She Remembers How Her Being a Cuckold Wife Began


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She Remembers How Her Being a Cuckold Wife Began

By Sammy Sweet


© 2012 by Sammy Sweet

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the copyright owner.

ISBN: 978-1493627196


Chapter 1

It was two or three years ago since I met Wayne, I had been scraping a living, if you can call it that, by doing some bar work and cleaning. I was just trying to earn money any way I could really and didn’t want to do anything illegal so these jobs helped pay my rent but left little for me so I didn’t have much of a life really.

I met Wayne when he came into the bar one night and he was a nice man with a great smile and although he was much older than me he still looked in good shape. The first time he came in the bar was pretty dead so we managed to have quite a chat and he made me laugh.

Wayne came into the bar a few more times after that and then I never saw him again for about a year. By this time I had lost my bar job and the cleaning jobs were few and far between and I was really struggling. I was sitting in a café finishing my coffee when I hear a voice say “Sammy, is that you” I looked up and there was Wayne with a big smile on his face and he was obviously pleased to see me. I was a little embarrassed because I was not looking my best and had been sleeping rough for a couple of days.

Wayne joined me and we talked and talked for what seemed like hours, I was telling about how bad things got after I lost my job in the bar and I struggled to pay my rent. I wasn’t looking for sympathy it’s just that I found Wayne really easy to talk to and he was a good listener and didn’t judge me, which I liked.

“You look tired Sammy” Wayne said as he gently touched my hand.

“I have not slept properly for a couple of days” I replied trying not to cry.

I never felt sorry for myself and I am I fighter so was sure that this would not last long and that I could get more work and get myself back on my feet.

Wayne asked me if I would like to stay with him for a few days just to rest, get cleaned up and have a nice meal.

“That’s really kind of you Wayne, but I don’t want to be a nuisance.”

“Don’t be silly Sammy, I have plenty of room and you will obviously stay in the spare room” Wayne said reassuringly.

“Ok Wayne that would be really nice and maybe I can repay when I get back on my feet.”

“Nonsense Sammy, you come and stay as my guest.”

“Maybe I could do your housework and your washing to say thank you.”

“Lets see” Wayne said as he stood to lead me from the café.

We got a taxi and were soon at Wayne’s house, Wayne opened the front door and said “in you go Sammy” as he stood to one side and put his hand in the small of my back to usher me inside.

“Let me take your bag” Wayne said as he took it from my hand.

I was really was not in a good place at that time and that one bag was all I had and I felt quite vulnerable as I stood there looking and feeling twice my age.

Wayne ran me a bath and just left me to soak, I must have fell asleep in the bath because the next thing I remember was laying in luke warm water and it was getting dark outside. I filled the bath again with some hot water and washed myself. After a long time in the bath I felt so much better, I felt cleaned and relaxed but was still so tired. I put a towel round me and opened the bathroom door, I called for Wayne and he came up the stairs to see what I wanted.

“that was a lovely bath” I said.

“You was in there for a long time Sammy” Wayne said smiling at me.

“I am still so tired though Wayne, Can I go to bed?” I asked in a whispered voice.

“Of course Sammy, I have put your bag in this room” he said as he opened the door to the bedroom.

“Thanks Wayne I said” as I kissed him on the cheek.

“This is my room but it has the most comfortable bed, I‘ll use the spare room” Wayne told me.

I felt totally safe with Wayne and I never for one second thought he had any intentions of taking advantage of me so I just got into his big soft bed and lay my head onto the soft puffy pillows. I think as soon as my head hit the pillows I was asleep, and I slept and slept and slept.

I was woken by the sound of a drawer opening and I could see it was now daylight so knew I had slept for quite some time. I opened one eye to see what was going on and as I did I saw Wayne standing there in just a towel and he was looking for some shorts. I lay there barely breathing as I didn’t want Wayne to know I was watching him. Wayne had a very nice body and was in good shape with a tight muscular stomach and big biceps. Then Wayne, believing I was asleep let his towel fall to the floor to reveal a really nice long cock, before I could enjoy looking at his cock any longer he had his shorts on but I could still see the outline of his cock. Wayne crept out of the room so as not to wake me and went downstairs.

I finally got out of bed around 2:30 that afternoon and Wayne just smiled and said “you must be hungry after all that sleep.”

“yes I am a bit Wayne” I replied.

“Ok sit down and I’ll make you some food.”

Wayne made me sausage, eggs, bacon, mushrooms, beans and two slices of toast;

“would you like teas or coffee” He asked.

“tea please Wayne, with no sugar” I replied politely.

