Love Me, Hurt Me: A Husband's Tale of His Wife Torturing Him Volume 1


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Love Me, Hurt Me: A Husband's Tale of His Wife Torturing Him Volume 1

By Candy Kross


© 2014 by Candy Kross

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the copyright owner.

ISBN: 978-1499358988


1. Erica Torments Her Husband

The makeshift dungeon in the basement was dark and quiet, except for the dripping of water from the ceiling from the moisture the basement accumulated and caused the condensation.

I had been in here all night in my cage. Yes, cage. This time she had taken my cock and locked it in a device and chained it to the bar of the cage she had built for me. Actually, she had me build it for myself. She would never lift a finger for such a task.

This wasn’t a normal device that I had locked on my cock though, this one was more of a torture device and unlike the chastity device she had put on me last week. This one had spikes on the inside and when my cock became hard, god forbid, the spikes would puncture the skin to my cock when it got hard and my balls when they would swell with semen.

I did my best all night to remain not aroused, so that I would not be punctured by the spikes. I am sure she would have liked it the other way though. She seemed to get off on my pain somehow.

I heard the door to the basement open; it was located up a flight of narrow stairs. I heard the sound of her stiletto heels hitting first the cement stairs, then the cement floor. The sound of metal against cement echoing throughout the basement was an eerie sound, especially when I knew what was causing the noise. As the sound came closer to me, I knew it was her.

She walked over to a hanging lamp from the ceiling and switched it on. The brightness in my eyes caused me to have blurry vision and temporary blindness and my eyes had to adjust for a minute or two. When they did, it probably would have been better if my eyes were still blurry.

Standing in front of me was the statuesque body of a woman with long black wavy hair, blue eyes, legs that wouldn’t quit and breasts that were perched upon top of a leather corset. Her waist was cinched and her hips were round. She had an hourglass figure.

She had a whip that was round in a circle on a clasp on her corset that dangled. If I blinked my eyes a little and while they were focusing, she was a reminiscing figure of a childhood hero that I had once admired, Wonder Woman. But, this woman was not here for good. No, she was here to cause pain and torture to me, at any cost. The woman was my wife. Yes, most husbands have a loving wife, but mine was scorned and how the does the saying go? Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned? Or something like that. You get the point though, I am sure.

She wasn’t always this way. No, in fact, we once had a loving relationship. She actually cooked me dinner, did my laundry and made love to me when I got home from work. It was a marriage made in heaven, by any standards. That is, until I let my libido get the best of me. I had never planned on sleeping with my secretary. I know, it sounds cliché, but it’s the truth.

The little bitch seduced me to get a higher position at my company. Yes, my company. I didn’t work for anyone, I was the boss. My secretary thought she could sleep her way to the top somehow by using blackmail on me.

We were at the office late one night working and she came into my office wearing some skimpy little lingerie thing. I had been working long hours and she knew just what I needed. She started by giving me a blowjob in my office. Things escalated from there and then she hit me with the real reason.

“You make me an executive in your company, or I tell your wife we are having an affair.” She said one morning to me while she was taking notes in my office.

She had me by my balls, not like my wife did now, no, she had me by the proverbial balls. My company was already struggling and I couldn’t afford to promote her to an executive level with a higher salary. So, I called her bluff.

Huge fucking mistake!

The little skanky whore went straight to my wife and told her everything after she quit in the middle of the day. You can imagine what I came home to that night. That was two weeks ago.

I walked in the door and dinner was ready as usual. We didn’t have any guns in the house as my wife despised them, so I knew she wasn’t going to go off the deep end or anything and murder me. At first, I just figured the little skanky whore hadn’t said anything to my wife, so I wasn’t going to say anything either. If she knew something, I would let her bring it up. I may me stupid in some decisions I make, but I knew when to keep my mouth shut.

I sat down to dinner, my wife, Erica poured me a glass of wine and served my dinner to me. She sat down and began talking.

“How was your day at the office?” She asked, looking at me with a smile. She was smiling, which was a good sign.

