Spring Break Adventures: Karen and Susan Take on Two Submissive Co-eds Volume 1


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Spring Break Adventures: Karen and Susan Take on Two Submissive Co-eds Volume 1

By Candy Kross


© 2014 by Candy Kross

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the copyright owner.

ISBN: 978-1499110272


Chapter 1

Brenda and Kelly were two hot and sexy junior co-eds at Arizona State in Tempe. They were roommates and best friends. Spring Break was approaching and they wanted to get away from the heat in the desert. One morning Brenda was online looking at Craigslist for where they could go to keep cool and have a lot of fun that wasn’t so far away. She was looking in San Diego.

Brenda was a tall brunette with big brown eyes and a smoking hot body. She worked out at the gym every day and had very good muscle definition and tone. She was an athlete and prided her body on keeping fit and in shape. Her long toned legs always caught the attention of guys who saw them, whether they were “leg men” or not. She sat at the table wearing a short sundress with her hair still wrapped up in a towel from her morning shower.

“Hey Kelly, there’s an ad on Craigslist in San Diego to live in a beach house right on the beach in Pacific Beach for free!” Brenda exclaimed excitedly.

Kelly came out from her bedroom. Kelly was a sexy cute little blonde with blue eyes. Even though she was drop dead gorgeous, she was also very intelligent and wasn’t the “blonde bimbo” that went with the stereotypical blonde. She had been on the Dean’s List in the top five since she had started at ASU. Beauty and brains was what Kelly prided herself on. She was wearing a pink tube top with Daisy Duke jean shorts. Her hair was still damp from her morning shower and she was towel drying it. “Really, what’s the catch?” Kelly was also the sensible one and knew if something sounded too good to be true, it probably was.

“I don’t know. It just says, ‘Looking for two co-eds to stay in a beach house, located right on the beach in Pacific Beach. No charge for stay. Lots of fun and partying.’ Then it leaves the number to call for more details. Should I call? The ad was just placed this morning, so I bet no one else has called.” Brenda said.

“Go for it. It wouldn’t hurt.” Kelly said. “Oh and ask why it’s free too.” Kelly added.

Brenda called the number on the listing and a mature, yet sexy woman’s voice answered. “Hello?”

“Hi, my name’s Brenda and I am calling about the ad you placed on Craigslist for the beach house during Spring Break.”

“Oh yes, hello there. This is Karen. What did you want to know?” She asked.

“Well, it says that we can stay there for Spring Break at no charge in a house on the beach, but, forgive me if I sound rude, but what’s the catch?” Brenda asked.

Karen laughed. “Well, my girlfriend, Susan, and I need two girls during Spring Break to stay with us because we throw a lot of parties and we need help with the parties and the cleaning up, also some light housework and laundry. You will be able to attend all the parties, of course.”

“Oh OK. I see. Have you had any other inquiries?” Brenda asked.

“Oh yes, we’ve had several already. Seems like you college kids are planning for your Spring Break. Would you be interested?” Karen asked.

Karen actually only had one inquiry so far and it was a couple of guys interested. Her and her lesbian lover Susan wanted females, sexy young college girls. So, she was playing it smart and making it sound like it was a popular ad. Something she learned when she was a sales girl some time ago. Supply in demand… or something like that. Make them think that everyone wants it and there is a limited supply.

“Well, can I call you back in a few minutes? I need to talk to my roommate first.” Brenda asked.

“Okay doll, sounds good.” Karen said.

“Talk to you soon.” Brenda said. “Bye.”

“Bye.” Karen said and hung up.

Brenda called Kelly again from her room, “Kelly!”

“Now what?” Kelly came out from her room.

She told Kelly about the conversation she had with Karen and what the exchange was for staying there for Spring Break at no charge.

“Sounds reasonable and we will get to attend the parties.” She paused for a moment. “I say let’s do it!”

Brenda called Karen back and told her that she and her roommate Kelly will be taking her up on the offer. Karen was happy to hear that and gave Brenda the address. They were to drive down that upcoming weekend.