I really couldn’t believe how lucky I was to have bumped into Wayne again and I don’t know what I would have been doing now, probably sleeping rough again. Wayne joined me and we ate our food and chatted, he was very interested in me and wanted to know as much about me as he could, we felt like old friends even though we had only met a few times some years previous. Wayne was very good company and he made me laugh, and after the shit time I had been having it was good to be smiling again.

We spent the rest of that day just chatting and having fun and I found myself getting more and more attracted to Wayne and I kept thinking about his gorgeous cock. Wayne would be talking to me and I would just go off into a day dream imagining sucking his cock. I wanted to tell him I had seen his cock and also let him know I wanted to suck him but I was scared he might reject me or that he might think I was a bit of a whore who was willing to suck his cock for a roof over my head. That wasn’t the case at all and I am not like that, yes I love to fuck but I wouldn’t just fuck anyone for the sake of it.

That night I slept in Wayne’s bed again and he in the spare room, the same thing happened in the morning, Wayne came into the bedroom with just a towel round his waist so I pretended to be asleep and I moved as though I was getting comfortable but I made sure the covers came off slightly showing him my pussy, I then rolled over into a sort of recovery position with one leg bent up and the other straight. Wayne could see my ass and my pussy and I slightly opened my eyes and could see his cock getting hard.

I opened my eyes and just smiled at Wayne.

“Err morning Sammy, sorry did I wake you?”

“Not really Wayne but I think I might have woken your cock” I said with a cheeky grin on my face.

“Oh, err, sorry Sammy” Wayne said as he seemed slightly embarrassed by his semi hard cock poking out.

“Don’t be sorry Wayne, you have a lovely cock and it’s so long” I said as I licked my lips.

“Would you like me to suck you Wayne?” I said as I smiled at him and looked him right in the eyes.

“How can I refuse an offer like that” Wayne said as he pulled his towel away giving me a look at his cock.

I leant forward and grabbed his cock pulling him closer to me, I let my hand run down the shaft and held his cock at the base as he continued forward, easing his cock into my willing mouth. I sucked and licked the tip then took his cock deep into my throat. His cock was still only semi hard but as I sucked and licked I felt it grow in my mouth filling my throat and making me gag slightly. His cock was so big I knew I wanted it inside my wet cunt fucking me harder and harder. I continued sucking his cock until I could feel it pulsating in my mouth, I had to pull back slightly because his cock was just so long I couldn’t take it all in my mouth. I put my hand up and felt Wayne’s hard stomach and it felt so sexy and better than most men half his age.

My pussy was soaking wet and as I sucked his cock I asked Wayne to finger my wet hole, he didn’t need asking twice, he stroked my pussy and got his fingers nice and wet from my juice before sticking a finger into my aching cunt. Wayne fingered me as I sucked on his cock and he started wanking his cock as I sucked on it and I knew he was going to cum so I rubbed my clit as he fingered me making my own orgasm closer. Wayne pulled his cock from my mouth and continued wanking and I lay there with my mouth open waiting to take his cock juice. He fingered me harder and I rubbed my clit until my back arched and my cunt squirted pushing his finger from inside of me. As my cunt squirted Wayne began shooting his hot sticky load all over my face and into my mouth, I swallowed some of his cum and let the rest run from mouth and drip onto my tits, Wayne slapped my face with his cock as it emptied the last drops of cum onto my face.

Wayne lay beside me and wiped his cum off of my tits with the towel then we just hugged for a while and I felt so safe and warm in his arms. I started kissing Wayne and I licked his lips and put my tongue into his mouth, Wayne put his tongue in my mouth and I sucked it like it was a cock, this made Wayne’s cock start to get hard again and I could feel it against my leg as it grew harder the more I kissed him. I put my hand onto his cock and stroked it really gently hardly touching it at all, this made Wayne jerk and sigh. Wayne rubbed my pussy and it was so wet and ready for his cock I finally pulled from his lips and just said “please fuck me Wayne, I want to feel you cock deep inside me.”

Wayne rolled over on top of me and gently slid his cock into my hot wet cunt, he slowly pushed his cock in and out of me and each time he would go deeper making my cunt feel full. I put my arms under his and over his shoulders pulling him closer to me so I could kiss him as his cock entered me. I was moving my hips gently so my pussy was working against his cock and as we kissed Wayne pushed his cock as deep as he could and held it there making my whole body shake. I gripped his cock like a vice with my cun muscles and I could feel it throbbing inside me. I held Wayne tight in my arms and I could feel his cock pumping his cum into me and that made my pussy gush with my own cum. I could feel my pussy was full of his and my cum and it felt really nice. Wayne pulled his cock from me and as he did my pussy leaked all of our cum out and I felt it run down my crack and onto my asshole. Wayne lay on top of me and just held my for a while.

