked off her juices.

“You taste so sweet, piss pot, so I guess it’s only fair you get to taste me, too!” The woman unzipped her jeans and put her pussy over the funnel, pissing into Katy’s mouth. She laughed as she felt Katy squirm as the hot pee flooded her mouth and struggle to drink it all.

“That’s the first of many for you, bitch” the woman laughed as she went to tell her friends of the slave tied up for pissing into in the restroom.

There was soon a queue of women, most of them leather dykes, with a few pretty femmes, waiting to take their turn. Katy lost count as stream of piss after stream of piss flowed down her throat. She loved it, loved the crude jokes that were being made about her and the fingers that were ramming into her cunt without warning.

As she drank the hot piss of a woman wearing leather she felt the soft tongue of a pretty femme who was lying on the floor, lapping at her gushing cunt. Katy’s breath was caught in her throat as the femme licked her to orgasm, making the piss in the funnel bubble up.

The watching women laughed as Katy’s body was drenched in hot pee. She wasn’t sure she could drink another drop, but until her Mistress released her she would keep swallowing. Her belly was swollen with all the piss she had drunk and there were still many women waiting for their turn to make her drink their pee.

Finally the women were finished and went back to the bar, laughing at how Katy had taken everything they could give her. The last woman lingered with a beer bottle in her hand. She stroked Katy’s hair and commented that she was sure Katy would like to taste something other than piss. Katy looked up at her with her green eyes wide and unblinking.

The woman smiled and bent down, closer to the slave sitting in a pool of spilt piss, her belly distended and her cunt soaked. She fingered Katy softly then shoved the beer bottle deep into her cunt, and left the washroom laughing.

Katy groaned with the strain of all the pee filling her belly, but content that she was serving her Mistress well. A few more women came in to use her mouth to empty their bladders from all the beer they had been drinking, telling her that she was making the night more interesting. She was sure that many more than ten women had pissed into her mouth.

When Mistress Lyn came back into the washroom she smiled with pleasure. Her slave cunt was still in position, and had the addition of a beer bottle deep in her cunt, and a piss filled belly. She smiled as she saw the pool of piss that Katy was sitting in, knowing that it had overflowed from the funnel down over her cunt’s body.

Katy wanted to thank her Mistress but couldn’t speak until the funnel was removed and she was given permission to speak. As her Mistress touched her hair she sighed happily. It had been a night full of humiliation and pee, and she hoped that she would be allowed to drink her Mistress’s pee too. And so she did, as the pretty Asian Domme told her that her pee would be Katy’s last of the night. She drank thirstily, despite already being filled with the pee of many other women.

As she was led, on her hands and knees, leashed from the bar, she hoped that Mistress Lyn would allow her to lick her cunt before she had to go home to her life until next time.


25. She is Blackmailed by Her Employee to Try Being a Lesbian

Lydia winced as the phone rang again. It was the sixth call this evening from her credit card companies. All of them demanding money. She was a successful bank manager but her recent divorce had financially crippled her.

She took the phone off the hook and tried to go to sleep. She tossed and turned all night and the next morning needed extra coffee to get her out of the house. When she got to her office, she closed the door and cried.

It was desperate; she knew that she would lose her house if she didn’t come up with a plan soon. Her assistant knocked on the door and Lydia quickly dried her eyes before welcoming her first client. She felt like such a fraud, giving financial advice to people when she was so crippled herself, but she knew she was good at it.

And that was when it hit her. She could ‘borrow’ some money from some of her bigger clients’ accounts and use it to make more before replacing it. She would exactly be stealing as she would return the money and it would allow her get out of the mess she was in.

Smiling she scrolled through her clients’ portfolios on her computer and selected her first target. A week later she had earned enough to repay the client and pay off the outstanding debt on one card. She was ecstatic, it was a scheme that couldn’t fail and would get her into good standing again.

She upped the ante and took money from three accounts before starting her investments. She knew that these would pay out well and she really needed to pay off her mortgage debts. She was three months behind and scared of being foreclosed on.

What Lydia didn’t know was that right at that moment one of her cashiers was checking the same account for the client who wanted to withdraw some of his money. Pam frowned as she tried to work out why the account was literally draining on the screen in front of her eyes. She checked the ID of the person in the account file and saw that it was the bank manager. She thought about it for a moment then quickly dealt with the client’s request before going back to check on her suspicions.

When she realised what her boss was doing she laughed. The bank manager was an older Asian woman, still pretty for her age, but with an air of superiority. Pam was delighted to know that she wasn’t the perfect person she pretended to be.