I started talking about some clients and how I think I could land some new accounts that would generate a larger cash flow for us. She congratulated me. I settled down a little and noticed that she had made my favorite meal for dinner. Steamed king crab legs fresh from the fish market, homemade clam chowder and a salad with chilled shrimp and blue cheese dressing. I loved seafood and she knew it.

When I was about done with my dinner and we had had a nice conversation she looked at me and said, “Did you enjoy your dinner?”

“Yes, I did. This was amazing as always. Thank you for making me my favorite dinner.” I smiled at her. “You are such a good wife to me.” I said. Maybe I was out of any danger and the skanky whore had called my bluff.

Then the next words out of my wife’s mouth will forever be etched in my brain. It wasn’t what she said as so much as to how she said it.

“Not a good enough wife for you to keep your dick in your pants now, right?” She said with a cold look on her face. Fuck!

I began to feel sleepy. At first I thought it was because I hadn’t slept very well because of all the long hours I had been working and then having a nice meal with the wine. Then, after she had spoken to me so coldly, I realized that she had drugged my wine. I soon passed out.

I awoke in the guest room bed, tied up with leather straps. Where the hell did she get these from? I don’t ever remember her having these. My wife was akin to June Cleaver and she was prim and proper. Where did all of this come from? Then I realized… I had created this monster of a woman.

You see, earlier that day, around the time my skanky secretary had quit, which had been around noon time, she came directly here to my house to tell my wife that we had been having an affair for years. When in actuality, it had only been for a month. But, regardless, an affair is an affair and there are no time restraints on having an affair when it comes to your wife. Whether you have slept with one other woman for one time, or dozens of women for years, infidelity was infidelity and in a woman’s world, one time was all that was needed to make them flip over to the dark side. Which was exactly what my wife had done.

After the initial shock of the skanky whore revealing our torrid affair, my wife went on the internet and searched the term, “when your husband cheats on you”. She had found a forum of scorned wives. There was a section on how to get even with your cheating husband. She read that section and had come across another wife’s story on how she ended up punishing her husband through torture. Yes, torture.

You see, if my wife decided to divorce me, because of the infidelity on my part, she would get half my business, my home, half my assets, alimony and half of any of my future earnings and profits.

Yeah, I was fucked. So, she decided to give me a choice.

She found the nearest sex shop from the internet and went and bought a chastity device for my cock, some leather straps, a whip and some other torture devices that I will leave to your imagination at this point right now.

As I lay in the guest room bed restrained, she stood over me with a wicked grin on her face. “You have two choices.” She said. “One, I take you for everything you’ve got and divorce you or two, we stay married and I punish you any way I choose.”

I chose the second option. I mean, how long could a woman possibly be angry for, right? Man, I soon realized to never underestimate the power of an angry woman and how long it will carry and how it will carry out. Here, I thought I knew all about women, but I soon found out, that I didn’t know jack shit!

So, now that you know what my crime was, I am still being punished for it. I have no idea how long this punishment will go on, or if it will ever stop.

So far, I have been banished to the guest room. I am not allowed to sleep in bed with my wife anymore. She had me build a cage down in our basement where she would put me when the sudden urge overcomes her and she is feeling angry about my infidelity. The punishment just gets more and more painful, physically and mentally, as we go on each day.

I have to wear a chastity device on my cock from now on when I leave the house or go to work. Like I am ever going to cheat on her again? There is no way. I have learned my lesson. But, my wife doesn’t seem to think that I have. I am hoping that one day the anger will subside and we can go on living our happy lives once more. But, before that day happens, I have to undergo the punishment I am being served by Judge Erica; sentence length: undetermined; parole eligibility: undetermined.

For the first time since she had entered the basement she spoke to me, “So, I take it you had an unpleasant night down here.” She grinned wickedly.

“Yes.” I answered. She opened the cage and took the chain off my device that was attached to the bar. She pulled out another key and unlocked the device around my cock. I let out a sigh of relief.