“You make me cum so quick Sammy” Wayne said as he looked at me and smiled.

“I love to feel your cock pumping inside me Wayne” I replied.

It was then that Wayne offered to let me stay with him as long as I wanted, no strings just as friends, well more like fuck buddies, this wasn’t said but I knew if I were to stay with Wayne I would be having his gorgeous cock more and I think Wayne knew that he could fuck me whenever he wanted. Nothing was said but we both sort of knew, there was no need for either of us to spell it out.

Sex with Wayne was great and I loved the feel of his cock inside me but I wanted more and I had noticed a really good looking guy keep looking at me in the local shop. After one trip to the shop Wayne had noticed the way this guy kept looking at me and asked me if I had noticed.

“yes I had to be honest Wayne” I told him.

“do you like him” Wayne asked.

“well he is very good looking” I said honestly.

“why don’t you make a play for him” Wayne said smiling at me.

“no I couldn’t, it would feel like cheating on you.”

“Sammy I’m not a fool and I don’t expect a beautiful young girl like you to get stuck with an old man like me.”

“I don’t think you are old Wayne and you have been good to me.”

“Why don’t you just go and have a drink with him and see how it goes.”

“Ok, maybe Wayne.”

That night Wayne served me up a nice portion of his cock and as he was fucking me I did think about the man in the shop and thought I would like to go for a drink with him and see what happens.

The following day I went into the shop where the man worked and I did my best at flirting with him, it must have worked because he asked me for my number and offered to take me out. I gave him my number and was looking forward to him calling. I told Wayne that I was expecting a call from him and it actually seemed to turn him on that I may be going out with this other man.

After a few days of not hearing from this man I had almost given up when my phone rang and it was him;

“Hi, is that Sammy” he asked, I had written my name down with my number.

“yes who is this” I asked, not quite sure if it was him or not.

“It’s Kev, the guy from the shop, you gave me your number and said to call.”

“Oh yes hi Kev” I said trying not to sound over keen.

We chatted for a while on the phone then I arranged to meet Kev at a local bar, I was a bit nervous and I told Wayne I was going so he just told me to be myself.

“You sure you don’t mind Wayne” I asked.

“no Sammy you go and have fun and tell me all about it when you get back” he said smiling and giving me a kiss on the cheek.

I met Kev around 7:30 and we had a few drinks and chatted, he was really good looking and he had a fit looking body but to be honest he was so fucking boring. We had nothing in common and he just seemed so young, he was the same age as me but it felt like he was much older.

I made the best of it and had another couple of drinks so he was getting less boring as the night went on, well not so much he was less boring but I was getting drunk so just pretended to listen while I imagined sucking his cock and fucking him. He was talking about his car or some such shit but in my mind I was thinking of his cock pounding my cunt in his car.

Finally Kev asked if I wanted to leave and almost before he had finished asking I had said “YES” thinking I wouldn’t have to listen to him for much longer.

“Oh you are keen” kev said as he put his coat on.

“I just don’t like this bar” I said not wanted to offend him by telling him I was about to fall asleep.

“do you want to come back to mine for a night cap” Kev asked nicely.

“sure why not” I said not wanting to be rude and say no.

“oh cool, we can walk from here it’s not far” Kev told me.

We walked for about 20 minutes and finally arrived at his apartment, we went in and the first thin I noticed was the lack of a woman’s touch. It felt every bit the bachelor pad with lot of CD’s and computer games and I noticed he had a PS3 and an Xbox 360, I just though he was very immature for his age so I was planning on having a quick drink then making my excuses to leave.

Kev had his central heating on and it was really hot so he said “I need to get into something cooler, do you mind?” he asked.

“of course not Kev” I said just thinking he would get me a drink and then I could fuck off.

Kev came back into the room in a pair of football shorts and a vest, he looked really hot and his arms looked really big and masculine. As he walked I could see his cock moving in the shorts and it was obvious he had no underwear on, “maybe he is not as boring as he seems” I thought as I tried not to stare at his bulging cock as it swung inside the shorts when he walked past.

Kev got us both a beer from the fridge and came and sat beside me.

“I’ve only got beer I’m afraid Sammy” he said as he handed me a chilled bottle of lager.

“that’s fine Kev” I said taking the bottle from his hand.

We drank and chatted for a while, well he chatted shit and I listened, I say listened, I look, smiled and nodded now and then. This guy is so fucking boring I want to fuck him just to shut him up.