Brenda went online and got directions. “Says it’s a six hour drive. That’s not too bad. Do you think your car will make it? I know mine won’t. Especially in the heat.”

I need to get the oil changed, but I am sure it will make it there and back with no problem.” Kelly said. “I think the overheating problem should be fixed.”

The girls went he rest of the week taking their midterms. They couldn’t wait for their vacation in San Diego, lots of fun in the sun, they thought, and right on the beach too!

Saturday morning came and the girls had packed the night before, which wasn’t much; bikinis, halter-tops, tube top and short shorts. They loaded their two suitcases onto Kelly’s car. She had a cute little red Volkswagen Cabriolet convertible. It had some years on it, but it was a convertible and what a better car to take to San Diego. They stopped off at the gas station on the way out of Tempe and grabbed some bottled water and ice for the their cooler that brought on the drive there.

It was going to be a warm day and the drive would be sunny also. Both girls made sure to bring plenty of sunscreen, since they planned on driving the whole way with the top down. On the freeway they passed a lot of other college guys and girls heading towards their Spring break. Brenda could feel the excitement building up. She had never been to San Diego before, but had heard about all the exciting things that happened there, especially in Pacific Beach. Lots of hot surfer guys and lots of bars and dance clubs to hang out and relax and drink and have a great time. She couldn’t wait.

When they were about an hour away from Pacific Beach, Kelly’s car began to overheat. “Damn it!” She yelled and pulled the car over at a gas station. She pulled into the lot and the attendant came over to her steaming car.

“Looks like your car has overheated. Pop the hood and I will check it out.” He said. The name tag he had on said his name was Brad.

“Okay Brad.” Kelly replied flirtatiously. Kelly checked Brad out as he walked over to the garage area and grabbed some things. Brad was a tall, muscular young guy and through his grease she could tell he was pretty hot with black hair and piercing blue eyes. As he walked away, Kelly checked out his ass. “Damn, did you see that ass?” Kelly asked Brenda.

“I was looking at his gorgeous eyes.” Brenda commented.

Brad came back and told Kelly that he temporarily fixed the problem, but that she would need to get some new parts for her car. Kelly knew she couldn’t afford the parts. She and Brenda barely put enough money together for the trip. It was all the money they had. After all, they were college students and weren’t earning a living yet, just on the money they had from their college loan for living expenses. “Okay, thanks.” Kelly smiled back. Kelly drove off.

“I bet if you had blown that guy he would have given you the parts for free.” Brenda giggled and said.

“You think so?” Kelly replied laughing.

“Totally. I saw how he was checking you out and flirting with you. He was totally hitting on you.”

“You’re too much Brenda.” Kelly laughed as she drove towards San Diego.

As they approached San Diego and got on the I-5 Freeway they knew they were coming close. “Hey! There’s the Del Mar Fairgrounds! That’s where they have the racetrack.” Brenda yelled and pointed. They drove some more and after awhile, they came to their exit. They followed the directions that Karen had given them.

They drove past the roller coaster at Belmont Park and saw a lot people. There were girls in bikinis and guys in shorts and no shirts. It was pure heaven for them. They turned and found the street where Karen had told them that the beach house was located on. As they pulled up, they saw the address and a huge two-story beach house. The beach house was made of all glass walls and the roof level was a full deck for parties and barbecuing or even private sunbathing.

“Wow!” Brenda said. “This place it beautiful!”

“You’re not kidding! Holy crap!” Kelly added.

They pulled into the driveway and got out. The back of the house faced the ocean. The front door opened and out came Karen and Susan. They were two mature ladies in their fifties. You could tell they were knockouts when they were Kelly and Brenda’s age because they were still hot in their fifties. Both had sexy bodies in shape and toned. Karen had red hair and Susan was a blonde and instantly took a liking to Kelly.

“You must be Kelly and Brenda!” Karen exclaimed in a happy and welcoming voice. “Welcome to our beach house!” She hugged Brenda first.