“That’s good.” She said in a mechanical emotionless voice. “You can come out of your cage for now, but first let me put this chastity device back on you.” She locked the non-spiked chastity around my cock and led me up the stairs to the guest room and locked me inside.

In the guest room was a bed, a bathroom and an old black and white television set. She kept me in here on the weekends and when I wasn’t working. So, you can imagine how many work hours I put in during the week, so that I don’t have to be in here.

Erica brought me my meals, which never had any type of seasonings on it. It was food for nourishment, not enjoyment. She would make me a boiled chicken breast, boiled potatoes, a slice of bread and a bowl of lettuce without any salad dressing. She would make the meal as plain as possible.

I was not allowed to leave work to go out to lunch, however I was able to order in. If I had eaten a big lunch and didn’t eat my boring plain meal at home, or I should say prison? It was like I was on a work release furlough. If I were too full to eat my meal at home, she would punish me. If I left the office for a client meeting, I would have to let her know in advance where I was going, who my client was and when I was leaving.

She would check in with my secretary to make sure my plans were legitimate. My secretary… Erica hired an unattractive woman in her forties to be my secretary. She had no personality and stuck by the book with everything. Erica didn’t trust me, plain and simple. Like I was going to ever cheat on her again. But, she said, “Once a cheater, always a cheater.”

There was a football game on this morning and she locked me in the guest room. She said that this wasn’t my home anymore and I was now a guest here, so it was appropriate for me to sleep in here.

After locking me inside the room, she went downstairs and then came back up with breakfast; plain oatmeal with low fat milk, half a grapefruit and some dry toast and a cup of black coffee.

I ate my breakfast and watched the morning football game in black and white. I had just finished watching a football game and was getting ready to take a nap since I hadn’t slept very well in the cage the night before, when the door opened. I figured Erica was coming in to take my empty dishes.

She did take my dishes and put them in the hallway. She was carrying a black leather duffel bag with her and was still dressed in her outfit that she liked to wear when she was administering pain to me. It made her feel powerful or something like that. I don’t know. My wife had gone off the deep end weeks ago, so I am not sure what was going through her mind these days. One could only guess.

She sat on the bed next to me, set the leather bag down on the floor and looked me in the eye and said, “Are you ready?”

Ready? Ready fro what? I thought to myself.

Erica reached into her bag and pulled out her leather restraints. “Lie flat on your back.” She said sternly. I complied. She tied my wrists to the top bedposts and my ankles to the bottom bedposts. I was in an “X” position, spread eagle on my back and feeling very vulnerable.

Erica had a wicked grin on her face and took out a bottle of lotion. She squirted some in her hand and began to rub both her hands together as she lotioned them up. She then took the chastity device off my cock and set it on the nightstand.

She got on her knees and positioned herself between my legs and reached down and began to stroke my cock. It felt so good to have my cock stroked by my wife. It had been awhile since she had touched me sexually. I closed my eyes and enjoyed her familiar touch. I got hard really fast from her oily hands stroking me.

Erica then moved in between my spread legs and was on her knees, but I hadn’t seen her in this position, since my eyes were closed and enjoying the sensation of having my cock stroked by my wife. Because, if I had known what was to come next, I wouldn’t have let myself be so relaxed.

Erica brought her knee up and then with all her force, she kneed me in my groin. “Ahhhh!” I opened my eyes and yelled out loud. “What the fuck?!” I felt like my cock and balls were inverted into my stomach. I felt sharp pains going throughout my body. I wanted to curl up in a ball and my first instinct was to protect myself. But I couldn’t. I was tied down and I was as vulnerable as ever.

This time, I saw her lift up her knee again and drive it into my groin area once more. “Oh fuck!” I yelled out in pain. Tears were starting to stream from my eyes. I had never felt pain so intense before and so excruciating. I thought my nuts had exploded and I was sure that I was going to look down and see a bloody mess all over my groin.