I decided to kiss him and as I did he finally shut up boring me and started kissing me back. His lips were so soft and as he kissed me I felt a shiver down my spine. He gently stroked my shoulder as he kissed me and I felt a tingle in my pussy, this guy was actually making me wet just with his kissing. I reached over and touched his cock and it was rock hard and pretty hard. We ended up having oral sex and then he fucked me for what seemed like hours, his cock felt so good inside my wet cunt fucking me harder and harder, he certainly wasn’t boring when he was using his cock.

I finally left about 1 am and headed back to Wayne’s house, I was a bit worried that he might be upset that I had been with this guy so I tried to creep in without waking him. When I walked in Wayne was sitting on the sofa with just a towel round his waist, I was sure he was going to be upset with me but he just smiled and asked if I had a good time.

“He was really boring” I told Wayne.

“Well you were out for a long time with someone who is boring” he replied with a smile.

“Well he wasn’t a complete bore” I said as I smiled with a naughty glint in my eye.

“Tell me more Wayne said” as he patted the sofa next to him for me to sit down.

I began telling Wayne about how I kissed Kev just to shut him up and told him how just kissing him got my pussy a bit wet. Wayne listened and as he did I could see his cock rising beneath the towel, he was actually getting hard as I told him about Kev’s cock and how I sucked it.

“You like to know what he did to me Wayne?” I asked him.

“Yeah Sammy tell me more” he said as he stroked his cock.

“Let me show you” I said as I pulled his towel from under him and started touching his cock.

“I held Kev’s cock in my hand and as he kissed me, I slowly jerked him making his cock harder with each stroke” I told Wayne as I looked him right in the eyes and stroked his long hard cock.

I kissed Wayne’s chest and started to kiss my way down to his cock, all the time telling him how wet my cunt was getting from playing with Kev’s hard cock.

“Mmmm” I moaned as I kissed Wayne lower and lower.

I finally reached his cock and I kissed the tip then lowered my mouth down.

“Mmmmm” I moaned with my mouth half way down his shaft.

I pulled up and took his cock from my mouth and looked at him again.

“Kev’s cock felt so good in my mouth and my cunt was aching for him to fuck me” I said before lowering my mouth back down Wayne’s throbbing cock.

I came up again and pulled from his cock, I kissed the head and told him how I started fingering my wet cunt as Kev’s cock fucked my mouth.

Wayne’s cock was pulsating in my mouth so I bobbed up and down a few times before pausing again.

“Kev pulled his cock from my mouth and I stood to sit on his cock” I told Wayne as I gently jerked him.

“Kev’s cock felt so hot as it entered my cunt and I wanted him to fuck me deep and hard.”

Wayne’s cock was starting to dribble with his pre-cum as I told him how my cunt wrapped round Kiv’s cock as I rode him slowly. I told him I bent over and kissed Kev as his cock entered me deeper and deeper.

I put Wayne’s cock back into my mouth and as I did it exploded with his hot cum, filling my mouth making me swallow hard. Wayne pushed his ass up and thrust his cock deeper down my throat making my pussy leak with my juice and the remains of Kev’s cum.

“Wow, Sammy, that was fucking awesome” Wayne said with a quiver in his voice.

Wayne obviously enjoyed hearing about me getting fucked and sucking cock and I think the smell of my cunt full of cum made it even more exciting for him. I didn’t really want to see Kev again but it was really horny telling Wayne how my cunt got pounded while his cock was fucking my mouth. I think Wayne wanted me to do it again so I asked him if I should maybe fuck another guy and then tell him all about it.

“That would be fucking horny as hell Sammy” Wayne said all excited.

“OK Wayne I will go out tomorrow night and see if I can meet anyone.”

“Maybe I could buy you some sexy panties to get fucked in, that would be cool” said Wayne.

“Sure why not” I replied, feeling a bit like a naughty slut.

The next day Wayne took me shopping, he told me not to worry about the cost as he would pay and he took me to a few shops with sexy underwear. I saw a really hot and sexy pair of panties but they were $85 which I thought was far too much but Wayne just said;

“You will be my sexy slut in those so just get them, it will be worth every penny” Wayne said as he winked at me.

We got the panties and a few other bits and pieces including some sexy high heel shoes and some pussy pampering items like a super smooth razor and some “pussy perfume”. Wayne said he would love to shave me and make my pussy smooth and smelling sweet so that when I go out some nice hard cock could ruin my cunt and cum all over it.

We spent most of the day just wandering around the shops and having fun, Wayne made me laugh a lot. We had lunch then continued shopping, I didn’t want to take advantage of Wayne’s generosity so we were mainly window shopping, although I did see some sexy panties I would like but thought they could wait for another time.