“I’m Brenda, we spoke on the phone and this is Kelly.” Brenda introduced themselves.

“Well, hello Kelly, nice to meet you.” Karen said. “Nice to meet the both of you.”

Susan hugged Kelly extra tight and said, “Very nice to meet you Kelly.” And smiled at her. Susan felt herself getting wet between her legs already. She thought Kelly was very sexy and couldn’t wait to taste her pussy. Susan was like a hungry lioness waiting to pounce on a slender gazelle. She was salivating at the mouth.

“Come on in girls. I will show you where your rooms are. We give the maid and chef off for Spring Break, that’s why we need the help.” Karen informed them.

The girls each had their own room and both rooms were elegantly decorated. The rooms were next to each other at the end of the hallway on the second floor. Both rooms had a beautiful view of the ocean.

Unpack and take a shower and freshen yourselves up. Dinner will be at six and then we can go over everything with you. We ordered in Chinese, I do hope you girls like Chinese food, this is the best in San Diego.” Karen informed them then left.

“Can you believe this place?” Brenda said to Kelly. “It’s amazing!”

“Yeah. Did you notice how Susan was staring at me? She gave me the creeps a little.” Kelly said.

“No, I didn’t notice anything. Are you sure it wasn’t your imagination?” Brenda replied. “Maybe a little wishful thinking?” Brenda teased.

“No way! She’s like the same age as my mom and you know I don’t go that way. It’s cock all the way for me. But maybe you’re right.” Kelly said.

“Right about what?” Brenda asked.

“Maybe it was my imagination. I think Karen is nice though.” Kelly paused and continued, “It seems like it will be fun here.”

“I think it will be too!” Brenda smiled.

The girls put their clothes in the dressers in their rooms and hung up the few dresses they had brought in the closets. When they were done unpacking, they each took a shower to freshen up and met Karen and Susan downstairs for dinner at six.

It wasn’t a normal take out Chinese dinner set up. Karen had set an elegant table in the dining room, had a bottle of wine breathing and the food was set on dishes like a buffet style. There was almost every Chinese dish on the table. The girls were impressed.

“I wasn’t sure what kind of Chinese you would like, so I picked out almost everything. I am sure you girls will find some things that you will like here.” Karen said smiling.

“It all looks so good.” Brenda said. “Doesn’t it Kelly?”

“Totally, wow!” Kelly was impressed.

They sat down to dinner and Karen filled their wine glasses for dinner. Once they started eating, Karen began to explain to them what they expected of them during their stay.

“Okay, now that you girls have unpacked and freshened up and now have some food in your tummy, I will go over what is expected of you.” Karen sipped her wine, paused then continued, “The fridge is stocked, and you are more than welcome to anything in the refrigerator. We have a fully stocked bar, which you are welcome to on your off hours. Your duties will be to help set up, serve and clean up the parties we throw here. Also, light housekeeping and laundry. Are there any questions, ladies?”

“Is that it?” Brenda asked.

“Well, isn’t that enough?” Karen smiled.

“I suppose it is.” Brenda smiled back.

Everyone finished their dinner and Brenda and Kelly began to feel tired. They figured it was from their long trip and being in the sun all day. They decided to call it an early night. As soon as they hit their beds, they passed out.

What they didn’t know was that Karen had slipped a sedative in their wine and it had knocked both Kelly and Brenda out.

They had carried Kelly into Brenda’s room since she was smaller and lighter. They put Kelly next to Brenda on the bed side by side. Susan undressed Kelly and Karen undressed Brenda. “I have been wanting to do this since the moment I saw this cute little one.” Susan said to Karen about Kelly.

“I know you have sweetie.” Karen smiled. The girls were now naked and laying next to each other. “Ready for some dessert now?” Karen said to Susan.