Thank goodness there wasn’t. But, it sure as hell felt like there was. She had the most evil look on her face. I had never seen my wife look so scary before and I can honestly say that I was truly terrified. At least when Lorena Bobbitt cut off her husband’s cock for cheating on her, he was drunk and didn’t feel a thing at the time. It was a one time thing and over and done with. I would have greatly accepted that punishment at this point.

Then Erica reached down and began to massage my cock and balls. They were throbbing, but she was touching them gently and they started to feel good. I was even getting an erection. I didn’t realize it at the time, but this is what is called a false sense of security. I fell for it too, hook, line and sinker.

Her beautiful long slender fingers and perfectly manicured nails were ribbing my cock and they felt good once again. Erica spread the fingers of both hands in a claw like fashion and started gently raking her nails across my cock and balls. She was slowly raking back and forth underneath my balls at the base encircling my entire scrotum.

I could feel my nuts swelling and my cock getting hard. I was beginning to relax again and enjoy my wife’s touch when she said “Ready?” My eyes opened suddenly and I thought to myself, oh god what now?

“This one looks good.” She said, now laughing wickedly. Her laugh reminded me of the old witch from Sleeping Beauty. It was more like a cackle more than an actual laugh.

She then gripped my left nut between her thumb and two fingers and slowly squeezed it and then released it. It was a sharp pain and I was forced to tense up. The pain made me gasp once again. She then squeezed it again and released it. She repeated the process with my right nut. It was as if she was seeing how hard she could squeeze my nuts before they would actually pop.

“Ow!” I yelled out. But, she just ignored me. She was more into what she was doing than what I was feeling.

Erica was still grinning wickedly. She squeezed my nuts once again, but this time she held them inside her palm and made a fist around them, squeezing them as hard as she could. As she did this she said, “Wow, this is such a good stress reliever. You know, like that liquid filled ball you have on your desk in your office at work.” She laughed and squeezed my balls again, this time harder. I felt my entire body get tight as the constantly sharp pain crawled from my balls into my belly.

I reached out and grabbed onto the leather straps that had my wrists restrained. I needed something to grasp onto because the pain was so intense. I struggled to bring my knees up, but my effort was in vain. She had restrained my ankles really good to the bottom bed posts. My feeble attempts just tended to piss her off more.

Erica squeezed my balls harder and harder. I could feel my body getting red as my blood rushed down to my balls. I was at my wife’s mercy. I yelled out in pain for her to please stop. I begged and pleaded for her to stop this agonizing torture and assault on my balls. But she didn’t stop and instead, she was smiling and enjoying making me suffer in agony.

Either it was from my blood rushing so quickly, or the torturous pain, or a combination of both. I passed out for about ten minutes. Like a cat playing with a mouse, it was no fun to torment its prey when it was dead or unconscious. When she had realized I had passed out, she let go of my balls.

I woke up to her rustling around in her leather bag once again. She had noticed that I was awake.

“Ahh… well hello there sleepyhead, did you enjoy your short nap?” She said and laughed. “I thought I had lost you there for awhile. I can’t have you going and ruining my fun time with you, that would be just too rude of you now, wouldn’t it?”

She was holding a long skinny rod with four hooks curled over at one end. She had a bottle of lube and was putting some on her fingertips and rubbing them up and down the rod.

“Wh… wha… What are you going to do with that?” I was afraid to ask, but I did manage to get it out anyway.

“Oh, this thing? We are going to make music with your cock.” She said proudly. “Now, the more you move and try to resist, the harder this will be. Relax and it will go in nicely, or so I am told.”

To my horror I soon realized that she was going to stick that torture device into my cock somehow. Then I found out how. She took the top of it and placed it at the opening of my pee hole and began to slide it inside. I felt a burning sensation.

“That’s it. Relax, this won’t take too much longer.” She said as she continued to slide the rod into my pee hole and down into my cock. It hurt like hell, but I knew if I didn’t relax and let her do it, it would be much, much worse than it already was. As if that were even possible.