At the end of the day she knocked on Lydia’s door and wasn’t surprised when the older woman tried to dismiss her without speaking to her. She was hardly a great people person and she made many of the bank employees unhappy with her aloof attitude.

But she wasn’t being chased away. She pretended to be confused as she read out an account number and had to fight not to laugh at the fear that flashed over her boss’s face. She explained what she had seen on the screen and heard Lydia try to lie to cover up her theft.

“Oh, shut up!” she finally exclaimed. “I know what you are doing and I have the proof of it, too!” she smiled at her terrified boss. “So, how are we going to resolve this?”

Lydia looked at the young white woman who was gloating over her. She thought desperately and offered her a pay raise, telling her that the money would be returned. Pam thought about the offer and accepted with one condition.

The condition was accepted without question. Later that evening Pam welcomed her friend, Debbie, into her home. She explained that she had caught her boss stealing and that it had earned her a pay raise. She went on to tell Debbie that the older Asian woman had also agreed to be her sex slave every evening for a week and that she wanted to share the fun with Debbie.

The two girls laughed and plotted as they waited for their entertainment to arrive. And when she did they took great pleasure in making her strip for them. They eyed her pert tits and firm ass and made her kneel while they peeled off their clothes. They both had huge tits and enormous asses. And they both had plans.

Forcing her to lie on her back on the sofa they pulled her legs open and took it in turns to examine her cunt. They pulled her pussy lips open and jammed their fingers into her hole and pulled on her clit until she wept with pain and shame.

Then the girls made the crying Asian woman crawl to the bedroom where they forced her to lick and eat each of their cunts in turn. Her pretty face was sloppy with their cum when they rolled over and raised their asses to have her eat their asses too.

As Lydia licked and sucked on Debbie’s ass Pam fingered her cunt, cumming hard as she watched the Asian woman probe her tongue deep into her friend’s ass hole. It was so delicious to watch her superior boss debase herself in every way they chose.

Giggling the two girls buckled on harnesses, inserting the biggest dildos they could find in Pam’s toy box. Lydia stared glassy eyed at the two big titted girls as they fondled each other’s tits before making her lick their nipples. She lapped obediently at the nipples, sucking them gently while holding a tit with two hands.

The white girls had large asses, but they were super sexy, and even though Lydia was not a lesbian she felt herself become aroused at the larger girls domination of her. They were so much younger, and much larger than her petit frame, and it was exciting to have them touch her so intimately.

Debbie buried her face in Lydia’s cunt, licking her tiny pussy gently before sucking hard. Pam watched and then lay by Lydia telling her to force her fist into her cunt. Lydia worked her fingers in, one at a time, until she was able to push her entire hand into the younger girl’s cunt. As Pam jerked and jumped in orgasm, Lydia felt her own cunt start to flood and soon she was cumming on Debbie’s face too.

The white girls were delighted that they had made Lydia cum and made her get onto her hands and knees. Pam went to her head and made her suck the dildo that was strapped to her pussy. Lydia sucked eagerly and the two laughed as they watched. Then Debbie moved to rub her cock against Lydia’s cunt. It slid easily into her wet cunt and Debbie thrust her hips to fuck the older woman who moaned in pleasure.

Spit roasting the older woman was fun, but they wanted to push her further, so Pam pulled the dildo from Lydia’s busy mouth and lay on her back on the bed. Debbie pulled her dildo cock from the gaping cunt of the Asian woman and they ordered her to kneel over Pam. When she obeyed, Debbie directed Pam’s dildo cock into the Asian’s cunt, then after watching the older woman ride the cock as she was ordered she moved to press her dildo cock against her already full cunt hole.

Lydia gasped with the pain of a second cock being pressed into her tight cunt, but she knew she had to take it and as the two white girls DP’d her cunt she took deep breaths to relax. Pam and Debbie were enjoying every second of the fuck and thrust the cocks in and out of her hard and without mercy.

When they forced her to cum they laughed and called her a ‘cock hungry cunt’ before pulling the dildos out and making her lick them clean. They leered at her, grabbing at her firm ass and sliding their fingers into her sticky cunt as she sucked.

Pushing her onto her belly Pam speared her ass with the dildo cock, laughing as the older woman yelped in pain. Debbie pressed her huge bootie ass against Pam as she moved in position to fuck Lydia’s cunt again, laughing as she promised her a good hard ass DP later that night.

Lydia groaned as the two girls pawed at her as they used their strap on cocks on her body, she knew that she had the rest of the week to endure and she knew, for sure, that the girls would take pleasure in making her perform more and more lewd acts.

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