“I love dessert.” Susan replied. Susan got in between Kelly’s legs and began licking the outside of her pussy lips. “Mmmm…” Susan said, as she tasted Kelly’s pussy. Since Kelly had showered, her pussy was fresh and clean, just the way Susan loved it. “I love young pussy, so fresh and yummy.” She said as she continued flicking Kelly’s clit with her tongue.

“I love to see you eat young hot pussy. It turns me on so much.” Karen said and she sat in the chair and watched Susan feast on Kelly’s little tight pink pussy. Karen began rubbing her own clit and watched as her lover enjoyed her young and tasty dessert.

“I wonder what Brenda’s pussy tastes like.” She said out loud.

“Why don’t you try it then my love?” Susan replied and continued licking and slurping up the sweet young pussy.

“I just might. But, I want to watch you first.” She said and slid her finger inside her own pussy.

Kelly was beginning to get wet and Susan was slurping up all her juices. “Mmmm… this is what the gods drink in the heavens.” When Susan had enough she said to Karen, “Got the camera?”

“You know I do.” Karen replied back to her.

“OK, let’s start with Kelly first.” Susan took her clothes off and straddled herself onto Kelly’s face. She placed her pussy right on Kelly’s mouth to make it look like Kelly was licking Susan’s pussy. “I want to get these framed.” She said and she rubbed her pussy up and down Kelly’s face. Karen snapped one photo after another. “Get enough?” She asked.

“Yeah, for Kelly. Now it’s my turn.” Susan got off of Kelly’s face and took the camera from Karen. Karen then stripped down naked and climbed onto Brenda’s face and straddled it like Susan had done to Kelly’s face. Karen slid her pussy up and down Brenda’s face and was getting really hot and horny as Susan began snapping photos of her this time.

Karen reached up and licked her lips and played with her own breasts for the photos. “Baby, you’re a natural at this.” Susan said. “I swear, you should have gone into porn.” Susan giggled.

“I can tell that these girls will be fun to play with. The last two we had were okay, but not as hot as these two are.” Karen said as Susan snapped more photos.

“I told you that you should ask for photos when you place those ads.” Susan scolded Karen.

“I know, but it looks weird asking for photos to just stay here. We can’t have them getting suspicious, you know.” Karen said.

“Yeah, you’re right. We wouldn’t want to blow our game now, would we?” She laughed some more. “Okay, I think we should have enough photos now.” Karen got off of Brenda’s face.

“Now we get them in 69 position on each other.” Susan said and put the camera down and helped Karen position the two young girls together. Once they were done, they stepped back to check out their handiwork.

“Perfect!” Karen said and took the camera from Susan and began taking more photos of the two young girls who were made to look like they were licking each other’s pussies. In all the photos no one could tell that they were passed out cold and that their eyes were closed. Karen and Susan had done this enough times to know not to show their eyes, makes it look more realistic that way and no one could tell that they weren’t conscious.

Once they had the photos they needed. They put Kelly back into her room into her bed. “She looks like an angel sleeping, doesn’t she?” Susan said. “Too bad she is not going to like waking up tomorrow to our news. Oh well.” Susan turned her light off and closed the door. “Sweet dreams little angel.” She whispered as she walked down the hall.

The next morning Brenda and Kelly awoke. They felt groggy, but figured it was because of the wine and the long drive from the day before. They went downstairs and found Karen making breakfast for her and Susan. “Well, good morning girls. I hope you slept well last night. We have a long day today.”

They both said good morning to Karen. Susan wasn’t around. “We slept very well. I guess we were really tired from the drive.”

“Sit down, have some breakfast.” Karen had a stack of pancakes, with turkey sausage, freshly squeezed orange juice and coffee. The girls were hungry and sat down. “Susan will be here in a few minutes. She’s on her laptop taking care of some things.”

The girls made themselves a plate of food and enjoyed their breakfast while Karen told them about the wild parties she likes to have and how sometimes the parties last for days. As the girls were finishing their breakfast, Susan came into the kitchen with her laptop.

“Ahh, there she is now.” Susan came over and kissed Karen on the cheek. “Did you finish what you were working on darling?”