Once she had it all the way down, the four little hooks at the end settled on my cockhead. Erica then took out a little hammer. It was much, much smaller than a rock hammer. It looked like it was made for a doll. She began to hit the top of the rod and the hooks soon dug into my cockhead flesh. I felt a piercing sensation and it was painful.

As she hit the rod into my cock, it made little sounds like a tuning rod, which vibrated throughout my cock and caused more pain. She hit the rod again. “Ahhh… music to my ears.” She said as she continued to hit the rod.

The hooks were digging deeper and deeper into my cockhead. I saw drops of blood trickling down my cock. “Now, don’t go bleeding all over the place now.” She said with a frown on her face.

She continued to hit the rod, harder each time. The tips of the hooks were digging into my cockhead and were getting deeper and deeper. The more she hit the rod, the deeper the hooks went and the more intense the pain became.

While my cock was burning, my wife decided to reach into her bag once again and pulled out some device that I wasn’t sure what it was. Soon, I found out. It was a metal circle that looked very much like a cock ring, but with four screws going through the metal circle. She slid the ring over my cock and over the hooks sticking out of my cockhead and slid it down around my cock down to the base.

The rod she had in my cock kept my cock hard, so when she got this metal ring around my cock, she began to twist the screws so that they dug into my hard shaft. She was humming while she was screwing the screws in tighter, as if she was baking cookies in the kitchen or something that would make a homemaker hum.

She continued to twist the screws tightly, making my cock ache even more than it had been. I began yelling out in pain again and her response was, “Shhhh…” I thought I was going to pass out again.

Just when I didn’t think she could get the screws any tighter, she did. She had pulled out a pair of pliers from her bag. At first I thought she was going to use them on my balls somehow, but then she used them to make the screws even tighter around my cock. I screamed out louder in agony.

“Shhhh…” She said. “You’re going to make the neighbors wonder what on earth is going on in here.” She scowled at me.

The pain was so intense. I kept feeling myself getting dizzy. I was afraid to pass out again though for fear of pissing her off and waking up to something unthinkable. Some maniacal torture device that only a woman could invent.

I could faintly hear her voice. It sounded like it was in the distance. “Oh come on now, it can’t be all that bad. Maybe you should have thought about the pain it would cause me when you were fucking your secretary all those nights. You never did think of that, did you? Never once worrying about my pain. Not one ounce of consideration for me. So, darling, it is only natural for me not to worry or have any consideration for your pain. I am just extending you the same courtesy you did to me. It’s only fair.” She said with that wicked grin on her face once again. “Now, for your sake, I hope that whore was worth all this.” She added laughing.

Then without warning, she grabbed my balls in her hand again and squeezed without mercy. I was too weak to scream this time and flashes of light and bright colors came into focus as I tossed my head from side to side writhing in pain. Then everything went dark. I had passed out once more from the torturing I was undergoing.

I’m not sure how long I was out. At this point, time was not a factor in my world. When I awoke, I felt tightness around my balls. Erica soon answered my question.

“I have put on you in a device called a ball stretcher. It’s a leather parachute shaped cuff.” As she continued to speak, she pulled on the chain attached to it. “Feel that? That’s a chain attached to the leather cuff, that is how I will stretch your balls out.” She then pulled on the chain attached and I thought my balls were going to be ripped from my body!

She still had the metal rod in my cock with the hooks puncturing my skin. The metal cock ring was still tightly screwed in and now she had this ball stretcher in place and was pulling on it. As if squeezing my balls weren’t torturous enough.

I started to wonder who developed these devices and then I wondered why. What man in their right mind would want their cock and balls to be tortured like this? If I ever found out who invented these devices, I am going to sue the hell out of him.