Later that day we returned to Wayne’s house and Wayne asked me to try on my new panties and shoes.

“Sure” I said as I hurried to the bedroom.

“Just do it here” Wayne said.

“No, no you wait there and I will get dressed up, well down for you” I said as I giggled like a school girl.

I got undressed and put the tight pink panties on, they were nice and tight and gave me a really sexy camel toe as they went up into my pussy crack. I put the shoes on and called to Wayne;

“Are you ready?”

“Sure am hun” Wayne said excitedly.

“I opened the door slowly and put one leg out showing him the heels, then I slowly came out until I was standing in front of him in my pink panties, no bra and high heels shoes.

“Fucking WOW!” Wayne exclaimed as he looked me up and down licking his lips like he had sugar on his mouth.

“I could fuck you right here and now Sammy.”

“Well I am here if you want me” I said as I touched my cute little tits.

“No Sammy I bought you those to go and get fucked in, not for me to fuck you in them.”

“You don’t like me in them Wayne” I asked sounding slightly upset.

“Like you, Sammy I fucking love you in them but I want you to show them to another man, that will be so fucking hot for me.”

“OK Wayne, I will see if I can get some cock later this evening” I replied with a dirty laugh.

When I was at the bar with Kev I noticed one of the barmen kept looking at me so I thought I would go back on my own and see if I could get him to buy me a drink. I told Wayne about him and Wayne asked if he could help get me ready, “of course you can” I told him.

I had a bath and came into the bedroom where Wayne was waiting, he had a towel on the bed and the items we had purchased earlier;

“Come and lay on here” he said as he held his hand over the towel on the bed.

I got onto the bed and lay on the towel and Wayne gently dried me from top to bottom but left my pussy damp so he could shave it. He got out some clippers and set it to cut my pubic hair fairly short, once he had finished with the clippers he lathered my pussy with foam and then expertly and very gently began shaving me. He shaved the sides and just below my clit leaving just a nice little short tuft of hair above my clit. He shaped it into a neat triangle and then put some lotion on, it stung a little bit but not for long. Wayne then put his head to my pussy and took a big deep breath taking in the aroma of my sweet smelling cunt. He then kissed it and said “beautiful, just beautiful” and then he left me to get dressed.

I put on the tight pink panties Wayne had bought me and the shoes and as I looked at myself in the mirror it made me feel extremely horny. I put on a short dress and headed to the lounge to show Wayne.

“Fucking amazing Sammy” Wayne said with the biggest smiling on his face.

Wayne dropped me at the bar at around 8:30 and I sat at the bar waiting to see the barmen from the night before but couldn’t see him. Another barmen approached and asked me what I would like.

“Vodka and coke please.”

“With ice?”

“Yes please” I smiled.

“You were in last night wasn’t you?” the barmen asked.

“Yes, yes I was.”

“You looked nice last night but you look stunning tonight” he said smiling.

“Thanks” I replied, feeling good that he remembered me.

“Where is the other guy who was working last night” I asked.

“Tony? It’s his night off.”

“Oh OK” I replied trying not to sound too disappointed.”

Oh well it looks like you are stuck with me then.”

“I wouldn’t say stuck” I said to him smiling sweetly and looking deep into his eyes.

He wasn’t the guy I was hoping would be here but he was still a good looking guy, a bit shorter than I like but he wasn’t too short and certainly wasn’t ugly. We chatted between him serving and although there were other girls at the bar he spent a lot of his time talking to me.

“What you doing here on your own?” he enquired.

“I was supposed to be meeting a friend” I told him, obviously that wasn’t true.

“Male or female?” he asked.

“Female, she is a friend from work” I said making it up as I went.

“Well if she lets you down maybe you would let me buy you a drink.”

“Sure, why not” I said smiling happily.

We chatted on and off for most of the evening and unlike Kev he was not boring at all, in fact he made me laugh and was full of beans.

“Would you like to stay behind for a few drinks when we closed?” he asked.

“Yes that would be nice.”

Finally the bar closed and we were alone.

The barmen asked me if I would like another drink and of course I said “yes please.”

“I don’t even know your name” he said as he turned to pour my drink.

“I’m Sammy” I said, “you?”


“Nice to me you Steve” I said as I giggled.

“So are you the manager?”

“Well there are two of us, me and the guy who was working last night, the one you were asking after.”

“Oh ok, so it’s ok for us to be here after hours then.”

“Yes Sammy don’t worry we are perfectly ok” he said handing me my drink with a big smile on his face.