“Oh yes and it turned out marvelous.” She looked over to Brenda and Kelly, “Girls would you like see what I was working on?”

“Sure!” Brenda said.

Susan put the laptop down in front of Brenda and Kelly. She began showing them her slideshow of the photos of the night before. Susan had Photoshopped them a little, but they still looked very real and legitimate. The girls jaws dropped and they were horrified at what they saw.

“Buuu… but…” Brenda stammered. “Are those us in those pictures?”

“Yes. See? I blew some of them up and you can clearly see your faces.” Susan smiled. “Kelly, you were delicious by the way.”

Kelly began to feel sick to her stomach and like she was going to lose her breakfast she had just eaten. Once Susan had gone through the photos, Karen began to speak. “This is how this is all going to play out. Susan here had gone into each of your cell phones and accessed your Facebook pages and e-mail and changed your passwords. These photos will be posted all over your Facebook pages and sent out to all your contacts in your e-mails, unless you do exactly what we tell you to do and play our game. At the end of the week, we will give you your passwords and the photos will never be seen by anyone else. However, if you choose to leave here now, tell anyone now or at the end of the week. We have all your information from your driver’s license and the information you kept in your wallets. Including your parents addresses and the addresses you have in your phone books we found in your purses. They will all get hard copies of these photos. Play by our rules, and no one will know about them. Don’t play by our rules and everyone sees these. It’s your choice girls. What will it be?”

The girls were speechless. “How did you get these photos?” Brenda spoke first.


Chapter 2

“Last night, I slipped a little something into your wine and when you two passed out in bed, we went to work on you.” Karen said.

“What is it you want us to do?” Brenda asked. Kelly was still in a state of shock.

“As I told you last night, we have a house cleaning business, but we left out the part about it being a nude house cleaning business. Our girls are young college girls much like yourselves who live here and clean wealthy client’s homes and vacation homes in the nude. They get paid for it of course and they get paid very well for it, as do we. These girls love their jobs and make a lot of money for themselves and us. During the warm months, we throw parties here, a few big ones coming up this week, in which we have wealthy potential clients attend. We feed them, give them a little show, get them drunk and then they sign on with us for house cleaning services. It’s a very lucrative business.”

Karen paused and continued. “What you ladies are going to do is serve our guests wearing very skimpy sexy outfits we have for you. Then when the night is coming to a close, we have you strip naked and clean up, demonstrating what our girls can do for them. We make it fun for both the client and you two. We have games where you can win cash and our clients can win a free hour of service, depending on who wins.”

Brenda thought about it and said, “It doesn’t sound too bad, right Kelly?” She looked over at Kelly who was still in shock at the photos and the blackmail that she was just presented.

“Okay.” Kelly said. She knew she didn’t have a choice. If her parents ever saw those photos it would break their hearts. She knew she had to do whatever she was told to do by Karen and Susan.

“And Kelly, I overheard you telling Brenda that you didn’t know what you were going to do about getting parts for your car to fix it. We had your car towed to our mechanic who is a genius with cars. We told him to fix everything wrong with your car and we will pay for it. That is, if you do everything that is expected of you this week.” Karen said to Kelly.

“Okay.” It couldn’t be all that bad, right? Kelly thought to herself. Who is going to know anyway? Besides, if she played along, her car would be fixed and that was a big worry that she wouldn’t have anymore. What harm could it be?

“Great! Upstairs are your outfits laid out on your beds, put them on and we will play our first game this morning to see if you girls are up for the games we have for you.” Karen said.

Brenda and Kelly got up from the table and went upstairs together. “I am so sorry Kelly. If I had known that this was going to happen, then I wouldn’t have gotten us into this mess. Will you ever forgive me?” Brenda pleaded.

Kelly sighed. “This wasn’t your fault. How would you have known they were going to do this to us? You had no way of knowing as much as I did. Don’t feel guilty or bad. We will just play their game and enjoy what free time we have and at the end of the week, we go home, okay? Besides, my car will be fixed and that is a worry we had for driving back home, right? I’m not mad at you Brenda. I’m just glad that I wasn’t conscious when that Susan chick put her old cunt on my face. Gah, that would have been gross knowing she was doing that to me.” Kelly made a gagging facial expression.