But, no, a man couldn’t have invented these devices; it definitely had to be a woman. A scorned woman at that. Someone vindictive such as my wife. I pictured a whole organization of women sitting at a table, all of them scorned because their husbands had cheated on them or broke their hearts in some way. They have meetings to come up with ideas on how to torture a cock and balls. Instead of employee of the month, they have best torture device of the month. But, I digress…

I felt the pull again. “Ahhhh!” I yelled out faintly. I didn’t have much strength left in my body. I felt as if all my energy had been drained. I just wanted this to be over and over soon. But, something told me that this was going to be a long weekend. A long weekend of pain, torture and my wife getting even with me. Maybe after all of this was over, we could move on and get on with our lives and be happy as we were once before.

My hopes and dreams were soon shattered each time I felt her pull on my balls. Each time pulling my balls from my body further and further away. Every time my body jerking and spasming from the pain. The muscles in my legs and back started to grow tired due to the onslaught of the torture my body was receiving. Did Erica care? No. Not at all.

Erica was concentrating on what she was doing. She had an intense look on her face as she pulled the chain harder and harder. Soon, I began to feel a sick feeling in my stomach as the constant pain of having my balls pulled began to overtake me once more.

Erica reached into her bag and pulled out a five pound weight with a metal ring on top and attached it to a hook that was on the end of the chain that was attached to the leather device that was around my balls.

Once it was attached, she let it hang over the side of the bed for a few minutes. I felt my balls constantly being stretched this time. Not just a quick tug and pull, as Erica was doing before, but this time a constant pull on my balls. More pain shot through my balls and my lower abdomen.

Erica then pulled the weight back up onto the bed and reached into her bag and pulled out what looked like to be miniature jumper cables. She then pulled out a little box and attached one end of the miniature jumper cables to the small box she was holding. I soon realized that it was a battery.

She then took the other end of the small cables and attached them to the end of the rod that was sticking out from my cock. “Are you ready for some shock therapy?” She gave a wicked laugh as she said those words.

“Do you know why you are here?” She asked me with a serious look on her face.

“I… I… I cheated on you.” I stammered.

She turned the dial on the battery and I felt a jolt of electricity shoot throughout my cock, balls and stomach! “Ahhhhhh!” I yelled out in pain.

“Who did you cheat on me with?” She asked.

“Wh...Wh... wh... with my secretary… no.. noo. Erica .. please..” I pleaded.

I felt another jolt of electricity shoot throughout my body! “Ahhhh.. fuuuuuck!” I yelled out with little strength I had left in me.

“Okay. Did you ever think that there would be any consequences for cheating on me?”

“E… E... Erica… please…” I begged.

“Answer my question, please. Did you ever think that there would be consequences for cheating on me?” She asked more sternly.

“Noooooooooooo!” I cried out.

More electricity shot throughout my body. I was so weak now. I had nothing left in me anymore.

“Well, maybe you should have and you wouldn’t have cheated on me, now would you?” Then she paused for a moment and continued, “Or maybe you would have and just wouldn’t have cared. I hope your whore was worth it.” She then disconnected the wires. I let out a little sigh. She put the battery and small cables back into the bag.

Then slowly, she pulled the rod out of my cock. The hooks pulled out from skin on my cockhead. I could feel drops of blood dripping down my cock. She wiped the rod off and put it back inside its case. She then unscrewed the screws from the cock ring. When the pressure came off my cock the pain was more intense than when the screws were on my cock. But, I was still relieved she had removed them.

She pulled off the cock ring and also put it back into her bag. Erica then unhooked the weight from the chain that was connected to the ball stretcher and also put it back into her bag. She then unzipped the leather parachute shaped cuff off my balls and put it away in her bag.

For a moment, she let my cock and balls breathe. After a few minutes, they started to feel somewhat normal again. But that was short lived.

My wife knew me and she knew me well. She began to rub some green gel over the puncture wounds on my cock head. It felt good and soothing and her touch, which always managed to turn me on, began to make my cock semi-erect. She then began stroking my cock with her hand and the cooling gel and over my balls. The minty gel was very soothing and calming. I closed my eyes after awhile and began to relax.