I was starting to feel a little drunk and was flirting with Steve when he just grabbed my head and held me still as he kissed me on the lips, I pulled back at first, more out of surprise than anything, then I allowed him to kiss me and I kissed him back. I kept my eyes open and stared at him, looking into his eyes. I then closed my eyes and began kissing him passionately, he held my face and was darting his tongue in and out of my mouth and I imagined him doing that to my pussy.

I was sitting on the bar stool and Steve was standing in front of me so I slowly opened my legs allowing him to get closer and as I spread my legs for him my dress rode up so my pink panties were now visible. I took his hand and put it to my pussy and said “feel my wet pink panties” he rubbed my pussy and as he did he pulled away to look at my cunt all wet and snuggled up in my tight panties. He ran his finger down the crack of my cunt through my panties and that made my pussy even juicier. He moved in closer until I could feel his cock against my slit and I knew I wanted him to fuck me on the stool. I unzipped his pants and took out his cock, it was still only semi hard but it was fucking huge. The length and the girth were nothing like any cock I had fucked before. I started rubbing his cock as I kissed him and I could feel it growing in my hand, it kept getting bigger and bigger and wider with every stroke, I could feel the veins as the blood pumped through them making his cock feel even bigger than some of my sex toys.

We ended up fucking for hours and his enormous cock just kept going and going until we both cum together in a hot sweaty cunt filled orgasm. Even then his cock wanted more so he continued fucking me until I told him to cum all over my panties.

I couldn’t wait to get back to Wayne to tell him about what had happened and as with the previous night he was waiting for me with just a towel round his waist.

“Come and sit with me Sammy and tell me all about what happened” he said as he sniffed and smelt the faint aroma of sex coming from my still soaking wet cunt.

I began telling Wayne how Tony wasn’t at work and that Steve was the manager for the night, I hadn’t even started about the sex and Wayne’s cock was already as stiff as a board. I lay with my head on his stomach and gently caressed his balls as I began telling him about Steve and his fantastic cock.

I told Wayne that once I got Steve’s cock out and made it hard it was obvious that is was going to be the biggest cock I have ever had and the thought of it made my pussy pulsate with excitement.

“Steve rubbed his cock against my pussy through the pink panties you bought me and as he did my cunt flowed like a river soaking the front of my panties with my juices. Steve’s cock twitched and throbbed against my clit and that sent shivers down my spine” I told Wayne as I moved my hand onto his cock and ran my fingers up and down the shaft.

“You like to hear about my wet cunt don’t you Wayne?”

“Steve then lifted my dress up and over my head so I was sitting on the bar stool in just my panties and high heels” I told Wayne as I kissed his cock softly.

“Steve kissed my neck and moved down to my titties where he sucked and licked nipples making my cunt dribbled even more juice out and onto my panties. I held Steve’s head against my chest so he could suck long and hard on my erect nipples. My cunt was so hot and I really wanted to feel his cock inside me” I told Wayne.

“I pulled Steve away from me and told him I wanted to taste his cock. Steve pulled back and stood there with his gorgeous cock so big I hardly had to bend over to get it into my mouth. His cock was so big I struggled to get it in my mouth so I just kissed and licked the head” I told Wayne as I took his cock into my mouth.

I sucked Wayne’s cock for a bit then asked if he wanted to fuck my cunt while it was still soaking wet and full of cum.

“Fuck yeah Sammy” Wayne said excitedly.

I stood up and then slowly lowered myself onto Wayne’s cock pulling my panties to one side as I did making his cock feel like it was entering a really tight cunt. I started riding Wayne’s cock and as I did I looked him in the eyes and continued…

“I knew I could take his cock in my mouth so I stood from the stool and bent over in front of him, he went to pull my panties down and I told him to stop and fuck me with them on” as I said pausing to kiss Wayne.

“He pulled my panties to one side and pushed the tip of his cock against my cunt, then slowly began to enter me. I could feel my panties almost getting pushed into my hole as this massive cock worked its way deeper into my cunt. As the top went in I let out a load moan as it felt like my cunt would split” I said leaning forward to whisper in Wayne’s ear.

“Steve’s cock was only half way in and my cunt started pulsating and throbbing and I felt like I was going to pee. His cock was so deep and so thick I was just going crazy for it, just like I am for yours right now Wayne” I said as I pushed down hard on his cock.

“Steve finally eased the full length of his cock into my aching cunt and I could feel my juices running from me and onto his balls. His cock was like a jack hammer as he picked up the pace and pounded my cunt harder and harder. I was pushing back onto his cock like a greedy slut as I enjoyed every last inch of his swollen dick inside me. My cunt gripped his cock as I began to orgasm and that sent Steve over the edge making his cock shoot it’s load inside me” I whispered into Wayne’s ear.