“Yeah, that was pretty gross.” Brenda giggled. “It happened to me too with Karen, so we both had it done to us.” Brenda made a gagging face too.

Brenda entered her room first and on her bed were some really tight purple bootie shorts that didn’t cover much. There was also a matching purple string bikini top out of the same shiny material that didn’t look like it would cover much either. On the bed was a pair of purple high heeled shoes with ankle straps. Brenda stripped down naked and put on the skimpy outfit. She walked into Kelly’s room.

Kelly was also wearing the same scantily clad outfit, but in powder blue. Same shoes, same bikini top and same bootie shorts. The girls looked at each other and laughed and said how skanky, but sexy they looked. They then went downstairs to meet Karen and Susan.

“Okay girls, we are going to start out by playing a simple game first.” Karen was holding two eggs in her hand very carefully. “I have two raw eggs in my hand here. Each of you will take the egg and slide it inside your pussy. After it’s inside your pussy, each of you will have a chore to do. If you can complete that chore without breaking the egg inside your pussy, you will be rewarded. If your egg breaks, you will be punished. Now here are your eggs.” Karen handed each egg to each girl.

The girls each slid their shorts off and slid the egg inside their pussy.

“Now. Brenda I want you to vacuum the living room and sitting room and Kelly, I want you to mop the kitchen and dining room floor. Kelly, your mop is over there with your bucket of water and Brenda, the vacuum cleaner is right there.” Karen pointed to each of the cleaning tools to the girls. “Now, on a count of three… one… two… three! Start!”

Brenda began vacuuming and at the same time trying not to crack the egg that was inside hr pussy. She moved very slowly. Kelly was moving very slowly as well with the egg inside her little pink cunt. Karen and Susan enjoyed watching the two hot young girls in their sexy outfits.

“Remember to move sexy while you are cleaning girls. Gotta look hot. Don’t crack those eggs!” Karen said while Susan was laughing.

“I always love to see hot young girls do this game, it’s one of my favorites.” Susan said.

Brenda bent over to move the chord out of the way and her egg cracked. Right after her egg cracked, Kelly went to step over the bucket of water and her egg cracked also. Then, they noticed something. There was a foul odor coming from between their legs. It was the eggs! They were rotten!

The girls panicked as Karen and Susan were laughing. “What’s going on? Why is there a bad odor?” They had no idea.

“My dear, those eggs were rotten and since no one won, we go onto to phase two of the game. You still have a chance to win something.” Karen was grinning. “Now, we are going to a bar and you two are coming with us dressed as you are without cleaning yourselves up. Yes, you will have that odor coming from your pussy. You can clean up the excess running down your thighs, but that is it. The game, I bet you are wondering about that now, aren’t you?”

“Yes.” Brenda said as Susan handed her a paper towel to wipe some of the egg running down her inner thighs.

“The game is that the first girl who picks up a guy and talks him into coming back here, will be able to take the whole day off tomorrow and enjoy the fun in the sun and all that the beach has to offer a hot young college girl such as yourselves. The loser, well, she will be our sex slave all day tomorrow. If both of you lose, you both are our sex slaves for the day.” Karen explained.

“Has anyone ever won this game?” Kelly asked. “I am assuming you have done this before.” She said as she used a paper towel to also wipe her inner thighs of the egg running down.

“Yes, we have done this before. And no, to answer your question, no one has ever won this game.” Karen smiled.

“But there is a first time for everything, right?” Susan laughed and said.

“Now, we are going to walk down the boardwalk several steps behind you because that smell is really bad and let everyone smell you two.” Karen said as she was holding her nose. “You two smell like dirty whores who haven’t showered in years and with those outfits, you look like whores too.”