I was at her mercy and I felt completely helpless in her hands. My wife knew me well and she knew what turned me on. She knew me well enough to know how to exploit my weakness for her. She stroked my cock and massaged my balls some more, then she stopped and reached over and pulled out a red ball with straps on it. She put the ball in my mouth and fastened the straps behind my head.

“Since you like to scream so much, we are going to nip that in the bud of anyone hearing you.” She said, as she made sure the straps behind my head were tightened.

Erica then stood up on the bed and positioned herself over my chest. She put her pointy toe of her stiletto heels to my face. I could see the shininess of the stiletto as the light reflected off it. “See how pointy and shiny my stilettos are? I just polished them today just for you, my darling.” She said as she had that wicked grin on her face once again. The one that scareed the hell out of me.

She took her pointy toe and dragged it across my chest, over my stomach and between my legs, then she pulled her leg back and swung her pointy toe forward, kicking me right smack in the middle of my balls!

“Arghghg!” I gurgled through the ball gag.

I had now lost complete control of my body as I felt it giving out at the impact of her pointy toe landing on my balls. The pain shot up through my balls to my abdomen and then throughout my entire body. I tried to curl up, but the restraints forbid me from doing so.

She then pulled her leg back once again and kicked me harder in my groin. This time her pointy toe landing between my cock and balls. I let out another gargled scream. I felt like the wind had been knocked out of me this time. I was still conscious though. But, I was having a hard time breathing. Did she care? No, of course not.

CRACK! I heard my nuts go as she landed once again, this time smack dab in the middle of my balls! I started to feel sick to my stomach as if I was about to vomit.

Erica then got down on her knees between my legs to assess the damage she had caused on my cock and balls. I felt her hand wrap around my balls. “Well, shit.” She said with a puzzled voice. “How the fuck did that happen now?” She had a confused look on her face.

I felt her probe a finger into my ball sack and up into my lower stomach area. Her finger was moving slowly around the inside of my groin like she was searching for one of my nuts.

A few times I could feel the tip of her finger against it and I would start to spasm in pain. “Is that it?” She asked me looking up.

“Huh?” I asked her through my ball gag, still in pain.

“Is that your nut I am touching right now?” She asked me.

“Mhm.” I replied through my gag.

“Oh okay, good. I thought I had lost the son of a bitch.” She started laughing. “Shit, I thought I was going to have to take you to the hospital and explain to them that I lost one of your nuts.” She began to laugh hysterically.

“Now, I am going to have to reach in deeper and pull the damn thing back out.” She said still laughing. I found no humor whatsoever in this situation. What the fuck? She lost my nut? The damn thing must have gone into hiding, I don’t blame it because I would have too.

The pain of her digging around and trying to pull my nut back out was worse than when she was kicking me. I must have had serious fear in my eyes because she asked me if I was okay.

I shook my head no.

“Well, let me get this nut out and we will take a break.” Erica said as she continued to dig for my nut.

Slowly I felt her finger extend into my balls again with a look of concentration on her face. Once in a while hitting something inside me that would cause me to jump. The whole time I was moaning in pain.

“Got it!” She exclaimed proudly.

Her finger moved in behind my nut and she pulled it forward, of course causing me even more pain. The pain was unbearable.

“Okay, that problem is now solved. If only all our problems in life could be solved so quickly.” She said grinning.

Erica then unstrapped the straps to my ball gag and took the ball gag out of my mouth. I let out some deep breaths. It was good to breathe through my mouth and nose at the same time again. I coughed a little as I caught my breath.

She then undid my leather straps that were around my ankles and wrists. They were red and burned a little from when I was trying to curl up in a ball and was pulling on them.

“Why don’t you go soak your cock and balls and we will take a break for awhile. I’ll make us something to eat for lunch and then you can take a little nap and we can rejuvenate ourselves.”

I slowly got up from the bed and crawled to the bathroom as she was putting things away.

“Besides, I need to think of more ways to torture you for tonight.” She grinned wickedly. “Just think darling, we have the whole weekend to have fun together.”

She then left and walked out the door and locked it behind her.

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