“He continued pumping me with his cock until my cunt exploded and almost pushed his cock out of my dripping stretched hole. I thought that was it but Steve continued to fuck me with no sign of his cock going limp. He fucked me harder and what felt like deeper than before, just like you are now Wayne” I said.

“Steve grabbed my hair and pulled me back onto his cock making my back arch as my head went back as far as it could go. He pumped and pumped and just when I knew he was going to cum I told him to cum over my back. He pulled his cock out and jerked himself with two hands making his cock shoot it’s hot sticky load all over my back and onto my panties” I told Wayne as I quickened my pace on his cock.

Wayne grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me onto his cock as his began sticking his dick into my so fast it must have been a blur. I held onto his head as he fucked me and as I lifted up, his cock fell from my cunt momentarily and as it did my cunt gushed all over his cock and balls. I quickly grabbed Wayne’s cock and rammed it back into my pussy so he could fuck me some more. His cock felt so nice and it started pumping my cunt full of his cum. Wayne spun me over onto my back and went down on my pussy sucking and licking all of my cum and his as it trickled from my open hole. Wayne then came up and kissed me passing the cum into my mouth for me to swallow.

The next day Wayne showed me some sexy gold panties he had got me, they were really small and Wayne asked me to try them on. They went right up the crack of my pussy giving me a nice camel toe, which Wayne liked. That night I arranged to meet Steve and I had my shiny gold panties on with a short tight dress and no bra so my nipples could stand out, which they did.

Steve and I chatted for a while and we soon got round to talking about sex.

“You ever had a threesome” Steve asked.

“Errm, well, not really” I said.

“What do you mean not really?”

“Well I did fuck one guy while his friend watched, but he never joined in but was right next to me as I got fucked.”

“Wow, I bet that was hot” Steve replied.

I saw what I thought was the guy who was in the bar that first night and asked Steve if that was him.

“Yes that’s Tony… TONY!” Steve called across the bar.

Tony looked over and waved, Steve called him over using his hand and Tony got himself a drink and came over to say hi. He was even better looking than I remembered and he looked really fit.

“This is Sammy” Steve said.

“Hi Sammy” said Tony as he bent forward to shake my hand.

“Hi Tony” I replied leaning in to kiss him on his cheek.

Tony smelt really good and I got a little tingle when I kissed him.

“We were just talking about threesomes Tony” Steve said as he looked at me.

“Oh yeah, why have you ever had one Steve” Tony said as he laughed.

“No but I bet it would be fun.”

“You mean with two girls or two guys and a girl” Tony asked Steve.

“Two girls would be horny as fuck but I’m sure spit roasting a girl would be fun as well.”

“Sammy was just telling me about when she got fucked and another guy lay next to her and watched.”

“I couldn’t lay next to her and not want to have a go” Tony said as he looked at me and winked.

To cut a long story short all three of us went back to Steve’s place and it was obvious they both wanted to fuck me. I was a little nervous but also quite excited and wondered if Tony’s cock was as big as Steve’s.

We had a few drinks and Steve started kissing me while Tony just watched, Steve lifted my dress over my head and started playing with my tits. Tony came over and sat next to me and began stroking my pussy through my tight gold panties. Steve was kissing me and flicking my nipples while Tony started nibbling my ear as he worked on my pussy.

“This is not fair” I said as I pulled away from Steve.

“I’m almost naked and you to are still fully clothed.”

With that both guys removed their shirts and then stood to take their trousers off, they were both really sexy and I could see from the bulge in their shorts that both were big and almost ready to fuck.

I sat forward so my ass was on the edge of the sofa with my back slightly arched, I put my hand inside their shorts and started stroking both of their cocks.

“Take your shorts off” I said, wanting to see these two sexy guys naked and ready to suck.

They dropped their shorts and as they did I took Steve’s cock gently in my mouth as I jerked Tony’s. I then swapped and took Tony’s cock into my mouth as I jerked Steve’s. Both cocks were now rock hard and fucking huge. I wanted to fuck them both and I wanted to feel both cocks inside my wet cunt at the same time stretching me.

“Use me as your sex toy” I said as my cunt flooded with my juices.

I fucked and sucked these two guys for hours and had orgasm after orgasm and I made them both cum more than once as they fucked and shared every hole. I couldn’t wait to get home and tell Wayne all about it.

It was later than usual when I got back and Wayne had fallen asleep. I crept in pulled his towel away very gently and started kissing his cock. Although he was asleep his cock didn’t take long to get hard and as I sucked some more he finally woke up.

“Hi Sammy, nice way to be woken” Wayne said.

“Can you smell the cum Wayne, I got fucked by two huge cocks tonight.”