“Before we leave, I am going to open all the windows to air this place out. Whew! That really reeks.” Susan said also holding her nose.

The four women left the beach house and went walking down the boardwalk. Brenda and Kelly got a lot of stares and double takes because of how they were dressed and how they smelled. People were actually holding their noses as they walked pass the two girls. Karen and Susan couldn’t stop laughing.

Brenda and Kelly were embarrassed and humiliated that Karen was making them do this. This was not how they expected to spend their Spring Break. Brenda began regretting it more and more of answering Karen’s ad. As Kelly had told her, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

They did get some whistles and cat calls, from guys who weren’t close to them. At least they knew they looked hot. They had been walking for about twenty minutes when Karen called to them, “The bar is on the next block. Go inside and we will be in shortly after you, don’t try any funny stuff, we have those photos, remember?”

How could the girls forget?

“We will be sitting at separate tables, but we will be watching you.” Karen added.

There was a group of people who entered the bar at the same time so no one really knew where the smell was coming from. Someone yelled to the bartender, “Is there a sewage leak again?”

“I haven’t heard anything about one. They would have closed the beach down as always.” The bartender yelled back to the patron.

No one expected it to be the two hottest girls in the bar. A couple of guys came over and sat next to the girls, since the whole bar smelled liked rotten eggs, no one thought it was Brenda or Kelly. They bought the girls a drink and chatted them up for awhile. Kelly was the first one to ask the guy she had been talking to if he wanted to go back home with her and that she was staying at a beach house on the beach about twenty minutes away walking.

The guy agreed to leave with her. As soon as they got out of the door and were walking down the boardwalk, the guy realized it was Kelly. “It’s you!” He yelled out loud which made people turn to look at Kelly. “You’re the one who smells!”

“Please. Don’t say that.” Kelly pleaded with him.

“Oh my fucking god! When was the last time you showered you filthy whore?” He was laughing and pointing at Kelly. Soon a crowd began to form and everyone was laughing at Kelly. “If you think I am going to fuck that nasty pussy of yours you are fucking crazy!” He continued to point and yell at Kelly while drawing attention that was forming a crowd.

Just then Brenda exited the bar with her guy and they saw Kelly with a crowd of people around her. The guy that Brenda was with soon realized that it was Brenda and Kelly who smelled like sewer. When everyone realized it was Brenda and Kelly, they had surrounded them pointing and laughing and holding their noses and them “stinky whores”.

Karen and Susan had come out of the bar by now and were laughing at the spectacle the girls were making of themselves at how they smelled and dressed. They did look and smell like whores Karen had to admit to herself. Karen and Susan walked pass the girls and continued walking down the boardwalk. They knew the girls would be back at the house soon, once the crowd had calmed down and left. It was only a matter of time.

After about fifteen minutes or so of being taunted and humiliated, the girls broke free and began to run down the boardwalk towards the beach house.

They could still hear the crowd laughing and calling them names like “skanky stinky whores”. It was hard running in the high heels, but they made it to the beach house just as Karen and Susan closed the door and locked it.

Brenda knocked on the door since they didn’t’ have a key. Karen called out from the window, “Who is it?” Knowing damn well whom it was.

“It’s us, Brenda and Kelly. Please let us in!” Brenda pleaded. “Can we come inside so we can clean up?”

“See the container by the trashcan on the patio?” Karen said.

Brenda looked around and saw it, “Yes.” She replied.

“Inside the container are two bars of soap and two towels. Go into the ocean or to one of the shower stalls they have on the beach or in a bathroom and bathe the smell off of you. When the smell is gone, then we will consider letting you back inside. But, only after the smell is gone.” She instructed them.

The girls grabbed the soap and towels and went to the shower stall in the public bathroom. They took off their outfits and high heels and began to wash the rotten egg out of their pussies.

They were so busy washing themselves that they didn’t notice that Susan had come by and taken their heels, clothes and towels and left them there naked without anything to cover themselves up with when they were done.