“Mmm yes Sammy I can smell it and it smells fucking good.”

I continued sucking Wayne’s cock and would stop to tell him about my evening.

“Steve’s friend Tony came back with us and his cock was as big if not bigger than Steve’s” I said kissing the tip of his cock.

“I sucked their hard cocks deep in my mouth and my pussy was dribbling staining the gold panties. I took both cocks in my mouth at once and they were so big I could feel the corners of my mouth ready to split so I had to take one at a time.”

Wayne’s cock seemed bigger tonight; I think it was because he was loving the thought of me fucking two guys. I sucked his cock and jerked him gently as I told him more about the evening.

“Tony stood me up and kissed me, tasting his and Steve’s cock on my lips. I held his cock tight in my hand as we kissed and I started rubbing it up and down then cupping his balls in my hand and squeezing them. Steve was behind my rubbing my ass through the panties then he slowly lowered them to the floor kissing my ass as he did.” I told Wayne as I removed my mouth but continued jerking him;

“Steve rubbed his cock against my ass as I arched my back and pushed my ass up and towards him, I wanted to feel his cock inside me but I also wanted to suck on Tony’s.” I told Wayne.

Wayne grabbed my head and pulled me up so he could kiss me and as he did I rubbed my wet cunt on his cock.

“Did you manage to suck Tony’s cock” Wayne asked as he tasted his cock in my mouth.

“Yes I made Tony lay on the floor and I sucked him with my ass in the air so Steve could fuck me from behind” I told Wayne as I moved back down to suck his cock some more.

I kissed Wayne’s cock and sucked on his balls as I told him how Tony made me gag as his huge cock hit the back of my throat.

“Steve pushed his cock into my cunt and held my hips as he began fucking me, Tony was holding my head and controlling how much of his cock I could have. My mouth was as wet as my cunt as the saliva ran fast as Tony fucked my mouth. I said, pulling my mouth from Wayne’s cock and dribbling spit on the tip.

“let’s swap” Tony said as he pulled from my mouth and stood up.

Steve took his cock from my wet cunt and lay on the floor and I could taste all my cunt juices on him as I sucked him deep into my throat. I was waiting for Tony’s cock to fuck my aching cunt but instead he pushed it into my ass and it felt so fucking good. He fucked my ass with his huge cock and as I sucked on Steve’s I knew I wanted to feel both their cocks inside me.

“Fuck me Steve” I said as I pulled from Tony and stood up.

I put my arms around Steve and he lifted me onto his cock pulling the cheeks of my ass apart, Tony moved in and slipped his cock into my open ass and both guys fucked my in rhythm. I thought my cunt was going to explode as these two huge cocks fucked me deeper and deeper. They could feel each others cocks as there was just a thin wall keeping them apart. I kissed Steve and held on tight as my cunt and ass were stretched to their limits by these huge dicks that were pounding me.

By now Wayne had got me naked and he turned me over so he could fuck my tight little ass just like Tony had. Wayne put his hand underneath and got lots of my cunt juice to lube my asshole with then he just rammed it in making me scream out with delight. As Wayne’s cock fucked my ass I was fingering my pussy and rubbing my clit furiously.

“Tony’s cock was throbbing in my ass as Steve’s felt out making my cunt squirt juices all down my legs, Steve put his cock straight back in and fucked me even harder” I told Wayne as his cock felt even bigger in my ass.

“I began lifting myself up and down fucking these two cocks harder and harder and deeper and deeper. Tony’s cock was the first to cum and I could feel it pumping his cum in my ass… FUCK ME WAYNE!” I shouted as his cock pounded into me.

“Tony pulled his cock from me and his cum trickled out and almost right away Steve started shooting his load into my cunt” I told Wayne making his own cock almost ready to cum for me.

“I climbed off of Steve and knelt down to suck every last drop of cum from these pulsating cocks.”

Wayne was holding onto my hips as he thrust his cock as deep as he could, he held it there for a while.

“I sucked and licked the cum from their cocks and I could feel my cunt gushing my own cum on the floor” I told Wayne as his cock started throbbing and twitching in my ass as he cum inside me a bit then pulled his cock out and lay it in the crack of my ass.

He put the palm of his right hand on his cock to keep it in place as he slid it up and down my crack squirting his hot cum all over my back and my ass.

Wayne turned me over and lay on top of me, kissing me and thanking me.

“No, thank you Wayne” I said as I stared into his eyes.

I spent the next year with Wayne and he treated me to many sexy slutty outfits which I would use when getting fucked by various men. Wayne always enjoyed hearing what I got up to and he would feed me his gorgeous long cock as I told him all about it… great times!

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