When they couldn’t smell the odor any longer, they stopped washing themselves and turned the shower off. Kelly went to reach for her towel and it wasn’t there. “Brenda, where did you put the towels?” She asked.

“I hung them up on the hook, I didn’t want to put them next to our smelly clothes.” Brenda replied.

“Our clothes and shoes are gone too.” Kelly said.

“What? Are you serious?” Brenda looked around and sure enough, she noticed that everything was gone. “Where the hell are our clothes and towels?” Brenda was searching everywhere.

“Everything is gone. What are we going to do? We can’t go out of here naked.” Kelly cried out.

Just then some women in their wet suits were waiting in line for the shower. “Are you guys done yet? Come on, we need to rinse off.”

Kelly and Brenda looked at each other and left the shower stall. They were standing naked in the restroom now. “Well, we can chance it, I mean, look at what some of these girls wear on the beach with their ass hanging out everywhere. I think if we cover our titties and pussy, we should be ok to run back to the beach house.” Brenda said.

“Okay. I hope we make it and when we do, that Karen will let us in the house.” Kelly replied.

They made a run for it and halfway there, police beach patrol spotted them. They were on bikes on the boardwalk and stopped the girls. “What are you ladies doing out here naked? This isn’t a nude beach. I am going to have to arrest you for indecent exposure. There are families here.” One police officer handcuffed Kelly and the other one handcuffed Brenda and walked them to the lifeguard station, where they grabbed some towels and told them to wrap them around themselves. They did and were escorted to the police patrol car and put in the back seat.

They were allowed one call at the police station and they called Karen. Luckily Brenda had memorized her phone number. “Hello?” Karen had answered the phone.

“Karen, it’s Brenda. Kelly and I were arrested for indecent exposure and we need you to bail us out please since we don’t have anything with us.”

“Oh dear. This is a problem. This really puts a damper on things, now doesn’t it?” Karen paused.

“Karen please, we will do anything you want us to do to make up for this. Someone took our clothes and towels and left us with nothing and the police beach patrol arrested us. Please help us.” Brenda pleaded some more.

“Well, we will have to come to some sort of an arrangement, some extra chores or entertainment perhaps. Hmmmm…” Karen paused again.

“Karen, anything, we will do anything, just please get us out of here.” She pleaded.

“Well, I am friends with the police around here, maybe I can talk them into dropping the charges and say it was a big misunderstanding and explain to them what happened. They know me pretty well and I donate a lot of money to them for the lifeguard stations and beach patrol. Oh and I will bring you some clothes too.” Karen then hung up.

Once Karen had explained to them about what had happened, they dropped the charges and let the girls leave with Karen and promise not to get into any more trouble while they were guests there staying with Karen. Karen had brought them some more skimpy outfits to put on.

The girls didn’t care, they were just happy to see Karen come to get them and bring them clothes to put on, whether they were skanky whore clothes or not. They got dressed and left with Karen.

When they got back, the girls were exhausted. They immediately went upstairs to their rooms. Karen followed them upstairs. “Get some rest girls, after dinner we will be entertaining some friends tonight and we would love for you to join us.” She said.

“Can we just sleep and skip dinner? We’re exhausted. Brenda said.

“Well now did we forget our agreement already?” Karen scolded. “You said you would do anything for me if I came and got you out of jail. Or did you forget already?”

“We’ll be down for dinner.” Brenda said. She didn’t want to piss off Karen anymore. “Can we take a nap first?” She pleaded.

“Yes, be downstairs in an hour and a half for dinner and wear something nice, like one of the dresses that I hung in your closets for you.” Karen said and smiled. “You ladies have a nice nap. We have some fun things planned for you this evening.”

Karen then closed the doors to the girls’ rooms and went back downstairs.

“Today couldn’t have worked out more perfect. Did you pay the beach patrol off?” Karen asked Susan.

“I sure did.” Susan smiled. “Don’t I always have everything covered?” She asked Karen.

Karen then kissed Susan and replied, “Indeed you do my darling, indeed you do.”

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